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December 18, 2021 12:01 am

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December 18, 2021 12:01 am

Back to the News!

Steve talks about news today as he has not for a while. He discusses things about Christmas, Politics, and Covid!


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble and your family have a great weekend here in North Carolina is 70░ when we came outside of the movie theater today seven 11:30 AM Eastern time showing Spider-Man no way home which I will say something about at the end of the show, but I will guard my tongue so don't worry, no spoilers but it I would.

I will help you as much as I can tell you and it's overwhelmingly exclusively joyously so I'll get to that at the end of the show, but had a chance to see that with her youngest daughter which is awesome. We have find that the audience had find it was just a blast so I'll get to that in the show Spider-Man the way home, but I got a bunch of different haven't done any of the new stuff this week and just take a break from that. Every once in a while. I hope you do as well.

That is not something we need to be gluttonous about. Although most of us are so some of the things I want to talk what they want good news thing. The rest of those Christian missionaries that weren't being held hostage in Haiti. Originally, 16 the rest of the last 12 were released yesterday morning so praise the Lord for that. That was little good news and on the heels of good news you have Pres. Biden should whisper Pres. Biden warms warns of severe vaccinated so the of course because we have the omicron. Everything that mean what else you know the L from the movie elf and he's like oh goodie only two more variants until Christmas and that's kinda how it feels.

So the president worn warning it's here now and it's spreading and it's going to increase the president set unvaccinated. We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. If you're unvaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm so you unvaccinated people out there, you better hunker down, but there's good news.

Biden added vaccinated. Sorry if your vaccinated and have your booster shot your protected from severe illness and death mostly true but that's about it doesn't.

And so I can protect other people around you breakthrough the other day hundred percent of omicron omicron I know it's it's called at this point people were vaccinated previously vaccinated but are they fully vaccinated that's a moving target. But the good news mindset of your vaccinated. Have your booster shot your protected from severe illness and death which is your choice.

Despite the fact that you still have a 99.9% chance of survival unless your older you know 70+ or have comorbidities or unfortunately many, many Americans are terribly overweight, terribly unhealthy and and unfortunately that's you. You are target for coded but if you're relatively healthy and 16. Under especially pure 50 and under yeah you you don't have much to worry about all I not I would go back to remember when all who's the guy that from Atlanta that was a radio talkshow host unfortunately died, not that long ago ran for president 999 member him again member's name off the top my head right now which is pathetic because that's just an age thing for me. I 999 because for most of us, you have a 99.9% chance of survival to forget that so I want to talk about some of these covert things because we are coming into the winter and things are to blow up for a while, just like they did a year ago and it's so I saw this click Travis so you if you ever listen to Clay Travis and Buck Sexton are the ones that took over Rush Limbaugh's timeslot a bunch of the stations.

Not all the stations Dan but Gino got a good chunk of the stations, and these guys are right.

Nobodies like Rush, I think they're right but it's Leno at this point in my life having listen to talk radio and been involved for 17 years myself and listen for the last gosh almost 30 years. You know, a lot of times it's just going to the same old same old different names, but click Travis who's got still very involved in sports sports broadcasting this out on Twitter the other day relative to COBIT okay what's going on now and vaccinated and unvaccinated the NFL is get this 95% vaccinated the NPA is 97% vaccinated the NHL National Hockey League is nearly 100% vaccinated nearly all three leagues are still overwhelmed with covert cases.

How can that be Mr. bright and hitting new covert case hi what is going on so how is at Joe Biden arguing vaccines will end COBIT the pro sports leagues proved that's a 100% lie interesting is that so then I went. As I often do, and follow the rabbit trail here's another story I US ports on alert as covert cases surgeon, the NFL, NBA and NHL that these are all these organizations have if not most likely the highest vaccination rate of any organization in America.

The sports world.

Okay so here's the story just from today's go professional sports leagues across North America run alert Tuesday as a surge of coping.

19 cases left.

Doesn't the player sideline prompted teams to shutter facilities and forced the postponement of more fixtures.

Here's another issue here. Just because you have COBIT. So what.

In most cases.

So what eight still 80% of people to get COBIT are asymptomatic. You never see a doctor so big it will 40% are asymptomatic 80% never see a doctor like me. I had it.

January this year coming up on your ago I had attended about 10 days. I didn't see a doctor.

