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Abuse Gone Wild!!!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 22, 2022 6:15 pm

Abuse Gone Wild!!!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 22, 2022 6:15 pm

Abuse Gone Wild!!!

Elementary schools are teaching kids about transgenderism, homosexuality, and sex... but Florida says, “Not in this state!”

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble doubts that all time.

Leah Tom is the guy that's women like he reminds me of somebody. Sorry, I just heard you he he reminds me of somebody back by the way, this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show Mike Celia Thomas, the men swimming in the pool with women.

So the big dude trying to beat up on smaller women in this one pool for women competing with women many times in his thinking all along.

He reminds me of somebody. Leah Thomas reminds me of who is it that's all that's right Leah. Thomas reminds me of Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson.

What a hero right. What a great movie. 42. I was not his number. Jackie Robinson, first black major league baseball player and a man. He broke the color barrier and so Leah Thomas in the NCAA women's championship sports yeah Jackie Robinson and so I finally figured out who is this guy really me up. He reminds me of another man, Jackie Robinson. Of course that isn't my personal position.

Hopefully you knew that already. If this is the very first time you tuned into the shell. You might be turning out our ML austerity but no, that's not my position but it is however should of NBC news in this little ditty of a story so this is crazy.

So start with NBC news that will switch over to Rhonda Santos because he's a little something to say and might I add that I'm really looking forward to the day that were not talk about Donald Trump in presidential politics anymore and then we can talk about Rhonda Santos because I think he would be a great president. This will be interesting to watch us develop over time. Let's Donald Trump something crazy happens. He's gonna run in the next couple years for the presidency and that'll take the Santos out and into Santos will just bide his time, but will see. So Leah Thomas and Jackie Robinson, the famous incredible Jackie Robinson.

Here's the title so to talk about a little bit of this today will be in Florida for little bit so talk about Leah Thomas and then Rhonda sentences response and the will stay in Florida little bit talking about the law that they are just passing out to go to his desk with a sign that they call it the opposition is calling up. Don't say a bill.

Don't say gay bill which passed in the house not passed in the sentence can go to Santos and then assign its owner talk about that jump from Florida to Austin, Texas Texas, the big red state right not so much anymore but will go to Texas in the Austin school district where the school district is telling four-year-olds to keep the pride week lessons a secret which points across except the vice president per principal. One of the schools happen to put the video up on her Twitter account about always little kids in this elementary school doing a little pride parade right there in the school and so that's an issue and then we'll talk about Hunter Biden's is great op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. My brother sent to me.

Hunt Hunter Biden's laptop in America's crisis of accountability. Holy moly. That's crazy and then will finish with Tim Tebo, Tim Tebo, for whatever reason have a devotional go out via Proverbs 31, which is not about male athletes. Proverbs 31, which is just great and inspiring really spoke to me personally. I think if you speak all of you personally finding your mission right where you are by Tim Tebo. My incredible wife said that to me this morning and that it's just awesome that so many things in there like the students that I teach every week. By the way, if you have high school-aged homeschoolers. If you're here North Carolina, whether you're here near Raleigh where I am or in North Carolina or anywhere in the country. I would love the opportunity be honored to build the teacher high schoolers, US history, civics, or both online. Our source adding the online component of been teaching for 10 years. That's noble, you just go to noble you school, that's the U noble you

You can check out all the information there and will get you connected. We can have a conversation but wanting to teach and I tuk-tuk my students all the time not just about the subject matter at hand, but a biblical worldview.

But the Lord himself as well as what to do with her life, so I'll finish with Tim Tebo thing today. Let's start with NBC so inspiring. Leah Thomas's NCAA championship performance gives women's sports, a crucial opportunity.

Anyone who can listen to this. Anyone who cares about the advancement of sports and women's sports. In particular, should celebrate her with NBC suit March 21. Just some pieces here. Leah Thomas placed last of the hundred yard freestyle swim during the NCAA championships. Yet Thomas is been at the center of controversy regarding her him his eligibility to compete in women's events. This controversy came to an apex last week at the NCAA championships and she became the first openly trans athlete to win a Division I championship in any sport for anyone who cares about the advancement of sports and women's sports particular heroin should be celebrated here.

