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January 18, 2022 9:26 pm


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January 18, 2022 9:26 pm


Steve opens up the phones today to discusses omicron, vaccines, and what these things mean to him and what they are.

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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical everyday issues of life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble you get your case about that shot mail get that special delivery from Amazon. Amazon prime. It needs a same-day delivery. Perhaps omicron everybody's going to get it. And so the question is what what happens now so some pretty interesting things I want to go through with you today. Welcome back. By the way, happy new year. This is Steve Noble the Steve Noble show the Steve Noble's website.

As always, or you can go to Facebook where you could join us literally right here in the studio just at the Facebook page. The Steve Noble show on Facebook and go to the Facebook live broadcast right now all alive and then YouTube life, which is right now all alive so you want to join us here in the state. This was right so you do it is not to get to these couple of articles about she must go, this just came out today from the editors at the national review and just some great things here I'm I'm trying to set us up for what's coming next. Okay, get us prepared as people of the book which means people of truth get us prepared for what's coming next and so felt she must goad from the editorial board of the national review thinking, not just today and then another story came out yesterday which is fascinating.

Why ruling class minutes or so, suddenly doing damage control and coping aminos that I given Linsky the other day admitting that the death numbers for COBIT are cortical inflated know-how inflated. That's got to be interesting. So what's going on here. So in this particular article I will take you through the term that I hadn't heard before called limited hangout which is actually espionage, jargon limited hangout is espionage jargon for strategy of acknowledging facts want to cover stories blown in order to preserve the operation okay and so to get to that fascinating but just to get to set the table here for all of us, in case you haven't gotten your omicron yet how DHL so this is going on all across the fruited plain when it comes to sports, the NHL, which is essentially 100% vaccinated the NHL players, NHL coaches, the NHL staff all the NHL people. There are hundred percent faxed to faxed double double shot and boosted hundred percent okay across the board, the NHL done a great job of that great depending on your perspective, however this hockey season, which started couple months ago.

This hockey season, 70% of all of them have tested positive for COBIT and that would be omicron. At this point will get omicron even though there are hundred percent double jab plus the booster and are still all kidding COBIT and when we say COBIT now which I cannot omicron Seville say COBIT is going well. Is it the original strain 90 more is a Delta 90 more Democrat 97, 90% of all cases nationwide right now are omicron, which you should be praising the Lord for.

Thank you Lord, thank you father for the witness… Let's just think the father right now.

Okay, join me… Think the father would sonic on. Thank you for the way that you establish creation and that there's order and that there's trust and faith that we can have in the wave established Lord, that as a result of the fall we have these viruses and things that happened, but you allowed not only inside your special creation in us the ability to create natural immunity, but that in the system itself. There is grace and mercy.

Lord, because as these viruses mutate, they come become weaker. Sort of a point now where just about all of us are to get this version of COBIT but it's even weaker than the other ones.

And so we praise you for that for that mercy and help us to help our elected officials from the president on down to accept reality and to lay down power and that's that that's a big ass Lord because of our fallen nature, but that's that's what we all pray for wisdom and discernment, fairness and truth from all of our leaders from the top on Taliesin Jesus name payment so there you go.

Just about everything to get omicron and it's very weak for the fast, the overwhelming majority of us, the overwhelming majority of us it was weak anyway when it came to regular old COBIT and then we had Delta and Elliott on okay and so that's just the deal. So what's out there right now as I'm looking at world oh meters and were to look at the United States of America and how many omicron cases do we have okay new deal he cases the United states and by the way, this is massively underreported okay because like me.

I pretty darn sure I had omicron around Christmas I was going to get a test and I was like, what difference does it make really. I felt a little lousy for a couple of days that I bounce back.

Thank you Lord and that was it. And so three years ago. If you felt a little a little lousy and a bit of it sinus thing at a little bit ahead a tiny little tiny little fever your little achy. I cannot think of the flu. Lance is a mild form of the flu anyone go get tested.

I've had the flu several times I've ever been tested for that's that's back you know back in the wild wild West three years ago when we used to just suck it up and muscle through right.

