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Free Speech?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 14, 2022 9:09 pm

Free Speech?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 14, 2022 9:09 pm

Free Speech?

Steve talks about free speech and how we are slowly, but surely, losing it. What will happen when people can’t have personal input? 

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now here's your host Steve Noble. I cancel culture out there, and a lack of speed turn and incursion on region incursion sound like Russia, Ukraine, that might be pop in the next 24 or a 48 hours. Welcome back. It is Steve Noble so I am Steve Noble good to be with you. Hope you had a good weekend. First and foremost I right off the bat. No, not happy Valentine's Day that's secondary very very happy 21st birthday.

I can't believe I'm saying that 21st birthday know not to me. You're so kind I appreciate you assuming it was my birthday 21st birthday to our number three child, the Clay Wentworth Noble 21.

How did that happen is just ridiculous how quickly these kids grow up so we have a 2624 sheep matron 24 and February 4 Clay turns 21 today and Caroline bring up the rear at the caboose on the train at 70 so how did we get here so quickly. I have no idea happy birthday Kyle everybody see you tonight steaks on the grill so I want to talk about in an otherwise you know everybody heart heart heart doing a little off the little heart symbol here in the studio there. That's all you get. Okay. Speaking of hearts want to want to be happy. Want to make this up to make you happy as the covert stand falls at the COBIT Empire Falls.

And remember that that line, we started using last week. Truth is treason. When you live in an empire of lies okay and we lived in an empire applies for a while now, but it's really cool get the video ready to go. Josh, this is not check it out this now I'm feeling as mask mandates and vaccine mandate start falling because it's all about political science is never been about science and so the political winds are changing so this was in Las Vegas and a little classroom. These are really little kids. I think there like I don't know secular grace and great their grade in the and the and then teacher has a big announcement form. So make sure this is big and loud Josh. Okay, check this out. Listen, listen, what's going on when the teacher makes this announcement right.

Let's play all night letting letter thereon and soon running around the scandalous right and so that the announcement starting tomorrow are no longer going to be lab rats were no longer going to be lab rats and tools in your perhaps your parents but not all your parents with some your parents certainly in the administration there. The school board school to school teachers union all those guys, you're just a little while your lab rat.

What else are you all that's right you're a convenient little tool for virtue signaling were trying to save the world. That's why we mask up our little kids to statistically have 0% chance of dying from COBIT and then when then let's get on the it's not a vaccine. Let's give them the shot and how they're all screaming right there screaming so happy I'm right there with them, man. I'm 1/3 third fourth grader second-grader first grader highschooler PhD or what ever but all of a sudden because that's what I mean were to be paying this bill for years what we done with our kids right so speaking of kids with mask mandates coming up. Do as I say not as I do rules for the not for me to watch the Super Bowl yesterday. I was really hoping the Bengals when I love I love an underdog story, but they did it was a great game.

You know that halftime show an old-school 90s rap stop on like okay whatever.

I recognize that song okay whatever move along and some of the most of the commercial right that work in a lame but then did you notice as you look around because LA California still under mass mandate right except rules for the but not for me. Social media erupted after seeing JC's Charlize parent is at the rawness there and the actress Lebron James, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck etc. etc. etc. enjoying themselves at the game without a mask while they were not eating or drinking violation. A clear violation. We have until California's indoor mass mandate that's in place until Playboy 15 that's tomorrow twitter users were quick to point out that children in California are forced to wear a mask at schools who are statistically zero. There are few here and there, and that's all tragic but we got 76 million people aged 24 down and .0001% of them have died from COBIT. That's a statistical 0K statistically insignificant, but they're still being forced to wear mask and eat outside in the rain. In some cases, quote here's the video of every celebrity without a master in the Super Bowl. But every can California will have to be wearing them tomorrow in school Clay Travis tweeted they must all be holding their breath the entire game right you do that you need run into this to the store these days about a mask on. You hold your breath signal.

