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What is Truth?

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January 24, 2022 9:18 pm

What is Truth?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 24, 2022 9:18 pm

What is Truth?

Steve talks about truth. With all the lies being flung around now a days, what is really the truth? David Fischer joins for Money Monday. 

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back. I hope you had a good weekend here in North Carolina right this well which is an interesting event in North Carolina doesn't take much for everybody to going to cut it yet but I left town a Thursday so thanks to my buddy I Stu Epperson, Junior, the founder truth radio network gets hosted on Friday I great conversation I've had with Chris Brady about something that's confusing the vast majority such as bitcoin crypto currency in general. So I appreciate Stu Sitton and in all this and that one as soon as I can have a great weekend with five of my closest buddies then were all walking with the Lord and we done this every year for about gosh, it might've been our 11th or 12th year and so we get together and catch each other up and and just enjoy one another, but we also dig in the Scriptures. In this case we sometimes will use a book and use the book by Richard black black and become a limiting God at first for people in your middle age, like me, I'll be 56 next month. You get a lot of great things for the Lord about ministry and whatever but sometimes you might lose your intimacy a little bit with the Lord, are you just going to get the funk right you don't feel like you're halfway up the mountain and the view is pretty good and you've experienced a lot of things and you just gonna stop there right so what does that look like as you move into the latter. What third of your life or whatever the case may be, so that was a blessing and a good to be back and spent about colleague.

It's got me about three hours today watching a live panel discussion chaired by Sen. Ron Johnson and the US Sen. Republican, of course, otherwise this thing never what happened. The title of the symposium today after DC code 19 a second opinion roundtable in Washington DC and he said a lot of the names that you would recognize people I talked about on the show in this in this case recently with Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough, who between the two of them almost 100 million view it listens her views of the Joe Rogan podcast from December.

These are the folks that should've been in the room from the get-go.

I do hope Donald Trump are responsible. In many ways for the stream coming off the tracks early when it comes to culminating in our nation's response as well as around the world because the tremulous of this, obviously, not his forte, or any other president forte to deal with something like this. And so you got the powers that be. Obviously no profile she's in there and then the guy from the NIH are retired recently and yet Dr. Burks number. Her shows where the scarf and all those folks but that didn't take long for the for the narrative to just be completely controlled, not just by the federal government by the mainstream media, as well as by big Pharma and the further we go into this, the more it's obvious the big Pharma has a great control of the CDC and the whole mess there. Plus doctor vouching all the money they give out via grants plus a bunch of those people up there. I think for that we know for sure involved at that mass, you are actually profiting from some of the technology involved with the vaccines and why recalling the vaccines anyway because they don't actually prevent you from getting coated. They actually just help you not get a really bad case or die. And that's good, but calling it a vaccine.

It's ridiculous in and of itself and the lockdown then the mass in the vaccine mandates is that nothing so I been listening for like three hours today. They were just wrapping up his five hours and this is what should happen from the get go.

You have various experts from various aspects of like a diamond multiple multiple facets of this conversation from the virus itself to the vaccines to the use of, or repurposed seeing of drugs that have been around and say for years, like, say it.does trigger warning. I remarked in HC Q hydroxychloroquine glucocorticoid and stuff like that right and so then they're talking about adverse reactions and in Sen. Ron Johnson has been all over this and thank God for it. Bring them up to the hilt today to have this and it was. I've been watching up at the linkup.

The high the high wire HIG HWI RE the to see the mainstream media. Probably not missing a boxer and it is other places they might grab a clip here and there.

It woke of the picket doing on YouTube. They get yanked there in the Facebook life that I'm doing now even mentioning it might get yanked into YouTube's just terrible. So I one of the things that he shared and this is where the fix is in and so many different ways. In this and and again. Things are going on in the media where you see people mainstream media people in the lab seeing and what have you, and even people in the government and even to a certain degree.

The CDC starting to shift their position shifting their weight because as the truth comes out in this thing loses that steam. Thank you Lord for omicron, which is nowhere near what else are the original virus was just going back down to where these things end up which is just cold territory. And again thank you Lord for that as it loses its steam.

