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Roller Coaster

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January 14, 2022 10:29 pm

Roller Coaster

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 14, 2022 10:29 pm

Roller Coaster

Steve talks about masks and other things that drive him crazy. It is a wild roller coaster. He brings Dr. Bill Pincus on as well.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble roller coaster ride Friday at the appropriate moments moments here and you'll go through so I've got a disturbing story than a disturbing story than a maddening story and then a good story and then a sad story and then an important story and then a well depends on what you look like story will get to that and then the last segment of the show. Dr. Bill Pincus is the president of North Carolina right to life and tomorrow is the March for life so you have that here in Raleigh, North Carolina March for life which is tomorrow 1 PM Bicentennial Plaza if you're familiar with Raleigh.

It's there is a screening, why does it always do that.

If you're familiar with Bicentennial Plaza. It's literally right across the street from the legislature so there's like this whole concrete area. There's a museum on the side Museum on that side. That's a 1 o'clock tomorrow is the March for life and given the opening prayer there as well as the prayer breakfast in the morning but I hope you'll come join us if you are to spend the day watching Netflix or whatever, as opposed to taking a public stand for the issue of life Weldon. Shame on you.

Let's get something else they just can't get out of town this by the way, this is one of the great things why I give all my students a bunch extra credit when they come out with me for a love-life Saturday does stand out across the street from an abortion clinic and do praise and worship as well as prayer interceding is to come to go from a professional pro-life faith to actually living it out actually do something about it because you might think. It doesn't make a difference if you come out and spend an hour or so marching for the cause of life. But I'm telling you it does.

It continues to send a message to our city, our state and our country. It definitely sends a message to the Lord and I will send a message to your own spirited again. What's up with that so that's tomorrow 1 o'clock Serena talk to Dr. Bill Pincus is the president of North Carolina right to life in the last segment of the show, but let me take you on this roller coaster ride. As we go through these various stories that I've been looking at and reading and considering over the last couple days.

Here's the first one. If you live in North Carolina.

This is a huge trouble huge trouble because meteorologist Jim can Tori is going to be in Asheville this weekend so just Jim Kent Tori who you know what the weather Channel and all at stuff. He's like the Grim Reaper of bad weather.

So wherever Jim can Tori goes that's because there's something bad weatherwise it's about to happen. So Jim can Tori was on Twitter someday asked him or is going this week and he said Asheville astral North across the Western North ground you could get up to a foot of snow in North Carolina that's in Armageddon -like event so there will start with that.

That's Conservancy Jim can Tori come in a Western North that's problem. Okay, so setting that aside this week. Just couple days ago yesterday. Actually, the Supreme Court came out with a rather quick decision on the vaccine mandate, which was a split decision important and not great in many ways.

It was an advance forward for the Constitution and individual rights. Unless your front-line person that we been holding you up as heroes for the last two years but now all of a sudden, if you refuse to get the jab your monster not a hero anymore your monster, you got me rights belong to bodily autonomy rights and abortion than knock yourself out so this is from the Federalist. The spring court's ruling on vaccine mandates is frighteningly weak, the High Court issue. Both decisions as per curiam, or by the court.

Unsigned opinions with a 63 majority stating the OSHA de facto vaccine mandate in the first case, five, 463 on that in a fight for majority in Biden versus Missouri allowing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services rule requiring vaccines for medical facility workers to take affect that's medical facilities that take federal dollars, which is most of them.

So Justices John Roberts and Brett Cavanaugh switch sides to join the courts leftist members in the Medicare Medicaid case with Justice Clarence Thomas and Judge Samuel Alito issuing separate to since joined by Justices Amy County peritoneal corset and national Federation this the one that made us happy. The six justice majority interest day to prevent OSHA's emergency temporary standard which is the one requiring employers with 100 or more employees to either compel their employees to become vaccinated order test weekly for covert and where mass at work, it stopped. It came from going into effect while correct the majority opinion said little of the matter. Yes, quote administrative agencies are creatures of statute, meaning law" hat have only the authority that Congress has provided that's an important point, and no one passing the occupational safety and act in 1970, Congress did not plainly authorize OSHA to order 84 million Americans either obtain a covert jab or undergo weekly medical testing at their own expense. That was an overreach to say the least. Merely adding that OSHA's rule was no everyday exercise of federal power. But instead a significant encroachment in the lives and health of a vast number of employees that required a reading from the article Congress to speak clearly provide a little update upgrade to the opinion given the breadth of the overreach and the offense to our constitutional republic passion was required and we didn't get it. Quote there's no question that state local authorities possess considerable power to regulate public health. Corset said before stressing that quote the federal government. Scott listen, this is so important understand and understand the Constitution, the rule law okay because it could still mostly matters. The federal government's powers, however, are not general but limited and divided thinking founding fathers. Thus, the federal government must both invoke a constitutionally enumerated source of authority liked even have the right to do it." Act consistently with the Constitution's separation of powers.

