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Theology Thursday: Facing Opposition

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 31, 2022 2:30 pm

Theology Thursday: Facing Opposition

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 31, 2022 2:30 pm

Theology Thursday: Facing Opposition

For Theology Thursday, Steve brings Dr. Steve Hankins on the show to discuss Christian’s facing opposition in our modern day.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth.

Sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble the last time you variance good old-fashioned opposition. Okay, that your husband or wife that doesn't count your kids. That doesn't necessarily count. Although these days in the modern age here in 2022. You're starting to get sent kids off to college. I got a secular college. Whatever the case may be, and they come back and also they have some different views than you do your to pay some opposition there in over the last couple years. Certainly, you probably face some opposition. Whether you were a mask where her or an anti-mask person you were at backs or an anti-back person or somewhere in the middle whether you were for Biden or against Biden for Trump against Trump. There's all kinds of ways out there that you can experience opposition in if you're getting opposition because you're just a jerk that doesn't count. Even if you're talking about the things of the Lord, but your violating first Corinthians 13 C speak with the tongues of angels you make a convincing argument. You're really good to try to pound the table. You're really good with the truth that you have no grace that's got to be a problem, but opposition and I was just talking about this. Interestingly enough this week and several of my classes. You all know that I teach homeschoolers every weeks.

I got about 110 students every week when there's Christian ethics, which I taught today or a US history or civics this week that the whole notion about of opposition and the need to have an active and engaged biblical worldview because when you're in a room with a bunch of 15 to 20-year-olds are 15 to 18-year-olds trying to get them to understand that there in a in a minority position in the United States of America as a Bible believing Christian, and knowing that that world and that the that world. Acceptance of you is going to get smaller and rougher oppositions can become the name of the game.

So how do you handle it.

We all struggle when it was just facemasks and stuff like that but it's getting worse. What you're talking about Disney and everything going on now they this just came out some footage from Disney online meetings with those guys, top executives at Disney are like hey we want 50% of our main characters in Disney movies and Disney every Disney product. We put out we want 50% of our main characters to be LGBT QI okay. And then at the parks. They Artie eliminated.there are no longer saying ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl.

We got rid of that because we don't want to upset anybody that's not questionable on the gender thing so you step up and you say this is ridiculous that I don't believe in. This is only two genders you're going to get opposition is going to get worse so I feel that so today on theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary I Dr. Steve Hankins is with us and working unpack this were not to look at how Donald Trump handled it when I can look at how Ben Shapiro handles it when I can look at some secular person or even a Christian living today were to go back into the word of God and see how in this particular case.

Jeremiah handle that Dr. Steve Hank is welcome to show how I thank you Steve, I'm doing great to be with this great to have you here in this is a great subject is something that I think I did a show several years ago Steve with a friend of mine is pastor African American pastor and in the sky 10 years ago in the title Michelle was unnecessarily long but it was teach me how to live like a minority. Since I just figured out that I am one because as a born-again Christian. If you have an operational biblical worldview in this country.

Barna research recently showed only about 6% of Americans operate with sink and a worldview that you have Steve or that I have and so were a very small minority were to get more and more opposition but but tell us about set the stage for what were looking at here in Jeremiah in this particular chapter of Jeremiah because this is what were going to come to learn from today. Okay Jeremiah is actually the longest of the prophets don't have as many chapters as Isaiah, but in the Hebrew Bible. It's got more words that Isaiah so it's just a big one and Jeremiah's life was a life filled with tremendous variety began his ministry is called a prophetic ministry. When it was 20 years old and his wife's ministry spanned the kingship of a number of different kings starting with King Josias in which she enjoyed tremendous favor.

Of 18 years. He worked on about a time of the greatest revival in the end and Israel's and Judah's history and so great start but from that point. After he delivered the eulogy at Josiah's funeral things run a downward trend and he was prophesying during the kingship of Josiah's son Jehovah has another son, Jehovah, Kim, a grandson, Joy Chin and then yet another son of Josiah's who was named Matt Anaya and was actually renamed by Nebuchadnezzar as Zedekiah and so tough times. Actually, for Jeremiah, particularly that last 23 years.

