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Cancel Culture

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February 4, 2022 8:08 pm

Cancel Culture

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 4, 2022 8:08 pm

Cancel Culture

Steve brings Matthew Winslow on the show today to discuss cancel culture and all the trouble it is causing all over the globe. 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cow call Steve no 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house that I can do about that back everybody was still clear from the chemical fire silverback live studio today great to be with you, my good friend my brother in Christ, I was you or my representative but he is a representative North Carolina House District 7. Mr. Matthew Winslow, welcome back.

Our book but you're welcome.

So we are talking about your bronco so this is what year is it before 1984 bronco so I asked questions on you every week and always ask random kind of get to know you questions for tenant so recently I asked a dream car and I had several students that said like in 1982, 83, 84, bronco. I said what you guys think of the new bronco and every one of them hated the new bronco's not the old bronco is not are you so you are implying the other minute. That's a elected official position.

I bronco I could see all of my brokers with 351 four drive axle to the clearing, power windows and doors 33 inch tires. I love the colors actually send it and do some bodywork and replanted so you it's a great metallic now all that's really cool. Just pretty tough red black interior help man yeah I think they do. I'll just go and trigger. They totally check to fight the new one that's like it's good for a 16-year-old girl the Broncos what you think about big engines right mufflers walking, moused up at the man's car I did it again. The new ones have more horsepower, but it didn't look at 2.3 V strikes and twin turbo's right side. Just as I have it sound like a Honda limit limit to the Best Buy store yet I get my bronco right. My brother goes at moms 84. So what is your brothers in the studio Rosie Santos tour he goes out about the 91 every Bauer series C all yeah that exceeds all that on older younger brother. If you guess what I was definitely older, but Mike Fisher grandfather is my brother sorry I'm the oldest of 6063 boys and three girls. So it's great to have Lee thanks for coming.

Not that he can defend himself quiet. We got a lot of things to talk about but one thing on it started and I had a friend on Facebook that reached out to me about this and she knows who she is. So thank you very much for that but this was another thing of a vaccine thing North Carolina panel rejects the petition so the state commission on public health which is composed of doctors in various fields of medicine. Yada yada yada met for hours. This is Wednesday I think Wednesday morning I would feature the signatures about to talk about a pop a it was basically a letter written to them that wanted to mandate the vaccination of everybody 17 and older in the school systems. Let's all of our seniors and all college students across all of North Carolina. Okay, so this was a letter featured a signatures of about 250 UNC system, faculty and staff, but also mostly got started last summer. Okay which matters by bunch of people at State so fortunately they shot that down was unanimous. They shot that down. I talk to you and her friend that Sen. Carl Ford about it is like okay you guys would have to backstop would be. This is the way it works right now, so let's say they did it. Praise the Lord. They didn't let's say they did it. What can you guys do in the legislature and then what would our esteemed governor do this is the dog chasing its tail story. This allows came from.

And here's where you knuckles was we have to be involved. Yet the store got out parents called yes sir to call the legislators they went out they they call the representatives listed were not okay with this and the and the pressure work stopped going. If they decided to continue the trend. When he states office makes a rule thank the Lord that the Republicans of two sessions go change the rubric process.

If you object it on Mike is kick butt legislature and we get an opportunity to you vote up or down to change the mix of the House and Senate goes the governor he still can be told so that the checks and balances maneuver that they pass a rule legislature gets to look at it. I which is something Washington DC should pay attention to. But then at this point it goes to Cooper and I don't know. Do you think Cooper will assign a mandate.

I mean he's done.

You don't have to worry about running again. He's out so I think he might've signed, but I would, it's crazy. The winds have changed just west nothing so well that also brings out the importance of this fall's election because what we really want. North Carolina is a vetoproof majority. Absolutely most whereafter it doesn't matter. Cooper got yeah so that's good. So where were think that we can truly representative of the people that want to look for the House and Senate were lit every two years you don't like vote amount right right just like that, just like just like Congress is like the house and Congress have leapt closer to the people we don't like you. We fire you, and we replaced, but what Matthew I'm have a good I'm having a good time right and not have a good time. I'm in a good tile work for the people so pleased you are awesome.

