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The Forgotten Son

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 24, 2021 5:29 pm

The Forgotten Son

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 24, 2021 5:29 pm

The Forgotten Son

Steve talks about the forgotten son of Christmas and four people with four very special promises. Listen to find out!


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders. Great lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I think it fascinating question three question and I earlier today on Pastor Greg Laurie's Facebook page. I assume he probably put it on Instagram and probably twitter as well. Pastor Greg Laurie harvest Christian Fellowship harvest Crusade out of Southern California and is doing a series right now. Welcome back. By the late Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show on theology Thursday were to turn our eyes upward heavenward, if you will, and so he had a cool little graphic and and and simply asked the question is going through a series in the book of Revelation right now what are you looking forward to most in heaven what are you looking forward to most inhabit. Not looking for the Sunday school answer or the answer that you think is the Goldstar Christian answer. But what's your answer. What are you looking forward to most inhabit and he said that he had been reading answers and I was touched and somewhere were difficult, probably because of tragedy, and so I decided I would throw up the same question on my personal Facebook page as well as the radio show Facebook page and on the radio show Facebook page him up to about 900 answers. As of right now, and I put it up. It wasn't that long ago. Two hours ago I asked that question and in 900 almost 900 answers in here and it's written or just coming in, one right after another after another and it's just fascinating and there's there's definitely some trends.

There's definitely some consistency there mostly positive, but I also noticed some consistency that perhaps was his concern certainly is concerning to me and maybe it'll be concerning to you, but speaking of you. I would love to hear from you what what are you looking forward to most inhabit now just open that open that question up in it can be very personal could be general. It could be talking about things, perhaps from the Bible that could be talking about people or perhaps you struggle with things your whole life.

There's certain things I've struggled with my whole life and to be free of that is a pretty amazing thought right so I think it's a question that in the midst of everything going on.

You'll notice this if you've been with me for a while or a listen to the show or been a Facebook lifer while everyone. Every once in a while I'll just unplug from the news the day and all the other stuff going on in books and ministries in this that nothing and just turn into a conversation where we just look for some pearls and that we discussed it sometimes is just prayer request.

Sometimes its name something that the Lord is done in your life in the last few weeks that you're really grateful for and just to turn our eyes heavenward into be full of praise that we are to be people of praise continually.

We should have that kind of interesting aloofness when it comes to life on this earth in this broken world because I like that you know what's going on with you women.

I know there's a lot happening in a lot of dark things and challenging things concerning things and maddening things, but you always seem to have this gear. This extra little something that allows you to smile them in the midst of all the darkness and things that we are challenged with and perhaps that's what it is. It's the joy, the Lord right so that's my question for you, and I would love you to call in and then for my friends there and Facebook life start to type in your answer to the question, what are you looking forward to most inhabit, and you want to give me a hierarchy article number one number two number three could just give me a few things and share that with the rest of us, because I would like us all to turn our minds, our imagination, our thoughts and our hearts towards heaven let's get a little heavenward today as opposed to looking earthward we spent so much time doing that and engaging in these things are going on around us and the challenge there and the frustration and the pain and the disappointment that we deal with and some of you deal with a whole lot of an artist are in the midst of it. Even today, but as we look forward to the future that's guaranteed to the blood of Jesus Christ. If you're born again what are you looking forward to most inhabit 866-34-TRUTH 8788 or this should not be a difficult time to show Phil. The phone lines.

This is a question that we should all want to answer. This is a question that we should all be excited answer that we should be ready to answer that we should be excited to pick up the phone or put something on Facebook live and share. Let's talk about this. What are you looking forward to most inhabit 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and like I said I put that question up on the radio a Facebook page. Two hours ago and about to hit 900 answers. I mean it just continue to flow and as soon as I read in the lessons I read one another. One start showing up, and there are some trends there and some beautiful things in some challenging things that you definitely can tap into some of the tragedy that people of experience, but what about you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what are you looking forward to most in heaven and that we got the time and you can give more than one answer if you'd like, I'd like to think you have more than one answer, but think about that and this is one of those things as Christians we should be like horse shack right do you know who or check is are you old enough about welcome back Kotter who in your hands waving in the background right and you want to answer the question, do you answer the question, won't you go to get excited but think about some things that you're looking forward to, and heaven. In this case we looking forward to most 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what are you looking forward to most when you through the blood of Jesus Christ of your born-again Christians looking forward to most in heaven let's go to Debbie's coming in from rock Hill South Carolina Debbie, thanks for calling Europe first today. Thanks so much, go right ahead. You're welcome. I'm looking forward after you know we've been in heaven anywhere in anything like that at Roundtable action with the founding father George Washington and Thomas Jefferson hereby Flat founding mother came to see what it looked like to go up against the greatest power known to man. At that time Great Britain and start a new country, you always been a kind of a history buff, or a US history book deliberately that looks that would certainly be an awesome opportunity.

