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Theology of 2022

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 13, 2022 11:35 am

Theology of 2022

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 13, 2022 11:35 am

Theology of 2022

Steve brings Dr. Sam Horn, from Bob Jones Seminary, on the show today to discuss the theology of 2022 and what that means for a Christian.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble theology of 2020 till what's up with that. What is the theology of 2020 till I can unpack that today just as good of an umbrella terminology and looking at it I theology. There is a welcome back Steve Noble and Steve Noble show with our friends at BJ's seminary so earlier you might've seen this.

I posted it on social media starting to show up all over the place.

The Supreme Court comes to a decision earlier dates got a split decision, like being in the boxing ring and a shoot down the president using OSHA as a way to enforce their vaccine mandates on businesses of 100 or more employees but however they left the mandates that the access to the mandate for the federal government for healthcare workers. So some people are off the hook to healthcare workers.

If your healthcare worker you're not many of you I know and I been exchanging information with you for months now with respect to the vaccine mandates a 2021. Could've been a very difficult year for you 2022 could be full of uncertainty and fear, and so how do you deal at that and were walking into that now we know that inflation in December was over 7% that was the worst that we seen in 40 years get this out enough you saw this wholesale inflation in the wholesale set segment, meaning I can look at Ford Motor Company. How much they pay for steel and rubber parts and chips and everything they used for the car together wholesale prices in December were up 10%. That's the biggest leap in one month in the history of the United States. So that's going to cause some fear and uncertainty as we go into the new year because the economy is shaking inflation hits us all and so there's a lot we don't even know what's going on with the election we think we know but we don't know for sure COBIT omicron anybody got omicron at about 10% of my own students out this week with that.

And so, what's the government to do as the virus weakens a lot of fear, a lot of uncertainty as we turn the corner from 2021 2022. What we do there hot, how do we approach this from a biblical Christian perspective. So today, what with our friends at BG is seminary. Specifically, Dr. Sam Horn back in the house and as we always do each week, which I love. That's where always, basing our conversation on the air.

Based on an outstanding blog post that our friends at BJ's seminary came up. The seminary viewpoints and so the blog post up with the links up for you in just a couple minutes lessons from Sammy.

Also to look to the Samuel the prophet Samuel on reawakening in 2022, as were struggling with things and you going to the new year. And of course were talking about New Year's resolutions and all that stuff the stats on that are not very could only 6% of us, by the way, keep our New Year's resolutions so the older you get that I don't even bother anymore because I know for the most part of a blow this off, but it's difficult to walk into a new year. Theologically, the fact that we change the calendar doesn't really have a lot of meeting, but we put a lot into the changing of the calendar. So today will walk down this road with Sam lesson from Samuel on a reawakening in 2022. Accept obey and observe we're talking Alan Benson last week or talk about chaos and confusion in God on the move. Whether you believe it or not. If you want to be a part of that. So this organ it over to look into first Samuel 16 in and come to consider what he learned because he was coming out of a tumultuous period saw his boy. The obvious choice is going down okay so what's coming next. What's gonna happen. And so it's great to have our good friend Dr. Sam Hornbeck, now Sam how are you happy new year will thank you Steve, happy new year to you and to all of the listeners to your show and were off to a great start, and as you said a lot of chaos, a lot of confusion a lot going on in the world around us and how you navigate and I think I've always had a little practice I learned it from a mentor, and that is when you're in a position you need to go to the Scripture and see if you can identify anybody else in the Scripture who was in a similar position. So when you think about chaos and confusion and uncertainty in all of the things that you talked about and even just listening to you sort of summarize them a minute ago. It's a scary time. Yeah, it's a worrisome time to be in and out in a country that for many many decades many many years is had freedom and some of those freedoms are being deeply challenge all the uncertainty economically that's coming awake is there a time is her place is her purse who navigated a similar set of circumstances you and I think we have a story like that in first Samuel chapter 16, where the prophet Samuel is is actually sitting at home and he's morning. He's worried and he's confused those three things he's morning is grieving over something that God has decided to allow he's confused about what it all means for the future and for the nation and for the promises of God is made and and he's trying to navigate. What am I supposed to do now and that story is in first Samuel chapter 16 and it comes at the end of Saul's range member solved first king of Israel all you have the obvious choice. Yeah, he was tall and fragile bit of his day, plus a little height yeah and so you know soon and you will remember Samuel actually told the nation don't do this. This is a bad choice if you do this.