Great job and I would appreciate that in the course is for you your my endorsement of course have your welcome.

So one of the things you want to talk about today in Matthews and for the whole hour so you go through everything is going on, the whole cancel culture hasn't shown up in the legislature's life in North Carolina.

Do you feel that kind of pressure down there. Not as much. Not not as much as your standard hits the news every single day. I don't think is quite to that level yet.

It's at that point but you see it happen every single day and is the values that represent us last night we had an event in October so I'm trying to help you elected that believe in God, family and country Justice Department simply fall that is simple and so we were allowing the cancel culture to invade in that part of her lives and say like coming all he wants to do is ask the question, answer questions and have other people and have a different opinion. And what happens, but which are showing them right same thing everyday just like if you chortle school board meeting and say I don't believe that when you believe what you know you're the mesenteric right yeah well it's it's in the funny thing about it is they they say they believe in free speech and free speech disagrees with what they believe exactly and all of a sudden it's not free speech is only free speech that works for them, but this is it doesn't work for them in the cupboard thing is the classic example.

You brought up Barry Weiss will talk about her will talk about Joe Rogan's moral talk about. I want to read something from Barry Weiss's resignation letter. This is the resignation letter she sent into the New York Times and she was on the bill. Mark is increasingly becoming levelheaded. I'm starting to sound like a conservative in many ways, but this whole cancel culture, something that we have to deal with. Last week we were not new to like.

As I talked about told it again YouTube I don't answer leave me alone.

The rating will be passed this over Skype. Let's go back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble so greatly with you. Hope you have a good week. I great at my friend Matt Winslow back in the house. Speaking of the house and see how seven and what your campaign website so that people can support you, pray for you and especially if you live in your district vote for you very calm.

Matthew nice and simple not to be confused with your other website Winslow home stock yes is correct so I set us side question. The last two years running a custom home building company had to of been an interesting exercise on your faith because it's been crazy ever seen anything like the horse business owner. So how do you guys work through that.

You just buckle down block and tackle brother block and tackle just six. It is in this week we saw it coming. We try to repair this week that we started making changes. The company had some but no one knew how to just and it was overnight, is improving at all is bouncing on about that when it seemed as sharp changes in timelines and calls for the cost of how do you how do you know I've been around your business been out there several times and know several of the people that you work with how you can to maintain a good morale with these people because it's like a family.

Winslow how you do that through a tough time when the wonder of the head cheerleader Harper culture first to hire people a little harsh about that week.

This trainable recommended you for the culture and the hire people that you know frankly we want to be there and and they will be on other people. And when things get tough. We all do again and we make it happen one point work nights, weekends, and I went to make it happen and they're all in because you that's people you hire will in the culture so important that they care about each other.

We care about our trade partners and suppliers may also care about her customers and we are doing that you know it's easy for me to make decisions. Yet that's exactly right. What a great point. So I let's talk by Joe Rogan will start Joe Rogan to talk about. Weiss, Barry Weiss is a liberal. She used to be with the New York Times. She resigned not that long ago and she triggered everybody when she went on till Marshall and HBO recently said I'm done with Cove Ed and I got some things from that but cancel culture what's going on right now you mention the school board thing we saw that in Virginia at which also swung the election in which I think were to see that all over the country this fall as his parents are beginning to wake up to.

I might have a couple of good teachers here and there, but the problem is, individual teachers, for the most part the system and now you been labeled a domestic terrorist because you disagree with the progressive control of the school systems. All of the country Fleet seemly the way Kelly is school superintendent or their person in charge of healthcare exactly position on the Sophos and ushered to my page and pressure through patient a little thing on embracing what he said was is that the reason we haven't two and three-year-old have to wear a mask because we want them to be accustomed to it. So when three or four years, four years old five years old is not about how we get out of wearing masks about how do we make sure that they feel comfortable wearing in the next great hope all the six and seventh grade, I asked Matthew not to tell me this until half live in the air and I'm trying to figure out how long the delay is for radio that's that's disgusting. I would not normally throw away child throw the term child abuse out there.

This is mental, psychological, emotional, and this is all provable and educational child. They want to they want to write is the best cookware work condition.

