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Running for Congress + Wuhan

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 11, 2022 10:08 pm

Running for Congress + Wuhan

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 11, 2022 10:08 pm

Running for Congress + Wuhan

Steve brings Michele Woodhouse, who is running for congress, on the show today to discuss congress, Fouche, and Wuhan.


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back everybody well and somebody is running for Congress is there is a sale without ever calling to get around soon, Michelle, how are you good good thank you and happy new year to you.

How was your Christmas season. It was what helped me last Christmas and New Year's. That's good.

Good to hear that. Thanks for your time.

It was pretty good. We had an 11 or 12 people at our house for four days so that makes for interesting times, but it was family, and we had a great time. It's utilize your kids get older and as we get older, you realize the value of that time more and more, so it becomes more special. Years go by, so that was great. We just loved so thanks for asking and I good to see you again so are you officially a candidate for Congress yet normally saying in January.

Earlier really over the course the next seven days or can be tremendous court information coming out, not just in archive across the country so must rest here for the congressional race today in a three-judge panel was supposed to release their findings so brawl anticipating what that looks like and and then we'll go from there. What happens with violence and bleeding. How do the maps look they stay intact have the congressional maps look today, stay in chat and the press were still running. No whatever map or something around and landed and taken America's first faith-based Christians fight the swamp and said nothing changes. Press and hold. So what about one of the potential outcomes here. The three-judge panel there either to come back and say the maps are fine are not violating anything other than to say what what the other alternative views violate the law and you need to go back to the drawing board right think they're looking at three sets of so they could come back with different rulings on each one of the North Carolina House seats Senate seats and 14 congressional districts so get one blanket finding from three so they make this trip is good.

This trip isn't good you some tweaking here the courts is going to change the deal is direct changing of the next, and so they could say start over like scratch the whole thing and go back and in the legislature. The blog is back in the legislature's court correct then the legislators will have to redraw the maps and the general assembly session ever have to go back and redraw mass and they were drawing maps before for themselves and decided to run further offices. Congress going to say all you chess pieces on a board meeting asks you redraw mass impact what they thought they might be running so I think were about to see this dirty part of all, you just speak to the fact that you have other states that the redistricting complete different way than what we do here in North Carolina but I think what this point what people want with the voters really want to tell me what I'm voting for Greg and vote. Let's get going. Candidates want to get started in the process.

We really only have four months left in this primary season if they make today and we can work Today is not a lot of time for voters to get to know the candidates of their voting for an all anticipating 2022 will be a big conservative way a lot of Republicans elected. But people are really well educated they're getting more and more educated, they want to spend time with the candidates they want to bet the candidate and the wind. No, their votes can account will see people voting for conservatives but some assured me last night is one of the situations were not all Republicans are created equal. People want to know which one of the people on which one of the are is an art that stands with my values, so and we need the courts to make a decision so we can all get out there and make sure that the voters get the right information about the lawsuit in the first place. Michelle, the Democratic Party goes.

He then Roy Cooper and Jeff Stein so you don't spend layered new that these were to happen. Eric Holder moved to North Carolina here before the mass even before we had the census data just because he loves the state. Michelle does not everyone wants to move here when you moved here from a blue state policy go there because there's a reason you don't pack that cup that box of garbage and bring it with correct correct so when so you initially it was the end of ICP Democratic Party at the DNC level they have Roy Cooper and Jeff Stein filed the last lawsuit and basically what they're all claiming is the same maps are gerrymandered up that story noises are inherently racist and yet they don't like that fact that things are in charge of the general assembly in the Constitution allows them to draw the map so you what we have to do me for further your listeners for all voters will be educated before you walk into the bowls. Pay attention.

At some point side and Alanis my husband inside baseball. So much of the filings in the court cases are making of the sausage which nobody wants to see happening by. It's important for for all the listeners know take the time as soon as I'm settled. As soon as you're able to see who is filed every office from the top of the ballot at the congressional level where you live down to County Commissioner city Council, Sheriff everybody top to bottom. Spend time betting them go to their website go to events of their having. Get to know them.

Make sure that you voting for people that stand for your conservative principles because the ones we put into office. In many situations maybe had in our next to their name conservatives.