It's not to go well for the nation and the nation came back and said we don't care.

This is the guy we want. There's a lot of parallels to what happened in the last lecture give us the Canada give us who we want and so they got who they wanted and it didn't turn out the way they thought that's what you knowing and bringing up Samuel into this or talking to Dr. Sam Horn today from BJ's seminary and theology. Thursday brings out Samuel and this is a great lesson as we live the beautiful things about Scripture that I love how honest it is and how how broken and messy it is that it did and now the Bible doesn't endorse everything it records but it records a whole lot.

And so oftentimes I think you know if I if I get a parenting problem Sam to call somebody else. It's Artie had kids my kids right now if I have a issue with FM fighting cancer of the call somebody at Stella cancer. I'm always good to go to somebody that's been there done that and Samuel. I don't know.

I mean the way you set it up is is a big deal that Samuel is facing all kinds of fear and the unknown and everything, collapse that does sound very familiar today in America in 2022.

It's January 13, 2022 just go back three or Sam.

I don't think any of us could've imagined America would be the way it is right now. Not at all not at all and I think Samuel is in that spot because he he he worried about this with the people. If you choose this king, it's not good to go well for using nation, and then he argues with God about it and God says look let the people have what they want, so they got what they wanted but they lost what they had and that is exactly what happens when God gives us our way when we insist on going our own way.

So, here, here comes the end of it. Now Samuel has been given a difficult assignment by God to go to Saul and used to say to Saul God is done just have fun like that. God is done, the kingdom may still be under you. Yeah, for the next couple years Yeah so what we do next or talking to Dr. Sam Horn and theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary three super important lessons that we all need to learn so that we Help we need for this new year will be right back.

Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary we are going to talk about and remind you of something that we been talking about on the Artie been hearing. I which is the core conference coming up that's on January 31 of February 1 at the Monday and half a day on a Tuesday and specifically by the time you get to the end of the show work at encourage you and challenge you to consider doing that.

Just as a way to bless your pastor, your own pastor because pastors need a lot more than we think they do.

Oftentimes, we mistakenly assume that our pastors are super Christians and so there's no way that they deal with the same kind of garbage that we do because it is better Christians and we are that's a lot okay that's not true because the one thing I can tell you that such a lie. The thing I can tell you, but every pastor of the planet is there still human beings. They still struggle with their own sin. Other people send their still in the same mess that we are and so one way that you can bless them specifically what were talking about today is to bless them with just helping him get to the core conference which is coming up in Greenville, South Carolina, on the campus of the seminary and the University down there so we'll talk about that a little bit. But today, looking into 2022.

How do we deal with this a lot of fear, a lot of the unknown. We are already morning because the things that are been going on in the country for the last couple years so it's a it's a very difficult season for most of us, and even though there was a win in the Supreme Court today.

If your healthcare worker that there is no win for you there. They can still mandate that I know people were here. Dr. Sam Horn with BJ's seminary. I know people Sam that have lost their job and chosen to lose their jobs on the been thrown out and they been in the medical field for 2025 30 years and I guarantee you there's morning going on there.

There's fear, there's uncertainty in the future and we are to learn about how to deal with that from the great prophet Samuel.

But humans I mentioned some of the beginning to show Sam I wanted to circle back around to she said he preached on this recently at Palmetto Baptist where you're pastoring down there. I kinda pooh-poohed the whole notion of resolutions, but use resolutions in recent seminary. So let's revisit that for second that will start looking at these lessons that we can learn from the prophets.

Yeah. So Steve, I actually agree with your initial point that a lot of people make all kinds resolutions at the beginning of the year and by the end of the month. Most of those resolutions of fate you not my wife and I walk in our neighborhood and generally when we walked out. There's about a 2 mile little loop. We do, and generally were by ourselves.