I took a bunch vitamin D and see zinc and elderberry syrup and slept a lot, even to the show, and now I've got natural immunity have been fine ever since. And so, what's going on here with the NFL.

The MBA National Hockey League were scrambling to counter shop sharp uptick in front of ours cases as Geneva-based World Health Organization were the new omicron omicron variant was spreading to at an unprecedented rate. Now of course nobody wants to mention back to the point I was trying to make. So if you have COBIT covert.

That doesn't mean you're really really sick. Okay any could be a symptomatic suggest, because somebody test positive.

You know, it would be good for America is more people get and get over it and then get natural immunity right and eventually in the next couple years. This will go from a pandemic to an endemic and will just be like a bad cold deal of it which you need to start dealing with it anyway because it's not going away. After relatively untroubled opening three months of the American football season coping 19 is returned to stock the NFL with a vengeance and after the NFL reported a sharp spike in COBIT 19 cases with 37 recorded in a single day, the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns became the latest teams to be hit by the virus and the incessant need to virtue signal added that part of because that's what this is all going sunk a couple more stories about that but superhigh vaccine rates and superhigh covert rates interesting will be right back to normal. So Merry Christmas to you and yours just talking this just keeps coming around. It's the gift that keeps on giving. So I started off click Travis 95% are the NFL's vaccinated 97% of the MBA not been the NHL is nearly hundred percent back, and yet there cases are skyrocketing girl freak another clothes and stuff. Our daughter was in Chicago for a business trip. She deals with the MBA in her job in the Chicago Bulls cancel to take two games in a row this week because they didn't have eight or 10 players ready to go because they had a couple others that tested positive for COBIT and so if you test positive for coed unclean unclean shut it all down is an amazing means just like virtue, signaling will everywhere and I'm not go back to the. The disclaimer I've made for the last almost 2 years now. Can you believe that coming up on the beginning of March in just three months from now will be at two years. Two years 24 months Vila COBIT. Please Lord let it end and so I'm not saying covert is COBIT exists. COBIT can be dangerous but for the vast majority of us, the overwhelming majority of us over 98, 99% of us, COBIT is not in the world and for 80% of us, you don't even end up really going to hospital or anything if 40% of us should get it.

You don't know asymptomatic but the MBA and all these guys kiss her so much, virtue, signaling a professional sports like there is in so many other places.

They just got a shut down because that's what we just care for people in care of our vans probable law, then they'll leave the building and rip their mass often lived a dual life. Like most politicians do, so it's interesting to watch on the heels of Biden saying this can be a long hard winter for you that are unvaccinated one unvaccinated sir, but I had so take that says the Lord, because he created the system that's now given me natural immunity and I praise him for this is common I agree at this.

This is in the Washington Examiner op-ed yesterday. They're going to try to close the schools again in January because that's so good for our kids is not while this is the spirit of the age is just insanity. Every luck. That's why can't do this every day just drives me nuts story that I have were about to witness a massive effort to close schools again next year. Teachers unions will demand that the schools not reopen after Christmas break. Colleges will begin the semester with no learning elite private high schools will do the same. Many school started Christmas break early to the outbreak. Schools about outbreaks are following suit.

Now Stanford is leading the charge and not reopening come January, Stamper says we will resume in-person instruction on Tuesday. Generally, 18th after the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. I guess that's double virtue signal. I don't know.

We continue to expect students and instructors to be on campus for the winter quarter all is very optimistic of you. I put the odds of January 18 return to classroom at Stanford and only 50%. The author this op-ed at the Washington Examiner writes we may be on the downside for the winter way, but we will still have very high case counts by then maybe higher than today cases peak in the first week of January as they did last year.

Hospitalizations may be peaking January 18, California may very well have new booster mandates the promise of the vaccine for babies will be weeks away. Okay let me just say okay well I don't really need your permission to I'm just to say it. If you vaccinate your children. Shame on you. There I said why would you say that Steve because 1100 to get a better chance of dying from a lightning strike, a car accident a bicycle rack, a pedestrian accident and smoke inhalation. So if you get up Kimmitt vaccine that has no use for children because there statistically zero the rate of death. Some have died and that's tragic.

They died with COBIT. We don't know that they died of COBIT. I doubt most cases that that's the fact. But there's not that many cases, given that there's, you know, tens of millions of kids in America and so when you look at the numbers don't make policy based on the policy doesn't really help when it comes to ideology, but it is insane.

