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American Underdog + Christmas Traditions

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 10, 2021 11:19 pm

American Underdog + Christmas Traditions

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 10, 2021 11:19 pm

American Underdog + Christmas Traditions

Steve has Andy Erwin, director for American Underdog, on the show today to discuss American Underdog and Christmas traditions.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you were. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders. Great true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay what about everybody. You know what a movie fan I am back on about pretty regularly on the show and by God's grace over the years because the radio platform and activism in had a chance to be involved on the outside looking in, with the Christian movie industry and every once in a while get to meet some of the folks that are God's using to drive that and then we are just talking about this 10 years ago. The movie October baby came out October 28, 2011 and that was Andy and John when these brothers that have been on the show many many times we talked about the movies for years. October baby and mom's night out in Woodlawn.

I can only imagine. I still believe Jesus music and then opening Christmas day just couple weeks out from our American underdog to Kurt Warner story which I saw a couple weeks ago just absolutely beautiful movie so beautifully shot and Zach Zachary Levi is the lead there, please. Kurt Warner, you would know and most likely from shazam, but Dennis Quaid is back and then today on the show. My good friend Andy Erwin codirector with his brother John any so good to see you bro, how are you what's up is a lot of history impacted your. All of it on why I think I have the soul of an 89-year-old man that I love you yeah man, it's so good to see you and yeah it's been one of the distinct blessings of my life is to do become friends with you guys and be around for what God's been doing this whole time in NC and the ministry which it really is a ministry the movie ministry, not just for America but all of the world and watch all growing now these guys if you don't know hooked up with Lions gate kingdom story and God's just taken it to another level and but American underdog. Absolutely beautiful to watch the beautiful thing about this.

We talked about this over the years. Andy is really just the striving to get Christian movies to look just as good as the mainstream movies that were used to because were all digital snobs and this one totally looks that way.

I mean it. There's really no difference between this and any other mainstream movie were used to.

It's just a spectacular film, but this one came together quickly how to do out of this Kurt Warner story get dropped into your lap. I keep asking myself, felt he was like we print herself in virtual houses.

Review not been made, and secondly how the world we end up with so you know I back when we were first, read these guys at this film hobby on the side. We should work a sports game a minute. I remember back in 2000 want to do the Super Bowl. It was Kurt Warner second Super Bowl playing Tom Brady in his first and I remember just watching from the sidelines and become legend. You know the whole supermarket Super Bowl storyline and I just watched Kurt interacting with his wife and in the stands and I dislike one of the story behind that so fast forward 20 years later and who would've ever thought that we would be the ones that got to tell that story of that moment.

So it's up incredible underdog story and I think Kurt Warner's name is next to the definition and Sherry and it's a great family story and it's the broadest, most mainstream thing we've ever done so. Lions gate is giving it as a kid Christmas Day release and that just doesn't happen is never happened for faith filled and so were were tremendously blessed to be in the situation and figure these how many screens all release on release 3000 see you know would be ice and Spider-Man in the matrix, and on all the same time so it's can be as can be a free-for-all but it can be a lot of fun.

What a thing about it and you mentioned the Sandy were talking and here on the codirector of American underdog that's American By the way it's. I guarantee it's played at a theater near you, but this is one of those movies we'll see this very often anymore and you guys know this better than most. That really is a family-friendly film. I mean that it's it's a family-friendly film is a faith-based film, and it's an inspiring film and I think it's gonna touch a lot of people's lives, especially as result in a clambering out a coven. I think people are looking for some hope, and I think we all have kind of an under start underdog story at this point what's coming here, hope and prayer for this movie yet me very much what you're saying is we have come out of the season where we all felt like underdogs and I think we all want to see the little guy when and you know that our brand is really become progressively more more based on the idea of a rush of hope. We needed like me there is to provide a film that the whole family can enjoy together on Christmas day, when so much of what's in the theaters, divides the family wanted to present a product for the whole family can say is watch that together and I think this will inspire whole family will be an amazing Christmas Day moments we can't wait to see what audiences take away wants to see the theater that you know God has a plan and a purpose and all the hardship in the struggle to do some beautiful with your life. In this story. Yeah, it's a testimony to that intercourse. Kurt Warner and his wife, outspoken Christians and it's really cool what happens at the end of the movie kind of an add-on which I won't run for anybody but it really is a powerful story and it's easy to find yourself in that story. Whatever the context is of whatever you faced in your life you might be facing right now what what's our lesson, you can go to this film as a Christian family a non-Christian family and enjoy the film that's a great story. It's a true story.