What are these folks going to do as that happens. So now for Joe for Joe Biden. What they do well Russia Russia Russia right so this this story just came up and we get to a bunch of things today. Before we talk David Fisher for Monday Monday update at the end the show but now you get this. This is a good diversion.

Thank you Vladimir Putin several thousand US forces put on a hike preparedness amid Russia, Ukraine, tension, approximately 8500 personnel have been placed on height and preparedness to deploy if necessary. I'll ask you question especially if you're a military family.

Do you trust Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief to get involved any armed conflict anywhere in the world right now and would you be willing to sacrifice your son or daughter on that hill of Ukraine Russian relations not support on-site support, but is not important enough to throw American blood at it but yet that's what's going on things or any of the UN things are ramping up and when Joe Biden's numbers in the tank and that press conference he did. That's week which was unbelievably difficult to watch sad and infuriating. I don't know what planet he's living on what timeframe he's living on Lehman's brain works at this point and again another reminder so I don't just sound like a raving lunatic right-winger. We need to pray for the guy we know administration and his wife him in particular because this is just not good. It's not good it's not healthy it's not trustworthy on top of all the stuff of covert. This country is in really bad shape. K really bad shape under completely incompetent leadership and it was it things are way better in the trumpet when it came to COBIT Trump should run it like a business and he didn't so we just kind of not knowing what's going on and needs an election year and holy cow, to 12 million people could die or whatever the number was early on, so you listen to these people. We should've done what Dr. what's up a Sen. Johnson did the day and brought a bunch of other experts in the room and sat with the five or 10 people in America.

I completely disagree with Dr. vouching and Dr. whatever his name is from the NIH and Dr. Burks. I want the opposite side. Let's lock them in a room and let them get out. Let's argue about it and talk about it. We should be doing that. The whole time, but we didn't.

They didn't in big farmers in there as well. Sound like a movie but it's actually real life, yours and mine. This is the noble bureaucrat that I can sleep noble.

The Steve Noble show and ready to be with you today. Thanks for being here on the program is going to be a part of it in the studio video wise, you can just go to my Facebook page.

The Steve Noble show on Facebook or on YouTube we have pages both of both locations and you can watch live right here in the studio during the commercial breaks. I continue to share go back and forth with folks that are live that way you watch it later. You can podcast it later were available in all the major podcast platform so it doesn't matter whether you're available from 40 5 PM Eastern time Monday to Friday. When I do the show. All you need to have the technology and bada bing by the boom, there you go right.

That's hours I just put a link on the Facebook life page 2 it's just now finishing up at about five hours. This was Sen. US Sen. Dr. Ron Johnson new moderates panel discussion with world-renowned doctors and medical experts providing different perspectives on the global pandemic response. The current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment vaccine efficacy and safety. What went right, what went wrong what should be done now and what needs to be addressed. Long-term game.

I watched about three hours that of it today which Lyman sensed in really bad mood. But Jesus still on the throne got stolen throne rules the universe with his feet up and it's important to remember that sort of things they brought up in a Sen. Johnson got hammered about this before his start. Talk about adverse reactions from various medications or vaccines right there is the vaccine adverse event reaction system that the NIH of the CDC put in put in place themselves about 30 years ago so he doesn't think is really because because early treatment. Here's the here's the deal. Okay you watch it for yourself and a lot of people Dr. McCullough Dr. Malone you'll notice some these people. Some folks are America's front-line doctors on the guys in California that are very outspoken. Praise the Lord for that, that the fix is it okay COBIT is real, it can be very damaging, especially if you're older out of shape have comorbidities when that's the problem is we brought Anna Bob do a knife fight. Why, why treat just a few people when you can treat everybody and make billions and billions and billions of dollars, which sounds a James Bond plot but it doesn't. That's what's happening and when you listen to these rational people that are scientists and medical professionals who care about the truth they care mostly about their patients and that is how can you treat people love people care for people well if you don't know the truth and so there talk about the whole thing. The whole enchilada.

So I put the links up there and put a lot of descriptions because YouTube are Facebook's gonna pull it down.

But that's there.

