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Running for Congress

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December 3, 2021 10:02 pm

Running for Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 3, 2021 10:02 pm

Running for Congress

Michele Woodhouse, who is running for congress, joins Steve today to talk about what it is like running and politics.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble today on a snarky Friday Battle Royale of the core glasses and Artie lot coming this show just started of Artie lost.

So without fear from Western North Carolina, Michelle, how are you nice to see I'm great Steve thanks for having me.

I think you glasses are pretty cool because you're wearing cool glasses is absolutely no kids hang out together in the cafeteria and that some things never change. If it's good to see you. Thanks for being here. And for those of you that don't know of Michelle Woodhouse.

How would you introduce yourself. I am a western North Carolinian and now by transplant way way way way way way, how can somebody that's as sharp as you come from the kind of down-home country. Ask Western North Carolina like that doesn't even make sense for a lot of us right will take a lot back in 52 years ago so my mom is raise Western North Caroline and I spent every summer as a kid out in Macon County and in my grandparents double wide trailer while yeah on their farm canning hot summers there but it was wonderful and my grandfather like many other North Carolinians, especially thousand Western North Carolina moved to Detroit to make a living for his family and the auto industry's network for he worked for General Motors. He drove a fleet carrier truck for 30 years. What years were you there in Detroit were did you living to try what born and raised.

Yes, my grandparents moved up there. My mom came up and my grandmother and her siblings Al came up later I was born and raised there and then moved to Raleigh about 16 years ago and and then ended up over here in Western North Carolina part is the Detroit area sacred just north of Detroit. Actually in Lake Orian and you know sadly it's a community. Many would know right now because it's the neighboring community to Oxford where we had the shooting this week as so small farming town at that point I very much auto industry blue-collar community and that's where I was raised with the first person in my family to go to college while I went to Michigan State on and I are hearing that in your announcement that the very first person because her parents both worked where they worked. They worked at a Kroger grocery store.

Yeah krone yeah both my parents worked six and seven days a week to provide a great life for us and and I was the first one they sent college and then got my Masters degree.

Why was working full time and had to get my employer at the time pay for that. So was able to get through all that without student debt and so when your student Michigan State which my older sister graduated from Michigan State. I lived in Dearborn for five years and is a kids you guys you and I have a lot of overlap.

Did you see yourself getting involved with politics at any time. That part of your life. I did I'll tell you is that when I was in college and even high school was really involved in student government when I was at Michigan State. I was the president of my senior government and I was an activist. A complete activist. My dad dropped me off at Michigan State and said please don't get arrested at protests that start that 1987 when he dropped me off in college but how to do you know we were like that. Yeah, yeah, was that mom or dad or a company that was a bad activist that was dad. So my parents are both union dad was a union steward and back in those days. Those were the days when union stewards would drive your house and knock on the door if you had voted on election day and I was a little redhead in the front seat that was used as the prop I think in some voter intimidation that might've been happening in the 70s but that that's what you know what I came from and we were a family and that watch 60 minutes together. On Sundays we got the newspaper seven days a week. You had to know current event you had to be engaged. You and I were talking about this before the show. Just our kids don't know much about civics foundation of our country that we know we were raised in an environment where you read paper every day and you talked about the news and you watch the news and you could believe the Nunez where I hardly room with that yeah so that was that was the environment we were raised in and my dad knew I was. I was kind of the fighter for the underdog and when when he dropped me off at Michigan State. Coming from a small town, he thought. Oh gosh, here she goes and and I did you know I was. I was really involved as an advocate in was at a sitting in college and protesting things that I thought you know were problematic and when I got involved in the senior government.

Michigan State was really eye-opening for me because it was really my first glimpse into the difference between activism and bureaucracy of right and fast forward now.