The children so that they know in the future. This new way of life comply, not not even try to work through this from a final solution is on his record as a positive thing good about grandma face with the glare of page its record of her top look at what your response to that I think will happen is the lift continues to show their hand.

I think before. Now they thought that you know what will that work in the shadows over these things in the shadows and try to move things got so bold, it is like I can just say whatever I want because nothing's been saved because amusing cover right because they're not subject to the cancel culture. They control the culture. That's why you can have so many come out.

Who wants to be a successful swimmer and just decide some and identifies a woman so that I can swim against girls and be girls are pleased to call people like that cowards be going to pick a fight with a little girl your coward right so now we call them, pray in the cancel. Culture protects them and what we say things like, well, I just said then you can cancel Steve wire where the mom is where the mom what were they standing in the street stopping traffic like the truck driver drove north to multiple mother with a lung cancer. My mother, she would stop traffic. She flat the tires. You know she would do whatever it took to make sure her children taking care of him thinking the mothers of the want mother's things and then when you got people in this they should be coming out of the woodworks yet out the work.

What's that old saying about the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and those are moms and we saw that in Virginia I would need it so by the way if any of you are here in Lake County and a lot of you are you have kids in the public school system. Guess what, you should be doing work.

It's already almost 430 to David on Monday call the wake County school board to say hey this what I heard, go look at foxes all find a link from your page, Matthew, and I'll put up online and start calling people say do you really you really believe that were to sit here and take this unit is two and three-year-old who statistically are at zero.

They have a better chance of dying from a lightning strike from a car accident from a bike accident from a pedestrian accident actually in the soldiers and people from the flu better chance of dying from all that, but when it rains outside they still go to school when flu season hits they still go to school. Now we want to mask. That's just insidious. I don't know Matthew as a Christian that always people that think like that and are willing to say things like that to me. I know they're just puppets of the evil I don't think they see, but it's pretty obvious to me what's going on from a spiritual perspective that RMI just sound like a wacko target and I think the evil one Moses if he trousers silences to continue to work on.

He works he works small bits of the time you look the most received story, possibly one to place it must feel it's a growth. One of the things of enormous beaches is that we've always been told you about politics and religion at the dinner table was a lie low along with you. We should have the conversation over and over again. That's how you train up your children. So here's what we believe we will bring friends over to have a fine argument. You can still have so love and care for them and say hey here's what I believe this way because what you care for them care for your family care for was a come over this and the father of lies. So what's on their they're basing their power back to the word abuse. If you look into extent study domestic abuse is this thing called the power control wheel. We talk about a lot of joy forest from call to peace ministries and you see all the steps like 12 different actions that 92% of the time it's a man abusing a woman you see all these different things. That is exactly what the governments doing under the progressives and the liberals and Democrats and so there the enemies of truth. That's why Joe Rogan is willing to have somebody on the show that's going to. They all say follow the science the scientific method requires opposing opinions requires you work through all that stuff you have your hypothesis in the New Testament fails, you better come up with another, but now it's this is about scientific method some fun for you. If you look at the father's will after the 1960s and pop actually put in there was like how to dispose of use little is a big hologram. Poor gravel in there and the poor usable world talk and we change it all again. It will be in the ground so you can do it again over and over again this in the 60s will imagine your water supply today if that's how we treat all things someone says hey, maybe it's not the right way to handle this and that's the way it's supposed to work. Hey, you know, we support lobotomies up to the seven yes we used to sterilize people of the 70s if they were personal, it will be good question that right that's right we still eat foreign oil into the ground absolutely triggers some but let's talk about will set that aside talk about the cancel culture. More about Joe Rogan what's going on there. He recently hosted in December. The two biggest podcasts podcast history, almost 100 million download why we'll talk about that we come back. Matthew don't go anywhere.