It's one of the things I love about what the Lord is done with you guys. Andy you and John is is just continued to crank out true stories. You can't argue with the validity of the story, but to have a faith component so we can enjoy it but what should we look at these things as tools for the kingdom, and even tools for evangelism, absolutely. I mean, I think the idea is you know the Bible says that some are called to plant the seeds number called water and some are called harvest John and I very much feel called to be's see planners they can set up conversation. Yeah, that then the church can follow up on and harvest, and so do not Sunday school lessons that are not.

We don't connect all the dots with the idea is if we had if we can use the opportunity to emotionally engage the audience that typically wouldn't be in the church walls with the idea of planting the seed of redemption and doing that overtly with a movie like imagine her subversively, like a football movie and once that is planted in somebody's heart then it kind of takes root and they think on it over and over and over again. It will you will you know reverse engineer to their mind and say okay what I need to change my belief system and that presents an opportunity that down the line the church to do what it does and that's harvest and get those people plugged in the church so were excited about the opportunity and to have a stage like this for movie like you know American underdog is something we always dreamed of to engage a broad audience outside the church walls because it's about evangelism. Yeah, that's right. And then I would just caution everybody and challenge everybody look at this as a tool that you don't you don't outsource evangelism and other people use tools to do it yourself and certainly American underdog opening nationwide on Christmas day. The Kurt Warner story Zachary Levi Dennis Quaid, Anna Paquin. It's incredible. Cassis incredible story beautiful movie.

Beautifully done.

As always, Andy, thank you so much for being on bro, I love you appreciate you a Merry Christmas Junior family love is always a pleasure but-I will talk again soon with the back of her buddy. No Merry Christmas. Hope you had a chance to hear interview old friends in the early John and Andy Irwin on the filmmakers who been added since 2011 making films they been added lot longer that they were making Christian music videos. Before that, and they're just remarkably talented guys and we've got to be good friends over the years and we done a lot of ministry in different things together and introduced him to Greg Laurie and there's a lot of fun stuff that happened there with Greg.

They did the Steve McQueen movie American icon conscript cut Steve McQueen became a believer before he got cancer, you may not know that so they did a movie with Greg Laurie Pastor Greg Laurie called Steve McQueen American icon. They did that that was awesome. Mom's night out with mine. I can only imagine, which is about Bart Bullard, the lead singer for her sleep mercy me. I still believe it's about Jeremy Camp, the one that recently came out documentary Jesus music that was them Jesus revolution they got there to start filming in the spring. That's about the Jesus movement of the late 60s early 70s reason Greg Laurie story for that one and so as they got bigger and better. About two years ago. I think they got connect with Lions gate lines.

It is a huge secular film house out in LA like huge and you know they said okay but they know that they can make money in the Christian market and these guys are the best so kingdom story company was birthed out of that and so there underneath the wings of Lions gate which brings them distribution and money you you don't you don't see a Christian film get a nationwide release on 3000 screens on Christmas day that is not normal. So these guys are just fabulously talented and just honoring the Lord but but these are not like the Kendricks brothers, their movies are made for the church. John Andy Irwin is there making movies that are true so you can't argue with the story and they do have a faith component, but it's not like this over, ask.

So that's up to us you you love the movie American underdog. We saw a couple weeks ago. It's fabulous great honey just an amazing story. Kurt Warner stories is mind-boggling college player and then he's going nowhere is working at a grocery store than he gets in the arena league and then he gets drafted and pulled into the Rams and wins the Super Bowl's first year unbelievable story but a so-called site on those guys for years and it's just been a blessing so much fun and just really cool to see what the Lord is done. American is the website to find a theater near you American underdog got movie opening nationwide on December 25. Speaking of Christmas I like to do several shows this time year to accomplish away from the news of the day so I need your help once again. We talked about Santa Claus on Wednesday. Today I just want to let let's share, Christmas traditions what's meant what makes Christmas special for you might be a personal thing that that you engage in every year around Christmas time might be the advent season it might be something you do with your family might be a fond memory that comes back to you every year around Christmas time but I will you do to make Christmas special.

