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Moving Forward

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January 4, 2022 11:28 pm

Moving Forward

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 4, 2022 11:28 pm

Moving Forward

Steve brings Courtney Geels, who is running for congress, on the show today about moving forward in congress.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back in the locker and everything starts here. I'll get the Americans here rise for 2022.

That's charming is that cell will talk about that a lot of other big news that I want to get to during the show, but we welcome back another Great American loves the Lord here in North Carolina. Courtney gills Courtney gills for Congress running in the six district allegedly things of gotten a little interesting since Courtney was on last earlier in December and again one of our friends running for U.S. Congress in the six district, but we'll see what's going on there is going up in there Courtney, welcome back, happy new year 20 2010 yes so a pretty bizarre start. You are already to file district 6 which is described for the folks where district 6 is here in North Carolina and will talk about the bit of a train wreck that you're all going to Durham County, Orange County weight carrying so you have your work cut out for you as a conservative, but were ready to file with the long along with a bunch of other people.

Mark Walker was ready. Chad slot I was on my board is been on the show many times was ready. Michelle Woodhouse was ready. She's been on the show recently should be back this Friday and Courtney were ready, but what happened. Filing 1225 that my nanny don't doubt their clothing filing literally 40 B I got up and hopefully will be out of file. Really yes to what you do in the meantime, Courtney and I know you've got a big event coming up this Saturday you want to invite people to getting my name. My thinking is encouraging the church again on the 20 me a couple weeks.

Maybe, they felt like and I use that trail that we are seeing a culture changing the church rather than the church, changing the culture right now and I'm talking big feature interesting is across the board all across America, where people are trying to separate politics and the Christian faith, and I see that you know my husband and I believe you are calling a submit to authority and promote the gospel above all, which is what we definitely need to do as Christians, but with different right now we live in America where we are a government by the people who are the peoples that we are our government so we as Christians need to be the ones in charge of godless people telling us what to do and it's not to be what we want know that's exactly what we've all seen for years, and that's why I have so much respect for you and appreciate you stepping into it as somebody that's been on the front lines of the nurse and saw what was happening over the last two years and certainly hasn't gotten better is gotten worse and Biden comes in and says I'll fix this and of course we just doubled our own record for how many covert cases got reported in a day that just happened yesterday and so we have to get involved and I was remind people hey we all know nobody can argue over the fact that as Christians are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves.

What we live in a system as you mentioned Courtney back to the laws affect everybody. We are the government were supposed be the government. We can be a representative part of that government.

If you want to love your neighbor well you should care about the laws that are affecting them and then how can we not do that. That's clear violation of Scripture which is why I so appreciate you running talking to Courtney gills Courtney gills for Congress that's GE ELS Courtney gills for again.

Whether your district. Six. The Orange County area parts of weight that it covers doesn't really matter. We all care about the state we care about the nation. So when we have one of our own running will need to be supporting them. In this case supporting Courtney what's going on this Saturday 8H, my words to live by jail and placed back onto unity is where I believe they have been over years and Biden media and distorted by the liberal they are godly words and the problem is unity just district. They just want to force young people to disagree and we need to start lecturing unity without truth and justice and injustice that so those are going to dinner, but particularly where you are going to start with. Which is where when you start with an election integrity that I have some great cars lined up. We had casual black and brown. You haven't heard yet mechanic came on the scene at 2020 but he's been able to predict elections just across the board. 2016 and 2020.

There is a lot that he had very objective data in transit presentation is absolutely phenomenal on any coming and I think this is a great NHL invite people to the media is trying to harm that you know.

I do think that we are being sent. I do think there is a little bit of harm coming to her lack of knowledge that we have to bypass that media and we have to bring entries on our own time bringing a member that Castelli happily in the wake County GOP. She's going to talk about how were going to ride this red wave in 2020 20 2020 the reader believe he will be talking. He's great and then let you feeling I know you talk to show the rabbit out and let us know what were they doing North Carolina to prevent running 20s 90s that we can live and I know there's a lot of people Courtney that appreciate the fact that you're leading with that in this conversation right now because most of the most the politicians out there people running for office are like yeah voter integrity. I don't think they realize how much of an issue that is to most of us regular folks out here that why would he go vote if we can't trust the system so I really appreciate you bringing that up, and certainly how weatherman who's been involved in politics for years. For those of you don't know he was the Chief of Staff or Dan Forrest. He was kind of right hand man for Dan's mama was in Congress for 18 years. Sue Myrick was also the of the mayor of Charlotte and so that's the right of his in the middle of his wheelhouse trying to ensure the integrity of our voting system because more and more of us.

