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Going Green

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March 14, 2022 9:38 am

Going Green

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 14, 2022 9:38 am

Going Green

The liberal elites have an answer for your high gas price problems: Buy an electric car! Steve tears into this ridiculous assertion and takes calls from people who are just as insulted and upset.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders. Grace and truth.

No sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back all you complainers out there all you whiners because the price of gas is now at the national average. The national average of you had a great weekend national average.

Today $4.32.

So if you are average 14 gallon tank that's a little over 60 bucks and quit your complaining with gas prices. Fortunately, the price of oil is down a little bit come back down to a reasonable.

I think what is it right now the markets up one point we'll talk about that later today and the last segment with David Fisher crude oil down $7.30. That's good. It's down to hundred and two dollars which the resulting gas price tends to lag. We'll see what happens. This is the story obviously so the national average for regular is $4.32. The national average for premium.

If you have one of those cars is almost 5 dollars a gallon, $4.97 and so people like people to dig or Stephen Colbert. They have a solution for you and it's going green today.

Here on the Steve Noble show the studio if you're on Facebook Liber YouTube live it's all green in the background and on the background television is a picture of a Tesla that a charging station so that's the answer. Ladies and gentlemen for all of you that are complaining about the cost of gasoline.

The solution for you and for the nation and quite frankly, for the future. The future of mankind is for you to get an EV electric vehicle so even though four dollars.

You know, and $0.36 a gallon is difficult. Apparently at an average cost of $56,000. That's going to be your solution spell 56 grand is the average price of an electric car these days. This year, 56 grand. That's the solution in order to alleviate your $4.32 a gallon you need to go out and buy $56,000 electric car so when they say stuff like that to you. Will you do it that you feel about that how you reacted that people are just well you guessing, you are hereby only vegan electric car that's the solution in Stephen Colbert the late-night hostess over liberal in his day, I gladly pay five dollars a gallon. I'll pay $15 a gallon to allegedly support Ukraine that's easy for Stephen Colbert to say because he's worth just shy of $100 million. So how do you feel when the liberal elites tell you that the answer to the high gas prices and problems with energy in your life and how much that cost you is to go green, i.e., by an electric vehicle. What you have to say about that or the whole push to go green anyway or the elimination of fossil fuels, and let's put up more solar power stations and let's get some big windmills out there forget the little birds were more important than the birds allegedly in the fact that you can't dispose of windmill blades once their toast.

That's a environmental hazard to talk about that so I think you feel the whole green push. That's my question for you today.

Would appreciate you calling it if you just want to call in and renting it off your chest, that's fine, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH seriously you're struggling with gas prices and the cost of living, they tell you the solution in your life is electric vehicle for an average cost of $56,000. How do you respond how to respond to the liberal push to green every aspect of your life. Not that it's wrong that we start to do electric cars. There's certainly a future there. You say the liberal elites that are telling you the solution for your gas woes is an electric vehicle. Bloomberg says electric vehicles will account for 70% of new vehicles by 2040.

That's globally that's a massive shift average price like I said, this year, 56 grand 59 models to choose from in the United States 46,000 public changing charging stations out there help give you some more details about that Tesla profits meander booming, 20, 21, $5.5 billion, up six times over 2020. So that's working out for them. Overall sales up 40% of Tesla and the over 200,000 mile lifespan, your gasoline car will cost you a total of $94,540 over total lifespan of 200,000 miles okay your gas guzzler purchase, maintenance and fuel you earth haters out there, that's 94,540 but if you love the earth and you and you want to save the existential threat to mankind and you get electric vehicle. Your cost over 200,000 mile lifespan of your electric vehicles only 90,000. So you saved for grand good job. So a little bit more there. But what your response when they tell you the solution for high gas prices is for you to buy an electric vehicle what your response to that you want to sound off on this one way or the other.

I would love to hear from you look like were having some problems with the phone lines because her lighting up and then people are disappearing or tromping off. That's because the phone system is apparently operated on fossil fuels as opposed electricity and of course you know the electrical will be electric charging stations really put one in your house or you just go to a public one.

Those are are powered by yes he every single call is justice. Those are powered by fossil fuels so there's that. Okay so more details about going green with your car since gas is apparently too expensive for you and your complaining about it. If you have a smaller car cost about $11.50 $23 per charge to get fully charged and get a bigger one, like a Tesla.