It wasn't just the king, he faced opposition from many officials around the king were just livid about Jeremiah's prophesying that in fact Jerusalem and Judah was going to fall to two Nebuchadnezzar out they were going to be overcome by the Chaldeans Babylonians. There will lose and they all view. This is terribly unpatriotic. They viewed him as an enemy of the state Artie suffered imprisonment more than one time he was thrown into a cistern that would have no water in it, just mud that he sank into up to his armpits.

He was rescued by actually unofficial in Zedekiah's household, but the man experienced tremendous opposition you get a little idea of it when you realize that when in fact Nebuchadnezzar did capture Jerusalem after the siege that lasted two years. He offered sanctuary to Jeremiah in Babylon he could come there live in. You know, have complete freedom but he refused that he decided against it. He stayed with those remained in fact in Jerusalem and stayed there until he was taken against his will by get allowed governor that Nebuchadnezzar appointed who decided to revolt and go to Egypt and that's really where Jeremiah's life ended as the best we know store. Click yes of the whole of the whole counterculture leave them behind.

He's got great you know we were nostalgic that way right is conservative Christian evangelical Jesus followers in America we come along for the good old days. Whatever those are and we want to see. Let's say America but when I get on the air. Stephen talk about you ain't saving America.

This ship will go down. That's not very popular, and then you start speaking in the back culture of God's truth you getting all kinds opposition will pick it up there back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble so it is theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary and by the way we are. Every week we had the pleasure of working off of this is great web never done this for this to the show on theology Thursday where I thought leadership institution like BJ's seminary when we are dealing with topics within actually actually produce a blog post on the topic that we talk about this day, so that's not I just got a passing fancy. We talk about something it's gone now.

There's a blog post there that you can read for yourself or working through it. I we don't go through it word for word, but were kind of unpacking it in a conversational way but these are there every week. I'm looking at right now some and put a link up on Facebook live for everybody, but you can always get to this page. Okay so PG seminary set up a specific page for the radio show because every week we got new content, a new blog post and so you can study. You can follow up, you can share with everybody. And so the website as I mention it every week. Seminary.BJ\radio okay seminary.BJ\radio every just go to my Facebook page will see it there on the Steve Noble show up at that, but you can follow along and you can share this, especially in a topic like today how to face opposition with Jeremiah's model for ministry at a Jeremiah 32 and again one of the things that were talking to Dr. Steve Hankins today who authored that it actually is been speaking on the spoke on it.

Just recently at a chapel message at the seminary and as we look at this Stephen and this is where it gets and I I've been on the radio since 2007 I did I talk about a lot of things that upset some people I upset people in the right are not as often as I upset people on the left, but I won't will try to share hard truth and oftentimes we talk about this Jeremiah has what, 20+ years when things are going well get a great King.

We got a great president. Things are going well. The cultures that in a little goofy here and there but overall, normal men are men and women are women. Marriage is between a man and woman. Normal stop but in the culture starts to slip in and it's not can it come back working to go into just collapse of the whole culture and then you to speak into that truth and you can upset people in both sides of it and so I know there's some people hearing us today hearing me specifically. Steve saying when I say there's no hope for America, but I can't see what can a bad attitude is that I don't think America, the America of the past that sometimes were nostalgic about where she had a moral sense that Christianity was kind of a common language, even though everybody was in a born-again Christian.

There is just a general Christian ethic. I think those days are dead in. I don't think were going to go back you mentioned something on the brink Steve or talking to Dr. Steve Hankins today from BJ's seminary about the word wrath in and I okay deep.

Should we be fighting for trying to reconstitute some romantic period of American's history, or should we just embrace the fact that this ship is in fact going to go down and that maybe this is God's wrath and gotchas had enough 60 million kids in the ground from abortion and all the other things that we've done to think that it's not God's wrath and that we can return to some nostalgic. I think it's kinda Pollyanna-ish at this part at this point. So the question becomes your point today. How do we faces opposition what we learn from Jeremiah well in an Jeremiah's case I may need definitely reached a point in Judah's history as he was serving as a major profit during the kingship of several kings nearing the end of Judah as they knew it now. We have to keep in mind that God worked with the 10 tribes of Israel and Judah for a period of about 800 years. I mean there was incredible endurance and patience on God's part. And that's part of the you know what we call them the metanarrative of the big big story of the whole nation of Israel and its history. How God so patiently endured in spite of all their spiritual failures. All the rebellions over and over again symptom profits. Something good change. Good leaders and they experienced periods of reviving out tremendous transformation and so we have to keep that sort of as the backdrop for all that's happening right at this point during the prophesying ministry of Jeremiah, which is really right at the end because we will get the Jeremiah in particular in chapter 32 we are dealing with the second year of the final two year siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, we are right at the and before the final deportation of the people out of Jerusalem. Utter destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by W Zara down the general of Nebuchadnezzar.

