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Russia, Russia, Russia!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 21, 2022 9:55 pm

Russia, Russia, Russia!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 21, 2022 9:55 pm

Russia, Russia, Russia!

Steve talks to Dr. Bruce Ashford who met Putin before he was elected president of Russia. He also discusses money with David Fischer.

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Everyone ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble one simple question re: already in a proxy or with Russia proxy war with Russia. And I said that because we've given about what we have given our giving about $1 billion of the people, but the billion dollars worth of military hardware to the Ukrainians were then using it to mow down Russian troops wherever they can, as well as planes and tanks etc. etc. etc. so are we in just a proxy war with Russia and American arms in the in the triggers being pulled by Ukrainian soldiers. Should we be involved militarily.

Maybe, maybe as Sen. Lindsey Graham mentioned recently and he's not the only one maybe we should just take now. Meanwhile Obama was the president he whacked over 3000 terrorist via drone strikes around the world over. The court course was eight years of its good enough. Obama should be good enough for Joe who served under Obama, so should we be whacking him.

Should we do even have a set aside your Republican or Democrat view your American view do we even have a biblical rationale for getting involved troops on the ground, boots on the ground to be a just war theory. So where did have a fascinating conversation. My good friend Bruce asked for Dr. Bruce Ashford's been on the show many many times in the past to written many books for two of them. I would recommend to you especially if you have younger members of the family, one nation under God, which is a Christian hope for America American tics and then letters to an American Christian, which was fascinating.

A great read that came out back in 2018 and up the link up for, but Bruce is also written for and first things magazine, USA Today's been in there watching times daily caller all kinds other places. In addition, I been friends for years, as well as a former member of my board so I trust him and look to him for his knowledge and experience Bruce Ashford.

Welcome back to the show. My friend, how are you back. My favorite though I'm on the one I'm happy to be a gap of about 100 ruble paradigm in the world are not left to say that there's probably not a lot of big market for rubles anyway. But it's great to have you back.

Bruce, thanks for calling in and spend some time with us today.

Bruce by the way, because you can understand how smart Bruce is here just over the matter of a few minutes and go check out his blog post. Great information there. Plus his books. Bruce is the website so now let's start with your kids. You have some experience in that part of the world you served over there in doing some mission work some clandestine mission work and actually and I didn't know this until recently. Bruce actually met the man himself.

Yeah. Looking Russia 98 Belden year and with the report. Go on, I'd never come true or had 40 below zero. The winter climate challenge. It 40 below and your breath to your face you so you cannot little-known fact you can take a couple coffee and over there. They only had a copy of that and you could import out all my five floor balcony -40 weather and only thing ground coffee ground squeezing a climate down there working culinary field. Overall great in Russia in a locket but there was that time for breakfast.

I got served up yellow, and I will not. There was the time they served me ready, drumroll, fermented mirror milk to drink and entrepreneur somewhere in Russia decided to milk a horse and think for me that's the first problem and you follow old delicacy campaigning for president. He had not become present have been elected yet. First campaign probably spring of 2000 I remember correctly you little guy is going to pat him on the head you, but not with a and so what you read. Fast forward to today and people are talking about is dying of cancer. He's crazy. He's a madman what your read on Vladimir yet with a moot 20 years ago the week and he would tell the powers of the Russian. There were still double down the weekly or I can tell you how many admiration for Bill Clinton being able to you why project power. The powerful leader and project power. I don't think anybody in Russia prize that all that he would go after Ukraine liked it because you know you have given evidence for more than one year in power like a blank rebuild the former glory of Russia and also to build his own glory and when you got a guy with his own glory, glory you got an ideological so I don't think anybody was really surprised. Why do you think she chose now versus Lynn Trump was in office is a lot of people Bruce and I try to make an issue that you know what you know. I think one of my ghetto unlocked it to keep to it. If it could be you know, unpredictable.

You know I got right and and I think LL hope that there would be some sort of enough of the day, between Russia and America that Russia could make some strategic gain and you know I don't know what little more complex, but I will say that I don't think Pres. Biden protect our very well no not at all and I think it's about to get a whole lot worse this week. He said never to Europe to go meet with emergency meeting with NATO and I think he's now planned a trip to make a stop in Poland and so that's going to be about as effective as sending, Harris over to the neck of the woods as just one embarrassment after another.