Okay so go check it up yourself is all kinds of great information in there to take. She done all these different roads are right and so basically what happened is, why would you use either Maxon and hydroxychloroquine and a bunch of other things that were repurposed regular medications out are highly effective very safe in the big problem is very cheap.

Why would you use those when you can create new vaccines and sound every government on the planet. Pretty much every person on the planet and make billions billions of dollars right. What a great opportunity minutes. That's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and big farmers like that big farmer in their relationship. Cozy relationship with the FDA, the CDC and all that stuff. It's just a big I mean I'm sounding more like Glenn Beck every day were people just all its it's crazy conspiracy theory know that I mean the stuff where there's smoke there's fire walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, this stuff is a duck. Okay Charlie so listen to this, so they're talking about. Okay vaccines versus always of especially early treatment for getting a bad you get it for 72 hours are key.

Especially if you're older you are obese. You have comorbidities you admitted as an issues heart issues but check this out drug adverse event compares FDA and CDC data worldwide. Starting in 1996 through September of last year 2021 I ever met. Okay deaths per year because of using.

I remarked a 15 deaths. But ever mention Jews all over the world. So 15 deaths per year is like nothing compared to how many times a choose hydroxychloroquine 69 deaths per year flu vaccines oh 77 per year dexamethasone 618 per year. Tylenol Tylenol 1024 per year. You heard it right here. Tylenol has more deaths per year as an adverse reaction, then either Machen and hydroxychloroquine combined times about 10, I directed 15 deaths per year hydroxychloroquine 669 deaths per year. Tylenol thousand and 24 deaths per year rim to severe which became part of the government protocol 921 deaths per year and then coded vaccines because it's only been out available really for what, 13 months or so.

No 20,175 deaths per year so and that's the case, and that's from the adverse reaction system.

Okay nothing about all these as they've ever been all and at the investigated and been all vetted there there reported by medical professionals and the people that are involved, but then like panels like on the investigated abilities cases but these are all the reports okay so 20,175 deaths per year based on how long coded vaccines up and out versus 15 per year for Iver Bakhtin and 69 per year for hydroxychloroquine is the problem with fibronectin and hydroxychloroquine other than the fact that the remarkably safe and pretty darn effective in early treatment for COBIT is there's just no money to be made. There's no money to be made, not is no money in it is no power. There's no control.

You can advance a narrative like the great reset.

There's nothing in there that's just the only motivation for using that stop is if you care about people you care about people you don't care about money so repurposed but this is real cold. It's real.

This particular part of the segment of the population that's gonna get devastated by this, and we really need to take care of them. If you love your neighbor as yourself for the rest of us.

You know, get over here to be at home you might have some symptoms you take the right protocol, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc. Couple of things Iver Bakhtin hydroxychloroquine, it may be your little bit more and are in a troubled arena because your health or your weight or whatever your age and then okay and then the numbers that they were sharing with this panel today. Sen. Ron Johnson in the U.S. Senate on this panel type the links up single watch for yourself until he crashed the high website you the whole time. You just go to be pulling your hair whatever you have left going. This is just the biggest gripped in history the world. This is such a sham. Not that it's not real covert is real people of really died, but just the other day one of the states came out and said oh you only about 1/3 of our COBIT debts were actually deaths as a result of Tobit and that another secular which data have to find the story a share in a Facebook like all you people in the hospital all that.

That's like we've overestimated that by about 50%. They came in for another thing we tested and they were covert positive so we switch their admission from whatever they are actually therefore took COBIT admission and all the numbers going there and hospitals in the whole system gets money off of that and then of course that all feeds into the need for the court." Vaccine which is in line and then Madrona and Pfizer make billions and billions of dollars. Not just here but around the world and the powers that be good to cower there, the populace of the planet into fear, which means control and bought a being, but a boom does not work well I sound like a nut job.

Really I'm sitting there listening to myself talk on three years ago I would've said any of this stuff all thanks Ryan on Facebook livens Massachusetts three years ago I went to said any of the stuff now might yeah yeah Yep totally believable, totally believable and go what is out. There's a series based on the story of skull dope sick. That was on Hulu NERA call Steve, your point is to Netflix.