If it doesn't get fixed will just walk away assuming that our boats actually are can account so really appreciate you talking about that so people can come up that I just put a link up on Facebook lives of people can do that. Also the information that Courtney gills for Congress.

GE ELS is a reminder. What else can we do to help you.

Courtney get around highly recommend that you will not be sent. There Courtney heel on all three platforms and then I paid Courtney gills for Congress. Everybody wonderful you get around me Joe Rogan's leading a mass exodus of the twitter to go together so well that right.

Okay, forget the way I go to gills running for the six district as far as we can tell right now.

Courtney feels for Congress in the fight for truth, justice and unity in America dinner this Saturday.

Also the links up at her website as well as the Facebook like Courtney God bless you sister. Thanks so much. We'll talk again soon. You're welcome, my friends will be right back after this children to be with you. Happy 2022. I noticed this poll and put this up on Facebook couple days ago.

I feel better today physically better and open it on the ground then, but I was going get tested last Thursday to Michael. What difference does it make really, you know what difference the make back in the day. Remember back in the day back in the days like 2019.

You'll feel while you stay home you get some rest.

It'll go get tested you. I don't know. It's the flu it's a bad cold.

I caught something sums going around at the blog. It's crud, whatever, though now we gotta go get tested and get all its official information that I don't know that we can trust and so feeling much better that way and then I just wasn't feeling it coming into the new year. I've got a lot to do were working now on taking my civics class. My government class as well as my new US history class online so I can reach more high school age homeschoolers a first around the state of North Carolina severe in the homeschool world or know somebody that is that has high school students in North Carolina.

These are awesome classes.

They are really, really a big deal not only for the current condition of the country but for the future. The condition the country there's not a lot. I don't feel like there's a lot I can do in reaching our own people, and most of the time here on the show are in Facebook Liber the podcasts.

It's the choir were talking to each other but with these young people there still a work in progress. These high schoolers and most of them know little to nothing about US history than a little to nothing about the Constitution and civics and government in general and so the right to be led down the wrong road and there's only listen only 10 states in the union require civics at high school level and we know what happened, US history, US history is been hijacked and has been for years, mostly by the left, but there's people on the right that highlight all the things that we should highlight and I really don't spend much time on the things that we need to own. There's a lot of junk there's a lot of blood on our ledger as a nation. There's highlights on those low lights as beautiful moments and there's terrible moments or things we got our own and think she should just gloss over all your terrible it up in the American Indians and move on. Know you be willing to have these conversations and also it is a Christian with somebody with a pretty robust typical worldview mint teaching US history. Now it's so ripe for gospel conversations which which overrides everything else just understanding the human condition. Alyssa mankind's been doing it to each other since we got kicked out of the garden right and so some of the terrible things that happen in the US history as well as some of the amazing things.that's us all tied to human nature and the ability of human beings to do incredible things. When we represent the Lord well in terms of the Amado day the image of God in them because of our sin sin sin nature. The remarkably horrendous things that were capable of doing both of happen in this nation over the last 400 years and so are people in the right gloss over things and focus only on the good kind of ignore the bad people on the left. Focus only on the bad and ignore the good and where's the truth was, Christians were supposed be people of truth. That's way I teach at the good the bad the ugly and and I tell my students listen if your heart doesn't break over some of the things that have happened in this country than your hearts broken.

There's something wrong with you and should just gloss over things that involve people made in the image of God.

And so that's why I'm there's only so many people I can teach. Given time and space here in Raleigh and so that's why were going take these things online and an offering to people of high school students around the state first start marketing next month you'll hear that happen here on the show as well as social media and then hopefully I'll go from hundred 15 students to 250 students this year and then the next year, maybe 500 to start adding some other courses biblically centered, strong Christian worldview trying to develop young people into leaders that we need them to be for tomorrow but Eileen happen in the most cases. So that's why were doing what we feel called to do what I feel called to do.

I'll talk about the more as we get going so feeling much better as the days go by 2022 letter work for us to do and especially comes the gospel. The fields are right on the harvest are they not ever been riper in this country River, only 6% of Americans even operating out of a biblical world. So the vast majority people you see today and tomorrow and the day after our lost their ultimate answer for America isn't the right president.

