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Power of the People

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 2, 2022 9:11 pm

Power of the People

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 2, 2022 9:11 pm

Power of the People

Chris Connell has Ashley Seshul, who is running for the NC House 34, on the show today to discuss the power of the people.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble Noble show listeners.

This is Chris, Steve's equally obnoxious and and I'm so excited to be on the show today and Steve is away so he asked me if I could step in and always a privilege to do this and gotten to known Steve Gosch back almost 15+ years ago working together and a Gregorian harvest Crusade and just became great friends and also part of the work that he's doing and the voice that he is and the fact that he just unashamed of the gospel. The truth of the gospel today were talking the Steve Noble show about power to the people and this is something is very near and dear to my heart were living in an age in time when, as a follower of Christ. Here in America I feel at times that things are out of control and that removing further and further from the biblical value and I had an opportunity just as last week to meet an individual that is our guest today and I'm really excited to have her here.

Her name is Ashley special and she is running for the NC House District 34 Ashley say hello to the Steve Noble show listeners good afternoon listeners. It is such a pleasure to be here today.

All right, so Ashley you this is your first time running for public office. Is that correct correct all right. And so we met one of you some summary with your team contacted our church office where work and and I said sure I be glad to meet in week you came and sat down in really, I think by the end you try to talk me into running for something so no thank you, Asher, nobody wants.

What this obnoxiousness in public office, but what Ashley you told me a really interesting story and I think that sometimes individuals who are followers of Christ and are just living their lives raising a family doing their career. Being involved in their church and they a lot of them think man politics is just not a place for me this is not something historical you been deeply involved in so could you tell Steve Noble show listeners how you got to this place, you and your husband you decided that you were to run for public office share. Well I wish I could tell you that I was a career politician in Holland it is a huge resume and this is how I got here that is totally opposite. It's about like you saying hey let's go climb Mount Everest next weekend team two and half years ago, that talent would have been just not something your mind at all. Absolutely not. But sometimes things in your life.

They call it sometime.

The lightbulb moment happens and that's what happened to me. Probably almost 2 years ago and manned 20 year career has not been in politics.

Now I'm a speech language pathologist by trade. Politics is not in my will you help me with my nasal tone voice.

Could you fix that absolute and after this have that some of them on the air with my pastor. He's got this deep and Agrippa southern drawl and it's really horrible to hear my voice against her. Yes, now may not be able to help you with your dialect not know what you're talking about. Born redness out of my am alright so your career is in somewhere else but a couple years ago there was some moment that occurred that brought you today you talk to folks about what your life is like and what was going on that point to the chiller sure. So back in May 2020 we live downtown Raleigh and when I say downtown. I mean main straight.

If you know about Raleigh Fayetteville Street right across from the courthouse and in mantle very hip area. That's right hand in May 2020. That's when the riots happened okay and our family was snack. Dad in the middle of the riots and so going through that to see you know if you saw on TV that CVS on fire where watching that happen outside were watching leading arson explosives in the street just the destruction every window knocked out you are you doing husband and as it was merit correct your daughter home. Yeah, this is not just the two of you, correct, correct, and so were living through this and can't believe it's happening you call 911 and no one can come help you you teargas is going on. Police are getting attacked and when I woke up the next morning 70 emotions are going to my hand so upset I'm distraught it's not it's not neighborhood go downstairs to the front door and there are hundreds of people out there trying to get graffiti and glass to go away and as I watched all that in my motions and I started to see our local politicians condone the behavior and it's just broken glass. We hear you, and I'm thinking well it's really not just broken glass that happens to be my front were usually I'm not. I know you're not worth the only ones in downtown are two years of experience in this where there other people that were either living in the same building or people you knew that were having similar emotions and feelings and experiences worse. Of course, I mean eat unless you live through it. You you have no idea mean when America and Raleigh North Carolina. Those things don't happen in know you guys can serve your own safety. Of course, of course, mean you know you have fires all around you call the police and nobody can get to you. The police are getting attacked and this went on, not just those two nights. This occurred for six more months you know we were boarded up like 1/3 world country businesses were lost.