Debbie thanks much for calling in a chair and then get started. You're welcome. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and right there in Debbie's answer. Something that I saw hundreds and hundreds of times a day on Facebook that I'll deftly address before you finish the show.

What are you looking forward to most inhabit 866-34-TRUTH 7884 or 866-34-TRUTH will be right back.

Well that's an interesting little song there man and man comes around. And Jesus died on judgment which is question free theology barely what I saw in Pastor Greg Laurie's the social media earlier today and it got me thinking, and then I asked question on Facebook and we just passed like 900 answers on the Steve Noble show page on Facebook.

So really fascinating topic really interesting, fun, enjoyable thing to consider, but we also to make sure our answers are biblical, do we not think they can be fanciful they can be emotional, they can be meaningful. But the ultimate question is, are the biblical are we thinking in lines of what the Scripture teaches us what are you looking forward to most in heaven is the question that I'd love to hear from you today what are you looking forward to most inhabit 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I shouldn't have to beat you over the head to get you to to be a part of this conversation. This is something that we should all be thinking occasionally how I me what it will be so good to see this. To do that to enjoy this to be rid of that. What is it and you can give me a hopefully more than one answer what it what what are you looking forward to most inhabit 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Stephen Colin from North Carolina. Stephen, thanks for calling.

I appreciate it, go right ahead and bro.

Micah may award program. The life of what God while quite literally about football but what what did Stephen have you ever thought about like what's your reaction going to be all it's one thing to learn about him is to walk with him to the power the Holy Spirit, but to actually see Jesus face-to-face.

Wow, do you think we are going to do a letter to all the room build on elderly work just as all of us have worked that such a great.I really I really like you know me better glory yet and so on separate cover. Well glory. Amen. God bless you Stephen, thanks for calling in today brother agreed to yourself. You're welcome.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. Come on get into this. It shouldn't be that difficult. What are you looking forward to the most when you get to heaven 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I do want to take some time to read through some of these ones on Facebook that came in today over 900 answers that come in the last two hours and so there's a trend in some things I want to talk about but I want to hear from you first. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to William Colin and now, just west of here in Durham, North Carolina William, thanks for calling. Go ahead. Thanks, really, my Lord and Savior want will go about what you are talking song from Mercy me tell you get motionless into the phone and family that is normal for me and the absence of yes there will be no more rock armor every strangled day and you just amazing. No armor required in heaven. My brother, you know that is awesome. None whatsoever when thanks so much for calling in today and Sharon and I appreciate that.

God bless you, thank you you're welcome. We'll talk later. 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH now hey let's just a moment of honesty here. If I was, if we are talking about cool visitor taken the VAX vaccine past border Gov. Cooper here North Carolina no Trump or somebody like that, then it's not that difficult. This is this is so true. This is like happens in in the Sunday school class where you will be like hey who's prayer requests right nearby's hand goes up prayer requests were all dealing with stuff and his disappointment in his pain and heartache. Okay who would like to share prayed something that the Lord is done I just recently in your life that you're just excited about who wants to share praise and it's amazing to me oftentimes how you know it'll become a quiet were quick to share the things that were struggling with, and that we need the Lord's help, and that's important that's important. I have seen in this figures because they had to reboot the contracts in Winston-Salem so that right now the phones are working fine, because were glorifying God and the enemy doesn't like that so how about this on the just read some of these is so cool craters I'd like to know what we will be to do their that's a whole another topic. Holy cow. That would just be amazing, but that went to the funeral of a dear friend's mother is now free of dementia, and in the presence of her Savior and King. About that dementia. All that can stop gone gone seeing, hearing, enjoying the glory of our triune God.