It's the gospel. Let's not forget that exclusive poll American. America's fears rise for 2022. Americans are less optimistic and more nervous about what 2022 has in store for the world and they were heading into 20, 21, according to an accessible wow that's troubling in this year meeting from the pole democracy ranks second among the issues.

Survey respondents that matter most of them behind jobs in the economy and just ahead of healthcare COBIT and Trump are the top two words people said they'd like to hear less of in 2022 but upward people said they'd like to do more of travel because were all weary right the big picture. The overall findings are complete, are comparable to recent pre-pandemic year had polls conducted by Momento, formerly survey monkey, but compared with last year's pole. They show a sore and souring of the national mood after an unusually optimistic view of what 2021 could be when we thought surely will be COBIT right no wrong, the end of last year.

From the article was a particularly hopeful time, partly because there was a change in the presidency but also because we just been through the first year of COBIT and everyone thought things could only get better after 2020 right. I think this after this year. This is that Laura Roski was the senior manager for the research. After this year. We realize it's not going to magically get better but that were going to have to live a covert for a while.

By the numbers. More than half the people in our survey, 54% said there more fearful than hopeful about what's in store for the world in 2022 44% said there more hopeful.

That's sharp turnaround from last year's survey 163% said they were more hopeful about the world in 2021 and 36% said they were more fearful while Republicans were more pessimistic than Democrats and Independents both years. All three groups turn more negative in this year's survey.

In addition, 51% said they were more fearful than hopeful about what's in store for the US in 2022, including 66% Republicans 41% of Democrats and 46% of independents yes, but here in the article. Even with the omicron. Spreading across the country. 61% of Americans said there more hopeful and fearful about what's ahead for the pandemic. In 2022.

Let's hope that's true. Think it will be what to watch this year.

17% of the people in our survey said democracy was the issue that matters most of them right now second only to jobs and the economy a 31%.

That urgency was driven largely by get this Democrats who rank it as their highest priority at 24% of people with a college degree or higher, 24%. Republicans also ranked democracy as a high priority at 15% by was basically a nonissue for independence. Okay, that's a problem that very few people see we were already on this big government trajectory. We have been for a while. The socialism growing the socialism mindset growing here in America, but to see that after the last two years of a massive increase display flagrant display of government power that more people are concerned about democracy.

Republicans also ranked democracy as a high priority. 15% said size priority. Only 15%. What's up with that.

It would be safe democracy read that freedom, liberty. It contained federal government some freedom to move and live for you as an American. Why more people aren't worried about democracy in general is beyond me. And that's part of the problem because they're ignorant. I've got there is a big poll that came out about a year ago I talked about it a lot in the last year that showed that Jens Ian millennial's basically people under 40 like 61% of them had a positive reaction to the world, socialism, and 59% of them had a positive reaction to the word capitalism. This is a problem with that. That's a lot of overlap in their. So how can I be on this hand. Take socialism I'm good with that. What you think about capitalism, hope I'm pretty good with that to do you hello anybody home. Do you realize those are incompatible when you talk about massive ignorance. So as we are, can continue to talk about the spirit of the age people don't even understand truth they don't understand with any clarity what the country supposed to be.

They don't understand liberty, which means they don't understand democracy, which means they're not worried about it enough when they should war that will become back credit this don't go anywhere.

Everybody happy new year and report back to live in action. I wanted you courage for the things that often times we think about doing in the near the from a biblical perspective from a Christian perspective.

I'm doing this with my son in a couple of his friends he's will be 21 next month is were doing of the Bible project New Testament in the year. I did this couple years ago the Bible project never check that out. They do an excellent job.

This is one of the most prolific Bible project type efforts in the world has been for the last several years later these great videos explaining the Old Testament, the New Testament overviews book overview so if you get a look at the book of Matthew.

For example, so the Bible project on the Bible app. We just started on January 1 doing the New Testament the year so the very first day you just have about an eight minute video that the Bible project put together you know they do kinda the video where it looks like you don't see a hand or anything, but it's it's kind like hand drawn on the screen beautiful, but it's talking about the whole book of Matthew book of Matthew which is split up into five sections of what's the purpose and what's the flow. There is what you get this really well done.

Theologically astute look at a single book like Matthew like well there.

There's so much form and function here that you're not aware of. You just gonna read through it right all yeah the genealogies in the Christmas story sermon on the mount. But there's actually divisions and incredible form and function of the book of Matthew, so we just started on January 1 they be January 4.