There is no dope sick was on who and it was based on the nightmare reality of opioids and one particular company, Pharma company that didn't care what was happening. They suppressed information they may work with the FDA they live. They cover things up so they could make billions and billions of dollars while people were dying right left all over the country and that was OxyContin and this is real. This happens is evil effect of noble show great with bloodbath live in the studio things.

My buddy Stu Epperson the other day on Friday was and that was so much appreciated stock by crypto currency and what's going on with all of that, relative to kind of an end times perspective and crypto currency pickling stuff in general. So I appreciate him being here and doing that on Friday for me that's always great when I have some of my friends. I can sit in it and help you help, just continuing to lose my mind and shared some links today from the Senate, of all places, which today was a bastion, a cathedral, a beacon of truth. Yes, the U.S. Senate and not just because Sen. Ron Johnson moderate appeal discussion with world renowned doctors.

Dr. Malone was there.McCullers earbuds people if you been paying attention that you recognize eye doctors, medical experts providing different perspectives on the global pandemic response. The current state of knowledge of early hospital treatments vaccine efficacy and safety.

What went right, what went wrong what should be done now.

What needs to be addressed long-term and if I would find a pick one word to describe the vast majority of these people I would say it's enraged they are enraged because they been muzzled. Science is said science which is supposed to question everything hypothesis put it to the test have a theory, put it to the task.

And if your theory doesn't hold up you trash it. It's the search for objective truth in the material world that's science. Science is dead, and poked out you claims to be science killed it him along with Pfizer in the dharna Johnson & Johnson to a certain extent to certain extent of the mismanagement of the whole situation. In my opinion, but I did. Donald Trump, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH yada yada on and on and on they go and then it spreads all around the world to every progressive who will take any advantage they can have it up in the opportunity to control people and this sounds wacky doesn't it.

But it isn't. This is the world that we live in. This is true this is what's going on. So here's a perfect example. Now watch as the liberal media. The White House at some point this year's there cannot start turning because they don't. The train is turning instead of being under it. They want to remain on it.

It's another to start massaging their positions a little bit and so you see, like Paul Begala coming out and saying the Democrats can kill themselves. This fall, and little shifts here and there and then somebody that got woke a while ago Belmar and each build up your sensitive to bad language to watch them but he's now like a bastion of sanity in truth when it comes to this madness and here's an example see it as a cost on the liberal media meltdown over Barry Weiss's covert remark she was on with Belmar, the liberal media is losing their cool or because she's like you can't. Once you get don't you decide the position you jump on that train because the amount of pride and power that's available at your to go down the ship. It doesn't matter what the reality is ideology trumps reality esters in that months ago the liberal media is losing their cool of reforming her Times opinion editor Barry Weiss's admission that she had enough of COBIT 19 Weiss joined HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday to express her exhaustion with pandemic stressing how it's ridiculous the nation is not returned to normal after two years of cinnamon, she said, is bipartisan quote I know that so many of my liberal progressive friends are with me on this, and they do not want to say it out loud because they're scared to be called anti-factors are to be smeared as a trumpeter she spilled at this point it's pandemic a bureaucracy is not real anymore.

Excellent a pandemic, a bureaucracy it's been that for about a year and half man, but I'm better late than never really that okay so she speaking truth here in this happen. The doctors so you want to lose what will take your your license that's worse than get fired, you lose your license as a metal practice medical practitioner you're out its delicate dishonorable discharge from the military. That's that's on your record man info night your toast and Saudis doctors people you just have to go along with them with the narrative because you're not willing to pay the price.

That's why these doctors, epidemiologist scientists that stand up like today with Sen. Ron Johnson in the Senate, not the Senate but one of the rooms. There we do applaud them and pray for them because they're like the prophets of old that are willing to just stand up and tell the truth, whether to get stoned or not we need support these people and pray for. So she said I know a lot of my liberal progressive friends are with me on this.

