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Cancel Culture

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February 4, 2022 8:08 pm

Cancel Culture

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 4, 2022 8:08 pm

Cancel Culture

Steve brings Matthew Winslow on the show today to discuss cancel culture and all the trouble it is causing all over the globe. 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. or check him out online at the And now, here's your host, Steve Noble.

There's nothing I can do about that. Hey, welcome back everybody. Winston Salem's still clear from the chemical fire, so we're back live in the studio today. Great to be with you, my good friend, my brother in Christ. I wish you were my representative, but he is a representative of North Carolina House District 7, Mr. Matthew Winslow. Welcome back, how are you? Hey Steve, doing well, bud. Thanks for having me.

You're welcome. So we were talking about your Bronco a minute ago. So this is, what year is it?

1984. A 1984 Bronco. So I ask questions, so you know, I teach high schoolers every week.

And I always ask just random kind of get to know you questions for attendance. So recently I asked a dream car, and I had several students that said like a 1982, 83, 84 Bronco. And I said, what do you guys think of the new Bronco?

And every one of them hated it. The new Bronco is not the old Bronco. No, it's not.

So you were implying the other minute that it's an elected official. You're not allowed to take a position on a Bronco? I can tell you, I love my Bronco.

It's a 351 four-wheel drive XLT, tilt steering, power windows and doors, you know, 33-inch tires. I love it. What color is it?

I actually sanded it and did some body work and repainted it, and it's a gray metallic now. Oh, that's really cool. Oh yeah. Pretty tough.

Yeah, red and black interior. Oh man. Yeah, so. Yeah, I think they, and I'll just go ahead and trigger people. They totally chickified the new one.

Well, that's like, it's good for a 16-year-old girl, but I don't know anybody else. Well, here's the Bronco's that you think about, big engines, mufflers, right, can climb over mountain stuff. That's a man's car. Well, what they did, they put- Oh, I did it again. The new ones have more horsepower, but they did it with like a 2.3 V6 and twin turbos, right?

So it just doesn't have that same- Sounds like a Honda. Yeah. But let me tell you the best part of the story. I get my Bronco, right? My brother goes out, mine's an 84. So what's he do? Is this your brother that's in the studio? Yeah, that's why I'm telling the story.

He goes out and buys a 91 Eddie Bauer series, leather seats. Oh yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Because he thinks he's all that. I know, yeah. Is he the older or younger brother? If you had to guess, what would you think? Oh, he's definitely older.

Thank you Steve. I mean, as soon as he walks in, I'm like, hey, is this your dad? Is this your grandfather? Is this an uncle? Who is this? Oh, it's my brother.

Oh, sorry. I'm the oldest of six. Oldest of six.

Three boys and three girls. So it's great to have Lee. Thanks for coming. Not that he can defend himself.

He's just going to sit in the other room and be quiet. We got a lot of things to talk about, but one thing I want to start it, and I had a friend on Facebook that reached out to me about this, and she knows who she is. So thank you very much for that. But this was another thing, a vaccine thing. North Carolina panel rejects the petition. So the State Commission on Public Health, which is composed of doctors from various fields of medicine, yada, yada, yada, met for hours. This is Wednesday, I think, Wednesday morning, which featured the signatures about to talk about a pop. It was basically a letter written to them that wanted to mandate the vaccination of everybody 17 and older in the school system. So that's all of our seniors and all college students across all of North Carolina. OK, so this was a letter featured signatures of about 250 UNC system faculty and staff, but also mostly got started last summer.

OK, which matters by a bunch of people at App State. So fortunately, they shot that down. It was unanimous. They shot that down. I had talked to you and our friend Senator Carl Ford about it and I was like, OK, you guys would have to a backstop would be this is the way it works right now. So let's say they did it. Right. Praise the Lord, they didn't. But let's say they did it. What can you guys do in the legislature?

And then what would our esteemed governor do? Because this is the dog chasing its tail story. It is not. I'll tell you this. A lot of this came from and here's where you know, where you have to be involved. Yeah. The story got out. Parents call.

Yes, sir. They called the legislators. They went out. They they called their representatives and they said, hey, we're not OK with this. And the and the pressure worked. And it stopped it from going.

Yeah. If they decided to continue the trend when a state office makes a rule. Thank the Lord that the Republicans, two sessions ago, changed the rulemaking process. If you object, it automatically gets kicked back to legislature and we get an opportunity to either vote it up or down or to change it. It makes it the House, the Senate and it goes the governor. He still can veto it. So that's a checks and balances maneuver that they just pass a rule that the legislature gets to look at it, which is something Washington, D.C. should pay attention to. But then at this point, it goes to Cooper.