So your sticking your kid with something that's completely unnecessary because your virtue, signaling yourself, most likely, maybe your virtue, signaling to the people around you because that's how much you love your child that you're willing to put in them something that they don't need and something that's only been in arms of adult humans for about 18 months now and that okay so they can't leave the house for oh we can't live in a house because that could burn down.

You can't go outside Kinko driving or anything when it's raining because my cousin lightning can't ride a bike can't walk out.

I down the sidewalk is but the chance a pedestrian death is actually higher than your chance of COBIT death.

So you see the to the ridiculousness of that saw state again.

I think based on science and reality numbers, facts and figures that if you get your child vaccinated, that is highly irresponsible of you, California may very well have new booster mandates the promise.

The vaccine for babies will be weeks away. Shame on you. Pfizer will be in the middle of ramping up production of its therapeutic drug. There will be a thousand reasons why now is not the time to reopen.

Yet I think that's probably going to happen and so what's if you want your children zoom for 14 weeks*20, 22, you need to prepare for a fight for fomite homeschool friends out there.

If you have students that are in high school are getting ready to start high school in the fall. I'll start talking about this a lot. Come February, but my US history class and my civics class and social Constitution class. I will begin offering those online next fall so you don't have to live here in town and still to be teaching classes in person, which I love is one of the great joys of my life. God is maybe really good at it and I've seen great fruit from that great response but we want to write. I want to reach more people than I can teach face-to-face is here in the Raleigh area so those classes are going online and start offering that to sign up in February. The classes I teach what your student, your son or daughter will watch starting next fall, that the lecture that they watch the classroom.

Actual classroom that I'm teaching in the watch the class that I just taught literally the table for two days before three days before because I do I teach like I do radio on dealing with current events all the time so that things are relevant. We can take what happened in the 1500s make it relevant today.

We can take the Constitution of what was happening governmentally in the 1600s in the 1700s and I can make it matter today and so if I record all that stuff to them. Using news of the day to teach than in one year. It's dated you can't do that. So every thing I'm teaching these classes starting in the fall will be based on what's happening right then and there, which makes for effective teaching, so more on that we really have it ready for people to start. Sign up that's coming February. For next fall. Okay, I love this. This is a shocker.

I heard a lot of reverberations from this in the Atlantic, which is not exactly a bastion of conservative thought right just from the title. I love this where I live. No one cares about COBIT youth area where I live. No one cares about COBIT start this and will finish it after the break in November. My wife asked me whether I seen an article with a remarkable headline.

Is it safe to go to thanks giving dinner that from last year. I asked know it's a few days old. She said, her voice sinking to a growling murmur. These people as Christmas approaches to metaethical speculation advanced to an impossible Baroque stage of development. Is it okay for her two-year-old son Doug Graham on a Christmas party if she received her booster only a few days ago.

Should the tile. There were mass except when he is slopping mashed potatoes all over his booster seat. Aldus finally attended her first mast sleepover and other fully vaccinated 10-year-olds, but one of them had a sibling test positive at daycare. Should she stay home or where a face shield. What about Monica I don't know how to put this in a way that will not.

Maybe some flippant know one cares. This is in the Atlantic, just a couple days on the 13th by Matthew Walter as editor of the lamp a Catholic liturgy, a literary journal in the contributing editor of the American conservative and they actually posted this in him in the Atlantic want to know why is a growing number of people including liberal people are to the point where there like I just don't care anymore about and that's probably what we should be will go back. Merry Christmas.

This is Steve nope on the seasonal show overheating from the Ghibli that showed up in the Atlantic. As I said earlier, no bastion of conservative thought where I live. No one cares about COBIT. I mean this is Walter Matthew Walther came right out what this in the Atlantic printed it. Why would the Atlantic print a totally anti-COBIT anti-mask anti-vaccine vaccine, not general, but scope in 19 vaccine mandates. Why would they print that because I believe they know that the tides changing and you'd rather be behind the train and underneath it right you want to get run over by that.

So I think they're calculating her little bit need to hit you just came right out. I don't how to put this in any other way that will not. Maybe some flippant no one cares, literally speaking, I know it that that I know that isn't true because if it were the articles would be commissioned, but outside the world inhabited by the professional and managerial classes in a handful of major metropolitan areas. Many of not most Americans are leaving their lives as if COBIT is over and they have been for a long while.