Just just Matthew chapter 3, so it's been good for me to get back into this, even though right now in the daily dose devotionals were in the book of Matthew, but I wrote this a few years ago. So were back through those figure in Matthew 12 or 13 right now in the daily dose devotionals such as the past one passage at a Matthew every day with very simple, straightforward street-level application of what were reading there in the Scriptures. I've written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of those over the years. So if you want to jump on that.

I just text the word dose DOI C that's the name of it daily dose, just text the word dose DLSE to 66866 that's all you need to do if you want to go the website, the Steve Noble you can join up that way. But either way just to the text, just text the word dose DLSE to 668-666-6866 is like the phone number that the recipient. The only messenger to send is the word dose DLSE and then you get those every day and in that little walk through the book of Matthew is redoing that but I would really encourage you. It's been really helpful to me just for a few days to be back in a regular reading of God's word that comes and goes in my life. Believe it or not, it shouldn't should be constant.

That's why I write devotionals because it's a helpful way to keep me busy inside the word of God, but would just encourage you to check that all of the Bible app. It's really a good one on the Bible project New Testament year Check that out right so here you go.

This is interesting to watch the story as omicron just ravages the nation so yesterday right daily cases. Yesterday, 582,000 you know just exploding and we were doubling up. Just the other day we doubled up the worst that we've seen was going back a year 306,000 cases on January 20 21. We almost doubled that couple days ago still about half a million a day. Omicron's all over the place so I thought this article was interesting. I saw this on Fox news website binds pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative falls apart really Vermont's president by mischaracterize the continued spread of the coronavirus is a pandemic of the end unvaccinated and repeatedly clean the vaccinated people cannot spread the virus, contradicting with what his own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is been saying since at least April. Quote this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated the president told Ohio's TV seven on December 14 the unvaccinated not the vaccinated. The unvaccinated the problem.

Everybody talks about freedom not to have a shot or have a test.

Well guess what about patriotism about making sure that your vaccinated so you do not spread the disease anyone else they need to get him up to date, don't they. Why the reason that we need to pray for those in authority over us. Hello my fellow Christians, we should be praying daily regularly for those in authority over us, including Joe Biden.

Even if you can't stand the guy you preform anyway this is pretty obvious that he needs prayers old administration does. They held but the CDC has been warning about breakthrough Cove in 19 affections for the better part of the whole last year issuing an update April.

That said, people can still get sick and possibly spread Koba 19 others. After being fully vaccinated. Apparently, that's news to the president. Sadly, CDC expect that anyone will omicron infection can spread the virus to others even if they are vaccinated or don't have symptoms see some truth finally is not amazing despite the agency clearly stating since at least April that the virus can spread among vaccinated individuals by Ms. repeatedly tried to assign blame to you guys. The unvaccinated one of her third Biden urged Americans to get their children vaccinated to stop the spread and help us beat the pandemic on October 7 while defending his vaccine mandate on healthcare workers. Biden clean the vaccinated workers are protected from Koba 19 and cannot spread it to you on September 9 the president spoke directly to unvaccinated Americans and said we been patient but our patience is wearing thin member that one in your refusal has cost all of us on August 23, the president said the pandemic of unvaccinated is a tragedy that is preventable. What is during a July 21 CNN town hall. He said you're not going to get covert if you have these vaccinations wrong. July 16 two weeks after celebrating America's near independence from the coronavirus. Biden said the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated me while the US recorded its record number of Koba 19 cases for single day on Monday, almost doubling the previous record of about 590,000 set just four days earlier. This despite 73% of the US population being at least partially vaccinated, and 62% being vaccinated. According to the CDC. Notably, the surgeon cases has not translated into skyrocketing deaths. Praise God.

The hospitalizations are currently on the rise, then you get grouchy on August 15. Grouchy told MSNBC vaccines prevent getting infected prevent getting sick prevent your hospitalization, I'd rather not get infected and get infected and had to be treated for pouches so he's been all over the map and again one of the fascinating things that we need to watch and be attentive to, and to pray for the remainder of this year is what these people are going to do as this goes away as they lose this power over the masses because Cove Ed as it mutates gets weaker. Praise God and and what are they going to do when they lose the carrot and the stick what's going to happen that well by that point will probably be in the November elections there to get shellacked which is not to be an ultimate cure. By the way, don't think that hate. We we take back Congress in November.