And I don't know. Do you think Cooper would assign that a mandate? I mean, he's done. Yeah.

He doesn't have to worry about running again. He's out. So I think he might have signed it.

But I would I don't know. It's crazy that the winds have changed. OK, that's West. That's good. Yeah, I think so. Well, that also brings up the importance of this fall's election, because what we really want in North Carolina is a veto proof majority. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

That's what we're after, because then it doesn't matter what Cooper does. That's right. Yeah. So that's good.

So we're we're thinking that we can then we can be true representatives of people back. That's right. That's why North Carolina House and the Senate were elected every two years.

You don't like it. Vote them out. Right.

That's right. Just like the just like the just like Congress, just like the House and Congress. Keep that closer to the people. We don't like you. We fire you and we replace you.

By the way, we're going to keep Matthew. I'm having a good I'm having a good time. All right.

And not down there, just like having a good time. I'm in a good time working for the people. So please don't fire me. You're awesome. You've done a great job. And we appreciate that. And of course, we support you.

And you are my endorsement. You, of course, have it. That's just a big deal.

You're welcome. So one of the things you wanted to talk about today and Matthew's in for the whole hour. So we're going to go through everything that's going on with kind of the whole cancel culture. Has this shown up in the legislature's life in North Carolina?

Do you feel that kind of pressure down there? Not as much. Not not as much as you're seeing that hits the news every single day.

I don't think it's quite to that level yet or it's at that point. But you see it happening every single day. And it's the values that represent us. Last night we had an event and I told them, I said, I'm trying to help people get elected that believe in God, family and country. You know, that's that's the priority. Yeah, that's pretty simple. You follow that. Exactly what I said.

If it's simple, that's what we're going to do. And so when we we're allowing the cancel culture to invade in that part of our lives and say, like, you know, this Joe Rogan's a good example. I mean, all he wants to do is ask the question. I'm going to ask a question.

I'm going to have other people and have a different opinion. And what happens? They will try to shut him down. Right. And they do the same thing to you every day. Just like if you show up to a school board meeting and say, I don't believe the way you believe.

What do you know? You're a domestic terrorist, right? Yeah. Well, it's it's the funny thing about it is they they say they believe in free speech until the free speech disagrees with what they believe. Exactly. And then all of a sudden it's not free speech. It's only free speech if it works for them.

But as soon as it doesn't work for them and the COVID thing is the classic example you brought up. Barry Weiss, we'll talk about her. We'll talk about Joe Rogan some more. We'll talk about I want to read something from Barry Weiss's resignation letter. This is the resignation letter she sent into The New York Times.

And then she was on with Bill Maher, who's increasingly becoming level headed, almost starting to sound like a conservative in many ways. But this whole cancel culture is something that we have to deal with. Last week, we weren't on YouTube. Want to know why? Because I talked about COVID again.

Sorry, YouTube. I don't answer to you. Leave me alone.

We're still on the radio. We'll be right back with. I'll pass this over Skype. No problem.

I'm already on a list. Who cares? Welcome back. It's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. Great to be with you. Hope you're having a good week. Great to have my friend Matthew Winslow back in the house.

Speaking of the house, NC House 7. And what's your campaign website so that people can support you, pray for you, and especially if you live in your district, vote for you again. It's very complicated. Matthew Winslow dot com. Nice and simple.

Easy. Not to be confused with your other website, Yes, that's correct.

So a side question. The last two years running a custom home building company had to have been an interesting exercise on your faith because it's been crazy. Have you ever seen anything like this before as a business owner?

No, definitely not. So how do you guys work through that? You just buckle down. Block and tackle, brother. Block and tackle.

Just basics. It is. We saw it coming. We tried to prepare the best we could. We started making changes to the company ahead of time, but no one knew how deep it was going to get. Oh my goodness. And it was overnight. Is it improving at all? It's balancing out. How about that?

We're not seeing the sharp changes in timelines and cost and all that kind of stuff. How do you, because I've been around your business. I've been out there several times. I know several of the people that you work with. How do you kind of maintain a good morale with these people?

Because it's like a family at Winslow Homes. How do you do that through a tough time? My number one job is a head cheerleader. And I hire for culture first when I hire people. I'd much rather hire somebody that's trainable and bring them in and be a part of the culture. And I hire people that, frankly, they want to be there and they want to be around other people. And when things get tough, we all dig in and we make it happen.