I mean we know we should know the answers as to why it already is special, but I'm curious as looking at traditions. Do you have what things do you do around Christmas time that you really look forward to that are just really special to you and I will push away from the news of the day to do a show next week on Christmas toys that we remember from when we were wee little lads because for most of us that was a while ago, but that's kind of fun to revisit the toys and things we remember getting when we are kids, but today looking at Christmas traditions. What makes Christmas so special for you and and will let let's share and enjoy the season together, shall we. We don't need to talk about the CBO coming out and saying how much more expensive the bill back at her plan is the Jesse small let injustice turned into justice. All I can stuff will be waiting for us next week so we don't need to dive into that pool every day. Let's talk about Christmas. Christmas traditions things about Christmas that really make it special for you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number and I hope you'll play along so we can just encourage one another push away like I said from the table of gluttony when it comes to the news the day of politics and all that stuff that'll be waiting for us next week.

Trust me, you arty know that 866-34-TRUTH 87884, now share some Christmas stories get in the spirit here. Push away from all the other stuff and that's let's invest in some joy. 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH Christmas traditions things that you do around this time year on Christmas day Christmas Eve, the day after. That makes a really special for you. You really look forward to it because some of us might go that's really good that's a good idea.

I think to do that that would be great.

866-34-TRUTH 8784 or 866-34-TRUTH. Let's try to share a little Christmas cheer with once another today. My buddy Bill and Facebook lie.

We watch Christmas vacation to Chester. That's hilarious. That's a much fun. Catherine happens to be my sister stockings. After breakfast, everybody enjoys that one. That's a good one were not very patient in the noble house so that they like dive in the wood but we need to stockings first before he Christmas presents in all of our kids for years weight at the top of the stairs until mom and dad are ready to get the right mug selling at this hour getting that out and so that's kind of find some other things there but would love to hear from you what you do that so special. Traditional around Christmas time for you and your family that you share some nice stories. Shall we encourage one another and get our heads out of the mire and talk about some things are just joy filled in Christ centered in fun for us and our families. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH when some guy from St. Louis is calling.

I usually know it's my good friend Fred's uncle Fred how are you buddy.

Merry Christmas. Are you I'm pretty good how you doing it's nice to hear you. I recorded partner. My yard here because like will And some of the figure are dated back to my childhood while about three or four years ago I was putting up to be walking up the sidewalk stop that I enjoy your display. My son the corner from you from Pakistan. Let me tell you about my freaking your freaking Kurzweil water come from Constantinople and the second one would've come from Persia which is now Moran the third one would've come from Egypt and I'm thinking to myself I remember these coming from Sears's will be here all week. Buddy right now, but that actually happened, which is really cool. I try to remind people on the air all the time this month that this of this month is pregnant for evangelism and spiritual conversations.

If we just let look around and pay attention and pray and ask the Lord to bring his people. He will and that's a perfect example 12 parent lot and she's really that bad know yet what was stolen. Help me ridiculous.

Little do they know more. Yeah, little do they understand the symbolism of that you really want to take Jesus out of the grave he did it himself, so you can see still not a crib but he's going to come out of the grave. You can't keep him down but that's really amazing.

See you had some of those things for how long will going back while that's really cool. That's a great story. Thank you, thank you for complement yeah that's cool. You just never know why we had a I might my Christmas card so your guys that sleep Is there something the believers are something inside your average person consuming the image of God that they know that that it's meaningful. That's right. Great story. Thanks, Fred talk anybody have a Merry Christmas will talk to you Raleigh for St. Louis friend I've known each other for years the radio and he listens on Facebook live or podcast sometimes and he's got a great ministry as well. I'll tell you about on the other side of the break.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show Merry Christmas everybody Christmas traditions things that make you happy Christmas 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Europa Merry Christmas everybody hope you're off to great start this December. And you know it's only 15 days till that magical morning magical morning is a rusty bucket well you know what I mean it's just an effective word. There is there is something surreal, spiritual, deep, enjoyable outside the norm, i.e. magical when it comes to Christmas morning and Christmas Eve and really the whole Christmas season for a lot of us. It's traditions of things we've done since we were children just like Fred my friend from St. Louis is still got some of the figures in his front yard nativity scene from when he was a wee little lad back in 1950, in the 50s. Given the benefit of doubt.

So look at what about for you looking to traditions they have things that you really look forward to a Christmas time. This should not be a big asked to call in and share stuff like this we should be should be easy for us. If you're a person of the book of your father, Jesus Christ. We should love to talk about things that bring joy that he's gifted us with an experience is he's allowed us to have anything family traditions are so important and so what is it for you.

What's met with me Christmas important for you in the past and special looking to traditions they have to share in some Christmas joy today here in the Steve Noble show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number is always 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH step on up to the plate and let us enjoy some Christmas spirit with you.

