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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 11, 2022 10:40 pm

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 11, 2022 10:40 pm

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson 

Steve hosts Lt. Mark Robinson today and has a GREAT conversation about America, North Carolina, and the principles that make us a great nation.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following is a prerecorded program mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three but no sacred cow call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble everybody welcome back day Monday, February 7 from an unusual place up in her before but fortunately I got grace I we still have a friend in high places here at the governor's office work to the tenant governor's office downtown Raleigh. I would not Mr. Mark Robinson, Lieut. Gov. how you doing good beer I'm doing good good beer with and so the first time. Of course most of us encountered you and try to figure out who you were. That was what April 2018 when he became an Internet sensation as you were speaking in front of the Greensboro city Council was a gun show coming is at the deal. What happened yeah the gun shows, company town, I've been to the gun show once twice before. I was intimately aware what was going all the time being politically aware news going on well stuff to the mark for Allah David Hogg stalking what happened on a park when you know that tragedy down there with the criminal commit that act within the Greensboro city Council decided on purchasing and try to cancel the gun show because what this guy did down in Florida and maybe pretty mad and not decide to go down that meat and when I got there site safety things and the rest of they say is yes where you surprised by the viral nature of your comments because it blew up. The next thing you know you're on Fox News. It was just crazy. I was beyond completely honest with you when I left that meat and got home.

The way I tell the stories exactly what happened.

I left the meeting I came home my wife asked me. She said did you go to meet and I said yes he said what how to go.

I said fine. She said what you say and I said I don't know. I don't remember. I could not remember what I see I did not know I knew it was received well. The hall got a pretty good standard letter, but I didn't remember what I said and is certainly surprised me. The receptionist got so how do you go from that moment for you. Just being a good citizen, a concerned citizen show up, speak out, then you're running for the tenant governor, that's a pretty big leap.

Well, you know all our places we traversed. After that speech I have a lot of people coming to me and I kept hearing things that settle well with you people want me to. I kept hearing about building a brand and I Hear about every turn. Monday my videos got 100 million views.

If you monetize this you can make X amount of dollars bottle qualify not just you know I did not feel like that God had put me in a position that he put me all to get rich make money and to sell this thing is a product without think that's why I think I'm really in there because I like I say, God gives us our freedoms and he sees our freedom threatened puts people in places to help preserve those freedoms and I don't think what I did on April 3 is something I shouldn't packaging up trying to say. Yeah, I saw the way it was affecting people and inspiring people and I said you know we don't really inspire people to make change. They will put my where about this wonderful so what was that process like for you.

Let me know. It's one thing to look at it from the outside is quite another to be inside actually running travel to state and have to deal with the media humming that was all whole new aspect of living. I'm sure you'd never experienced before. Well, you know, before you stepped into it out already made up my mind I was frequently all you know the media.

The media has a certain amount of power in this nation in the state, but quite frankly I think it's time to some Mike stepped up and confront the median stepped up to them face-to-face, especially the mainstream media of the mainstream media has all sense of invincibility right now. They think that they can intimidate and push around people all push people in the silence and complicity and is one of things that I decided when I was the one fault that I was not going to do. Certainly don't want to cross the line with the media where do things we don't beat me shirt or seen as vicious but I'm certain I don't ever lay down to the media know I'm always stand up to the letter noted, you know, despite what they may say about me. I'm never going to change my opinions unless I feel it's necessary for me to change my opinions and continue to fight tooth and nail for what we believe is right in the election process were talking in the tenant governor Mark Robinson in the election process. Mark, how often would you hear from consultants and other people that they rely K you need to tone it down a little bit.

We are got quite a bit from people, people would send us messages on Facebook. Other a lot of people younger just being quite honest, a lot of people who would check my hand so you your great job and in muscle to walk away say he's a great guy.

You can win speaking away speech. You can't say those things and Expect when office bottom line is in this nation in the state. People are hungry for some ideas. Authentic authentic is not just a catchphrase is a natural thing you know please. These cookie-cutter politicians to get up and try to satisfy everybody and get nothing done. That's how we got this far down the road we got this far down the road because people stand up for what they believe it anymore. Don't stand up for the people that they represented what they do is a lot of just a note for two simple principles get rich, get reelected, and I guess form is not working anymore. People are tired of it will people were going to step into the arena to fight for the people they represent, and fight for those things they believe, and so we commit ourselves to do that when Ryan and we can still commit myself to do that now and I'm sure that as you travel the state mark in the election process that must've been something you heard back from the people you are me were talking in the same boat here were tired of the game that that's been played for years about talk about a tough life politician trying to figure out who they have to be at any given time based on who they're talking to just being yourself. That's right, but obviously we loved it because we elected you. That's right that's right and it's all you wanted things. Along with that was so one of their first questions I got very first offense and I went to somebody asked me about political judgment and how much political expense you look at a person and I said not last time I checked the Constitution political experience is not a requirement to run for office. In fact, we don't need people with political expense.