Will this month the streets of impact and every day you are in front of people. So you're right about the fact that we make a lot of resolutions that we don't keep the idea of making a resolution has as the cop behind the concept of a resolution. Is this this firmness of purpose. This commitment that I'm going to make a decision and I'm in half firmness of purpose to carry out that decision in order to affect change in my life or in my in my direction, or in some ministry that I'm a part of or some endeavor that I'm doing so resolutions are actually really key and when you come to the story were looking at it first Samuel 16. There are a number of resolutions that Samuel has to make if he's going to navigate the future successfully and those are the very same resolutions where you have to make because were in a very similar circumstance we all have a king like Saul, but we have the same amount of chaos. We have the same amount of confusion. We have the same amount of uncertainty and we certainly are going through a time of grief and fear. Yeah, and that's where we find Samuel that's right, and that such an and so there's basically three main lessons are in a board and work through today and theology Thursday and in the first one which I want to touch on is as important a lesson one. Instead of morning the past. We must accept God's decisions. Does that mean Sam that there's no place in morning. If the 2021 was a terrible year for you is this, like the American way. Pull your self up by the bootstraps quit whining. Suck it up and move on, or is there a place for morning, at least for some period of time. So I think the answer is in the verse itself. When God says to Samuel how long are you going to keep morning because if you go back to chapter 14 in chapter 15. You find out. Samuel has been morning so there's an appropriate way in which we express grief and sorrow and fear.

It's it's not like God says to us you know you can't ever talk to me about what you're hurting about what you're fearful about or what you're worried about because obviously the Scripture, especially the book of Psalms is filled with that kind of talking to God right. But what's going on here is this that at some point, you can get overwhelmed lament can keep going on and on and on and it's paralyzing. And so God has to come to this profit and say them how long you to do that. So the first lesson that we learned from this narrative. In first Samuel 16 is that Samuel has to resolve to do something he has to resolve to accept God's right to make certain decisions and and and those are decisions that Samuel himself would not of made and share their decisions.

He's not happy about. He doesn't agree with them really clear. The word used for grief here is is not like just being sad.

It's almost like on any like there's a tinge of younger this is a ripoff correct God, what are you doing up this is going to destroy the nation. This is going to hurt your people. I told you not to do this at the beginning, but your God.

So you get to do it now here we are, and it's just falling apart and now you're ripping the kingdom away from Saul, which can also be were talking about it on kind of a nationalistic level but this can be a personal level, absolute, and in right now Should reveal something that's very close to my heart. My mother is 90 is in her last days in in two struggling each day and so myself and my three siblings were all like okay Lord just get her out of here. This is made a profession of faith, get out here.

I've no idea why that that went out today instead instead of another three days, another four days in both my sisters or having to be there intended my mother. It's very, very difficult, and in its okay to mourn that. But at one point I'm like okay will this is just God's will. Right now, so I can't change that I can trust his character in this. So the question is okay Lord, what we want us to get out of this extended period of time. We don't like it, but it is the way it is.

And so we have to accept it and then kinda move forward to see what the Lord has for us is that about right in my on the right and it's not like you could just turn off your grief is not what renders this little button that you push, but you you sanctify your grief. In other words you submit your grief to the overarching direction and will of God.

So that's that's always where you start so Samuel had to come to the place and God had to help them get there. I mean, God actually speaks to Samuel and so the way he speaks us today is through his word and it's the spirit of God coming to us and saying to us look, I know it's confusing. I know it's painful I know is not what you wanted, but Samuel you have to let me be God you have to know that I'm up to something. And here's the thing we know the rest of the story, we know the king that's coming and if Samuel knew it. Chapter 16 verse one what Steve you and I know right now, he would be jumping up and out page right pizza. Kelly doesn't know any of it yet. Right. All he knows is that his world is in chaos.

She's got personal dangerousness. He's got skin in the game and his neck is on the line because God's about to ask him to get engaged in the thing he doesn't want God to do and that's where it and will set the next point up only come back. Lesson two overrunning off of the blog post today that the same route that's up on the website. So if you go to seminary.BG\radio you land right there you can see it. Lessons from Samuel and we await reawakening in 2022. To accept, to obey and to observe and at some point, just even with my mother situation.