Let let's talk about the break you're pretty quick, Bruce. But let's open up a can of worms in a couple of things real quick. Number one just speaking ethically and from a Christian perspective a lot of people are talking about let's just take boot now and then the second thing is, is there just war justification for America put boots on the ground at all. But let's start with killing up just 15/22 and then will will follow up on the other side of break yeah well you know that one question in the last report. Maybe they should should America didn't do that you know will break up a little more about the rationale here, but I think it would be unwise and after little to a number different behind talking to Dr. Bruce Ashford John Hofer is talking to Dr. Bruce Ashford, prolific author, great commentators written for FOXNews and dear times all kinds of stuff interviewed all over the place, a great mind.

Plus, he lived in Russia for couple years to keep talking about this from a Christian perspective. When we come back, looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show a little odd to hear little beauties in the background while were talking about Russia Russia Russia but that's the way we play things here on the show we like curveballs, but today were talking to our good friend Dr. Bruce Ashford is great author great Christian thinkers also dealt done some things with the war college, so when it comes to what we call just war theory in the world of Christian ethics. That's a do we have a rationalization for going in and then once you pass all of those tests. Then once you're in a war. What kind of just war theory. Can you apply do we prosecute awards.

Fascinating subjects were talking to Bruce about that today, with respect to Russia and Ukraine and first of all, talking about taking food now Lindsay Graham didn't seem to have a problem with that. The other day. He was deftly all for taking prudent out of course I was mentioning Bruce before that our former Pres. Obama took out to over 3000 suspected terrorists around the world, but they're not heads of nationstates are not top military leaders that was more aggressive by Trump and he took out some money who was obviously the head of the Iranian military think that was pretty obvious against a state itself when it comes to prudent not think that seems like a totally different deal than what Obama was doing my correct you correct you, whether or not you have been behind her back that the reader go. I think we should want to do it that's fine. You know the last resort, I got your political leader but we should be involved. First is workfare and we can't do the work that point and the reason why we can't want it.

There's very little probability for think that you take the barium would never be able to devote many truths that we need feet Russia Russia would employ every everything that happened, we would have to exhaust our capability. We can ourselves on other front the war very little probability that we could actually pick the infected. If we didn't exceed the consequences look like will be disproportionally cooked beer. I probably heard for and not for the thing and the second reason is if you have it that we would violate the law and we were behind the formulation of the law that we nations refrain from is that many others leader. One reason is the person you've assassinated the very person you're gonna want negotiated surrender with you gone you have no idea what I probably have a better you know and and so they weren't have to find a way to punish for his crime really think you like it here because there are limits what we can do and yet we need to do absolutely everything we can do with economic warfare, cyber warfare, anything will be wise to bring proportionately harmful effects for way to negate the reason for doing what do you think that Vladimir talk to Dr. Bruce Ashford Bruce do you think that would be justified if he just came out today and solicit I'm already a war with America because you got $1 billion worth of hardware coming in here shoot my guys industry my tanks is just Ukrainian soldiers that are pulling the trigger and study your guys but essentially you're a war with Russia. Did you think he could be justified in saying that I been thinking that for weeks now that he could easily make that case you would be predicting the lot 20 year statement and every other thing we know what Reagan probably work with each other. Cold War ended and the white wheat stocks work generally, we only provided economic like with wet providing weapon somebody is a form of economic and we we did with cyber warfare by psychological worker and that kind of thing but actually put our boots on the ground they could do a whole other level you know. Yeah, I think, is not a principled man want glorified work are Russia in argument you will get what you want to. Could you foresee any situation. Bruce where American troops on the ground would actually be warranted that we actually feel to fulfill a just war theory checklist that we could go to the seminary questions absolutely if he were to attack one of the NATO alliance.