Good timing back in Steve Noble. Here is my friend Matthew Winslow, who represents our current house seven as well as one homes what you hear coming up on the show pretty much every day so a great brother in Christ and a great friend a great sport of the show great pro-life leader. That's how we met. Originally, and just been a blessing in my life. Thank you for all the ways that you bless me and my family in this ministry so I Joe Rogan, so back in December. He has on Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone between the two of them. This is the McCall was earlier in December and he's pushing back against the culvert near the master narrative, the vaccine, which it should be called a vaccine because it is in a vaccine vaccine keeps you from getting the target. This one doesn't keep you from getting the target and keeps you from getting a really bad version of the target so listening McCall vaccines become the coach anyway.

McCullough staying almost 50 million downloads right almost 50 million or so.

It's the biggest podcast by far podcast history. Malone comes on 10 days later and surpasses the left because Joe Rogan has more people in one podcast episodes and CNN has all week. That's a biggie he's an enormous which is my spot if I paid him hundred million bucks. Couple years ago to go spot if I only so he comes on, and he just has long format, two, three, four hours and has conversations with people and they bring up of opinions that are different in this case medical incident and think they counter the mainstream merit narrative. A counter apology a counter CNN they counted all of that stuff is is that is that a threat. Matthew was in a public threat you represent public should be shut down people like Joe Rogan because he has conversations that counter the narrative of the government hopes will not work the way they are coaches on his the whole thing is to challenge the truth right hologram is just because the government so so doesn't mean that is to truth exactly what job is to challenge the truth the whole the whole system of government set up site just because you say it doesn't mean I have to believe right work just a First Amendment right exactly right. And we are protected so that you can petition the government for redress of grievances. You can, I can stand out from the White House this afternoon I could I could take a plane standout the White House call the present night states every name in the book as I stay on the right side of the fence. Say whatever I want to bottom and I'm a legal right to do. Imagine 1941 right and were sitting there and he'll his wife and the Jews that we went is fine because his truth is right. Truth right with what pillars there were reasons why because this is government is what is right where Mrs. will believe not. Which is wrong. How does it work at the legislature.

Don't you guys argue present your points try to win the argument. The whole thing is set up for an argument is merely intended to provide a different point of view at all times so that not one person even one party can just drop things for you. This is a mean unfortunately and fortunately the whole system suffer conflict so that you have to question whatever come with her because our founding fathers understood Madison said it himself.

If men were angels and have no need of government exactly because in there like hate met another mass and what I just read one of my classes this week. I said you know if you're going to set up a government you have to assume that all Internet are evil by finishing that you do evil things all the time will evil lurking inside of you all the time in your capable of mobile bubbles as your heart lies to use evil right.

That's where your heart and felt absolutely wicked. I so this is from this from an article by Rogan controversial podcast of 54 return despite a five week long absence and episodes on Friday this past Friday. Rogan said this when you're hearing it from people who are losing meaning the people attacking when he heard it from people who are losing the information attention-getting people like CNN when they're calling for other networks or shows to be censored or limited. It's like hate, just do a better job maybe people will watch you Rogan continued to spew. However in this article.

This is funny. However, Rogan continued to spew controversial content in his first show back. He stated that lockdowns don't stop the spread which now we have a report out of John Hopkins just came out the other day that shows that all the lock all the lockdowns nationwide. In America, reduce the mortality rate by .2% household and destroyed everything else. So Rogan's is willing to have that conversation. So then you have people like Willis, he hears the people that have left Amelia. I was like oh he still liked up apparently real younger we did a test with her daughter said you knew you who write it yet to be at least my age to you then, Joni Mitchell, who I think is actually older than Amelia was to see the beautiful Crosby stills and Nash CSN and I like you, who cares really cares and then in the Re: she's younger, who cares, and then Mary Trump workers, niece of Pres. Donald Trump and then someone else that Mary Trump breaking news Mary Trump is a podcast.

It's always people but a lot of other people, Bill Marr, several other people are not stepping up and defending Rogan because they believe in free speech Exactly your point Wally. Yes, this is a place and remember what he Was talking to the robot uses Ottawa survival will live for the movie up right. The robot knows better than the Windows is still no no I am the person that makes decision to go with the robot.

This address correctly. The best part about it is the people wake up and they start fighting back in a fight and I'm hoping that this point in our society. The site sizes you know what, which are sent back*the moms are to step in and they're the ones you start begging. This is because they're the ones who drive this thing this is what the rest of the CEO spot if I the other day, Daniel ack, EK they had a town hall course of them serves on them and so they had to town hall which didn't go well.

