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Will Roe Fall?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 1, 2021 11:08 pm

Will Roe Fall?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 1, 2021 11:08 pm

Will Roe Fall?

Steve talks to Tami Fitzgerald, from NC Values, and Chad Slotta today. They discuss some headlines from the Supreme Court. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble finds you all a breaking about 1230 1 o'clock today from Fox news. This would be good right Supreme Court abortion case justice is real lawyers on precedent to liability constitutional rights at Fox news from Bloomberg Supreme Court justices suggest sweeping pullback on abortion from CNBC Supreme Court conservatives look ready to gut Roe versus Wade during arguments in Mississippi abortion case to listen to this on. This is from CNN Supreme Court conservatives lean towards limiting abortion rights after dramatic oral arguments on Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks and then there's this Jeffrey Toobin this is that one of the analysts on CNN legal analyst asserted the arguments overall for the pro-abortion case were to put it lightly. A complete failure. Quote this is Jeffrey Toobin at Siena." If you believe that women should have the right to choose abortion.

Today's Supreme Court argument was a wall-to-wall disaster unquote Jeffrey Toobin legal analyst at CNN, of all places. So if you are not aware. We talked about yesterday talked about praying for it today. I listen to the vast majority of it myself and could be one of the most consequential abortion hearings we've had in decades really here in the United States of America, Tammy Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Northville in a values coalition and see longtime friend legal expert Tammy how are you thank you for having me on today Steve you're welcome.

So those are some pretty aggressive headlines and in I know that you're well aware of this are paying attention what you're just kind of write off the cuff reaction to what you heard today with the Supreme Court arguments back and forth. Well, I mean, it gave me reason to have my eyes start to read foundation of rhyolite and as far as repealing Randall Casey that I did think that based on what we saw today and heard that the justices are poised to make some major alterations to abortion jurisprudence in our country were you surprised that they took this in the first place I wives I was shocked. I mean basically, we didn't think I would take 15 week abortion man and that's what this law is in Mississippi bans abortion after 15 weeks and we sorta thought they would take one based on eugenics like the bill that we passed in North Carolina by Gov. Cooper. Veatch had that humanlike nondiscrimination act we got a bill like that was more likely to be the first case, the spring court took where they might have read foundation of row because once once the viability standard is a redhead in and then you're left with the proposition that if if it's not right to abort the baby up to the point of viability and it's never right and that we felt like it would be a two-step process and when I say we I'm talking not just about myself that other organizations in the pro-life movement from across the country because ultimately this is from another another website looking at three most likely scenarios one would be uphold America's constitutionally protected right to obtain an abortion, but decide that right is much narrower than we previously thought. Point number two of the court could simply decide Roe was wrong wrongly decided in the Constitution does not protect a woman's right to choose that with Chuck, the whole thing or number three could also decide the law violates the current Roe and Casey framework which are gonna talk about and strike it down. In effect, acknowledging it shouldn't take in the case at all. That's my question. Why would they take it at all if they were willing to do something exactly this deposition that they're willing to do something in that case, and so were there with what were kind of some of the standout things that that you heard going through the case today. Well, one very beginning of the oral arguments, Justice Thomas asked Scott Stewart is who is the he's in the Atty. Gen.'s office and he's you argued the case for the pro-life side. He asked him he said did you make the statement that abortion is the only constitutional right that involves killing someone else another human being and unit that really is the crux of the whole argument is that none of our other constitutional rights involve killing someone that abortion does. And of course Scott Stewart acknowledged, yes, that's exactly the argument were making but one of the things that I thought was interesting was immediately Justice Breyer products Re: decisiveness, which is a principal in law that says you must the court must follow its prior precedent, meaning if they decided to case one way already have to follow that precedent in your cases and that's what's been happening since 1973 when Roe was decided wrongly because it was there some structural deficiencies in the opinion but they just kept affirming it through your opinions through stare decisis that Breyer brought that up and he said what stare decisis principles should we apply when we are when we're considering overturning a case like Brown and style. Even Justice Breyer I think has some thought in his mind that maybe Roe was decided wrongly and said he was asking one of the principles and he made a statement that the court should not base. Such a decision on it should be political and just because new justices have joined the court doesn't mean that it should. All of a sudden, for a decision about whether we should overturn Roe on and so I he said that would subvert the court's legitimacy and he quoted in a previous precedent about having you return precedent and so on.