You know, many years. I just graduated from college. Not too many years ago, but many get them fast for all these years later and that fighting spirit to make sure that were doing what's right and were doing in a way that is right has really driven me into this congressional race so when you meant so when you moved to North Carolina and came here to Raleigh first. Did you immediately find a way to get involved with politics. Well, there's an inevitability here, a destiny that seems to be a parent and we can play around with a different a few different things. I never pictured when I was in high school that I would be doing something like I'm doing now. However, everybody back then would not be surprised by the fact that I do what I do know other than the fact that I do it as a believer and a follower of Christ. But there is a certain weight and in inevitability and a movement that's going on in your life that leads you to where you are to run for Congress is been going on for a while announcement now, but this started a long time ago. It did start a long time ago when I talked to friends that I've grown up with a core group of girlfriends from college. When I made the announcement there like finally you know we've been waiting we knew you're gonna run for something we just did know it was an inch. Really I didn't know what it was. Just as we both know as Christians your audience outside laid out a plan a few months ago and shared with some friends that I was gonna run for Secretary of State in 2024.

I think as soon as I spoke my plan. God said oh no that is not your plan, we have another plan and snow are right he eat it. He loves that and you said I when I came to Raleigh to answer your question, I I got involved, and I've always been involved really at the grassroots volunteer level and I was never someone you could write a check to the party. I'm not a donor that's just not where he came from and interestingly I'm running against three millionaires. But you know, I've always been the one who attended every meeting knocks on the doors make the phone calls work to the polls in the pouring rain over the snow or whatever the case may be that I was the one who was always there working for the cause and and I think when we look at people's political involvement. No matter what it is I think it's I was charge volunteers or anyone you asked me about getting involved, pray, and what your gifts are and then use your gifts right you know some people there gift is to write a check.

Instead they have a home where they can host an incredible event and some people it's knocking doors and making phone calls and working the polls or volunteering in office, but find your gift and plug into the community and that is the difference is one of the beautiful things there is a book I read several years ago called the sweet spot which is the intersection of your gifting and your talent.

God's will for your life and the desires of your heart what you find that spot. Man, that's a sweet spot urine it. I minute and it never really feel it can be busy can be tiring, but it never really feels like work a four letter word and that's how you know when you're in your sweet spot what you talking Michelle will become back right at this back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble saliva Michelle Woodhouse here in the studio she's running up in the 14th congressional district, brand-new district and an armistice conflict you sent this earlier Michelle that that the northern that the 14th District of North Carolina, which basically is the whole western end of the state is bigger than what for other states in the union well or better than four states closer to three state capitals then then Raleigh and yeah I jokingly said this when I was running for district chair, but it is a sad truth we can see Georgia for my window that amazing right and so we it is. It is from Watauga to Cherokee. There's the far western counties.

Originally there were 17 in the district another 15 but your bigger than four states how did you end up out there. So my son went to boarding school.

There he went to Christ school and boarded there and I moved out what I felt was good to be temporary. Again, my plan God's plan and went out to let somebody once that if you want to make God laugh, showing exactly why he's I think I've brought him many hours of laughter and will continue to so I moved out there. His senior year he still continued boarding but I rented a house in got me closer to him for the those senior years things that they have sports and all that good stuff and I was an hour and half for my parents and I realized how I spent every summer as a kid out these mountains. Never did I think I would live here full time, but fell in love with it. Really love being so close to my family and I have roots run deep out there. They tail you hundreds of years.

Deep out there and it's it really is a blessing. Both my parents are alive and doing great. They're both in their 80s might address a Corvette and they live a great life and I love being able to see them.

You and and Marcus loves being able to come home from college and a lot of his friends from school are still there in the community so it's been great, we've put down roots there love it there and it's been one wonderful to serve in a variety of different capacities in western North Carolina. We found a great church home so it's it's been an incredible blessing, so I hope something was going on because we've read drawn lines in your lineup so that that map kinda changes and for those of you that are cynically minded. Shame on you. You can repent and and they get educated. But we do reapportionment every 10 years. Take a census we see how many people live where then we rearrange the deck when it comes with four and 35 seats in the House of Representatives and then in this case North Carolina picked up a seat which is great place like California losing seeds which is great to redraw the map and whoever's in charge will typically drink redraw the map in a way that's going to favor them a bit and that if you go too far. That's gerrymandering. There's your civics lesson all the stuff. So what got medicine call for rights on the show in Hopewell, get out there and do the show with him from his office, but things are changing their cells so that there was kind of a shifting of the deck, because all of a sudden I'm like wait a minute Michelle is running for 14 what medicines going.