Nate, we will beat up but now the gray area. There is with you attacking 30 and 2030 mile order: for example, there's always praying that unintentional. And we would have to make a determination whether it was intentional because consequences will be severe brought Russia we were to enter the war militarily. My distal but my initial thought is that if they met with NATO that is the clearest redline we got to enter the war because of NATO gets if we determine that that was on purpose were bound by that NATO treaty that we have to go in and it's kind like what happened with Great Britain and Belgium versus Germany in World War I Germany decided to cut through Belgium to get to France when they hit Belgium were like Great Britain's like oh we will merely have a treaty with Belgium's an hour. They were looking to get in but they had to get good that could come out of that horrible war not we want work but development and weapon development. Think hate capability and capacity usually are not planned in advance are usually triggered by Berkeley current.

For example. The terrorist attack, bin Laden and other called to realize 20, 30 years ago they were in a new area asymmetrical warfare. We have nonstate actors, 30 Main office. We adjusted our military capability.

We are quite quite good at that kind of Warfare.

Right now, and third warfare on what can happen out of this war is that European nation could start paying on their own, their own way and we didn't want them to.

We were terrified at the thought of Germany getting weapon, you know, because the obvious reason one, but were in a different place in history right now and I think one of think present probably right about like evacuate that right cannot start devoting it, devoting them out of their own budget to develop their military and we can provide them with weapons. We provide training with the dollars you will delete the whatever their current fees are marked and support their money where their mouth is with respect to something you mention, I want to go into this more after the break, but kind of work were in the cyber warfare world now as well as psychological operation.

So let let's unpack this to because I want to make sure we understand what's going on, behind the scenes that we may not be aware of. Pick whichever one you want will start their okay well I will start with that woman were related.

One thing thing but the are related. We can start with cyber warfare. Cyber warfare is that you electronic mean you by and you called harm to our enemy and so that could take the form of an effective electrical grid take the form of hacking of public website political leader email talking warfare include let the date the thing that he could employ psychological will talk about that a little bit later waking information work through social media and through additional nontraditional media outlet workers a big deal. Now is the rapidly experiencing rapid rapid growth yeah and and you know this terrifying thing is the time to get together limited task to do a lot of damage everywhere for a lower talking to Dr. Bruce Ashford Bruce working to keep talking about cyber warfare and the psychological operations also want to ask him what you think about Zielinski and Ukraine what's going on over there in the country itself will be back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show well during trump from campaign and then his peers president Russia Russia Russia right that's an hour right back in the same ballpark as you talk about Russia regularly on the show and all over the place is no lack of it. Russia versus Ukraine. Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The madman what's going on there.

It's heartbreaking. The more time you spend studying it, looking at videos and pictures. It is heartbreaking. It's a horrific situation, but that by no means puts US military boots on the ground.

There were supporting Ukraine obviously and president Zielinski made a heartfelt appeal called out to Biden personally last week when he had a live call with most members of Congress.

So it's ratcheting up concerns about world war three.

Is this going to go nuclear and just the other day it was reported that he used a new kind of missile hypersonic missile that travels at about 10 times the speed of sound like a bunker buster and they sit not saying they're saying now that they deployed at and so there's all kinds of crazy things. Oxygen mixed fuel, oxygen fuel bombs is talk about him using that these are all violations of international law, but it's pooh-poohed right so he doesn't give a rip about that.

So what you do with it. How do you pay attention is very real for America talking to Dr. Bruce Ashford today Bruce is a website great blog post, not just things like this and international situation but the culture Christianity in general theology. Bruce is a been a professor and a leader in a thought leader and in this world and in many different ways over the last 15 years is been a good friend in support of the show we been friends for a long time again Bruce thanks for taking the time to be with us today. My buddy, it's always good to have you on more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Now that's good so so when it comes to cyber or framing Russia was doing the stuff that Russia's Russian pots were setting up Pro trump and pro-Hillary gatherings via Facebook in America back in 2016. So it's not like that's an unusual thing.

