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Steve Deace Returns

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December 28, 2021 11:30 am

Steve Deace Returns

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 28, 2021 11:30 am

Steve Deace Returns

Steve talks to Steve Deace, from the Blaze, to talk about his work and what it's like on the Blaze network.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble had a great holiday and I hope it's still going to help and have a great week in time with family.

Hope you took advantage of that and I've been mostly good at a great Christmas at like 1012 people in our house for four days so that was a blast about all family so that was a blessing is always good to be back. I will take a look at this year as we wrap it up and move forward in 2022 and so right now maybe I'll let you know on Thursday or Friday probably on Friday.

This might be the one year anniversary me having COBIT I COBIT last January, I might've had it for the past few days. I'm not sure yet to be omicron, which is more like a cold, but I'll let you know when I get to Friday and will check that out. That's the first time I got COBIT a year ago with my previous intern. When I called him to tell him I said all you know.

Hey man, I'm glad you're on vacation this week as I got COBIT so you not come in and I'll run it on my own in any cause and he said men. That's gotta be great for the show. Thanks a lot for your sympathy and of course my friend Steve days from the blaze. I can understand that whatever whatever can a bad, crazy things happen to the show hosts usually good for the content of the show Steve Merry Christmas man, how are you saying you read five standby brother and I Merry Christmas to your audience. I love that because I love that you're in your man cave because little while ago. Steve's at home and taken some much deserved time off and appreciate the manners of movie connoisseur in a pop-culture connoisseur's always got the appropriate number of Star Wars posters on his wall switches besides the bond of Jesus Christ we have the bond of Star Wars which is just one of the things that I appreciate about you Stephen you know you're very well rounded person and brilliant so we always appreciate your time on the air.

How was your Christmas was well you know immediately. I acceptable amount of teenage angst and attics and so you know and I to make a Christmas night trip to the ER, which I want to get into again on the story is something weird. Chances are it's come at me back around amendment a great Christmas. Overall yeah that's awesome for those of you that if you don't follow Steve on Twitter, you probably should and his finger turning to Rudolph the red nose reindeer for Christmas and kind of a special effect there for the family so we appreciate taken one for the team. Great to have you. And though, by the way, so what's will take a look back at 20, 21, I just got some notes here and there, we can free flow our way through this and then I do one or the second half the show talk about 20, 22, but asked Siri today.

How many days into the bite administration Re: 342 days then. Since the man was sworn in and so what what your take her somewhere at with this bite, administration, or whatever you want to call it. Imagine everything you didn't like about Barack Obama without everything that you do it from in case more than a splash of dementia and a culture that has careened further down the rabbit hole where it was no when Barack Obama left office yet five years ago and that's essentially what you're you're looking at here and it's it's it's this is like this is why the whole topic of national divorce. I understand why it's attractive you but I like you, even culture war broke would you suggest this because the other side is let us go. Okay, these are Jehovah's Witnesses with the military. I come into the front door every Saturday no matter how many times you know how may times you tell them the sad story of Charles Russell, the watchtower Society comes back and knocks on your door on a beautiful summer day, you know, when you try to mow the lawn. The next weekend. Anyway, I just knew that a new group of steps okay these are that this is that they're not going to let us go. There is no way out of this, but through were not were to a culture or worldview version of the steel cage match right now and entry worldviews it entered in only one of them's walking out of that's the reality of God's really it's really been amazing. Would you think would you say Steve that Biden's administration.

At this point, not even a full year and has met your expectations in terms of how bad it would be or have they exceeded them. His horse and I thought it was going to and flippantly church I I thought that there would be some level of political self-awareness that that they would care about things like midterm elections works to some degree and really know what this is. This is just short zealotry.

Now I will say in the last 48 hours.

Suddenly now we are heading to a midterm election year. Suddenly RCC Ashley took a significant step toward sanity.

Yes, nobody is admitting there is no federal solution to COBIT 19 okay. Yet, the Supreme Court taking up that the Japanese date; vaccines are not vaccines that are not. That is neither completely useless.

