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When life seems out of control.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 7, 2022 10:49 pm

When life seems out of control.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 7, 2022 10:49 pm

When life seems out of control.

Chris Connel brings Jason and Cristina Bonilla on the show today to discuss control and how God is when you  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you were. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your house Noble says this is obnoxious friend Chris Connell and I'm here today with two fantastic people. It's beautiful Friday here in Raleigh North Carolina I asserted a trickle cross assembly in the Raleigh area and shut ultimately Pastor Chad Harvey and I got to know Steve Gosch back 2006, and a we did the Gregori harvest Crusade together and and I was so excited when I met Steve is like oh God, there's people like me on the planet.

There's you know are just as obnoxious as I am, so I Steve is away visiting family today but I am so excited about a guest today and working interest that the subject with this in light of everything going on this world.

This is a question that went through my mind in regard to our gas and that is is God still in control when life seems out of control is God in control when you feel like everything is completely out of control and I conservative fantastic church and Jason and Christina Bonilla are served at the church voluntarily and we have a thing we do call Caf 242 on Wednesday nights and it's basically made in accepting verse 42, and it's basically a teaching time and we sit on the tables is a table leader. You guys are were I think my coach so. Say hello to Steve Noble show listeners adjacent Christina and everybody are you doing today hey let's see, how are you yes and the aardvark bilingual, so say hello in Spanish to all Steve Spanish listeners which I don't know if he has any or not but just in case get them in the almanac of everything she just said okay so only one of you is my one. How can you look as is is a mannish lover is the hottest guys ever been around. Anyway, so Jason you guys are like were like my art, my coach for a coach or directors are sitting at table, and then I gave the table somebody else and blah blah blah. And one night Christina said something to me. I'm a what was and and she goes oh you don't know my story and I was like know what you talking about and she told me a little bit of that story. And ever since then I was like if I ever get one next to the Steve Noble show these two are on my list as potential gas because as difficult as the subject, as this may be to talk about right. The reality is is that people need to hear how God brings us through seasons when life seems out of control and even those who are committed followers of Christ go through very difficult time. So first on the ass couple questions. I know you guys have four children. I I looked this up somehow to memorize and how much of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Ezra, Bella, is that right and is Leah I like to go to Leah all right LA is only what eight months old and is that right and she is so cute. So anyways, hope your burger today actually answer Ezekiel is 14.

Is that right and then you've got Isaiah is nine as rebel is six and then a Leah is a months old and is she is she spoiled as the youngest you are new to the general of the boys go 10 for I sold you to limit how long three years and been dating for four right three years been dating for four seamen around there for seven years is a what I hear is a no no no no pedestrians are told okay I got was Avalon you were just being romantic will dating you have to remember that line after met with that line so so as soon as I see that people are listeners like wait a second price of the got kids longer than they they been together and those kind of things Russia the story here in a moment, but are you both from Miami, Florida or from Florida because I thought you were out of Florida or you are you from North Carolina originally. Know originally from verbal foraging from New York. I was raised born the reason you are longer than ideal city, Long Island, the Bronx abroad is the best part I and I and all this like Staten Island all the boroughs and I will know what it is an island in the back and live from upset wrist is from Rochester but that is a different world. Basically, the upstate pays for the taxes for the city that's pretty much what we do so, but did you guys meet in New York.

We moved from New York to Florida and that's what we meant what part of Florida me to see me Florida so right. The heart of Disney World there yet. My wife and I met in Lakeland, Florida going this route okay alright so what caught me by surprise when I heard when a caucusing that one night at our Wednesday night was. She said something about the fact that this is her second marriage right and and that but that it was a story of first how you two met, but also what happened with you.

So if I member briefly. You and your first husband pastoring are starting to pastor a church pastoring a church and get them. He thought we had church planted with Spanish take me back, years ago we talked and not sure so I want to pay a church plant darted around 2014 okay feet. Here's the cow was seven years ago where we started church planting right you had three kids and well at the time he had to think that that's where Bella was born after a church plant.

So okay together. We had three kids together right and you said something and were just about to go the breakers we got about a minute here. You said something happened was it near when the church was was was launching recipe to that effect. So it was right after the church launch launched and we were going into a 40 date fast because we wanted our own church property. Okay, yeah, we wanted to own land, because releasing at the time so that that's when in 2017. The accident right so so when you say near to the church start you talking within a few days or a few months. You know, the church had been already established for two years and we were growing exponentially and we wanted to purchase our own property at a point right and we can talk about this, but basically there was an accident.