He said this, I know some of you feel disappointed or angry or even hurt by some of this content document Rogan and the fact that it remains on our platform might get over it told staffers in a 50 minute speech. There are many things that Joe Rogan says that I strongly disagree with and find very offensive. However, where money talks. He's the number one podcast are in the world by a wide margin. So if you guys like your paychecks, you might want to just get over it. If you want even a shot at achieving our bold ambitions. It will mean having content on spot. If I that many of us may not be proud to be associated with, but that's free speech to, but Will Have Another Podcast Disagrees with Joe Rogan Imagine That People Will Listen to the Can Imagine Your Radical You Know How You Got in Office. This Is Crazy.

You Brought Barry Weiss and Just Let You Bring up a Wife.

This Is a Lopez Cost Was 11 People Rights Researcher for the Truth Right Barry Weiss Hard Left Believe People Should Be Locked up If They Don't Get Vaccinated about Wearing the Mask and She's like You Should Go out to Eat. We Should Go through to Relive Your House Because You Should Never Leave Because Why That's What She Believed That One Day She Woke up, so Asking Questions Is This You Told Us That Can Vaccinated Would Not Spread. The Spread but We Found out Is Still Spreading.

Yes, You Told Who Wore Masks for Two Weeks or Two Months or Two Years. Whatever It Is That It Would Help.

What You Know, That Occurs like It. She Says What I'm Doing the Research Is an Editor for the New York Times. New York Times Number*Answers Questions and What Happens They Drive around Newcastle Questions to a Little Newspaper Beluga Person.

Now If You Listen to a Podcast. She Is in 100% Moved over She Still Believes What She Believed the Same Talk Uses Understand Why Mud Why Am I Driven out for Ask Questions. So What She Did Was Exact Same Thing to.

She Had Daughters on. There Were Different Opinions Have Answer Questions.

She Got Asked Very Same Question and Let the People Decide Exact When You Have Two Opposing Things. This Is Democracy. This Is the American Republic. This Is Constitutional in Its Scientific Method, so She Was on.

She Was on a Real Time With Bill Maher HBO Weiss Articulated What Many Americans Are Feeling a Searing Fatigue with the Seemingly Endless Coven Restrictions That Have Led to Alarming Mental Health Crisis. She Said Quote Remembered by the Younger Generation of Catastrophic Moral Crimes to Talk about Everything We've Done Last Year. I'm Done. She Said I'm Done with COBIT Sprayed the Pringles Can That I Bought at the Grocery Store Strip My Closeout Because I Thought COBIT Will Be on My Clothes. I Watch Tiger King I Got to the in the Spot If I We All Did. She Told Mark That We Were Told to Get the Vaccine to Get Back to Normal and We Haven't Gotten Back to Normal and It's Ridiculous at This Point. If You Believe the Science You Will Look at the Data We Did Not That We Did Not Have To Years Ago. You'll Find out the Clock Mass Actually Don't Do Anything You Realize You Can Show Your Vaccine Passport at a Restaurant Still Be Asymptomatic in Caring Omicron and You Will Realize Most Important Way That This Is Going to Be Remembered by the Younger Generation Is a Catastrophic Moral Crime. I Think That's the Right Phrase. This Latent Catastrophic Moral Crime.

Remember up There 40 outside 20 Results on American Kids Eat outside to Put Her Mast down Either by Best Buy: They Will Little Talk with Her Indoors in America and America and Now Are Getting the Numbers Suicide Anxiety, Depression, Obesity, Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Abuses, and Then As Well As Teachers across Country Going yet.

We've Lost Significant Ground Academically and Wake County Was to Train Your Kids to Make Almost Starting at Two and Three Years of Age. Yes, That Is to Get Them Going. Now so That We Can Do This to the Rest of Their Lives and Comply. This Sounds like the Olympics in China Right Now. They Drag Some Reporter from the Netherlands Out Of That I Think of Denmark or Something Out Of the Opening Game of the Opening Ceremony. This Closely Goes on TV I Implore the Olympics Committee and the Athletes Not to Speak out Water and Try to Belittle Oversized Second Report for Your I Gave Her the Last Time I Tested the Delay on Brief Okay so When I Come When We Come Back at the Ortega Matthew Winslow, North, House District 7 I Hear in the Raleigh Wake Forest Area to Talk about Because We're Talking about a Very Wise She Wrote for the near Times a Resignation Letter, but She Said Some Great Things in Here That We All Need to Hear and We Need to Keep Trumpeting These Things.