That summer between 22 1545 bucks per charge to get to the 300 miles out of okay versus your automobile. We're going to spend 60 bucks for 14 gallon tank at $4.32 a gallon and how much you can get out of your 14 gallon tank.

You're actually going to get for most of us in the city, the saints. 280 miles maybe 250 mile summer and there so it's not a whole lot cheaper to little cheaper but not a whole lot cheaper then how long does it take to charge and shout running around in your car. If you use a level I charge of. That's a really bad one get one of those in your house are pretty cheap to install.

That's 5 mph that you can recharge case that's gonna take a whole level to you get 13 to 25 miles recharged per hour so you can install it in your house for 300 $700.

That's an overnight charge reading at a level III which only takes 10 to 30 minutes for a full charge and get one of those bad boys in your house that's only 50 grand pusher $56,000 for the average card Europe 206 grand total one and the charge on quickly. No problems there.

866-34-TRUTH) this is the noble show going green today talking about the solution to the high gas prices for you if your complaining about that is to get electric vehicle average cost $56,000 over the course of 200,000 miles. The lifespan of a vehicle. The gas price concussion 94,000 94,500 by the vehicle maintenance plus fuel over 200,000 mile lifespan okay or electric vehicle, you can save about four granule, and about 90,001 60 these days because they're so stinking expensive yet people to judge in Stephen Colbert and a bunch of liberals are telling you if you don't like high gas prices. The solution is by an electric vehicle so what you say to that is my question for you today. What you say to that suggestion. That's the solution you need to go by an electric car like a Tesla or whatever 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Carmichael's coming from South Carolina Mike, thanks for: and I appreciate it, go right ahead. Dear Sir, I think one problem we have is we are expecting this whole climate change thing the whole climate change brings a lot back when I grew up in the 70s they said was global: yes, it was the ozone layer and it was global warming.

Now it climate change would range to lord it climate change so I don't I don't understand why would we need to call this that would allow you when you take care of what God gave us we don't need to bind this why climate change man-made climate change is not look at Al Gore he predicted.

By 2012, the entire East Coast impaneled Lord will be underwater. Everything climate people say going to happen never does. It's a great fear tactic and that's that's one of the things that were not supposed to do but look what you know this Michael because we just circle finally coming out of this two-year COBIT nightmare that it's really easy to scare the tar out of people and then they'll just follow whatever the dictate is from on high to reject God. You need somebody else to save you. So in this case it's the government that the government tells you the earth is warming and the and and Florida's gonna be underwater in another five years.

Unfortunately, Michael. There's way too many people that actually believe that they don't even question it.

They just believe it is well grounded in Christ shall be grounded. That's right exactly right Michael, thanks for calling and you're welcome. Have a great afternoon. Don't forget to charge her car overnight so you get to work tomorrow 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH if you want to talk about this push to the green new deal in general.

That's fine today talking about electric cars which I'm not anti-electric cars like talk about vaccines is not anti-electric cars you were and were developing that all the time. Why do we do that well because were made in the image of God and we innovate we come up with new ideas. We tried a better life on earth, which is why the quality of the air in the water and in America is better now than it was 10 years ago. 20 years ago 30s go in the 70s when it was global cooling announcement was global warming. That is, climate change and you gotta have a bogeyman you have to in order to control people. That's way cold.

It was so convenient I was. I started listening to the Sunday special podcast with Ben Shapiro he had Bill Marr on Bill Marr for me feel right, who's a kind of a more of a classic liberal meaning liberal political positions by the classic liberal is all about free speech and logic as well right so he was. He torqued a lot of people off the last two years when he's questioning a bunch of covert responses in things like be. He's really anti-woe culture Bill Marr's always AE's is bringing things to the table talking to Ben Shapiro really okay that he's just thinking right, he's just thinking, and they talked about you know that one point electric vehicles yet which still require fossil fuels to operate and so were all about technology that's cool. I'm all for technology, but at some point if if you get off of fossil fuels. That's 50 7500 years from now.