I don't mean to deny COBIT's continuing presence in realist.

He knows it's real. What I wish to convey is that the virus simply does not factor into my calculations are those of my neighbors who have been forgoing mass test unless were composed which they, in which case there shrugged off as usual Barbra Streisand from human support, resources and other tangible markers of COBIT 19's existence for months, perhaps even longer. Indeed, in my case when I say for little while. I me nearly 2 years from almost the very beginning in 2020. I took part two weddings traveled extensively to family vacations with my children spent hundreds of hours in bars and restaurants, all without wearing a mask this year my wife and I welcomed their fourth child. Over the course of her pregnancy from the first phone call to the midwife a few months after getting a positive pregnancy test until after delivery, the subject of the virus was never raised by any healthcare professional, including her dual dear friend from New York.

Meanwhile, our children have continued to attend their weekly homeschooling co-op who there's such for everybody since April 20, 2011 and never to unmask their distinctly uncomfortable on the rare occasions when they see them. The CDC recommends I'm just reading from this article. The CDC recommends that all adults get a booster shot. I do not know a single person who is received.

When I read headlines like peers who may need 1/4 code 19 vaccine dose, I find myself genuinely really wait there for them now. Granted, my family's experience of 2020 was somewhat unusual, but I wager that I'm now closer to most of my fellow Americans and the people almost absurdly overrepresented in media elite institutions were still genuinely concerned about this virus. Yep so just going to go through all that fidelity travel. But that's just what's awesome to me to see this where I live knowing cares about COBIT printed in the Atlantic, which is an uber liberal publication school right enough COBIT right can I get an amen I heard that.

Thank you West Virginia Sen. Joe mansion talks with reporters in the US capital. The most hated man in DC Mr. God bless.

Mr. Manson hasn't committed himself.

Either way on the bill this extravagant so-called infrastructure bill has been consistent in what he wants to stop by spending amount for 10 years with 1 1/2 trillion, which he later increased to 1.75 trillion, still easily. That rolls off my lips, trillion, trillion, 1.5 trillion, 1.75 train 5 trillion big deal.

Just reminisced you know how many's many years ago 1 trillion seconds was 1 trillion seconds.

How many years ago was that five years 10 years. 100 years. 500 years. Actually it's 32,000 years ago 1 trillion with a T.

Seconds ago 32,000 years ago.

Now we don't even blink. He has also been consistent in his call to pause to evaluate the growing threat of inflation and of course he was right about that is Kelly's response has been to pull ahead as if Mr. Manson doesn't mean it may assume that the West Virginia and as a dealmaking politician will eventually come around, but they seem not to notice that Mr. Manson's concerns are as much economic as political.

So like I said, he warned, in the summer about inflation and he's been vindicated.

Democrats have also failed to take seriously the Senators 1.75 trillion spending limit, which on top of the 7 trillion trillion with a T 7 trillion.

The feds have already spent in the last year, 12 month, $7 trillion. Everyone knows Democrats plan to make all their new entitlement programs, permanent pen Wharton budget model is scored.

The tenure cost of 4.6 trillion in the CBO Congressional Budget Office recently escorted us close to 5 trillion of the programs are permanent.

These are conservative outfits. By the way, and of course anything that the government does becomes permanent any program sale is temporary. No notes. Mr. mansion is also sensibly insisted on the means testing for programs such as childcare subsidies in the child tax credit. The progressives insist these handouts must flow to even the upper-middle-class why if you make $90,000 year hundred $20,000 year in your family. You really need the government sending you three bucks a month for kids.

You don't that's what means testing means. Hey, how much money do you make okay that's enough you don't need your fine, what wheat we could use the money. Well then you don't budget spending so much right. That's what adults talk about the Sen. is ample support for his positions of West Virginia. A recent poll showed three quarters of residents oppose the Biden plan wonders that were Democrats don't appreciate his points no getting more than a few Republicans would mind if Democrats marched into these fixed bayonets because it would likely need a bigger GOP electoral victory next year but were more worried about the harm to the country from a bill that raises destructive taxes and creates new entitlements that will erode the work ethic and burden the fiscal of the Fisk which is like the Roman monetary system. It's kind of a joke for decades to come. We assume Mr. mansion is to furnish applicable reasons.