Thirds done with it. They're afraid to be smeared right at this point it's pandemic a bureaucracy is not real anymore. Media pundits including CNN anchor Jim Acosta dragged Weiss for her remarks course she's willing to say the emperors got no clothes during a segment was seen in medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Reiner on Sunday. Acosta considered Weiss a troll for even daring to disagree quote I'm done with yet that attitude. Acosta said she needs to understand the chilling people to own the lives is not a sacrifice. Dr. Rainer chimed in and encourage Weiss to grow up and stop acting like a child likening the situation to a kid he doesn't want to play this game anymore quote all that we've done is asked the public to wear a mask when you go out and up it out and about and get vaccinated said, so I'm glad she's done with it. MSNBC host meaty hot hot sun ripped Weiss for moaning about that pandemic as part of his high-speed 62nd grant is not on my young children of handle this pandemic more maturely and less childishly than the likes of Barry Weiss, who I'm sorry, can't go to as many indoor parties that she'd like to yet in her own remarks. Weiss was adamant that the nation's covert response would be remembered. Listen to this by the younger generation is a catastrophic moral crime. Amen.

Quote people are killing themselves. She said they are anxious they are depressed they are lonely. That is why we need to end it.

More than any inconvenience that spend the rest of us.

Weiss is the only media figure expressing her honesty buckled. Exhaustion CVS host Gayle King told the late night with show with Stephen Colbert earlier this month, but she so tired of being afraid of the virus and facing the threat of being locked out. Quote I think we all have got to figure out how we can live our lives and navigated. She said I would much rather run down Times Square buck naked and go back home okay whatever, but anyone.

Another example of the truth Jesus out the window to see met Walter that he met Walsh at the daily wire over conservative, pretty caustic. Most of the time hard-core Catholic guy gay and so he could how this happened. Dr. Phil it is good programming. Dr. Phil has met Walsh come on and engage to transgender people, both trans women.

That's a guy thing sees a woman so he dresses up like a woman. Whatever Phil met Walsh and I watched several clips from this. It's uncomfortable because it's just so sad and upsetting to see these two men trying to present themselves as women because they have gender dysphoria, which is a mental disorder and all the makeup and everything it, but with facial hair to so you've got you've got this whole sorrow inside out, upside down situation with these people that are convinced because of their gender dysphoria that their right and met Walsh does the same is been talking about it for a while on his show in his writings on the daily wire said he just said.

Can anybody define what a woman is defined for me what a woman. It's so he asked one of these guys is a trans woman thinks he thinks is a woman he asked them to define what a woman actually assault with ischemia definition. What is a woman and this is where the if you throw the truth out and you go down this road than at all. It ends up collapsing in on itself.

Okay, that's what insanity does collapses in on itself so the guy because he can't win. If he gives a tight definition of what a woman is, then he's he could alienate women, which is a good help on special progressive women and pro-trans women if he if he goes too far, that there's gonna be some side of the progressive agenda.

Maybe it's homosexuals.

Maybe it's bisexuals. Maybe it's lesbians that you gotta be careful there.

Someone met Walsh says he just just fine. What a woman is for me because it was the other kids doesn't really have a definition I can't find it for you because there is no definition, but I am one, even though there is no definition so I can identify with something that we don't actually know what it is because is no way to prove me wrong spokes, not idiot and doing his circular reasoning, but he is mentally disabled, unstable, handicapped right thoughts of the guys was actually not a definition because if he puts his foot on the ground and says I'm to go with this definition as a woman, then he's crossed over from irrational to rational. He's actually going to happen to declare some kind of objective truth, at least from his perspective and as soon as he does that. It's got this tiny little smell of that tea word again. Truth. It's like natural immunity, you can't go there, you can't.

You can't give any credence to natural many because that might pull some of the customers out of Pfizer's line rights. He can't go there even though now that CDC is now starting to put some reports out there that you should looks like natural immunity.

Actually, then the vaccine immunity and English but you know the truth is a problem, especially in this world right now. So the guy literally could give a definition because if he did that would give a hint that these can take a position if you take a position that means there's some kind of truth line which means as a moral MR Alina right wrong line and then you've introduced a whole notion of moral truth and you can't do that if you kill God you cannot but you can try. If you do that Romans chapter 1, you gotta suppress the truth and replace it with a lie and so it's painful just to watch this Google met Walsh Dr. Phil that's all you need to do and then go watch the backlash.