What's happening is absolutely so do my best to the congressional civics lesson as well.

So originally, we had 13 congressional districts and are thrown into your point, we picked up one and picked up from a blue state, which is wonderful. It'll change colors and transition as we get it here and then we drew maps because congressional districts are supposed to have about 735 to 750,000 people in them so the map was redrawn and so everyone can have a new number when they go to vote their March 8 primary so we moved from being the 11th to the 14th changed a little bit geographically lost a few counties picked up one and Congressman Cothran made a decision because his former congressional district was split up a bit and he decided to run in the will in the 13th which has three of his old counties in parliament already over to the edge of the Charlotte area. Does it does it. That's all. But downtown Charlotte so it's kind of a cut out a doughnut and that it has Gaston County Union County some others. It's a very Republican congressional district and Madison decided to run. They are, which opened up the 14th as an open seat.

We Artie had a few people in the race that were primary and him and my phone was blowing up with people you gotta run.

You got a ride and so we took a day of fasting and prayer on it. Why did you do that because that's when the closest to the Lord and day when I didn't feel like I really had an answer that wasn't my answer so I took a second day and because as a fellow type a person we leave.

I can speak for you. I can speak for me. I can get in myself and all kinds of things and then asked the Lord to bless it before I ever asked the Lord to lead me there. I'll get there first, as a healer, check this out this is a good idea. Look at what I did and he's like it's not where I wanted some kudos to you for prayer and fasting. So really we really felt it was revealed to us to run and so we are gonna run over there in the 14th congressional district. We are really excited to represent the people of Western North Carolina. The I will go to political here, but I will say the policies and goes politically get the policies of this administration ignoble show. It's not box.

It's not soon enough. I Like. I guess I when I was at the pro-life March. I was on I was on CNN. My jacket was my zebra jacket apparently made it because you're so fashionable, they probably assumed you were one of theirs have a lot of fashionable cool people and growing on the right we do we do, but when I walked in with the short hair and my tall shoes that you and not living not too far from Asheville. It's a bit confusing for the liberals are not really sure what's can happen. Then I start talking and speaking of politics would house for in is a website would house for the number four in C duck absolutely and so when I look at Western Carolina part of the draw for me running is looking at the policies of this administration that are failing people in my community. We have families are really struggling right now you know I think my drive over here today from Western Oregon is $65 yeah yes Monday had the opportunity to go to an incredible North Carolina renewal project events, then back to Madison County to visit with some constituents and a female business owner who has two restaurants also mentioned the struggle she has in getting help and then onto another meeting in the back to Henderson County hundred and one dollars in gas and so the economic policies of this administration are crushing.

American's are crushing them in western north Carolina has unique struggles in that you were an older population were deftly the oldest congressional districts. Our seniors need help.

We have a young families. They are enduring cold dead people were trying to have online learning in the parking lot of McDonald's because it was the only place they could get Internet Wi-Fi that's unbelievable. We have an incredibly large veterans population. Asheville has one of the biggest VA hospitals over the past in the country that used to go to.

It's a great facility was especially fantastic under Pres. Trump but were watching the policies of this administration crash American families, and I thought this administration cared about America. You see that this is by the way, did the Trafalgar group is the best polling company out there just had a pole, so right now Pres. Biden's disapproval.

It's so bad it's actually the same that it was for Nixon when Watergate was going on sets up additives and in the other day. Speaking of gas prices. This was so this was such a deception. They showed this 1.82% drop in gas prices as a graph so you see this graph going down.

They literally cut out this tiny little section of the two week once they release the oil reserve so that you could get the gas to drop a dollar eight cents or two cents a gallon, which means nothing to anybody and they showed that graph look at what's happening to the gas price.