And then we would have to once the glass finally got back up the board up again like a hurricane, and weekends would be my daughter having to come home early because the protesters are coming in the middle of the night to harass people to march in the streets to jump on cars and that's what got involved with the local leaders to to demand answers ever want to come on luckily prison I sent you be glad that wasn't my daughter whose car was attacked 16-year-old supposed to do with something that you know I love the downtown area on my group.

The control of the country to but this is a coffee addict. I thank God that in the ministry just allowed one drug, and that drugs caffeine and if they ever outlaw I'm out Ashley but you know I love Swiss coffee shop downtown under Sir Walter down the symbolism of my favorite areas. But when you return you must do story last week, I realized I don't remember making a conscious choice of not going downtown, but I realize I didn't go downtown for almost a year. So not only was a rights going on, but businesses couldn't even attract customers. After a while that is correct and in addition to the rioting we had Cove at lockdowns and said that was another blow to those small businesses community for the Steve Noble shows his crisp on the phone and power to the people talking to Ashley special who is running for NC house 34 you want to stay tuned as her story of how she got where she sat is worth the listen will be right back on your back.

Sorry, listening into our conversation, we were just having a great shot off the air. This is Chris qualify for Steve Noble, the Steve Noble show and it's not power to the people. As Josh yelled to me, it's power of the people were talking about is that right Josh right yet Josh is let me know that he says Steve's faithful engineer here and does a great job in my guest today is Ashley special she is running for NC house 34 which is for familiar with North Carolina.

All part of that art that is a part of wake County, which is where Raleigh the city of Raleigh is and this is her first time running for political office and at the beginning of the show attribute tells a story about living in downtown Raleigh.

There were the protests. I don't know if they're always related to the black lives matter or not, but approaches were going on.

You said something in it that the during the break that I thought was interesting and that was I asked you whether people who were protesting that season that were protesting in a well behaved manner they were destroying property, could you talk about that for a moment. Yes, one of the things I really loved about living downtown is peaceful protest. People would protest every weekend and to see our ability to have freedom of speech is one of the things I loved and so when the riots occurred. There was peaceful protest initially when the plan prior to present protest, but as they are ending. It was probably daylight when things went wrong was at night when it became dark.

And that's a totally different ballgame. Whether or not people listening are like fans of law enforcement.

You gotta have some compassion for law enforcement. Right now we have some friends in law enforcement, and ability. Losing sleep. People left either just getting out of it altogether. There is a rise in crime in our country. I think it's partly to that, but I have all the steps in front of me so you know husband because it was merit right you got a daughter as well. You living in downtown things are crazy glasses being broken out. You guys feel like you're probably huddling up every night trying to figure out how to keep yourself safe. You know you can't necessary belie a law enforcement, not because of not trying. But because of all the mess it's going on the absolutely things are trying to handle and suddenly I meet you last week right and you're like him running for NC house 34 so what happened between the chaos of protest downtown Raleigh to you know what I'm on the run for office. Well after that for the next several months.

In addition to the protest. My daughter is junior at the time and she wake County had virtual learning. There was no in person learning.

So we started to see a decline with her in her motivation and just her social interaction of being stuck at home in the tough age that happens extremist or extreme introvert. I have one son is like this is fantastic right.

This is the best thing ever happened to me know. People but I know I have some others in my family that's not the case.

That's right. And so when 2021 rolled around the beginning of the year I decided I can't fight the local level anymore. This is an issue I'm going to go to the state to start talking to legislators and so for the past year I've spent most weeks meeting with legislators from across the okay so you just got your car and drove down to the well I live downtown for a couple blocks away and a friend of mine at a mat. I told her I said I'm going to the Gen. assembly and a start talking to the people of the state because they're going to be the only thing that help the stop gap between the local and the federal level okay and that's what I did and then it was in the Senate and the house and anybody who would listen to me regarding an issue that I might have whether the education our children the mental health decline that were saying.