This is when it's happening I minutes. That's where we are right now in the in the narrative of Jeremiah's prophecy. Now I think it's really important to understand that there definitely was a prophecy by Jeremiah many prophecies actually of wrath that was coming and they were going to escape it was that I have and that raises the whole issue you know is God share a should that be happening, can bring that forward to America if and at what point we begin to experience and I think in some sense are beginning to experience the wrath of God in our country is not really biblical. I mean our message as Christians is a message of love of rescue of forgiveness of hope and that always is our message that continues to be our message and people by the thousands and tens of thousands can come to Christ trust Christ become believers and be saved for eternity by that message no matter what era we're living in the period of greatest wrath in all of history, which is yet future in the tribulation. The last seven years of life in this world as we know it in the midst of that Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 tell us that people numbering the sands of the sea come to Christ they hear the eternal gospel preached they repent in their say and so there's always this message of hope this message of rescue in a spiritual set you, but at the same time, there can be the wrath of God happening in the world by his total divine intention.

I mean all you have to do is read Romans chapter 118 to the right and there it is. Verse 18. In particular says and I'm kinda doing a little translation of verse myself based on the language of the New Testament, but it says the wrath of God is being revealed against men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness is being revealed so simultaneous with the message of hope in the gospel and our work to reach people there can be also at the same time literally actual divine acts of wrath on God's part because of the hardness of the hearts of people and their rebellion against God culturally.

Yeah, you know that that can be going on, just as it was going on in the time of Jeremiah. There were believing people. Jeremiah spoke a minister prophecy. Who knew the Lord to love the Lord affect one of those guys was unofficial but rescue him out of that sister and when he had been thrown there as punishment because of his preaching of the truth and so their work. There were believers, you know, at that time, but nonetheless the message was preached at a beeper x-ray. Yeah, and it was free gel, which is why am working to get these points from the blog post today, having courage, committing, praying, and then growing to touch on all of that and then in this case with America. I don't get the impression that nothing good can happen, but often times we pray in a way that's actually trying to contradict what God is doing is bringing wrath in the country and we focus on the wrong thing. Instead of focusing on the gospel. This is the noble be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble so great to be with you theology Thursday as it is every week with her friends and seminary today working our way through something that well if you you notice it will know this is going on. Okay, the topic being opposition.

We all know are getting opposition. There's always been opposition to the gospel. Now we have cultural and moral opposition. The redefinition of what pretty much everything at this point and how do you live you that your life and that culture, not that we don't try to push back against that darkness. Not that were trying not trying to work for some moral renewal at some moral revival in this country. We should always be doing that. That's part of speaking the truth to power and speaking truth from God's word. That's but the cup the gospel is always there were also three preaching the gospel sharing the gospel reaching people as individuals doing large-scale events. Whatever we can share the gospel. But there are other truth.

What we do is you get more more opposition. By the way for for me is a 56-year-old.

The four kids and now a bunch of students that I teach every week.

We have to get them ready for this. If they're in a total line of her to follow Christ up there to be outspoken Christians.

How do you do that when you do that. There's a lot to learn here because it's getting worse for them. I tell my students all the time or talking to Dr. Steve Hankins today. Steve, I tell my students all the time. I can't.

I cannot accurately predict for you guys. What this country in your life is gonna look like and even 20 years 30 years. It totally impossible 20 years.

I don't know what it's gonna look like it's going be a lot harder for you if you're actually going to try to walk with Christ.

It's good to be a lot harder for you in 20 years than I can even imagine. So yet again, we gotta get them prepared for this and one of the ways we do that is to look back at the Scriptures because it's like Solomon said there's nothing new under the sun here and were looking at Jeremiah particular in chapter 32 he had some good times for over 20 years and now it's his dad after bad challenge after challenge. In this first point from the blog post today Stephen again, thank you for your time is having courage in the face of serious opposition courage to do what, that's my question.