We Have To Keep Pushing Back Specially like Matthew Said You Moms out There but Start Lighting up the Wake County School Board on Monday Because They Want to Keep Your Second and Third Graders Are Little Kids and Will Show Here Is My Testatrix Seven Winslow Homes As Well. You like When We Know That Name.

That's Why. And so They Were Just Talking to a Bunch of Stuff and Cancel Culture and Things but Were Also Can Rip and in the Matthews Family and Talking about His Brother. They Can't Defend Themselves. Did You Want to Say Something Publicly about Your Youngest Brother with a Loving Nice Cover.

There We Would You like to Say Something about Your Younger Brother. No Thank You Sir Is a Great Job.

Heart Big Is a Bighearted Guy Is the Baby and so Answer My Question from before Baby, I Married a Baby so Were Both like Spoiled so Was He Spoiled As a Baby, so I Was the First Research 17 Years between Me and My Mother Okay so She's Is a Group Together. Great Story and I Had All the Rules Course Lee Broke All the Rules You Zagged in Heavy Rules so That's a Deal Is What Happens You What I Think and I See This Little Bit in Our House Immediacy and Yours Is Your Kids Get Older You Get Tired.

Don't Die, Don't Kill Somebody Yeah and If You Are Bleeding Directly Your Fine Much Money Anytime Than All the Other Siblings Are Going Ballistic. Okay, so Barry Weiss, Who Wrote for the New York Times. This Is Her Resignation Letter, Which of Course Is Beautifully Written and Fairly Long to Hear Some Things That I Pulled Out Of It.

So Let Me Share Some of This. Matthew Then Just React Still Wanted but the Lessons That Otto Followed the Election Talk about the Trunk by the Election Lessons about the Importance of Understanding Other Americans. The Necessity of Resisting Tribalism in the Center out Member She's over Liberal in the Centrality of the Free Exchange of Ideas to a Democratic Society, Which Is What You Are Talking about Have Not Been Learned. Instead, a New Consensus Has Emerged in the Press, but Perhaps Especially at This Paper Should Talk about the New York Times That Is Directed That Truth Isn't a Process of Collective Discovery but in Orthodoxy Already Known to an Enlightened Few Whose Job Is to Inform Everyone Else.

Communism, Thank You. That's What Started As It Sets Emperors. She and This Is What the Deal Is China and Either You'll Go along with It or What Is Locking Your House and You Can Die from the COBIT That We Created. OKC Goes on Twitter Is Not on the Masthead and There Are Times, but Twitter Has Become Its Ultimate Editor.

I Hear Some Things about Twitter until Everybody's 80% of the Content That Gets Traction on Twitter Is Generated by 5% of the People That Use Twitter.

Of the Five People 5% of People on Twitter That Create 80% of the Traction There about 90% Liberal Twitter Liberal Echo Chamber Cancer Should Talk about Twitter Has Become Its Ultimate Editor Talking with near Times As the Ethics in Moors of That Platform Had Become Those of the Paper. The Paper Itself Has Increasingly Become a Kind of Performance Space Stories Are Chosen and Told in a Way to Satisfy the Narrowest of Audiences. That's What I'm Just Referring to, Rather Than to Allow a Curious Public to Read about the World and Then Draw Their Own Conclusions Was That, Right. You Did for Information You Provided, the People Made a Decision. That's How It Works Right. And If You Want to Take an Opinion to Write That on the Op-Ed Exactly the Editorial Page. Other Than That, You Just Report Factionalism Bases Okay. She Goes on My Own Forays into Wrong Thank W Had Made Me the Subject of Constant Listen. This Constant Bullying by Colleagues Who Disagree with My Views. So Many Babies after They Have Called Me a Nazi and a Racist. I've Learned to Brush off Comments about How I'm Writing about the Jews Again. They Have Running This Pulse Was Called Her a Nazi.