At one point, we were at nights, weekends, whatever, to make it happen. And they're all in because that's the type of people you hire. That's why culture is so important. Yeah, they care about each other. They care about our trade partners and suppliers. And they also care about our customers. And when they're doing that, it's easy for them to make those decisions.

Yep, that's exactly right. What a great point. So, all right, let's talk about Joe Rogan. We'll start with Joe Rogan. We're going to talk about Barry Weiss. Barry Weiss is a liberal. She used to be with the New York Times. She resigned not that long ago. And she triggered everybody when she went on Bill Maher's show on HBO recently. He said, I'm done with COVID and I've got some things from that.

But cancel culture and what's going on right now. You mentioned the school board thing. We saw that in Virginia, which also swung the election in Virginia. I think we're going to see that all over the country this fall as parents are beginning to wake up to. I might have a couple of good teachers here and there, but the problem isn't individual teachers for the most part. It's the system. Now you've been labeled a domestic terrorist because you disagree with the progressive control of the school systems all over the country. Let me jump in here.

Yeah, please. Have you seen the Wake County, is he the school superintendent or their person in charge of health? I can't remember exactly the position. I did an interview. It's on Fox News, Duke. I shared it through my page. Erin Perret shared it through her page.

She did a little thing on it. And basically what he said was, is that the reason we're having two and three year olds have to wear a mask is because we want them to be accustomed to it. So when it hit three, four years, four years old, five years old, and it's not about how do we get out of wearing masks?

It's about how do we make sure that they feel comfortable wearing it in the next grade? He told all the sixth and seventh grade. I asked Matthew not to tell me this until I was live on the air.

Now I'm trying to figure out how long the delay is for radio. That's disgusting. I mean, I would not normally throw away the term child abuse out there, but this is mental, psychological, emotional, and this is all provable, and educational child abuse. That's all it is.

They want to condition the children so that they know in the future that this is a new way of life. Comply. Not even, we're going to try to work through this.

We're going to find a solution. It's on, I mean, it's recorded. It's on Fox News. And go to my Facebook page.

Go to Aaron's page. That's right there at the very top. Look at it.

All right. So what's your response to that? I think what's happened is the left continues to show their hand. I think before now they thought that, you know what, we're going to work in the shadows and we're going to do these things in the shadows and try to move things. I think they've gotten so bold, they just feel like I can just say whatever I want because nothing's going to change because the media's going to cover them.

Right. Because they're not subject to the cancel culture. They control the cancel culture. That's why you can have somebody come out who wants to be a successful swimmer and just decides I'm going to identify as a woman so that I can swim against girls and beat girls up. We used to call people like that cowards because you could pick a fight with a little girl. You're a coward, right? So now we call them brave and the cancel culture protects them. And when we say things like, well, I just said, then you get canceled.

But Steve, here's the thing. Where are the moms? Where are the moms? Why aren't they standing in the street, stopping traffic like the truck drivers driving up north?

Yeah, amen to those guys. I lost my mother, we're going two, three years now, something like that, lung cancer. My mother, she would stop traffic. She'd flatten the tires. She would do whatever it took to make sure her children were taken care of. And I'm thinking the mothers, they don't want to drive things. And then when you've got people that want to do this, they should be coming out of the woodworks.

What's that old saying about the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world? Those are moms. And we saw that in Virginia. So, by the way, if any of you are here in Wake County and a lot of you are and you have kids in the public school system, guess what you should be doing? It's already almost four thirty today. But on Monday, call the Wake County School Board and just say, hey, this is what I heard. Go look at Fox News.

I'll find that link from your page, Matthew, and I'll put it up on mine and start calling these people and say, do you really do you really believe that we're going to sit here and take this? You want to do this with two and three year olds who statistically are at zero. They have a better chance of dying from a lightning strike, from a car accident, from a bike accident, from a pedestrian accident. And actually, and this will trigger some people, from the flu. They get a better chance of dying from all that. But when it rains outside, they still go to school.

When flu season hits, they still go to school. But now we want to mask them. That's just insidious. I don't know, Matthew, as a Christian, that all these people that think like that and are willing to say things like that, to me, I know they're just puppets of the evil one. I don't think they see it, but it's pretty obvious to me what's going on from a spiritual perspective. Or am I just sounding like a wacko?

I can't answer that, Steve. No, I think you're on target. And I think that the evil one knows that if he tries to silence us and they continue to work on it, he works small bits at a time. And the mustard seed story applies to the evil one, too.

He plants that mustard seed and lets it grow. One of the things I've been going on in my speeches is that we were always told, you don't talk about politics and religion at the dinner table. And it was a lie.