Steve wrote in ruling and reigning with Christ is in heaven, so on earth you go on and on and on. This is from the radio show page I just read to some of the things that have come in recently seen Jesus and my mom, dad, and my first and second husbands.

My great-grandmother and hopefully other relatives appreciate the way she worded that I know the Lord loves animals. I hoping my for babies are there so a lot of people said that that a been replying seeing Jesus, seeing my mom there said you start to see things over and over again seen Jesus seeing my family Jesus seeing mom and dad feeling the love and acceptance that only heaven provides having God's plan reveal meeting with Jesus like the terminology I want to see Jesus and my loved ones.

Catherine wrote meeting my Savior face-to-face and meeting my baby for the first time. See know when you see something like that. It is that was a stillborn child. See my baby for the first time may be an abortion may be just a miscarriage meeting Jesus telling him thank you to his face, leaving the stress build corrupt system behind a man seeing Jesus and my loved ones being in the presence of God seen Jesus and all my family, seeing Jesus Jesus meeting Jesus face-to-face. Seeing my mom and dad Jesus. What a bunch of exclamation points seeing Yeshua face-to-face. William wrote my wife and I want to tell want to tell her how much I love her how much I missed her, and shall always be the love of my life.

They can get very personal. When you start thinking about what you look forward to most in heaven.

God say well done my good and faithful servant.

That's a good one see my mom and dad seeing Jesus and worshiping him hearing testimonies of Jesus's work on earth which will take how long does it matter it's that goal doesn't matter. Seeing Jesus, seeing loved ones. Jesus, my family relations and Pats see a lot of that these 900+ answers love people say Pats I could deal with that won't today seeing Jesus the Angels my godson who lost his life so young. My brother and my parents I said. Also, I would also like to meet all the rest of my family seen the 1 Who Took My Pl. on Calvary.

That's good Jesus and no more tears from broken hearts. Amen. Being reunited with my husband and wrote Jesus in my level and seeing Jesus in all my relatives and friends being at peace.

Seeing family and the baby I lost Clara being with God and singing school, seeing Jesus face-to-face, seeing and hugging my grandma my daddy my grandson for swimming at the feet of Jesus and coming face-to-face with our Lord and Savior seeing my family and friends that are passed see my family and friends and dogs there it is again a lot of neat answers here what your answer the phones are back up again. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH is coming for all of us.

The day is appointed for men than face judgment like the days coming.

The statistics are rather impressive 10 out of every 10 people will find the end of life and in the question is, in the blink of an eye where you wake up and if you know Jesus as Lord and Savior in the blink of an eye.

As Paul wrote, you'll be in his presence, and in your in heaven aware heaven is right now is that another dimension it says like the third heaven's Paulus talk about sticking up in the third heaven's first heavens being just the skies above you.

Second heaven being like the stars space around us. The third heaven beyond okay but eventually heaven comes here heaven materializes comes to earth.

The new Jerusalem. The new earth. And what are you looking forward to the most in heaven. What tops your list that you can be more than one thing several people shared multiple things I'm reading through over 900 comments on my Facebook page I just asked the question two hours ago, and people are excited answer it and I'm excited to think about it.

I hope you're excited to think about and also people calling in and share with us what your answer is what you looking forward to most in heaven top couple of things to three things. Whatever's on your heart could be getting beyond heartbreak and people that you've lost whatever it is I'd love to hear from you today on the show on theology Thursday as we just asked the question of each other, what are we looking forward to most in heaven 866-34-TRUTH 87884 he lost the phones there for couple minutes but their backup so please give me a call. I really would love to hear your answer on this one 866-34-TRUTH 8784 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Debbie was down in Charlotte North Carolina. Debbie thinks work on and go right ahead and annual it's really an amazing thing to think about I'm next. I mean I been trying to walk with the Lord since about 1994 Debbie how long have you is would you say that you been a Christian. While 45 years so we've studied a lot.

We prayed a lot.