Okay don't want that to yourself and your family share with the rest of us plus you might be doing something that there's a lot of us Michael Mann. That's a great idea, and incorporate that into my family's Christmas. You never know, but I would love to hear it and love for you to share that today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to my buddy Clay: here in right here Raleigh North Carolina claim. Merry Christmas buddy, how are you brother. Happy Friday.

You know it's interesting that you're talking about, hoping and praying that you will extend it to next week. In the following we really get closer to Christmas.

I really think about the times that you know what I was younger what what what the true meaning is about. As you know we have a going to work that out the clock but the beginning of the week was pressure to get your sorry Don will ensure that you know how certain pastors like to get to her message and always trust that sure you have a happy holidays of some close to what you're going through is not really that happy yeah you know me about Merry Christmas. You look up the word Mary MER are well you think about it, brings cheer. It brings joy it brings something meaningful to the overall situation, especially when you say Merry Christmas. Think about the first six being a Christian. I think by the name of Christopher especially Christmas before six or so important Christ you know I just can't go away from all that stuff so important. It's what you know all that more be sure to message a week from Sunday.

All you know about, but also a sure stuff about what brother to shirting his book all you think about this man. I could go morning don't know what brother you just gotta think about a person in your heart, it shall report and so inspirational and it's just like I'm sure several people in your heart that you have the person that created you to be you know know it's so meaningful to me.

You don't think I'm just thankful to next year will be close to six years without fail, truth, radio, and I got to get out here will be special to you, brothers and sisters pastors work so faithful to the so much meaning yeah you know what week we can be in the freezer.

That's right. And then I think it's a great reminder and in speaking of trees, radio, and all of our other radial partners. That's one of the great things about Christian radio weeks we taken snooze from the world that we get all that garbage all the time and it's not necessary to certain extent. When you know it's going on so that we can engage properly. Try to bring God's truth into that conversation and what's going on in the country and be aware and praying to those things but ultimately if that's all you're dining on.that's a really bad diet and so that's what we can stay in the word and when you do something like truth radio or for broadcasting, whatever that whatever the case may be, wherever your listening when you tune in the Christian radio you're gonna get fed and you need to be fed things other than what the world is feeding you such a great point and I love that word embroidery work for you what you want to know you know that this is all basically listen to because I'm in New York with us. Everybody out there Merry Christmas so meaningful you could bring a spell to you because you never know what brother God bless you as we get closer to the birth of the Christ child and I am looking forward to that day.

Thanks buddy need to got us a claim. A Christmas we'll talk again soon.

Always encourage her and always excited and just committed to Christian radio and because that's what seeds you but it's a great reminder and appreciate Clay bring that up so say something else about that but I wanted to remind you, please, please give us a call share some of this stuff on the air today. What's special about Christmas for you to traditions that you have things maybe from your childhood that you've carried forward. That's let's cheer each other up and point each other in a Mary direction is not always easy to do with the news of the day, but let's do that we should be people of joy and people of Thanksgiving and people that let's let's forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget right that's what we do we remember what we should forget. We forget what we should remember and talking about the things are special this time year.

Let's change the diet as it were of our lives, at least for December. Should we, I mean I know there's important stuff going on out there, but my goodness, it's just not very healthy is like eating cotton candy all the time or the reverse may be drinking vinegar all the time if you dining on the news the day all the time.

I struggle with that one myself. 8663 for 87884 is the number hope you can call in and share some your Christmas cheer and trick Christmas traditions.

What makes a holiday special for you every year 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

I wanted to follow up on something.

My brother Clay said about happy holidays.

I don't get it bent out of shape about that as I used to when people say happy holidays coming up its before Thanksgiving. Okay, then I can put three of them on the radar screen for your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Okay I get it I'm not as easily offended as I used to be. I'm also not looking for a fight as often as I used to, but that the just remember that for for a lot of people. Happy holidays are anything but if it's for a lot of people. It's the hardest time of the year they lost somebody they've lost a loved one spouse, son, daughter, mother, father, this will be the first Christmas that you're without them in empty spot at the table. Whatever the case may be, the loss of a job, a wayward family member. Whatever the case may be, and in week if your one of the fortunate ones and I feel like a fortunate one that we have plenty of challenges in our life but other than that I'm very very happy and grateful and joy filled with where were at in our lives. The noble family, but that's not true for everybody in, and we need to be sensitive to that. But I'm telling you, even last night wondering I went to the grocery store twice, once at my way home that was to grocery stores and went home to try to find right. Now 630 or whatever in Salvation Army person outside. Now I could make a case for why I shouldn't engage the Salvation Army with 70 Salvation Army is going south when it comes to its roots in this than anything, but now these days, I'm just I hate Merry Christmas living smile my face and sometimes there like taken aback by that, I think there's a fair number of people that are even nervous to say that like oh well if it's somebody that's not a Christian to be offended. Listen, everybody's got a story and everybody's broke Christian and non-Christian, rich, poor, black, white, young, old, doesn't matter a lot of money and a lot of money but is got a story and everybody's broke and encouragement is just a currency we don't trade and enough and so it just do it as a social experiment just to be out there and just say Merry Christmas to be pulled a broad smile on your face and a jump in your step and some cheer in your heart. Christmas and mean it. If you know Christ.