It was a lie all along. We should be having that conversation over and over again. And that's how you train up your children and say, here's why we believe what we believe. And when you bring your friends over, it's not to have a fight and argument. You can still have, still love and care for them and say, hey, here's why I believe this way.

Because why? You care for them. You care for your family.

You care for the ones that come over. Well, this is the father of lies. So they're basing their power back to the word abuse. If you look into, if you start studying domestic abuse, there's this thing called the power and control wheel. We talk about it a lot with Joy Forrest from Call to Peace Ministries. And you see all these different, like 12 different actions that 92 percent of the time it's a man abusing a woman.

You see all these different things. This is exactly what the government's doing under the progressives and the liberals and the Democrats. And so they're the enemies of truth. That's why Joe Rogan, who's willing to have somebody on the show, that's going to, they all say follow the science. The scientific method requires opposing opinions. It requires it.

You work through all that stuff. You have your hypothesis and then you test it and it fails. You better come up with another one. But now it's this isn't about the scientific method.

I've got something fun for you. If you look at it, you find this little app from the 1960s and popular mechanics actually put it in there. It was like how to dispose of used motor oil. And it's a dig a hole in the ground, pour gravel in there and then pour your used motor oil on top of it. And when you change your oil again, it'll be in the ground.

So you can do it again over and over again. That's in the 60s. Imagine your water supply today if that's how we treat oil. And the thing is, someone says, hey, maybe that's not the right way to handle this. And that's the way it's supposed to work. Hey, you know, we used to perform lobotomies up to the 70s.

We used to sterilize people up to the 70s if they were, this is North Carolina. What if we didn't question that? Right. That's right.

We'd still be pouring oil into the ground. Absolutely. I'm not sure there's some people that still are. I hope not. We'll set that aside. We're going to keep talking about the cancer culture, more about Joe Rogan, what's going on there.

He recently hosted in December the two biggest podcasts in podcast history, almost 100 million downloads between the two of them. Why? We'll talk about that when we come back with Matthew Winslow.

Don't go anywhere. Good timing. Good timing.

I'm always watching the clock. Welcome back. It's Steve Noble here with my friend Matthew Winslow, who represents North Carolina House District 7, as well as Winslow Homes, which you hear coming up on the show pretty much every day. So a great brother in Christ and a great friend, a great supporter of the show, a great pro-life leader.

That's how we met originally. And it's just been a blessing to have you in my life. So thank you. Thank you.

For all the ways that you bless me and my family in this ministry. So, Joe Rogan. So back in December, he has on Dr. McCullough and then Dr. Malone between the two of them. McCullough was earlier in December and he's pushing back against the COVID narrative, the mask narrative, the vaccine narrative, which it shouldn't be called a vaccine because it isn't a vaccine. A vaccine keeps you from getting the target. This one doesn't keep you from getting the target. It keeps you from getting a really bad version of the target. So it shouldn't even be called a vaccine.

It should be called a COVID shot. Anyway, McCullough's saying almost 50 million downloads, right? Almost 50 million.

So it's boom. That's the biggest podcast by far in podcast history. Malone comes on 10 days later and surpasses it. So the left, because Joe Rogan has more people in one podcast episode than CNN has all week. That's how big he is.

He's enormous, which is why Spotify paid him 100 million bucks a couple of years ago to go Spotify only. So he comes on and he just has long format, two, three, four hours. And he has conversations with people and they bring up opinions that are different, in this case, medical opinions. And they counter the mainstream narrative. They counter Pope Fauci. They counter CNN.

They counter all of that stuff. But is that a threat? Matthew, is that a public threat?

You represent the public. Should we shut down people like Joe Rogan because he has conversations that counter the narrative of the government? Absolutely not. I mean, the way the way our country is designed is the whole thing is set up to challenge the truth, right? I mean, the whole government is just because the government says so doesn't mean that it's the truth. Exactly. And our job is to challenge the truth. The whole the whole system of government is set up to say, just because you say it doesn't mean I have to believe it.

Right? Isn't that the way it works? That's the First Amendment, right?

Exactly right. And we are protected so that you can petition the government for a redress of grievances. You can call I can stand out in front of the White House this afternoon. I could I could take a plane, stand out the White House, call the president of the United States every name in the book, as long as I stay on the right side of the fence, say whatever I want about them.

And I have a legal right to do it. Imagine, no, 1941, right? And we're sitting there and Hitler's wiping the Jews out and we went, ah, it's fine. Why? Because his truth is the right truth. Right. I mean, go with what Hitler said. Whatever he says.