We go to church a lot we don't know Christian things. But the thought of actually being in the same physical space with Jesus is pretty overwhelming as when a work crown again. I think it and going out and being read fiscal and whatever. I got such a great list Debbie God bless you. Thanks so much for calling and ensure that they appreciate and thank you you're welcome.

Have a great evening 866-34-TRUTH 780 4C that wasn't difficult and this when I get frustrated. Okay because were unlike I don't know 2728 station so there's plenty of people listening and you're all hearing this question and if you know Jesus if you're a Christian, if you're saving your and you know you're going to heaven first John A chapter 5. These things are written so that you may know, it's not presumptuous to say I'm going to have it all you're doing is taking God's word. You know the Scripture, you can get into it. You understand the gospel you've made that decision. You know you can earn your way and it's all grace, all faith, all through Jesus and so you know that at today's the last day I'm going to be with Jesus. But what are you looking forward to most when you get there. What's at the top your list. What types of things are there for you when we slip us the surly bonds of this broken messed up world and transfer in the blink of an eye into the presence of Christ, and were in heaven. What are you looking forward to the most 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Come on, this should be difficult to play along with him to jump back to some of these on Facebook live concert zoomed right past 900 answers in the last two hours. Meeting Christ Jesus talking with David, Moses and the saints walk with God seeing our daughter and the other family members.

I have much to look forward to. That's a great way of thinking of it. I have much to look forward to. And there's plenty of people 937 answers now where there's heartbreak. There's lots seeing Jesus and lots of doing nothing but sheer note that I actually don't think were going to be doing lots of nothing but we will rest. We always talk about this teasing out last night with a Bible study with my son and some of his friends are on their early 20s and then that with that question came up and on my cake. Can you take a nap in heaven by Napster. Pleasurable naps are nice. God rested after six days with some say rested then okay so can I take a nap were not to be lazy, that's awesome. I heavenly home of God and family see my Savior Jesus and see my daughter love this question.

Always see my Savior face-to-face humbly bringing my crowns at his feet. I love that you get rewards in the turnaround got to give all my stuff back to you, worshiping him for all eternity. Sitting in a banquet table. I love that with all of our brothers and sisters sharing about how Jesus sustained us in trials, etc. and saving us to grace alone.

I long for that everyday so soon see all their Gail wrote that on Facebook.

I love that. See all their that's pretty cool.

So if your friends, you and I are Facebook friends are actual renal physical real met each other know each other shake a hand hug friend that that's forever if you're in Christ. That's forever. Forever friends which pretty cool 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear your answer. What he looking forward to most. We need to have. And that's good. Emily Cullinan from South Carolina Emily thanks for: go right ahead. Yeah, I look forward I will wait. Everything will be when everything is racking back the way it was before the fall.

That's an incredible did not like what's the earth going to look like when it's back to my direction and when you are not born and held a reconciliation of the way that it was in the garden of Asia got such a cool thought in an and I and I think it's healthy for us with a sanctified imagination, the kind of picture that imagined I live in the country and white. When I yeah right Kay you a lot of time around what life will it be like you just will be no car can fly around yeah yeah I love that.

But anyway, I am remaining all the other yeah you can really go on and on.

And that's the point where I would be doing that and looking forward to that day.

Emily think so much for calling today. I really appreciate it. Thank you, you're welcome to Carousel. Thank you. And so that's pretty cool and think about that ground go on about all these buildings and stuff and they'll just wipe it all off and we start over again. Maybe, maybe because creativity and work as part of the design that glorifies God and imagine when we unshackle ourselves from sin.

That's mind-boggling a target. I can even imagine that perfect motivation and they know that one of the guys last I said so, do we still have free will. Yeah, the temptation is gone. Temptation is what leads you to sin, originally and so is good to unlock human potential and everything were doing a motivation to the glory of God in all that you do what you drink all of the glory of God. And so we build and we create all of the glory of God, perfect teamwork, perfect motivation, mind-boggling to think about that being in the presence of the Lord being totally free to worship him without getting tired see my children who were born with a genetic brain disorder and are both and will chatter chairs talk and walk and seeing whatever heaven allows for them to do will be able to do all of it nor surgeries medicines. Praise the Lord pain or physical limitations for them.