That's how long it'll take because you can buy all these electric vehicles all you want, but you're still going to use fossil fuels and then some of these snarky people on Facebook live are bringing up things like airplanes and trains in cargo ships. What about those like what kind of batteries are going to take to have an electric commercial airliner that can carry 300 people 7000 miles. That would require right now. Given technology that would require so much weight and batteries.

The thing wouldn't get off the ground, let alone roll to the end of the runway, but you can't think about that.

You need a bogeyman you need up, you need an enemy.

That's why on that Bill Marr conversation with Ben Shapiro.

I was listening to earlier today on the way to the studio, Bill Marr cited in the New York Times.

He cited a poll that show they asked a bunch of Democrats of the people that get cold.

This is less than a year ago of the people that get COBIT what percentage of them end up in the hospital and the poll result was 50%. So the average Democrat in this poll by the New York Times, which obviously is a very left-leaning organization, to say the least. The average Democrat thought that 50% of the people I got COBIT ended up in the hospital 50% when the actual number is about 1%.

So how can you be off by a factor of 50. Think about that for second, how can you be off by a factor of 50, 50% of the Republic of the Democrats polled thought most of them thought that 50% of COBIT positive people ended up in the hospital 50% and that's like Ebola level it was going to die. They make movies about this kind of stuff right science fiction movies but the reality is only one person the people to get COBIT ended up in the hospital. How can they be so wrong and could they pass.

Could we take that possibly apply that to the green new deal in the push for electric vehicles and get rid of fossil fuels could be the same thing that's behind 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when he thinks behind but broaden the question out here today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what you think is behind the push to the green new deal, the answer to high gas prices, electric vehicles driving the whole initiative about saving the earth babe. I've said this bunch recently that these folks believe this is an existential threat, just like Michael said on the call earlier that Al Gore was saying that Florida was supposed to be underwater by now and half of Manhattan should be underwater by now what's behind what's behind the push Alexander Acosta El Cortez in Titans right along. There, and now his climates are John Kerry's plan around their private big private jet with a family net worth of about $200 million. Isn't that amazing what what's behind.

Is it the same thing that was behind the crazy COBIT stuff not just here in America but around the world couldn't be the same thing that's behind something like I don't know the great reset maybe need to go study that go look at the great reset reset just google it world economic forum W EF great reset. That's all he needed to go check it out but put three what you say to the folks that are telling you the solution for your complaining about high gas prices is electric vehicle 866-34-TRUTH 78 840 guys are quiet today. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. What do you say to them, or in general to broaden the question what he thinks. Behind all this behind us.

This is a massive push is not going away anytime soon and it's going to affect you more and more every year more and more every year until your out here back to the Lord, or he comes down here and settles all accounts, whichever comes first. Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking about going green what your response. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 or 866-34-TRUTH rep who I was praising the Lord yesterday because I went to the gas station and through our Harris Teeter shopping points I got $0.40 off a gallon and filled up my wife's car, which unfortunately takes premium so that that was up is like, but $0.40 off man that made a big dent made a big difference because it brought it down a lot but the average national average for gasoline regular knots premium okay but just regulars $4.32 a gallon and for people like Pete Boody Jaden Steve Stephen Colbert, and a bunch other liberals. The answer for you whiners out there who are having a problem like in Stephen Colbert's case is willing to pay $15 a gallon for gas but suppose that's pretty affordable when you're worth just 500 million. I don't think he cares what the price of gas is he doesn't have to. But for you little peons out there EV man that's going to go union electric vehicle Tesla whatever but don't worry because the average price of your electric vehicle.

The shares only 56 grant so your solution die expenses with gasoline is to go get a car loan for $56,000 that'll take care of everything so just and plus remember your saving the earth and you'll keep Florida from being underwater by what July, so it's a good thing. Praise the Lord your good good person. Good follower of Christ and you love your neighbor as yourself.

So get on board with what you do at that that kind of thinking 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH or am I missing something here. Would love to hear from you.