Why? Because this is government. That's what they say they're going to do.

Whatever he says, we believe. No, which is wrong. How does it work at the legislature? Don't you guys argue, present your points, try to win the argument? The whole thing is set up for an argument. It is literally intended to provide a different point of view at all times so that not one person or even one party can just drive things through. Yeah, it's I mean, unfortunately and fortunately, the whole system set up for conflict so that you have to question whatever's coming through. Well, that's because our founding fathers understood and Madison said it himself, if men were angels, they would have no need of government.

Exactly. Because and they're like, hey, another Madison quote I just read to one of my classes this week. He said, you know, if you're going to set up a government, you have to assume that all men are evil by definition. Now, not that you do evil things all the time, but you have evil lurking inside of you all the time and you're capable of evil. Let's go back to the Bible.

The Bible says your heart lies to you. It's evil, right? Exactly. And that's where your heart and your thoughts come from.

Absolutely wicked. All right. So this is from this is from an article about Rogan, a controversial podcast.

So it's 54 return to Spotify after a week long absence of new episodes on Friday this past Friday. Rogan said this. When you're hearing it from people who are losing, meaning the people attacking him.

When you're hearing it from people who are losing the information attention game, people like CNN. When they're calling for other networks or shows to be censored or limited, it's like, hey, just do a better job and maybe people will watch you. Rogan continued to spew. However, in this article, this is funny. However, Rogan continued to spew controversial content in his first show back. He stated that lockdowns don't stop the spread, which now we have a report out of John Hopkins just came out the other day that shows that all the lockdowns nationwide in America reduced the mortality rate by 0.2 percent.

And destroyed everything else. So Rogan's just willing to have that conversation. So then you have people like, well, let's see, here's the people that have left Neil Young. I was like, oh, he's still alive. Apparently he is.

We did a test. We asked our daughter, I said, do you know who Neil Young is? She says, who? Who? Who? Right. Exactly right. You have to be at least my age to know who Neil Young is.

Then Joni Mitchell, who I think is actually older than Neil Young. I don't know who that is. See, there you go. Beautiful. And then Crosby Stills and Nash. Yeah.

CSN. And I'm like, yeah, who cares? Nobody cares. And then India Ari.

She's younger. Who cares? And then Mary Trump.

Yeah, nobody cares. Niece of former President Donald Trump. And then somebody else said, Mary Trump. Breaking news, Mary Trump has a podcast.

So all these people, but a lot of other people, Bill Maher, several other people are now stepping up and defending Rogan because they believe in free speech. Which is exactly your point. All right. Have you seen the movie, Wally? Yes. There's a place in the, you remember when the captain was talking to the robot and he says, I don't want to survive.

I want to live. You remember that part of the movie? Yeah. Right. And the robot knows better than the captain does.

And he said, no, no, I am the person that makes the decision, the government's the robot in this situation. Right. Exactly. And the best part about it is the people wake up and they start fighting back. They fight back. And I'm hoping at this point in our society, the science says, you know what? We're tired of sitting back. We're going to start standing up.

The moms are going to step in and they're the ones who start making decisions because they're the ones who can drive this thing. This is what the CEO of Spotify the other day, Daniel Ek, E.K., they had a town hall. Of course, I'm sure it was on Zoom. And so they had this town hall, which didn't go well. He said this. I know some of you feel disappointed or angry or even hurt by some of this content. Talking about Rogan and the fact that it remains on our platform.

I'm like, get over it, told staffers in a 15 minute speech. There are many things that Joe Rogan says that I strongly disagree with and find very offensive. However, this is where money talks. He's the number one podcaster in the world by a wide margin. So if you guys like your paychecks, you might want to just get over it.

If you want even a shot at achieving our bold ambitions, it will mean having content on Spotify that many of us may not be proud to be associated with. But that's free speech, dude. But can't someone else have another podcast that disagrees with Joe Rogan? Imagine that.

And if people want to listen to it, they can? Imagine that. Yeah. You're a radical Matthew.

I don't even know how you got in office. And this is just crazy. All right. You brought up Barry Weiss.

Yes. Why did you bring up Barry Weiss? I love these kind of stories. I love when people are actually searching for the truth. Right? Amen.

Barry Weiss, hard left. Believed people should be locked up if they don't get vaccinated. They're not wearing their mask. And she's like, you shouldn't go out to eat. You shouldn't go.

Your food should be delivered to your house because you should never leave. Because why? That's what she believed. Yeah.

Then one day she woke up and started asking questions. Is this, you know, you told us that getting vaccinated would not stop the spread. But we found out it's still spreading. Yes.