Yet, and it took the life of your first husband that and and change the course of your life significantly and yet that's just amazing.

So we come back some of the question is, God still control when life seems out of control are awesome good looking Jason and Christina Bonilla are here. You don't want to. Mr. story because it's gonna blow your mind what God can do when life is out of control. Stay tuned listen to Steve. This is the Steve Noble show. It's a Friday. It's great to have you with us teams in a time with family. This is Chris, filling in today for him in were talking today about the question.

Is God still in control when life seems out of control and my amazing guesser Jason Christina Bonilla been married 3/2 during three years, three years dated for four that includes a 3 1/2. Is that what I'm hearing. Yeah, yeah, that's some real fuzzy math there. Jason RI got four kids. He got his ego Isaiah as rebel and Leah writes that I'm good and in the reason I want.

Have you guys on the show is because God brought you through something Christina and brought you two together you, Jason, and so do you mind if we go back to the accident and you and your husband had started a church in Kissimmee, Florida on the church was doing well, you were about to enter a season of fasting and prayer she could get a building.

Me, I'm assuming releasing it at that point like that and so will tell Steve this is what happened sure you back in 2017. The church was actually in a 40 day fast so we just believing God for big things and we knew that there was something that was coming right and we just didn't know what was.

But our hearts were in purchasing her own property and my late husband just really felt like this is just the time to fast so it's amazing when you go into fasting and prayer, and where the church was at that moment. We were one week away was almost Easter. We are one week away from finishing our fast and that day, my late husband and he went in one car. I went in another car and we had service and coming back from lunch.

He looks extremely exhausted but again we were in two separate cars. I had to get home with the kids.

We had family come in from three kids and three kids at the time that family coming in from town to to come by the house so I went ahead and he just wanted to stop for coffee because it is really tired minister to services Along Dave man after my own heart out for coffee so it was Sunday afternoon. I made it home.

I was at the time as Rebello was only two. She had just turned to Sashi was still pretty let all and I was getting the house prepared and the boys were outside playing in, and I remember the hours just going by and he never came back home and I would call an island. I thought at you and I said he's he was always a people person and pretty sociable maybe stopped to go visit someone or maybe he's at our family, our family vacation home with his aunt and maybe you know that's where he's at great gives you more time to get the house ready and an hour turned into three turned into four and by that point I said you know I'm getting a little worried. I called the family he wasn't there and I was ready to grab my keys and go figure out where that that with Dylan and when I started to walk towards the door. The Sheriff's office actually pulled into the driveway and the party was like a man they missed the neighbor's house and must be the neighbor not being like why is there a Sheriff pulling up and when they were actually coming up my driveway and went outside and and the one being that they asses you know are you so and so are you Christina Mendez at the time and assist in on Dino Antonio Mendez and he said I do like what was the situation like Mama just want to tell your husband's dad just like that. I was exactly the words they used and I said I am so sorry what you just wishes and it was as blunt and as cold as as those words could ever be.

And I said that's absolutely impossible. There is no way that that could be the case and I asked for proof. I know I said how do you know how you know when they were like ma'am, we have his license have you know we have everything here and in that moment you you just tell your life go through a movie of of of 30 seconds okay, this can't be happening. It didn't happen to me, it can't happen to my children who is gonna walk my daughter down the aisle who is going to be a father to the boys who's going to teach them how to play ball like all of those things rush through my mind. 30 seconds and the church liked and what can happen with the traffic. All these things in 30 seconds, literally went through my mind and there were phone calls that I immediately had to make and I can still remember that was back in 2017.

It's 2022 and I can still remember every single one of those phone calls that I made as well as every single emotion and reaction from those phone calls up until today, very, very, very difficult. I can remember calling for the boys to come home and then you know taking a step back and saying how do I even tell my children what occurred as Rebello was very small. She was only two so that conversation with not a huge concern for me, but easy kill and Isaiah definitely were because they were really close to their dad. That was their best friend and that was just an unbearable moment that Sunday afternoon on April 2 absolutely unbearable. I had to get leaders together. I had to contact just our district leaders as well. Then the second biggest decision that I had to make the next day is now what you do with your church think okay you can have to tell the kids later on. What happened to their dad and why their dad is not home but then what you do with your church. What you do with you like what now, what's next and people were flying in from you know New York can different parts like my sister lives in North Carolina Sashi to fly in from North Carolina to Florida.