Anybody with any kind of weakness or frailty. Anything can see can't speak can hear can't walk all kinds of things that that debilitating thing zero you're fighting ALS. I know several people. Now they're fighting a lot and it's all gone. Imagine that, like the Jesus of the guy by the by the pool of Bethesda. They had been Lehman's whole life. If you want to be healed. What a stupid question.

The guy thought. I'm sitting there down by the pool because I can't get in there when the water gets rustled because anybody else gets in there before me actually on the chosen, they just did this episode the other day was beautiful and course I want to be healed and the guy just didn't didn't even know what it feels like to stand up was if you like to walk to feel the earth under my feet to feel my feet. There are people that in heaven will be the first time in open their eyes can imagine that the very first thing you ever seen the face of the Lord. Can you imagine I can't but some of you may begin. You know somebody that can that's incredible but only through Jesus right 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-3487 848-6634 and you should want to answer this question. If you're Christian. If you're in Christ you should you should be like go back welcome back Kotter horse shack.

Up poop poop. Call me right.

I'd be happy to pick up the phone 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH got a lot of great things heaven and on Facebook as well with. I'll share some closing thoughts feel you seen my husband healed.

He has MS and he will be right back. Thought-provoking thinking personally between you and the Lord are not excited about going to heaven that's between you and the Lord what are you looking forward to most in heaven. It's a question that the pastor Greg Laurie put up on the social media earlier today and you know I thought about that I think about heaven on a pretty regular basis and I imagine I what's going to be what would you be capable of what we can to be able to do. For example, right now, according to mankind's best guesstimates 76 trillion stars in the world, not the world and the universe okay 76 trillion. That's a 70 with I believe 20 zeros after it. 76 trillion stars in the known universe and with a lot of stars, our planet, what planets will who gets to actually enjoyed wheat we we can't even the Hubble telescope as our dime bring that out but right now God made the Angels. What about us would not be fun if we had a way to explore all that God has made every pretty awesome maybe it's just challenges that you faced her infirmities, that your to be healed, or friends or family. Whatever the case may be, what he looking forward to most in heaven 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH a few more answers on Facebook and I'll jump back to the bones being in the presence of the Lord that's consistent one seeing all my family never being sick again being able to talk to Jesus face-to-face being with Jesus and my love one seeing Jesus seen Jesus and my son Todd. Mom and dad and all the families that brought such joy in my life and all my animals to be with God, and not in my family. Rebecca said seen Jesus and my mama and daddy see my parents and husband letting out a big holler when I see Jesus it's good one from Charles Jesus being hugged by the Lord Jesus, seeing Jesus Jesus meeting Jesus Jesus first in my husband and family that preceded me what a day that will be being with Jesus and Gerald. I'm just praying that I make it these things were written Gerald so that you may know that you have eternal life. So as I've been looking through literally hundreds of these are getting close to head a thousand answers in two hours. I am seeing some trends that all mentioned before we finished up today okay 866-34-TRUTH 87884 what he looking forward to most in heaven let's jump over to the going to go to enter our North Carolina and thanks for calling a neuroma, Steve, go ahead. Between drive it out yet that people know what you know. Question theological question on the cry it out to you and paradigm. The fact that the Garden of Eden and what it can it be money just horrible for you to see people that you and all of the perfect blog so I work the earth get more brighter heaven luck you now. What a great point. Such a great point in the unit is always appreciated, gone, and I appreciate the excitement in your voice minutes. We should all be when the subject comes up if you Christ mean this is guaranteed you get this is the deal and he also thinks that's a relative do like you said how the earth is getting darker all the time and God bless you. Good to hear from you by you two says thanks bye-bye let's go to Jean is: and from Charlotte Jean neuroma Steve, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. Good afternoon good afternoon, I was just sharing that you don't dwell on the quick depleted know that it you're actually thinking about it really sure and I was saying that I remember when I was born. My mom said the doctor gave me three days later over three days holding me in her arms waiting for me to die and 20 years ago I gave my life to the Lord.

Thank God he spoke something different over my life poker life over me that I would live on.