Lakota calf is gone and from North Carolina, thanks for calling. Go ahead pretty good man, how are you doing look a lot of talk about the battery electric organ. I don't know how many people likely to vote about the monopoly on battery and are not likely cheap China because all the things that we have to use all the natural resources like lithium just to who has that. That's just what would it will rupture while were at it, and in people wondering why China was jumping in on Afghanistan right away because they have one of the biggest stashes of lithium in the world in Afghanistan about $1 trillion worth. But we can trust the Skynet so I don't know what your problem: we bought one group where yes you yeah it really is amazing and I appreciate your your laughter because part of this you just have to laugh at. However, they are serious will and and this isn't going well time soon. We left and cried without liquid Al Gore electric good boy yeah yeah Walter that we don't have those yet.

The kind of great points me and I appreciate your call and thanks for your encouragement to you to your welcome 866-34-TRUTH 87, 84, maybe just wanting something off your chest on this one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH and and so many of these would live. Mention this by the way, you can join us, right here in the studio were all the walls are green today. I just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook or YouTube.

I think were still in YouTube talked about covert and while loops I said COBIT so maybe we'll be off YouTube by tomorrow but somebody mentioned. What about airplanes. He just mentioned that. What about trains. What about ships you're not getting those cannot be electric anytime soon. There we literally do not have the technology to do that and Amelia move around the tonnage that they move around in order to feed people and move goods and services and by the way when the goods and services go up like inflation and that's why when they're looking at the cost of the green new deal which you AOC and all these crazy people are thinking we get there 10 years know you're bankrupt, the entire world certainly bankrupt America more than we are now, but you will bankrupt the entire world and guesses at the bottom of the pile who gets destroyed the most. When we start playing this game all that's writes the poor people who were supposed to be caring about. That's the Democrat party's recipient of their love and compassion and brilliance are poor people, but the poor people are the ones are going to get absolutely buried under this, but again these folks I believe don't care. It's an act they see it as an existential threat. It's about power and control they reject a biblical worldview and so you have to figure out another way to make yourself righteous and so how could you get any more righteous unless you save the entire globe man. That's the ultimate virtue signal and I think that's a big purpose behind them all for electric cars in developing that technology I think it's awesome it'll get better over time. But you can't flip the fossil fuel switch today and turn on the electric car switch tomorrow as were not there. Maybe one day or not there right now Nick is gone and from here, North Carolina Nick Cullinan about electric car stinks for column and go ahead on people plug-in hybrid work pretty good for me so that's hybrid so it's got that work help us understand Nick how hybrid works of plug-in hybrid like the volt yeah got a four cylinder backup engine charges the battery fully charged take me know 30 to 35 miles not have the range that the new electric vehicles have you entered through the battery depletes the entry and you put gas in it maybe should want their grief month once every couple months you know, fill it up with gas. Do you use it for mostly around town, commuting Nick short distances yeah yeah but I have driven it to Myrtle Beach and back in on with the right you switched over the engine. When did you get it and why did you get it while you and I bought a used several years ago to 2013 model go to your point.

You want that will go a really long way.

One charter yeah oh yeah yeah and make them financially but maybe you have five or six years. You want to be looking at the audit get better range is a huge issue because if you can't find like a Level 3 charging station on the drive to Chattanooga to go visit my sister something that's a 7 Hour Dr. and I can't make it there would have to stop in charge fully somewhere if I can't find a Level 3 charge. I get to go to a level II charging station will that's an overnight charge to get fully charged up so doesn't make any sense at that point then I'm spending money on up on meals and spending money on a hotel were not there yet, and I'm fine with us getting there to think that we can transition off of fossil fuels today and be all green. Tomorrow is ridiculous, but that doesn't really change the topic for certain people, good point for me might bring up conversation anybody for go straight to the you know are we saving the planet by doing as well, probably not trying to see yeah which I appreciate. Yeah that's a good point Nick think so much for Cullinan. I appreciate you sharing. I have a good day. Thanks you too and then the careful friends of different guys electric car. Do you really need to know slap in AOC sticker over their face and start yelling at him. I mean it. Relax everybody take the time to have a conversation actually learn something that's when Steve is gone from North Carolina, Steve you're on with the other Steve, go right ahead.

Steve okay are little bit now called will we have to put out there right at 12 oh got a have control of well government held that without you there safely paid nothing you know about out in the land is taken quite a beating in all the things that might very well that we launch them into space you you higher, Elon musk, and you launch them in space yeah yeah I have a little bit of an old man.