They were Christians were fighting for the issues that we wanted them to be fighting for and more often than not put in the time and effort there's one good piece of fruit up the coquetry of the last two years on spend in the second half. The show talking about the bombshell information that came out last night through project Veritas about Tobit and will hand don't trust implicitly trust anybody don't implicitly trust any party. Now a lot of people are waking up to that there's massive distrust but massive distrust can lead to incredible wisdom. If you spend the time to actually investigate which is what Michelle talking about Woodhouse for will be right back normal children to be back with you talking to Michelle Woodhouse running for District 14 U.S. Congress Woodhouse for is the number okay the digit Woodhouse for Michelle is become a friend and as a patriot conservative, more than all of that.

Something that trumps all that for me and she's my sister in Christ, and so when we have candidates like that that are running, especially here in North Carolina. I will give them airtime. Whatever works out and so it's me Casa Su Casa that's the deal. My name my name is on the show but it's not my show. It's got show so I just try to be a good steward of it and to advance a Christian conservative worldview in a in a country where the laws affect all of our neighbors.

That's why I think it's flat out a sin to not vote because you're choosing to not engage in a process that affects all your neighbors, and I think that's negligent that the violation of labor law, which is therefore violation of God, but which therefore makes it a violation of God's law in general.

Anderson okay so I don't have many I don't know many pastors that are willing to go on the air and say that but I don't have to answer to a bunch you sitting on the pews. So I speak what I believe is to firmly pay the truth and that's what we do. That's why Michelle's here Michelle, great to see you. Thanks for being on again today. We appreciate it.

Thanks for having us great okay so we've got were on pins and needles little bit wait to see what the three-judge panel's going to do when it comes to do after we draw the map for whatever setting that aside because it's going to get done. One way or another based on what's going on. The news not only at the state level, but also the national level house is affecting like what are you choosing to focus on, mainly with your campaign so people can understand. You were saying before the break, and I agree with you wholeheartedly that don't just because somebody's got in our next to their name.

Don't assume that they can align with your values and if anything, let's let's take our paranoia and our distrust that's grown exponentially in the last two years because of COBIT and turn it into our homework that we will do before we fill out ballot specially in the primary coming up in May but help us understand of what you're standing for, and in what's important right now based on what's going on in our state and Congresswoman and her website as well so we and our focus is really on saying no policy first priority for us is an is the border crisis and it is taking regaining control of our border border. We don't have a country and there is a reason why Joe Biden is delaying the release of the numbers for the illegal crossover we know that members get to be north of 2 million, which is more than the relation of the greater Charlotte area more than the population of the state of New Mexico. It is five times the size of any congressional district is unbelievable.

These numbers impress job priority is the take control of our border away from the Mexican cartels because that drug cartels are so number one issue for us to start building the wall and God bless Texas for taking the move to self fund and do it anyway.

Absolutely I keep saying I wish they would just march in into the holding areas where they got all the gear that was already bought and paid for under trumps desire to build the wall just go take it because what you think's going to happen to be the national guards can start shooting at you do not just say this stuff, but paid for by the taxpayer were not stealing from the government were taken with 30 yards and just get it done but I appreciate what I heard God bless him for what he's doing. He was asking government sell you these materials. Hundreds of millions of dollars that are just resting just rush so we have the federal government purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in supplies to build a wall would probably borrow much of that money from China and now the supplies are sitting resting as thousands and thousands of immigrant illegal birds are crossing the border every every week, every week, every knee border has to be our top priority because once we control the border. It helps to control other things are right, it would gotta stop the leak before we start to clean up the flight we are seeing Sentinel tasks overdoses at record levels because the drugs are coming over the border so press top priority is border and election integrity is a again one of our top priorities in what's critical right now as we look at Chuck Schumer next week. Wanting you change the rules are on the filibuster and push through this jobless voting act, which is not helping at racist federal government take over of all elections and that Joe mansion Christensen might have got to stand firm. They are there safety for this country because this if the liberals are able to push to the jobless voting at just the listeners know what that means is number one. It means that the federal government now controls all state elections, which is unconsciously additional federal government doing and secondly it makes voter ID illegal will never be voter ID number three. It allows felons to regain their voting rights immediately upon release from prison and you just saw this week in New York. The new mayor of New York City is now allowing 800,000 noncitizen noncitizen noncitizens developing legal elections and so what in their local elections. What what what should scare all of us is what the liberals are trying to do to circumvent the voice of the people and we heard it for four years.

We voted for really date in 2016 when Pres. Trump one. The liberals screamed and yelled for four years that Russia shall be electric. Then in 2020. We have no concert there's always been election fraud in general be foolish to believe that that is happened, but what the liberals are trying to do now is to federalize and legalize stealing elections exactly this that now is that happening your tickets printed to the courts.

