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Exciting News!

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April 19, 2022 10:19 am

Exciting News!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 19, 2022 10:19 am

Exciting News!

Steve has Alan Hahn from Iron Academy on the show to talk about exciting news from the academy. Iron sharpens iron, God sharpens Christian.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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Everyone time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble back in the trump appointed by the way elections have consequences federal judge turning over the extension of the federal mandate unmasking from mass transit right select people and airplanes on Delta United and American Airlines have a little party late afternoon yesterday mass transit Amtrak trains L up in Chicago, whatever that whatever the case may be, so that's one of the things it's finally lifted here in the United States of America.

So one of the changes that we been going through for last over two years now, but it's been a wild season one place as one of the environments got affected a lot by COBIT was of course schooling at all school situation. This is pretty loud in County and I think God for Loudoun County and I think God for mom Sue once again dad's doing a job that that we should at least be neck and neck with them on, but they stuck the step stepped up to the plate and Loudoun County now help the whole country becomes like Loudoun County and we see that as parents are beginning to find out what's in the curriculum that the little kids are being taught but dirt with masking and shutdowns and all that mess that was one of the reasons our daughter went public school for one year in her freshman year and then after that it was a challenging environment anyway but then you send them all home and people alike. At no and that that was our daughter.

She's like not not go back.

That's ridiculous so she went back to homeschooling that happen all over the country happen over North Carolina and happen right here in wake County, where public schools lost people. They continue to do that which I would also throw another thing. Thank you Lord for that one. In Christian schools and homeschooling increasing. So this is a very dynamic moving environment that we have in the world of education, but somebody that was ahead of the curve with all this stuff.

Our good friend Alan Hahn from iron Academy. He's the chief education officer as well as the founder and were to talk about a bunch of things today will talk about the changing landscape of school, I will. God is doing in iron Academy with all that discipleship as well as just an enormous announcement barn Academy, which is this just when these things go down you live long enough to follow the Lord long enough and you just start to see some wild things happen as your faithful and that God does his thing which is really cool how great Selah combat good to be here. Thank you so this is been a pretty wild two years for education and iron Academy as well be you guys were caught up in it as well. So just talk us through that you shared a lot of stats things that a change in the last two to half years people moving to homeschooling. But what what what was let's remind everybody about iron Academy and then what was happening you guys want to be seen happen then we got a lot of facts and figures. We want to make sure people understand, will just like everybody we had to shut down in was in March 2020 for a couple months ago remote, which nobody like to reinforce our commitment to be as low-tech as possible so we came back in August. We mostly ignored what was going on in 2021 2020 and 2021 for that school year and the school year has been normal.

We get our parents from the very beginning. If you want your son to wear a mask. We will support you 100%. If you don't want to wear a mask.

We will support you 100% and I think the first day of school.

We had three people were mask yet so imagine that empowering parents with their children. In this case their sons to make their own decisions was shocking thought shocking, but otherwise it's been pretty normal throughout that time. With that, with the exception of outscoring remote for those three months, but again it affirms our decision that we want to be a low-tech school and is not what you guys are Luddites that they're acquainted with with technology.

Some of them to take coding classes, but for the most part we are very low-tech.

In fact, our middle schools. No tech because you are our sons and daughters aren't better people when their own digital devices there when they're off that's right, and society appeared to have advanced for several thousand years and several hundred years here in America without technology. Not that it can't help. It's a great tool but it's not. Should be a way of life. This should be a tool and for all of us and it is a great tool but when it starts to control us. I think the genius of our age.

Much like in the Renaissance would've been ordering in ancient Rome or ancient Greece are going to be in government.

Now it's dopamine manipulation rights. Exactly right.

That's exactly what's going on in then that's not hyperbolic that's an event that's just the reality of it so I want to be seen in the changing landscape because I know people.

This public schools or private schools or some schools and then there's iron Academy will we have seen that.

So we notice will be with the shutdown that you guys predictably didn't do well off-line so her own life. Usually so when we came back we started to incorporate more things like culture days more time away from school and that is really been a hit force. In fact, were to be doing even more that next year. It's for us it's all about the discipleship we really want to spend more and more and more time with guys, which is always been what we been good at but the changes we've seen throughout society and with covert and with online education. We got to double down on that so that's what were doing because would you say that were at night and we talked about this before I read a crisis level with the development of young men in this country. Yes, but I see it's for young people, not just young men.

