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Snarky Friday

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March 18, 2022 9:23 pm

Snarky Friday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 18, 2022 9:23 pm

Snarky Friday

Steve takes callers to tell him about their opinions on high gas prices and inflation. How is the world reacting to inflation?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one ties with his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now is your house noble salary. Welcome back, hope you're doing well. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble so I love this thought is the great.the best women all everything on the best women are men now will you do it that all the best women are men that was just a little tweet that Ben Shapiro put out earlier as Leah Thomas, what a shock this gigantic guy gets in the pool with a bunch of normal size women and then obliterates them when they have their little swim race right so all the best women or men, whether it's in swimming or are well selling arm wrestling, track and field old all that kind of stuff and then I just heard that WWE to be every of the world wrestling Federation that that that stuff going well.

What does it make it.

It's just nothing makes any sense anymore so all the best women are meant which are seen so the NCAA sport was that since the sports leagues anymore well and and if you're looking on Facebook live YouTube live music, a picture Bart Simpson on the big screen behind me. That's because I this is definitely a snarky Friday okay so buckle up six is just as all I got for you today. By the time I get up Fridays after swimming and all the stuff of the week. I'm usually pretty snarky, so I will get a couple angles here and some really interesting stories and some funny stuff okay send some inspiring stuff so will be all over the map today on a snarky Friday Georgia the father of a swimmer competing at the NCAA women's well well it's so just triggered right now women's swimming championship. They need to put women's in air quotes. Now describe watching transgender athlete, a guy, a man Leah Thomas dominating female swimmers is unfair and so crushing the transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer clocked in at four 3324 and the women's 500 freestyle flex finals Friday or Thursday evening last night finishing first. What a shock, University of Virginia's Emma Wyant, a freshman, I got a story of Emma Harris second Thomas will compete in the women's 200 freestyle Friday evening tonight and 100 freestyle and Saturday. The transgender swimmer slated to finish second in the 200 freestyle intent in the 100 freestyle will see. I just don't think it's fair said the father of a swimmer from Virginia, hateful man, small minded, obviously that's not to be identified in order to preserve his daughter's anonymity. These young ladies at work too hard to be treated like that where are the feminists, where are you ladies when all the best ladies now are meant the data expressed concerns. In an interview at the daily wire that waiting and publicly in controversy over Thomas would embroil his daughter and criticism that might endanger her future job prospects. That's not hyperbole that's not crazy that's not your responsible. That is highly responsible of very wise father is worried about his daughter's future job prospects because if she says anything about Leah Thomas, the man who thinks either by hook or by crook, that he's a woman so he competes because the NCAA doesn't have a backbone and are so welcome is not about sports anymore. It's about ideology's ideology trumps reality that he knows that if she comes out on this. That's going to stick to her like glue stink on a monkey enough to follow her around for the rest of her professional life, so she goes to try to get a job at any of these will corporations which is growing more by the day that's going to be 00 I'm sorry we found some things here with your ESG score and we just can't work with somebody like because we just that's just not our culture right.

While some onlookers. Cheers. The transgender acyl athlete was announced the winner in Thursday evening, the stands also resonated with a course of booze and yells, whereas part of me as a Christian feels bad for this guy because he got a mental illness called gender dysphoria and in the knees and then there going and yelling at him there's there's my heart breaks for him, but it doesn't break the fact that like I played them at washing a couple days ago we you have to say no.

No, this is ridiculous. Virginia said that dad said that it had been incredibly obvious from where he'd been sitting in the stands that parents don't appear to be supportive of Leah Thomas could happen several times yesterday when he finished when he touched the wall and finished the father explained. Nobody clapped really the second-place person came in the place exploded. That's because that was your actual winner now second-place assistant woke philosophy been women sports.

This is becoming the deal.

The second-place winner is the winner and then you had a guy who's got a mental illness just ahead of them but but he wasn't the winner in a women's event that would have to be a woman, Emma Wyant, who I mentioned in praise is the real winner after transformer Leah Thomas takes first University of Virginia Emma Wyant had was praised as the real winner if she came in second. Biologically male transgender swimmer while hateful guys Leah Thomas in the NCAA women's swimming championship ivory or freestyle in Thursday quote round of applause for Emma Wyant to UVA swimmer who placed second in the 500 freestyle to my point, Leah, Thomas, Angela Morabito posted second is the new first congratulations to Emma Wyant for being the real winner of the women's 500 Jake Shields wrote this is unaligned from the University of Virginia.