And While There Being Nothing. The Best Part. Excellent. Several Colleagues Perceived to Be Friendly with Me Were Badgered by Coworkers My Work and My Character Openly Coming on a Companywide Slack Channel Where Miss Masthead Editors Regularly Way and There Some Coworkers Insist I Need to Be Rooted Out Of This Company and to Be to Be a Truly Inclusive One. She Is to Be Rooted out While Other Supposed Axing Moji's Next My Name. Still Other Times Employees Publicly Smear Me As a Liar and a Bigot on Twitter with No Fear That Harassing Me Will Be Met with Appropriate Action.

They Never Are. These Are Terms, There Are Terms for All of This.

She Said Unlawful Discrimination, Your Business Owner. We Understand This, I Own My Own Business for Years.

Hostile Work Environment and Constructive Discharge. I'm No Legal Expert but I Know That Is Wrong. Absolutely She's Got a Case There.

She Say Right Here Is This Barry Weiss Used To Be at the Part of Me Wishes I Could Say That My Experience Was Unique, but the Truth Is That Intellectual Curiosity, Which Is What You're Talking about, Let Alone Risk-Taking Is Now a Liability at the New York Times, Wyatt Something Challenging to Our Readers. Write Something Bold, Only to Go through the Numbing Process of Making It Ideologically Kosher When We Can Assure Ourselves of Job Security and Clicks by Publishing Our 4000 Op-Ed during the Donald Trump That Donald Trump Is a Unique Danger to the Country in the World and so Self-Censorship Is the Big Problem Here.

So Self-Censorship Is Become the Norm.

The People Just Stop Talking. This Happened to Dr. Malone Who Was on Rogan's He's like It's I Got Nothing to Gain and Everything to Lose, but He Was Courageous Enough to Go Right on the Talk and This Is Your Show but That's Her Podcast Fleet with Barry Weiss Right That's Her Podcast, Honestly with Barry Weiss.

PAR KB ARI to Be Self Censorship Isn't That Growing and That's a Huge Problem. Why Is That a Problem Where a Sense Ourselves Working to Bring to Just Be Sheepish and Afraid to Speak out Will Come from. I'm Hung up on the Nazism Unit Because That's How the Nazis Took over Right Base Use Fears Which You Would Not Speak out and Had Used Terminal Jews Got Nothing to Do but Turn Themselves in and Turn Each Other and Said Why Because of Fear. Fear, but Control. Guess What Fear Is Not Always Term a Virtue Virtue of God Know Given the Spirit of Fear Does Not. That's Why What Well-Trained When I'm Talking like He Is Unfriending Them up yet Right until a Site If Your Daughters off a Cliff.

Okay, Does Not Fear Right Does God Say Hate Well I Is You Take Care Of Your Body Including Self Is Not Part of It Right. But When You Have Fear to Make a Decision Is Not God Speaking to This Will Happen Is the Evil One Sneaking in Here Will Allow Him to Control Yeah That's Where Fear and This Is the Problem Here in the Body of Christ with Self-Censorship Which Look Very Weiss Was Talking about.

If We Shut down Conversation That Destroys Relationship and Then Everything Else Crumbles, Which Is What's Happening in This Culture Because Most People Don't Know How to Have a Conversation Because They're Afraid to Voice Opinion, That's Contrary to the Main Narratives in This Shut up. If You Do That As a Christian You Shut up about Everything, Including the Gospel. Remember Don't Know What Politics Freight or Religion Is a Table Why Because I Don't Offend Somebody You Know How to Fennel but You Can Still Level and If You Love People You Desire to Tone, Absolutely.

That Is Loving That Is LaPorta Global Sports Either.