Are you Jackie Robinson fans get a jump on the bandwagon here. Okay women's sports are situated at the paradoxical intersection where endless listen solicits his walk madness intersection analogy all this craziness. Romans one craziness trying to make sense of itself great winter sports are situated in a paradoxical intersection, wherein sex segregation oak add that one sex segregation is upheld through claims of biological difference claims. Claims of biologic yet equality is prefaced on being treated the same and given the same opportunities as men. If we are to change this. We need to ask some important questions. Obviously you do NBC sex segregation is upheld through claims of biological difference. Okay claims of a biological difference XX and X. Why isn't the claimant BC that the fact and some people are born with in these and some people are born with Audis yes thank you Bill Manna Facebook life just like we do right with many global follow the science just like we do with COBIT or do we not do that anymore. Follow the science that being Mr. Felty so I don't see Dr. pouching this article so it can't be science to change this. We need to some important, some important question. How does one advocate for equitable treatment while also adhering to the notion of biological difference now is that now biological differences for NBC is in notion it's a notion go to the boys locker room then go to the girls rock room see some differences that are no shivers that a reality. If separate is not equal. In the case of schools, bathrooms, restaurants or other social institutions can separate ever truly be equal in the case of sports with gender-based discrimination in sports be eradicated of sports were gender integrated for madness. When we come back right all you haters out there pay attention, pay attention, Leah Thomas, the man competing against women in swimming is a modern day Jackie Robinson only sets up according to NBC in their March 21 article just yesterday just blossoming with integrity, warm fuzzies and I'm looking for other any like little one of those horses with the unicorns like like a rainbow unicorn bouncing across the page hasn't happened yet but maybe it will house one advocate for equitable treatment while also adhering to the notion of dialogue biological difference that separates not equal. In the case of schools, bathrooms, restaurants or other school social institutions can separate ever truly be equal in the case of sports they go on the NCAA approved its first policy and the inclusion of trans athletes in collegiate athletics in 2011. The policy allowed trans female students at the guy thinks his woman to compete on a woman state or just makes the statement that's all you have to do is make statement. That's the minimum acceptable level I and if I was woman okay have a nice went to compete on a women's team if they had been treated with testosterone suppression medication for at least one year.

So for a year you had to been jacking up your body with testosterone suppression methods and they will let you jump in the pool to girls. The most recent update and generally aligns with the changes to the policies United States Olympic and Paralympic committee in the international up a committee who are both by the way, totally given over to walk ideology intersection on interest okay so if you can align yourself with them. I think aligning yourself with men who compete against women.

Those who oppose the inclusion of trans women in women's sports argue that trans women have an unfair competitive advantage member trans woman okay little 101 here for you guys. Trans woman. So when you say trans. Whatever it is woman then that's the target. Okay, that's the goal sought the man who wants to be a woman trans woman, a trans man then is the opposite. A woman who likes to think she's a man because either she's just gaming the system has no integrity whatsoever, or they have gender dysphoria which needs treatment, not drugs and scalpel and I'm saying that out of love, truth in love when I say that sounds kind smirky and harsh, but no you have gender dysphoria. You need counseling you need help. You don't need testosterone blockers or estrogen and to slice off your breasts if you're a woman or go below the belt of your men you don't, you need counseling to help love and compassion and patience.

You don't need a scalpel and you don't need drugs to check your body up because that's what happens. It's horrific. What happens but according to the NBC does give a rip about that those who oppose the inclusion trans women women sports argue the trans women have an unfair competitive advantage, and that as a result they take away opportunities from sis gender athletes oh got a way to go okay go stop again sis gender means guys you if you're a guy because you have guy stuff then you consider yourself a guy your sis gender you still identify with the gender of your birth makes you sis gender day according to the NCAA. These assumptions are not well-founded.

Moreover, there's a lack of scientific evidence that conclusively demonstrates a directly between testosterone and athletic performance really is a website that I shared with you recently and this is just God stop against the way God designed us because men are generally stronger than women.

