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The Verdict

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 19, 2021 10:45 pm

The Verdict

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 19, 2021 10:45 pm

The Verdict

Steve talks about Kyle Rittenhouse and the verdict the jury gave this morning. Kyle was found not guilty of the charges for the reason of self defense.


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What's Right What's Left
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your house Noble. Check it out and mail house you guilty gauge not guilty. Jury is there anyone does not agree with the verdict is all okay okay folks.

Your job is done, we started okay. Have you seen the video that I might be seen as video at that point files obviously losing it and then dropped to his knees and then there helping them calm down. I think he's got some anxiety issues, things of that nature.

But second, I mean how in the world could this happen because we've heard for the last year. Since it's all happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, different stories have only we've heard a slightly different take on the facts on the ground. What what what we hear before let's play that Al Rittenhouse he murdered two people, by the way, vigilante and wannabe militiaman Kyle Rittenhouse 17-year-old vigilante terrorist just running around shooting and killing protesters right so which is it running around vent vigilante shooting and killing protesters. He murdered two people, by the way, in the first gal that you're there in berrien were to hear from her in a minute because she's with the young Turks. She is like the only one I know in recent memory that I can remember talking, five, 10 years that played this game because this is been political all time, political, cultural all time and there is I heard a poll recently study nationwide study recently, and 40% of the respondents thought Kyle Rittenhouse had shot and killed black people didn't even know that the people that died that night. As a result of Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself were white and optically nice white people, by the way, and so what's the deal. So this was political all time is it is and so today we have a situation that elicit the cards on the table.

Should Kyle Rittenhouse have been there that night with a strap of the Nikkei are sorry with that AR 15 on his back as a 17-year-old. Personally, I think that was foolish going help okay but strapped with an AR. I think your you think you're asking for trouble, you're going to become a target for every psychopath that's there. And as we know, honest cards on the table. There are all a lot of psychopathic problematic criminal minded people showing up at these protests and appealing things during the day riots by night and that just brought out the worst in society were some of those people honest to goodness BLM I'm I'm fighting for black civil rights. Yes, but there is another element that was there that had nothing to it was just an excuse to act out on who they had become criminal, destructive, satirically inclined people and you give them you give them an opportunity to come out of the woodwork because the police are doing much the government isn't doing much, and that's what you get. You get more of whatever you incentivize. So if you incentivized by pulling the police back kind of anarchy that's what you get more and that's why got worse and worse and worse. So because a white kid who was a Trump supporter wearing a gun gets involved in shootings.

It doesn't matter what the circumstances are and doesn't matter what the facts of the case are all that matters is that he was white from the Pope from the political narrative from the media narrative from the liberal narrative the progressive narrative.

All that mattered. I mean this was the gift that keeps on that kept on giving all that mattered was that he was white a Trump supporter and had a gun and as soon as a white transporter with a gun is involved in a shooting.

Regardless what the facts of the case are is a vigilante he's a murderer in these white supremacist and Joe Biden. The per current present United States during the election set as much. Called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist and Kyle what Rittenhouse didn't shoot black people that night he shot white people that were trying to harm him. That's called self-defense which is defensible not only from a criminal legal perspective it's it's legal from a constitutional perspective and ethically.

It's defendable from a biblical perspective setting that aside, I don't think Kyle Rittenhouse should have been there that night with an AR strapped to his back. Like I said, that makes you a target any of the whack jobs in the audience there in the crowd are going to see you there. Then I can ask any questions, just a white guy with the gun showing up at a cortical BLM protest and so obviously you're the enemy and so that was foolish and need to think. Did you have a right to defend itself. Yes, that's the facts of the case which didn't matter to most of these people right didn't matter what you call her back. This is the time Congressman progressive's reactor Rittenhouse acquittal so there's that you heard what they said in the media and so there's all that junk going on and so what happened five counts, not guilty. Well first of all, that's just as you live in a country that's the rule of law. Okay, the rule of law and you had 16 good.