You know the deeper meaning behind saying that, but just that kind of loving outreach to people in a simple two word phrase with a smile on your face. You do not know none of us know what God might do with such a simple gesture of love and care and concern for somebody and assuming that most people are broken one way or another. Most people are going through something you just came out of it, you're going into it.

You're in the middle of it.

Whatever the case may be.

So let's take advantage that this time year and just be extra special to other people. Merry Christmas. Just try to be okay if I mean I can get sued in the in the checkout line at Publix. I don't worry about God to judge the intent of your heart. If you're trying to just bless people care about them. You want people to have a Merry Christmas to you want people to know the Lord. You want people to know the reason behind for the season.

You never know that a little Merry Christmas might push that boulder over the top and roll down the hill and somebody could become a Christian just because some of the left.

A good market. Merry Christmas :-) 866-34-TRUTH 784. Feeling kind of lonely here: and share some Christmas cheer is that you do 866-34-TRUTH with your IPA name that tune back everybody and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show Merry Christmas to you and your friends and your family.

And this isn't a particularly merry season for you of the particular difficult season for you.

You know what to get back to phones here a minute if you'll call in and share some Christmas cheer with some tradition, some things that you love about Christmas that you do. Maybe it's a tradition you started in your family.

Maybe it's a tradition from your childhood. Let's share some of that stuff is gather around have a merry old time with each other and share some good news instead of dipping our heads once again in the pool or the cesspool if you will, of the news of the day we do that enough gets you if you listen to the show for a while, watch the show on Facebook or YouTube. You know I get tired of it myself and saw blood literally so I'm not talking about the news today, forget it nonce I like theology Thursdays because we get away from Natalie bringing a guest or an author somebody involved in ministry next week. We have a couple local ministries coming in to talk about what they're doing to reach out to the community that's really important is time year and everyone time just like push away from the table of currently I don't need to talk about Joe Biden coated in inflation every day, and transgender is in the what's going on in the school system.

Those are important, but we dine on that stuff every day and you wonder why we have a hard time sharing good news and cheery thing because were dining on carpets all the time.

Garbage in, garbage out. So step out a little bit last segment of the show today and I would love to be able to stop talking and just welcome you to the show when you share a little bit of Christmas cheer tradition, something you do every year at Christmas time that you love that special to you and Sheriff that share with one another, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 8784 or 866-34-TRUTH. I'd rather hear you then, crickets and quite frankly the rest of the audience what is, well, let's share some good news some cheer some fun things meaningful things in the season that we all look most of us look forward to, but I did want to take a second and if you're in a bad spot right now and this doesn't feel like happy holidays, and you don't feel very merry because of the situation in your life could come to pray for your quick if you don't mind taken some calls. I'll get to you in just a second, but let me pray for you. If this is not a great season for you to pray for you right now.

Father, we thank you for this day Lord and in the I just think you have right now, Lord, I have the privilege of praying for my brothers and sisters and friends that are struggling, loss of a loved one may be a tough battle with cancer or sickness or a broken marriage of wayward son or daughter the loss of the job, financial troubles, or even ruin Lord, this world can be brutal and dark and depressing in angering and enraging hurtful and Laura Newman.

He knows that better than you, but thought I just pray for those listening or watching or maybe listen to podcasts later that are struggling that you just touch them in a special way bring that peace that surpasses all understanding into their hearts and their minds and their spirit or encourage, and I pray that you would bring Christians around them that could love them well and serve them well. Lord, help them to turn their eyes to you. It's okay to weep and to mourn and to lament Butler.