What we are seeing with so many digital devices is that our young people are not learning how to live in community with each other and that may not sound like a big deal but God gives us to commence.

Jesus said that the two great commandments love God with all your heart, mind, soul.

The second is like that. Love your neighbor as yourself. If we don't learn how to love one another well with your missing his big assignment for us here on earth, so one of the things that we do really well, that is teaching people how to live in community so many places we have this term. I think we've we talked about it before, but lawnmower yet where you mow over all the obstacles you create a nice, clean terseness so the junior doesn't have to go over the obstacles. Well that's not good for development and that's what happens you if somebody gets hurt somebody hit somebody little bit too hard in tae kwon do class were out of there were to go to another angel start a new sport but we have to overcome these things and things I think we do really well is is sticking with things through the thick and thin and not allowing a digital world or anything else to two be a barrier for us to learn how to live in community with one another and then that's how life works anyway.swear word, yes, were digital society. But you still have to get out there and interact with people and even with like our daughter and our son are both out in the workplace.

I wanted San Francisco one in Manhattan.

They do our son on Simpsons goat still virtually everything is online other meetings online zooms out, but he still interacting with people.

Our daughter is now going back to the office in Brooklyn and so you have to interact with people.

You can't run you can't hide campaigner. Basement forever. So how do you train how do you disciple. These young men and boys. They come in men when they leave at iron Academy. Al-Anon will be right back noble so here it Al-Anon from iron me iron What a great commonality that quote was a John Stonestreet what was unthinkable before is unquestionable now right so before he, I'm a woman trapped in a man's body know you obviously have some kind of mental illness. That's ridiculous. It's preposterous. Maybe you just need to cross-dress. I don't know what it is but now you can't question now it's talk to Disney talk to twitter talk to you to talk to Facebook talk to whoever you can't question it was unthinkable before, but now is unquestionable, and that's the world we live in this upside down world were right is wrong and wrong is right.

Isaiah said woe to those who call good evil and evil good, and that's where Brad we talked last week on theology Thursday with rent and wrap on from Bob Jones University about how do you even communicate in a world where people are actively suppressing the truth. That's why iron Academy was dealing with young men.

Starting six grade. It's so important because there's not like you can't solve it with the book write one book one class or even one year in school. It's a good reminder that Jesus walked with his disciples three years before they were ready to go. But isn't that what we have to do we have to start playing the long game. Here we have to invest like you do at iron Academy and disciple.

These young boys into men, which doesn't happen overnight. Yes, Jesus did have the formula 24 seven for three years. Untold hours he spent with these guys before he released them into the world and before he gave them the Holy Spirit. We do have the Holy Spirit now, but for us to release our young people into world and say hey be missionaries before we fully train them to help in the what they're seen in the power of our culture is so strong and so un-biblical and so entrenched and so there so they believe themselves so heavily young that we have got to train our young people to go out there, but we can't send them out there too early snuffed out there to the slaughter in the in the are affected by it because you we talked about digital devices before everything that moms and dads and biblical schools are teaching their young people. As soon as they get on those digital vices they're going in the opposite direction exactly right. It's a fight yeah yeah it's a fight it's ongoing fight. So as we as we move forward because you sent me a note and any posted this on Facebook earlier but we were to talk with Nicholas.

Discipleship is discipleship that the heart of what iron Academy does, but also kind of a warning to Christian schools because things are changing. You mention this on the break. I use this all the time. The Emperor has no closely so you grow up in the church and you go to Sunday school to go to youth group and go sit in the service and go back on Wednesday night or whatever and so four hours a week in regard to drug great great job 2400 hrs. biblical input. That's wonderful. But when they go to public school, private school, whatever online school can grant drug great that $16,000 and then popular media on top of it. Another 16,000 RC 32,000 hours what you're talking about.