But if you even the Washington Post of this they zoomed out chilled all graft right is a year ago gas with about 50 less now were all getting hurt and I don't care that is okay and I think it's one of those things every time he talks. I think Pete does he really think that Americans are the stupid based on the things that he said all this is going to sound terrible. You're making the assumption that is thinking right so sure that's happening, which is I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, making fun of it. I'm not cracking jokes. It's very serious when you to pray for the guy, but it's actually happening is happening in this country would have made all of us will be right back with Michelle Woodhouse appropriate welcome back to the signal so Merry Christmas to you and your family and loved ones, and by the way I do yourself a favor to the world a favor. Don't don't shirk away from the Merry Christmas thing and I know that were not talk about the workers was much anymore and they got that to a certain degree, but this is a great month us, ripens, lycopene around Easter time and take advantage of that.

Don't be afraid especially the culture now. The media tells us that we all hate each other.

That's actually not true for a lot of Americans, we have a lot of deep divide and we do have issues when it comes to politics.

But usually when you're out there and they were talking Michelle Woodhouse today was in town from Western North Carolina running for the 14th congressional district. The primary coming up in March which will talk more about that would house for in C by the way Woodhouse for the number four in and you knew probably experiences to Michelle II can't remove the last time I got into an argument with a actual human being in person that I just met out the culture right and so I've got all gay people have conversations all in place and I'll drop little hands whether to political thing or a gospel thing and I just don't find a face-to-face there's as much vitriol as there is online because online will of keyboard courage face-to-face is not so bad and so don't give up on your neighbor and you might be shocked at how much a Merry Christmas and a smile and just pause to see if they want to talk I do so don't don't waste the fact that it's December okay make sure you take the kingdom. Anyway, I think people are so emotionally hurting. I mean the social isolation that we seen from loaded with covert and the mandates in closing our churches and keeping our ABC stores (in when we look at think about your elderly neighbors. I mean really and you know, encourage and talk to people because I think the blood lost and lonely and broken right now and and and sadly I think we seen a pretty use that to their political shirt. Try to use that politically and our kids are really struggling right now so I really I mean I talked talk to people pulling her mast down for what he wanted so very Christmas may think is a good I think homeschoolers is going to homeschoolers and in last year and some of the class that I taught which were not my own choice.

Everybody's wearing a mask and I was shocked how much that impacted the classroom environment is impacted my ability to read what was going on with my class. It impacted their ability to react to just it just reminds all been hundred and 20 yards apart because a jet you just lose all that and I'm and I don't think will be study I hope will be studying for years. Michelle what we've done to ourselves out of fear and political manipulation and abuse is always about power and control. This is governmental abuse this is abuse on a federal level which is all about power and control. Same thing that happens a domestic abuse and in our kids are to be in the elderly PEOPLE can be paying prices for years and I'm not even talking about Cove. It's right, I'm talking about all the other dominoes that we lined up behind her. Next time I hear Anthony County talk. I called Pope Ouchi at this point because were supposed to bow down to the guy. This is been to your point incredibly harmful inspiration it hasn't.

I just bought Kennedy's book on Saturday. Call me at 70.

It's been somebody to dig into that we sent her locally in North Carolina. They incredible unconstitutional overreach of Cooper. Interesting that Mandy Cohen is gone, gone, desiring, it's amazing out. If you look at the two most powerful bureaucrats that affect North Carolinians Mandy Cohen and Anthony Saatchi neither elected both appointed bureaucrats and they are using their power to try to control America and and we have to lift to stand up and fight against that, that the governmental overreach. The eminent end with look back. Someone said to me, what do you think this really started when Trump lost in 2020. I thought not know those are dead you not look back and think what went up the political landscape changed the talk about politics, I think the political landscape changed in the McCain Palin Obama race because I was at the Sarah Palin rally here in Raleigh. Joe the plumber here. You started to see the Republican Party moving away from kind of the Mitt Romney pleated pants world into the real lost American. The forgotten man in and that I think for many people, I mean John McCain wasn't my pack but I fought for that campaign because I knew how bad Barack Obama would be for the United States and I think that that election is we really started to see the moral compass of the country shifting we started to see governmental overreach and how we parent and and people didn't realize what they were giving up.

It was a slow erosion right, they don't take control in one fell swoop to the Christian activist mom if you showed up at a school board meeting today. You deftly get the best time at 100% door to the point now due to all your points which are a good agree with the hundred percent I been saying this often last two weeks and then everyone's offerings will just get in my head. I'll just repeat a lot ideology trumps reality. Reality no longer matters. Facts don't matter.