In fact anybody. Travis was referring to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti who responded to criticism for being spotted without a mask at recent Rams game by assuring the public. He holds his breath when he removes his mask for photos while well if he held his breath for the game.

He'd be dead. Garcetti was spotted at the Super Bowl and also appear to not be wearing a mask while talking with friends, television personality, I'm say former Ellen to generous was also spotted without a mass despite hosting a show that requires guests to wear one. Rules for the not for me. Additionally, photo circulated online of children.

The Los Angeles youth orchestra being forced to wear mass while other adults were not purchasing California health officials announced last week that the indoor mass mandate would continue until February 15. However, children in schools will still be required to wear mass once the mandates lifted because of all the people in America they have the lowest chance dying from COBIT statistically insignificant chance. By the way, it's worse if there's a thunderstorm lightning car crash, pedestrian accident bike accident car accident.

They'll have a higher chance of dying from that than they do from COBIT so but don't hate listen in a sober minded moment you're not being very snarky, but don't let reality get in the way of your ideology. Okay, just don't do it. Don't let reality get in the way of your ideology or ideology in the way of reality. Sorry I said it backwards.

This is interesting. Speaking of COBIT I got a bunch of the stories life expectancy lowest in states with the highest prevalence of obesity. Nobody wants to talk about this, by the way, nobody wants to talk about obesity being overweight because such an enormous percentage of Americans are struggling with their weight which does tie into COBIT which ties into mortality and rates of mortality.

So we go to that story because nobody wants to hear that because were all about free speech today here on the show as we are with everyday life expectancy lowest in states with highest prevalence of obedient. How does that factor into COBIT. Odds are pretty good that you already know talk about that Russia, Ukraine, bunch of the stuff we come back right at this point, the rights of music will go back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble so great to be with you.

Go Bengals.

Yes I will I watch the hope I outsold the thing I have about what they'll Super Bowl you know the eye was the Bengals at one number one number two I thought the commercials are pretty lame this time. Number three you know whatever that halftime show number four do you do this, I always do this on the Super Bowl I we I just get a bunch of different appetizers stuff and that I just eat way too much. It's like gluttony bowl. That's what that's what turns it so I did that their grandson was over, so school we had fun and had a blast. So happy birthday to Clay today so speaking of appetizers low expect that next life expectancy lowest in states with highest prevalence of obesity because a lot of us struggle with this. Okay I'm not trying to be insensitive, but it's something we haven't talked we don't talk about this.

Much of the nation.

We don't talk about women talked about it much at all. In the last two years because it just doesn't work well when you want to bring an atom bomb to a knife fight.

You don't go looking for and I fight you cannot do that. So you if you want to take control of the entire economy and free speech and everything else, not just here in America but around the world and everybody's gotta be in danger. And you can start narrowing your focus. You can start saying people with comorbidities like obesity. People without heart conditions or asthma conditions. Whatever we know what the comorbidities are you can't you can't do that because then you can't sell as much stuff is not as much control you can't sell as much stuff okay that's no good. That's what we'll talk about it.

But here's some reality here. This is from life expectancy lowest in states of article I got this from the Federalist. Maybe since he was lowest in states with a high prevalence of obesity. According to new data from the CDC. Whenever you hear the seating senile deeds, put an asterisk next to it.

That's been another problem with trusting these people so the state with the lowest life expectancy. Mississippi is also home to the highest proportion of obese residents at nearly 40% of its population residence at an average lifespan of 74.4 years.

More than four years shy. The 2019 and national average of 70.8 years.

The low level of baseline health in the months preceding COBIT 19's outbreak. Prime the nation for severe outcomes from a virus with which individuals are three times likelier to be hospitalized up infected talk about people that struggled white as a primary comorbidity to COBIT 19 and seven out of the top 10 states with a high-risk viral mortality rate mortality rate from COBIT okay more than 35% of the population qualified as obese. Those states included Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan and Arkansas, Mississippi once again claim the top spot with 3867 deaths per million residents as of Thursday night, just as last week. So really a big deal and then you got this this really kinda twist the whole thing again.