On this latter point courses provided a much-needed exposition article 1 of the U.S. Constitution provides that quote the national government's power to make laws belongs with the people elected representatives, not dojo, but in this case. If Congress seeks to provide its legislative powers to unelected officials justice corsets continued, it must do so clearly and purposefully.

It did it okay sadly in this article Gore such as concurrence could not garner the agreement of the majority of justices leaving the planned opinion put forth for the quarter.

National Federation to control the tragedy came however in the companion case Biden versus Missouri.

This is one specifically about our healthcare workers in if your healthcare worker. I'm really sorry, especially if you want bodily autonomy and you chose not to get the facts and you lost your job probably already possesses a gross missed miscarriage of justice in the Constitution. While at first blush, the cases must seem substantially different at the core of the cases involve identical concerns whether Congress did or could grant unelected bureaucrats such broad power over America so couple more details on that because this is a split decision week on the good side and terrible on the bad side, but that's what happens when you have a country that's now an oligarchy which is run by just a few powerful people, including a few people in black robes that were not elected by us will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble show and just reminder all my friends are North Carolina, especially in central and western North Carolina. Jim can Tori's going so that's not good when it comes to whether scope to careful out there. I got supposed to start Saturday night into Sunday and if it's really bad in effect Winston-Salem that could affect us on Monday with the show's will to see what happens. Talk about the Guthrie court ruling that came out yesterday, which is a split decision good for the vaccine mandate being against that for all the businesses trying to use OSHA occupational safety health administration to as the hammer the enforcement of the bite administrations vaccine mandate fantasy so that got shut down, which is great for the time being, but the other side for our healthcare workers who we've idolized and lifted up and called you heroes and all that good stuff for the last couple years, which I think you deserve. Now forget though what once the vaccine mandate comes on the vaccines. We gotta keep the narrative going from the powers that be.

So the hero yesterday and a monster today.

That's the deal so that side of it, the buzz Biden versus Missouri case is the other side that we lost those of us that want freedom. The mandatory vaccination rule issued by the centers for Medicare Medicaid field defined statutory support in the governing statutes. That's what Justice Thomas explained, you know, because he knows the law, nor did the various random statutory provisions grant HHS the authority quote to require millions healthcare workers to choose between losing their livelihoods and acquiescing to a vaccine, they have rejected for months.

Justice Thomas explained before stressing vaccine mandate also falls squarely within the states police power, and until now only rarely have been a tool of the federal government.

If Congress had wanted to grant them the authority to impose a nationwide vaccine mandate and, consequently, after the state federal balance. It would've said so clearly it did not. Today, however, Justice Thomas wrote most federal law is not made by Congress. It comes in the form of rules issued by unelected administrators and that would be in the elect and the executive branch of our government friends underneath the control of the present states and that's called the bureaucracy or the swamp and most of it states whenever you switch presidencies so the vast majority of the swamp when Trump left and Joe came in and stayed the same. Presidents have a chance to replace about 7000 people were talking about 2 million employees. Let's nothing because it includes military, nothing we look at the size of the executive branch and look at the judicial branch of legs in the legislative branch there like tiny but the executive branch, which of course is the laws they've taken in the enforcement of laws passed by Congress to just enforcement of whatever we say now I want to challenge you to be largely honest on this one, it's your guy or gal in the White House you love them using executive power, but one is the other guy or gal in the White House. You don't that makes you for the most part and likely dishonest.

No president in either party should have unlimited power in the White House to use his executive powers or executive powers.