It just means it's not a vaccine is not an immunization like most people believe the traditional definition of a vaccine. It is a therapeutic. They help you once you get it, but will keep you from getting yes and now when omicron you mentioned your second time through the bad news omicron is burning through natural immunity.

The good news is that omicron is burning through natural immunity because it's doing so. The same way that Colby hates it resides primarily in the sinuses like Nicole does. It behaves very similar to a cold, and so therefore the sign asserted that the sinus issues don't risk the cytokine storm in the lungs that caused so many people so many problems with the first several ways of COBIT in the UK right now. They're showing 0.28% of their COBIT positive cases have required hospitalization. Meanwhile, their hospitalizations have gone up, but there that there are icy remissions have completely tanked in the UK we seen similar numbers in states like New York and Florida around the country so I'm I you got excited man since 2016 as an analyst I've been taught not to provide optimistic commentary okay you but we have clear signs of an attenuating virus that could signal not just the end of the pandemic phase of COBIT but if a study that came out a set South Africa yesterday working. His said to have originated is not where it originated, will go with the narrative.

If this study is now showing that it is retroactively even though it's burning through your natural immunity.

It is providing reverse engineered natural immunity against Delta more severe way. At the same time and not what that would take us from an attenuating virus, which is a blessing. It also ganglia up for something that is now acting is is essentially a nature given vaccination and not now you're really talking about a gift from above that that's the right route for what that's exactly right.

A gift from above a natural immunity the way God designed it and of course that doesn't help the people in the lap, a cousin of the mainstream media doesn't help the president so we gotta suppress the truth and replace it with a life same old story will be right back with the days go back and see the children to be with you if several people online are like Steve, you sound sick of that because I am sick. I've been sick I'm getting much better now. I do not know if it omicron. I'll certainly try to find out later this week and let you know. But as our good friend Steve days from the blaze is with us today. Back on today for the full show talking about the omicron's ability to kinda burn through natural immunity. I had a full-blown case of COBIT about a year ago, which is really kind of a hyped up flu for me, but I did the show that week and got over it and then I lost my mind.

I lost so much a taste and smell Steve that I stuck my nose in a bag of black licorice and smelled nothing that's humanly possible that they actually have so little smell but I COBIT get me in May.

I was actually speaking in South Dakota and were getting ready to go on the flight and I I thought it was just my seasonal sinus infection. You and then we get off the plane we get we decide I want to see not ever start to see how much more before anything else will and they take us right over there, start walking up there and I'm like wow man I feel like a kid with asthma, short of breath. I get back to my hotel room the next day. I don't have taste or smell. I get through my event and everything and I get back that night and I'm just like whites totally.

I know I know what it is you, then I can't. That was weird.

The next morning I got up I you know by 930. Morning just totally gonna celebrate wait a few weeks now. My anybody says done and they were like oh yeah, if anybody had COBIT here the last 30's wife was with me. She got into an unfortunate with her, though he gave her pneumonia.

Mandy, I see like three weeks ago yeah it can be scary and and and you've done a great job that I I have to remind people all the time I met one of the people to says COBIT is it real the losses that have occurred have been tragic. And when we look at numbers like when you're trying to fax 5 to 11-year-olds and let you look at the numbers and we better cancel school after going up while riding in a vehicle of any kind of Disney, threat of fire or lightning or anything else because they have a higher chance of dying from that than they do of COBIT just been crazy.

But it's somebody has been wicked in some cases a lot of cases and it's so random. In many ways I think that's because it was part of the design process of gain of function research but just speaking on that besides yourself because that have you ever studied anything or investigated anything in your career as a broadcaster and an analyst as much as you have covert because that's the number question I've gotten for almost 2 years now was his.

Who can I trust and that's a very small list, but is that Frailey the Bible and church history payment. You remember right I was already working in broadcasting. When I got convert.

So that that that's the only subject I've ever done. I'm a deep dive guy in general measures, you know I'm wired. But I mean I've gone way. You note to the nickel core of the Earth's mantle, crust on COBIT in the last time I did that on the subject, frankly, was on, you know, it was post conversion on my own world so yeah it's really been amazing, but is there if you're in a point people in a direction of a couple of voices they can trust other than your own. By the way, if you're not checking out that Steve Schell watching on the blaze grab the podcast. Whatever the case may be. He's on from 12 to 2 Eastern time right of the Glenn Beck show Monday to Friday. But what what voices would you point us to what sources are to point people to. As we hopefully come into the final season of this nightmare.