He said that Scott Stewart said, which is the attorney for the pro-life side that if they overturn Roe. It would return the issue to the state to the people and so eight.

You know, just as I think it was Cavanaugh who made the point that that state of Mississippi is not asking for the court to to make abortion illegal.

There asking the court to just be neutral on the issue of abortion because the Constitution does not address abortion and that would give it back to the states right back to the states, which unfortunately for a lot of people in the pro-life movement. We would want to stop there, but that would be a good move forward his return to the states, the court must go down the line and look at what stage of faith yes to abortion is notable abortion which is kind of what we did prior to object fell in 2014 would states that dealt with the marriage. This is the noblest Tammy Fitzgerald will be right back to back the show.

You and your family talk about the S heard today that one of the biggest report cases issue of abortion really in a couple decades here so were trying to unpack it understand that we got to meet Fitzgerald with us Executive Director North Carolina values coalition and see They also put an amicus brief in the and in the basically a memorandum to the court's opinion of the courts on the talk about that, but we are talking about during the break, which just our friends on Facebook live in YouTube live. We continue to talk a little bit, sidebar conversation during the commercial break from Radio One or what's happening during a commercial break.

That's what's going on talking about how frustrating it can be that the I listened for about an hour and 1/2 today. Tammy and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again from the pro-choice crowd. It's all about the autonomy of the woman. The mom her career, her health, it's difficult to carry a baby. It's difficult to make the decision. Yada yada yada. Nobody ever stands up really. In these cases to defend the child that Cavanaugh talked about that talking about. Hey listen there's two interests at stake here. What interests us to prevail over the other.

Oh yeah, the other interest being the child and that's so frustrating, what, why doesn't that become part and then I want to get to the brief you guys put in the case. But why doesn't that come up because that that for those of us that don't understand the legalities of the argument because you have to contain the discussion in front of the Supreme Court to the legal issues involved in the case that they're reviewing. You can't just go philosophically all over the place you're not in the grandstand will shut you down, but why doesn't that show up. Why don't we have more of a conversation about the reality that were talk about a human being is nowhere does the Constitution guarantee one American citizen's right to kill another one that they argument the left wants to keep away from the public because it puts its full focus on the fact that there is a baby and I said I don't want to talk about it as you saw today in arguments before the spring court but yeah I agree with you she should know something about you.

Absolutely. And it's super frustrating so tell us about the brief that you guys submitted up to the Supreme Court. On this particular issue will thank you for the opportunity work we did file brief friend of the court brief and these are important rates because the parties are limited to certain page numbers that they can file in every sense that this allows the court to hear other arguments that maybe that main parties to the case didn't have time to develop in their arguments that the first argument we made was that the right to decide whether or not to bear a child presupposes there is in fact the child being in the wind so it's kind of a logical fallacy to say you know there's not a child when the whole argument presupposes there is a child in the second argument we made is that the strict liability line is not no longer valid. It's just not viable, so to speak that viability is an arbitrary line that really doesn't have any justification in the Constitution and that it was judicially crafted as a right to abort a child pre-viability and that conflicts with other rights in the law where protection does not hinge on viability, like the right to inherit property and property rights, and then we talked about how developments in medical technology vendor viability obsolete because in the last 50 years we developed the 3D and the 40 ultrasound. We have all kinds of natal test. Now that show that unborn children can actually feel pain even before viability and we can see that it 15 weeks. They have a heart defect fingers and toes and I there there human you know this is the biggest human rights issue of our time is whether abortion should be legal or not and finally we talked about the fact that the court should not act as the nation's ex officio medical board. In other words, every case that comes before the court there deciding medical issues because they have to do with the standard that they set out on viability and access undue burden is is the standard, and so really that that the court has to continually make decisions that they're not qualified to make and that our not judicial decisions but legislative and then our final argument was about women because in KC.

I believe the court said that women needed abortion said they could succeed in further themselves in life and this is a fallacy because women don't need unfettered access to abortion to achieve equal citizenship I make.