It should not be a limit unlimited. It never was designed to be so. The more they abuse it the worse it gets for the country in the hell depends on whose ox is getting court right right well this is the Canadian fathers ox is getting Gore check the story out in Canada unvaccinated the father loses the right to see his child. She's so tyrannical Canadian father who has not been vaccinated a devil against COBIT is temporarily lost the right to see his 12-year-old child.

The judge ruled his visits would not be in the child's best interest.

I wonder what they say. One of the judge would say about protecting the child from lightning, fire, bike accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, things like that because those are all vastly more deadly to a child than COBIT but then I'm talking about facts so please forgive me. I lost my mind for second, the judgment as the first, depriving a parent of access rights on immunization grounds, a family law expert told the newspaper. The judge's decision made at the end of last month in Québec. I suspended the father's visitation rights until February unless he gets chapped.

The mother who opposed the father's initial request to extend his visitation time told the court she had recently discovered he was unvaccinated using his social media posts. That's where we live in the mother lives with her partner and two other children because you know that's not harmful to your children. Just live with your wife or your sleep were too young to be vaccinated know nothing more. Now we combat were getting ready to be able to vaccinate him for a cold down to like six months. I said it before I say again, I have no problem saying this if you get your kids back.

Shame on you unless I have like major comorbidities and understand but other than that, the judge said it was not in the child's best interest to have contact with her father that's that's also indicative of the spirit of the age the world we live in. That's why love people in the prime of same-sex marriage right so when same-sex marriages legalize your purposely denying a child either mother or father and by the way, sorry if this offends you, the father can never be a mother and the mother can never be a father man can be a woman. A woman welcome to binary world. The judge said it was not in the child's best interest to have contact with the father that sick Québec which sees the highest number of covert related deaths in Canada announced earlier this week, it would impose a tax on residents who are not vaccinated and were in omicron now is everybody's getting it is going through the roof and Australia where they've locked down the country at the end of a pistol for two years now and it's going crazy there. You're going to get omicron everything to get omicron and praise the Lord because is basically a cold for the vast overwhelming majority people and then COBIT fizzles out know what's the power going to be that do when it fizzles out they no longer have a carrot or stick.

That's can be fascinating. Although only about 12. This is the snow watch the news. This happens all the time and peer north going only about 12% of Québec residents are eligible for the vaccine and remain unvaccinated.

They make up over 1/4 of all hospital cases. I was shocked yesterday almost drove my car off the road listening to a story on a conservative station 106.1 here in the Raleigh area where they do have a little newsbreak and they talked about all one of the stories looks a bit like all these people tested positive for omicron and some jail facility, but they added. This was highly unusual this when I muster my car off the road.

They added that that just about all the positive cases were either asymptomatic or very mild you notice what happens in this happens all the time and conservative stations to those cited 28,000 cases positive cases. Yesterday, which sounds like there's 28,000 people in the streets dying of a bowl and bleeding out their eyes right that's all that sounds, that's outcomes across they know what they're doing. Panic porn it's fear porn when the reality is the overwhelming majority people to get omicron. Basically a cool and that wasn't news three years ago because it can be used for power and control. The notice of change hire some good news for you at the break manchild Joe mansion and Kristin cinema if you want to put a couple people in your prayer list to just generally keep in your prayers for the foreseeable future.

It's then Sen. Joe mansion, a Democrat from West Virginia and Kristin cinema, a Democrat from Arizona Senate. So here's the deal. They're both all about their all about some of this voting rights bill that basically would federalize the entire voting process which is not constitutional U.S. Constitution. If you bother to learn about it until just snarky. If you bother to learn about. It puts all the control for elections at the state and local level. Why because that's closer to you and me.

The people you do not want the federal government controlling every aspect of voting because the federal government has a vested interest. It's like a judge she should recuse himself or herself in the trial because there's conflicts of interest, the federal government have a conflict of interest in federal elections is called power.

Power and control. That's why the Democrats want to do it and they passed it the other day in the house but they can't pass in the Senate unless you get the nuclear option the nuclear option is to remove the cloture vote. The cloture vote in the Senate. Remember, this is a great visual okay think cup and saucer fancy cup and saucer.