Mostly I mean at that at its most innocuous formants godless, but it and its most dangerous form is anti-Christian versus your 2400 hrs. in church and it just doesn't work so you go out we send our kids off to the college campus and not every it's not like every Christian colleges located 100 miles from any known sin. That's ridiculous. They go out in the whole cultures telling them actually the empty the embers dressed fabulously and they come out of our homes and our schools and they don't know he's nude that mean the guys buck naked in the rest of the culture says no we got your you're the one that's crazy. You get ghastly you're crazy. The rest of us are right and that's a lot of pressure for an 18 or 19 to deal with and if they can't, then on the wisdom and determine if they haven't disciple properly for several years. Like you said hell in their land of the slaughter, and in our and this assumes that we have parents who have strong biblical worldview and a lot of times as was the case with me. If I come to Christ later life of Artie developed an un-biblical worldview that I have to retrain Russell for Kitty so sometimes we don't even realize the value of a strong biblical worldview being taught in the school because we grew up in a place where that wasn't taught and were just fine.

I think one of the things on the chassis fall into and in some of the information you prepared and shared with me. I think he is under kids do well and get into a good college.

That's it. So they vacant. They can succeed and succeed academically but then I really get anywhere spiritually in the not get anywhere socially. That's what's happening.

That's what were cranking out mostly in the system so as we walk in this world where the emperors clearly, buck naked, but were the only ones it's the weeping believers. How does iron Academy kind of position itself. When this is what's out there, because now we get a disciple them and get them ready at I use this phrase all the time in my classes that you have to be shrewd as a viper in general as a dove.

You really have to be sharp to go out into this crazy culture and first will operate in it without losing your mind, and second of all, being effective in me from a kingdom perspective so we started this in the six grade. Back in 2013, we had agreed each year, we saw our guys developing.

We spent the time with them. We saw who they were becoming and we were feeling pretty good about what we were producing but the big test was gonna be what happens when these guys gradually or they can do because we seen another Christian schools where half your students run wild after they graduate, is a good to be real for well I'm happy to say that our class of 2020 N. toward classic 2021. Those were first two classes I've talked with every one of those guys probably within the last two months, with the exception of one think he is avoiding me that one but with it without exception. The other guys are still pursuing the Lord there still studying the Bible's are still involved in the local church.

Whatever the local church that might be throat college, but they are firmly grounded in what they believe because they've been able to question it and because they see biblical manhood, not just as a theology, but as their design. They were created for more. And now they're trying to live up to it and then we give them what lots of opportunity to question those things are good and biblical manhood is is a weighty thing all you got your my challenge coin with me and it's heavy it's something to live up to these guys feel that so you know, if you learn Academy and is not true you're not to last long, but the guys did that stay with it and stick with it. They knew what they believe and they they know whose they are and they know what they were designed to one that takes work and network is not pretty.

That's what you call that iron Academy.

Proverbs 27. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another that's not a pretty process.

It's not easy. It's not comfortable most of the time and that's why you have what I mean.

Based on that nearly hundreds of these guys are still walking with the Lord because they've learned who they are, whose they are. They know what's out there and they know that they're here for a purpose. It's very profound. It's not just a figure I can go to college and get a job makes money well because they know what it means to be a godly man dictate because they have learned and I noticed some strange to the rest the world because they've learned how to love one another well yeah. When they get out there and they see some of the craziness going on. They know there's a better way. They see that the this works. It's not it's not theoretical it's real, it's true, I will ask you, but of these things in the discipleship program, but finally want to talk but iron Academy iron If you are in the Triangle area and and be praying for iron Academy, not just in what's going on today, but what what we hope God would do in the future because this is the type of school that we need here in wake County. Praise God for that. But all around North Carolina. In fact, all around the country.

There isn't anything like this out there, which is why it's so important. But as he as we look at this in a go to this list.

And like you're already okay we we have to come together working to heavily distinguish ourselves. The market is changing and there's some things here that are super important number one were already tremendously strong at discipleship.

We know that we know every student that's kind of that face-to-face in the in the trenches with them and low-tech. We talk about that we invest in every student report Marquardt farmer time and each student in any school of ever seen.

That's a challenge we have programs with students for input and invest in their peers. But how to get better. I it's hard to imagine that get done such a great job. But how do you get better so want to get into that and impacts of the things and by the way whether talk about iron Academy.