But who can we trust there's a great question. I go to my colleague Blaise Daniel Horwitz. They banned him from twitter but I go to Alex Berenson's subset you want to know names like Peter Macola, Pierre Cory Peterson, the leading physician Harvey Risch you some leading physicians in America that are pushing back on what I call the COBIT stand narrative a great website to go to is called rational ground and that's where a lot of different independent researchers on the on COBIT kinda gathered together that's a great resource. There, but if you if you just follow mine and Daniel's twitter feeds you to get exposed to all the kinds of people that you're talking about. So Daniel is at RM for redmeat RM conservative on twitter and me. I'm just at Steve didn't show that that's TACE and I just put a link up for rational ground that's rational ground, just put that link up. Yeah, that's a you guys I follow you on twitter. That's where I get a lot of the leads that I then chased down and then talk about things on the show, which is been super helpful. Let's set aside. Do you think covert fans can end in 20 foot jump ahead a little bit in 2020. Do you think you will actually be a non-issue. By the time we get to the midterm elections next November. Or do you think there just to do whatever they can to keep a reviving this monster what I always do my big 10 predictions for the year. My first show back give you one of them right now are because omicron is not a very it is a control group and it has blindsided the COBIT stand narrative and and they got get control of it. The only way to get control of the narrative. Steve is thereafter wrecked, really go from the great reset to the great right, not I told you a month ago. There's no way this is ever going away without mass civil disobedience and disruptions you omicron is that I think could commit can be met by the time we get to June of next year really like you guys remember when they made us all wear masks.

I think that's the trendline we could be looking at with omicron where they are to be forced the memory hole. Their greatest narrative ever COBIT and move on to something else. I think it's possible to be kind of the crazy uncle that you end up having to ignore at the wedding or whatever and you know yes I don't talk about them some cousin Eddie back to the trailer exactly right. Yes I let's switch gears are little bit in terms of race relations the shelving verdict in the Rittenhouse trial verdict. We think we can impact you think those of had in terms of race relations in this country. I think the verdict in the shogun case probably kept things at a status quo, particularly since he is followed up by pleading guilty in the civil rights base of the allegations against him and I also think that case is not very cut and dry. I think you can have a lot of different opinions about that case you could ask yourself why are we lying icing a drug addict who you know. Had a pretty bad criminal record George Boyden treating him like he's mother Theresa and then also ask yourself why in the middle of your white copy need to be a little self-aware, given the environment ran right now. Okay, you can't. In MainStreet, Minneapolis, with everybody watching her knee on the neck of a black man for nine minutes because of bounced checks okay you think you might think that he might be stoned out of his score. You have to ask and I know it's impossible situation, but that's why only so many people get to where that batch you signed up for that with the work you know and so I think it I think that the shogun case allows areas of conscience and different interpretation of what they thought the right justice remedy for that situation was to emerge. The Rittenhouse case is much more cut and dry. It became very apparent.

Once we got into actual testimony. There that normally prosecutors hate to lose Elia. Normally, prosecutors look for reasons not to bring charges because they want to keep their 97% conviction rate going right. The fact that they update that those prosecutors allowed this to go forth with the flimsy evidence they had, knowing what was about to be testified to indicated that they were clearly more interested in auditioning for airtime on CNBC and getting to the just getting to the truth.

In that case and sought I think that case did altered much more of what the racialist narrative in the verdict in the shogun case because I think that that what I think is you can look at the wide-angle lens. Yeah, I think it's a great point where I talked to Steve days from the blaze.