I remember tons of questions and tons of things that happened on a Sunday night and I wasn't able to to do anything not even see his body until Tuesday and I remember that Sunday night I had the whole church, and if it cannot double churches in my house and I remember we just prayed and said, you know, Lord, whatever you need to do if you can raise the dead. I need you to do that right now like to be super honest and transparent. Like I need you to do that. I believe in miracles, signs and wonders and we would just praying for a miracle. We are praying for you know got to do what she needed to do and you know the next day. Family came in and there is decisions we needed to make with the church and in the next day I I had to identify the body, and at that point I knew that heaven was better than her right and I knew that that was where he needed to be. There was conversation that I had to have with my kids and telling the kids hay in on daddy's not coming home.

This was quite challenging and difficult. Well, the story is amazing. Thank you for being willing to hear which is the fishing of a neo-is God's will control in life seems out of control. The question state you want to miss an export right back room while you are listening to the incredible Steve Noble show and this is his guest host Chris Connell in today and the question you're asking is this is is God still in control when life seems out of control. Every time sick. I wanted to write back the store if you're wondering what's the context you just go back to the Facebook page and listen to it by awesome just guess partly are Jason Christina Bonilla. It's so good to have you here. Thank you for coming and so I am just a quick recap of the YouTube and married 3 1/2 years. Yes, that's right. And and got four children and for Christina. This is a second marriage. Her first husband, your done password from a car accident is my understanding and you and he were pastoring a church down in Kissimmee, Florida and and it was obvious he is any like the unexpected.

And you know I I got to know Steve when I was working with Steve Noble and Greg Laurie.

I got to know Grigori son a little bit.

Christopher, Lori, and he got a car accident probably, but within months of us doing the crusade here and and Greg talks about that day when they came to his house and how it just your changes worldly talks about heaven is more real. So so you you have talked about this and you said something just off the break Jason that that this moment happened. How many years going on exactly what we five years ago five years ago, but you're still living through that right through some really through the long-suffering of that. So you're now in charge of a church.

Christina is that you are already leadership there anyway but is it yeah what happened to the church because you were in go to go to four days of fasting to the asked Lord to provide a property could own versus leasing what happened to the church at that point and your kids out of the walk that season so when when we have to tell the kids that their father was no longer on earth and was in heaven and the first thing that my old desk said it was mom who's been a pastor. The church now as the first thing that came out of his mouth and you know Ezekiel met now for Jim is nine years old. The point is 10 okay he had just turned 10 and he's actually turning 15 in a few days so the question was, was an invalid question right and I had to pray about that in I did have amazing guidance from my late husband's mother, who also pastor to New York and a lot of the district leaders had come by and there was an immense amount of support and a new you know I prayed and I knew that I couldn't just leave the church as it is} just with no asteroid with an unknown right and just walking away quickly, planning a church I'm there so one answer is DNA that their you know, thing, and all the leaders knew I was an associate pastor within the church. So my husband and I really where the forefront of of of of ministry. We were active in and we absolutely love and still love the congregation out there.

The church is still thriving cited about that, but I knew that I had to had to to just step up as we pastor. So with you know within days, the transition occurred.

I began to step into that role took a week off more and did what I had to do and preached on Easter you took a week off to go week off you preached and I pray the hardest and and in life lesson learning opportunities right there, but I did I had to I had to preach a sermon.

I had to still get a admissions group ready because we were going out to the mission field and may and there was there was just so much that was so much there that I needed to work through and as a busy bee as I was and I just I knew God was doing something. We were ending our 40 day fast. I knew that he had prepared us for a time just is that right and nobody understood nobody knew they all knew something big was happening but nobody thought the big was that are that are the pastor would be you know sent to had been right right you would make it like he is one. He fought the good fight and he won that race and made it to heaven. Nobody thought that that's where his transition moment would be, but that is where God was with taking us to a place where we can just truly lean on him and depend on him and see him above anything else. It's not about man. It's not about women, but it was about God. I don't moment. What about smart? And what about moments where there are moments when you said people around you said okay where where is God in this weather any moments like that for you or are you just so busy with giving it a responsible for enough time for the snow. I did have those moments and I I was so I did have moments of of stopping and really having to deal so the one thing that I did do was make sure that I did go into counseling right away and I did Christian counseling.

I am so grateful for that was absolutely with an amazing amazing counselor that I love to pieces and she helped me deal with those those hard questions was there for a moment that I said God what are you doing yeah but there wasn't a moment. Honestly that I said how could you, why did you even think of doing this to me. I never I never did that because I remember the week beef no I it was either the Sunday before or that Sunday morning because it was a little foggy. I was worshiping I had led worship that morning at the church and the one thing that I said was Lord you can take everything away from me, but I will never stop worshiping and those words had to be hatchet had to be evident right.