Well, he was determined to speak the message that God told him to speak, which was not a positive message for Judah's message of destruction was a message of impending doom that was going to come as a result of the onslaught of the Babylonians and in fact it happened and the opposition was a came up through the ranks. You could say in the culture people and generally opposed him generally opposed him when he went back to his hometown. At one point to buy a piece of property which is part of this chapter.

He was commanded to do that by God. The people in his own hometown wanted to imprison him. They wanted to be done with him. You know this is a result of that his interest in and desire to preach this message, you know from the Lord. And then of course he was imprisoned by Zedekiah, the king, he was imprisoned. What you say the royal prison right there near the palace of of the scanning and he that's where we find them as the chapter begins in chapter 32 what how would you what is courage look like in our lives as Christians in the 2022 era was a courage look like well I think it takes great courage. You know, to live a godly holy life against the degradation you could say morally in the culture. The abandonment of things that are taught clearly in the Bible as right and wrong on the basis of absolute truth revealed to us by inspiration. I think though that courage also involves bold witness for the gospel and would not appreciate that it takes boldness.

It takes courage to do that because were preaching a supernatural message preaching a message that in itself is a miracle that one person, the God man bore the sins of all mankind upon himself on the cross and in so doing, took all the wrath of God for every man so that if that man or woman or child places faith and trust in Christ, he will be redeemed from his sends an eternal punishment. I mean that message is a supernatural message. It's a message full of miracles. When you think about it. I mean one man who is the God man bearing all this in shallow people himself and rising again from the dead to prove he's doing that successfully. I mean that's all miraculous stuff is a mark in it takes boldness and courage to proclaim that preach that so it's it's personal. It's moral.

It's how I live day by day conforming myself to the teachings of Scripture. But it's also that opening my mouth and telling people why I live the way I live because of my loyalty to Jesus Christ, who is God and Savior. Yet such an important point in the end, and also as as as are opportunities to share Mike at limited cancel culture what's going on with social media. All those things and in and that's super frustrating but regardless of what Facebook or twitter does. We have to have the courage just keep preaching that message and keep sharing the truth only regardless of the cost us while he was doing this yes and he was doing this great cost. Yeah Dave coming in in the opening verses of the chapter verse one through five. He's in prison. I mean his the extensiveness of his ministry has been greatly curtailed are limited. As a result he didn't know it any moment you know if you if lives life was going to be ended. It was good to be terminated. I mean this is a man who is speaking the truth to power. And he's doing it at the risk of his own life and I think a lot of Christians now. He seen this with of the vaccine mandates and stuff if you if you've come to position their biblically-based in your like I can't do this I can think of the violation of my conscience as a Christian, or taking other positions. If you work at Disney and Disney wants that and start telling you know Juergen have to embrace this new gender ideology you.

You might have to have the courage in this case.

In this world.

Steve to be willing to lose your job mean this is getting real is theoretical. 20 years ago, but it's real now right I had experiences a very unchristian actually during ministry training where I faced everything of this is battle pretty good while now, but I was giving the gospel to men at the workplace where I was working in the summer time and I was doing on my break time. I never infringed on the employer's time. I never really infringed on my fellow employees time limit they don't listen and I didn't keep hassling them bothering them. But I got old and the old man was you stop entirely and I is what I can do. I got fired and I got fired on the spot yeah and you know, of course, there was another job that provided another job and I went on to the summer and I did ministry and try to be faithful.

Christ and I wish I was always as bold and faithful as that little sure sure shows like I can ever claim that you know certainly wouldn't want to give the impression that that's how we all struggle at that everybody struggle listen, we all struggle with being afraid with being with the fear of rejection the fear of people thinking we're nuts and underbelly of this in the very real fear of if I lose my job and I lose my income I lose everything. Now I'm in deep trouble and this this is why walking closely with pricing crying out there for the spirit to grant us courage and as were taught in the book of acts. The Holy Spirit will give us is so critical, so important for us is believed that such a great point and you need these two words that were so important that God provided another job and I think sometimes we struggle that that because we can't see it when I got what can happen. What can happen, but we also have to remember in second Timothy Abby ceramic in the spirit of fear but of love, power and sell my God provides better map but that's off on the Jeremiah and for us to into your point in that story just shared Steve another point from the blog post today commit to immediate and complete obedience.