Do you see it going in a different direction with this situation between Russia and Ukraine and is it affecting us like us cyber warfare and the will talk about psychological operations were clear on the article about very good in and take a look at it that you probably will be increasing cyber attacks on American corporations Russia note probably the best way to hurt you not merely pack government site, which are to be more highly here anyway but that our businesses and crash our economy like the bonding time and called the thing for the economic pain that he called we were doing it without warfare with reading account for 50 probably do it by praying on project Corporation and I think we will have an increase in the thing we might be for warfare in the in the form of meddling election happened. Mitt Romney is not my favorite politician but he was exactly right. You know 10 or 12 years ago when he said the Russia is our most this is not their government thought Russian people speak or make up the Russian government is hell-bent the letter they number of time he thing that it is in evitable Russia in America to go to war and and so that really that is quite a statement. That means that he's not really trying to avoid war just want make sure when there is a war he went to think is a legitimate concern when people start talking about nuclear weapons about the building of three different have nuclear weapon to give category in terms of their purpose. Strategic nuclear weapons in the enormously devastating weapon for you to get the entire population center you will board. I don't think anything would you vote your specific weapons which are you again you know larger places where opponents are stating their fruit order munition NEF tactical new which were much more precise than another way of dividing thing nuclear weapon in their fission and fusion and out of the former are a lot dirtier in the radioactive, radioactive material last longer in the latter are a lot less 30 and are more proficient date.

I do think it is possible that he will use a tactical weapon fission weapon you give me fusion weapon that is less 30 more strategic he could do that that could be a way of demoralizing Ukrainian people and demonstrating power and be probably. You may conjecture that the US and in Europe with two week will enter the war.

That's a frightening thought, to say the least. I mean, we've got about a little over 5000 nuclear weapons like 1400 a member of the active 2300 available 1800 every time I retired.

He's got 1500 warheads deployed right now I'm strategic long-range systems, and then this article on reading from his got almost 3000 in reserve, but the but I can imagine he could use that in a wooden escalate so that we absolutely need to be praying against that because that that's an escalation that that we just can't comprehend. But when it comes to psychological operations. I want to follow up on that Bruce would talk to Dr. Bruce and Bruce what what kind of things to psychological operations entail and are we seeing that in in this in this invasion of Ukraine by Russia and but we don't really know her sing we are in and out a lot you you know the beginning of time to really take on enormously cute dimension, you will board eventually. Right now you The our operations to change people's mind.

We are at war and we would want to build the morale of the American people. We want to demoralize as much is possible. The opposing government and truth and that we would do anything we could do that we might want to use.

I got communicate the people of an enemy nation that they are not our enemy leader government so we done that for example in Afghanistan and rock dropping literature to listen to help that you precluded being that I think talk up now is combined with cyber warfare annual leave Russia you'll hijacking a Ukrainian state media accounts and broadcasting their own Ukrainian people, you have no chance to win the war.

The rest of their amazing warm and fuzzy like teddy bears were all brothers and sisters. Anyway, we want to set you free from your Jewish Nazi president, garbage, hot garbage like that you Russia lies with the people calling this the military operation and get rid of, not the skin. In Ukraine, and I would have to win the battle of your optics matter in a world where information can spread instantaneously through social media and other websites Quarterly reported in affect the economy because whether or not people have confidence in the makeup the global economy the company their nation, whether not they have confidence in face of an enemy along that come up by youth of the three strategic combination cyber warfare and psychological in the in the cyber attack I it reminds me of the Colonial pipeline so the Colonial pipeline I got shut down, which messed up supply of gasoline in America and now the serious deal is 5500 miles of pipeline got hit by a ran somewhere attack. We don't know whether that came out a rush or not. There's been a lot of a lot of talk that it has, but they do that kind of stuff, like you said earlier Bruce to think that Putin doesn't want to hit back is ridiculous, backward, and we come to the category you you know warfare like a new capital nuclear strike. Probably not a tactical strike, probably instead bombed out noncombatant in the Mission Valley Hospital children, etc. but will definitely strike back were involved in. We are involved in a conflict with Russia and yet we haven't yet escalated the morale. Any feeling Bruce for you in terms of how this ends up. Oh boy thought dangerous to try to be a prophet like you still have on track you down and stoning to death and just welcome for anything that that they think that they that Newton and Rust will come away with very bloodied fate matter what happened, even if they were somehow your key have it going to be devastating. Probably for career and for the Russian economy for maybe a decade or two to come. It is very possible that Ukraine get the victory here and have to find a way to save faith is about his glory cannot find a way to say fake. I don't know what the nation to come up with. Maybe it US agreeing to have itself investigated for biological labs, Ukraine come away with something like this is what I really want. I got what I wanted and I can leave really amazing what will keep. I will keep in touch. Bruce and and let me know. We got any more insight on this. You want to share in the wild look in the course of the subject's get you back on the screen Debbie back on and can restart our radio relationship so thanks for your intelligence and all your hard work and for your wisdom. We appreciate your my brother hi pal think you what talk again real soon. So many things to think about so many things to pay attention to.