The cup with a board. The liquid whatever copy to you can come and swirl around and spill out in the saucer catches it so the cup and the federal government is like the House of Representatives is a little nutty there, but the Senate which he served for six years. Not to like the saucer it's a stabilizing factor. That's why in the Senate. You can't put this all on their own role in place.

Cloture since no you can't just get a 51 to 49. Vote can be a simple majority, you get 60 people to agree to even vote for it and then will have a regular Oxley nothing more than the Québec credit for this Civics 101 here today on the Steve Noble show talking about that in the Senate where they want to than the house. They passed the federalize the election process which is a train wreck and then in the and the and the Senate, which is 50-50. They want to get rid of the cloture vote. The cloture vote as I was explaining before the break provides a little protection for the minorities. So you gotta get 60 votes to even get something on the fortitude vote on it so you get a little cooperate from the other side and if they don't want to do it you if you get 60 votes can't get 60 votes goes nowhere.

Such cloture. The" nuclear option is to destroy that rule. Get rid of that rule. By the way, that's a self-imposed rule is not constitutional, they can get rid of it tomorrow if they wanted. It was just it would just be a power move, okay. And what, by the way, no actual honesty time if the Republicans drink and had a 50-50 control. The senator 5347 control the Senate and wanted to dump the cloture rule. I would be hammering them as well. It's just an abuse of power cable Kristin cinema and Joe mansion should be praying for those guys is about saying no Joe mansion set. I will not bow to eliminate or weaken the filibuster of the filibuster plays an important role in protecting our democracy from the transitory passions of the majority sees thinking constitutionally.

God bless user and respecting the input of the minority in the Senate. While some of them have changed their position. I have not mansion set of his Democratic colleagues. Respect is a two-way street. I respect that they have changed and I would hope that they respect that I have not, because again you Chucky Schumer you go back to when the Republicans at about one point wanted to pull the nuclear option get rid of the cloture and he went ballistic. But now the shoe was on the other foot Christian Cinema interesting senator from the state of Arizona so she's all for the voting thing threats to American democracy are real. I share the concerns of civil rights advocates and others I've heard from in recent months about the state law cinema said so she's all for the. The federalization of it, but she's not. She's not forgetting the cloture vote, so she said while I continue to support these bills. I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease division infecting our country is no need for me to restate my long-standing support for the 60 vote threshold to pass legislation. It is of you have held during my years serving about the U.S. House in the Senate and as of you.

I continue to hold. That's why Democrats and liberal pendants a nationwide hate the H Joe mansion Christensen if you're conservative you should pray for them there in a tough spot. Okay this is a sad story, but this has implications around the world as well as here in America. I talk about this. My Christian ethics class with high schoolers. This woman wanted to die before illness killed her.

She finally got her wish. Martha Sepulveda of Columbia was diagnosed with ALS. Which is horrible and incurable, and degenerative disease. The Roman Catholic died euthanasia on Saturday morning in a clinic in Medellin Columbia in the company of her family, but was a long road for the woman who made headlines when she asked to be allowed to die by euthanasia without an immediate terminal prognosis.

Those expected to live for six months or less, arguing that she did not want to wait for even more pain and difficulties from ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease and incurable degenerative disease Nellis. This is where a lot of people's cultures of Roman Catholic, she doesn't know Scripture quote God does not want to see me suffer. Okay, stop there for second, God takes no delight in your suffering friends here suffering right now, for whatever reason, God's not up there going. You deserve it, and in any group know he does not delight in seeing his creatures of special creation that would be you and me suffer, but there is inherent value in suffering, sometimes for the person in often times for other people around suffering. As we learned in the New Testament can be an incredible platform for the gospel and to minister to others, which is why ring set current is chapter 1 that we comfort others with the comfort that we have received ourselves from God. You become an emissary to other people in your suffering. We want to eliminate suffering because were selfish and I'm not seeing pain is real and heartache isn't real because it is and I agonize over people and some people close to me that are suffering.

But there is a redemptive value in suffering and patience is just us staying out of knowing our place and staying out of God's way is he does whatever he chooses to do, but the clinic that offers procedure last October canceled euthanasia at the last minute she merely fought back in the courts and the judges agreed with her. Listen to this. Forcing a person to prolong his existence for an indeterminate time when he does not want to and suffers deep afflictions is equivalent to cruel and inhumane treatment. The judge says so based on a decision Mars that Martha was able to choose a new date which is January 8. She made history in our country but also the region in defending the right to a dignified death.