Joe Biden's misread as narrow electoral victory in the narrow Democratic majorities on Capitol Hill as a mandate for transformational change.

Mr. mansion is offering the president and his party an escape route and they should thank him for it. So that's that article and then this was kind of funny. I saw this dog about how disconnected elitists are. This is really fascinating and enlightening and humorous all at the same time so look at this a great story.

I saw some Fox CNN host admits he spoke to CNN host admits something where does your mind go nowhere good right it's really sad of their CNN host admits he's puzzled by Biden's unpopularity claims low approval rating is not his fault, meaning the president fall Fareed Zakaria's guidance unit is a liberal scene and host goes without saying, and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria admitted Thursday. He was puzzled by Pres. Biden's popularity in the post please headline the puzzle of Joe Biden's unpopularity Zakaria claim binds low approval rating wasn't actually his fault but he was instead paying the price for being Pres. during complicated times what quote I find president binds unpopularity personally is running out its first year in the White House with the lowest end of the first year approval ratings of any elected president in modern times, with the exception of the exception of Donald Trump why Zakaria wrote he described Biden as a genial, likable person and noted that some of his policies were popular amongst Americans with even some Republican support, but also complain that the country was clean that the country was doing reasonably well economically despite record inflation nationwide supplied change challenges in a labor shortage suggested binds massive approval rating dropped from the start of his presidency to now was because of his lack of political capital. What how this is the problem in elite media. This is the problem in DC. These people are so disconnected from reality. It's really sad and pathetic and somewhat humorous in my dark moments on this guy.

Is he really that clueless. Yes he is. He really is confused. Joe Biden has the lowest presidential approval rating since Richard Nixon.

Once Watergate was known.

That's how bad it is you're down there with Richard Nixon and Watergate numbers and the guy at CNN this just baffled by that. That's because your head is so buried in your elitist world that you can't see, think, imagine, smell or taste reality biggest live in this tiny little weird bubble what they just talk to each other.

The Cuomo's and so late that they just totally detached from reality.

It's unbelievable how crazy here's something that's unbelievable but I think the Lord for for Michael Shellenberger behind London breed.

Let's the mayor of San Francisco.

Stunning T fund. The police turn around and San Francisco check this out after black like there's a good amount of stuff in this article I want to share because it's really important to what's going on in the country right now then working to finish the show with two other roundhouse kicks to the head was a good one because I want to talk about Spider-Man, no whale, no spoilers, so don't worry. And in this one, which is driving me nuts. America's wealthiest pastor Kenneth Copeland is worth to know much. The guys were Kenneth Copeland I London breed Mayor saved Cisco after black lives matter protesters last year demanded that cities deep on the plea San Francisco Mayor London breed how the Prescott press conference to announce that her city would be one of the first to do exactly that precut 120 million from the budgets of both San Francisco's police and sheriffs departments while great job this week breed reversed herself in dramatic fashion, announcing that she was making an emergency request of the city Board of Supervisors for more money for the police to support a crackdown on crime, including open air drug dealing car break-ins and retail theft. Quote I'm proud the city believes in giving people. Second chance and said breed. Nevertheless, here comes the adult.

We also need there to be accountability when someone does break the law are compassion cannot be mistaken for weakness or indifference. I was raised by my grandmother to believe in tough love and keeping your house in order and we need that now more than ever breed punctuated her emotional speech with an expletive. It's time for the reign of criminals and she said if it comes to an end when we are more aggressive with law enforcement and less tolerant of all this blankety-blank that is destroying our city. What explains breed hundred 80░ turn in less than 18 months.

I'll get to that. On the other side of the break, but that's that's like I been thinking this old-time coed deep on the police. Sooner or later reality will back you into a corner with a gun to your head and you're gonna have to change your mind because that's human depravity will be right back and looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show. Merry Christmas was just going through the story in order to talk about America's wealthiest cortical pastor, charlatan, dirt bag really fun being honest. Kenneth Copeland you know much is worth. You will believe it when I tell you to just wait a minute to finish this no shocking story. The mayor, San Francisco, London, breed completely changing her position.