I walked out those words.

A week later he I felt like everything was taken. My husband was taken my my identity was taken in the sense of now who are you who are you without Heidi Heidi, are you would a word like who who is Christina now and all those things I question how do I raise my children. I'm not a father. What I do for this that and the other and I said, Lord, if I made that statement on the altar, and I truly meant it with all my heart like Lord, you can take everything from me, but I will never stop worshiping you. I will never stop loving you is exactly what I did when it was the darkest when it was the hardest when I said okay what I don't understand the why, but I won't stop worshiping you through this season. I keep you the author and the finish of my fate and I even said I said, Lord, if you allow this. I need you to be everything that he was for me and then everything. My kids need for me so I need you to be the Jehovah EC I need you to be the healer, the rough of the provider.

I can't allow these children to see anything but your faithfulness and and advice proclaim to follow a faithful God and if I proclaim to follow. Loving God and I have to I have to exercise that Stephen was walking about the shadow right that's right. And I did and I and I and I those were the conversations I had with God. I was thanked Jesus you know my situation and if you allowed this for whatever reason I am not one to to to go against your will. Then I need you to see me through every single season and Chris he saw me to every single season. While and still see me through it because it still it still process so healing arts for you to match the gym in the Kissimmee area yeah okay and I'm sure Christina you were you are prone husband shopping. I was, you know, I'm done. I got too much though, I had to wait. You said Jason that you knew her, you know her story a little bit yes and no action.

I was actually his treatment as well. While I was actually more work more with him on his journey and she went to the church and when he recommends future retrievers. I went there knew the guy amazing individual.

You know, again, Dinwiddie no Christina go right at all. I only met her once and I was literally hired by four that he was so slim in jeopardy. Assess so okay what what was the moment is not enough time to this whole story. What was the moment the two of you went. Oh, there's something happening here in this. This wasn't what we were looking for but oh okay God because there must've been a moment. It was we always joke around with it and this was the Christina know the hair is bad, is it is we we would just talk and so brutal coming almost every day will result homes every day and then she came back she was she was going nuts and she said what is this what is going on like I don't have time to click in my mind, though ours is ours and it says that his son's friends owned her friend among the raster like like this is what is it and I said friend yes you just like okay and then on we continue to talk to the goal to blame Jason you give love a bad day, we came up with the question again as long as I find maybe is all right. Our guesser Jessica Tina Bonilla's got some control.

I was out of control absolutely is. Do not miss the last segment as well well well amazing story. Jason Christina Bonilla is God's will control elections out-of-control.

Well he definitely is you been listening Christina you and Jason to get married 3 1/2 years and and you went to Kristi and her husband's church right. I know I visited you visit. I have my own church that I was there she planted in God.I went to the church because you have my messaging. My church was and so you shall present of an event so and so what happens is Christina.

The Lord allows your your husband to go to heaven car accident you now leading a church, you show up at the gym with this guy works and you got three kids and and then you approach him at one point through all this and say what is this and any friends owned. You will okay and and that obviously you guys did get married you have you have it you have another child.

Eight month old girl and I say writer that the method I Leah I got a got and and in do you know the kids. They loser dad but now they have a dad in the sense here on this planet with in the home you mattress a meal to break Jason that when you guys got married one of the kids what Ashley asked you 100 that was coming out yet sure on his message on the when I was there in the beginning, she still was coping with the aspect of does not know I did and when I was wishing I got my room.

Christina was on the go can you call me that right I call me Jason right off the little right. It's up to you. I never want to come that's fine you know where the kids at now with all of this because you says it before the break I thought was pretty amazing. There I think. I think right now it's funny because we talked about this with my oldest a few weeks ago they said mom I wouldn't change anything I wouldn't I wouldn't of changed how anything played out. I love my dad in heaven. I missed my dad that I would have never had the opportunity to meet Jason and I would've never had the opportunity just to be a son to him and him a dad to me and God does everything right and I'm okay with everything and not just brought tears. I hollered down this powerful book, so I am working on a book. It's called amended where I share my story in depth because there's so many more layers to that story then meets the eye and just how the enemy wanted attack.

Even my children through the whole process and yet God was still faithful. So how soon as I would love to publish it by the end of this year's Michael go to write a plug for but it won't do you any good. You know, one of the things that happens in life is is that even though we know in the in the Bible as far as Christ we know that there is suffering there right now absolutely really know church leaders from just so much suffering but but I did. I do think at times we wrestle or people wrestles with God's good write down these things happen ranks and for first is listers. I'm sure there are some folks that I have are going through or have gone through something that like what you went through Christina to came through afterwards together write it out that it's it's like I get hit by a brick from nowhere you dislike where that come from wow life is out of control. What would you say to folks like that. What you say to listeners that are just like okay I am in something right now that I just don't think I'm going to make it through you know when you get that overwhelmed right you or II don't know why God let this happen in those kind of things.