You told us we wore masks for two weeks or two months or two years or whatever it is. That it would help what? You know. Flatten the curve.

Flatten the curve. Thank you. And she says, well, I'm doing the research as an editor for the New York Times. New York Times. And I'm going to start asking these questions. And what happens? They drive her out.

You can't ask those questions to a liberal newspaper from a liberal person. Now, if you listen to her podcast, she isn't 100% moved over. She still believes what she believes. Yeah. But at the same time, she says, I don't understand.

Why am I driven out for asking questions? So what she did was the exact same thing Joe did. She had doctors on there with different opinions and had them answer the questions.

You know, and she got to ask the very same questions. And let the people decide. Exactly.

And then you have two opposing things. This is democracy. This is the American republic.

This is constitutional and it's the scientific method. So she was on she was on real time with Bill Maher, HBO. Yup. Weiss articulated what many Americans are feeling, a searing fatigue with the seemingly endless covid restrictions that have led to an alarming mental health crisis. She said, quote, remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime.

She's talking about everything we've done the last two years. I'm done. She said, I'm done with covid. I sprayed the Pringles can that I bought at the grocery store, stripped my clothes off because I thought covid would be on my clothes. I watched Tiger King. I got to the end of Spotify. We all did.

She told Maher. Then we were told you get the vaccine and you get back to normal and we haven't gotten back to normal. And it's ridiculous at this point. If you believe the science, you will look at the data we did that we did not have two years ago. You'll find out that cloth masks actually don't do anything. You'll realize you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be asymptomatic and carrying Omicron. And you will realize, most importantly, that this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime.

I think that's the right phrase. This is a catastrophic moral crime. Now, remember, up there is 40 degrees outside 20 degrees outside. They're making kids eat outside and put their mask down, eat a bite, put a mask back on, and they won't let them talk when they're indoors. In America. In America. And now we're getting the numbers.

Suicide, anxiety, depression, obesity, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, abuse is up. And then as well as teachers across the country are going, yeah, we've lost significant ground academically. And Wake County wants to train your kids to make it normalized.

Starting at two and three years of age. But we're just going to get them going now so that we can do this to them for the rest of their lives and they'll comply. This sounds like the Olympics in China, which is coming up right now. They dragged some reporter from the Netherlands out of, I think from Denmark or something, out of the opening games, out of the opening ceremony.

Nancy Pelosi goes on TV and says, I implore the Olympics Committee and the athletes not to speak out while you're in China because we don't know what the Chinese government is going to do. Wait a second. Who are we pulling for here?

I can't remember the last time I tested the delay on radio. OK, so when I come when we come back, Matthew, we're talking to Matthew Winslow, North Carolina House District 7 here in the Raleigh Wake Forest area. We're going to talk about because we were talking about Barry Weiss. She wrote for The New York Times, her resignation letter. She said some great things in here that we all need to hear and we need to keep trumpeting these things. We have to keep pushing back, especially like Matthew said, you moms out there.

Let's start lighting up the Wake County school board on Monday because they want to keep your second and third graders and your little kids in math. Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show here with my brother in Christ, Matthew Winslow, who also represents North Carolina's House District 7, Winslow Homes as well. If you like, why do we know that name?

That's why. And so we're just talking through a bunch of stuff and cancel culture and things, but we're also kind of ripping into Matthew's family and talking about his brother when they can't defend themselves. Did you want to say something publicly about your youngest brother? I love him. I'm so glad to have him. Nice cover there. Lee, would you like to say something about your younger brother?

No, thank you, sir. He's a great guy. Big heart. Big heart.

He's a big hearted guy, but he's the baby. So answer my question from before. Yeah. Because I'm a baby. I married a baby. So we're both like spoiled. Yeah.

So was he spoiled as a baby? So I was the first. Only 17 years between me and my mother. Wow, that's amazing. So she says we grew up together.

That's a great story. Oh, yeah. And I had all the rules. Of course. Lee broke all the rules. Yeah.

Zach didn't have any rules. You see? Because that's the deal with the baby. That's what happens. Yeah, exactly.

You know what I think, and I see this a little bit in our house, and maybe you see it in yours, as your kids get older, you just get tired. That's what my mother said. That's exactly what she said. Tired of enforcing all these rules. Don't die. Don't kill somebody. Yeah. And don't burn the house down.

If you're not bleeding, dying, or throwing up, you're fine. It's fine. Everything's fine.