We need people citizenship experience. We need people with that that experience of having been that job for number of years and get net that that noticing the plants close is moving overseas. We people with the experience that have come down to the end of the week ended at two weeks to come down to the end of the month and have to make payroll.

At that time for employees are dependent on the paycheck. We need people who are who have had that experience of their small business government has come in and slam the door in her face and ended shut down their small businesses because Rick takes we folks with those types of experience come in and make sure that those types of things don't happen to be successful in the soft offices on the toilet like down here and back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show live from the Lieut. Gov.'s office down here in Raleigh, North Carolina with our esteemed Gov. Mark Robinson sitting here literally right in his office and the train set this the first. I think I've seen a train set in a leaders resident's hotels but that by way if you want to see Mark's office and hang out with us you go to Facebook like today and do that but tell about the train set them will get back to talk about politics are just a little set up for my all set up for all because they heard my grandson like strings and so they set this up here and I think I'm finally a spot in your set ups. When children come in, make yeah go to press a button and watch the that's pretty cool you grandsons how the four goalies he still like strange, but he's got moved on the train to his big thing right now is learning all the countries and capitals walking somewhere and concealed flag of the Philippine yeah that's pretty awesome for a four-year-old. That is, it is very good yet. I asked Matt right you have asked me his class and executes the word wrap up word starts with P and P patent talking. He writes his answer that's him that's hilarious. I wanted to go back to the first time you and I actually met face-to-face with this kind in the middle of initiating circumstance.

It was March 30. It was a Monday.

It was Greensboro. We were outside an abortion clinic. My friends at love life. Are there there for five pastors and some of the other guys from love life. The lockdowns had just started. Greensboro was particularly aggressive in their lockdowns her she could go to an abortion clinic he could go to the ABC story go to a strip joint, which can't go pray anywhere out in public and so we knew what was coming, so we were there that day I was on Facebook live in and watching the whole thing go down every couple Cars.

By the time it was over.

There were nine or 10 police cars there for seven Christian men who were praying and then down the sidewalk comes this imposing figure that ended up being you see, why did you walk up there that day obviously heard about what was going on and what you think of that word were watching your local police. There Greensboro arrest Christian men who are doing nothing more threatening than pray, what was your reaction. I came down because I heard about all the folks being down there and I had been before to several events that love you okay put all that abortion clinic and I got down there and I wanted to see if the city of Greensboro and the so-called builders of Greensboro would have the audacity to come down and have people arrested for being outside pre-when you have people packed into an abortion clinic like sardines. When you have people packed into Walmart and lows. Yeah, people pop Pat, just a block away in an ABC store buying alcohol but you would let people pray on the sidewalk and I said it once and I said before, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm a lifelong resident of Greensboro and I love the town of Greensboro love the city of Greensboro. Have a great history there. Greensboro has a great history, but our current crop of political leaders in Greensboro are sardonic and that's the only way I can describe when you would use the police department to strong-arm your political opponents and make no mistake about what they were doing church they were trying to in this because they were trying to worry about anyone safety.

They simply don't like the fact that these Christian folks were standing up against abortion and they were using those tactics just a spy."

Both voices and to browbeat and Isaac sorry situation for anyone to do. I myself don't like the concept of abortion nearby nose on pro-life but I would not take the advantage of a pandemic could take a cheap shot goes chosen to exercise what it boils down to be there right you get an abortion. And that's exactly what the city elders of Greensboro. When they put the police on me all these Christian folks were simply outside 6 feet apart falling all the rules. Pray for relief from abortion that say that that we would have a government at any level.