She finished in second place to be a Thomas is the tax, but that she is the true winner to all of us is the name you should remember lobby for Emma Wyant, Eric Reed said in a tweet she's at UVA. She finished second-place but would have been first place if people had the courage to speak up about the injustice of a man COMPETING against women. Weinstein was a career-best, but that doesn't matter anymore because the best women now are meant so there's a clip we have time for this coming so you weren't at the breaker, so to say this to the other side because there's an interview done outside the arena where the swimming is taking place. And again, Leah Thomas, the guy the dude is getting Audi women have in any got it okay Leone's anymore and that, but he's competing tonight. He'll be competing again tomorrow and so will continue to follow this boat but there's a a reporter that talked to one of the swimmers outside the arena and that swimmer I thought handled it beautifully without speaking the truth with compassion and grace because after all, don't forget Leah Thomas, the guy has a mental disorder. Leah Thomas either a has gender dysphoria, a mental disorder that requires treatment, not indulgence or be he's a grifter because he was like ranked in the 400s nationally is him when he actually competed with the guys fellowmen, but he pushes over to the women's league and I get all this attention he's get all these deals. He was on the cover.

One of the Sports Illustrated recently to make all kinds of money and is maybe just an opportunity is maybe age and gender dysphoria. Maybe he's just kind of a grifter and an opportunist at an elderly time will tell but very courageous answer on the subject will come back to Steve Noble. Don't go anywhere. Reversely there is no Bruce Lee may rest in peace come back and start competing in females karate and arts things and to come all the town of course. And so rock 'n' roll Bruce I get to do is say that identifies woman in your and that's why all the best, women are meant right, that was the point of Ben Shapiro's tweet little earlier today as we talk about the trans-male swimmer Leah Thomas who needs help, not indulgence, not hormone treatments. Certainly not a scalpel. What he needs is therapy needs help get gender dysphoria. He doesn't need indulgence, but in this world where right is wrong and wrong is right. You can't do it and you can't ever step foot into the arena of any kind of truth is you gotta leave everything relatives that you can make up the rules yourself because if there's the existence of moral rules and there has to be a moral rule giver and the nut takes it on the road that leads you to God, and that's a problem right I'm just, that's it.

I'm just giving you the spiritual skin either. Okay, that's the deal. So yeah, I've said before estate again. All the best, women are meant and where are the feminists okay so outside the NCAA women's women's swimming again that as a follower of Jesus Christ I mean I part of me is like I sound so heartless and cold condescending and I don't that's really not in my heart in terms of the individual. So when I look at something like Leah Thomas. I just see some of you truly broken me in the image of God. Jesus died for him as much as he died for me and you and the whole world indulging his mental illness and and that's terrible for him and is terrible for the world.

So there's a part my heart that I'm like yeah it's it's broken and soft and there's another part of me is I just look at the culture in general tickets and reach and disgusted and I think rightly so high, so this was outside the arena and the somebody that might've been with that bench.

Daily wire was interviewing one swimmers. I thought she handled it swimmingly. Just be ready. I display a check this out about this was handled really really well everything checks winner winner in competition and what you it's a calming conception that we are all very disappointed and frustrated with someone who is has capabilities more than I swimming have at this level and take opportunities away from other women like I have a teammate did not make finals today because she was just bumped out of finals and it's heartbreaking to see someone who went to puberty as a male has the body of a male people to absolutely blow away the competition going to with a mindset that you are. You don't have a chance if that makes sense like it's hard to compete against him with the aerobic capacity for muscle development in the body of a man it's hard it's hard to think about it like that staying positive like that for this and that is probably overwhelming. I'm not sure I can't speak for them, but it's disappointing to see she is crying because she didn't make the final 17 spots. I talked to us about what you teammate I was going through is very emotionally charged, seeks her last NCAA stains and she really loves that racing is just heartbreaking to see if she put all your effort into it today and went in the morning session. You will not make it back needs. Hard to see someone works every day. Every night still not be able to compete against someone like that and there you go. And that's the reality. That's what you need.