How much money do you need? Whatever. And then all the other siblings are going ballistic. OK, so Barry Weiss, who wrote for The New York Times, this is her resignation letter, which, of course, is beautifully written and fairly long. So here's some things that I pulled out of it. So let me share some of this, Matthew, and then you just react.

I'll just do them one at a time. But the lessons that ought to have followed the election, talking about the Trump Biden election, lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism and the central- Remember, she's uber-liberal. And the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society, which is what you were talking about, have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper.

She's talking about The New York Times. Here's the react to this. That truth isn't a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else. Communism.

Thank you. That's what it is. It is communism. It's Emperor Xi, and this is what the deal is in China. And either you'll go along with it or we'll just lock in your house and you can die from the COVID that we created in the first place.

Right, exactly. OK, so it goes on. Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times, but Twitter has become its ultimate editor. All right, here's some things about Twitter.

Let me tell everybody this. Eighty percent of the content that gets traction on Twitter is generated by five percent of the people that use Twitter. Of the five percent of the people on Twitter that create 80 percent of the traction, they're about 90 percent liberal. So that's Twitter. It's just a liberal echo chamber.

OK, that's what she's talking about. Twitter has become its ultimate editor. Talking about The New York Times. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences.

That's what I was just referring to. Rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. What is that? That's not communism. Newspaper, right? You dig for information. You provided the people to make their own decisions.

That's how it works. Right. And if you want to take an opinion, you write that on the op-ed page.

Exactly. The editorial page. Other than that, you just report facts. Journalism is basically dead.

OK, she goes on. My own forays and to wrongthink, capital W, have made me the subject of constant, listen to this, constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. So many babies out there. They have called me a Nazi and a racist. I've learned to brush off comments about how I'm writing about the Jews again. Wait. Think of how ironic it is.

Pause for a second. They're calling her a Nazi. And while they're being Nazi-esque. Exactly. That's the best part.

Excellent. Several colleagues perceived to be friendly with me were badgered by coworkers. My work and my character are openly demeaned on a company-wide Slack channel where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out of this company. And to be a truly inclusive one, she has to be rooted out. While others post axe emojis next to my name. Still, other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action.

They never are. There are terms for all of this, she said. Unlawful discrimination. You're a business owner. We understand this.

I've owned my own business for years. Hostile work environment and constructive discharge. I'm no legal expert, but I know that is wrong. Absolutely.

She's got a case there is what she's saying. All right, here's this. Barry Weiss used to be at the New York Times.

Part of me wishes I could say that my experience was unique. But the truth is that intellectual curiosity, which is what you're talking about, let alone risk taking, is now a liability at the New York Times. Why edit something challenging to our readers or write something bold only to go through the numbing process of making it ideologically kosher when we can assure ourselves of job security and clicks by publishing our four thousand op ed during the Donald Trump, that Donald Trump is a unique danger to the country and the world. And so self-censorship, this is the big problem here, self-censorship has become the norm. So people just stop talking. This happened to Dr. Malone, who was on Rogan's thing.

He's like, I've got nothing to gain and everything to lose. But he was courageous enough to go, all right, I'm going to talk. I know this is your show, but that's her podcast. Honestly with Barry Weiss.

All right. That's her podcast. Honestly with Barry Weiss.

Barry Weiss, Barry is B-A-R-I-K, B-A-R-I-W-E-I-S-S, self-censorship. Isn't that growing? And that's a huge problem. Why is that a problem? We're going to censor ourselves. We're going to we're going to just be sheepish and afraid to speak out. Well, I'm hung up on the Nazism. You realize that's how the Nazis took over, right? They used fear so that you would not speak out. Yeah.

And they had Jews turn on Jews. Yeah. And that's what they're doing. They're turning themselves in and turn each other in.

Why? Because of fear. Letting fear make control.

And guess what? Fear is not a, what's the term, a virtue of God. No. We don't think it's giving us fear to fear. No, it's not.

That's why. When I'm talking to my kids and I'm training them up, right? I tell them, I say, if you're throwing yourself a cliff, okay, that's not fear, right? That's God saying, hey, well, I ask you to take care of your body and killing yourself is not part of it. Right. And if you don't have the fear to make a decision, that's not God speaking to you. And that's what's happened is the evil ones sneaking in here and will allow him to take control.

Yeah. And that's where fear, and this is the problem here in the body of Christ with self-censorship, which is what Barry Weiss was talking about. If we shut down conversation, that destroys relationship and then everything else crumbles, which is what's happening in this culture because most people don't know how to have a conversation because they're afraid to voice opinion that's contrary to the main narrative. So they just shut up. And if you do that as a Christian, you're going to shut up about everything, including the gospel.