That is me were better just means you're stronger just like we have different roles, but that doesn't have anything to do with your value are all valuable men and women in God's sight straight game by binary non-binary.

Whatever thrall your LGBT Q plus stuff in there and every single one of us them them us whatever we all have inestimable worth in the in the eyes of God our Creator. All everything a person has inestimable worth, which is why am so ardently pro-life my leg.

I'm pro-life weather that kids going to grow up and be a scientist or that kids can grow up and be homeless because your value is not determined by your contribution to society.

Your value is determine the moment you're created because you're created as a human being made in the image of God in the story. That's all it is every single human being ever conceived has inestimable value simply because their human, white, black, tall, short, transgender, whatever doesn't matter. You're gonna grow up and be a loser.

A girl opens and and cure cancer. You're both valuable and we protect both of you in the that's what we should so they're saying there's not there's really no difference here that you can't prove that really that's why mention this website. This is just remember, reality loses to ideology in the modern world.

So get with it the program everybody is just listen. I come in here and tonight I know I sound disgusted because I am. I sound upset because I am. I get Matt because I am but I also behind the voice and I know I have a stern voice behind the voices.

A broken heart and somebody that weeps over the condition of the culture and when people are this delusional. That breaks my heart just in case you're wondering, boys versus VS Hotmail high school athletes versus female Olympians so they put a man swimming track and field.

Okay, literally. This from 2016. The best males high school athletes in America. In these and these various events versus female Olympians the best in the world. Okay 81 events the guys, 175 the girls 16 just taking their actual performance. That's pretty good indicators that the guys 18 75 metals.

The girls 16. They want to girls ladies. Congratulations, you won one gold medal two silvers and three bronze. And then the guys took the other 75 high school boys competing against Olympian women American high school boys competing against Olympian women. Okay the best in the world and NBC's not convinced that there's a difference.

Unbelievable gravy NCAA. These assumptions are not well-founded. Moreover, there's a lack of scientific evidence that conclusively demonstrates addressed directly between testosterone but performance. I bet if you looked into that set signed a big evidence whether talking about is just because you're a boy, doesn't mean you're going to be a great athlete. That's true for our older son.

Definitely a boy. A great athlete.

Okay our other son. The 21-year-old deftly a boy and a really good athlete, so they mounted testosterone.

There's not a direct link. They both have testosterone in one's athletic and the others. That's probably what that scientific studies about but please forgive me I'm using logic athletic performance is influenced by number of factors including hormones, but also other things like coaching and training psychological makeup of an athlete access to resources and equipment, among others. Right. So if a woman wrestler has the right equipment.

A good coach and good training then you know she's going to be able to take care of a trans woman, a man same weight know that's ridiculous attempts to ban or limit the participation of trans athletes are not based on science. Instead, are rooted in societal cultural definitions of what constitutes gender or what to find a woman say this is just the smoke ideology. It's just so insane. Romans chapter 1 such questions matter because sports organize based on the belief of natural differences between men and women in their sex segregated as a result yet.

This ultimately leads to the discrimination of athletes like Thomas so that they do this boy, this is Eric this is so messed up. The Supreme Court unanimously decided in Brown versus Board of Education that separate is not equal.