God bless this young woman who is courageous enough to speak out and in all on-site daily wire. This is a large conservative outlet and that's going to be all over the place and she's and that's to come back on guarantee that we come back to haunt her. Depending on what she does with her career and she gets done but you eat your the 16th. People get to go to the final finals in years. Number 17 because one of the 16 is a guy so man just stole your opportunity and your senior year. Your last NCAA championship and a guy just got away with completely stealing her opportunity. So that's where Rhett you know it would stop and I saw several people on Facebook mention this if let's say I don't how many swimmers are in heat. Let's say there's nine so he gets up there I Leah Thomas gets up there all the other eight actual women get up there and they get in position and when they shoot the gun offer. Whatever happens, they'll just stand up and these come down off of the of the little diving board thing they do sit there. This will go back to their seat and sit down and every time a man stepped into the arena with women and a woman sporting event. That's what they should do and that wouldn't take very long.

But there's so afraid which is legitimate to stand up and speak the truth even when it's the Emperor clearly has no close.

This is why friends we all need to gird up our loins and don't be so afraid. Yet the trust the Lord here that ominous speak the truth with love and compassion and patience and grace, but speak the truth. Nevertheless, and and just leave the results up to God, the Lord Exodus 11 will fight for you, and you might not get anything in this life, but grief but when you stand up for truth which really, in this case is because we love Leah Thomas this messed up guy because his main image of God, to speak the truth because that's what Leah Thomas needs. He doesn't need indulgence is the truth and he needs help so you can sit there and watch him walk down this road of self-destruction and say nothing, but that makes you unloving which is a violation of neighbor love which is a sin. So to say nothing then becomes a sin, and so back to James.

If you know what is right to do and you don't do it to you. That's a sin like I should say something I should says something I didn't say anything. That's a sin call the sin of omission speak the truth no matter what it cost you trust the Lord. We all have to do that okay truth while near times. The truth come in the New York Times. What was that your trumpet outside somewhere up in the sky earthquake was going.

Now that Joe Biden's president.

The New York Times finally admits punch's laptop is real do you see this this is by the editorial board board at 300 post. Forget the profanity, but you have to get you've got to be my blankety-blank.

I first the New York Times decided more than a year ago. The hunter binds business woes are worthy of a story then deepen the peace and passing notes. The hunters laptop is legitimate. What people familiar with the investigation said prosecutors that examine emails between Mr. Biden. Mr. Archer and others about charisma and other foreign business activity.

The Times writes those emails were obtained by the New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden, the Delaware repair shop emails and others in the cash were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation well authenticated, you don't say that right at the New York Post, you mean when a newspaper actually does reporting on a topic and doesn't try to whitewash coverage for Joe Biden discovers it's actually true.

But wait, it doesn't in their in October 2020 the times cast doubt that there was a meeting between Joe Biden, an official from charisma Ukrainian that's right Ukrainian gas company for which Hunter was a board member court a Biden campaign spokesman said Mr. binds official schedules did not show a meeting between the two men. The Times wrote, acting as a perfect stenographer yet in the latest report published Wednesday night, the time said the meeting likely did happen. Biden had attended the dinner in question. Funny how this works when you don't just take someone's word for it. What's the difference what changed it was all bogus Russia disinformation trump disinformation right wing disinformation back in 2020. But today, in March 2022. It's authenticated what happened. Well they activate one that's what happened.

We lie in order to get there and then sooner or later you know maybe when Ukraine's burning we tell the truth. She's okay is a little funny ready to have a little fun here in Starkey Friday.

It is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show does Steve Noble is the website are and if you miss the show. If you want to watch the video of the show because we have conversation while you're on radio we love all of our radial friends and radio partners. The truth radio everybody else.

Carl Ford pastors and and all kinds great people that we partner with on the radio side and none of this ministry would exist without that. So we praise the Lord for radio but you have commercials and that's a necessary part of the radio world on Facebook live in YouTube live while the cursor plan.