Liberal courts are going to legislate from the bench if that's allowed if New York is allowed to have 800,000 noncitizens about that come to Raleigh and Asheville see Francisco in Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. It's good to go to every Democrat-controlled city in a way to make sure that they always stay in power and so we is terrifying to protecting our elections, keeping the elections at the local level, the central government has one job and one job protect the citizens of the country that all the other power that the federal government serves on us like unconstitutional mandates is how it was given to them from the states and our country was designed. The states are to be able to to make those decisions at the state level, not the federal government involves closing the border, election integrity, and I really miss really looking these unconstitutional mandates that the Supreme Court we believe will have a ruling here relatively quickly around Joe Biden's unconstitutional vaccine and OSHA mandates. I do believe that the conservative judges will vote the right way. This is critical to this report to be able to stay true to the Constitution and when you hear Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor will we were talking about that project in the city case and she's comparing unborn babies job brain dead people and now have her coming out and see and what they said. I mean, sitting there as a Supreme Court justice is 100,000 kids in the hospitals nationwide a lot of them on ventilators 3500 and the hospitals nationwide. She's just completely lined old-timer Dr. Michelle Woodhouse assisted mobile will drive back to back and Steve Noble to see Bilbo show talking to Michelle Woodhouse is running for District 14 U.S. Congress Woodhouse or is the web website. Woodhouse, for that's the number four in in again.

She's out of Western North Carolina border in Western court calendar.

Not if you care about the if you care about the state if you care about the nation than people like Michelle are the ones we gotta get behind it with our prayer support with our financial support and especially if you're out that neck of the woods. Listening to the show than you big boots on the ground and you can help as well and this is where we all have to come to get our place on the wall but we can help each other. So whether Michelle lives in your district or not is really irrelevant for the sake of the conversation we should all be supporting whatever candidates we can that agree with our conservative Christian values and those are her braces associate so it's great that Michelle initially I wanted to let you finish up your thoughts will let you go. We are just talking about the threats the Constitution's post, especially like what we seen with the mandates coming out of the White House with respect to the COBIT in the back cemented so I wanted to make sure you had time to finish her bottom wheat we really will see the next 7 to 10 days. Supreme Court has been cleared to try to get this done quickly. The case very quickly and you were seeing the impact of these mandates across the country and see him there in wake County listeners that are missing across prostate or are seeing them here.

Every hospital has stopped elective surgeries affected today in Western North Carolina and because of staffing shortages, restaurants are closing shorter hours there shut down for three days to get staff. The Postal Service Everett incredible article. The Postal Service is looking for an extension from the vaccine mandates in order to try to keep half and were watching distinguished members of our military enlisted who are fighting every day for our freedoms who are being discharged from the military because they refuse to follow the mandates and what went by and put forth with with the mandates is hundred percent unconstitutional and this is when the Supreme Court need to stand up and and the conservatives on recorder need to stand up and stay true to the Constitution and you bet your points on Meyerson to get up and pontificate and try to wax poetic. But is not her job. The Supreme Court is not there to legislate from the bench to shed and that is what they're there for a and sadly what we see happen. I think in the highest court in the land. All of our local complete list hesitation of the bench and because we continue to hunt pieces of legislation to works were were in a situation beside her North Carolina smaller issue voter ID of voters wanted it on to the court's liberal judges decided to no go.

And so we don't and so were need to watch very closely Supreme Court is doing your point earlier. I think it is really critically important.

Might not live where you live voter in the 14th national district, but what were seeing now in Washington DC. I don't live in West Virginia and I don't live in Arizona, Sen. Cinema and Sen. mansion are the two most important voices on the floor right now there the difference between staying a Republic and asked, turning in Venezuela limiter of the southern upper segment will let you go Michelle. Michelle Woodhouse District 14 run for Congress out there in Western North Carolina Woodhouse for One of our friends on Facebook live posted this that this was this which is updated at 4:29 PM a panel North Carolina judges on Tuesday voted to let the Republican drawn legislative and congressional maps stand doing a blow to voting rights groups would argue the boundaries were unlawfully created through pure partisan game and to dilute the voting power of racial minorities. Of course this is well that the ruling announced away. County Superior Court is expected be appealed to the state Supreme Court were judges who are registered Democrats outnumber Republicans, 43 so that just hit the wires couple minutes ago so we'll see off it goes a Supreme Court let the court cases continued. That's right.