These are all principles right on the Scripture that Jesus lived with his disciples that the church living for 2000 years that we need to be living in our own homes with our own children in our own people that we disciple will be right back and coherently different on just read this to you guys so if you haven't been a part of the show for a while and spend around the show for a while and Alan and I've known each other for years and and he watch me take a dive off the deep end and then I watched him take a dive off the deep end and were just trying to follow the Lord and in the praise got both of us because he is been faithful as we tried to been obedient. Founded in 2013 iron Academy exists in order to shape Christian boys into exceptional biblically grounded young men who are maximally developed for a life of leadership self-discipline and service like what about grades. Yes, of course, but we need to think deeper than just academic that's part of it.

Excellent academics in the Excel but is a lot more to that biblical manhood is never an accident. As we've said from day one with iron Academy in this core belief is reflected in the name of the school, which was inspired by Proverbs 2717 sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. How many years it so it's been coming up next year's 10 year next year to, I can't believe that a lot of things together right now have minutes local art. So let's talk about you as you move forward and in the strange world that we live in, where the Emperor clearly has no clothes but were the only ones that really understand that how design can you get better mean it's been amazing to see what God is accomplish. If you have sons or grandsons that are in the 6 to 12 grade range in your here in the Raleigh-Durham area. Do yourself a favor do them a favor and at least go to iron and check it out. But how do you get better well. This is always my favorite time of year. Looking forward to the changes were made for next year.

The improvements were to make and we did learn a lot of things this year so being iron Academy so overwhelming because nothing like this exist anywhere right since I got to go and but we can continue to learn and to share something we learn this year so eighth grade parents out there. You'll you'll appreciate this eighth grade is probably the lowest point of our lives as humans. What we generally see his eight raters they start pushing away mom to start pushing away dad.

They start looking for weaknesses in their teachers start questioning their faith when they come to us a six or seventh graders. They believe everything mom and dad told him everything the church told him, but when it comes eighth grade they have to either owned or rejected as to become their own so eighth grade is always the year that that one grade probably generate 70% of our issues, so we said we just gonna continue to let this happen. We can do something about it. So years ago we started doing some stuff we we gratitude that every year. What we do one thing called eighth grade unplugged. We taken away in October for a week. We got camping at Falls Lake and we just focus on who they are germane in character, and this year really like a week. Yes, well, a week the weekdays right and so the guys decided this year there were a change to 61 when you say guys, the student, this eighth grade students and they told us our working to stop tearing each other down, and if we do give us purpose that start our most common consequence of art Academy is a good one and the second thing was were not to do selfish things that hurt the family cousins were there two issues and that's what they identify.

That's what they wanted to fix within 10 days. They had completely transformed her class, I'm not seeing little occasionally church today are still guys but they have have loved each other so well and learned how to support each other. They did a lot of herpes in the beginning but they went from being the most difficult class to probably the favorite class love writing. They look thinking they love engaging because they're treating one another well and we learned a lot from that.

So here's one of the great things we learned so our undercoat is always been pivotal to the school. I will always conduct myself as a gentleman live pure speak true right wrong and follow the king what we learned is while this is their developmentally appropriate parts of this. For instance next year. We know that a sixth-grader can focus on what is mean to conduct yourself the general we can learn how to be civil. He can learn how to look out for the needs of others become mortal not being selfish. But what is the seventh and would was 73 to need to work on will live pure soap seventh grader starting to be exposed to some different things. Their neighbors are talking about different things there starting to notice young ladies bodies more so they're starting to be testosterone starship artist eighth grade how to how to speak true, how to treat one another well verbally. Hell not to tear each other down to seventh and eighth grade we can work on all three of those things would need to conduct yourself as a gentleman live pure speak true North you're in high school. Art Academy should be doing all the things of our undercoat, but learning how to follow the king is a difficult thing but is not the end. So the last thing we work on is well. How do we teach these guys to shepherd well hell to lead well and if that's the final point for them to we can send them out and they're able to replicate this with other people, but learning.

I think a lot of times is men we focus on on the things that God tells us we were supposed to do is men without working about on the things that it details on how to follow Christ and how to be righteous people and into strong followers of Jesus Christ.