That's what we did go get tested so were massively undercounting. So here's what happened recently. Okay, this is all omicron I'm crumbs all over the place, but it's exceptionally weak compared to the original strain COBIT.

We think the Lord for that.

Generally 13th okay five days ago we had 174,000 cases that we know of. The next day hundred 59 cases.

The next day were dropping okay and that's good right. The next day I generally 15th a huge drop to 579,000 cases right and then we don't have data for, yet we did see yesterday 425,000 new cases yesterday sought because it spikes it spikes it spikes back to the beginning of the year January 6 Henry eight and their 800 grand or more per day, and now we done almost in half. Okay then you come down and you look at the death rate.

You should see the death rate go up because we have so many people getting omicron of course you can have a few more people you see the death rates go up daily death rates. Okay, so the worst we've ever been in his back a year ago, generally 21st 2021.

Okay were up around 4000 4400 really bad. Then we dropped way down to July. Just last July this past summer, down to three and 31. That's really the hundred 6363 deaths on July 5. Okay. We came back up in the middle of September.

We are up over 2000 and we came down a little bit around 1600. Then we went to spike back up just about 45 days ago and then that's going to come down so it lags a little bit behind people getting sick is when you get sick you don't forget to die from it doesn't happen quickly, so it takes a little time there's always some black but we think the Lord that this one's really really weak. So as we move out of the pandemic to an end and I because that's what we are now in endemic some pandemic anymore. What happens what happens to all these little budding Emperor Papa teams out there that promised us when the war was over they would lay down their power what's can happen over talk about how she needs to get fired happens to switch the White House and then a couple of things little talk about Steve Noble to see Noble show. So what happens now that we've left over leaving the pandemic over in the endemic world are all going to get omicron interesting away 9798% of all cases nationwide. We do know this now. By the way, you can look this up yourself are omicron in our crime think you Lord is is a very weak version of of COBIT and so they don't usually say that the state covert because when you say the C word you can maintain some level of fear you say omicron if you should put some truth out there which is people of the book.

If you're Christian I'm a Christian. We try to be people of truth right and so and let the chips fall where they may once get the truth out there, but you have to be able to actually ascertain what the truth is, that's why the fix is been in for such a long time so just kinda getting us prepared thinking about what's coming next. As you start to see even Wolinsky, the head of the CDC is now willing to say yeah will you know the depth, the numbers are probably over probably inflated because we have done a good job.

We don't really know. Deaths from COBIT or death with COBIT and then you said that there's people that come in and only my wife and her watching this great scientist Dr. the other day is YouTube thing off to look it up and I'll tell you about it. That information probably tomorrow.

Is it okay this people to go to hospital because of COBIT go to hospital for totally unrelated things to happen to test positive for COBIT and we count them as COBIT hospitalizations or COBIT debts in a car accident and you actually test positive for COBIT account is COBIT okay that this is like Craig Cray stuff that somebody made up. This is actually happened To tell you anything that's not verifiable and then you have another one in this doctors talk about you all kinds of people who are really unhealthy. Anyway, those of the comorbidities people in the COBIT then push that over the edge. That was the key that was the straw that broke the camels back. These are really unhealthy people and COBIT just was one too many.

Okay, so how is going to take for us to get that information.

I don't know that wherever you get that information. So I'll get to that fascinating article titled wide ruling class minions are so suddenly doing damage control and covert because another willing to admit.

Even on CNN, you start to see some things there really well yeah I mean on this don't want to damage the shut down things so the backtracking, but will what's up with that. Do you trust that is people having to come to Jesus moment, embracing the truth no way. So I'll get to that, but this is from the editors of the national review. Just today I love his title felt she must go give that a big hearty amen high-five air high-five because I don't want you to get COBIT is past time for public health policy to shift to acknowledge that COBIT 19 is an endemic disease and for the most part a risk for individuals to manage algae stands in the way of executing that shift and communicating it to the public.

Bounties on behaviors undermine public trust in response to the pandemic by sitting for celebrity tough profiles and documentaries.

No kidding. By stifling public debate about the origins of COBIT 19 and the proper response to it. By response, responding, a lawyerly and evasive fashion to questions about NIH research dollars support supporting work will hand lab is Nancy Spatz and Sen. Rand Paul and other officeholders. He hasn't.