Sam, I like okay this is what it is so set up well on wallowing in our uncertainty, then we have to obey God's instructions to the present and get put his program because he is doing something to now get a move from being kind of stuck in that position to moving forward to see what the got the God of the Bible what our Lord and Savior doing pretty talk about that next talking to Dr. Sam Horn today from PG seminary and theology. Thursday will be right back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary here at Dr. Sam Horn talking about as we move in a 2022 and I most of us are gonna break whatever resolutions we made it to be resolute and understanding that even though were disappointed in so many different ways, like some people are excited today as the Supreme Court said yeah the vaccine mandate using OSHA as the hammer can't do that all the businesses will hundred employees or more, that's unconstitutional. However the other side of that coin as they left the constitutionality inferred healthcare industry vaccine mandate their people and so the lot of you. I've gotten's messages from folks in emails and had conversations that your lamenting her mourning the loss of a job, or your spouses or loved ones job or maybe your son or daughter's job in the healthcare industry because they didn't want to go down the vaccine road and so they're uncertain about where they're going for some of you. I know people Sam were talking to Dr. Sam horn. I know some people that have been in the healthcare field for 30 years and all of a sudden there like I don't know what else to do.

I'm a nurse or whatever the case may be, so they're facing uncertainty. This is not a new story. Someone once said new news is old news happening new people all default to Solomon who said there's nothing new under the sun. And that's true so we look to the Bible, given whatever situation you're in pretty good that you can find somebody else that went through a similar time were talking about Samuel today as Saul's toast is out of there and then what comes next and Samuels dealing with data needs upset in God's like one how long you going to grieve. Not that you're not allowed to, but you don't stay there and then moving forward. And so that's kind of where were at.

In lesson two here Sam is worth unpacking the blog post from today which I put links up to by the way on Facebook life. See you guys can go to the Steve Noble shall pay to get it but were talking about this in my walking through these lessons that we all need to learn and so lesson two instead of wallowing in uncertain we must obey God's instructions for the present and get with his program because we know that God is always working right.

Yeah, absolutely. And so that's why you come back to a story like this. And as we said before the break. God knows what he's up to you.

He's looking ahead and he actually says it. In the text I provided for myself a king. So Samuel your morning over the kingdom. People chose. I actually have a king that I'm to choose and the king that I'm to choose has got an amazing program for the people and if Samuel had known what you and I know we talked about this before you if you knew what you and I know he would've been so excited this cake, but it Samuels in the position were all and we never know the future.

The only thing we know is that we can trust God in the future based on all that we've seen them do over and over and over in his word is stories like the one that were reading here in first name of chapter 16 so lesson number one gotchas to Sam if you're gonna have to resolve to just stop grieving and accept my decisions about past sovereign I know you don't like them. I know they're uncomfortable. I know they're fearful and chaotic for you but you're gonna have to let me be God, you're going to have to accept the decisions I've made in my kingdom in my universe.

And in my world and in your life and that's a huge lesson for me and it's a huge lesson for each of us, or we have to be willing to accept God's decisions even when we don't like them or we wish they were different to get past that salmon. It's like okay now we got obey what God's doing right now this is what challenges second big idea is to be one of the biggest challenges for most of us when you know you want to get things going in a conversation start trying to talk about what's God's will for my life and now Urbino I got a turnovers tea leaves that you look for some open doors and close doors and what the what was the sign on the highway I just pass maybe got talking right so how do we know what to do in the meantime you know God's at work but how do we come to get with the program. So in this text, gotchas the same yard.

Here's the second thing I want you to do.

I want you to get up and I want you to go to the house of Jesse because I have seen for myself a king there and you're going to anoint him so want you to get up I want to take your horn of oil. This was the ceremonial oil that a prophet would use to anoint the king. This was symbolic of God's anointing on his chosen one, and so all of a sudden Samuels got a bigger problem. He thought he had a problem about the whole thing now is get a huge problem because to get the Jesse South from his house. He had to go right by salsa soups and that's a big big because Saul is ticked.

Samuels grieved and also he's going down to Jesse's house to pick the new King at the old king is still on the throne gonna be on the throne for the rest of the block right so Samuel throws his hands up and he says to can I do this how you get me involved in this because if Saul hears this.