In this case, a city government, but we see what the federal government as well that would utilize the police force, which is there to keep the peace and try to protect citizens to utilize the police force. All of a sudden as a strong arm for some political force to try to shut down people like you and like me and like the folks at love life is a pretty shocking change. I think in general, it should be a wake-up call. Everybody it should be a wake-up call to you whether your full or guessable that when the government can you strong-arm tactics of that nature to shut down their political enemies you best. Take note because eventually you may come on their radar with something that you hold dear and dinner will be your turn to have the strong-arm tactics played on you all the reason why we have the rule of law in the state the reason why we have the rule of law in this nation is to keep those type of strong arm tactics from being committed, and when they are by the people that we trust in office is not only a danger to our society is saps actually something we cannot tolerate it is ever reason about those people out of office. I think it's that reason that they would misuse of their authority in that way.

Do you think that the average American is starting to wake up to that we seem to be like Bill Martin, HBO, all the sudden and in many places starting to sound like a conservative is pushing back in COBIT now is been pushing back on the cancel culture because it to your point mark.

A lot of people are sentencing themselves. The state can come after them to the left doesn't mean you're safe. Ultimately it's the state versus everybody but I think people are starting to wake up which are read on my readers this is that it is sad to say this but in the Democratic Party. The lunatic fringe is taken over there pushing lunatic policies that are making some of the greatest states in our nation failed New York California.

Those places are failing colossally yummy. You look at California places lately. It's falling apart and the start falling apart because the guy in office is a Democrat.

It's falling apart because his policies are horrible in New York is the same way that you look at a place like Florida you look at a place like Texas and you got guys there to the Republicans are running the place with conservative principles is far and also on all cylinders and people are clamoring to come to those places. That's what it boiled down to a boil down to the fact that one of our parties in this country has given way to a lunatic fringe really understands this.

They call Donald Trump part about lunatic way the country was running operating under the sky and look at the way is operating under the current president speaks volumes like I always say the proof is in the pudding, so I think that's what's doing it function waking up to the fact the lunatic fringe in this country is trying to take over and it does not happen.

Well that's an itching thing about Donald Trump and the people would complain about his mean tweets in his demeanor and set so forth so and so forth. But right now I think a lot of people are clamoring for his policies absolutely so that's the emotional reaction to somebody versus looking at the results of the policy.

Absolutely I say it all the time. You know, everybody's entitled to their opinions, including our elected officials when it comes down to brass tacks is not about semi's opinions about the policies is not about how they feel about issues about whether not to go to stand up and protect people's constitutional rights and stand up for air and stand up everybody in an presidential proved time and time again when it came down to brass tacks. He was there to make sure all boat rose in the economy that everybody had their rights and we can say about both folks. On the other side. Well that's the thing that I think it bears repeating and reminding people you care what happens to Democrats in North Carolina like citizens absolutely absolutely out what My sincere desire is this is it. The people who oppose me politically and say that my policies will not work. My sincere desire is that if I'm elected not to get our policies across the finish line. We get them to the Gen. assembly in a common education and they come into the account that they work is only working artist will report earnings as it does in my life that greatly were talking about the Steve Noble show live from the governor's office down here in Raleigh, North Carolina. The tenant governor Mark Robinson who were trying to get to come out of his shell. I don't know what the deal is marked one of these days you get a start really speaking your mind, are you having fun I am. I am in front all that note about yes or I am a really shy person. Nobody believes you have you ever been all you when was that what changed.

Not sure I think I'm becoming a commercial don't become like your parents become in my prayers go today, I found myself in a grocery store, staring it up but it was just nice not doing her job, yet now you are talking to the manager draw some kind a line that we are talking about. Talk about the rule on the Constitution. One of my big concerns marketing to talk about the school system in North Carolina because this is I think this is a watershed moment for people around the country. We saw in Virginia. I think were deftly get to see it here in North Carolina and you done a great job of leading people in this but when you look at the Constitution and civics in general. One of the reasons I teach. It is because most people are specifically completely ignorant and really across most age ranges, certainly in the younger ages, but most people middle-age people don't understand the Constitution how integral is it that that American citizens have to have a working knowledge of the Constitution in order for us to be able to preserve our way of life. Okay, so I put it like this and this put like this to people. I'll tell you how to put it to myself this is output to myself. All I looked at myself and us itself. All you don't like what your governments know you don't like how your governments run. But guess what this is government of the people by the people for the people get people to people is you. If you intend for the government to run whale.

You are the major component you are not just someone who goes and push the button to decide who you want to represent you. You are the person who was supposed be letting that person know what it is that you won't represent how you want representation happen in order to do that you have to be in full all you know we all love our freedoms in this country.