He's he's hasn't simply. Criticisms but tried to land political blows himself as always been bizarre that the head of an obscure agency is soaked up so much media attention over the past two years felt she has done so many interviews with so many outlets from Sunday shows two obscure podcasts that one wonders how he had time for his day job. Nearly everyone in Washington enjoys being in front of the microphone but even the most shameless media hogs might blush. It bounties interview schedule. Maybe one thing if Ouchi were merely delivering updates on the state of COBIT, but he is gone way beyond that until delved in the pure self-promotion out of the appearance of Ouchi on the cover in style sitting by the pool and sunglasses declaring with all due modesty. I think I'm pretty effective. How does that advance public health. What a great question. Again, this is the editorial board at the national review of their article today if Ouchi must go when Pres. Trump was in constant was inattentive or seem to wish away the crisis Ouchi presented a sober, reassuring confidence in the power scientific inquiry to help us navigate this crisis. Memo those days you like like March getting away back okay you go way back. You way back to those days know my cofounding sky seems reasonable right that didn't last long, but I was a long time ago placing the article by his own admission fallacy Miss Ouchi misleads the public when trying to explain why before he adopted them for himself. He is to spiritually use cloth mass. He explained that people in the public health community were trying to preserve mass for front-line workers quote there's no reason to be walking around with a mask. He said March 2020 near the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel little bit better. It might even block a droplet but is not providing the perfect protection the people think it is.

And often there are unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask of the keep touching their face.

Direct quote. He did not trust the public to restrain themselves score this is a lie. A slur. This was the public that was already making wrenching unthinkable sacrifices with Americans forgoing the funerals of loved ones surrendering their jobs and closing down their businesses in an attempt to meet the untimely unrealistic task, public health, except for them stopping the spread of COBIT 19 they deserved better. They deserved candor in December 2020 interview with the New York Times. Ouchi nonsense. This is called Ouchi must go. This is the editorial board national review 2020 interview of the maritime strategy acknowledge that he had been continuously shifting the goalposts and when he thought herd immunity scope in 19 might be reached reporter Donald McNeil Junior correctly characterize this changes being based quote partly up Ouchi's gut feeling that the countries finally ready to hear what he really thinks unquote. This pattern of intentional deceit is totally unbecoming for public servant. I would say is totally normal at this point trying to shape or manipulate public opinion and behavior is not the job of public health experts. Their job is to clearly and candidly inform a self-governing people and their representatives trust works only if it goes two ways free curious and inquisitive people subjected to this behavior from their leaders will naturally recoil and other government claims about vaccines or therapeutics, i.e. hundred percent of the NHL's back 70% of them of God COBIT the season their double backs and boosted but girl getting killed there. I'll get right found she is per as peremptorily dismiss criticism of his work is criticism of science itself. I am science Marie said that the effect has been to bring science into disrepute. Ouchi participated in an amplified of the smoke and mirrors public relations campaign launched by Eagle health alliances Dr. Peter Danzig to rule out the lovely theory of COBIT 19 as a conspiracy theory knowing, of course, this is true. Subsequent email leaks and FOI freedom of information act requests of shelf Ouchi acting more like the head of a cartel of scientific experts oppose pandemic investigations should determine let's pray for that whether the American and global health response to the pandemic was stymied and slow because of the prejudices and hobby horses of a handful of bureaucrats in Washington including Dr. Ouchi who control the distribution of $32 billion annually bow down if Ouchi otherwise you don't get your funding for your research, which is how all these other scientists make their money so they lit THE purpose unbelievable.

These dollars fine.

Nearly all the lifeblood of biomedical inquiry money that pays even the salaries of low level biology professor.

Such waivers go toe the line at sites like come for come kiss Michael Corleone's ring. Otherwise, you're in trouble. One day I might ask you to do me a favor right project political dispositions disposition shape his alarmism and discredited him with a large swath of the country and raising my hand that any visible public health strategy has to be able to reach. He denounced people for attending college football games in a region of the country were COBIT wasn't seasonal decline no outbreak materialized member. He's been under fire from Republican senators and House members. Any as he handled it increasingly poorly was caught in a hotplate calling Sen. Roger Marshall Morand Ouchi claims that he himself represents the science and has admitted deceptions of the public are incompatible with each other and intolerably insolent to boot.