Not guy when I get to heaven. What are you looking I'm just thinking so thankful that he spoke like instead of today I am leaving for. I am also excited to know there will be no more pain.

I'm just all just a piece that he talks about her practice all understanding. I am excited to be what that looks like her face that will yes this such awesome thoughts in such a great testimony Jean God bless you. Thanks so much for calling and ensure that you're welcome. Thank you. You're welcome. Have a great evening and that one, or God spoke life over and enter imagine that her mom three days, thinking only three days and no that wasn't planned in this case, so it's pretty awesome let's go to Rob is gone and right here in the Raleigh, North Carolina Rob, thanks for call go right ahead. Of course I want to see you. But I also incredible feeling. Jesus mission on reconciling the father. I am excited to meet my heavenly father mind-boggling. It's just I just can't imagine I cannot magic will be like yeah I mean that's it arcs our faith becomes our eyes right in them and then when the in the New Testament talks on faith, hope and love the greatest of these is love. Because when we transfer to heaven.

Faith and hope are no longer needed that. That's all completely fulfilled and then love is caring through and it's just a mind-boggling thing to contemplate.

So cool rotting so so much: and ensuring that I appreciate it. Welcome God bless you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Jennifer called it five dollars file hey Jennifer and Steve go right ahead.

What you're doing your why not wait working with royal family Working here in one year we had well every year we have really off the chart with behavior issues and we love the work that they're there and one year at one.

I was looking across the cafeteria and the Lord as I looked at this one young girl. The Lord gave me a vision of her and have she said and she said thank you for when I was like that. Can't wait for the children to be healed. This is something that Raymond yes such an awesome thought in such a wonderful promise in some so excited to look forward to Jennifer. Thank you so much for calling yeah that I appreciate it. Thank you're welcome. God bless you and all those things always problems and troubles and in challenges.

Everything on but one thing that I saw over and over and over again and again on on the Facebook page I put this question up.

I saw Greg Laurie social media. Earlier today Pastor Greg Laurie and he got flooded with answers and in a my little page on Facebook live on Facebook like over thousand answers right now. And Jesus overwhelming number one no top 10 overwhelming number one in family and friends and you see answers that were from tragedy and people that lost people and children so Jesus first in family and friends, but that that's where I wanted to dive in a little bit on family and friends because it's a nice thought, isn't it, that all your family and all your friends. It'll be just the most awesome reunion ever ever conceived there in heaven, but that is making an enormous assumption and it's that assumption that's dangerous and I and I hate to be a spoiler. That's not that's not my intention is to glorify God and enjoy thinking about our inheritance through Christ. But when I say that even when I say that our inheritance through Christ whose inheritance because you love your family and your friends your loved ones is that is that a guarantee that there there in heaven because the only ones going to heaven are the people that put their faith in Jesus Christ, the forgiven good people being good doesn't get into heaven being forgiven get you and Devon and there are there are wonderful wonderful people that I've met throughout my life that I would love to see you again in heaven, but whenever I hear that and I think of somebody you think of somebody on Mr. John my English teacher from high school. I would love to see him in heaven again. But I have no idea whether Mr. John ever gave his life to Christ. I wasn't paying attention in high school, but the only way I'm to see him John in heaven one day is that he gave his life to Christ if he was born again and so that's that's the challenge that's the thing that I would like to remind you of and leave you with is we want to think we want to think that will see all our loved ones all our family and friends in heaven just the like I said the most unbelievable reunion you can ever imagine, except that's probably not to be the case. Jesus himself said few there are the go that way. The path is rough and small, and the gate is narrow, and few there are the go that way. Few there are the fine Jesus. I'm the way the truth and the life.

He said nobody comes to the father but by me. So, the ones you'll see in heaven the only ones you haven't heard those put their faith in Christ before the cross. I look forward to the cross on the side of the cross we look back across all her faith in Jesus Christ. Question for you.

And that's the question that you should invest in every friend, family, love that you want to see in heaven. I get it. I want to see them there to what do they know Jesus.

They have to pass you that question is all about Jesus always has been and always will.

See note on the seasonal show, God willing, I'll talk together is always performed another program powered by the Truth Network

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