He's on 1:48 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday right after Glenn Beck few more things from this year to talk about them will turn the corner and talk about some things coming up in the future for knocking to dip into Steve's predictions for next year because well the lettuce anyway so were to talk about some the things as we move forward. This is the noblest database will be right back, go back and sees a noble show back at a couple of days. Then back off her couple of days and will be back next week start on Monday back to normal schedule here to have a good friend, Steve days, who by the way, in case you didn't notice Steve is a follower of Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit loves his family loves his wife cares about the country but has things in the right perspective and one of my favorite broadcasters out there because he is a deep diver is just brilliant. So we always appreciate Steve your time on the air and a Merry Christmas and happy new year is always great to see your success and see how things of God and to see the Lord blessing you. It's always so cool that's really kinda really appreciate it.

That is realistic. If you're very welcome. Thank you and so as we wrap up 2021 immediate besides the obvious of COBIT stand and what's going on with Biden. Anything else that kinda stands out to you that's happened this year that you think will be consequential for years to come. II think that we have crossed we got we got beyond the Rubicon select crossed the river Styx into like the gates right we we going through the gates of Hades when it comes to for many years.

People that do what I did for a living born audiences like ours that theoretically what the spirit of what I call these colony called leftist progressive. I called spirit of the Asia with the spirit of the age really means and really intends to do in the future is blank but it always seemed theoretical right, exactly. Now you're seeing that there all the restraints are gone now and end of their completely open and honest about wanting to use every lever of power given to them and granted to them to punish dissent as maliciously as they possibly can get away with and and and and I think that we have to come to grips with that and I think we have to understand that if we don't respond somewhat in kind, meaning that we are people with that, you know, we didn't give that Sheriff a gun in a batch. Okay to be passed right. We want the banditos rounded up.

We want to hear the clanging of jail cells quotes we want to see cost on people. Okay if we don't see the light respond to injustice with justice.

You know where we are good to push people to a break that I'm afraid of.

I don't want to see this happen when a good thing going here. You got Star Wars and Christmas is under set up right that you know I just I've Artie seen Spider-Man twice. Okay, the water move yesterday. It's great by the way you I love being the ugly American, I don't want to see this show. But if you keep banging on people and you leave them with feeling like if I vote for people they don't represent me. They don't fight for me to so I guess I'll have to put on the state of Scotland to do it myself.

You and now it's Second Amendment time. That's a zero sum game and I think we are closer to that happening in our in our midst than we have been since the 18 well since reconstruction in America is you're going back well over a century now and I think this is now where it's we have to we have to get the people we vote for to a we can't just have Rhonda Santos and pre-five people whose names will try have to aggressively get people we vote for everywhere in America when they went use the power you that was best to bring that sort of righteousness against the evil doer field.

It if they don't. If we run out of peaceable needs to push back against the start. This present darkness year.

Eventually people get to say that I guess man. You know what it's up to me locking low and that is my fear because I think the number one thing that lack this year has shown is that there are no restraints anymore. There's no restraining bolts anymore. The spirit of the age now is like a roaring lion seat, seeking whom it made about it on a national level what what we saw the unbelievable unleashing of evil in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, drive your car in the Christmas parade right will write kind of a norm on the national level. I think all the kindling is there. I think the fuel is there just a matter of the right match at the right time is about.

Think about the near mass shooting of the GOP lawmakers in Virginia just a couple you at the base and suggested if it just so happened that the lease is a member of the GOP leadership had agreed to go so that he was provided Secret Service protection they could shoot that we uphold several body bags out of their and you could be looking at a Frantz Ferdinand, Archduke Ferdinand got a moment in America. I think that the powder keg is waiting to be let in. So we have got to get your estate like yours.

You just cannot afford to waste any more time with people like Tom Tillis, I'm sorry.

No, if you eat any.

We can't afford anymore empty suits know you know any eye I saw the spirit of the age try to shut our movie down in Oklahoma yeah I was going to dining. The only possibility was, you know, we went to war all the way up to the governor's mansion and took refused to take custody or no for or I'm not sure for an answer and we banged on our public servant employees who work for us.

Understand Romans 13 how it applies here. We are the rulers here. There are no chains here. We are the rulers here. We the people in order to form a more perfect union political class works for us to submit to us.

Okay and and and I think we've got to take that aggressive posture with the people that want to wear our own uniform on our behalf and make them understand you will be part you will be expected to perform certain tasks that maybe slightly more comfortable for you caching a Coke brothers check or Coke or what are some your corporatist masters right because if they don't do this Steve. The other side is not going to stop going all the way to go.