He must go. Amen. So pray for the election. The November elections have consequences.

Pray for conservatives to get in there and pray that they go investigation crazy without you and others will be yeah true might seem crazy, but it really is anti-I try to stick as close to the truth as I possibly can hear the show. Welcome back. It's the Steve Miller show.

By the way, I while you're up on that we only level our radio partners.

I would be you would be hear my voice of the were for radial partners. That's all this started now or in Facebook and YouTube and podcast know I could stuff and that's awesome. We praise the Lord for that, but radio is the backbone of it all in's but if you're on the radio and you never check out the Facebook live or YouTube live then you mess some portion of it because radio just so you know the show actually starts at 4:06 PM Eastern time because were life and then it ends just a 10 seconds before 5 PM. Located things in there with the clock and so we actually have on the radio side about 40 minutes but on the Facebook live in YouTube live side. We don't we don't we don't have to deal with commercial breaks. So we are actually closer to an hour's all start talking to people on Facebook live in YouTube live at about 403404 Eastern time and then we during the commercial breaks we continue to talk the now if you early on the radio. The overwhelming majority of what I talk about what I share with you, and I try to inform you try to help you as I'm doing for myself is on the radio so so we have sidebar it's kind like you got the main outline on the radio and then some of the subpoints which I don't have time for the radio. I do that on the commercial breaks or on Facebook live in YouTube like Lori just got have a separate conversation or off-site. Ask questions and what little more interaction there so it's actually's I would say a significantly different experience if you're on YouTube live or Facebook live the Steve Noble show versus just the radio site girl valuable. We praise Lord for all that okay this is fascinating to me because if you notice is what I'm I'm disappointed today show is coming.

Let's all look in the future and see what's coming at us as think I'd be gone from the pandemic to be endemic in omicron is a blessing because it's a really weak version of Cove. Okay, it's highly contagious which wire buddies getting it hundred percent of the people in the NHL across the border vaccinated double backs and a booster and 70% of a minority had COBIT the season which is omicron doing its thing right. But praise the Lord it's very weak for the overwhelming majority people there to be more hospitalizations because so many more people and those are just the ones that we actually know are being tested at the test results can be trusted. While the numbers go, but the numbers and they say 800,000 people tested positive for omicron. The reality is, it could be 1.6 million.

I had it pretty sure I had it. I didn't go get tested because what's the point, and in another year you know if we ever get back to normal and you don't feel so great. You'll work it out. You'll work through it unless you get really sick. It's just annoying. You'll feel it might stay home like a social distance yourself a little because got cold and flu and you work through it.

That's it that's all we did it. You know for like 5000 year. I so so the narratives changing store watching their center starting to admit some things here and there, which is why this is such an interesting article why ruling class minutes or so, suddenly doing damage control and COBIT.

This is by Stella Morabito, this just came out today, whatever you see truth escaping from the lips of wires like steam from a pressure cooker, you should assume something bigger is cooking under the cover of the interest rate makes perfect sense, corporate media and its government allies seem to be making peace with reality by fessing up to the damages caused by insane policies on COBIT.

Nothing could be further, the truth yes recently hosted pundits, politicos and clinical experts seem to be coming clean about facts on the ground, finally acknowledging that most Americans have known for nearly 2 years that the never ending lockdowns and mandates have done colossal damage to our society to our economy and most tragically to our children but these self-appointed overlords are simply engaged in a form of damage control a limited hangout will get that definition here in a minute.

Limited hangout when they can no longer hide their lives. They acknowledge the obvious in order to keep their biggest lies on life support is a reframing exercise meant to preserve the wider agenda of consolidating power.

She doesn't sound a little bootable 77 who consolidation of power.