I just got it. Keep talking about different things out. Rob Peter to pay Paul. The vast majority of the content for the show happens during the regular segments on the radio but there is more content and in some time. Sometimes it's a more personal. Whatever you have to go to Facebook live or YouTube like to do that. Just go to the Steve Noble show on either platform and you can find it, but the podcast itself to listen the show later if you want something you hear or watch it again. They're always there on Facebook and YouTube podcast.

You can get pretty much all the major top five top six podcast platforms out there, you'll find Steve Noble show that's cool. There's another website you're going to, you've probably started to hear it this week during the show and in that one sounds a little more familiar well they all sound from this point is got my name in it again Noble you kids Noble you so you you if you been part of the show for a while, you know, I've been teaching this is my 10th year teaching high school age homeschoolers the first year was even my idea. One of the homeschool moms in our community said to my wife. Hey, Steve should really be to I think Steve should be teaching a government class. She'd see me do teaching little kids in church with what's it called memorize the Bible Bible verse is you have the funny guy. That's like the mascot I 56 my debacle this a senior moment. I know all you guys out there scream and the answer I scary. What, no, no, no, it's a big Bible study group at the little kids and there's different and they can earn little badges as they memorize Scripture cannot anyway. She she'd see me doing that and knocking on time entertaining, fun, and so she thinks you should really be teaching a government class and my wife like you're right. And so then Mrs. Noble said to Mr. Noble, Ellen Ellen and I think you should be teaching a Bible to a nice government class and I like yeah now you're probably right.

I publish a lot. I think you Debbie and some like yeah you're probably right.

So then identify the curriculum. I use BG you press curriculum started teaching and it was just awesome. I love it. I'm good at it. The students are responding where having a blast right God's moving is great so started that and then once I finish my Masters degree in ethics at a Christian ethics. To that and in this year added US history, which is unbelievably awesome.

Oh my goodness, I love teaching US history. It's so ripe with gospel conversations biblical worldview development. I start the first class of the two semester program with Solomon is nothing new under the sun. New news is old news happening to new people and the thing I can play this game with history whether she was history, English, history, British history Spanish history, Chinese history, you name it anyplace on the planet. You see a lot of similarities. Why is that because they all have one thing in common human beings. So anyway this year like I have six classes right now about hundred five students every week that I teach I come in here and you radial bubble like I really feel the Lord's calling me more into this.

Other people like there's gotta be way can you teach more classes on my not getting to want to do the radio show to the only way around that the limit of time and space is to offer online sewer starting that this fall we just launched the website website last week Noble you the U Noble you and you can get all the information there, but that like in the fall when we start doing this students icebreaker high school students will watch the lecture that I in class lecture that I just did that week; like right now I'm incorporating Ukraine and Russia everything going on. The news shows up in these classes. All three classes in its powerful makes it alive makes it relevant. It matters all the sudden and what happened in World War I is coming alive right now in Ukraine and Russia what's going on in Europe and our involvement, all that stuff is just wonderful. I'm so excited, so if your homeschool if you know homeschool family if they have a high school level, then get in there. Go check it out for yourself. Noble you the U Noble you school dock okay. Speaking of schools, yet this is hilarious. I love the story, you'll law students disrupt bipartisan free speech trigger police escort more than 100 woke yield losses from the New York Post, is whether Lena and us a little bit more than 100 woke Yale law school students disrupt a bipartisan panel on civil liberties by trying to shout down and speak script to get the irony of this who had to be escorted out of the building by police.

The panel hosted by the Federalist Society featured Christian Wagoner constitutional right to a Supreme Court litigator with allies defending freedom awesome group and Monica Miller, an associate at the progressive American humanist Association who and she's an atheist right.

The discussion on March 10 was held in hopes of showing how liberal atheist and a conservative Christian could agree on free speech issues. A member of the Federalist Society told the news outlet. The two speakers reportedly discussed the recent US Supreme Court case.

I was still with freedom of religion and freedom of speech on college campuses quote.

It was pretty much it was pretty much the most innocuous thing you could talk about the member. The organization of conservatives told the pre-beacon but about 120 students is for law students is what's really disturbing here showed up to protest the event where they outnumber the audience members and held up signs attacking the ADF which one several sprinkler cases establishing religious exemptions from civil rights laws.