Valerie remainder while she was smeared as a bigot for stating biological realities in defending women only spaces but also Dr. Phil from platforming Walsh right for you, and given him a chance truly blank Dr. Phil for this one tweet said why would you invite a nonparent binary person on a national television just to be human humiliated by an outspoken Transco business for yourself will help those that are on the side of truth or willing to even consider that there is a truth right so get that link on Facebook life today over 19 a second opinion will be right back David Fisher with little money Monday update Steve Noble to Steve Noble show on Facebook live. I just shared the link again to something that's about to finish up up in Washington C, 19 a second opinion around table and there on the U.S. Senate side. Sen. Ron Johnson has been outspoken and truthful and levelheaded. I brought together a lot of these are world-renowned doctors and medical experts at speaking out against all the garbage all the misinformation the actual misinformation the abuse of power in the abuse of what I would. I would say is been a few billion people under the cover of helping people with COBIT and so that that's about five hours okay and I know this stuff is very time-consuming but the stuff has control our lives for the last two years so I think spending a couple hours watching Joe Rogan listening Joe Rogan with Dr. McCall or Dr. Malone is worth your time.

Given what's happened to us in our world.

And then today were this things about five hours, 19 a second opinion. It's worth your time. It is for the sake of your self, your sanity, your health and the health of all your neighbors so for him to call ourselves Christians are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves. Whether you go. Sometimes that requires getting educated in one of the people that helps us be educated in various ways of her good friend David Fisher from MR M is always David how are you doing great Florida market movement. I see men and amen yes it helps to have your house built on a firm foundation instead of the sand as determined by the new cycle or whatever's going on in the markets anyways great to hear your voice.

Thanks for joining us and make sure I mention that link, David. You'll deftly want to check that out as well via Cova 19 a second opinion. That's what should've been happening from the start is to have opposite sides on all these different subjects from experts and let them go at it. That's called science where he actually test hypotheses. That's not what we been getting would be getting political science.

Anyway, it's a whole another topic by gut check that out. I'll send you the link David when you get off the theater today, but let's start in the good word of God where we can find some stability and truth and encouragement from the Lord. John 21. Let's start there. Bring the background, computer been fishing all nine-member experience of fishing and nothing so make sure you get ready, shortly see this person's net on the right side of the boat and you'll find some quote unquote when they do this they were unable to hold the net in because of the large number of fishermen going down to verse. Most of them are virtually choose me saw was Jesus who was telling them do this Scripture can be used in so many different ways for personal application. God has plans for you when you don't think there is a plan and usually there is no way that can happen about that like to go the way we thought we can work really hard and bulimic when the low temperatures have been something all environment change I can keep going on this put your trust in your freezer and the Lord Christ for this incredible ride because she says I want to give you life and life abundantly.

And when you think the darkest hours of their lives right behind right in front you just reach out to the Lord that reminds me of David in Psalm 23. Although I walked to the valley of the shadow of death, lunch, or believer death is only a shadow, and I ask people all the time baby here. Do you get from the Euphrates shuttle know that's ridiculous.

Okay one. Remember that when you're walking with the Lord. It doesn't matter whether it's death or any of the other garbage that can happen in this world COBIT what have you all shadow when when when Jesus as your Lord and your master nuking any of heaven is your destination it's it's all shadow so that's just a great reminder. Thank you for that. I deftly need to hear that myself. Okay, so it's a bloodbath stock works just crazy. Unlike wondering why did I feel kinda lousy today around lunchtime less because the market around noon was down almost what 1100 points means crazy.

Now it's up a little bit now, but this wild ride lately just nutso .3 .8 almost 56% 5.99% if he was down 2.3%. All three infections or if you look at it and made sure in the history of 27 years that I've been doing this I never seen except for one over time the market swing like this and that was October 16 02 times.