I got a go wake up to the stop okay this is going. I've talked about done entire shows in the great reset. That's a factor here in a minute back to this article. I wish I could agree with those who feel this means we reached a turning point a light at the end of the tunnel of our Wu hand virus nightmare. Rather, I think we need to gird our loins for a bigger fight. Propagandists have no intention of telling us the whole truth ever so little history of the term limited hangout, limited hangout is an espionage jargon for a strategy of acknowledging facts when a cover story is blown in order for per preserve the bigger operation 1970s gave us this example of the Watergate and Watergate transcript. Okay, Pres. Nixon asked his advisors you think we want to go go this route now in the let it hang out, so to speak. Bob Haldeman and John Dean assured him it was a limited hangout.

John Ehrlichman then chimed in a modified limited hangout only give him enough maybe to throw him out the trailer you will admit to some stuff but working to keep the reels to keep the real live the big whopper will keep that okay this point. According to USA Today, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton apply to limited hangout when she confessed member this to using a private email server instead of the State Department server. She was legally required to use for official business since she couldn't deny it. She gave a non-apology apology explaining it was simply for the sake of convenience, she insisted the server would remain private and then got I got by with the help from some well-placed friends. So whenever you see truth escaping from the lips of liars like steam from a pressure cooker, you should assume something bigger is cooking, possibly explosive under the cover. But what's behind the fear mongering okay not stick with this don't go all he Steve you're like a conspiracy theorist also know it's taken a couple years now and I've got and I'll take the stuff conspiracy tears. I think that the world is the stark spirit of the ages. This powerful source struggling with all this. Okay, I guess is the deal so let's keep the relationship of truth to propaganda the most informative book I've ever seen on propaganda remain shocking rules, 1965 classic propaganda the formation of men's attitudes below offer some big something big for us to keep in mind will were trying to figure out intentions hidden by limited hangout psychological projection. Quote the propagandists will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed.

He will excuse some of the very intention that he himself has enough trying to commit the very crime he himself is about to commit, like Ashley. He wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions, but also accuses the others party a provocation. The accusation aimed at the others intention clearly reveals the intention of the accuser, but the public cannot see this because the revelation is interwoven with facts are ruling propagandists have to backtrack since so much of their COBIT narrative has collapsed, but be prepared for them to promote a new and improved playing game against their chosen villains, including Republicans beat unvaccinated and so on. Joe Rogan, you name that's likely why were seeing a coordinated modified limited hangout interviews all and involves all the usual left-wing media outlets involves the director of the Centers for Disease Control and others leading the medical establishment including Dr. pouches, double-sided mouth and involves Democrat leaders like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who in an about-face is now insisting that schools open. Did you catch that. That's why they went to war with the school board the school and that school board, but the school teachers union in Chicago because her like were not going back because these kids are gonna kill us and she's I guess you are. When a second hey Lori, not 12 months ago you were all for shut in all schools don't like infant night infinitely because Robin and I write so she's changed.

You notice that we should view any future attempt to revive the fear mongering and enforced isolation with a very watchful eye events are moving along rapidly and limited hangout seem to be multiplying. There's no telling where they may lead.

Clearly, the ruling class needs to try to reestablish its own credibility and its lost trust with the now reached restive masses.

We also need to lay the groundwork to shift the blame for the disasters they promoted. All the while there some there, subject to the constant pull of their addiction to power. That's biology class.

My guess is the author says that many in government in the media feel closer than ever to their goal of consolidating power in their willing to achieve it at any cost by any means. Why do you think the Democrat party went with the Joe Biden is an empty suit and empty suits are really really convenient. Could you put anything in one right so this this is now the author here goes on to to a mention something we talked about for couple years now, which the great reset consider world economic forum founder Clouse Schwab's book the great reset. According to him, COBIT 19 is tailor-made usher in the centralized global estate in which he and his billionaire buddies control the means of production distributing all goods all services and all information, assuring us that will be happy. Not owning a single thing now that sounds like a James Bond movie doesn't it's not telling. If you just do us both a favor, okay, please, if you think whenever I mention a great reset that it just sounds like cuckoo nutty stop the go Google it yourself. They have a website under the world economic forum, the great reset videos explanation. It's all there in plain sight. They are not hiding anything. None of them nothing about all of this is in the closet anymore. It's all out easily ascertained, studied and understood by you just go Google it yourself okay.