Nearby talks about their freedoms and their rights. But the major component. The one thing that makes freedom possible in any aspect of your life is responsibility if you're not rough financial responsibility will be financially free. If you are not morally responsible. You will be morally free. You have to you have to have responsibility in order to maintain your freedom and wonder responsibilities we have is to be informed all politically and informed. Specifically, we need to know how our government works and why they do what they do and we did not knowingly know what our rights are, but what the limitations of our government with the limitations of our government and how we can operating that to make sure that our representatives represent us and not special interests, and so we have a responsibility to be a politically active in this country and I think if we do that and have a great revival that will see things like change yellow you mean your father, Jesus Christ and the father Jesus Christ. And Paul himself knew his rights and at the right time.

He took advantage of it when and how we got got them up to Rome in the first place. But if we don't know what our rights are. We don't have any. That's right, in any don't know what's being taken from you, so we saw that all the summer 2020 year mention this before. It's one thing to protest but as soon as you break a window you're not a protester your criminal that's right, but then we just can advise Themselves on the back and it's got a lot of energy signaling and I care about the plight of the black man. I care about what happened at torchlight so I come out to a March break some stuff and now I'm a good person. I'm a good citizen and understand the difference between activism and lawlessness so 2020 was a real eye-opener.

And then of course with Tobit and everything and I think to going to the school subject. I think this is just a matter people not really understanding what's going on so you're easily duped. I think what that what you did with CRT here in the North going to school system, which is just with us in the sexualization of the curriculum. All that stuff. Most people aren't even aware that there absolutely absolutely or not I can you know when we were running for office. The one thing we one thing Randall was trying to bring it into indoctrination in our school and those not all of those who would opposes all finances will you say is indoctrination.

Where's your proof and so we got it office.

We decide to launch our task force of the fax test for fairness and accountability to classroom teachers and students for the purposes of gathering this information. Examples from all across the state from parents and teachers and students about this indoctrination.

We did that we got a great response, we disseminate that information be broken down by numbers by County to find out you know where the most egregious actions were examples and how that was taken place. We presented this to be Gen. assembly were presented to the news media and again were roundly dismissed and told that our numbers were somehow skewered and they weren't that many this is a Fox News driven issue. Are they still did not exist going on and didn't even through the trouble to resolve over the issue of the field comments when we showed folks exactly what was going on.

We still have people who either did night is going all or like the governor and the Atty. Gen. remained silent on the issue, which is something I still don't understand. How can you see triple X-rated pornography pornography being being available in public school, descendents of minors disseminate the minor children and be the governor of the state and the Atty. Gen. of the state and be silent on that issue is is is incomprehensible also were were working with the team move forward on that because we feel like it's important to keep our children safe and make sure to have a proper education so yeah, that's the same thing with critical race theory when you are teaching all the little white kids that their oppressors are teaching. Conversely, your teaching all the little colored kids, whether they're African-American or Hispanic or whatever you think got no hope this is not only immoral, it's evil absolute absolute you know you look at the folks who scream racism the loudest. It turns out, the medium of the most racist among the seated time and time again you know any concept to sit down in the classroom and divide children by race and tell them that one group was an oppressor and the other is all oppressed. That is not the story of this country when you go back and you look at the story of slavery in this country, slavery was a shared struggle between those who believe in it and those who did not in there with those who believed in it of every color and there were those who believe all guest to have every culture and good people of every color of every religion. They all came together to fight against that institution and crushed underfoot for all time and that's what we need to be teaching our children that yes, bad things happen in this country. But when bad things happen to good people of all kinds, black, white, Christian, Jew, they all came together and fought against it and supplanted all time. That's the real victory in the store in this nation. And that's what we need to be teaching our children well and it's right there in the Constitution in order to form a more perfect union, which I often describe in our Christian language S&S the sanctification of the nation. So to get better and better. Better because our founding fathers understood will never be perfect at a pretty good biblical worldview will never be perfect, that we should certainly strive for.

That's right. So even though we came when we come out of that we do the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. We by the way consequently give African-Americans freed slaves the right to vote before we gave women the right of the silver making progress right but nobody really wants to acknowledge that what he thinks.

There's so many people marker talking to Litton governor Mark Robinson that hate America. I think the reason lies because we no longer teaching people about the glory story, the things that we just talked about were not teaching children about what it took all we got teaching children about the fact that slavery was never a civil issue this nation that from its inception, that there were men and women who spoke up against the evils of slavery.