If Your Congressman Right Exactly. So Here Here's That Which Is Time a Self-Censorship That You Shuts It down, Which Enables the Powerbrokers to Take More Control Exactly What They're Doing and I Don't I've Done Full Shows on the Recently Actually Force Her out and Where Do They Hire Somebody Else but Thanks like Them Right to Come Toe the Line Exactly Analogous Anything Different. That's Why Whether It's Matthew Winslow and His Business in His Home Representing North Carolina House District 7 Steve Noble on the Radio Facebook Social Media You Guys out There You Have To Continue to Speak the Truth and We Have To Be Careful of the Body of Christ Because We We Did a Good Job.

Satan Could Just Kick His Feet up and Watch It Happen. Dividing Ourselves Where Mass Vaccines All That Stuff COBIT Where We Did We Divide Easily over Because Were Buying into This Deal.

We Self Censor Will Have Conversations Anymore.

So Instead We Just Cancel Each Other What the Church Is Putting Churches up over the Stop and Work and Were Self-Centering and Just Cancel Each Other. I'm Going Another Church. Now There Are Times to Do That, Your Church If You Have a Pastor That Refuses to Speak the Truth or Flat out Tells Spiritual Lies Get Out Of That We Should Be Dividing over We Can Have a Conversation but I Think Were so Afraid to Speak out Now That We Just Leave Him.

I'm Am Hoping That I Feel like the Wizard Started Trying to Believe That People Are Starting to Wake up and Realize That the Law Has Been Told You Are Not the Truth and the Truth of Being Told to Us Is Not Right so That There Is Finally Hit Them Hard Enough That Are Sent Op-Ed Enough. Well, My Friend Didn't Use Her Name Earlier but It's Michelle. Also Your Full Name, but Michelle and Facebook to Let Me Know about What Was Going on at the Commission of Health and All That Stuff and She's Been Pushing Back. I Think She Said for over a Year and 1/2 Now and These Are Just Regular People.

Yes, That's Eventually It's Not about You. Matthew Is Not about Me about My Comfort. Something about Your Reelection. It's about the Truth and We Have To Be Willing to Die and That He'll Consider Jesus Certainly Did Absolutely He's Going to Tell the Truth and Telling the Truth and Exposing the Lies with the Powers That Be Is Why Eventually They Wanted to Hang the Guy in a Tree, Which They Did Because They Can Handle the Fact That He Was Truth Teller and Were Supposed to Do That, No Matter What.

Doesn't Matter Now. Like You Mentioned the Way Connie Will See If It's the Superintendent Will Look It up Steps to Disturb Personal Charge of Health to Help Your Letter to Who's Wanting to and What Was That Deal Again. They Wanted to Go Ahead and Keep Mask on How, What, However, the Kids Usual 23130 Kids so That Will Condition Them to Where Mass in Perpetuity Next Year and Extradition Spaces. Third, Three Years Old Ford Is Old in the Kindergarten and It Was Us on Fox News Is That We Are Really Good Postal Partners Was a Little Clip but We Shared Right. I Find That Will Get That off Your Page and I'll Share That around. How Can We Help You Here in Reelection Season. Pray for You and Pray for Your Family When You Pray for Your Business.

Winslow Homes with What Else Can We Do How Can We Help Steve Utley Him on a Mission, Mission of Appreciative Personnel to Personal a Little Bit like a Little about My Mission Is to Get People Fired up to Stand up and Say We Have Enough an Image of a Run for Office There to Help People Run for Office in Their Open Support in the Sounds in the Yard to Talk Less about Will Facebook You Cannot Just Look of Anger. Yes, I Agree with That. There like It Share Their Invite People Are Paid to Do All the Things That We Do in Private. You Tell Your Friends and Neighbors. We've Had Enough Lisa Elmer Run You up, the School Board River County Commissioner Counsel to Whatever It Is I Need to Step up Just a Little Time It's like When Somebody after They Came out a Constitutional Convention Seven. As Benjamin Franklin Do We Have a Government What's Going on Here You Have a Republic, If You Can Keep It Yes Absolutely You Have To Fight You Have To Work Blog Marketing Know Where Republic and so I Website Again. How Can People Get Involved. Matthew Was You Start Unplugging Where You Need to Go Nice and Easy Matthew God Bless Your Brother Thanks for the Elite.

Thanks, Rob Thinks Younger Brother Is out There This Is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble Show, God Willing, I'll Talk to You Guys Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever Forward Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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