We didn't want to talk about comorbidities.

Older people specifically or obesity. Specifically, because then instead of having this massive party where you can control everything. It limits your control. The people that were actually in the crosshairs of COBIT four mortality much smaller group of people and so you can't sell nearly as much stuff that you can't sell as many shots by late or not vaccines look at their technically, by definition affects so you got this whole thing and then kind that have you noticed this the last few years you've got. Because of this whole body seeming thing where you think this is again ideology trumps reality. So we know if you struggle with your weight that has serious health implications will know that that's that's not foreign information to anybody will know that to her back to this article. Contrary to efforts to combat poverty and drug overdoses. It's really sad. However, the underlying epidemic that is obesity continues to worsen amid a growing movement that favors complacency.

According to a study from the American psychological Association last year 42% of American adults reported undesired pandemic weight gain. Adding an average of 29 pounds. To some people joke called the COBIT 19 right but now this is work. It's just really this is just part of the degradation of mankind.

Cultural influencers continue to celebrate. Weight gain is that the long-term medical consequences were absent last year. Diabetes, of which obesity is often also often an underlying culprit eclipsed a six-figure death toll for the second consecutive year that celebrities glorify physically harmful lifestyles lives over examples like some Instagram influence or whatever that means. A primary ambassador for the pro-fat movement ring in the new year.

This celebratory post about her weight gain. So they sent a picture in this article she really large. She has no clothes on its side shots. They don't see anything, but she's really large and just, you know, it's a celebration. You go girl right because there is no shame anymore and anything and there were just detaching ourselves from reality so and generally the women's publication self magazine launched a project branding obesity as the future of fitness proof that messaging will only lead to lower lifespans and heightened severity of future pandemics in the long-term and reduced mobility in the short term millions by complacency and have you noticed that it's just like all son there's there's nothing you should shame anybody but just look at the health care ramifications of all this, but the nation in the world which is continues to cast off reality because reality also ultimately leads you to an narrative metanarrative over everything a truth we want true right we want true, but interestingly enough want to know something that does want truth that's pursuing truth more and more an unlikely subject. He blows me away almost every week now, Bill Marr I Bill Marr on HBO because he sent to the left and progressives in the New World order folks are just pushing so far to the extreme that people like Bill Marr who in many ways is it is a utilitarian and a libertarian and he's to say whatever he wants.

You got that position on HBO because it shows so big and he just want to come back from the break were to play this clip, when he was talking about Justin Trudeau and Bill Marr talk about Justin Trillin mask mandates and vaccine mandates is just speaking the truth it's it's amazing because more more people are waking up so when I come back with a break and want to talk about that going to hear from Bill Marr can hear for yourself in this and actually didn't have to edit this at all the put a bunch of bleeps in there because usually use a lot about language but he's just nailing it and usually at the left using the Hitler reference against the right, but in this case uses it against Trudeau, whose ultraleft, but more people are waking up and sought after that I want to get to this yesterday I was Levi's brand president, I quit so I could be free and this woman a Jennifer say turned down a $1 million severance which would've enclosed none to close disclosure agreement and then she shares her story because once she came out against masking of kids and stuff also and she's public enemy number one. One of the top people at Lee box. You know the the general brand genes. Levi's. It's a great article and I'm sure these things today specifically to encourage you to speak the truth, especially if you're a follower of Christ, you need to be a truth there know you speak the truth would love you gotta make sure you checking your motivation but you have to speak the truth and you have to be willing like our Savior was to pay the price for speaking the truth and right now, none of us have to worry about crucifixion, at least not in this country but you can get blasted you can get marginalize, you could lose your job.

But if we don't start speaking the truth for not willing to stand up. It just gets worse when he things can happen when the next pandemic rolls around.

As a result of gain of function research. Thank you puff out what he thinks it happened then they push The country right into it right into subjugation to come out harder and faster next time. Unless more more of us, like Canada, like Austria, like around the world. Here in America. More more of us to set say forget it and I can force me to do that you will be right back and amen.