We don't teach our children about the great cataclysm of our Civil War, our greatest war in this nation was not World War I or World War II or Vietnam or Korea are greatest in this nation was our sales over the issue of slavery Is one of the pivotal issues and people tried to not all the time to say it was one of the pivotal issues of that rule was the issue of slavery and we fully tell the truth the mail over that issue and there were people in this nation. Millions of people in this nation who willingly give their lives for the calls of Internet institution. We don't teach our children that any and because we don't teach our children not anymore then now starting to turn against us. You know these concept will give just one concept. Folks always bring the two thirds compromise. Yeah, I offer my and they talk about how they feel the Constitution doesn't even recognize the black people as whole people they don't even understand the concept that the reason why the 3/5 compromise was put in place with the limit the powers of slaveholders because they want to count slaves as whole people, right of the purpose of the population representation but did not want to get both folks the right to vote and so that compromise limited their ability to be able to control market federal government is one saving grace is that we had had time to do that we don't teach our children and got to get to teach you about how the government and is the other celebrate theocracy getting things done. Effectiveness you serve in the military think that you have a business background. What's that world like versus the world of politics. North Carolina state government bureaucracy. How hard is it to get anything done is extremely difficult to get things done with governments and that's one of most frustrating things that all that I found in doing this I come from a background where the last job that I had in the civilian world war one last on the world was in furniture manufacturer who operated some coldly manufactured in lean manufacturing is a way of completely streamlining everything that you do, you know, just from beginning. The end you cut out as much waste as possible and that it soaked wheels wonderful way to operate because you cut so much red tape and so much unnecessary movement so much unnecessary materials and it that's what you focus on, but it seems like in government. Find ways that what you're referring to is efficiency absolutely and that's a dirty word out on the government needs that that's one of the things it just drives me crazy. You know a look at this point where .8 point he is right there. We don't need to go all the way around him back just because we need to spend that money in the budget that's not what we need to do you know efficiency in government do something nice. I think we saw present from the law. Yes, remove a lot of red tape made things possible, including the vaccines are available now whether or not you want take all but you know that's the one thing he drives me crazy about government more than anything. How slowly all my goodness remarkably inefficient and it was designed to pay back the Constitution which we keep referencing the Constitution was designed to slow government down. So I tell my students okay if we design an engine and by definition, it's can be inefficient. Every time you add another part of the engine.

What happens does it become more efficient to stay the same as the become more inefficient and always 15-year-olds looking around each other. In summary, put their hand up and go more inefficient, like yes you can say that with humbleness because that's exactly what happens and that's only done not just the federal level, but at the state level in terms of COBIT and lockdowns in the schools and masking kids and everything. I don't know if you heard about this. Just last week the assistant superintendent of the wake County Public school system was saying that we should be masking, two and three-year-olds to prepare them for when their four and five-year-olds so that they'll be ready for that its conditioning what he reacted. Basically what I heard. With this list, let's get your kids ready to hear what state will not do what's right by science, not what's right by the principal about what we want. All you need to be severe pushback on that. Let me be clear in this. Your mission vaccines are not against the vexing amount for the vexing wellbores and elected officials making sure if you want. The vaccine is available to but I'm also for making sure if you will not permit did not. That's it. If you want monoclonal antibodies that's available to you on for your doctor and you see now discussing your healthcare independently without threat of being sanctioned, either by some medical board or some politician on medical freedom in this country under covert is at a perilous place right now we have doctors being who have saved lives. You thousands of lives be a threat because they refuse to hear to what some medical board says they need to adhere to await a dangerous place and we need to stop and where a very dangerous place with our children as well. Just saw a picture of Stacy Abramson in the classroom. Full children wear a mask.

She was not.

You could see her big pearly white smile. Absolutely I think on Facebook.

I think the quote that I put on the page was the thing that you can see most of that picture was not Stacy Abrams face but her elitist because there again. She's Tony's parents. You must master children, you must mask yourself with me as an elite I don't have to touch it. We gotta stand up against that in here, not a lot of what I sincerely wanted to forward figure out a way that we can make sure we got ourselves from this ever happened to businesses or schools where people are surprised at all. I keep using that word out to either one of us could surprise anything the political round really shocked at all. What was your reaction to see Natalie Gov. Cooper by Mandy: control the state the way they happen it comes to covert it's want it. We should all be concerned.

This is as follows Christ love your neighbor as yourself and concerned about my neighbor but I don't control my neighbor right from a political perspective, government, governmental perspective, if you want to get it's available if you don't want, when I can force you to do it but cook Cohen and Cooper together, just, I mean just ran roughshod over everything in the state, and it turned into a police state in terms of cove.