Segregation violated equal protection clause of the four to the minute, so NBC is comparing a guy with an Audi who wants to destroy girls in the pool and ease. Another thing I think Brown versus Board of Education sacred separate but equal. Are you kidding me the arrogance and to loosen these people shocking. That's why they went on to compare the Jackie Robinson, Leah Thomas is a modern-day Jackie Robinson that is so offensive. I hope your friend Steve Noble will be River. Okay so according to Bacchus and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Steve Noble or you get broadcast pretty much all the big major podcast platforms carry the show, the Steve Noble show she can listen to you missed it today. Yesterday I a year ago. Whatever he can do that but if you go to the website go to the Steve Noble then you can X research you going to hate what Steve ever said about Trumper. What Steve ever said about abortion or whatever then you can actually pull up all the podcasts and have that particular name left to get the word in the description of the podcasts all kinds of stuff there. Also, don't forget, if your homeschooler if you know homeschool family. If used to be homeschool family, I need your help to continue to get the word out. I've been teaching for 10 years high school civics high school level Christian ethics and just added US history this year which is blowing my mind. It's such a rich world. The plan US history from a well honest honesty's 10 point let's look at the good the bad and the ugly. Both sides method optically on the lap of the right tends to gloss over things to as a Christian my allegiances to the truth is not the right of the left. It's the truth and but US history also shows what a great place to sharpen a biblical worldview also to incorporate a gospel heart. It's just been it's been it's my favorite class to teach all three unbelievable so if you're here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill carry area, you might feel to take a class with me in person or if you're outside the area. Now we have an online and there be watching. By the way, when you take my online class. You can watch the classroom that I just taught because I'm using just like on the show I'm using current events breaking news all the time which makes all that stuff. Even more interesting, brings alive makes it relevant matters. Now what happened in the 1930s which were talking about this week matters today. Dawson Noble you is a UW okay so Leah Thomas NBC wants to compare Leah Thomas Jackie Robinson which is disgusting and then here's what Rhonda Santos the governor Florida does a player clip history as the first transgender woman to win an NCAA Division I championship you penned the swimmer Leah Thomas finished last 100 yard freestyle Isaiah or Georgia Tech.

I want to see Charles Watson live in Atlanta with the latest on the contrary that you look for to Santos is a clip-on that fell on the Fox news story of Rhonda Santos speaking it shows up as a twitter it's in the Fox news story okay so you just go to the Fox news story or looking at all kinds of stuff right now just go back to the actual Fox news story go to the top just go back in the browser.

Just try to find so anyway, Rhonda Santos comes out and says oh Leah Thomas everybody saying she won the 500 m no she didn't. You know, did Emma Wyant and Alliant came in second. Which means you came in first because she's the girl that came in ahead of all the other girls versus the boy that came in ahead of all the other girls join the Wyant actually was the winner. So we did a governor proclamation because Emma wines from Sarasota, whereas Emma Wyant qualified for the 2020 US Olympus team and competed in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics where she won a silver medal in the women's Warner meter individually met Ileana whereas in the Wyant currently attends University of Virginia yada yada yada. Glad you got it. I just heard the audio file wiring basically man play in women's athletic look at what the NCAA done by allowing basically man to compete in women's athletics. In this case the swimming you had the number one woman who finished was from Sarasota and in Wyant you look at what the NCAA by allowing basically man to compete in women's athletics. In this case the swimming you had the number one woman who finished was from Sarasota, MN, Wyant.

She won the silver medal. She's been an absolute superstar whole career.

She trains I mean to compete at that level is very very difficult. You don't just roll out of bed and do it that takes brick that takes determination and she's been an absolute superstar and she had the fastest time of any woman in college athletics. Now the NCAA is basically taking efforts to destroy women's athletics there trying to undermine the integrity of the competition and their crowning somebody else a woman's champion and we think that's wrong, and stowing Florida to be a late night, so here's what he did make a stop at. Here's what he did whereas women have fought for decades got shut down. Women have proper decades that have equal opportunity in athletics and it's wrong to allow ideology to erode these opportunities as is happening in other states, and the preservation of women specific athletic teams or sports is necessary to promote equality of athletic opportunities. And whereas, it is my determination that men should not be competing against women is so radical, whereas Florida rejects the NCAA's efforts to destroy women's athletics disapproves of the NCAA elevating Ali ideology over biology and takes offense at the NCAA trying to make others complicit an ally now therefore, since she is a native Floridian from Sarasota hi Rhonda Santos, governor of the state of Florida, do hereby declare in Florida that Emma Wyant is the rightful winner of the 2022 NCAA Division I women's fiber in regard freestyle congratulate her on yet another significant achievement and express pride that she is a Florida resident, but a pain but a boom. Thank you for rationality, reality and truth. Governor DeSantis God bless you sir hi, let's jump over the two Texas Texas the red state right not so fast school district tells four-year-olds to keep private week lessons a secret respect privacy, what we say in this room stays in this room reads one proposed pride week lesson plan for DOS elementary school in Austin Independent school district, the activities of teacher led community circles conversation with kids about LGBT behaviors and is designed for pre-k through second grade. That's it for four years of age. The plan also tells students in kindergarten through fifth grade to not repeat anything. Please remember that we agreed to keep what happened in the circle confidential their group lesson reads the activities part of Austin ISD's districtwide pride week this week.