Example AA that I you know there are lots of women in the world you have made it without abortion and so on number of us I think every 300 us to our professional women find on to brief stating that you know we are women and we don't need abortion to have access to equal citizenship in America. Yet, which is such a great point and that's what is the pregnancy ruined your life that's essentially what the message was part of the message coming from the pro-choice crowd is that you can remove a woman's right to deal with trying to advance her own because again, nowhere in the Constitution does it give you the right to kill another human being to advance your own because we go forward with the second amendment that's the right to keep and bear arms is not the right to utilize the arms to murder another person in order to advance your own because it's just preposterous. They kept talking about the undue burden a lot of what they mean by that Tammy help us all understand when they talk about undue burden with respect to this case were they referencing well. You have 30 years state courts have have passed state laws that restrict abortion in North Carolina has done a number that is in the last 10 years, and so that cuts down on the number of abortions done that it can't, we can never truly legalize our I mean make abortion illegal in the state because of Roe versus Wade that the spring court has said we can restrict abortion, but that the test they've applied to that is that any restrictions on abortion cannot create an undue burden on a woman's access to emotional and said that that is a Supreme Court standard for how they judge, and of course it's completely arbitrary, make judgments, you know, it is just really completely arbitrary Lycan in North Carolina. We passed a law that said that the ultrasound they do before woman has an abortion which they've been doing since the beginning in North Carolina because they have to do want to determine what age that the child determines the price because they have to determine is this child viable or unviable said that the abortion is legal. So they're already doing these ultrasound and this law just said the doctor who performs the ultrasound has to offer.

The woman an opportunity to see her unborn child on the screen when they do the ultrasound and that was struck down by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals because an undue call.

You might force the mom to look at the baby bird right but it wasn't even forcing the mom to look at a rightist so you courts have applied that standard anyway they want you to come out result or seek what you think's going to happen. We got about 30 seconds left.

Well this is my prediction that they are going to uphold the Mississippi law that not strike down Roby way and said they will have another case in the Texas case will go before the right and it gives them another opportunity to strike down red edging down on the how the length of the pregnancy to be able to get an abortion. So it's moving to the right of action Timmy Fitzgerald NC values coalition MC values that are thank you sisters always for your help talk you later will be right back.

You will going on in court today about an hour and 45 minutes longer than normal. Usually one hour and 1/2. But if you're paying attention this morning even last night. There were people gathering outside the Supreme Court building up in Washington DC which is right across the street from Congress.

If you've ever been up there if you haven't, you need to get up there something you need to see and experience Washington DC. It's really an amazing place, and both are good and a bad way, but I had several friends up there that were part of the just to be present and be prayerful and one of them. Of course, our good friend is been on the show many times a chat slot. It was up there Chad thanks for calling in buddy how are you a great show. You're welcome and thank you for your willingness to do so. So first of all tell me of why you and your bride a ventured up there and then tell me what it was like to be there today. Yeah, we would go on the computer, and to be a present prayerful Supreme Court was would literally hearing oral argument on a case that was one regeneration opportunity you to to save unborn children, you plus million you probably Artie mentioned on the show. Babies of lost their lives through abortion. We just wanted to be here to pray to God for wisdom, truth, for just done, pray for mom who are in the most difficult situation with pregnancies and folk are just just need to be your so wonderful to see so many literally thousands of American coming beneath the prayerful worshiping. You certainly are a lot of emotion on both sides as we directly for the spring court for for quite a while, I could so you that there was a lot of motion on both will start freshly on those to be advocating for abortion but didn't see any violent standout letter.

Please present so security did a great job. Wonderful to be was it was ugly at all just verbally.

Well, it certainly did hear some of that time I would want to read their because unlike some of the stuff that you're finding in the school system in trouble with the FCC. If you read it on their own.

Try not to get you in trouble. So no, please.

I love trouble was one departing beyond you to read some of the sign coming from a pro-life perspective nine talking about abortion being essential to some other phrases that I know. Again, from my perspective as a Christian believer in knowing difficult challenge the pain that abortion causes so many women that it was hard to see and watch. But, again, a huge honor to be here with everyone to be part yeah and there were there were some protesters there some pro-choice people. I saw the story earlier today.

That probably wasn't actually happening but they were simulating. They were taking pills allegedly taken abortion pills outside the Supreme Court.

There's just some crazy stuff like that and from a from a Christian biblical gospel perspective. I mean that oftentimes extent outside abortion clinic to pray will look at the people across the street are like the people you saw today Chad were talking to chat slot.

I was up at the outside Supreme Court today and go you know these people are blinded by the power the prince of the air there blinded by the devil. They don't know what they're doing but in fact there culpable they do, they do know what they're doing. They know what they're good but they are there is a lostness there. There's a there's a shroud over there thinking as a result of their lostness in the operation of the devil.