That's right here. You have to understand that and I don't know. That is, people what I think a lot of Christians to talk about our own team have a hard time projecting that level of evil, the spirit of the age onto the average person who can turn around and say will appear lost in the vast majority of Americans are then they'll they know will talk about Jesus at the at the cross and talk about father forgive them for they know not what they do. You pull that out of context is people know exactly what they're doing. Are they puppets as Satan himself. Yes of course there but there also fully volitional. What they're doing there making decisions. They will not stop and so we have to consider because that I just showed this is wild. Couple years ago. There's a blogger up in Iowa Stephen were talking to Steve Bates is actually from Iowa Iowa Hawkeye think his name was, and in the last person on the planet. You would think to come out and do a great video on financial issues in America is Tony Robbins the self-help guru right thousand 12. He does this 18 minute video boiling down the federal government's expenditures, which at the time is about $3.9 trillion.

It was $10.4 billion. They were spending a day anything okay let's go after all the rich people out the rich up after the rich corporations and see how quickly we can pay for $3.9 trillion in spending in one year and you wiped out the entire fortune 500 you killed all the Forbes 400 you took 100% of their net worth. You took all the stuff which barely got you through one year and my students look at me and go what what what are you going about this Mr. Noble class that week. We haven't even touched the 29 1/2 trillion women touched another 70 500 trillion in unfunded liabilities can they land on your guys's heads and 35 years, to be in heaven and all these high scores on hundred 15 of every week. Look at me and say will Mr. Noble what we can do what we do about it and I don't have a great answer for me that that the level of the evil here is not only hitting us in our moms but downed generation after generation to generation. I think we have to understand the depth of the depravity that the play here.

I just don't think most people do dig out one morning in the northern 10 tribes of Israel water their crops for their babies thought it was just a day like every other day except it wasn't a day like every other day. Steve goes with the Assyrians coming over the ridge to put this in the nose and carry them back to Assyria. As the slaves in and now those tribes are lost to history. One day in the southern two kingdoms and they thought today like any other day Mary, her daughters Mary, her sons go to work you don't send your crops, but it was a day like any other day that was Nebuchadnezzar outside the city gate. He was about to start them out and and lay siege to Jerusalem and essentially lead to the DS Corot and so is not uncommon for the different for us to not recognize the signs of the times and I'm I'm just telling you there's never been a peaceable transfer of prosperity and liberty within a culture in all of human history and there's never going to be does not get you one here I so either the peaceable means that our founders gave us constitutionally to the political process week we put our arms around those things and get those things to truly represent us, or eventually if they don't, or were not willing to do that, then a different kind of conflict will have to be fought later and I'm frankly I want my children and grandchildren to have to go through that hell that would be a waste. We have too many peaceable means to push back against the knots right you.

I mean it's it's exactly like the apostle Paul who knew his rights and use them at the right time and is a great example enough.

That's how the Lord used them to get to Rome, but at the right time is likely a by the Lamb, a Roman citizen on a Roman centurion so We have to help this guy in. He knew his rights and that's the problem with America say I to teach my students is all time if if on this particular highway in the Raleigh area at the police for five years have never once enforce the speed limit does that speed limit actually exist.

It doesn't exist unless somebody does something about you don't have any rights.

Unless you exercise them and so apathy's only going to get more apathy and then eventually just gives birth to tyranny and the right back in the same boat that we were history over and over again as you said, and I think people just have to get to the point were like okay we can't rely on the big fish we can't reliance Steve days on the Blazer can't rely on these people. We have to rely on ourselves. We have to grab a pitchfork and go deal with this monster ourselves and don't quit waiting for the people up there flying around to do it for us. What is your place and that I would ask about the book to what you believe because were talking about a lot of things that are in there.

We'll talk about a nefarious plot couple other things for next year will be right back with the face of the blazes.

Noble don't back in the noble show if you need a leave it comes to the news the day. Understand the culture and excitement to recommend not might not just myself but even more so my good friends the base from the blaze. He's on 12 to 2 Eastern time on the blaze which you can become a subscriber to, and Steve is just brilliant and in full of the spirit.