Everything's fine.

No no no no no no no no you don't understand just how spiritually depraved and loss. This nation is that that is not that's an important thing, but is not an ultimate thing. That's why we struggle as Christians because we think the condition of the nation's depended largely on what's happening in DC that's important. But all that's just downstream from the spiritual state of the of the country as a whole and spiritual state of the country's horrible and so allegiance to truth even allegiance to reality, I'm a woman because I say a moment allegiance to reality is out the window. That's all downstream from people rejecting the truth of God's work.

This is like simple math. 2+2 = 4. This is what the Scriptures offer you, which is why you have a solid biblical worldview. It's easier not to lose it should be easier not to lose your joy not to sell it down the river for a bolus to base what's happening in the news.

I know I sometimes I come in here and like I'm just saying the same stuff over and over while a lot of these things need to be said over and over again. I need the reminder you need the reminder. This was kind of funny CNN is a bright spot for seen and okay CNN is now warning that obesity is linked to Koba deaths and the Internet is welcoming them to April 2020.

This is a not to be no Babylon be the satire site.

They actually have an actual new site called, not the be. I'm really glad to see and then the author writes is finally catching up to the rest of us who have functioning prefrontal cortex is the past two years.

This is the scene and tweak people who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of more much more severe disease and even death from Koba 19 one new study suggest that losing weight can reduce that risk. While yet welcome to April 20. CNN is an April 20 story from Newsweek discussing a study that showed a relationship between obesity and covert. This is from Newsweek obesity.

One of the biggest risk factors and Koba 19 hospitalization study suggest researchers looked at which factors are most associated with hospitalization, critical illness and over 4000 New York patients and what was it obesity. Nobody likes to talk about that. We like to talk about obesity in this country want to know why because most of us are overweight. Most of us are not paying attention to our health.

We eat garbage. We don't get out.

We don't exercise, you will care for ourselves. Some people naturally have a problem with that is a struggle that you can't just wave a magic wand, but for most of us is just a lifestyle that deal but only wants to talk about that. That's been one of the biggest risk factors. We've known that for a while almost 2 years now, but nobody wants to talk about it now CNN :-) talk about.

Here's another one study in a journal from April 2020 that warned about obesity in July 2020 the from the study.

The government of UK emblem international weight loss program to reduce severe covert cases. Did you ever hear that neither this is a sacred cow. By the way our weight. That's a sacred cow. Nobody likes to talk about that so many people struggle with it new obesity strategy unveiled as a country, urged the country urge to lose weight to be coronavirus and protect NHS new package of measures and better health campaign announced to help people lose weight the government of the UK about the news in March, 20, 21 that 90% of all Koba deaths have been in nations where the majority of citizens are obese.

That was in the New York Post couple more things.

There were comments about all this for us as Christians. How do we live in this world I would make a difference how we walk around :-) despite what we see in this good news story about skill in the older normal showed great to be with you.

By the way, let me tell you I don't remember to do this often enough to tell you much I appreciate you are on Facebook live YouTube live, you listen to the podcast later you listen, about 30 radio stations truth radio and our good friend Carl Ford and many others.

Lukens radio Howden in Asheville and our friends down in South Carolina and our pastor friends in the central North Carolina pastor Jackson in Pastor Neal in and so I I do. I appreciate all of you, I don't.

I used a listener I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh listen to for 25 years I think many would talk about this relationship. He sensed that he had with his listening audience. Although the vast majority of the millions and millions and millions people he would never talk to or meet. Listen only about one in a thousand listeners will call it to a talkshow only one in a thousand so it's true from high school that we all get sick with public speaking.

We hated speech communication classes that still true. Most of us, some of us crazy people don't we thrive on it. People like me but it's a very humbling thing to know. Like I struggled for years to change the name of the show design because I am the host of the show right so to call the Steve Noble show but but for years 2007 through gosh, 2000. I don't know maybe 12 or 13. It was it was called action this week when I was on Saturdays for three years and it was called action day today when we squinted daily, which was in February 2011 and end but you know what the industry experts and stuff it always be like Steve than that.

You gotta change the name you show I do. Why well. You are the show. So when you say people don't tune in because it's called action. Today, that means nothing. The reason they tune it is because they want to listen to you.