Don't take my word for it. 30 minutes. You get highly educated on the great reset and it will disturb you. So what's the next play. This is in the story. I'm reading from why ruling class minutes or so, suddenly doing damage control COBIT and I'll sign it all up at the links up for it. Okay, that anthology must go from the National review to do that right now the commercial break.

We come back. So what's the next play what's coming at us and just remember my Christian brothers and sisters. One day what's coming at us is that the kingdom new heaven and a new earth all the stuff will be gone but in the meantime, we need to be like the Marines we need to be discerning me to be wise to be skeptical of your right physical one but mental, emotional, spiritual. If I were in one way or will be one until you go home to be with the Lord's back but that's just the DRI to just settle in for it is what it is you can't run away from that you live in a very broken dark world it's getting darker it's getting more broken all the time.

And Jesus will take care that eventually, and so if you're in Christ and he's your one and only ticket to heaven and you put all your faith in him. Realizing that you can't possibly be perfect because you can't, then this is all short-term stuff right this is a blown tire on the way to Disney big deal. What did you get a change, move along, and that's what's can happen here, but it doesn't decrease the frustration and the concerns that we have today. And that's fine. We should lament over that we should engage we should be people of truth which try to help other people move towards him and bind towards the gospel itself so that they can experience the fruit of the spirit right so have you struggle with the fruit of the spirit in the midst of all this craziness for the last couple years. I certainly have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. I've struggled all that stuff and and that's what the devil wants you can't take your salvation, but he can get you to sell your joy down the river for a bowl of stew like Esau did. And we start to think that all this stuff is all the risk, but there it isn't.

And so even when you grieve over the world.

Just don't grieve as those who have no hope. A rumor that so talk through a bunch of different angles what's coming next. As the Co. vid Empire begins to shrink in all those that have gained power and prestige. But what are they gonna do when you take away the toys.

That's what this article is about the work my way through what were working our way through it.

Why ruling class minutes or so, suddenly doing damage control and COBIT in the author. This is asking so what's the play what's the next play games in the talked about the great reset and if you think that's cookie I just shared on Facebook live. The links seem to look it up yourself. Just Google the great reset the very first thing you're gonna find is a link to the world economic\great – reset. This is real, get them talking about it for a few years now Clouse Schwab was like right out of an old James Bond movie is the guy leading the sup Cano read some of the stuff for you and second let's finish with this article.

So what's the next play, the author asks do you have any idea what Plan B might be the populations increasing refused to go along with the vaccine mandates and shutdowns and we should.

How might they be cortical persuaded to comply with a much more virulent pathogen do it. Complete social breakdown through runaway violent crime with no real law enforcement or maybe an ominous threat from a nuclear powered Iran or China. We don't know whether this virus is released deliberately, accidentally or even naturally. It's not naturally accidentally most likely, but it was created deliberately can bet your bottom dollar that some future disaster with a manufactured accidental or natural is a certainty, given the tenacity of the globalist class.

Think the great reset to get their way. No matter the cost and treasurer in human life. The experts are philanthropists in great and petty bureaucrats will be there to take up the challenge. There is no theory conspiracy or otherwise. It's simply the openly discussed vision, the consensus of the globalist oligarchy all redo their own words or they been outspoken about wanting to destroy Western culture and freedoms in all of our institutions.

They constantly talk to one another and coordinate across silos of government, big tech media and academia.

That's exactly I'll read it to you or just go look up the great reset yourself real okay coming getting momentum COBIT is done what you terrifies most in all of this is the utterly cultish mindset in the ruling class of elites is truth like a colt. They really believe they know best and must tell us what to do, that were too stupid to understand the glorious vision of the future. Sounds like a movie script doesn't fit well in the Bible. What made a big tech parent shy about threatening to cancel and crush us. If we do find in the end process Joe Rogan or Dr. Malone.

These folks from my doctors and then will take advantage of any opportunities provided by any crisis to exercise their power. This is the kernel of what is limited.

Hit in their sudden hangouts of facts so they hang out.