I would talk to whoever but at the end of the day wake County needs representation and I felt like we are not getting the representation that we need and at the end of this year there was something just still nagging at me and I think I went to my husband and I think God was saying please get off the sidelines. Stop complaining going there and saying frustrated if you don't get out there and try being a change in seven got off the sidelines and now I'm in the game of politics. My pastor says sometimes the church is like a professional football game. 50,000 people who desperately need exercise watching 22 people who desperately need rest right and I think that that's true in other parts of the world as well. Was there a sense as far Christ that this was not just a decision you are making to do the right thing, but also like did you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit.

Did you get prompted by the Lord to do this feel like something that you be okay if that was it. That was not the case but just curious if there was is a far Christ if you felt some type of leading in that way you know all along the way the entire year. We went through so many things. Whether it was at the school boards or the general assembly or board of commissioners or meeting people literally having sign-up sheets for people to get involved always opened the door I mean when you thought that you was a daunting task.

The next morning, something would happen and would kind of show you and he continues to do that to this day, so there wasn't one moment okay but all along he has just been saying hang and hang in there and I will keep showing you small steady sons for our guess was a double show today or is Justin or Josh whatever his name Sarge phage not deceived over show my power the people are guesses as to special running for NC house ready for in wake County.

Here, North Carolina. Kevin asked a couple really obvious questions. Sometimes we look at the way things are in the world and were so overwhelmed by the way things are moving away from biblical values away from Judeo-Christian ethics that it's like standing on the seashore, with waves pulling you to start getting overwhelmed. Were there moments that you just went, what difference will it make hot. How can I personally change this tide. You know what can Ashley sexual do that is going to turn this thing around. Well, of course, it seems overwhelming at times but you know if anyone knows me. There's sometimes if someone says that it can't be done.

That just motivates me even more. And so, yes, there were many times there were many tears there were many frustrations along the way but I knew that we were making a difference and you would be amazed when you go to the general assembly they work for.

We the people and they would listen to us and for them to push legislation or listen to our ideas.

That's what it's all about and that's that's the goal power of the people to be able to get involved and make that change. So okay so your your spent a year is that right just going downtown to elicit a building where you making appointments and were you sitting down the centers and end represents and what were you saying to you what we are asking will just start out to say what I hear in my district or around the state coming. I was reaching outside school boards in an groups across the state to try to understand what was going on with the education these past years, and they would listen and a lot of times they didn't even realize the magnitude of what was happening and to be able to give him that information to make informed decisions. You would be amazed that the impact you can have showing up.

Did you find what would come back when asked his question about legislators so our guest today on the Steve Noble show Ashley sexual money for NC house ready for for information, go to Ashley ASH Ellie wife Ashley for NC and you can find out more about her campaign and will be right back, talking about power to the people, or of the people will decide when we got back on this link to this show and this is Chris telephoning today for Steve today were talking power of the people and I have been really impressed less for years by being around some folks that are stepping in the politics and none of this is saying that we shouldn't also be praying that we shouldn't also be seeking God that we shouldn't also be investing our lives into the church world war that the answer to all of our problems as being involved in politics. However, you know, one of my favorite passages in the Bible goes back to the Old Testament when David was gathering in all of those around him that were supporting him and it says at one point that it says there was a group called the sons of Issachar and it said of them that they knew the times and what must be done for Israel. They understood what was happening and what had to be done. Our guest today is Ashley sexual she is running for NC house 34. You can go to Ashley for NC it's ASH Ellie wife Ashley for F4 NC and you can also email her Ashley and CF Ashley for NC Brooke quick running for office is in cheap right I know you husband a multibillionaire so you got all the money you need is a correct Ashley call Karen so you are not only having to run but you're also having to raise support and if folks want to help with that in any way do you Michael talking about how they can help.

Well, actually you can go on to my website and I'm glad you said that I really did not have an appreciation like I should have four people running for office that even the flyer that I handed to you or trying to get your name out there to mail it in mailers.