March 21, 26 endorsing LGBT sexual conduct to schoolchildren and teaching them trans ideology so they posted something messed up. The out the assistant principal at Dawson Elementary there in Austin, Texas which is uber liberal deep blue posted a video showing the all these kids in elementary school.

They slap the pride flags on I got a picture of it here in the studio by me on the screen and they march around inside the school do gay pride parade with them, which, while really here's what one person said in the solid social media. The only time people as children to keep sequences when they're doing something with her to the children they know are not supposed to be doing. No kidding. So four-year-olds prekindergarten through second grade pride parade stuff. So when you get this back to Florida.

Florida legislature passes bill to restrict LGBT Q topics in elementary schools. Thank you, thank you Florida you want to talk about the stuff at home, that's between you and your kids you want to talk about homosexuality, heterosexuality, sexual activity. Transgender is in all of that with kindergarten to third grade in a public school or private school or any school what know that's disgusting and child abuse, emotional, mental, psychological, child abuse, Florida state senators on Tuesday approved legislation. This is a couple weeks ago that regulate school lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity, define demands from some of their youngest constituents and pushing the state deeper in the nation's culture battles will release somebody's fighting.

The legislation was Florida Democrats and LGBT Q activist referred to as the don't say gay. Bill now goes to Gov. Rhonda Santos and he's an assignment is what he said to make sure parents are able to send their kids to kindergarten without having some of the stuff injected in the sum of the school curriculum legislation officially called the parental rights in education bill would prohibit Florida schools from teaching schools and students in kindergarten through third grade about topics involving sexual orientation or gender identity. Why are we teaching at first grader about this stuff came and read properly. Yet in order to teach them about homosexual sex, bisexual, sex, transgender is him and do a little pride parade like they do over. This is not education. This is indoctrination. This is exactly what it is and it for years people IIs paranoia.

You guys are crazy you homeschoolers Corsican to say that know this is real.

Can you hear the hiss of the snake. This is where the progressive liberals have been beating traditional people like me and most of you, if not all of you for decades if not 100 years since the progressive era in the early 1900s.

If you want to infect all the cities down the Mississippi all the way down to New Orleans. If you want to inspect them all. Where do you dump stuff in the system down at the bottom that would be like Washington DC or or Hollywood know you go to the top you go to the headwaters. What are the headwaters of culture in America and it's been this way for 200 years the headwaters of the culture is education it with children. Those of the headwaters.

So you go infect the headwaters go to the beginning of culture who's the next group coming up.

Who's watching tick-tock today.

Let's get to them before their 16 let's get to them when there I don't know for and let's indoctrinate them with this worldview and by the way for parents that get so offended when a conservative Christian like me speaks out. Would you say anything if your teachers and your public school were teaching your kids in second grade, that God created everything that there's one gender that marriage is between a man and a woman that this is right and this is wrong.

Would you be deeply offended by that all you would welcome to the party. You don't want the school system teaching your kids something that you're vehemently against the high now we can argue about what's good and what's bad but I think we all can understand that for a second grader, 444-year-old they don't need to be hearing about people's sex life is noble to see noble children to be with you. Trust me the madness.