We say we follow the signs will follow signs with all political science doesn't matter what your body is it doesn't matter whether you got any. Now you are, whatever you think you are think you are to Disney for always telling us to pursue our dreams as if your dreams and your heart can be trusted for the Bible tells us that cuvée cannot write we cast aside all that stuff were in crazy upside down and inside out world it's the twilight zone, but I can totally see your point that where that began back in the Obama thence with Palin okay and we started to see transgender is a minute and we really did turn the whole world upside down and not our kids are to pay the price for that they are paying the price and our grandchildren to pay the price for that. So it is up to us to fix it. Yeah, it is up up to us to turn the world right side up, because the vast majority of people realize the world's upside down and they don't like yeah that's right, they don't like it they want it fixed its it is beyond me and talk about policy. We can talk about the economic impact of the failed buying policies. We can talk about 13 dead soldiers in an in a foreign policy that is disastrous so you mentioned in your in your announcement speech the other day we had more people come across the border on the southern border in October than you have and what most of the counties out West nine of our counties you know and that's the number that working off of right so let's I covert number Croats rubbing yeah let's let's talk. What with the real numbers are and you look at this build back better, which is going to bury us if this goes through.

There is a there's a taco component to that there's a road to citizenship in there that is buried there's proportion verbiage in there and we got have we have got to have every single Republican that serving in Washington DC stand firm and we gotta bring some Democrats across that that also recognize and realize that the world is is upside down. Those policies are not to work, and we you know Joe mansion is is always great for us. Most of the time, but if you would've told me that Sen. Cinema could have been one of the voices of conservatism coming in no way never to millionaire never in a million now and and and she's now getting a little taste of how angry and ugly. The left can be don't fall in line and do what they want your grade if you think their way better than the conservatives are grouped that I believe they are. And this is someone on a radio interview this morning. I said, you know, Democrats are born, activist, and I think they before they can walk they know how to make a sign for sure a protest in the well organized and they tend to keep all their infighting in the back room. Republicans put out on the front yard and will just the living's not of one another. The Senate races publican to be an example of that. As we talked about but what we have to do as a party and I think what we have to do as a people, is talk to your neighbors. Talk to your friends talk to the people you go to church with the people in your Bible study the people and carpool. Talk to your neighbors in and have conversations because I I worry what to say. What keeps you up at night that people are so disgusted what's happening in our country there still feeling really upset about the election in 2020 that they stay home, but I see this me such great hope remained in 2020 when when the November election happen. I think people could have figure how I say those words because you know I just went.

We all know that that there was something so shady that happen there but people felt so angry and then is Joe Biden's administration started turning our country upside down, putting America last and as he checked his watch, while those thriving caskets. I was aware that life absolutely. When that happened I was sad and then Virginia happen and then add the trucker happening to teachers data and fulfill what 160 bucks in his campaign at Dunkin' Donuts on a 30 year Democrat kingpin and and imagine if a little bit of time in a little bit of money has been spent on that gubernatorial race in New Jersey to take a nap while I agree and think one of the challenges and end most of the garbage that I got over four years will trump the president was from from people when I would called now because I here's my deal.

You and I don't know each other. But here's my deal. I call balls and strikes basin. The word of God. I do not care is standing at the plate. So when I swing a sword. I swing it in both directions and people on both sides that I'll get cut because Milesian citizens of the country is nodded to the party.

It's ultimately to the Lord not care about this country, patriot been involved since 2004 so nobody can question that.

But what is a Christian I know my ultimate allegiance so is one of our Prout problems and I think that Virginia showed us the shift and I agree with you that there is great hope that we all because people are geared for Savior so we get one person to come in and take care of everything we get excited about that. So trump comes in and he's our kingpin right you are hammering to take care of everything and when you lose that guy you get despond for that it forces you to roll up your sleeves back to your parents back to my parents back to the Protestant work ethic and if you choose to sit on the sidelines and just cheer for the quarterback. Guess what, sooner or later up to be a problem in your to pay the price for your app so hopefully people are coming back around looking talk about that Michelle will without forging congressional district running for that.