All of that cost money. I mean everybody now knows how much a stamp cost you and to put signs out and so have run a campaign. It is almost overwhelming and I think that's why a lot of people do not get involved. You do you mind me asking what the average cost is for someone running for an office like yours. Is there a number that they typically say you gotta reach in order to be able to be a real contender. Well, I think it depends on what district Jerry and let city or district or county or an wake County and Mecklenburg County.

I had to pick one of those correct. If you are the most expensive places to live right. I want to write say you have to have six figures minimum to run an effective effective campaign and you think that five dollars doesn't mean a lot.

But five dollars can reach a lot of people and I think it's really important that we really think about giving to candidates who are sacrificing their life. I mean it's knocking on doors and making phone calls. The entire year to try to reach voters to make change and get a voice for the people.

Your career was in speech pathology correct right you and your husband and your daughter living in downtown Raleigh. There are the black lives matter.

There are riots going on at night. This peaceful protest in the daytime violence at night. Are you living in downtown are things feel very out of control because it were out of control and you decide out of that I'm going to go get involved and I was first talking to legislators on just a few blocks away from the NC legislator building.

So I want to go on their tall people and you spent what you're doing that and and then at some point along the way. Ashley, something happened where you said okay I'm feeling led to do a little bit more than an and that's great if you were doing more than that, but going to talk to legislators.

I think I need to get involved more directly in politics what happened was the end of this year and we had worked hard on some legislation. The end of last year and last year you are working really hard on some legislation and in politics, usually at the end of the first year is when most of the legislation gets passed okay and then in this year there back on the trail campaign trail for and said there were some frustrations at the end of the year. I wanted some things to get accomplished. That may have not been successful.

And when you talk about signs from God.

I called someone and I said I want to learn more about running for an office, tell me more and so we met and it just happened to be on the day where you are filing for candidacy no clue just happened today that first day and I was like okay I'm I'm gonna take that as someone saying what possessed you to do it said those are the kind of moments that I've had along the way I would party running with what a Republican Party party and why for you that party. What values are tied to that that that means something to well I've always been registered as a Republican and conservative views for me are important to be honest, less government is what I prefer and you'll want to regulate government is not the answer problem that is the problem. That's it more the government gets involved, the more problems we have right what about sanctity of life safety of Maritime to do gender were used to weld it. Thank you for asking me such easy quest in prayer life have a special place for adoption and feel strongly about it. I think that we need to be educating people about the sanctity of life, especially our youth and the minority population.

We have to tackle some of these issues and not shy away from. Let me ask this when it comes to running for office is in order, representative you represent part of a county it's a population-based, I believe you guys told me off the air.

There's like 120 representatives in the north, legislator, and 50 senators and I both of those are guesser population base. As far as how much the they represent. Let's just talk to Steve Noble show listeners for a moment. Ashley told Ms. it's only want to run for office. Will he have to do you go minutes filing time.

Well, first thing, if you're running for big office and say get yourself a treasurer right and number two when it's time to file either the state board of elections and you sign up to run okay right and then you gotta go through primary right in the primaries are coming up with the primary primary is May 17 and early voting starts April 28 to May 14. So that means you can get.

You have plenty of time to go early to vote well on primary day in the election would be in November the same thing works for that.

It is pretty much you have a couple weeks for early voting and then the general election is November 8 we had a guest last week from my faith votes and it was embarrassing. The number of evangelicals that just don't vote. And one of the things that I would say is in I believe is one and three that do not vote somebody offscreen may have said that to me while we hear the radio to know that myself. But one thing is it is amazing to me is lately. There's a lot of focus on national politics and I get that and that is important but I think that sometimes people have forgotten that there's a massive impact at the local level and there are groups that have been working for a long time to get people of faith to run at the local level. I met a young man the same day you guys came by our office you you that's a that's Yankee for you all, but I see you guys know if you need a interpreter and all y'all when y'all came by the office and and he's running as a Democrat. He's running for city Council. We had good conversation and you know I told hey I'm a pro-life guy so you won't have my vote.