He's going to kill me just isn't going to go well if I traipse down to Jesse's house in Bethlehem and I show up there. And Saul hears about this. This is this is going to go from bad to worse, and oftentimes that's our fears and it went gotchas to us. Okay now stop grieving over the design I made. I got something I want you to do.

And as he begins to unfold. That thing step-by-step initially were like wait a minute, this this is going anywhere good. Got this could blow up in my face.

I know you're looking at 2022. Just like I'm looking at 2022 and everything I'm see you talk about inflation. You talked about all these other things yet 2022.

Could blow up all totally and so got sandlot. I've got a plan for you in 2022 and you gotta stop grieving over what happened in 2021 so that in 2022. You can listen and you can do what I'm to show you and what I'm telling you that always. That brings me back to this point.

How do I know what to do now isn't there a lot that God's Artie revealed in his word about what actually doing every absolutely we can just go through the New Testament epistles and there are certain things that we don't even have to question like this is the will of God for your life just traced that idea through the New Testament text so so here is to your point hears God saying to Samuel, Samuel. When you get there. I'm going to show you and I'm going to tell you I'm to show you what to do and I'm to tell you it is working to find out that was Samuel gets there, he forgot those two things any almost anointed the wrong can't write you because I'm I'm listening to this talk to Dr. Sanborn from BJ's seminary and theology Thursday listen is going okay.

If I don't know exactly what the Lord is doing. Next I don't know exactly what's happening because I can't pick up the Bible and read the end of our story in 2022. But I do know who the writer is so I'm I'm looking at it going okay I don't know where were going to be in August, but I know who I'm supposed to be right now and then as we go. The Lord will reveal the next thing to me have to be satisfied to just work on the Lily pad. He has me on today. Make sure I'm staying connected with the Lord in prayer studying his word loving people well serving my wife serving my children providing for my family.

Just keep doing the basics but then God's eventually going to show you or else happening to get a patent is ready the next right thing yet. Cecilia let you know that it's time to do a sacrifice that's that's just part of the routine right know that Jesse and his family live in Bethlehem.

Amazing introduction to the town of Bethlehem, one of the first times in our Bible that we we read about Bethlehem, outside Ruth and and you know that you know because we have all this background, we know amazing things are about to happen ship but Sam just knows what I gotta do the next right thing. So, it's amazing. He takes this heifer by the rope and he goes to Jesse's house and that action that obedience changed everything. It's amazing how many times God's blessing hinges on small acts of regular obedience.

She said so important and I struggled that one because God is a God of grace and mercy. So I I'm not trying to earn his favor already have right, but the practical matter is, the more obedient you are to the things that he's already shown you the more that's going to open up opportunities future. As you grow in sanctification and and it is tied together, although it's not tied to my salvation, but it is tied to my next role is in it correct so Samuels in his house and Rima and gotta get to Bethlehem and here we are at the beginning of 2022 and we gotta get through the year, so we can't do it sitting down like there has to be a progressive life of obedience to God even in the midst of all of the chaos and all the fear in all of the uncertainty and gotchas to Samuel.

Here's your next thing, take that cow go to Bethlehem and when you get there find Jesse and when you find Jesse tell and invite his family to a feast, sacrificial feast that's going to honor me and that's can end up honoring Jesse and Jesse's family and the funny thing about that Sam is that all the sudden with conspiracy starts trotting out his boys Samuels right back in the same mindset that it has previously. He's a stunt it's gotta be him.

So the first son comes in the door and he's tall just like Saul was tall and handsome and Samuel doesn't say anything, and God is silent God is not said blue. Since the opening verses and sayings like that's him that's the guy gotta be asked God's choice not to God.

Saul and he starts pulling out his horn and he starts uncorking it anoint so just to give you sort of a picture. This you Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch on the earth right now and she's the oldest living longest reigning monarch in and out constitutional form monarchy in a country like England so that sooner or later she's going to pass off the scene and there's going to be a new monarch clown you go to Westminster Abbey and there's a formal ceremony and you put the crown on the person's head and that is sort of the transfer of power, right recognition, establishment of the modern yet so that's what Tony is what Sammy was doing with the work you know here we are with this rally and Archbishop Krause was on the wrong head there that the gravy that yeah that be a good Netflix series will be right back, and the noble show theology Thursday with their friends at BJ's seminary organa talk here in a minute about something coming to the campus of BD seminary down to beautiful Greenville South Carolina coming up on all day on Monday, January 31, and then half the day on Tuesday, February 1 is called the core conference will let Sam a.