See what house were in of Europe well because when it comes to politics when it comes to what local politics, which school board. By the way, if you don't know who's on your school board. We all need to get more involved in local politics and I'll let Michelle take us to the woodshed on that one. And now, like I just wonder that I like last name being what else Michelle without severe working congressional district. She just announced she's running for that old Western North Carolina Woodhouse for in Woodhouse for in that's the number four and we need some Bruce Lee's right, we need some martial artists we need some people and not a fight special when it comes to politics and especially upon the hill which is a very dangerous and crazy places.

You know you spent a lot of time up there Michelle, but as over both followers of Jesus Christ were both born again Christian.

So how'd this is a discipline a difficult thing for me for years of God is done a lot in my life on this issue, but it's challenging we have political foes.

We have political enemies. That's the reality. But a lot of these people live in Newark. Majority of them probably 90% of our lost lost spiritual truths are spiritually discerned.

They don't get it. They did but they're not ignorant so there deceived but are not ignorant or culpable. They make decisions that are not stupid. They make decisions so I expense the same thing when I stand out in front of an abortion clinic here in Raleigh on Saturday and pray and watch these escorts who are all wearing rainbow style vests and are completely convinced that were absolute animals and monsters and what of those who call good evil and evil good and pardon me, the flesh meat goes there. These people are so twisted there's so dark there's so evil there. It's all blood money and I hate you. The other part amigos Jesus on the cross. Looking out of all these people father forgive them for they know not what they do and so how do you balance that as a Christian and politics that I think it's one of most challenging parts of especially going there it's you keeping God first in all that we do when and there's a couple things I think others there's some that are I would look at is the rich young ruler right they they want all of that but they don't want to put in the sacrifice and they don't really want to become a follower of Jesus, but that one of the benefits are becoming a follower of Jesus, and he could no parallel that in political power, right, they they they they want the power, but they don't realize that all that's given to us is given through God and through the sacrifice of his son dying on the cross for us and keeping ourselves humble.

To that end in anything in our daily lives, whether you're serving Washington DC you're raising your kids here in Raleigh.

No matter that that's a struggle every day and don't be fooled believers. It's hard for us to write.

It's hard for as soon as you can get it figured out you you problem I need to check that the door I know I do have to keep reminding myself that this is about me in any way shape or form. And you know on when I was up in DC this week as you're outside the Supreme Court to really learn oral argument yes up there with the human coalition some other credible pro-life organizations and also been up there. The ad for Pres. Trump's inauguration. We stayed in there was a women's march is your call with the pink hats the day after that I was comparing them little bit my mind. This is the last time I was up for March and that when Trump was inaugurated in that that women's march happen the next day.

The anger and the vitriol and it was 100% a pro-abortion rally and either tear out of it different from college. He was the executive director of the largest Democrats pro-life organization in the United States and her group was told by that group. You can't come in when we were on the steps of the Supreme Court.

She spoke it out and I would say it was an probably predominately Republicans, but Kristin got up and spoke as a pro-life Democrat about the need for pro-life women to stand strong in pro-life men to stand strong in what to me was such a great inspiration and and it feeds back to the hope. How many young people were there and the, the joy in the hope had to have an art was a king Junior's granddaughter spoke the singing beautiful hymns. It was just filled with the Holy Spirit and hope for our country and in true love for the mothers who were who struggle with that decision and it would. We met them with love. I think that's the difference yet because the earthly part of us wants to go to hate right. It's an easier place.