I think absolutely what's the difference between politicians want to serve politicians who want to be totalitarian willing to difference between serving and ruling and I think the way the governors handle the state.

We thought would shut down of the churches total violation of constitutional law, we thought would be shut down to small businesses.

He had an agenda to push for his focus on his side of the and he just did not eat disregarded North Carolinians altogether. He disregarded the rights he disregarded their ability to be able to make decisions for their own health. The children's healthcare and he moved forward with his agenda because he is like those elites.

He thinks he knows what's best for you. I wanted that I revisit is mentioning earlier that this nation so shot through with racism as people think wise and African-American sitting at the Lieut. Gov.'s desk but but what message can you check something Obama really miss this opportunity in order to speak life and opportunity and hope into the African-American community, especially younger ones. Is that something that is on your radar screen and into tell them forget what CRTs telling you that there is help me look at you story is absolutely what I would tell young people is this stop looking at folks, one divided by race and start looking at the history tells us that every at every turn in this nation.

As I said before when struggles came whether it was all revolution, whether it was our Civil War, whether it was World War II.

We were attacked by the Japanese good people of all colors, all religions came together to fight and one at every turn, and we didn't do it as white people or black people or Christian people as Jewish people we did it as Americans together. Do we still have problems, yes, but we don't need to tackle those those problems cloistered often our own little corners based on our color or sexual orientation, or religion. We need to come to the table will be people of all stripes to come to the table together and realize were Americans.

All the same ship sailing in the same direction we need to make sure it will fight for those things come together is good people to do that same way we did in the past. Nothing we start telling young people that we just get some things done in this country. Yeah, people need to understand why talk about foreign wars other than the Civil War Lincoln station test patina protecting the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic absolutely got a lot of domestic enemies now in receipt of the school system. I was hard. I was really encouraged by what happened in Virginia. Yes, I think you can mess with the average citizen but you can't mess with moms for long.

That's right that's right you look back through history when they mate with women got mad that the when the women got fed up. That was it is time to make a change in end of women in this nation and across the world have always been leaders in history.

This is not something had to start with Hillary Clinton women have been shaken up, the worlds of the world was created. We saw that big time in Virginia with the movement of many what they call no school moms assignor my parents want to call those folks all those ladies got out and said you not to do this to our children. Some of them shook their cousins as they come on, you're going with me.

They went on in a changed world. In Virginia, and we can do that. All across the state.

That should be shown up to. That's right, and they are in the record number. I don't know what I just said is a slip of the tongue are prophetically did you hear me refer to you as governor. Yes we do it that because it really talking about will all that's what the governor refers to #that's on talk governors the title of Lieut. Gov. but you know were not were not really not really worried about that right now we are doing is removing full with the things we still have to do is the tenant government were still off like Rocky is on the education front were still trying to make some moves to help businesses in the state continued to expand economic opportunity for everybody. We still fight for farmers and agriculture gives a number of things we still have to do in this office and overfocus on that right yeah plenty of upland or play to you are not worrying about the future. I last question we had about two minutes left my senior speak publicly every time I've seen it online. Whatever the case may be, within the first 30 seconds you're always thinking your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ outcomes the J bomb and then it's time and time and time again, why do you do that wouldn't be here without anybody knows me and knows how I grew up the things that I face in my life. The obstacles that I face in my life ought to get from there to here would've only been possible in America and certainly will be impossible with God.

We give him thanks every chance we get. And I think that if Americans really take a look around and see how blessed they are. They see all the wonderful blessings we have in this country. I think you can help just fall down meetings and give a mentor that do you think that your boldness with your faith in that regard. I've seen it deliberating the people is a lie, let them Lieut. Gov. can say why can I say that's right that's right absolutely enough. That's what we want we want.

We want people to not be ashamed of your faith anymore because faith is what got us here within my likes are not the cold air return again at every turn. Our freedom is threatened. Safety was threatened. We always turn back to our faith.

We all always filled on our knees and pray towards God for wisdom and strength and we got it from them every time we can continue to get it from a man. Great point. Okay one minute left.

I just speak tell people all over the state mark in terms of our obligation this this year we got a huge election coming up in November just engaged like school moms us as Christians are supposed 11 neighbors are self just challenges one last time before we finish about our place in the story it it is just something. It's what it goals down to is this you just have to look at results and results matter, all the results of CERAMICS a phone form that knows the lowest cross site product and thank you so much for

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