Gotta keep fighting the battle will Michelle, great to see you.

Thanks for your time today will have you back on again so we can continue to have this conversation but we deftly appreciate you and praying for you will help any way we can think I'm so grateful of those blessings be on the show. Thank you for the work you're doing welcome so incredibly important in a man thinks this will talk you later.

Thanks I okay will switch back to Facebook.

I want to take you guys into the James O'Keefe project Veritas video.

Okay this just released last night. It still on you to believe or not word in my volume go.

I just lost myself there. Okay so will switch back over here on the Facebook side, but I want to play this video for you. So let's get that ready to go this James O'Keefe project Veritas okay so they've got a minimum ticket to an article what I want you to hear as much of this video is about seven it's all okay. But James narrates its was going to explain things to you what's going on so want to make sure you hear that because it's will get taken down from various social media platforms and so on the radio big. This is a social media so many nanny boo-boo then any boo-boo you can't stop me.

So that's what's working to do.

I want to hear the story about ready to go. What's up I saw Ramos ready to do this and we want to pay attention.

There's a lot of little details in here on a ticket to an article that goes back through the information you're about to listen to Saul get you into some of the details of it. But let's get started what the finishing on the other side of the break, but this is the project Veritas James O'Keefe video the Kamal last night about some documents that they just got their hands on which are really quite explosive. So let's play that you're still going to admit that they gained a bunch of big game lethality, according to the definition that currently were not were close to try to prevent another loudly dangerous or experiment you dangerous lack of judgment. I think it's time.

Project Veritas is obtained never before seen military documents regarding the origins of COBIT 19 gain of function research vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed in the government's effort to conceal all of this doctorate that he felt.

She has testified many times before Congress stating that the US government was never involved in gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of virology, will you today finally take some responsibility for funding research in Rouen seven were all due respect, I disagree with so many of the things that you said. First of all, gain of function is a very nebulous term as you're still unwilling to admit that they gained function when they say they became sicker. They gained lethality of the virus. That's not gain of function according to the definition that is currently operable were not going to get anywhere close to drawing to prevent another loudly of this dangerous or experiment you will dangerous. That lack of judgment. I think it's time that you were John, you said that I'm unwilling to take any responsibility for the current pandemic. I have no responsibility for the current pandemic. That assertion is based on the NIH's definition of gain of function. However, the documents were obtained refute that the documents in question stem from a report of the Defense advanced research projects agency, better known as DARPA which were hidden in the top secret shared drive. What is DARPA they were an agency under the US Department of Defense, which facilitates research and technology with potential military applications. Dr. Stephen Walker was the director of DARPA at the time of the Eagle health alliance proposal source sent us this video of Dr. Walker talking about research they were exploring related to mRNA technology and its potential application with military personnel in the field will is one of the main report regarding Eagle health alliance proposal leaked on the Internet a couple of months ago is remained unverified until now. Project Veritas is obtained. A separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense written by US Marine Corps Maj. Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA fellow Maj. Murphy makes claims in his report to the Inspector General. If true, could be damning to the official narrative that is been played out to the world over the past two years.

Maj. Murphy's report states that Eagle health alliance approach DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of that born Corona viruses. The proposal was named project diffuse DARPA reject the proposal because the work was too dangerous and could violate the gain of function moratorium. Despite Eagle health position that it would not according to the documents the NIAID under the direction of Dr. Fauci did not reject the proposal and went ahead with the research Wuhan and several sites across the US.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly maintained his position under oath that the NIH and NIAID have not been involved in gain of function research with the Eagle health alliance program. This appears to be contradictory to major Murphy's analysis of the rejection from the biological technologies office DARPA major Murphy's report goes on to detail, great convinced Faisal got more information about major Murphy's report.

That's what this project. Veritas video is so I've got a more detailed analysis of that direct quotes from that I'm to get into that when we come back so I can understand exactly what's going on, and Dr. Fauci and people like Prince Collins got was in charge of the necklaces that help should be in jail. Based on what I'm reading will let you decide for yourself will be right back and bring a break back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you where talking through following up on project Veritas James O'Keefe released last night another explosive video. This is information that came out of something called the Defense advanced research projects agency, which is DARPA okay something agents of shield or something from a marble movie okay but this is real by some to take you through this.