So even if it doesn't make sense, even if the cost is something we need to obey kind of right away going yes and what didn't make sense to Jeremiah in this passage is to pick up the narrative in verse six going on through verse 15 was God telling him to purchase property from his uncle. His cousin was coming to the prison as an emissary from his uncle and he was being given an opportunity as a blood relative. A family member to buy the property. This was part of Old Testament law and God told him do it. What was crazy about this in Jeremiah's thinking was why the Chaldeans of already conquered that area and if those and I'm going be buying property. There you know what a terrific waste of money. What's the point they Steve I got some great land available in the leave and Steve Ukraine exactly I mean it's like this is just insane will then God tells them you know there's going to be people who are going to plant fields and build houses and live in this city again. There is a future while and that's my message and that's what I want you to communicate by buying this property and what I want you to announce you know two people well. God told him that very briefly at the time when he was buying property, but this man was already listened.

He was committed to complete a right. It was a man already committed.

There are ready to. He knew it was God him that message and it's very interesting text that it says when his cousin showed up and made the offer to him. Not at all ready to happen is a great point That target to get there when I come back we'll be right back. Everybody back in Steve Noble to Steve no Michelle theology Thursday as it is every week with our good friends at BJ's seminary here today are doctors of Hankins were working our way through the broader topic is just how do you deal with opposition and especially if you're on 56 Oak Ave. became a believer in 28. There's many of you in this audience that are 6668 7072 and you've seen a colossal, almost beyond description kind of shift in life here in America and the culture and what what was what was right, is not wrong what was wrong is now right things come out of the closet. We get pushed in the closet.

It's very difficult to come to get your mind around just how far the and how fast this place has slid in the last 30 years basically spent really starting around 1980. In the last 40 years and so it's hard to kinda deal with that and so you get opposition, which is growing every day. But that for a lot of us. They were were were in the around the back nine to say the least and one of these days were to be home in glory, and all the stuff to be in that in the rearview mirror were leaving generations behind us, that I'm not so sure.

I'm not convinced at all and I see it with my own high school students every week that they're ready for this world that they're inheriting in the American context, are they ready for opposition. That's why were looking into Jeremiah 32 with Dr. Steve Hankins today taking lessons from Jeremiah. We talked about having courage in the face of all this opposition we been talking about committing to immediate and complete obedience are trying to finish a thought before he hit the brake Steve because of my age.

I don't member what thought you were trying to finish well. It was just this. The idea that the reason Jeremiah would respond to God and do what God told him to do in purchasing that property in his hometown in an area that already been overrun by the Chaldeans, was because he was committed to do what God said you even if he didn't fully understand or fully grasp it at fundamental commitment to obedience to God because of great reverence and a really wholesome proper fear of God as the Old Testament describes it, which is the beginning of wisdom. He was going to do the right thing even if he didn't understand that took that took a lot of faith, why don't courage and that he held to that that is a great point. Any mention prayer which is our next point today praying fervently that this is interesting to understand God's actions because I think that when we look at the current context.

In America, and we wonder what the world's going on here. The countries going crazy and I don't know how often I stop Stephen go in and literally in prayer asked the Lord okay will you doing here a look at the circumstances and everything. I don't know how often I stop going.

Lord help me understand what you doing right. I know that your providential I know your sovereign I know nothings getting this to you. I know you will the universe with your feet up and so help me understand what's going on here to take us into that praying fervently is so important, especially in times like this will when you pick up the chapter and verse 16. You have Jeremiah pray and he begins his prayer with this magnificent description of God. In fact, it's nearly a peerless description of all the sum of 25 recorded prayers we have in the Old Testament outside the book of Psalms. This summation of the peer matter of God in his great works are fantastically mixes very interesting statement. In fact, in Jeremiah 32 of verse 17 as he's doing that description. He says that nothing is too difficult for you and Chris is talking about Lord utility by this property of that housing to be built people to live there.

They can also fields how in the world is this going to happen and then he turns right around and said you know you are the great and the powerful God, the maker of heaven and earth. You know you nothing is too difficult for you, you know, you repay people for their sins, and you reward those who walk faithfully with you, and he goes almost description well. Later, when God responds to this prayer that very statement of nothing too difficult for you comes back as a refrain from God I love this what we've got is Jeremiah saying, Lord, I really don't understand I don't get this.

This is a real head scratcher will the Lord more fully explains down that in fact you know he is going to bring his people back.