Law school professor Kate Stith.

The moderator was forced to pause the event when one student told the member. The conservative group that she would literally literally fight you.

According to audio and video obtained by the outlet. Stith reportedly admonished the aspiring legal eagles about yields free-speech policies which forbid any protest that interferes with speakers ability to be heard in a community member okay so here's what's the most disturbing part about this is these are Yale law school students law school students who you know if you're going to do what the law in the United States of America. Where were supposed to be a nation of laws rather than men. Madison and the rest of our founding fathers all understood that then what you really want to do is apply the law of the land fairly equally to anybody and one of the pig aspects of the law of the land in United States America is free-speech so our future lawyers and leaders are so woke there's so easily triggered. There's so wimpy they're so weak in the knees.

They have's there like spineless jellyfish that somebody comes on campus that has an absolutely constitutionally protected right to free speech and they shout them down and disrupted. That's those are your future leaders of America. There, at Yale law school and the fact that Yale doesn't absolutely crackdown allies.

People say the seal law school were all about the law and the law says you have free-speech as a couple limits here and there but overwhelmingly you have free-speech you don't have a constitutional right to not be offended you. And if you don't want to hear what the ADF Christian conservative wacko girl has to say don't, that's my present bike impersonation. By the way Kyle just wacko your time to spout off Carl Eckstein go you actually have a constitutional right to not go but you don't have a constitutional right to not be offended you with and again here I am all all all all up in my flesh right now just wanting to tear into these hundred stupid Yale law school students when I'm centered on Indiana but you know Jesus died for them to Steve. I know I know and so hot that's part of me is enraged and disgusted and wants to mock and belittle the other part of me is like wow look what's happening to our future. Are you so weak. Are you so easily triggered.

Are you so woke that you just can't handle an opposing opinion and I understand, listen, I will use what your guests about the nature of the four noble children you think they're quiet and reserved, or do you think you think you're going to know their opinion and often times they'll disagree with mom and dad and I get frustrated and sometimes I get so frustrated because there too much like me a little bit.

I guess that I just want to forget it as well walk away, but most the time I don't I stay in so I get the frustration but this is this is this is bigger than a 56-year-old Christian man's frustration dealing with his kids.

Sometimes we all what that's like. But this is like institutional wimps wimpiness where there were their future leaders and lawyers who don't have any respect for the freedom of speech how my goodness that's a nightmare friends and you wonder why God tells us in his word to pray for those in authority over us pointed they need it pointed they need it. Listen in what were talking about the condition of the nation culturally in terms of law and leadership are talking about it financially. This thing is a train wreck financially what the here and around the world all things outskirts. It's a train wreck. Praise the Lord for me and probably most of you when the whole thing collapses to beat him to be in heaven. Hoping that heaven will be in heaven with the Lord here so who's left, who's going to get is going to get crushed under that building collapse. Well it's going to be my kids for the for our kids get married to be spouses, kids, their children, Paxton my grandson and your kids and their grandchildren and their grandchildren are all going to get swooshed under this nightmare that work allowing to happen under her know that I know some of that, there's not much we can do about one thing you can do about it. You can pray about it while it sounds like a Christian 101 think that's because it is fundamental pray for those in authority over us. Pray for the nation succeed noble. Wait a second. We can do that something will go back acetyl placebo. So this is a lariat so that I was listening to a Clay Travis and Buck Sexton earlier today and they were talking about this guy had heard about him before somewhere.

Capt. deplorable Capt. deplorable so he's at this instant and incredible Trump impersonator so really is a hay trunk at a new job is doing the voice over with a navigation navigation systems like on your phone right Google, Yahoo, whatever will not allow him to do that so it have to be a cell platform but this guy's absolutely hilarious. Any so good but he'll do all kinds of Trump impersonations will go to Chick-fil-A go to grocery store. Whatever.

In this case.

This is the Capt. deplorable as Donald Trump doing navigation okay on your little navigator file going to make a left. Okay were talking about a left onto Shortell Boulevard wonderful Street.