I was the video that you heard about little over half of it before he had the break and I put the link up to that on Facebook so you can check that out for yourself.

This is an article that goes through it from red state and kind of deals with the main piece of information, the commodities documents okay so when I walk you through that, by the way is is if you want to be engaged want to be a critical thinker, don't just buy what the right of the left is selling you again. Once again, I just put on Facebook live at the Steve Noble show page on Facebook.

The links to the spot if I website for Joe Rogan's interviews number one with Dr. Peter a McCullough which broke the podcast record was the number one podcast in the history of podcasting when it came out December, but then it was surpassed just two weeks later by episode 1757 with Dr. Robert Malone is one of the people that created the technology behind mRNA vaccines and that was three hours long, but I'm telling you because we've all spent some a lot more than three hours dealing with this over the past two years you will get pulled then it will make more sense to you than you think.

Even though the skies off the charts qualified, not the charts intelligent lady on most of us certainly beyond me, but because it stop you become familiar with your gonna be able to work through and and you'll be shocked and disgusted and informed all the same time you get spend three hours feeling that way. Over and over so I just put those links up so you listen to it for yourself and spot if I'll get it took down off YouTube. Of course, but the southern James O'Keefe project Veritas thing. Okay, here's the article from red state specific to these actual articles. These are actual documents. One document in August 13, 2021 report just a few months ago on Defense advanced research projects agency that DARPA letterhead from the Commandant of the Marine Corps fellow DARPA to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense carries the subject line quote SARS COBIT to origins investigation with US government programs, undisclosed document analysis. The analysis reports that the 2018 2018 Eagle health alliance coronavirus research proposal that DARPA rejected because it was too risky and likely violated the gain of function research ban was then funded by the NIH and IAD. Thank you Dr. Prouty and carried out, and that SARS COBIT to AK COBIT 19 resulted from that research and escape to get this in August 2090 escaped August 2019 February. When I got here two years ago, but August of the year before 2090 more explosive parts of the report were not narrated by James O'Keefe project Veritas but were in the screenshot shown in the video project.

Veritas identifies the authors Marine Corps Maj. Joseph Murphy, then Commandant Marine Corps fellow at DARPA's reference to what I just read you according to his LinkedIn page Maj. Murphy is now the office of naval research. The first page of the memo reads SARS COBIT two is an American created recombinant bat vaccine member. The bats flew in and landed in somebody super black garbage or its precursor virus was created by an Eagle health alliance program at the Wu hand Institute of virology, W. IV. It was created. Hello at the lieutenants to the virology as suggested by the reporting surrounding the lab leak hypothesis. The details of this program have been concealed since the pandemic began. These details can be found in the Eagle health alliance proposal response to the DARPA preemptive program broad agency announcement dated March 2018. This goes back almost 4 years now document that Yep not yet publicly disclosed getting the contents of the proposed program are extremely detailed. Peter Danzig lays out step-by-step is a buddy of Fauci by the way, what the organization intends to do by phase and by location. The primary scientists involved their roles and their institutions are indicated. The funding plan for the W. IV. That's the will and Institute of virology work is its own document the reasons why nonpharmaceutical interventions like mask on medical countermeasures like the mRNA vaccines do not work well can be extrapolated from the details, the reasons why the early treatment protocols work as curative's are apparent. What are those early treatment protocols, you'll know. Remember hydroxychloroquine and fibronectin SARS COBIT twos form as it emerges, likely as a precursor deliberately virulent humanized recombinant SARS COBIT to that was to be reverse engineered into a live attenuated SARS COBIT 19 bat vaccine.

Murphy then goes into the rejection by DARPA and claims that the proposal was actually funded by NIAID and that work began on the project that would be felt. She saw and found she saying to Rand Paul well according to the current definition of gain of function research Bubba Bubba blah so they just manipulate the phraseology of the terminology to playing in the margin. So that's the well the way you're describing isn't the way that we've actually written that they just change the terms of the game right to change the rules. DARPA rejected the proposal because the work was too close to violating the gain of function moratorium, despite what Peter Desert says in his proposal as is known Dr. Prouty with the NIA NIAID did not reject the proposal the work did take place at the lieutenants to the virology and at several sites in the US, identified in detail in the proposal. One of them. By the way, for all my triangle area friends right here at University North going to Chapel Hill network resulted in the creation of SARS COBIT VW IV will what we now know to SARS culvert to according to the report is a direct quote from the report SARS COBIT two, hereafter referred to as cart SARS COBIT W IV will and is a synthetic spike protein kind Mira engineered to attach to human ACE receptors and inserted into a recombinant bars set SARS COBIT backbone.