But how would you suggest to Chad by the way everybody was a pastor for years. How do we kind of help us work through how we should look at these people in the city people out there simulating taken abortion pill and saying the things they say and putting up the pictures they put up. How should we respond to that if were in Christ will require personal one that end up on one twitter feed and get the news because of their really don't think you represent most of the folks. Honestly, who support abortion for that is very interesting. There's a number of places that were broadcast in oral arguments from within the chamber outside. There were number of groups, praying, worshiping and in very intently listening to the oral argument they were being given.

And so I spent a good amount of time doing that as well just sitting down and listening. Justice Thomas, in particular, I kept asking, similar question, what right are we defending here it is.

You can't guarantee a right to an abortion and to hear the argument that those who were again pro abortion is in the particular case. Those who were making those arguments to listen. It's really important as believers that we understand where they're coming from because they they do have with what they believe all logic as to why they're supporting abortion. Also not agree with with their logic that they believe that you and then I was up your with a wonderful group called human coalition work around the country for taking care of mom and saving babies and I can tell you from listening to their stories mom that they deal with. I think they share with you was that more than 70%. I think it was 76% of the mom's that human coalition.

In particular, works with. Actually, they would say if the circumstances were better or different it would choose to carry the baby to term. So I think we need to remember again the protesters do not represent most on who are in Christ is they don't know what you so we need to respond in love and grace with understanding, we back off a dozen. The compromise we certainly don't retaliating, Joe Tigre point, I was talking to Timmy Fitzgerald tenancy values coalition was on the first two segments and we both made the point that nowhere in the Constitution is one mayor of one American given the right constitutionally to eliminate the life of another American in order to advance their own cause. Financially room my career.

I'm broke and want to bring a child of the nowhere in the Constitution that guarantees and they twisted and messed around with it what what what was her I was going to ask you I was. I assumed people were probably broadcasting the oral argument you can listen to the stuff everybody online. You can listen to it actually from the chamber.

I was listening to it the whole time were people reacting. Based on what they heard was there some acquisition of audience reaction to what was going on. Went over and record the group. If you need to grow throughout the day we were there pretty early on 8030 morning liberty University brought the 21 fully loaded down and pray that you certainly as folks show up, you got a little more rock for the Supreme Court, actually.

Have you caught three on this on the side of the Supreme Court you're looking at. It would be the right side were a group which again praying and worshiping and that's what the arguments were being broadcast and I can tell you folks were very contemplative and very prayerful.

They were reacting negatively or positively.

Just seeking God asking God for wisdom: out those justices named year before the Lord and not for truth year.

The one phrase that got in oral argument again gone on the proportions started really brokenhearted. If I hear that woman enduring a pregnant and it was it was it was just again I don't know everyone situation. None of us do here. That type of argument being made as to why we would continue with this practice it was. It was heartbreaking yet is heartbreaking and in that. That's the reason why setting aside what we do in the court setting aside showing up to such a situation like this to be prayerful and to be present just a ministry of presence.

We always have to remember everything. Ultimately, spiritual that the only thing it's going to ultimately change the direction of any group, any person in any country is going to be the gospel itself, which is why we have to be kingdom minded people operating on the world. Yes, but kingdom minded people always looking for an opportunity to get the gospel on the table because that's the only thing it really changes the human heart. I fully agree. You know where were not going to support abortion. The Volkswagen reason we do that week we talked about the show before it really matter worldview you where do we come from, would need to be made.

What's wrong with the world. How do we fix it. Why human beings do we have value and work. Why are we all. These are the questions that God's word answers for you to the question because to stand strongly on the side of life to see all men are created equal. We believe as Christians and so you know what when folks have a completely different worldview. We don't expect people who don't who aren't believers to necessarily behave or or think like closure. So again, if the church is opportunity to continue as you said to share the gospel with love and grace everywhere we go. Tigre point. That's a lot of thank you my friend for being there. Thanks for calling attention with us today. I appreciate you and love you my brother. I'll see you soon you too my friend greatly on a show to talk to. Thanks so much and has been on a lot recently because he and his wife are engaged in the public school system here in wake County. That's a guy you need to pray for because of the Lord very well may lift him up to run for office is fantastic. I believe her former pastor and I just a little inside information. That's the type of person that's on our board ads on my board for this ministry organization events in human coalition another one of my board members. As with human coalition and like-minded people full of the Holy Spirit trying to advance the cause of Christ and affect the country for the cause of our neighbors all the same time series people to put some serious work is noble, right, family or loved one will be a wonderful Christmas season and again, not on the heels of what happened earlier today I listened to the vast majority about an hour and 1/2. But what about an hour five minutes. There usually An hour and 1/2.