Dr. Sanborn explained that a little bit more but I want to really encourage all of us make this consider doing this as a gift to your pastor, associate pastor pastors on the staff at your church. They don't get spoiled very often we don't often we would look to them more for caring for us as opposed us, caring for them and so that's something we all need to work on.

So really going to encourage you to consider this unless your pastor course and we will you love yourself well and go here in in and get this kind of encouragement, and teaching which were going to get into, but working our way through kind of the challenges, most of us face whatever talk about the state of the nation as we change IBC a year ago and invite becomes the president I was tromping with Joe writing is going along with that the economy, inflation, omicron Cove id. The Supreme Court, there's all kinds of things going on. There's there's financial problems on the on the on the horizon. We don't know when there to get here is not a matter if it's a matter of when. And so how do you kinda deal.

What that's all was being taken out. He's these about done and so you got Samuel and they're going to. I do that and then Israel is in bad shape were those in our king that we wanted that people were excited about that and so can a transitioning how do you deal with it when you're fearful your your morning the past. You're not real excited about the future and that's why this such an important lesson today.

We appreciate you being with us today. Dr. Sanborn, it's great to have you as always, thank you, thank you so let me just quickly just summarize kind where we were you resolution number one that Sammy had come to was acceptance I I have to accept the decisions that God is made and I'm not happy about those decisions. I'm fearful all of the things we talked about so I got except that. Secondly, I gotta take steps of obedience. What is God telling me to do now and in the midst of all this without giving me explanations about the future.

What is God asked me to do next. What's the next right step and that's true for us as a nation that's true for us as a church that's certainly true for you and me as individual Christians. What is the next step of obedience and that's what we see Samuel doing gotchas to Samuel me to give you a task to do, to tell you how to do that task.

Step-by-step it. Samuel got up and he did exactly what God told him to do so we picked the story up he's left his house. He's made his way past Saul's houses got down to Jesse's house and he did it exactly like God told him to do and when he gets there so Jesse brings his boys and Jesse has no idea why he's bringing poison Saul Singer Samuels rather like okay one of these boys is going to be the next King. And as soon as he sees the person on a lie is like. That's the do. That's the guy and God has to stop. He's about to crown the wrong key like you said this is like they're going to put the crown on the wrong person to succeed in ways in which interest minute out.

Sadly that's it had to happen and so God graciously stops that any sense to Samuel. In essence, Samuel, your thinking, just like the nation thought when you were so upset the nation when they thought this way and chose Saul. And here you are and you're about to make the same state and that's an important lesson for us as we come into a year like were coming into it's very easy to repeat the mistakes of the past yeah because were so desperate to change the present. That's Samuels Guinan Marlin-Facebook like this when he had forgotten about this. So back in 2015 in the Miss universe pageant Steve Harvey who is the host member that he crowned Miss Columbia CX.

He wore the crown for couple minutes but she didn't quit. It was supposed to be the lady from the Philippines, so we had to take the crown off a Miss Columbia and then put it on the ground up at the ground and in the him on this Philippines. Talk about a classic classic Miss damages huge, embarrassing, brutal, but we do the same thing will get ahead of God is my buddy Bill said to get ahead of your headlights and all of a sudden well yeah you run into stuff and so that's what happened to Samuel. So here is an aunt and goddesses to him. Samuel, this is not the right one. And there's an important lesson here because God is about to explode something God's about to help Samuel with an important lesson that I think is at the heart of this is going to help Samuel understand why he made that mistake and he says to Samuel, you look as a man, you look on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart and so you hear Samuel and so number one is got except what God decided never to he's got obey what God is directing but number three is gotta pay attention to how God is revealing is gotta pay attention to what God is revealing. And because at the very beginning God said when you get there. I'm in a show you and I'm telling you, and God is silent when the sun start coming in and so at the end Samuels is right. There's got to be another kid, Jesse.