Welcome back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble, shall he make sure and after the shows over and Facebook live because were on Facebook live. After the show we always pray together when the shows over on Facebook live. My friends on Facebook live's if you want to be a part of that just jump over the Steve Noble show on Facebook the Steve Noble show page and you can pray with us, work, or to pray specifically about what's going on with Russia and Ukraine because they're amassing more they're getting ready more mean it if it that they don't go in in the next 2448 hrs. As we one of the biggest headaches and history and so pray for that be praying for that whether you're doing it here on the show are not because it's very serious to be a lot of consequences as a result, the economic consequences price of oil all kinds of stuff for going people are to die. US is now shredding their stuff at our embassy in Kiev. I mean, this is serious and that they're doing that.

I think that's them telegraphing that yet we think is going on so wars and rumors of wars right that's part of the deal fell setting up nicely, which doesn't decrease the heartbreak and the need for prayer, so make sure you doing okay, Bill, Mark on HBO.

I'm gonna have to subscribe to HPL it will be streaming service number four, and 67 coming into the noble house. It would appear these days, like all working not to work on for the week and were working for streaming services but Bill Marr talking about Justin Trudeau up in Canada and all the things that Trudeau does label on all these anti-VAX people, many of which have been faxed and all the anti-mass people basically like Jews in 1939 Germany Bill Mars being intellectually honest about the stuff and come out swing and because got so many people on the left watching them. I love this is great.

So this is Bill Marr the other day on HBO show on HBO. Talk about Justin Trudeau. Let's head I will just thought it was kind of a cool guy. I started to read what he said this is a couple weeks ago he was remember this in September, but he was talking about people who are not vaccinated.

He said they don't believe in science.

The roof in misogynistic offer gracious note or not. Not right.

You said, but they take up space and with that we have to make a choice in terms of the leader is a country do we tolerate these people would like to tolerate you. Now you do sound like that. And recently he talked about them holding holding unacceptable views this all ties to hear the truth in sentencing and she would like for what I mean come on I mean that's I think would gets under people's skin. Right. So Bill Marr nailing it right there. It sounded like I think Nazi Germany ask these people.

These people have no place in society. They're dangerous there. There there a problem and so how do you deal with the problem get rid of the bomb and you see that with the ways handled the Canadian truckers and what's going on up there.

This is this condescending great reset globalist mentality. There's them, the elite is mostly corporatism at this point there's you and me. The plebeians little people.

The idiots right and if you want to have a good life.

What you really need is you don't need to own anything. You just need to be handled and helped and told what to do because the elites like the great reset.

I'm almost done with Glenn Beck's booklet on a dual show, and that again.

I talked about the great reset many times in the past and it is not some stupid conspiracy theory.

This is actually got boots on the ground there doing things is the movement that's happening all the world as including here in America and including with our part-time president Joe Biden so this is real stuff going on and you have to be paying attention to it in the gotta be willing to speak out okay. Be willing to pay a price like this person.

Jennifer say who was the brand president at the Levi's Levi's brand president, I quit so I could be free. I turned on $1 million severance in exchange for my voice and so for those of you that a struggle to keep her job because you didn't want to get the covert shot not to call it a vaccine because that would be a lie. Go look it up. Fact checkers go look it up. Webster's dictionary kind of care which dictionary you use a vaccine prevents you from getting something the shot doesn't prevent you from getting something I guess we sit there and should say what yeah but it does decrease the severity okay great, but it doesn't prevent you from committing covert therefore, truth be told, it's not a vaccine. By definition, so this is Jennifer say when I travel to Moscow in 1986 about 10 pairs a Levi's in my bag. I was a 17-year-old gymnast, the reigning national champion and I was going to the Soviet Union to complete the Goodwill games rumor that a rogue Olympics level competition orchestrated by CNN founder Ted Turner while the Soviet Union and the United States were boycotting each other so she was a pig jeans Levi's fan right huge if you told me back then that one day become the president of the brand. I never would've believed you if you told me that after achieving all after spending almost my entire career. One company that I would resign from and I think you were really crazy as well. Today I'm doing just that. Why, because after all these years. The company I love is lost sight of the values that made people everywhere, including those gymnast in the former Soviet Union want to wear Levi's in 2008 when I was a vice president of marketing, I published a memoir about my time as an elite gymnast that focus on the dark side of the sport. Specifically, the degradation of children. The gymnastics community went after her. But guess what Levi's they backed her up this change when COBIT hit early on in the pandemic.