If we can do those discipleship things first and then focus on on the thing he tells us specifically about being a man because if we we wrote down onto populates all the things about biblical womanhood in all things about biblical womanhood manhood and womanhood will most of the lines up there only little slivers on the chin that have to do specifically with men right and specifically with women. So really what were trying to build this followers of Christ. Once we've done that once they did me great strides that they can learn how to to lead other people well into to share this how to be true shepherds, which is really what were trying to build as a shepherd yet because you're not sending them off in the world to then just had their own bank account raise their own family and just try to get by that this is not part of design. God didn't create any of us, especially when recalled in a relationship with him to just get by. I mean, that the ring always reminds me D. James Kennedy, a pastor that passed away several years ago you said Christians to be like hurricanes and wherever we go. Nothing stays the same. So when our son out. San Francisco is working in the gaming industry things should be different because it is there when our daughters working for one of the top three sports marketing companies in the in the world think should be different because she's there and that's our role that's the calling, but I don't know that we most of us don't see ourselves that way and especially in this culture which is so upside down one of the things I love about what's going on. Iron Academy is an and being in community like that where there calling each other out. Iron sharpens iron. They build each other up men they're going to need that more than you and I ever have in the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years this country's going increasingly more secular recent barn research is showing only 6% of Americans actually live out a convictional biblical world. Some 94% of our neighbors don't and you think you're a minority. Now that's only to get worse.

You gotta have your brothers back in that kind of environment where our worldview is going to be attacked increasingly intact but you also need to reach others and shepherd others. I mean, it's so critical. But nobody's really. I mean, that's so exciting to see what you guys are doing must be real for us so used to work in some nice restaurants that be work back in the kitchen and one evening after the chopped up all the chicken for the meal that David put all the chicken parts in the Juke joint pot and it had their water to it and it start to apply the heat that he's gonna be there with that joint pot for the next 18 to 24 hours, but the water vapors to leave and it's good end up with the essence of that chicken she have chicken stock and now that chicken stock is something useful.

It's flavorful, you can use to make your soup for the next day or whatever you might need to will the Christian church is much like that today were a giant pot full of lots of water and some parts were not very flavorful and as the heat is increasingly applied were losing the water vapor in order to find out what the true size the churches and I wouldn't dare say what size the true churches. We need to make sure that were living out the life right now, absolutely, and especially I may not keep going back this is somebody told me this Orwell quote earlier this year.

Truth is treason and an empire of lies. So for us that are followers of Christ in the Empire of lies which we definitely live in now were just a bunch of traders and everybody hates a traitor and what you do traders wonder our law.

If you can prove that you kill. That's a deal. So when you've got our young men. In this case, but our young men in our young women going out the world into an empire of lies, and they're trying to bear witness to the truth. There traders and traders are not treated very well, which is why we have to double down trickle down quadruple down on discipleship so that they're prepared for that because I don't think they really prepared for roll of honor you mention that as well in the notes to me about that well so the whole staff and I got together and were saying all right how we can do even better at discipleship and one of the ideas was a roll of honor.

We do it on a roll which recognizes grades. We do this thing called IDA which parents all share this with you, and you should do this with your kids.

I DEA I stands for identify virtues or dispositions in your son or daughter that you like. We D described in terms that they can understand. We encourage more of it so they can develop a growth mindset for that and we anticipate a future future benefit of that so I said so have Steve Noble, Junior my class and I said Steve you have done such a good job being prepared for class and coming to class with your homework and you're ready to add value to class at his diligence and persistence keep that up that's really the payoff. Your wife is going to love that you are always prepared and you don't let things go now 6.06 great Steve is really not thinking about his future, but we be putting those to write so we do that all the time. We do that are convocations we we recognize these guys so why not have a roll of honor like we have an honorable suite. We recognize these guys are doing especially well that the things of character and then living out the honor code yet, so you can get on the honor roll at your average school and have good grades and be a terrible person will guess it's still as Christians are called to do a lot more than have been great.

Keep talking Alan puts a huge announcement God just doing a really exciting work at iron Academy again. If you're here in the Triangle area yet sons and grandsons 60+ great iron there here in the Raleigh area. So if you're in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Make sure you check them out specially if you have sons or grandsons are either approaching six or 12 greater there. There are ready. Maybe there hate with the intent great is the too late now.