And of course that didn't happen. I mean 70 years later, Jeremiah had already prophesied until it's recorded in 2910 the Derby a period of 70 years that there would be, but in a bondage in you and Babylon okay well if you you pick up in in 586 BC and you you track 70 years from five 586 and your right to the time when the temple was destroyed in the temple was completed and dedicated at 70 years when they had returned back to the land.

As a result of God's wonderful working and and even ultimately look in the latter part of her chapter 32 and on chapter 33 and if you jump back to 31. It goes even beyond the return to build the second Temple in the period of time they were in the land. After that, Babylonian captivity. It looks future of this nation and this people have a future in the land. They have a restored future with Christ, the great seed of David sitting on the throne and raining and ruling over them in that land is the ultimate moment of what Jeremiah was prophesying and talking about pretty awesome that such a great point. One appointment, prayer, side, and I wanted to get into our need for growing in faith because this should be pretty obvious to all of us at this point, but that is a point here make prayer your reflex so as were struggling with what's going on opposition whatever topic you're talking about that because you have to bring a Christian worldview to bear on everything. I don't know that my my reflexes prayer. I think my reflex is to post I begins to speak out is to show up here every day Monday through Friday and taken fans of this thing right here that's in front of me and and and sometimes it's to just turn the TV off. Sometimes it's to throw something at the TV.

Sometimes it's just a yell out loud but I don't know that my reflex in the last two years when it should've been prayer but that such a powerful point make prayer your reflex like that when things go crazy. I don't know that I've said this before, Steve and Mike.

I think I go to the phone before I go to the throne this this it ends up being about spiritual situation. I mean, you know, when you look to the New Testament, and how frequently the miracles Jesus performed and what he taught was focused on growing weak faith to strong faith and that prayer is the Avenue the channel by which we express trust and express faith. I mean, it's remarkable to me how often Jesus taught that with God all things are possible with you.

He says to his disciples, nothing will be impossible if you trust me if you have faith. In fact, then he says if you have faith the size of of of a mustard seed, you see me 90 talking microscopic.

If you have faith that size you can uproot mulberry trees because factories do with her move mountains. I mean, these are the analogies that Jesus used to describe this and keep in mind, he said to them, you have little faith so the faith was smaller than a mustard seed, and these that's that's what was malfunctioning just and here's the real the real point when God comes back to him and course really get into this next idea about about growing faith. You know more fully. But he says to him in verse 27 in the chapter verse 26 behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh is anything too difficult for me.

Nothing is Jeremiah Wright. I was just this very day myself thinking over a number versus I had in front of me about how I just pray having this kind of sure faith that just trusts you, you know that he will he will do for me what needs to be done, whether it seems like reasonable, practical, likely or not insane right yet such a great point well finish that.

So we got about about to have minutes left. So speak to her need for growing in faith, because Lynn is this opposition grows that that's that's the same soil that are faith should growing can I say this about this growing faith and trust.

I think part of the part of what is being taught to us by the example Jeremiah and God's response to his prayers, is to get Jeremiah to think the way he thought about time. Another words, Jeremiah, you're focused on the moment there is a future, there's my future it's 70 years away. It's not gonna be tomorrow but have joy have hope. Just because as Psalm 90 verse four says and is quoted in second Peter chapter 3 a day with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as is the day and basically got a saying you want joy you want like you want. Hope right now at this moment in the darkness understand something, think the way I thing that there is offense. There is a future there is a great future. A phenomenal future. You know for you in your life and also for the people of Israel.

But as believers for us. You know, life is a vapor that appears for a little while in Venice with the way I mean our lives are brief. There quick. I mean there is heaven is communion with God. There is a new universe right there is service for eternity and I'm not Trotman. I have an an escapist mentality right right I taught. But I'm talking about. Look over every dark day rainbow of reality and hope amen that there is this glorious future.

We all have yeah and that's and that's it right there that's that's in that sometimes we said in the past either. So heavenly minded there no earthly good.

I think the more heavenly minded you are, the more earthly good. You end up being. That's the lesson of God so powerful. Such a great point.

Such a pleasure and Steve, thank you so much for spending time with us today. Hope all not just second will pray together.

After this is over, but such a great message and all that blocks the kind of review this, ponder and meditate on it get into Jeremiah chapter 32 walk through it again and it will bless you more and more every time you doing sleeping so much for being here today. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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