I publicly questioned whether schools had to be shut down. This didn't seem at all controversial to me.

I felt and still do, that the draconian policies would cause the most harm to those least at risk and the burden would fall heaviest on disadvantaged kids in public schools who need the safety routine of school.

The most I wrote out beds appeared on local news shows attended meetings.

The mayor's office, organize rallies etc. etc. she was called a racist a strange excavation. Given that I two black children eugenicists and McEwen on conspiracy theorist in the summer 2020. I finally got the call quote you know when you speak you speak on behalf of the company, our head of corporate communications told me, urging me to pipe down. I responded my title is not in my twitter bio I'm speaking as a public school mom of four kids which would make her up to Mystic Terrace right, but the calls Coming from legal from HR from a board member and finally from my boss, the CEO of the company.

This is why she turned down the million dollars severance. By the way so she could write this article and speak out.

Tell the truth. I explained why I felt so strongly about the issue, citing data on the safety of schools and the harms caused by virtual learning why didn't try to multiply our items told repeatedly to think about what I was saying. Meantime colleagues posted nonstop about the need to oust Trump in the November election. I associate my support for Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary great sadness about the Riesling skid murders.

Ahmad Aubrey and George Floyd no one of company objected to any of that.

Then in October 2020 when it was clear public schools were not going to open the fall. I propose to the company leadership that we weigh in on the topic of school closures in our city. San Francisco well take a stand on political issues that impact our employees. We spoken out on gay rights, voting rights, gun safety and more response this time was different. We don't weigh in on hyper local issues like this.

I was told there's a lot of potential negatives. If we speak of strongly starting with the numerous execs who have kids in private schools in the city. I refuse to stop talking.

She writes I kept calling out hypocritical and unproven policies. I met with the mayor's office eventually uprooted my entire life in California and lived there for over 30 years and move my family to Denver so that my kindergartner could finally experience real school we are able to secure a spot for him in a dual language immersion Spanish English public school like the one he was supposed to be attending in San Francisco national media picked up on our story and I was just gone. Learning a show that's problem that appearance was the last straw. The comments from Levi's employee.

Please picked up, so there's blasting her all over the place. Meanwhile, the had a diversity, equity and inclusion that's gonna reverse that by the diversity, inclusion and equity die DIA at the company asked that I do an apology tour. I was told that the main complaint against me with that I was not a friend of the black community at Levi's. I was told to say that I am an imperfect ally. I refused the fact that I've been asked back in 2017 to be the executive sponsor of the black employee resource group by two black employees sin seem to matter in the fall of 2021 during a dinner at the CEO. I was told that I was on track to become the next CEO stock prices doubled under my leadership in revenue and return to pre-pandemic levels. The only thing standing in my ways, said was me. All I had to do was stop talking about the school thing everyday a dossier. My treats and all of my tweets and all my online interactions were sent to the CEO, but ahead of corporate communications.

This is like brownshirts stop. I said that at one meeting of the executive leadership team CEO made an offhand remark that I was acting like Donald Trump.

I felt embarrassed and turned my camera off to collect myself in the last month acetyl CEO told me that it was untenable for me to stay. I was offered $1 million severance package, but I knew I'd have to sign a nondisclosure agreement about why have been pushed out the money would be very nice but I just can't do it.

Sorry Levi's, I never set out to be a country, and she writes I like to fight. I live Levi's in the place in American heritage as a purveyor of sturdy pants for her working on none but the corporation doesn't believe in that.