They want to know what you have to say. I'm like you have that sound so self-indulgent, you know, it's just like pride 101 but that's the industry-standard right so eventually I'm like okay fine I get it I'm it makes sense.

I think my heart was in the right place at the time and and so we change the and of the Steve Noble show and I got the coffee cup and I got the back of my phone is a conversation starter, and in English is the weird thing to know that people tune them because they you have you for some reason want to hear what I have to say or what to guess have to say are the different things that I talk about are different ministries that get in here are candidates or whatever the case may be, and that's a very humbling thing and it's and it's an odd bizarre thing at the same time and I really do like I don't have an easy time taking days off because I feel like I'm messing up an obligation they feel obligated to be here not because I think I'm special is just the way the Lord has chosen to use me over the years and so once you figure that out, and how God has made you and what your gifting is, then it's a great joy to so into that's a great joy to get into that gifting and to use it as often as you can and to be able to use it in all the different ways that that kind of different careers that I have all the same time in order to provide for my family which the Lord does is great but you got understand what your gifting is in the news so into that and when you're using that gifting you know all give yourself a little pat on the back your choosing to be obedient. That's good that's good. But where's the gifting come from, where is the power come from from from the Lord.

And so when you're doing something of in my case, but something public is not because of me. It's because I believe me.

The devil whispers to be regularly hasty if they knew what I knew about you.

Nobody would listen because were all bunch of sinners right I said in use. We also Adriana Pearson. Thank you for your honesty, but is not about me it's about the Lord. It's about his truth so I do. I really really appreciate the time that you invest in listening.

I hope it blesses you hope to learn something. I've certainly learned a lot by getting prepared to do the show and having these conversations and hope that it's a blessing to you so let me just say that. Thank you, thank you for your time. Thank you for your investment here in the show and I hope I don't at this point, you too often back to the CNN story. Nobody wants to talk about weight right they just came out this tweet about a people who are overweight or obese at a much higher risk are more much more severe disease and even death from Koba. 19. That was the recent tweet.

I appreciate that they were willing to put some truth out there. And then there's some other stories that in this particular article from not the be pointing to is another one is kind of funny. Just people tweeting. Imagine when CNN discovers things like, I don't know and alienable rights. Vitamin D the superlow mortality stats for kids and the mechanics of aerosol aerosolized viruses. Good job CNN were so proud of you guys for trying your best. You might like be like that one person finishes the race. 20 minutes after everyone else okay you got there. Here's another one 20 how we quote twitters right twitters Twitter tweets showing my nearly half of Americans put on weight during the lockdowns with an average gain of get this 29 pounds, 10% of us gained 50 pounds or more by closing things down.

We actually may have increased the risk so I was Brian Sullivan, responding from CNBC.

Interestingly enough, nice to see little truth there is guy named Jimmy five area. This company seems like just yesterday, CNN was encouraging people to get vaccinated.

So they get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut but it was like eight months ago that get back get back get a doughnut really going Krispy Kreme's increase our lack of health, increase our obesity, which then increases your risk of having a really hard time with COBIT but nobody wanted to talk about that. Why because it's not popular why because you get in people's business because most of us are unhealthy.

Most of us are overweight and there's a price to be paid their Ben Shapiro CNN this is funny.

I don't know if you get this joke. CNN has discovered Joe Rogan show that was that was Ben's tweet response to the CNN tweets of the CNN tweet people who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of an much of much more severe disease and even death from Koba. 19 and when you study suggest that losing weight can reduce that risk. Imagine that Ben Shapiro says CNN is discovered Joe Rogan show what's the joke. There we don't get is Joe Rogan has been putting out the truth about COBIT and having We Talked about That Yesterday's Been Having Guests on the Get a Band All over the Place Because They're Willing to Push Back against the Narrative and Risk Their Own Platforms and Many of Them Have Been D Platform Joe Rogan's on Spot a Fight. He Doesn't Care What Any of These People Say Anymore and so As I Bench Very Likely May Be Seen As Listening to Joe Rogan. Never Joe Rogan Went after CNN Mercilessly Because They Deserved It Because They Were Reporting That He Was Taking the Horse Pills Version of Vibrant, Which Is a Complete Lie so and by the Way, CNN Joe Rogan Is a Bigger Media Player by Himself with a Couple of Podcasts a Week, Then Your Entire Network. Over the Course of an Entire Week. Why Is That Because Joe Rogan Is Willing to Have Conversations.