I built a bio to answer beautiful strata know a lot about it. Nobody knows Shortell like I'd also tell you going to make a left and Bernie Sanders.

You've got to four left okay to reach parity.

It's very big beautiful quarters of a mile going to make a U-turn. Okay to make a U-turn turn around doors. Jed Shockey likes to say to circle back okay going to make you enter the greatest future of the world is in the seat at Corpus Christi Dr., Evelyn are turning around faster than the world has ever seen where rerouting or as I like to call it lost okay. We got no clue where we are.

We are more lost than liberal.

After reading the Constitution where more lost than sleeping show. After leaving his basement, but we're going to get there soon. Believe me, that's not great. I got so good you could get himself in a lot of trouble. Personally, the president, but it's so funny. I just love that. So if you want to check that up yourself to get a good laugh at just put link up Capt. deplorable Capt. deplorable okay I just got over college basketball is a great story why one top layer quit her team this this currently up church went to the University North Carolina UNC and when she got in she cried right was a dream and dream school and she hadn't even applied. They reached out to her and then, but I think in her junior senior recording you love you and see women's basketball. This was in the Gospel coalition, you're pretty tough and you are a quitter take us in your experience.

What made this experience. The difficulty needed to walk away. It was so hard.

Leah said when you get to play in Carmichael arena where you and see women's team plays you're on the court were Michael Jordan played when he was at UNC when I got step onto the court. It was everything I never dreamed up. The first month or two with the new coaching staff, so she was on the original coach was there for like 30 years the first month or two with the new coaching staff are fine but as time went on, things became more difficult. I started seeing that there were expectations for me to participate in the party lifestyle and condone things that didn't line up with my biblical beliefs. I chose not to drink and I'm choosing to save myself a marriage I said no to a lot of things which made team bonding challenging. There is only one other Christian girl on the team and she quit when the new coaching staff came on it was super lonely.

I felt like sometimes I was signal singled out for my beliefs, which led to degradation midway through junior year I started thinking I have to get out of this miserable eventually kill me when basketball started no longer being fun or enjoyable.

It was crushing like the girls that compete with boys right. My mom would tell me like darkness. Don't mix is not likely dislike you, but Christ in you, I knew that but it did make it any easier when the coach came out that the list of causes. The team would be supporting woke right. I knew I wasn't going to be able to complete comp compromising organs biblical principles I decided in light of eternity that basketball wasn't worth it. See she wasn't a compromise on the truth Gospel coalition as you work your whole life for this goal and have it sour partway through, how did you handle that disappointment. Leah said I grew up in a Christian home. I get full-time missionary evangelist. He preaches that revivals etc. my mom taught chose to homeschool my sister me all the way through high school delay. The biblical foundation that we needed. I try to be a witness that you and see where I could. I try to live my life, honoring God is always a purpose wherever were placed. I don't know why it had to happen that coach Haskell left two years in my career when she'd been there for 33 I know it's not good to question God questioned. I talked to my mom and dad and we prayed and looked at every option. Ultimately we all felt peace that it was time God's time for me to leave.

I kept coming back to James 112 Blessed is the man who remain steadfast under trial in Jeremiah 2911 for I know the plans I have for you. You know that when writer Buddy, you may think in the moment why my giving up my senior season, but if you really trust his sovereignty and plans which is what I was alluding to earlier, you have to go to the end of the verse where it says his plans are to give you hope and a future wife not supposed to be easy for Christians for me and help to think about eternity and through this. I've had the opportunity to share my faith. The churches and teams have been able to use this to encourage others to stand firm, because Indian.

That's what matters. Faithfulness is a great story, God bless her and something she loved and can you imagine Me like a lot of these girls having to compete with guys something you love and all the sudden that's that that love and that opportunity is stolen from you literally and it's not fun anymore and she walks away, but she had the guts to do it. She was going to play the game.

She wasn't in the toe the line walked in some you did that the COBIT and masking, especially vaccines and stuff and God bless you that your conviction and you can back it up biblically, but sometimes you just have to walk the plank and see what the Lord's going to do coming first for us for the noble family back in 2011 I wasn't looking to sell my business. My little house painting company but a guy I met a great guy came up at an out of blue air out of the blue" and is really going to start his own, or by mine and so we talked a little bit. 30 days later we sold out we sold the house painting company.