By the way, if you on one understand that this report hears cases in the fall. Then they shut down for a while as they're working through the cases. Then you'll start hearing some decisions come out, usually around May or June, so we won't know this one until June of next year that six months six map months from now.

So we need to remain prayerful. I want to go through the actual names of what I think we need to be praying for for each one of the Supreme Court justices because it's different for all this is not a slamdunk by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that they took it at all is a big deal okay and that's only work through that and really you can have three different things that happen here.

This was from an article I'm sharing it with Timmy Fitzgerald from the NC values coalition and see If you're Christian you care about the country care about the nation you care about the state from a Christians engage in the clinical process, you should be involved with and see values of nothing less than to get their newsletters and emails.

A good NC

They are on the front line down there working at the legislature and also the federal level because they put an amicus brief and with several different lines of argumentation on today's court case so there. One of the few groups in North Carolina that are advocating for us as Christians and conservatives in the realm of politics and law so go check them out and see but three different things that go on here the court to decide once again to respect the essential holding of Roe uphold Americans constitutionally protected right to an abortion. But decide that right is much narrower than we previously thought that they would be moving from this notion of viability 20 to 24 weeks at 24 weeks officially down to the Mississippi law, which is you can't do it they would restrict abortions to it's gotta be under 15 weeks. Okay so they're moving the line there."

Viability to this 15 week number so they could do that which would be a huge move in the right direction. The pro-choice crowd will go ballistic if they do that life means they would basically uphold the Mississippi law and then other states could go.

Okay, the Supreme Court just said that they that that's fine constitutionally to restrict abortion to 15 weeks or under okay. That would give other states.

Some constitutional Supreme Court backbone backing to go okay then working up. We have a 20 week band not working to move bars to 15 because the Supreme Court Artie said area agreed with see what happens there.

So then you can really start to restrict more abortions, but the vast majority of abortions occurred about 10 to 12 weeks right so you know the numbers got another fact but they could do that number to the court could simply decide Roe was wrongly decided in the Constitution does not protect a woman's right to choose. That's what I believe you do this to bring us back to pre-road days and states would decide for themselves so they would chuck row that we gone Roe versus Wade would fall in immediately.

Constitutionally go back to the states. Just like we did with the gay marriage stuff in 31 states had enacted changes to their own state constitutions defining marriage as one man and one woman and I'm a Windows on average of 61% of the vote which a pretty strong majority.

Day 31 states. States that allowed gay marriage and states that did if row falls.

That's what that would happen at first, I think it's a federal issue because you depriving another person of a right to life, which is constitutionally protected. That's where were the talk about equal application of the law. The 14th amendment and you cannot you can't apply the law differently for different people.

Okay, that would include the people in the womb right this just logic, fourth, fifth, sixth grade logic doesn't take an advanced degree to understand this. Thank you Chuck Roe versus Wade which pushed back to the states or to decide the law violates the current Roe and Casey framework and strike it down in effect acknowledging agenda taken the case at all because the. The appellate court already said all this is unconstitutional. That's how Mississippi got it to the Supreme Court got challenged in court by the pro-choice crowd to get to the appellate court. The federal appellate court, the appeals court and they agreed with the pro-choicers and said, yet this is gotta go in the Mississippi appealed to the only place they can appeal to the US Supreme Court and that but that Supreme Court does not have to take the case, then only take about 5% of the cases that get thrown at them every year the very select, so why would they pick a case if they weren't somewhat willing and I think you need three or four people in Supreme Court to agree to take a case if they're not willing to do anything. Why would the take the case right so that's a big deal. I really like what Cavanaugh is the one that I think most effectively brought in the fact that we need to consider the baby right. I know it's a shocking thought is from the daily wire. Cavanaugh made the point about why abortion is such a contentious issue in this country. Cavanaugh stated quote the other side says though that there are two interests at stake, sweet talking to the pro-abortion lawyer. Okay, that there are two interests at stake that there's also the interest in fetal life at stake as well in your brief, you say that the existing framework accommodates that your word both the interest of the pregnant woman in the interest of the fetus early in the problem. I think the other side would say talking with the pro-lifers and the reason this issues heart is that you can't accommodate both interests you have to pick. That's the fundamental problem Roe versus Wade allows for the of the cortical right of the mom to trump the corn quote right of the baby. The moms allowed to have the life of her baby eliminated in order to advance her own because for whatever reason she sees fit. Okay, so you can't protect the interests of both nobody's protecting the interests of the baby. Based on Roe versus Wade because on one process to prevail over the other.