It is likely a live vaccine not yet engineered to be more attenuated state that the program sought to create with its final version. It leaked and spread rapidly because it was aerosolized so it could efficiently infect bats and caves, but was not ready to infect bats yet. Which is why it does not appear to infect bats. The reason the disease is so confusing is because that is less a virus than it is in engineered spike protein hitchhiking a ride on SARS COBIT to quasi-species. Let me break that down for him because I said this for a while like you want to know why this thing so strange and hit one person one way and another person. Another way in his brain fog and always put our stuff.

Listen to the podcast for Joe Rogan is because it was engineered in the first place, it doesn't act like a naturally current occurring phenomena. Why because it's not natural it's engineered hello think Frankenstein and this affects sleep three years ago. I never would talk like this. Now I am because I believe this is the truth in this affects the efficacy of mRNA vaccines is Murphy report states what says the gene encoded or mRNA vaccines work poorly because they are synthetic replication that they already synthetic SARS COBIT to Wu hand synthetic spike proteins and possess no other epitope many doctors in the country have identified that the symptoms of vaccine reactions mirror the symptoms of the disease, which corroborates with the similar synthetic nature and function of the respective break. Spike protein think Frankenstein got out of the lab right regarding government and hydroxychloroquine. The much-maligned treatments of COBIT. 19. Here's what also he put the report fibronectin identified as a curative in April 2020 work throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response. Of note, hydroxychloroquine identified in April 2020 is a curative is identified in the proposal is a SARS COBIT inhibitor as is interferon which is identified May 2020 epitope help right so according to Murphy US government identified fibronectin hydroxychloroquine in interferon is cute curative for COBIT 19 in April and May 2020. Yet listen yet pharmacists are still not filling prescriptions for them in January 2022. Why, who made the decision to essentially sentence over 100,000 Americans to death while check about tech about statement know you need to go to. You don't take government and you don't deal with hydroxychloroquine you come and let us give you the protocol which of many of you than end up on on Vincent when you get an event in your debt.

Why so that I don't know, so that big Pharma can make more more money.

I sound like a wacko except I've read enough and watched enough. Listen to enough the last two years, but I'm not a wacko, and Pfizer is the most criminally recognized pharmaceutical company in the history of pharmaceuticals. Can you trust Pfizer much money to make an offer. This holy cow. All this information about the proposed research and all the experience that it Artie taken place in which were denied by pow geodesic and every scientist they could coerce or threaten Rand Paul was yelling at him about today was readily available and legal health alliances response to the preempt BAA that was from DARPA, which should have been an unclassified publicly available document right right however the document was somehow placed in a top-secret shared drive.

According to Murphy's report. How convenient was in a cover-up more for Murphy's report is Murphy wrote this guy that worked DARPA technological challenges, difficult as inoculating bats in China would be tried at DARPA first the massive Manhattan project level of information suppression executed by the government and the trusted news initiative that deals with your mainstream media indicates that it would be covered up with something bad happened right to cover your tracks thank you Dr. Prouty. The lab leak hypothesis and squabbling between Sen. Paul and Dr. Faucher indicated that the cover-up was more localized.

Further actual cover-up would be more disciplined with his paperwork so I presume Sgt. Murphy that unclassified files would be concealed in a higher network and found them where I expected them to be.

I understood what they were in their content.

Push the files off-site and compiled this report, we had to go around it and ordered for you and I to be listening to this today. Interestingly, Murphy's fellowship at DARPA ended in August 2021. If we give what we know so far about Murphy's report is correct, there should be or should have been corresponding documents at the NIH. Given what is happened since the research reportedly started. It would be surprising if those documents met shredders and bleach pit but knowing the cast of characters involved. It also would be surprising if they SOME kind of leverage document point the finger of blame elsewhere event worthy of what to do blame Trenton put to the Department of Defense Inspector General do it Murphy's report. What else did it contain. Hopefully there will be follow-up reporting from project continue my friends to pray for the true for the true to be revealed because the entire world. What affected and infected by shamanic this criminal activity that put a good chunk of people around the globe at risk until a couple million. Thank you for monkeying around talking about a key pray for the truth to Steve Noble and Michelle God willing I'll talk again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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