Round about a 40 foot ladder on weight in another truck. The big and now I'm going to grab whatever property it electric whatever they can say with more than a year inhabiting battery number one and then number the whole bunker wall landed between the middle of the country you got.

I have a friend apply the commercial get out ladder going out. Will that work on the battery to get off the runway that that we did make me smile.

I have to admit, without going on. I need a smile like that because it's your idiocy.

Steve is great to hear your voice buddy thanks for Cullinan good day. Thanks you too. God bless you and Anton John. This is the interesting thing is I'm fascinated by technology don't run away from it and I think, think, listen, if you're to replace fossil fuels.

If you start working on the technology and you figure it out so that you can actually get a plane to be electric and fly three and a people 7000 miles to be a trillion or until you know there's plenty of people are doing that fossil fuels are not unlimited. There is a limit at some point so I'm all for that. But in the meantime, you know, this is transitional. Okay, you can't just flip the switch which is what they're talking about is going is really company called better Place had a model re-swap your battery like a propane tank for a gas grill instead of charging your battery their battery swapping stations. Took about two minutes to drive through same time it takes to pump gas thought that's kinda cool. Yeah there you go Tom perfect example of human beings made in the image of God being creative.

Who can show deference to being a good steward of the environment while at the same time trying to make money while at the same time trying to save you money. You know why we do that because were made in the image of God is the creator and I most people at some level care about their neighbors.

They certainly care about themselves. So just more craziness of the world around us and we come back a good friend, David Fisher little money Monday update plenty to talk to Steve Noble to Steve Noble so great to be with you. Dow Jones industrial base in today is that gloss a little S&P lost a little crude oil that 102 five cents. Gold is down a little better.

This is an interesting environment that were in right now if you go look at the Dow Jones industrial and you want to go look at.

Year to date what you're going to see is you go all the way back to the beginning of the year let's see go all the way back to January 1 or so. In January 5 January 5 in the afternoon 36,861 right now 32,945. So for a pretty big drop over the course of the year's pretty wild ride is like going on and for us to build understand and be good stewards. That's why we turned our good friend David Fisher at La Marque M. Our it's his website. As always, try to understand what's going on around us. David, how are you my friend the program. As always, you're very welcome. Great to hear your voice in our money Monday updates which we do all the other Mondays in the month and the first Monday of the month like we did last week could fulfill it David but in our updates. We always start with the best possible place. We could start that's to go to the word of God.

Isaiah 43 so let's start there in verse one, but now work towards those who created you, old Draco who formed you over Israel not for I have redeemed you. I've summoned you by name in your mind so the Lord calls us by name, not only my name is Steve or David. Other names how he sees the list forgiven children over comers toward us in Christ the Lord has obviously created all of us in his image, and if she is with else.

Then he asked us to be redeemed by him following his commandments, but he also has great plans for us and sometimes what holds us back is we don't understand how he sees us and how he calls us by not just for name Stephen David, the names that I mentioned that we are forgiven we are over comers orders from Christ. Yet such a beautiful message and we all need that reminder specially when were going through tough times be the financial or physical or relational.

Whatever the case may be that one of the praise and worship songs we sing in church yesterday had a refrain that was a back-and-forth he is for you and we after God is for you if you're lost appear without crises for you because that's why he provided a way for you to be reconciled to him through his son, but once you're his child through his son, then he's for you for the rest of your life and every aspect of your life and so important and encouraging to remember that I love that how that ends at Isaiah 43, one you are mine. So you know this David as a father I learned as a father. Once you have kids if you have that blessing now that really gives you this whole another level of understanding. When you read the Scriptures and and there's not anything really within reason I wouldn't do for kids including lay down my life for them and and God takes that to the nth degree beyond what we can think or imagine in he's for us and were his and he wants to do literally move heaven and earth for our good and oftentimes we misunderstand what their best interest, but man is such a powerful thought regard of the Lord works towards our kids when you have children that aim and thank you so much for David for at least this often that so even talking about inflation a lot and I we just you know the numbers us. We just got a little worse last week so give us an update on inflation and what we might see in the future .9% came out of the previous month was 7.4%.

Food energy costs push prices to the highest point in 40 years we when you strip out food and energy costs hold the core inflation accelerated 6.4% from a year ago when you have those back in their gasoline, the gasoline index rose 6.6% in February.