And remember, don't talk about politics or religion at the kitchen table. Why? Because I don't want to offend somebody. You don't have to offend them, but you can still love on them.

And if you love people, you have a desire to tell them the truth. Absolutely. That is loving. Now there's another part of that.

Don't talk about sports either, if you're a Cowboys fan. Oh, yeah. Right. Exactly. So here's the, when she's talking about self-censorship, that just shuts it down, which enables the power brokers to take more control, which is exactly what they're doing.

I mean, I've done full shows on the good research that talks about that. So they force her out, and when they do, they hire somebody else that thinks like them. Right.

To come toe the line. Exactly. And then you're not allowed to say anything different. That's why, whether it's Matthew Winslow in his business, in his home, or representing North Carolina at House District 7, Steve Noble on the radio, Facebook, social media, you guys out there, you have to continue to speak the truth. And we have to be careful in the body of Christ because we did a good job. Satan could just kick his feet up and watch it happen, dividing ourselves, where mass, vaccines, all that stuff, COVID, where we divide easily over it because we're buying into this deal, we self-censor, we don't have conversations anymore, so instead we just cancel each other. We're doing that in the church. We're splitting churches up over this stuff, and we're self-censoring, and then we just cancel each other. I'm going to go in another church. Now there are times to do that.

If your church, if you have a pastor that refuses to speak the truth or flat out tells spiritual lies, get out of there. But other than that, we shouldn't be dividing over. We can have the conversation, but I think we're so afraid to speak out now that we just leave. Well, I'm hoping, and I feel like the winds have started to change on this. I believe that people are starting to wake up and realize that the lies we've been told are not the truth, and the truth that's being told to us is not it. And so it's finally hitting them hard enough that they're saying, I've had enough. That's right. Well, my friend, I didn't use her name earlier, but it's Michelle, I won't say her full name, but Michelle on Facebook who let me know about what was going on at the Commission of Health and all that stuff.

And she's been pushing back, I think she said for over a year and a half now. And these are just regular people that eventually it's not about you, Matthew, it's not about me, it's not about my comfort, it's not even about your reelection, it's about the truth. And we have to be willing to die in that hill because Jesus certainly did. He's going to tell the truth, and telling the truth, and exposing the lies with the powers that be is why eventually they wanted to hang the guy in a tree, which they did. Because they couldn't handle the fact that he was a truth teller. And we're supposed to do that.

No matter what, doesn't matter. And now, like you mentioned, the Wake County, we'll see if it's the superintendent, we'll look it up. It's not superintendent, it's their person in charge of health or whatever. Who's wanting to, and what was that deal again? They want to go ahead and keep masks on. How old are the kids? Two years old, two and three years old. Two and three year old kids.

So that will condition them to wear masks in perpetuity. Yeah. To the next year, next year, next year.

He says third, three years old, four years old, into kindergarten. And was this on Fox News? Is that where you saw it?

Oh yeah, they posted on Fox News. There's a little clip that we shared. All right, I'll find that, we'll get that off your page and then I'll share that around. How can we help you? You're in a reelection season, we need to pray for you, we need to pray for your family, we need to pray for your business, Winslow Homes. But what else can we do? How can we help you? Oh Steve, I'll tell you, I'm on a mission, and I appreciate the prayers and I'll take the prayers.

I'll take care of them. But my mission is to get people fired up to stand up and say we've had enough. And that means they're going to run for office, they're going to help people run for office, and they're going to openly support them. They're going to put their signs in the yard, they're going to talk nice about them on Facebook, they're going to not just look at it and go, yes, I agree with that, they're going to like it, share it.

They're going to invite people to their page, they're going to do all the things that we do in private. And then you can tell your friends, and you can tell your neighbors, and then when you've had enough, and you say, I'm going to run, you run for school board, you run for county commissioner, town council, you know, whatever it is, and you need to step up. Because that's the only thing that's going to change. It's like when somebody, after they came out of the Constitutional Convention, somebody asked Benjamin Franklin, do we have a government?

What's going on here? And he goes, you have a republic. If you can keep it. Yes, absolutely. But you have to fight, and you have to work to keep it. And not a, we're not a democracy, we're public. We're a republic.

That's right. And so, website again, how can people get involved? is where you start, and I can plug you in wherever you need to go.

Nice and easy, God bless you, brother. Thanks for coming in today. Thank you very much.

Well. Thank you, brother. Thanks, younger brother. We try to be nice to the younger brothers out there. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. God willing, I'll talk to you guys again real soon. And like my dad always used to say, ever forward.
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