Are these all of your boyfriend Jesse's like, well, yeah, there's one more. None of us thought he should come up out of the hills take care that she and its emphasis bring him in the minute David walks in the door goddesses to Samuel. That's my cue the music that's my King. It's amazing right so what's the lesson because this is really shocking to me and and there certainly like the surface lesson in the sense that we tend to be so impressed by the outer credentials of a per se stature. His achievement his his resume. We got is much more interested in the inner life of that person in the character of that person.

So that's sort of like the obvious lesson but there's an even more important lesson here and then management and that lesson is that God is saying to Samuel, your eyes cannot see where they need to see bingo your eyes do not have the ability to penetrate where they need to penetrate because you know you and I have type II sets of eyes. You know, I don't know if you were contact or not. I wear glasses hourglass. My my eyes can only see to a certain level.

You know Mike there. There human legal limit what they can see and gotta say my eyes not limited that way. My eye is the only they can see where your I can't and where your I can't see is the very place we need to be looking so if you're going to see what your I can't see you have to listen to what I tell you I see you can have to learn to look with your ears. You have to see with your ears and what you mean by that you're going to have to listen to me tell you what I see in a man's life and what I see in a man's heart and so that's that's huge for us right so we going to 2022 and I guarantee that every listener out there is probably like me. We have her opinions about how things should be sure we have her opinions about what should happen or are you were were full of fear and anxiety were also fairly confident as Christians that God's got this but we got our opinions about how God should get us where we know is can it take us God is saying. Through this passage in a way to minute. You gotta stop and you got a list and you gotta wait for me to show you and tell you the way whether that's you know something like your parents and my parents and what they're going through healthwise or what's happening in the economy, or what we do about her job or the decisions we make about the vaccination mandates and in the admit midterm elections are coming all these things got assigned was not your if you're going to navigate this you're going to have to make a resolution not to make a move that I don't show that I don't confirm to you out of my word, yet always gotta be equating with the word Sisley in the last few minutes as Sam talk to Dr. Sam Horn from BJ's seminary. You know it's helpful to have some good leadership and are struggling with stuff like this. Which brings us rasters in the core conference of this is coming up on Monday, January 31 and and half the day on Tuesday, February 1. So how does this kind of flow into what can be happening down there to serve pastors. Well, not us occupy a solo spot week we all we don't operate in a vacuum. And and conservative evangelical leaders in the church right now are desperately needing to hear from God and sometimes it helps when when certain people who have studied God's word diligently on a particular topic that I may not have had the time of the resources to study actually study that and can give me some good sound theological perspective on key issues of the day and that's exactly what can happen at the core conference is so the first thing is I would say it's it's an important way for us to get the mind of God out of his word on core key issues of the day, and secondly see about say this pastoring today in the kind of world that were were in.

We are having to help a lot of people.

But who's helping us write exactly right. There's a loneliness I mean if you start looking at the church and and kind of the blogs are talking to pastors, there's there's just a tiredness there's there's sort of like we were out of gas. We were alone were lonely. There's something that happens when we come together and yes were hearing great teaching and great preaching. But we are together and you look around and there's a couple hundred other guys that are in the same trench urine and then your you're having lunch together and you're praying together, and you're talking together and something happens in that component that goes way beyond the great teaching and the great resources it's the togetherness it's it's us coming and saying were Samuel were grieving right were confused we don't know what to do and you I like her show us listen so to the good teaching were going to get, but we also get on our knees and we say to God, confirm that us not just to meet us. So one of the greatest things anybody could do for their pastor or their associate pastor or the ministry leaders is get them to the core conference is her so much that happened you and that means don't hurt so important. I was having lunch with good friend that's pastor and the guy was the chairman of my board. We started talking about a couple other churches in the chairman of my board who had never met the pastor is good. You know this passage, it is best to get to know many other pastors much like no but on-time so you exist and that's not abnormal that's normal.

See this done and I link if you're so busy doing all your stop serving your church but you don't really have much time to get together with other pastors. That's a huge aspect of the core conference. So if you just go to the website same website we always push it to\radio and you'll see the core conference right there help enable your pastor get encourage and equip, so he knows how to deal with 2022. Dr. Sam or God bless you brother. Thanks for being with us.

You are welcome hello everybody I talked again real soon. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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