But we are great, every drink and I was thankfully standing up. He's gonna raise $100,000 and he's a college student try to run for city Council really impressed with this young man is one to make that that step forward you were stepping out there and you are saying hey I feel like I need to get the represent people right. How big of a fight.

Is it for you for this house seat. Is it a big fight is a little fight well that most people know is that if you follow at the federal level that cities are usually blue districts and their more Democratic than conservatives. So when you take the step to run in the city you know what happening and in Lake County as a conservative. Out of the 16 representatives between the house and the Senate. We have one conservative okay one representative who is trying to listen to the needs of conservatives. So yes I'm totally aware that it is a more difficult in the cities but I also think that we sometimes just shy away and we don't even get into the fire give us. We just give up. We get off the sofa or Facebook. We hope it's a losing strategy. Let's just focus on something else but we need to keep in mind of Virginia and what happened in Loudoun County and I sometimes Callaway County, Loudoun County to think might not know what happened. Well, a lot of things happen at the school board level and payment had just had enough as to what's going on and I think that parents do not underestimate the payments we get to school board meetings and it's it's been a challenging Mexican people's babies that the yeah that's right Hansen had enough and I think they saw what was being taught in the classrooms and and things of that nature and they said working to make change. So it's good to be a fight but I am in it to win so one sided that you put your your your foot in the race for you step into the cross that line the sale all represents the power of the people your today the Steve Noble show Chris, filling in with Ashley special for NCL 34 for more information about Ashley for NC we come back to talk a little bit more about how you get involved listeners in this process to speak your voice. You are listening, Noble show, phone, and proceed today power of the people that you just Josh is not for the people at the people power of the people in our gases.

Ashley special who is amazing she's running for NC House District 34 for information about her good Ashley for NC I believe that you are your goals to raise. I think this is not why you're here, I invited you here just like the listeners know that but your you're doing this on your own time and so you do have to raise support to make this happen. It is not cheap to run for office. And even at the at the state legislator level. Like I mentioned before the break of a young member of the city Council and his buddies got $1000 and you're looking for about $25,000. So even if some want to give five dollars, $10.

Most of the things that they could make an investment into your campaign for someone who's running a conservative value Judeo-Christian ethics they could do so that I do website is correct absolutely right.

While we were talking about him. A moment ago. So we asked all off the brake via Facebook on Steve Noble's Facebook page. Hey what about the unaffiliated voters voting in the primaries you talk that about him for that moment pardoning yeah for laser extremely important in North Carolina. They are going to outpace Tim Kratz and Republicans outpaced by like number example, 40% Democrats 40% Republicans and then you may have a certain percentage of unaffiliated and some are upset with their party wedding on the Republican side, you may be upset with certain issues that have gone on like you talked about maybe they think mother doesn't count the Democrats the same way if I want to be identified when it comes to elections. You can't win without the unaffiliated, and they can vote in primaries. They can they can decide, hey I want to vote Democrat primary. I think one of the Republican primary this year and for whatever reason, you can do it is a national trend that's growing. It is okay so you got you got a win that you're running for House District 34.

What does that represent what part of the wake County and is well actually where we are today is my districts that it's mostly North Hills. It's at the beltline United the inner and outer belt line and it said at Lake Forest Road 6 Forks Rd., Glenn would read they all run and in between all the way up to create more so and even down to Cameron Village into that area as well is being a North Carolina representative a full-time job.