She was defunding the police cut 120 million from the budgets of JosÚ Francisco's police and sheriffs department. Now that's changed because progressive liberalism is like a boomerang throw it out there. You pat yourself on the back and feels good. You're your all your sycophants love it. But sooner or later reality comes to comes home and the chickens come home to roost and that's what's happening is terrible and San Francisco getting worse and so breed is a changing take this time for the reign of criminals to and she said and it comes to an end when we are more aggressive with law enforcement less tolerant of all the blankety-blank that is destroying our city. What what is waived. Breed hundred 80░ turn less than 18 months.

The main reason for breeds turnaround a skyrocketing crime report released this week by San Francisco's public policy Institute of California concluded that homicides increase in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco by 17% in 2021 that's heartbreaking. Please, Lord, help these people come to their senses property crimes in those four cities rose 7%, reaching 25,000 total in October, two thirds of the increase is due to larcenies mean the car break-ins by 21% and vehicle theft by 10% property violent crimes are lower than historic levels, but business leaders, get this, and residents have told me for two years. The author says that they often do not report many crimes to me why bother than arresting anybody in the rate of arrest is declines are difficult for many crimes. There you go in 2019.

40% of all shoplifting reports resulted in an arrest in 2021, only 19%. So you got the crazy San Francisco progressive district attorney check check chase up Bowden charged us 40 per 66% of the theft arrest a 16 point decline since he took office in 2020, you know, because that works in November. San Francisco is the first of several progressive cities hit by smash and grab mobs of thieves. Sometimes as many as 80 in a group you hope we've seen some of those videos at shocking.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's open drug scene contributed to three times more deaths from illicit drugs and covert last year so will mask you up and do all that stuff while three times more people are dying because of the open drug scene in San Francisco. San Francisco could shut the open drug scene down like European cities did, but is instead refused to mandate proven medical treatments to drug addicts.

San Francisco's progressive leaders have effectively been overseeing a radical social experiment, one that killed more African-Americans last year alone in the entire Tuskegee syphilis experiment killed over 40 year span breed the mares been personally impacted by addiction and crime both breed sister and brother struggle with addiction while growing up public housing San Francisco so think. Thank goodness think goodness that she's willing to step up even though she's not saying, at least to this point, I was wrong. My district attorney's crazy world we were idiots to do this, but at least she's changing it and I mean literally with praise God for that because these are real people being affected by these real evil things and the homelessness in the drug addiction and all that stuff should be treated. But you gotta have the rule of law without the rule of law you have chaos. Human depravity gets completely unleashing to get what's happening in San Francisco and all the other big cities because a virtue signal and their ideology trumps reality, but sooner or later reality comes back into the scene and hit you and that like the boomerang right so let's just make sure were praying for. Actually Stewart right now if I got which want to lift up every mirror and every leader in all these big cities were crime is just ravaging the people we pray would give them wisdom and discernment. Lord, help them to tamper down their pride to not be controlled by virtue signaling and all that political garbage helped him Lord actually care about their neighbors and to make good solid decisions like adults do.

Based on the understanding of human depravity or help them to be tough on crime but compassionate about criminals and people that need help with any great wisdom more than any great humility to change directions. We pray that Jesus name, amen.

All America's wealthiest pastor Kenneth Copeland is worth get this $760 million, Kenneth Copeland, $760 million net worth televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the richest pastor in America avoids paying an annual property tax bill of 550 grand by claiming that his massive Lakeside mansion. More on that in a minute is a clergy residence, a parsonage which qualifies it for complete tax break. I don't know for a fact that is not a Christian but highly doubtful, especially the things he says and I preaches Copeland, 85, enjoys the spoils of his six bed six bathhouse with a sweeping spiral staircase crystal chandeliers and tennis courts without contributing a single dime to the area schools and first responders, $7 million estate located right outside of Fort Worth Texas is even driving distance from airport bearing his name exits on the same piece property from which he commands a fleet of private jets.