And so he's a great blessing to the body of Christ love the country in general.

So if you want to check that up. Make sure you follow him on Twitter because there's all kinds of great information there is not to do all your homework for you but help set the table so that you can do begin to dine on your own and it's been a great blessing.

I Steve and I known each other off and on for the last 10+ years and just considered a blessing here on the show Steve again thanks for your time and anytime I can do it right sometime nefarious plot and then the book, which was awesome. Think think the Screwtape letters, but in an American context on the first plot and then the movie itself to give us an update on what's going on there because it's such a powerful blog. It's a great way of looking at what's happened in this country from a theological perspective in a playful perspective. If your theology is strong enough you can have a little playful time of the book like a nefarious plot, but the book and in the movie what to expect and wisest and important work that you've done well with the production crew that put together unplanned a couple years ago. This is the follow-up movie and the mainstream Hollywood have always wanted to do, like a freight ready style of four and they were looking for the right take off the right subject matter to launch into that story, and they discovered my book listing to me on Glenn Beck actually talking about it and so the things that are in development for five years.

We just finished most of our principal photography in Oklahoma City. We got some more to do in Texas and in the movie will be out next year. We were adapting a nefarious plot. We can't just have nefarious steward to our soliloquy. You know Hellenic on-screen people. You and I would enjoy that. That would really reduce the audience potential.

Sure so you go back and read a nefarious plot in the practice is the only part of the book I write my own voice and the practice set where I wrote at the time says I will tell you where this manuscript came from. Who knows if we ever adapting this movie into a movie that will be the way that we will bring this to the screen that is the way were going to bring your list, you learn where the manuscript is demonic manuscript came from cool and and and so it could you get your kids watch a confrontation between the cut. Maybe the worst serial killer in American history and he's on death row and he uses one last appeal attempts by claiming he was demonically possessed and did not commit any of these acts of his own volition and a very secular left-wing psychiatrist from University is quite appointed by the state Supreme Court to go in and do what he thinks on death row is good to be a check the box cursory examination of this character and he's going to end up getting a lot more than he bargained for. And that's all about the movie I'm going to tell Jan that such and such a powerful way to can present that thought of course the word nefarious is such so apropos in the end, as you said earlier, talking about the spirit of the agent just what we see progressivism doing not only here in America but around the world. The great reset. I mean I tell people all the time on the show Steve on my show that all you really need to do if you really want to understand what's going on, not only in our culture, but around the world. You can just spend your time in Romans chapter 1 and and and study that well and you'll start to understand great clarity will be like you put on the 40 glasses, and also you can see everything back with Nicolas Cage covers national treasure movie and I got the unlocking mechanism you'll see it all. Clearly, but I that's the thing I love about a nefarious plot and I know all of the movie is that it just kinda heightens your awareness of the fact that evil exists in its operable.

It's actually doing things in our world this year. I think it's been so obvious that you have to be asleep to miss that in the movie. The movie's goal is its evangelistic film, but in terms of not creating converts but conversations the first step is there something bigger than us happening here okay and and and so we thought. Using a more secularly minded protagonist is the vehicle by which nefarious confronts the audience in the world would broaden the ability to get this message out to maybe people who like our art are psychiatrist having truly contemplated the larger scheme of things that are at stake here at the at the moment. Yeah, that's the beauty of it, and a lot of these films, we we tend to want outsource everything including evangelism and in they need to be a conversation starter unity as it is simple in your belt, and especially when what you think about that. Something outlandish, but it's an easy way to come to get to a gospel conversation.

We need to be much more conversant the digital world is, crippled us that way for most people that we just throw stuff across cyberspace at each other and we don't know how to sit down and have a conversation. But this will be a great tool coming out next year nefarious plot.

I just put a link up for the book itself, which is great not to back up a little bit. Do what you believe, or you won't be free to believe it much longer up the linkup for that.

That's the book that you just released tell us about that one a little bit goes like you are talking about before I wanted to put together action steps guidelines for the updated version of the Christian manifesto, which is over 40 years old now and work at a completely different layer level of culture we were when spaceship wrote that book ending in 1980, so I wanted to write the next level battle plan to the best of my ability for a next level phase a culture war and that's what do what you believe it is a test.