It is not. I know well I'm really your base salary for the money. I believe that you might make $13,000. While it is a part-time job. Okay so so so so many can accuse you of them out so you're running because you're just trying to you know have a good pensioners that affect okay so most of the representatives have other careers correct right and then they're coming in for sessions and those kind of things in voting and those kind of things are you got the you have the primaries coming up say to the listeners again when that is the primaries began April 28 through May 14 that early voting and then primary day is May 17 okay and in the elections coming up November election will be November 8 and several weeks before that for early okay if if voters are followers of Christ. If there have Judeo-Christian ethics like man I really want to vote by biblical values. How do they find out you know what people's values are right and not just for your district or your particular see that you're running for, but across the state of North Carolina. Well, we talked for some time. There are groups out there that like my faint favorites don't put Christian things there other organizations out there and met a friend introduced me to some grapes and they really get about their involved more of getting people involved and a lot of that is through politics, making the change. One is open NC.US so it's open NC .us and they really were toward educating people about who's running in races. You can go on and say list of address again open O PEN NC .us and they been really constructed in getting people involved at all levels and encouraging them to run for political positions, but I encourage you to look at the people that are running look at their websites, email them and call them asked them where you stand on these issues and we have got to stop voting down ballot. Whether you Republican or Democrat. We've got a mean were all guilty. We get when there we don't know who it is, especially in some of these election that we dissipate. Maybe the name that you like and then you wonder why where in the state that were in cots and really be educated and if anything, the Christian congregation has got to get out there register. You can register.

You can either voter registration deadline if you're not registered is a pie believe April 22 hours at the register.

You can get NC State Board of Education. You can pick it up at a GMP website. I have some the car back if you need to do one how to register your car Ashley I don't know if we want people chasing you down and I'll get from you that alright so what about individuals or listening, that maybe they've had this inkling like I should get involved.

Yes I should vote, but I needed you more where they start. Well, you can always start a fair Republican with the GOP.

You can always that's probably the best place that you have to go to to get your name out there, but also these organizations like the open NC had talked about. They can help get you in the right direction.

You email me I can figure out a way to get you in the right direction so the email you can email that's exactly right. And you know, I encourage you to volunteer. Here's the one thing if you're listening and you're not in my district. The importance to realize is that my vote impacts the entire state. So whoever sitting in in in these big cities. If you get frustrated their vote is impacting your district and if you can donate to to help us out if you're sitting in a really red district. Since money our way to help us a little bit or come volunteer will have a good timing. This is the time to do that, you know there's a gentleman that won the North Carolina state Supreme Court for the Chief Justice role met him several times and he won that by was hundreds of votes and his new baby and I've been around just a bit. Think I may have actually had him on the show or trustee may have had in our church in you know he won by just hundreds of votes, and the Chief Justice decides what cases they're going to take and so his win was very, very significant and so I just think sometimes have to be honest I think evangelicals are just folks at Dickerson ethics.

I think were just a little lazy and I think that if you're as old as I am, you might be thinking of your country is having different values than it actually does. Right now, and the thing that motivates me more and this is the thing was, it is to build which is listeners asked her you're not doing this for you. You have a daughter that is going to grow up and go on to become an adult in this country. I have three chick kids and I have one in college right now and one graduate from high school.

People need to get involved with their children will absolutely and they need to get involved for our freedoms and look at some of things that have been taken away. Whether it's freedom of speech, even freedom of religion at times of are you an essential or nonessential business to really be taking the steps in this way because we could wake up in a communist type country like Russia or China if were not careful we have to fight for this we really have to to get out there and and fight for our freedoms. The topic today power of the people here.

The supernova show with Ashley. Social running for NC house ready for you to Ashley for NC you can also email or as well it should go to talk to you and communicate with you about how you can get involved if someone is voting and I know that this show goes across to North Carolina and other states. Why should someone vote for someone of who's going by biblical values versus owners well. The biblical values will first of all, we need a secure America and secure America makes everything safe and a lot of that has to do with our biblical values and following the wall and having a moral compass because if we have a moral compass in America and North Carolina work have chaos in the streets.

We do have case and we really have to almost look at legislation being passed. The most important thing is based on some of our moral beliefs. To be honest, because at the state level a lot is determined about pretty much everything in your life wheat we take it. I don't think we realize how important and important that the body is at the state think that I think that in many ways we can get in the church complaining a lot maybe not praying enough, maybe not getting involved I really appreciate you stepping saying I'm going to run I want to see biblical values want to see this not to be that is the house ready for it. Again, if you know more about her campaign to ask for NC one last, thank you so much for giving a voice to Lake County and the rent right you will another program powered by the Truth Network

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