Without sword he doing here on the air Monday Monday update got a lot to talk about their holy cow fed rates are negative vaccinations will have a dollar more. Russia, Saudi Arabia and back is so fascinating conversation with her good friend, Dr. Ashford so Michigan that are there. But again, we always try to run everything through a Christian perspective. Okay, so we got by the news of the day, but to do that anyway. I've been at this for a while and well trained.

I have a Masters degree in ethics, theology and culture. So whenever I'm going to the news a day or talk about financial she's whatever all that stuff is running through a biblical worldview. That's why I'm going up approach everything that way. Yes, I'm a conservative yes amendment of the American but primarily am a Christian them a follower of Christ. And that's the way I try to think and try to live, although obviously all of us fall short in that arena.

But when it comes to disconnect analyzing and having some discernment and some wisdom. It's gotta be bathed in Scripture.

You have to be thinking biblically so that you're not taken captive to the deceptive philosophies of this age. What you want to look in Romans and talk about that or we can look in Colossians and talk about that but you have to be on your guard and like I tell my students every week you're being sold all the time. Okay so you have to be discerning. Need to pray for wisdom like in the book of James that we lack it, we need to pray for. We need wisdom and we need discernment and that's why were always happy once a week to have our good friend David Fisher on to help us with wisdom and discernment when it comes to what's going on in the markets and financial issues always challenging Lynn is the website is always Lynn David how are you Scripture and will talk about today.

I know you don't know talk about how the Holy Spirit works yes he's pretty good at his job. I would say You will always yes amen I'm right there with you. Okay, we always start on their money Monday update to David where we should start which is in that the word of God. So let's go there first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 27 is God's chosen things of the world to confound the wise God assures in the week things of the world confound the things which are mighty Steve. I saw a T-shirt the other day that said normal and coming back. Jesus is you know the root reminded me about the big dichotomy. The opposite of God's economy versus how humans perceive the economy and life in general. You know the kingdom of heaven and its principals are completely opposite of the kingdom of this world. Think about this in biblical days back then anything today Kingston riding on a donkey, but the King of Kings, the first shall be made less. Scripture shows so the last shall be made first to be strong.

We must be weak and God humbles the product grace to the humble. To save your life. You must lose your life. So the Lord has chosen things of this world to confound the things which we might call mighty and it is also helping financially not just spiritually. The government in the doing things to trying get the dollar to be used as actually causing the Dolby use well yeah I mean it's just so confusing which is what you think is wise, but it's the Bible also tells a statement that spiritual Jews are spiritually discerned. So you have to have the Holy Spirit in order to know true wisdom and to be able to see things through the true filter God's word and that that's why mention that earlier and that's what I love about passages like this is it reminds us that that when you when you feel stupid if you know the word of God. Well, then you're not stupid you're equipped you're ready, but we still need to pray for wisdom, biblical wisdom, that is, and we deftly need discernment so thank you for that such a great application of that passage and is always such a blessing. Every week we get together I will you mention the Fed to the feds did several things a high-grade sample minute sanctions, which is sounds to me always liked her play with fire so help us understand that you like good hard amounts 25 basis rate increase last week Thursday they might have imposed bigger rate increases as much as a percent rate hikes to do this 25% rate hike every meeting for the remainder of the year James Bullard St. Louis Fed president so that's not enough. We need to have 50 rate hikes every meeting which would put us at 2.75 but the Fed may spark the next leg in the volatility of the market. They could usually reach because markets galore, but last Friday we had a spike in the day. Maybe it's because the literary factor then, but today the market is lower, but now there's talk of recession recession fears. Maybe another article saying they were already here. Inflation is much better than the Fed even anticipates and Bill Gross famous bond trader before said that Mel rate hikes are going to happen. It could crack the economy and so who knows what's going to happen without the I think the sarcomere positive thing for the most part, it certainly can affect real estate. He also said that in a negative way, but also did something that implemented mandates of sanctions upon Russia and countries related to doing business with Russia mandates. Although the government should, we must do this and I'm probably on a side note, I totally support that my point is this.