Study questions at the end of every chapter. You can read as an individual, but it's really met most for small groups and men's groups and women's groups and those sorts of conversations to begin taking a look at how do we actually use the freedom we have.

How do we activate and you and used in the providential blessing that this country still provides and not be the generation that squanders it, and if we were passive in the culture war because we were we were annoying people door-to-door with evangelism. Then I would say a word okay because that's actually the number one antidotes. All of this is we need more Saints and sinners right that's the number one issue I hear from one more person who whose church is not actively engaged in that arena who has a mission trip. We don't really focus on evangelism trendline focused on were not okay so it's one of the other. If you don't want to do this cool but then you gotta clotted you some old-fashioned apostolic level of evangelism. Now if your heart is to go that far. Don't I do that first journal danger, but you can't do you can't do neither. So choose one okay if you so either either some good old-fashioned apostolic terra firma level of evangelism or take the freedoms you have and use those rights and respond as responsibilities before the culture goes flat line dark, but she was one of them right now were trying to do and I that's right yet such a great point. Should we be excited about the midterms I mean yes and no it to me.

It's you. We should still be thankful to God and we see injustice or evil punished, but the idea though, that that then means the new alternative certainly is our euro. We just elected the justice league the last sons of krypton or you know that we didn't like the Jedi Council of the of the high Republic is of the old one. No with with palpitate in charge of the Senate & so much so I think you gotta be willing to do two things at one time.

That means you cannot, we will not vote our way out of this.

Point that's a pleasant music old. He has no place that we will not be able to vote our way out of this. It's too systemic.

Now yeah that's a great point and that's I figured you probably land there to the Allied. Can we be excited about midterms.

Yes. Is there some work to do between now and then, yes, but if you think winning the middle of the winter. No midterms to solve everything your head still in the sand, and that's the problem we can get the right guy not get the Cheadle man up in the White House and readings and be fine because now we gotta we got a big howitzer up there, but then you lose him the go desperate and now you think nothing will work.

Oh, now I got the midterms. All this is gonna solve it and people just continue to kinda miss the forest for the trees. Speaking of the Cheadle man that some people have called him. We think something to do 2024. I don't think you can help himself. I think he'll run, but is that this is going wild scenario to play out.

There's a lot of variables if he's healthy, he will run for sure he has yet he is allowing you know now the cruise campaign. We get frustrated as he would say do anything right to get to the right on any issue we we could never get to the right is no record on anything.

Okay, but that but that's what being a very unbeatable he is. He is allowing you now to get to his right uncle. He's opening the door wide open now, someone's gotta be willing to walk through it and that's you take more than I'm pro-vaccine, but anti-mandate that's that's not that's weird talking point consultant buddies. I fly but I I do think that if if omicron makes COBIT go away. It greatly enhances trumps chances in 24 to return because his biggest weakness is now not on the table any longer, okay. But if we are still fighting over bodily autonomy and those sorts of things in the 2023 when primary activism and organizations going on and he absolutely could be beaten as a candidate was willing to counter the Fox News narrative and going take the heat that would go with that okay and challenge him. They would find there's fertile ground there. But that I don't think from controls own destiny.

I guess what I'm trying to set you now the situations going to have to play out along the lines of what you're saying yes COBIT could be the death of interestingly enough, what about the Santos.

I think that if she wins next year by any kind of +5 or greater margin that he is a long term life long fixture cornerstone you in the Republican Party for the rest of our lives. What that means about the presidency and stuff again, those are things that are completely in his control that he is a power question, no question about that one hopeful thing for next year.

Steve L never done.

The truth still prevails the line out of his cage. What a great point is to truth still prevails when they let the line out of the cage and let's remember folks of your follower of Jesus Christ. Along with the lock in your hand so you can unlock it to get the truth out there in the culture. That's what Steve does, Monday through Friday 12 to 2 on the blaze network. That's what I try to do each day here on the show.

That's what you need to do as well.

Steve days.

Thanks brother. God bless you. This is God willing I'll talk you guys will soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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