He's a Fascinating Guy. He Was a Comedian Is a World He's a W. W. E.

Wrestling, Guy Wrestling Commentator Buddies Fascinating, His Interest in the Lot of Things He Does. 2 1/2 Three Hour Podcasts like All of Us Older People Were like a Lead Time for That, but I'd Say Would Allow Younger People Do, and Joe Rogan Is Is Is Fabulously Successful Because Is Willing to Have Some Dummy Sometimes Is Just Goofing around, but Oftentimes Especially in COBIT Yes People on Is Willing to Let's Talk about All This Throw All the Sacred Cows on the Table and Let's Gun Them All down and Talk about All This Stuff and Praise the Lord for That. That's Called the Pursuit of Truth, and We Need to Do That. Not to Crush Our Enemies.

Either Way, but to Enlighten People That's That's Your Call. That's My Calls Christian Just Be Truthful, Be Loving and Kind and Gracious and Patient Absolutely Always Be Prepared to Give an Answer for the Hope That You Have. But Do so with Gentleness and Respect Not to Crush People. It's like the Gospel Just Share with People the Good News Share with Them the Truth.

What They Do with It Is Their Responsibility Is Not Yours, but If You Love People. Don't You Want to Know the Truth.

Sure Course Be Finished with This Good Story Tomorrow.

By the Way, My Good Friend Brooke Medina Will Be in Here Great Christian Woman Great Wife and Mother Comes from a Military Family. She's What Works for the John Locke Foundation. She's There.

I Think Their VP of Communications Now Brilliant Young Christian, so Working Talk Tomorrow about, Looking Back at Some of the Big Stories from Her Perspective. Constitutional Conservative for 2021 and Then Think Still Be on the Lookout for This New Year, so Will Talk to Brooke Tomorrow for the Whole Show. But I Wanted to Finish with This.

I Love the Site I like Shaquille O'Neal, More All the Time. He's Just Doing Some Great Stuff out There Is Kinda Willing to Speak His Mind Is Not Overly Impressed with Himself, but This Is Cool This Is from Not the Be Shaquille O'Neal Rolled up to a Little Elementary School in Georgia Last Month and Handed out Tons of Bikes, Nintendo Switches, Which Is Little Handheld Videogame and PS Five Space Station Five Tickets for Christmas Skill. Neil Is Known for His Diamond Studded NBA Career As Well As His Slightly Less Luminous Attempts at Acting.

Over the Years, but That It Also Is a Really Big Heart As Well. Shakeel O'Neill Is Revealed Handed out Get This 1000 PS Fives PlayStation 5000 of Them in Nintendo Switches to Underprivileged Children over Christmas. The Former Basketball Player, 49, Spoke with Gary Vander Chunks on the Gary V Audio Experian's Podcast and Suddenly Finds It Important to Give Away Gifts As He Didn't Have A Lot Growing up I Call You Know My Friend from Nintendo Got about a Thousand Nintendo Switches Sit There Got about a Thousand PS Fives and I Went to Walmart Bought Bikes so You Know Yesterday at This Little Home at Your School in McDonough, Georgia. Kids Were Crying Kids Were Happy and That's What It's All about You on the Sports Analysis World. In This Article from Not the Be. That's What They Call a Slam Dunk. This Is Not the Only Generous Gift Bonanza. The Gentle Giant Is Known for His Annual Shack of Clause Event Has Distributed Tons of Presents to Kids Every Year for over Two Decades. By the Way, I Saw Another Story. When I Found This One That He's Done Stuff like This. Over the Years, I Saw Another Story. He Was in a Jewelry Store Disguised Buying Is Buying an Engagement Ring and Shack Just Decided to Pay for That I Got That Update for Now. Obviously You and I Don't Have Shaquille O'Neal Money, but We Have Something We Have Some Money We Have Time. So When I See Stories like This Is Generosity. My First Blush, to Get Myself off the Hot Sieges Go Well. I Can't Do Stuff like That on Economically but You Know Your Time Is Worth Your Sitdown and Have a Cup of Coffee with Somebody That's Feeling Lonely or Needs a Little Encouragement, Sending Attacks, Making a Phone Call Member How to Do That Little Things That Can Have Just As Big As Impact on Somebody's Shaquille O'Neal Showed up a Couple Thousand Seven Elementary School in Georgia.

The Believe That God Wants to Use You That Way.Steve Noble on the Same Noble Shell, God Willing. I Talked Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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