October 16, 2008 market was down 4.63% and one half in the United States, the European Union, and Japan coordinated action to guarantee banking financing John Paulson shifted tarp money to blind equities and banks since the market closed up for .25% short almost 9% a little over 9% swing and a week later eight days later, the market was down another four quarters percent in the Fed build out mutual funds, money market funds usually in the market closed up 1.26%. I'm going to speculate a program on the news will do some research. This is probably the Fred plunge protection team intervening in this market because you don't see these kind of swings like the market S&P 500 is still down below its 200 day moving average, which is a major support of all this is just a headache and 1/2 in the market. So what what's causing this.

Obviously, we been a while ride the last few weeks, but what's what. Do we know what's causing this right now I movement so radical you only chrome but most the market is now embracing down the whole month of every so it's not like it's just today funeral last Thursday, Netflix dropped 20% in one day and triggered a big selloff. So what's causing the market now is coming to terms were the Fred is really going to raise rates.

The Fed is coming on a today meeting Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and Wednesday.

More than likely raise rates on others for rate hikes. The market has the market is saying that there's going to be 92% chance organ have a rate hike of a quarter-point march 80% of another rate hike in June, 66% in September and the 56 before Street hike in December so market doesn't like rate hike and it's embracing that and they been talking about this for me of this year in the markets up and down towards the market broke through support levels of 200 day moving averages, and that's when we all. I think Mike this is David speculating they'll be better to say this will probably over next week winnable Monday show this is David saying I think the Fred came in and intervened in the market because the ministry for women goes this type of big downward movement because they want to have their cake and eat it Tuesday. Now I have to integrates up because of what we've done to ourselves but they also know from a political standpoint when the market crashes.

That's not good.

And so they try to play both sides all the time. To me this is just the way it goes on what you think the market could do it they actually come out and say were raising rates and they said on Wednesday.

Are we looking at another huge drop like today.

I mean opposite recovered today, but holy cow, how bad could it be what I think the market will go down but don't think you'll feel like it is today, but were shifting all the people that I'm you know that I have are not anti-stock only got really clear, but they are market sensitive. Like were talking Morgan Stanley the chief of Morgan Stanley is calling for 20% correction in the market saying that for last two weeks so it I think we are more downside because here's the problem. Finish all the bullets fill Emily more ammunition they can't drop rates anymore. Their general negative rate space they promised. They were never really like you that but I don't think they're going to the race to support the market, and every time when the market due to this.

All they did was Laura rates will know where to go there back in the corner of the raise rates are structured, your son massively manage one 1980.

Our national debt was $900 billion today it's 30 trillion 3200% increase, so does money coming into the country is only grown 632% in the same critical I'm sure not managing our debt and this is work raising rate is going to make that even significantly more challenge will that's like telling you that's why whatever they do.

Laura rates more likely to raise it and more likely you will not be good for stocks, 11 saying this for a long time market snap Saturday. Yes. So what will happen. On the other end of the teeter totter. As I like to say with precious metals like gold and silver. What will happen grown from the marketplace of the market cycles from the market, you will eventually gold will go up and crash down. Gold closed up a little bit silver close down a little bit been stable infected been on a two month movement upward dollars is broken down through Q support levels so that when the door breaks down the doesn't do well for the stock market and this certainly goes well for gold and like I been saying all the experts are saying now is the time people don't show gold billionaires hedge fund managers analyst are all not all significant amount of them are saying now is the time you want to move some money into gold. Sure, because we will have inflation just like salting your driveway so here Carolina last week. We had snow and a start priming the roads on Wednesday and the snow comes in on Thursday and it's couple inches but you gotta be prepared for you know it's coming and so you take some defensive steps in that as you said time and time again over the years, David. That's the whole reason for including precious metals in your portfolio is to have a defensive measure.

When the markets do what they're doing right now where they're going right more, Bob electronic vigil yeah yeah I've always get excited when the Fed has another idea so beautiful, money, money, rushing to get a little early because it'll be February 1. Next Tuesday, but I'm to be on location doing the show next Monday so little for money Monday. Together David next Tuesday and will bill to go through all the things people to start getting educated gets more information out of the do that 575-4554 landmark I bet he will talk to you soon. Thanks so much Lynn is that website. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you soon. My dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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