That's what they like to use that language. Her attorneys help her case set a precedent. Those who want to exercise. Listen, those who want to exercise and guarantee the right to die with dignity should not be afraid to make it public. Those who exercise their rights should never hide on Friday, the day before she was euthanized. Columbia had already taken a big step forward in the right to a dignified death in a Kelly clinic Kelly Columbia Victor Victor Escobar, a 60-year-old Colombian transporter hood suffered from various health problems for 30 years was euthanized. It was the first procedure of this type in that country and in Latin America for a non-terminal patient so this is helping. This is happening in Europe. By the way, so now you can you beat you get euthanized.

You can choose a death through Dr. or as another company is creating visible pods that you can jump in and pick your music your playlist and then die.

That's real. By the way, so now you don't have to have terminal illness. You just have to be really unsatisfied with your life so and in parts of Europe.

Their clear-cut contemplating allowing euthanasia for people that are dealing with anxiety and depression.

Well, people that have terrible cases of anxiety and depression do think their thinking clearly.

No in their time there just this is not going as never to change. You don't know that but again I'm talking and thinking and speaking as one with a Christian worldview. I know the truth. But this is picking up speed. All around the world.

The 20th civil 20 Civil Ct., Medellin circuit settled the discussion by responding to the appeal. The judge recognize that it is up to each person to judge and define what type of suffering.

He considers unworthy in an incompatible with his idea dignity is not the doctors of public opinion or the church to determine who suffers more suffers less he says they go. That's autonomy. I am God.

I am my own got. I will decide I will place the worth where I believe it should be in my ability to make money and not be stressed out versus that the child that's inside of me. It's a desire to live. That's just autonomy. That's idolatry it's a violation of First Amendment first. The first commandment… He got for me that would include yourself Carl Truman. He was on the show back in August I wrote a great book to the rise in trying to the modern self, which is kind of explains, over the course of about the last 500 years. How do we get to the point in our culture and around the world where we say hey you know what I was of the men born woman's body or vice versa woman born a man's body. That's why I'm transgendered and I need to do a sex change. Brilliant guy, so I saw this article shall we cancel the theologians dealing with the sins of men like Luther and Edwards. That would be Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards first great awakening cancel culture shows no signs of abatement.

The spectator in Britain ended the year speculating on whether comedy itself will now be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the minimus reactions. Those who dare to affirm the importance of biological sex by JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter continued unabated.

Even the word mother is under attack. Yet there is a form of cancel culture emerging within the ranks of Christians and operates with selected pieties drawn from the wider will culture and reflects whether by accident or design, the same self-righteousness that marks the secular world to obvious examples are current attitudes towards Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards. So Martin Luther if you don't know was vehemently antisense medic like disgustingly anti-Semitic and Jonathan Edwards sinners in the hands of an angry God in him and in Whitfield of the two that God really used to drive the first great awakening, but he owns some slaves. Jonathan Edwards 20 do it that we do it the question.

It's a very legitimate question is whether we should continue to take seriously such men failed so signally to conform to moral positions that we now regard as self-evident and indeed a consistent application of the Christianity into which they both had such signal insight.

Should we cancel them. There are two obvious responses to this, Christians can excuse their sins is irrelevant to their contribution and celebrate them as heroes or Christians can dismiss these men because of their complicity and evil in our welcome polarized times the temptation to address the matters.

One of these in one of these two ways powerful. You can think about this with her with route with respect like Robbie Zacharias.

Yes, neither approach is ultimately appropriate. The farmer runs the risk of trivializing sin or tilting toward a hagiographic that fails to see the full fallen humanity of these men were flawed and marked by sent and that means that Christians must approach their works in the spirit of the brie and searching the Scriptures to see if their writings are consistent with the Bible. Just because Luther said it does not mean that it's true. His later writings on the Jews prove that they were discussing the letter, however, runs the risk of legitimizing the Pharisees. Thank you, Lord, not like other men like a Saxon reformer, New England Puritans of the two.