The Fed is acting outside of their mandate mandate is to control interest rates to control employment price stability and those things not to put sanctions on countries and as a result of this work. Initially some things because knowing the mandated shows you gives the power to confiscate foreign reserves in a foreign country, and you saw this done in Russia or other countries think twice about holding US treasuries. I think that's already in question and there's some articles out there saying that this could be the start of the global currency crisis so just be careful that for every action there is an equal reaction. Einstein said and working to see some of that will actually work in Russia anyway. Can you go around that in as they go around that anyway that Russia's activities can affect us financially like us regular Americans will start going around last Thursday.

Foreign Minister Braunwald said that we will solve this problem and the solution is to be no longer dependent upon the Western partners over the dollar, you should quote we will make sure that we never again financials in the similar situation and neither was from Uncle Sam or anybody else that wants make decisions in destroying our economy will find a way to eliminate this dependence.

We should have done this a long time ago so you working at this and trying times were China China is working with them getting the nanosecond so places just the nitroglycerin and the call is no fast speed is what Rush is doing so. China, which is that the tenant mining their pleasing cues publicly is what they're saying about Russia, but they're not being subtle at all when it comes to their talking to Saudi Arabia about let's dump the dollars US reserve currency.

Let's start dealing with the Chinese wine so what's going on there so trilobite about 25% of Saudi oil. We buy percent of Saudi oil since 1973, has been dollar denominated called the petrodollar we been talking about this before and six years ago China for the first time said let's buy and so on nine dollars and just last week China met with Saudi Arabia and now in discussions this came on the Wall Street Journal. So this is mainstream media famous discussions about implementing a mass system. This is going to be done through the year, which is your Eurasian economic unit which includes China, Russia has a can.

About 17 countries will just call it for time, reason, and want to sell financial and not dollars, but in the long Russia supports this all these countries are supporting this an elder moving met on Friday and are moving forward on this agreement to design a mechanism to become independent of the financial monitoring system based around the dollar.

So what does that going. So what using dollars. Why does that matter okay for two reasons. One is not buying dollars anymore which they announced last week and the Fed is selling $9.3 trillion which they announce not last week while dollars to support all this overspending.

How does that affect us. It means more dollars of value in it means higher interest rates, which means it's tough for economy stop for the average citizen in this could also trigger want to buy dollars in Scripture bailing as a dog in the bail is all about tripling treasuries with one owner that's where this gets forced into place sooner on this thing that ever thought of it so frightening to think about it. Obviously I'm not talk you talk about fear, that would be a violation of what the Scriptures call us to. But I'm talking about the ramifications of what would be going on.

So as a result what's going on. The gold market because you look at like the other day when crude oil was pushing down to hundred one backup $212.49 is up seven dollars today.

Golds up $5.80 today and so people don't know will get some relief at the pump and like what the story isn't over yet. So what's going on with gold you really happen for a while on the street where he was happening.

The first wave is the retail purchasing throughway called ETF's electronic traded funds, not physical gold footballing 600 times per second are central banks increased 750 times in physical gold is just off the high prices and goals this year. So when central banks and Billy owner managers and all these folks are called. That should probably tell us all something a people want to get more information they want to get educated. David, what are they do for 2575 David always appreciate your analysis and your wisdom. God bless you my friend will talk you soon I doubt we'll talk again real soon. Always great to hear from David this is Steve Noble decedent was just so much going on I will be back to talk about the world from the perspective tomorrow. God willing, I'll talk to you then.

And like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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