Okay, we didn't sell Red Hat so we knew when we closed on May 30 work will be okay for the end of the year, but come January 1 were in trouble financially but it was really obvious that God was changing directions. I wasn't looking for.

That was really helpful for me as a type A person that got that hesitancy to school make stuff happen and asked God to bless it and put we didn't know, but at the end of that year 2011 is when my friends at Hart's Crusades Greg Laurie reached out to me. I was looking for it, they reach out to me in there don't harvest America and wanted me to help on the side of the country and especially because I was in the southern Baptist world at the time and the arrangement we came to financially was the exact whole in our budget that we needed to survive and it started on January 1.

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, friends. This is from my missile look who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. Believer another night, another war night is descending on Ukraine today I was reminded of another great quote from the token novel, the hobbit where Gandalf says sorry mind believes it's only great power that can hold evil and check that's not what I have found I found it's a small, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. We see it in very obvious ways these days as world leaders, powerful countries hesitate to offer full support to Ukraine in the fight against the monsters, spits threats not only on Ukraine now but we but we see its ordinary folk who show solidarity with Ukrainians who put pressure on their governments to act to pray since support welcome refugees to their homes, gather humanitarian aid to proactively look for ways to help helping even one person, one family makes a difference in its ordinary folk who go to the front lines to risk their lives to defend our country and who volunteer to do whatever it takes to support defenders and help women and children who flee from war. It's ordinary folk in cities under occupation who stand against Russian tanks waving Ukrainian flags and singing the Ukrainian anthem it's ordinary folk in the cities that are coming on a nightly bombing sue in the morning greet each other with smile and wish each other to stay safe and have a great day in our multistory building. We have three entrances each with 44 apartments in our entrance.

There are there are maybe 10 to 12 apartments that didn't evacuate one floor below us. There's a family that's expecting a baby in a month.

Above us is a single mother to son to disrupt the sale today by the way, there are there are others who see at different times in the elevator, or as we leave an orc in the morning or leave the building. We even still have a concierge delay to continue serving our as our security guard, even though not all 44 apartments will be contributing to her pay this month our little community knows that Brielle was born and I think it has become a great hopeful event for all their daughter. One of our neighbors today brought a big box of various baby things baby food diaper screams.

We don't need anything but we were grateful that in the midst of survival mode.

There are such acts of kindness and love. I believe these are not ordinary Fulk after all these are extraordinary folk that is risen in the time of darkness. The crisis times bring the best and the worst in people.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by the ones who shine and keep the darkness at bay.

In this post I'm using a picture of the eyes of our current courageous defenders. They're all warriors of light ordinary extraordinary full. It's really cool post to put up a Facebook like she just electoral pictures and just to be eyes of these people are extraordinary friends. Please keep covering us with your prayers are prayers tonight. I was Psalm 3311 through 22, which goes as follows, but the Lord's plan stand firm forever. His intentions can never be shaken. What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.

The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race from his throne. He observes all who live on the earth. He made her heart so he understands everything we do the best equipped army cannot say the king nor his great strength enough to save a warrior don't count on your warhorse to give you victory for all of its strength. It cannot save you, but the Lord watches over those who fear him, goes to rely on his unfailing love. He rescues them from death and keeps them alive in times of famine. We put our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield in him. Our hearts rejoice.

We trust in his holy name. Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you.

Hello, that's just incredible. But you this type of light would never be able to shine out of Mr. Maye melancholic mellow luck unless he was in the dark times we run from those we try to eliminate them, shorten them, but it's in the darkness.

It's in the challenges and the unknown, where God really does incredible work in our life. So I am not saying masochist I'm just saying if you can't avoid it leaning doing.

If you lack courage, pray and ask for you lack wisdom, pray and ask for God will provide. When you have to stand for the truth and you don't know what is going to cost you got already does is on the other side of the situation, already 30 dairies in the pool and he'll catch you when you jump so jump trust him. And now we might not get the rewards and we may not get the answer still having even if you have to wait till heaven.

The rewards will be way beyond anything we can ask for me or imagine like Ephesians 320 talks about this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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