I fear it is the latter that is the most tempting and this will gauge marked by its angry self-righteousness and demonization of all deviation from the social justice code that Luther and Edward send and send in ways that contemporary society considers especially egregious is the fact that cannot be denied, but Christians must resist the temptation to use this as an opportunity for self-righteousness. All our heroes had flaws should be ignored.

John Calvin because of the way sometimes treated his opponents Martin Luther King Jr. because of his abuse of women.

It was at the bar at sinless perfection or even a constantly consistent power holiness.

We will have nobody left upon whose wisdom we can draw.

It's a fascinating article. That's a great point yet. The rest of what that because just because I think one guys had a lot of great things to say but he was a sinner to get a learn to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time will be right back, back, and Steve Noble phone number Dr. Bill Pincus to join us here just second, the president, nor can a right to life North Carolina right to life that got the prayer breakfast tomorrow morning and in the March for life which is tomorrow afternoon in downtown Raleigh. It's called sent Bicentennial Plaza if you know downtown Raleigh. In the area or if you been here. It's literally right across the street from the legislature right downtown so in front of the legislature got the street and across the street at this whole can open concrete area pestering area.

That's why bit between two museums.

Okay that's and that's Museum history and the Museum of natural science that's Bicentennial Plaza so that's tomorrow at 1 PM we have a little rally there and then we do our March for life, which also takes place in the nation's capital. So that's an annual event every year. The breakfast in the morning and the March for life rally is at 1 o'clock tomorrow Bicentennial Plaza. I'll be doing the opening prayer. Both of those. But if you've never done that before. Do yourself a favor and honor the Lord and stand for life, and come join us. That's why I give Mike my students tons of extra credit for coming out the love life because most of them. They never stood across the street never engage their all up. They all say their pro-life but I was here. James somewhere in the background you show me a pro-life faith by what I what you say O'Shea my pro-life faith by what I do.

Have you ever stood there beaver condo March of ever stood across the street from an abortion clinic just to pray, go from a professional pro-life faith through an active pro-life faith and the Lord will bless you. He will do more if you get up tomorrow you like, you know what I'm to go to the March for life today to get downtown Raleigh on up either 1 o'clock to join everybody at the March for life soon as you make that decision.

You'll feel a blessing because there's always a blessing and obedience you get in the car you'll feel blessed you drive you feel best when you park you'll feel blessed.

You walk over there you'll feel blessed when you're part of it and went specially when you're marching with other people that care about the issue of life you will be blessed God will be honored and it does make a difference. It continues to show our culture that were not going away. That's why it's so important. Dr. Bill Pincus.

As I mentioned, the president, North Carolina right to life.Bill, thanks for calling in buddy how are you oh I'm doing well today. No importantly, I won't be at work or at the heart because I was diagnosed charming, which is sealed well get to get a step up to the plate on that one. Specially the omicron is over the place. But I'm glad that you're doing better tell us a little about what's going on tomorrow and end issue a challenge and an invitation. Dr. Pincus, because we want to obviously sees many people out there as we can write our annual prayer breakfast and also rally March life open to the public prayer breakfast is an event that we have in the morning. We invite a lot of the legislators of the local people that were trying to lobby the change laws. You know that were trying to convince that they need to move forward on this issue.

So breakfast is there Michelle Paul Congresswoman Michele Paul from Minnesota is flying in back my wife just asked me that you drop your for taking her to the hotel now so she is a very pro-life well woman she's cochair of the light house caucus and she was instrumental in the Minnesota passing many many pro-life laws screeches a strong ally in Congress all your keynote speaker tomorrow and she will also be yet rally in court, so were excited to be doing. This is the door like 20 C with 2122 years for the March and about 24 years with a breakfast so last year we did have the breakfast go right and all the unknowns at that time but were very be doing is I'm totally disappointed that I'm not good to be able to Bonnie Singleton my vice president take over for me and we talked a little bit about points that we want to get definitely. It's an exciting time to have a Christian band there, they'll start playing about noon and then you have a youth rally that will start at 1245 and Larkin. She is the Southeast regional coordinator for students for life, so she will address to you and then Mr. Lakisha Ortega will address you in Spanish local church. That's also so that'll be about 20 minutes and then after that will start the opening of the song be there with everybody and Bobby will start off we always start with the Pledge of Allegiance Mike Columbus present the colors and we sing the Star-Spangled Banner because we are peaceful God-fearing people every once in a while let some idiot do the opening prayer.