It's not too late.

You can always look into it leasing a massive shift out of public school.

Praise the Lord I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I'm going to start saying it's a sin for any Christian family to send their kids in the public school and I know that's going to trigger a bunch of people all unpacked that at a later date but we are getting there and it's getting worse and I'm thankful for the states that are fighting back Loudoun County in Virginia.

What we see happening down in Florida. Those are all good things but that's not enough. So you just try to escape. When you go to public school you try to escape being in the worst off and try to survive.

You go to Christian schools got a safe place. But you go to school. We are actually going to be a developing young men into what God would have them be not just good students.

Of course that's part of it at iron Academy does incredible jog job academically but then developing the heart and developing the soul developing the mind besides the academics and that's why it's always so great to talk about Helen and have you in on the showing to be partnered for as long as we have but this is a huge announcement. This is like a make or break kind of thing.

Most schools new schools and new ventures dream about getting the things like this, but this actually happened today right it did.

We closed on the 11 acre property at 3500 Edwards Mill Rd. What a blessing.

That's really just say that what we had.

We know we have a permanent home.

We know we can invest in all the things that we want to do is a school here's the vision for the property so it's 11 acres right on Edwards Mill 35,000 cars passed by the busy part of North Raleigh. For those of you that are in the area.

It's a great location.

Okay. And all this whole market is growing and going crazy last night.

Here's you guys have had to go to several different locations as your growing and developing and now to have not just your own location and in a nice size plot 11 acres but in such a prima location is just like one thing after another. The Lord just kind of lavishing his grace upon you.

Well, he has high expectations for us if we cease to honor him without property, he will take it all away. Yeah. So our plan is to make as much of a 24 seven kingdom campus is possible to mount all of it is still there. They sold the property to us. We hope that they thrive under this order, make conditions right for them to continue to thrive, others are Korean church and Filipino church. There we want sports ministries with basketball was soccer with fencing, archery, rivalry rustling and we want this to be as much of a 24 seven God honoring opportunity possible. I am super excited the schools are using it Monday through Friday. Churches use things on Sunday and that's about it.

But that's not even good stewardship me that I love that kingdom complex because you have stuff going on literally seven days a week.

Can't wait to get started so whole new exciting year for me, going out in the fundraising trail yeah but the things that the guys are good to see our families have always chosen us because the biblical manhood because the all-male environment because the great academics but we don't want our facilities to be something that is a barrier to more people coming to us of this is been a real gift that we get to we get to have great facilities yet the truth is we don't want the prettiest facilities because we don't want people to come there for the facilities, but we don't want that to be in inhibition for right SON it's it's it's good and exciting. It legitimizes things because people.

I remember back in the day when you are first starting I'm like you know you're basically asking people to turn their students into guinea pigs or missionaries let's go try this because it was like I moved here 97 and had to start a business from scratch house cleaning company about hasty how many will have an answer to be painted here in Raleigh 90 really and then that's just a reality they have to overcome.

So it legitimizes the but you don't and it can be blinking on the outside, you can a Pharisees that can clean the compounds I put the insides trash right you have an awesome facility not necessarily accomplish a lot of discipleship or kingdom building and so you can what are the phases here because right now so people understand that not all of it Baptist Church is there, one story 19 what 1970s, 1980s counted church building. Nothing fancy, but then at the end is where the classrooms and everything were you guys are right.

So what what kinda develops your help with get a picture of what God's so will first stage will will make the front look a little bit better and more inviting second stage will build Jim's in the fields with one amphitheater back there to get amphitheater will be great for daily convocation for church services to Christian small Christian concerts and Christian trauma productions can't wait for that as we build out the lunch pavilions and the Ford someday will have a forge back there because we gotta bring some iron back to want to guys bill to do that, but then will will build out to the basement of the Jim's.