The enraging madness will end in just a second, will go to a great depot that my wife share with me to a from Tim Tebo via Proverbs 31 so glad to see Proverbs 31 Boston out of those gender constraints right, you can have some attempt Tebo was a man put out something via Proverbs 31 ministries, which is really focused on what so when you go. Proverbs 31. He has busted out all those societal norms that come down from the patriarchy. Good job. Hey Tim, just school playing against women. Baseball summer kidding everybody could write my brother sent me this from Wall Street Journal opinion op-ed from them. Hunter binds laptop in America's crisis of accountability. This this is enraging to me again here we go cash Dr. in rage today will never know what effect the October surprise at 2020. The New York Post reporting of the discovery of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden containing all sorts of embarrassing emails might have had on the election that your it had received wider circulation, perhaps in a campaign dominated by COBIT and characterized by chaos. It would've been another snowflake in the blizzard of news voters were being hit with. But the allegations in the reporting that the son of the man favored to become the next president had been selling his high level family political connections to foreigners including suggestions of a possible cut for his father with the big guy worth pursuing. But enough influential people in and out of government and the foreign-policy intelligence complex in the media and in big tech firms were so alarmed that it would affect the outcome that they pulled off one of the greatest disappearing trick since Harry Houdini made the elephant banished from a New York stage. It took it's time, but last week the slip the slip. The acknowledgment of the stories accuracy deep in about 100 binds mounting legal problems. The times are near times, along with most other mass circulation news organizations that essentially ignore the story in the days when it might've made a difference. But now it says that has authenticated the laptops contents the confession from the paper, which serves as a sort of unofficial licensing authority for reporting by most of the rest of the media talking about the mainstream liberal media prompted a predictable rush to self vindication by those who would also trash the story at the time. Many during the election, the Washington Post, its original decision not to touch it. Washington Post its original decision not to touch it was justified because of uncertainty about its provenance.

Normally when there is doubt about the provenance believability. The truth of it of an explosive story. News organizations consider it their job to ascertain the truth normally takes them less than 17 months to do so, but normally they don't have the cover provided by technology companies that prevented people from reading the original story.

The median tech companies that colluded this, the Wall Street Journal opinion piece in concealing this potentially critical information didn't need any excuse to do so, but it surely help that they were given validation for their actions by an August sounding A gut sounding committee ups concerned letterwriters who move quickly to discredit the story that in a famous letter sees me more than 50 former national security and intelligence officials polish their gleaming credentials and allege that the New York Post was guilty of telling a story that quote had all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation unquote Russia Russia Russia the principal rationale for this.

The letter laid out was that the story might be helpful to Donald Trump. Russia wanted Mr. Trump to win the story help. Mr. Trump ergo, it was the work of Russia. Russia. Russia. That's quite a syllogism using the same logic you might conclude that Russia was also responsible for any unexpectedly good economic data that help the incumbent Vladimir Putin was buying the crime wave that gripped Democrat run cities that summer. Now we can guess why so much. US intelligence has been so faulty all these years. Either these 50 or so grandmasters of international espionage are completely unable to distinguish Russian dimmed disinformation from real information or they prostituted their credentials in a naked act of political hackery. I don't have the experience or deductive skills but I'm ready to go with the latter. This is an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the deeper shame here is the lack of accountability across American institutions. No one included in this conspiracy against truth has ever been inconvenienced by contacted by the post last week. Not one of the letters signatories express regret or contrition. The reporters and editors that news organizations and the employees and executives tech companies who participated in the suppression continued to be lionized for their work. This is what is so corrosive of trust and in the end of the system itself. One way in which real accountability is supposed to work in a democracy is at the ballot box.

But how can that even work when the people we want to hold accountable decide that imprint what information the voters are about to see, while while unbelievable and will be no backlash because I now listen, my Christian brothers and sisters, we all have to check our our madness at the door and are discussed, and our anger and our desire to just go out there and drop the hammer right clear out the money changers is what I mean really, my friends, what do you expect to expect to sell more presidential.