I don't know. I don't know the word why appreciate you inviting me to be a part of it at me that I've been an active pro-life person for a long time now and and to be a lab to play any role in it is an honor, but I do want to encourage and challenge everybody to come out in in that's it's a big deal to come and go from being a pro-life Christian sitting on the sidelines having that conviction bill but actually showing up so talk to us real quick about that, what, why is it so important that people actually continue to come out.

Then the national March for life is next Friday. It's a week from today so they don't correct but just encourage everybody has to why make the move to go from saying your pro-life actually coming out March earlier never done that all. Have fellow pro-lifers there show up and be counted to just demonstrate to the local media that they are that there are a lot of people, and like you said were not going away were in this until the end, no matter what happened and you know it's very exciting this year because the Supreme Court heard the Texas case the SBA prevents abortion after six weeks when the child heart beat can be heard and that is essentially shut down the abortion facility in Texas talking yesterday pillow talk to Dr. Bill Pincus from North, right to life. You and I were talking yesterday that like the both of us are expecting when the sprinkler comes out with this other decision in the late spring that there there there very well could be some pretty amazing restrictions placed on abortion and that would be from a federal level nationwide are moving in the right direction, but we gotta come to keep pushing into this, we gotta keep showing up hundred percent and you know what's crazy and you probably know this, you know, the US is one of seven countries in the world that allows abortion after 20 weeks, so only 79 China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada actually allows abortions after 20 weeks and most of the European Union restricted forgot after 15 weeks, amazing law, which is the one that you refer to the Supreme Court just heard and if you follow their line of questioning. It seems like they are going do something about that law so you know, again encouraging people to come out to pray pray like never before. Be active pro-life me and I'm not telling you to vote for. But the candidate value life because the Lord of your life. What is the giver and the taker of all life. It's not in our hands and to me it's very simple. You know, the fifth commandment, you throw away the first three commandments we talk about God and you look at the last six commandments that's a good way for society to live absolutely simple.

Thou shalt not kill. You know what's so hard to understand about that. Not not a complicated subject specially from a biblical worldview. I Dr. Bill Pincus since he writes like tomorrow 1 PM downtown Raleigh.

It starts actually noon with the band and the youth rally but the Marchal shorts start shortly after 1 PM Bicentennial Plaza which is right across from the Gen. assembly tomorrow tomorrow, Saturday at 1 o'clock. I'll be there as well. Dr. Bill, thank you so much for your efforts.

Thanks for all their work, and I wish I could see tomorrow but I will deftly see you soon will have you back on our great, thank you very welcome. God bless you will talk to you again. I Dr. Bill Pincus again tomorrow at 1 PM downtown Raleigh.

The March for life. The national one is next Friday a week from today.

I wanted to get to this story just finish up maybe run up on the upswing of hope for some of you I saw this story wearing a facemask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Study fine so if your love life.

Her dating life is struggling. Perhaps the stories for you people wearing face master team to be more attractive than when they have nothing covering their faces, according to a new study you can go somewhere pretty quick with this okay: Cardiff University researchers claim that the mass make both men and women more appealing to the IPA study, which began in February as 43 last year, as 43 women the right images of men based on attractiveness, the pictures were shown with two different kinds of facemask. One of the book, partially covering the faces and with nothing covering the bases and all both the blue medical masking playing clock mass were used in the study participants said that those faces wearing surgical mask with the most attractive Dr. Michael Lewis of University school of psychology said that the study proved our preferences have changed over time. No kidding. What facemask team to make a person less attractive before the pandemic.

He said our study suggest faces are considered most attractive and covered by medical facemask.

This may be because were used. Healthcare workers wearing blue mask and now we associate these with people carrying or medical professions where mask you care about people you don't wear a mask you don't be added that it was possible facemask made people more attractive because it directed the participants attention towards the so somebody on twitter when I saw the story somebody on twitter said yes. The facemask will make you more attractive if your ugly if you have like some issue going on with the tip of your nose.

Why were facemask go struggling in the facial department mask such that this is Steve Noble and Steve Miller shall come out tomorrow 1 PM downtown Raleigh for the March for life. I'll be there God willing a judge again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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