We know that that your mercies are new every morning. So help them Lord to turn their eyes to you as well, but I pray that Christians around them, love them well and we put them in mourn with them is necessary, but Lord, I just lift them up to you and pray, bless him in touch and let them know once again how much their loved and that we care about them to just touch them in a Special Way, Lord Weston Christ name, amen. 866-34-TRUTH 8784 to share some Christmas cheer tradition things that you love about Christmas. I'd love to hear about that for a run at a show on the date today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Victoria conifer, North Carolina Victoria, things are going. Merry Christmas. Go ahead and now production and Mary buying brand on you know, and for here and here are so here and went. They didn't do it last year of core production is on but down during the here because there they are requesting your back no. Yeah, that we may not bill or pink yarn and I made here anyway when you that's great. Thanks and let's recall and ensure that Merry Christmas Merry thanks will talk to you later. Thanks 866-34-TRUTH 87884 turn coated 866-34-TRUTH 87884. 866-34-TRUTH is one meme at L female elf from the movie entities like only only two more of variance until Christmas.

It's really kind of funny sick depressing way 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. Let's go to Justin Connor from South Carolina just a Merry Christmas.

Thanks for calling. Go ahead by naming Yuli Dan again.

Very good. Excellent. Good job my man, you owe it all over the plate.

Everybody and I got married and settled down been married now for about seven years now and I owe and they are pajamas all day yeah and pick out a grill that season comes when you stop hitting the road and going everybody else's house on you all of a sudden have a home of your own and is nice is just kind of nice to sink into that and enjoy that special he is. I just got somebody approaching 30 years of marriage. I'm still gonna refer to you as a newlywed, but that's a great story, no place like home for the holiday. That's right amen to that. Thanks so much for calling.

Just got bless you man. Merry Christmas. Thanks.

Will talk to you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's jump over to another. Steve: and here in North Carolina. Steve, Steve, Merry Christmas, go ahead. My friend Steve it's the smiling Steve yes makes me feel bad about not smiling all the time. How are you my brother doing great morning. What grade up one and here quitting that only three and soon, and he had enough money and right with what I say a prayer for my wife happy to do that and very every body you look at like one of our friends really right. When I look at you the easy to be nice if you have it in your heart.

I love you love and I hope you have a great day and he called somebody yet highly recommend if the Lord looks on your heart. Talk to him in a while pick up the phone and click on your heart.

That's right, they spell that's awesome I received you I got a Merry Christmas season by and that's how you whatever. Steve is a chance: you'll always hear me crack a little joke about this. Steve literally smiles all the time. I mean, I Steve you want to tell me next Nicaea's get your bride to take a picture of you. Your face when you're sleeping because I bet you have a smile on your face is and that's contagious. But here we catch what Steve was saying that this is really not that complicated is untrue statement. Hey, I love you should love your fellow man, care and concern for the I love you God loves you. Jesus loves you right are those things true. Yes, do you think people out there need to hear that God loves him, because sometimes you raise your hand if you've ever felt unlovable yet because you know what you're doing you know what you've done where were well aware of our rap sheet and to hear that again like I said earlier, just like a little Merry Christmas.

You do not know what's going on in people's lives, but you can assume from a salvation standpoint because the numbers bear this out. You can assume that most people you see this evening tomorrow when you're at the mall.

Whatever, you're a restaurant you can assume in this country. Most of them actually don't know Jesus. Most of them actually are Christians, a lot of them will tell you there when you start talking about heaven and hell and salvation. You'll find out real quickly that they don't know the cultural Christians and a lot of people in America are Christians by default will not a Muslim. I'm not an atheist. I'm not that I don't even read think I'm an agnostic and I'm not a Buddhist or not any of those other Eastern religions. So God and you know Jesus seems awesome. I'm sure there's some good stuff in the Bible. That's only Christian, are you going to go to heaven. Why I think so. I hope so. I try to do the right thing to try this. I try that I try to try, try, try, because I can go friend isn't his were not talking about somebody the checkout counter interview to negotiate with them. No were talking about a holy God here that loves you, but he's a holy God just meeting just this meaning all of our sin is none righteous, no not one sin is an offense to God. Sin separates us from God forever.

Sin destines us for hell without forgiveness.

But you can't work your way into that.

You can't earn it. You can't give enough away to earn it. You cannot earn it, not by works Bible set so you have one choice and one choice only Jesus said it plainly, I am the way the truth and life no man comes to the father but by me and he said it again before that to Nick Nick at night. Nicodemus must born again spiritually dead without you. You must be born again know we can be born again.

The only connection to heaven is through faith is Christ and what he did for you is the ultimate Christmas message. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show. I'll be back on Monday, God willing. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas, we can like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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