What animal people asked you that question are what you say no to question a lot. You know the Bible verse that stays in my mind always. This is being still be still and know that I am God, and in that stillness.

There's just the opportunity to really know who God is right, you can always say I know this person that you really know their heart. Do you really know who they are. Do you really know their character and that was just an opportunity for me to hear the voice of God. That was an opportunity for me to worship in my tears and in mice not and just just be okay in that moment to say Lord I need you to heal me. I need you to come to my rescue. I need you to be the got that you proclaim in Genesis and Exodus and Leviticus.

I need you to be the God that you proclaim in in Matthew and Mark. Like all these different facets of who you are. I need to see that evident in my life and you know my my advice is remain faithful because in the unknown is when he becomes known in the unknown is when you get to understand.

Just your relationship deepen with with Christ and and then you can take a step back and telling you can take a step back weeks or months or even years later, and then say, okay, I get it now. You may not get it.

Dad but it's like okay I get it now and it was worth it from users. To be still open questions came up, especially commence a position as her partner.

Her life partner. People just like them is who you are you in the sense like MBO to the status of her husband and I like how you can be a kid father to her kids and a resume from my own family that I was wrestling to even want that you're not as tough questions.

I and how to respond.

Every popper is absolutely wrong for me was in the book of James rank them. When Jesus told about you have to everything and or joy you know and enjoy. As it is an action of accepting that of what's on good and bad all trials and tribulations that come your way you accept" joy because when you do that nothing could derail you from what is to come, because you know in your heart that God is going to direct you in all joy for you to be in a position to accept it all and to take it off and that's where I put myself in a position I stood still is a God, you have me here for reason is make it happen versus talks about the Lord is our strength that statement and of itself is not super logical to me like a longer walk with the Lord and like joy is not used to that Jason is not circumstantial. You know, and I know that I know.

In fact, right now to some. I know there's somebody listening to just hurt bad. Yeah, dirt and bad and when you're in the moment where it hurts the worst. Sometimes that's all you can see like you can't see tomorrow. You can't see the light at the end of the tunnel like you just it's it's hard to breathe.

It's hard hit 1 foot for the other what you say to someone that's right now living in, get ready for that. It's the season that you and right now you may be been pressured but then understand that you going to come off strong than what you thought you would be because is going to show your character and your characters going to shine especially stay with the Lord in your heart because once you do basically like a dime you going to shine through it because you just gotta stay in trust the process and you may not see the light by the Senate those times you becoming the light so is just the stay still and understand where you're at and stay in the Lord still uses only about in the unknown is where Laura really becomes known going through nothing I can comparison with the story but I do know is like feeling moments like what I thought I could do this you yeah and I'm I'm just going to have to call on you for everything, absolutely. Did you find yourself in the midst of that saintly health.

There was tons of moments where I thought I was super mom superwoman super pastor and those were the moments that God had to humble me and say all you need is me honey you will be able to get through it without me you yeah and I think it's important that you publish listeners to know that you can get through. You can really watch, but I don't think alone cannot that's what you care.

I agree and I think God is big enough for a hard question and I think you Christian, you mentioned counseling I think is important to get to sit down with people who can handle the rawness of how we feel and what you're saying and keep it in context and not judge us based on that and allow us just to uncork garlic okay and so I think it's a matter of calling out to the Lord and I think it's also I'm guessing a matter of looking at people around you and sing. Okay, I need you need to sit down and eat some people walk through. You need to seek out that wise counsel so beneficial and don't give up know you can, you know, don't quit. You got home around and you yes you do. You are stronger than you think you think you are because listeners are listening that you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He so good and he paid the price for my sin and Jason since Christina Stanton says the world because he loves us and if you don't have the strength of Christ in your life.

I want to let you know that he paid the price for everything wrong you've ever done any paid the price for your purpose for the plans for your life for a future and a hope. Even when life knocks you down and it seems out of control.

If you put your faith in Christ, lean on him, he will carry you through.

Even though right so 23, though I walk to the Valley show death I will fear no evil for you are with Jason or Christina thank you so much. If folks want to hear more about your story. I want to have you guys come speak somewhere. How could they do that so I have a blog online global Lionheart global so they can lock up here. Thank you so much less utilize them.

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