At any given point in time. That's why this is so challenging. I think the question then becomes what does the Constitution say about that. He said, asking what her reaction is to the others besides the yes when you have these two interests at stake, and both are important. As you acknowledge, why would this court be the arbiter rather than Congress. The state legislatures state Supreme Court's the people being able to resolve this and will be different answers in Mississippian New York, different answers in Alabama than California because there are two different interests at stake in the people in those states might value those interests somewhat differently. Why is that not the right answer your question right up really gar Perella gar one of the attorneys for the pro-choice site answer just as Cavanaugh is not the right answer because the court correctly recognized that this is a fundamental right of women in the nature fundamental rights is that it's not left up to state legislatures to decide whether to honor them or not.

Katie understand that this is the woman's fundamental right to decide what to do with her body and therefore her future. The fundamental right of the woman but again, what are they missing what about the fundamental right of the baby every human life and that womb to be born here in America so they should be protected by the Constitution and full representation of the Constitution should protect them so if we protect people from being murdered. That would be people inside the womb as well. Right at the full and equal application of the law was what the Constitution guarantees in this case is what Roe does. Who cares about the baby. The compass cells feel anything. It's it's voiceless can't hire a lawyer and so we can do whatever we want. That's autonomy. That's Romans chapter 1, so you either you have people that are given over to a depraved mind.

They suppress the truth and replace it with a lie, that's why they change the language not an abortion. It's a woman's right to choose its woman's reproductive health care woman's freedom yada yada yada by the way, the other thing I mentioned the particular smart moment of mind which is few and far between. I think when they could talk about O*decisive*decisive precedent, president president, you know, we look back and we can't just willy-nilly overturn things that we decided in the past and that's largely true yet that that's it. That's a legitimate legal concern starry decisive precedent okay cancers willy-nilly flip all over the place based on a new new justices come in and that's why they were worried about politicizing but the question is, have they done it in the past. Yes, the Supreme Court has reversed itself in the past and the most obvious one. Short of reversing Roe versus Wade was Plessis which was in 1896, and then we reversed it with Brown versus Board of patient and Board of Education in 1951. That's up 52, 53 year shift took 52 or 53 years to overturn. Should we have overturned absolutely. Are you kidding me. Yeah, no doubt about it. So 1996 Plessy versus Ferguson a Plessy challenged an 1890 Louisiana law that required separate train cars for black Americans separate but equal right and white Americans.

In the case of Homer Adolph Plessy plaintiff versus Ferguson judge of section a criminal district court for the parish of Orleans, the Supreme Court held that separate but equal facilities for white and black railroad passengers did not violate the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

What, that's so bogus. That's so wrong it's ridiculous 1896, but it took all the way to a Brown versus the Board of Education which was in 1951 and that eventually you got that right. A three-judge panel in August 1951 US District Court unanimously held in the Brown versus Board education that no willful, intentional or substantial discrimination should exist.

That's all we got rid of Plessy separate but equal. So asking all the members of the sprinkler. Hey, how many of you are glad that we don't put Plessis and can corrected that or the Dred Scott decision how many of your glad we corrected all of so then you would agree that there are times when we should correct ourselves from past decisions yes okay thank you very much. Have a nice day. Okay, we will get an answer until June so we need to pray that all I'll put this up on Facebook single look at okay I will do this sometime this evening. Keep praying for the members of the Supreme Court you have son Mayor and Kagan that's basically a miracle. We have Saul Depaul prevention by the Lord to change them so to Mayor and Kagan Breyer today. Justice Breyer was particularly aggressive and we should pray that God just breaks his spirit okay Roberts, the Chief Justice as if he is all over the place very political. Pray that the men grow tobacco. Pray for his resolve, Thomas and Alito were going to vote the right way. Pray for their influence in their encouragement specifically their influence and encouragement towards corsets. Cavanaugh (three most recent additions to the court. Corsets Cavanaugh and Barrett any strength they need courage and we need to pray the Thomas. Justice Thomas and Justice Alito have great influence with and if they do, you know me Roberts five before start moving this country in the right direction. The big deal that we need to continue to pray for this is noble and the signal will show God willing I talked to again real soon a lot of theology Thursday tomorrow and like my dad always said never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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