The sun hang out is likely at the numbers are off here and there, but what they're hiding is the bigger the bigger life meaning they want to take over the world, which again I know it sounds crazy, but it isn't. Revelation takes us in the direction of a one world government. Okay if we hope, and that's going to happen God's way, will come to pass. If we hope to hang on to freedom.

We should be prepared to exercise some serious asymmetric resistance at the very least we should've learned never to comply with such cruel and unusual punishment. Perhaps the next time. Not quite right for us for using the Wuhan virus to squash freedom, but the next crisis is right around the corner and the ruling elites have no intention of letting it." Go to waste, which is reference of Rahm Emanuel is to be Obama's Chief of Staff, so every element is read it to you right out here in the open world economic forum W. E.\great – reset but save yourself a second and just Google or whatever search engine use the great reset the great reset and Juergen it's gonna come right up world economic forum so there is theirs there but I'm looking at this, there really well done website there is an urgent need for global stakeholders took whose global stakeholder. That's the elite right, the rich, the wealthy, powerful is urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of COBIT 19 crisis to improve the state of the world world economic form is starting the great reset initiative. Thinking that's nice of the coven is the context COBIT 19 crisis in the political, economic, and social disruptions. It has caused is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making is the big vision, inconsistencies, inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems from health and financial to energy and education are more exposed than ever amidst a global context of concern for lives, livelihoods, and the planet. Leaders find themselves at a historic crossroads managing short-term pressure against medium and long-term uncertainties. That's the context here's the opportunity I'm reading from great webs. The great reset website okay as we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery is good flowery language. This initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models in the management of a global commons drawing from the vision and vast experience of the leaders engaged across the forms communities. The great reset initiative has has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honors the dignity of every human being. While that's awesome, can you hear the hiss of the snake. So then you go down the page and all these videos after you start looking up their partners and stuff and Juergen if these are some of the most powerful entities and people on the planet. Leaders of corporations.

Corporations themselves. The wealthiest people leaders of states and nations. It's crazy. You can filter by industry you get all the partners okay.

Let's just all just to the K okay this is a huge list. AI was filtered as I go see which ones we we recognize these are all groups, businesses, organizations that are part of the great reset the AARP Abbott labs Accenture, Adobe no Adobe let's see AGS their huge Agro America huge AIG huge Airbus okay you recognize some of these right of the olive Bobby the Ali Baba group, which is enormous Allied Bank Allied digital services Amazon unit I was, the American Heart Association, these are all groups that involve one or another Anheuser-Busch I'm just I'm just ripping through this season. Things I recognize of course Apple the artist and group AstraZeneca that's big Pharma. What else is there axis Bank. Let's just flip around okay with you.

P theirs, be who's in here we can recognize Bahrain economic deponent board that this Bain capital you nice work. There may still have some holdings there that would be Mitt Romney Bain capital.

Let's see Bangkok Bank.

That's a big one, Bank of America Bank of China, Barclays, BASF pair while are you nervous yet BlackRock Blackstone group.


What a shock blowing. I'm just reading through it. I'm scram some as I go, what else let's flip to see this should make you should open your eyes. Okay, these are all these are all groups that are involved in the great reset one's way or another. The global elite sound like crazy as it sounds crazy Cantor Fitzgerald, their huge I'm just going through it. Chevron yeah not a small company Cisco not a small company, some you probably work for Cisco Coca-Cola interesting… And there credit suites while CVS health while in the hits just keep coming. Okay so you go look at all this stuff and just work your way through and you're going to be like okay so this is the play it's the play that's God is known about since the pound before the foundations of the world. Okay.

And so that's all going on.

You think all the federal government to Joe Biden. There's a lot more powerful forces involved in just that what's going on in the Navy as they will use whatever they can to corral people in order to craft their verdict.

Their vision of the world any vision other than God in us the battle that's been going on since he got kicked out of the garden. But one day we won't have to do radio shows we don't have that podcast will have to talk about a the Lord will take care of it and that should give you a great measure of peace don't sell that piece down the river for bolus to don't let the mainstream media and the news of the day wrap you don't let them rob you don't want the greatest things we can do for a lost world, showing the joy that we have in Jesus Christ.

This is Steve Noble Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon.

My dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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