Now I don't care about freedom. It's trap trying to please the mop unit. By the way friends and silencing any dissent within the organization and this is like so many other American companies held hostage by intolerant ideologues who do not believe in genuine inclusion or diversity boom she got. She figured it out in the end no one stood with me.

Not one person publicly said they agreed with me or even that they didn't agree with me but support my right to say what I believe. Anyway I like to think that many my now former colleagues know this is wrong, I like to think that they stayed silent because they fear losing their standing at work or incurring the wrath of the mop. I hope in time to acknowledge is much always wear my old 501's, but today I'm trading in my job at Levi's.

In return I get to keep my voice so the question for all of us is are you willing to keep your voice.

Are you willing to pay the price to speak the truth no matter what comes your way to stand firm as a follower of Jesus Christ. Your truth speaker you're on the side of truth. You deliver it with love and you gotta make sure that your intent is right and pleasing to the Lord you speak the truth no matter what because that's what Jesus did for us will be right back to back his show great to be with you get back on track Monday with our good friend David sure how many Monday update and just look at the markets today down 171 I click on that. I go back to five days and I am like good and I go back to one month and I'm like that's a lot of red and I go back six months and I go up and down and up and down and up and down down down down and so there's a lot of jitters in the markets is a lot of crazy stuff going on. It's very hard to track and follow all this stuff, which is why David joins us every week to help us understand these Gated issues and help us to be a better stewards. But before we get into the nuts and bolts will go as we do on our updates will go start with the word of God itself. This is a great chapter very convicting David when we get into first contains 13 things were gone. And how are you my friend happy Valentine happy Valentine's Day old. That's why you picked this okay my little cousin isn't always the brightest one on the street. My driveway doesn't quite make it to the street and I'm not always shape sharpest knife in the drawer start there.

That's awesome Doretta chapter 13 verse I get it I get it I get sentenced line got angry about not proud for obviously the most powerful force on dogs world is love, and the most powerful force on the world below, and shows patience. Crying this whole things with the Scriptures talk to on the full chapter of Corinthian's mother nor you going all those things. So I got to thinking goes that are like me and you were married. We sure love to our bride.

We if we if you hear my voice, you don't have a wife or husband in your life you are you sure the love of Christ in a copy way, you know, brotherly sisterly love, sure want to challenge us this day. Not just because of Valentine's Day, although it does really that God's love. That's what led me to show love in a practical way, and he was the dad of my best friend in high school and because of his influence, showing his love in the form of all I'm interested in what's happening in your life. I made a commitment to Christ and the Crusade one day and love those impact our lives. That's right. And that's the ultimate trump cards if you will, as does the Holter is the whole issue of love and then the Bible teaches us that it's the kindness of God that leads us to repentance and understanding our sin in the face of a holy God who dies for us anyway. You go okay you can't really define love and kindness more than that, and that's ultimately what draws you to the Lord is not for me.

It was never, I understood my sin. I understood how I understood condemnation understood judgment.

But what really attracted me to saying yes to God was his love for me in his kindness towards me. It's just mind-boggling in this world right now because there's so much dissension. It's really a great it's really great reminder of the number one thing that we can show the world in order to shown Christ but then be willing on the show today.

David, I was talking about being willing to speak the truth in and the gospel itself is offensive to many people because you're trying to get them to acknowledge that they have a need that they can't fill themselves, but if you love them you'll tell him the truth and the truth is that they need Jesus or that their due. And that's just great reminder.

Today's question Valentine's Day to go a little bit deeper than just a Hallmark card so we got.

As I mentioned a lot of market jitters last week and today, so we've got that we got the fad. We got inflation and now we've got the Russia Ukraine scenario which could pop in the next two days. I mean that's going to be an issue as well. So what's, causing this is their root cause is a kind of combination is this just a really bad casserole or what's going on so earlier.