Food index rose 1.4% rent index when a 4.1%. That's the highest since July 2007 and when is warning the Russian war in Ukraine could spike global food prices by as much as 22% coming up 18% of Americans only 18% say that their wages are keeping up with soaring inflation so Janet Yellen Treasury Secretary said she is expecting another year of uncomfortably high inflation, while the White House says moderate to the end of it at the end of this year was one inflation will be equally we we see the news about Ukraine and Russia, and the loss of innocent life over there and all those horrible things, but I think a lot of people miss the fact that Russia and in Ukraine are part of the world's breadbasket.

They supply so much wheat it's really amazing what's going on there. We can and we can see gas prices come down. But food prices skyrocketing, and that's going to hit especially lower income people as well, but would seems like most of their our leaders are missing supply corn and wheat countries around the war around the world. The fourth largest producers of corn and wheat will surrender higher food prices. Yeah, that really is especially had lower income people. We also talked to on the subject of the Fed about raising rates. We know that's common. I think Mrs. B this week wasn't Wednesday's wind mage more than likely her to Marie's quarter-point they might have been.

Half appointment with all the Goldman Sachs they just cut targets and stalks downgrading them also warning a recession, numbers of 35% because of a recession.

So the Federal Reserve is repricing in the market believes is going to be a quarter-point and the market is pricing in seven rate hikes over the next next 12 months and also the Fed appears to be closing in on the plan to roll off the balance sheet and UBS PaineWebber says the Fed wants this process to act fast because a lot of market uncertainty and turmoil and we should be getting used to that keep coming fast and furious. I will just leave the latest financial news with respect to Russia so obviously getting rid of the dollar in on Friday, Pres. Biden put out an executive order that the exportation, sale or supply of actual paper money US dollar-denominated banknotes to Russia. This is just another way of causing more sanctions financially. Everything that happened last week was former New York Fred Stafford Sultan polls are shockwaves across Wall Street when his latest research piece suggested that because of this war with Russia. The Chinese People's Bank. Shoot me the People's Bank of China and of the people you will see will soon emerge as the dominant central bank in the commodity back one delivers Goldbach currency other Santa Cruz central position of power through the dollar and challenge it as the world reserve currency.

Although this is coming through pushback what others are saying Morgan Stanley are saying. This strategy is to ensure China's playbook way to overcome this checklist so Morgan Stanley says quote by physical goal is within your homes jurisdiction about the interesting yeah that's really fascinating because I don't know that any of us. David can really understand what would happen if the US dollar are no longer the world's reserve currency became all the sudden the Chinese one big challenge of helping to Russia Wednesday. They might be defaulting on the on payments due from bond holders or social payment in US dollars. About the want to pay in ruble sure she were that happens is cheaper to pay in rubles for the rules close to 40%. Your sense of was 24 yeah that will be fascinating to see what happens there but relative to gold and silver so I look at the Dow Jones industrial for the year year to date. I see a lot of red when I look at gold and silver look a golden particular year to date. I see great bells down over 9% of the almost 4%.

Now stricter strive 18% goes up almost 9% silver is up 11.3%.

So we have some volatility in gold is been on the swing sure. Recently, just like all the market is aggressive, but there's news intelligence should buy the year-end goal, winter at $2500 and is one of the best assets for portfolio and Morgan Drucker sprout. She was holding. She said this markets in gold and its claims seven, and that is very likely that gold will double or even triple by five years time so people out there going on. Owners of a gold company for Jewish analysts diversify get some money in this market and I think she'll love prices a long-term bull market the listener. He said nothing to personally gain by telling people you might want to consider adding some gold and silver to your portfolio's counsel story on my part, but there's lots of different kinds of markets and models and we can help you understand them, see if that's something you want to do and choose what's best for you to do that and were here because it's all about education about education and we I think were all aware of the fact that financially the world is going in the wrong direction and when you have that kind of situation you need to balance out. You need to diversify what's on the other end of your teeter totter as I like to say David if people want to get an education that they need some help what they do for telephone call actually talking to somebody that we are suggesting we live people. That's awesome David. God bless you brother appreciate your help. I'm in will talk you soon. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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