You can see a picture I showed some folks on Facebook live bases at his house circled and then right right on the block is runway for his jets, Copeland Copeland, as previously said that God told him to build a home for his wife Gloria. You may think that house is too big. He said the 2015 SW. believers convention in Fort Worth. You may think it's to grant. I don't care what you think. I heard from Evan thought hallelujah actually said his build a massive network of $760 million, according to 2018 list of the country's richest pastors. This three-story 18,000 square-foot home is surrounded by a 24 acre lakefront tract Copeland is able to avoid paying annual property taxes on it. Thanks to a century-old Texas law that exempts clergy homes or personages. 18,000 ft.▓ any avoid the hundred 50 grand a year in property taxes by calling it a parsonage is not a parsonage it's up it's up golden calf to yourself. Sky such as Charlotte. That means that other taxpayers must pick up the debt not paid by the millionaire home built in 1999 has a sweeping spiral staircase and a bridge that spans across the living room connects the two sides of the house somebody of Facebook live earlier said that's probably the only mention I will ever get sad but true. Most likely, it also has crystal chandeliers and according to Gloria Copeland doors that come from a castle, along with a huge drop down ceiling projector and screen in the bedroom to post a tennis court. Two large garages in a covered boat dock with three slips perches on the shores of Eagle Lake Dome is technically owned by Eagle Mountain international check which O Lord help us deftly looks out of place and unusual compared to other personages. We have said Jeff law Tarrant County's chief appraiser, but from what I can gather through the law on my understanding a qualifies as a parsonage that's too bad Copeland's church is denied any wrongdoing on his part and criticize the unfounded claims reported in the media are church, the worldwide impact is helping proclaim and teach Christians around the world how to apply the principles of faith on God's word so that you can. If you have enough faith can have a house like mine network like mine by the legs that that's a pretty wacky uncoated stuff Lester.

He told worshipers that warm winds and heat and blowing the virus away will bring a timely in the pandemic when homebody strong Southwind heat burn this thing name of Jesus.

Copeland yells in the camera Satan bow your knees on your face. Copeland's moment of silence before he resumes, 19 the pastor the blows a raspberry, calling it the wind of God below the wind of God on you destroyed forever never be back. Thank you.

Let it happen cause it to happen.

Copeland man's oh my goodness, Judgment Day is common brother Kenneth while luscious it's disgusting but it's really sad. It's just that and that is my but as my bride said earlier today who gives money to people like that. I give you money of Kenneth Copeland think this is got a piece of tannic which is gotta be is no there's no expiration for an otherwise okay.

Spoiler free Spider-Man no way help. I cannot think of this is our son saw it last night exempts is gone. I want to see it with my 16-year-old daughter soon to be 70 just earlier today and he said to her, without giving you spoiler she's like that's the most fun I've had in a movie theater, and in a long time and he loves movies we or a movie family and I like wow coming from Hayden. That's pretty tall order.

So we went 11:30 AM Eastern time today with us in the entire crowd is a huge IMAX theater just laughter and there's there's spoiler things that I can't tell you that happen throughout the movie that it's just pulling from all over the place in which it was so much fine and really enjoyable.

A lot of laughter emotional roller coaster. It was really just fine and it was really fun because the audience is going along for the ride. At the same time and reacting thoughts to me it's like you know I even got a come to go to a regular church that's a little more buttoned up and in the pastor can be preaching up a storm and nobody says anything that he go to some other churches are like my body bishop witness church and it's kind of a dialogue right tell the truth pastor preach it sir yes sir yes sir amen Cory got me back if I love that, and this will be experienced Spider-Man knowing it was, like that and there's just so many things look. Vitamins go along movie history so there's a lot out there and people that like Spider-Man and Marvel.

There's a lot to deal. And the question is that you want to get into what are they knocking to do, you hear rumors are always kind of stuff but it was so much fun.

Really one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've had in a long time and I watch movies from typical worldview so I love seeing arcs of the movie arcs of the story. Evil redemption.

There's a lot of redemption in this movie. Now you have them. Typical worldview to see it.

But if he sees at your Spider-Man fan you'll love it. No way help, but if you go if you love it and see Spider-Man and you go in there. The biblical world. She redemption stories all over the place, which is unlikely. These people probably don't know that they're glorifying God. But I know the story does. I know where the redemption story comes from but it was just a blast. I really I can't wait to see it again and is just so much fines if you're looking for great movie if you like Marvel movies your Spider-Man fan you will love it there so many balls out to left field. There's all kinds of stuff is off-line. It's brilliantly done. They are get there so good at this. It was just a blast, probably here that in my voice. I hope you have a great weekend and working towards a Merry Christmas. I'll be back on Monday Monday Tuesday I'll be doing the show, God willing, and then Wednesday. My buddy Stu Epperson radio network and then Thursday and Friday off for Christmas back on Monday. After that, this is Steve no one the Steve Noble show. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, God willing, I'll see you again soon and like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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