This is exactly what you can get from the world now, and until you go home to be with Jesus or he comes back. This is exactly what you can get and it's going to get worse so our temperature should only goes up so much our heart rates and only increase so much. I mean, when the sun comes up in the East tomorrow morning. Are you lose your junk I get a throw something at the at the TV got side start screaming and cussing at the top your lungs, because the sun came up in these how frustrating is that what it's always been a rise in these right that a compass points to true North and one your lemon tree drops a limit on the ground when it actually bears lemon as its fruit because it is a lemon tree you lose your mind. No hasty can you believe your lemon tree Pro yeah what about it. There's limits growing on their yeah it's a lemon tree or why should I lose my mind transfer that over to the culture in the world it's it's far. It's heartbreaking in the world because were talking about people in this harlotry are not fruit which I am a human being, but don't don't sell your joy down the river over the stuff. What do you expect really if you think were to go back to some nostalgic day when everybody love Jesus. Everybody did love Jesus. When Jesus was in their face doing miracle that everybody loved him a second a change until he cleans the whole system up in the survey out just accept that reality. I'm not. By the way, if you're newer to the show, you know I'm no cheerleader for apathy.

But the more breaks you. The more we should be praying about it right then you engage you speak the truth for the sake of people glorify God because you're an agent of truth and for the sake of your neighbor.

Love your neighbor as yourself some to tell you the truth, even if I hurt your feelings. Finding your mission right you are. Tim Tebo March 22 is only one thing worth being concerned about Mary is discovered it and it will not be taken away from her. That's Lieut. 42 Evans Jesus document Mary and Martha, have you ever wonder what your life's mission is this Tim Tebo what your purposes. Most of us of wonder that at some point I learned a lot about mission when I met my friend Jaden 23-year-old Jane Barr has had type I diabetes since he was 15 years old as well as recurring cost to Lou Toma which has resulted in hearing loss in both ears while he admits he is falling short time and time again. Jaden aspires to live what I call a mission possible life life that glorifies God through living out his unique purpose. I have the opportunity to spend a few days with Jaden 2015. This attempt people writing part of my mission was to encourage him, but by the end of our time together.

He was the one encouraging me. It's funny how God works that way. So often in light of his of the health challenges.

Jane has had to endure. He recognized what it means to live a mission possible life. Jane told me quote God created me with a purpose to know him and to make him known.

It's easy to fall into the temptation of taking life's about me and my plans always reminded that the mission I've been given by God is much bigger and better than any worldly pursuit by giving got control over my plans and following his. Instead, it makes the work I do have meaning and significance.

He said this amazing young man Tebo Reitz has a heart that desires the greater things. What Jesus called the good part. Lieut. Orr is the new living translation puts it, the one thing worth being concerned about. We find this verse and the story of Mary and Martha, Jesus speaking to Martha about her sister Mary who I discovered the one important thing is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered in the will not be taken away from her and what is that one thing pursuing God sitting at his table being in his presence about worry, fear, anxiety, resume building or winning a title so that we never think about those things but we don't let them dominate our vision. We strive and stream forward in this life with Jesus as our focus with his will is our goal, and with his reward and surprise even at his young age my friend Jaden had the wisdom to point out the dangers of me centric living boy's convicting me. This is tempting for all of us.

No matter how young or old, no matter if you're a parent or preacher, a student or teacher, a web creator or music maker. I love watching one shared with me you'll end up empty. If you make life or your remission about yourself.

I feel most of filled and in line with my purpose when in looking outside myself and my own desires and putting energy into pouring into others. When you look outside yourself.

That's were true mission is bounty set. This reminds me take Tebo Reitz excuse me, of the power and passion that come you're focusing your energy outside yourself. I want to live each day more alive and more passionate because of what Jesus has done for me the past. His death and resurrection keeps me motivated in the present to change the future will be determined to live mission possible. We will look back one day and wrestle with regret.

Wonder why we did what we do with our lives because we right now have a specific role to play in bringing faith, hope and love to a world no kidding amen to that. That's why I'm here five days a week. God willing.

That's why I teach. That's why were starting noble you noble you reported others to try to proclaim the good news to use the truth of Scripture of God's word and God's way into all aspects of life to make a difference in other people's lives. I try not to be me centric, and that I fight that you probably do as well. What a great message finding your mission right you are you mission Francis Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing, I'll talk to get roasted like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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