Sadly, to go to but feels good because it feeds are self-righteous right and we were here. We were safe because of love and and I think were called to live that way the kindness of God leads people to absolutely and and into the room moments when some woman out so interesting. She had the abortion escorts. That's they were wearing T-shirts red T-shirts that said abortion escort and this woman had a sign on the front it said abortion escort expert on the back or she shut the front of her T-shirt said angry Nana. I stop for a moment thought to she not understand the irony of that you became a Nana because someone chose you chose to have a child in your child chose to have a child and and and who are you angry at right is you know that the two feel that the prayer walks in to see the prayer walks in the prayer warriors that were out that only DC but across the country and this is a prayer that would have to continue to try the Roe V Wade discussion. This ruling probably won't come to the summer June and we need to pray for the justices that are there and and really have an understanding of what when I heard Justice Sotomayor's homelike comments. I thought denture politics and comparing babies in utero to dead body dead bodies and intrapreneurial it is ideology and that wouldn't when people look average people go to work, raise their kids go to school board meetings, yell, run for city Council, whatever they may be dealing or just live in her life. The left has a very clear narrative separate and conquer separate and conquer. And they want to continue to feed the narrative that Americans are divided that were a country built on hate that were a country built on division and we are not and the only way that that narrative works is if we allow it works right and the right has is valuable only requires Goodmans is due to nothing like I have that button in my car and I keep with me. I talk to my children about it because that is the only way that it can exist in and we have to rise up into things and and for some people it's incredibly uncomfortable right you know we I know I eventually run for political office. I didn't I think of the Congress in 2021 now I really didn't think was he to me that but but when when God calls we are called to answer, you answer the call, the listeners answer the call every day we have to answer that call because if we don't, that the darkness will continue on you to take over and we know it can exist in the presence of light, so we have to be that light in and people need to not be afraid yes also light up and we talk about COBIT and we talk about loving your neighbor yada yada yada will political involvement is based on loving your neighbor absolutely country what that what happens do you see what happens of Western North Carolina affects all your neighbors.

All three and 30 million of them, with its federal and then not quite as many but maybe hundred thousand officials in your congressional district.

And so if you love your neighbor as you should you should get involved with the things that affect them in and politics in this country affects everybody. That's where the beer it will be about three minutes left of your top issues as you push through this primary experiment is a difficult primers are difficult and you know I've been labeled. Congresswoman know and saying amen. I know God for the party of no party of narrow roads like parents that we got a note open borders. I think that our temperatures are to focus on. Note open borders know to printing money that has no value in borrowing money from China that will never pay back letting a communist country takeover the United States would check again. I think we could delve into that whole shelter and you. I look at Western Northglenn, in particular one of our most important issues as Veterans Affairs and under Donald Trump veterans had really the best service that we've seen in years and Joe Biden has turned to that completely upside down and so we have 22 groups of up multiple groups with the groups that are most near and dear to my heart. Of those veterans that are showing up every day at the VA Nashville and need the help and support. We also have a very large homeless population across our country, but in particular in western North Carolina veterans that need help veterans that need help cutting jobs that need help from a mental health template addiction will bring the back and we don't take care of them. If off our country is right and we asked them to make the most ultimate sacrifice usable.

It is inexcusable and we have an interesting situation North Carolina as well.

We know COBIT has impacted the job market right the labor market significantly, but you know we look at infrastructure in western North Carolina in a different way. Because if we have a rockslide after driving to Tennessee to get back to your house. Maybe after driving to Georgia or maybe you just can't get there. You're actually talking about real interest, real infrastructure, not your usual universal daycare, but we so we have some infrastructure issues. We have a broadband problem that we talked about that with Cove Ed and we have a job skills struggle in western North Carolina because our growth in building is enormous and I talked with a manager of a cheese, a general contractor of an enormous building company and Yancey County today and one things he was sharing with me is they can't find workers with any skill set right so we now teach our kids how to you know we've a basket under a lot of realities now that they don't how to put a stamp on an envelope really knows how to fix the toilet so we've got to get back to finding and training young people to get to work. So we've got a lot of work court things to do in western North Carolina as well. So those are top issues for us and always centered around making sure that were fighting for the great people? Carolina every day and using God as our guide to do that and that's us all everything you just said boils down to fundamentals absolute lentils and first principles which work every time because their true. So when you fight against that.

That's insanity. The definition of insanity actually trying to do this. Expect a different result of the same thing over and over again. That's all we want is conservatives that happen to be a first for most Christians is were people of the true and there are policies that are true and they work you are delusional. They don't get this. Also great having you in today.

Michelle Woodhouse 14 congressional district Woodhouse for is the number four without for Let's do this again child love it.

Thank you, come see me Western I will do that to this is the nobleness for double show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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