This will put archery and rifle ranges in fencing and wrestling rooms and things like that but we want to be fully functional for the whole campus that is there for the different ministries are there and for the community we want stem labs can't wait to have stem labs so we can offer those to the home zone as well. All the old people out there. Notice stem sorceress or stem sometimes done steam science, technology, engineering and math when you put in there you have arts but yet we want we want a nice facility that can suit everybody academically, spiritually, physically, so excited that the whole point is again I'm trying to challenge all of us to expand our understanding of what's possible with these young Christian, this case young Christian men between six and 12 grade is not just academics but but kind of excellence in all areas character development because we want to create people there to go out there and shake the foundations of the nation's illegal that sounds a little lofty now I think we've lowered the bar so much of what it means to be 1/21 current century Christian that when when we have a nap. I did this out about a year ago I was emceeing a large event for large ministry and the senior leader.

The ministries got 40 years of experience absolutely spectacular. And at one point I said was saying when I was introducing this person.

I know we all fall over ourselves and think this particular person is just like unbelievable. This is remarkable. And certainly what they've accomplished is remarkable, but I actually think the rather average and I'm like I don't know what anybody's going other than react. I think they're average I think this person's average because this person is a run-of-the-mill average first century like follower of Jesus Christ, who, in our context looks like Lebron James Michael Jordan out there in the court but in the first century contacts following Jesus Christ full of the Holy Spirit and they know who they are, what you're supposed be doing then that's just what comes out of it is good this incredible effect. Whether it's a small environment in your family on your end on your street in your class and your small business in your big business. Whether you're a leader or an employee or whatever but every single Christian should be out there. Make a mark that's right we got such a small vision, either for God or for ourselves so iron Academy we have this beautiful sword.

This kind of our mascot. It is made, but with the best source missile the planet.

He did the weaponry for authorities or for Pilgrim's progress. But it's it's amazing beautiful but we also have the first word that he ever made in its rough it's uncomfortable, it's unbalanced, but you can tell it's a short you and when you hold a sword up doesn't matter how ugly it is.

People look and say all sort right so that's a metaphor for modern-day biblical manhood is. It sticks out from everything else I don't see very often is biblical manhood. But if you have the expertise and the craftsmanship and the know-how and the time to put into it, you end up with the product. It was designed to be can't be satisfied with the old rusty sword. We have to be searching for that magnificent, brilliant, perfectly balanced sword that is capable of when God designed us. He didn't design us to be little he designed us to be. Josh was in Caleb's to be mighty men of God to do amazing things that should be our average right yet like what you're saying and we have we have settled for less.

I think it's the human condition that we we fall into the trap of same.

Well I'm not like those people better than that. So I must be doing pretty well right we can't do that for sons and daughters. We have got to optimize conditions for them to be all that God designed them to be as our friend Louis Dickerson went to be with the Lord this year and hillsides and think in different Louis Louis Alexander, you state God don't make no junk what you know you're from down there in Fuquay Governors are expected to talk like that but no less. I get God don't make no junk. Yep, that's right, he doesn't and and I'm talking to people outside the faith, but especially people inside people that are sons and daughters of God through faith in Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, led by the Holy Spirit top by the word of God and by other believers and I think one of the things we do is we lower the bar because it's it's easy right it's it's it's amazing what you can get used to and then we we live a mediocre life but we got a but at least we got heaven.

I know the Lord. I'm saved that got my future in front of me. Yeah, but what about your present and are you really maximizing who God made you to be not talking is a capitalist or talking is a publicist maximizing called if we are still looking out of our culture and looking for politicians to be our Savior or for culture to be right and to help us get through these times were missing out. It is time for us to claim our big God to be all the it has to be who we are weak. They can't separated from us that everything about me screams the creator of the universe, claimed and I am his ship that's pretty powerful message. You claim me I am his. He's mine. Him and his family and his tribe. And I will follow. He'll never leave me never sake me and whatever you put your hand to whatever you come up against victory should be the deal and that sometimes it takes time. It's not always pretty but man we need to get a step into the shoes you think that great point.

Sometimes our vision of ourselves small and I think our vision of God is not iron Academy would praise the Lord for that. Congratulations on the property today that awesome it can be so fun to watch it as it has been for almost the last 10 years Alan Hein iron Academy iron Academy.were always great to have you as very welcome screen partner with you guys watch it all happen. This is Steve Noble Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked to my dad always said ever for

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