Look back a day or week or month six months. There's a lot of motility months ago I been saying it will be about what you been trying to talk to me the same market in 2022 was in 20 2120 receiving a sheer red when you look at the duration of time for last five weeks causing it is the uncertainty of the Fed during inflation and so the CPI number came out red hot last Thursday was supposed to come in at 7.2% which is higher than 7%. Much of that would be higher became a 7.5% met because the market nocturne go up or go down very next day the Lord came out a release with us in Russia but Russia was favored into going to Ukraine order and this came from the US what he would choose title to the national security advisor sold okay, came out on Friday and he said that any day. Russia could invade Ukraine and the Dell dropped almost 21 & mastic almost dropped the 2.7% of the Dell computer is down 2% so gold shot up shoulders like him shortly and this is creating uncertainty so that's what because it goes to three things inflation doing something about inflation and this uncertainty about with Russia by going into Ukraine and the US responding to my buddy Bill is always paying attention to stuff and this is like a stealthy researcher for me. He just put that on Facebook like the present. Ukraine went live and said the invasion is expected on February 16 which is Wednesday so there's a lot going on, let's tackle the fed first so what's what's the Fed faint saying and doing in and what can impact that having having a private closed-door meeting today they normally this was a emergency meeting is what they called it done this before trying to determine how much were to raise rates and so you should be regular, quarter-point remarks of the ridge of the helpful points of the reason more than that of the last time they have a closed-door meeting was November 2015 and right after that the Fed started raising rates for the first time since 2006 so the Fed also. This market is not doing well in Morgan Stanley is saying markets going to pull back Goldman Sachs pullback as much to two 3600 points could possibly do that so more money is coming out of the market for cash going into equities with the money is going into equities is the filibuster not not the savvy investor and why she's the guy from CNBC is a contributor to saying is 50% of the money in cash right now just putting a lot of money all your money in this market because I think stocks are going pullback regardless of what Russia does, because the Fed is going to do something about inflation L is in the market does not like that so just be careful. Yes, that person should be next month.

I should be in March were three weeks away from it the way the last time something like this will walk with three last times with the tech crash of 2000 to 2000 to 2002 stocks lost 80% of the housing crash 2007 2009, with the stock market crash also stocks lost 60% in 2000 in the market of 20% was triggered by the Fed raising rates so will history that the market does not like rates being raised.

So just be careful. It looks like it's leaning towards the down side, and we broke the magic number of the 200 day moving averages all three indexes were down below that that's not a good thing. That's a good thing. So if Russia goes in this Wednesday like to Ukraine Pres. saying is listening to blinking on a live thing earlier today on my way to the studio. That's not sounding good. It also let's say they go in what hat what's what's the market. While I think the markets are going to go down, regardless what Russia but Russia is anti-start program hold.

I want to make your research Olympic gold. You know I don't minimize war and say you were not looking at the focus of human suffering and point them off like that's the key is not but financially speaking, it's not a good thing for stocks, wars, and make clear, I never said were going to work you should work in this you will call Russia in their financial financial ways. What you said when I can put troops on the ground lease.

That's what he said but he said we will definitely retaliate in that way. So that creates a shield speaking and which creates uncertainty which does all the campers talk so historically or is not a good environment for for for stock and if we does what you said to you.

I don't think analyst for saying this market will be a day or week or month. This can be long term you're going to deal with this on for a while. So how's gold and silver responding to all the jitters and what's going on as well as the potential for more almost $100 in the last two weeks shoulders percentagewise more than gold volumes of not just the markets are up with the volume of money going of the market is up so metals are good head on not just against the uncertainty award with the insured and how much will raise rates without the time to call in their buddies saying higher prices and metals. Looks like that something call you back on some people want to get that education they want to find out more, just a conversation I willing to do anything right now.

What should they do not pressure my company 575 got it okay buddy thanks so much and I we started talking again real soon and thanks for is always helping us understand this and I love you my brother, thank you so much.

We'll talk soon about talk you will buy so much going on will keep paying attention to God willing will be back tomorrow and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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