I do know how this worked in Wisconsin 16 jurors sat through the whole thing and then they randomly selected 12 and those the people that have been going back and forth the last three or four days. Robbie came down one or two of them who just couldn't quit. And then eventually because you have to have a unanimous decision to get a hung jury, which is a mistrial and as the prosecution were pretty witnesses, including the one guy that was shot, it became obvious that this was a clears a case of self-defense. I'm not. I'm not saying it was wise for him to be there doing any of that but then you have the president states in the media for the last year condemning Kyle Rittenhouse criminal white supremacist attacker murder on Apsley no evidence whatsoever so hopefully I will read the story to you so hopefully were to see Nicholas Sandman member that name or to see Nick Sandman part two Nick Sandman two point know this time to be Kyle Rittenhouse who needs to sue the tar out of all these people is all I want to talk about but there's a lot of good in the story not comfortable but good. This is Steve Noble will be right back and show just checking the weather in Kenosha, Wisconsin right now.

Got 38 is going to drop when the sun goes down by about 630. There will be 36 yet.

So in the mid-30s. We'll see if that's enough to stop Kenosha meltdown 2.0 will see what happens there will be half the crowd outside the courthouse today was media on people with cameras or iPhones filming other people with iPhones because that's the world we live anymore since bizarro land and so today not guilty in all five counts before I dive into this is theirs I could. I played a little montage of the liberal media going flat again. Right click Josh on a play that montage right quick. Again, some of the liberal media what they were saying. After this event took place a year ago and use. They were all judge, jury and executioner's.

Of course, the radically disappointed today you have many that know me know when you find it so that they'll you know jury decided that the other one so they were all Kyle Rittenhouse is a vigilante white supremacy murder right from the get-go because that fit the narrative, but that the narrative of the summer enough that the narrative of the left so doesn't matter what the facts of the case are ideology trumps reality right ideology trumps reality. You got are the me know you have it. So ideology trumps reality. It doesn't matter what the facts of the case are they just went ballistic, but from the Young Turks pretty liberal thing on YouTube. They been around for several years.

Which one you have. I played directly how Rittenhouse he murdered two people, by the way, vigilante and wannabe militiamen Kyle Rittenhouse 17-year-old vigilante order which Messick terrorists just running around shooting and killing protesters. Arguably a domestic terrorist." Joe Scarborough just running around shooting people that right. That's what he was doing. Shirley was exactly judge, jury, executioner, because it fits the narrative again.

Ideology trumps reality. Yet that's what you see. I would people that go down the road and talk about the transgender's and stuff are dealing with right ideology trumps reality. The ideology is what matters, not the X Y chromosome The xx doesn't matter. Science is a matter facts don't matter you do that with Tobit do ideology trumps everything but the first girl you're in that clip.

Her name is Anna Katz.

With young Turks. She's the only one I've seen do this in years on the left and even on the right.

It's so rare that you see a member of the media come out and say you know what I was wrong, but that's exactly what she did we play that you got that ready, this is Anna Katz. From young Turks watch this. I was wrong about that. Okay so I want to correct the record, I was wrong about that. These details matter because if you make an argument that you acted in self-defense. There needs to be some proof that there was an imminent threat. What really mattered to me was how all of this unfolded what was the thing that sparked it.

What started all of it and initially I was under the assumption that house was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum that that's how it started, I was wrong about that. Okay so I want to correct the record, I was in fact wrong about how we could stop and say I show you the and she goes through and shows some of the video footage that shows what Rosenbaum doing ended up chasing Kyle through something, Adam. Somebody else fired a gun someone else fired a handgun right near there and so the whole the whole situation when pregnant with opportunity for it to go south. But this guys going after Kyle and Kyle a shot to defend himself and that's what happened. That's why he was found innocent today and all five counts and so people on the left. Predictably, Kyle Rittenhouse is living proof that white tears can still forestall justice representative Adriana let's ballot a Democrat from New York said a murder is once again walking free today. Our system is terribly broken so it doesn't fit the narrative doesn't fit the progressive picture, then it's broken okay guilty or not guilty facts or feelings. Whatever know that matters ideology matters do want Tatro Senior advisor to the Democratic Congressional campaign committee call for civil unrest following the verdict tweeting, no justice, no peace, this guy happens to be a criminal X gang banger I do not believe that convictions equal justice, but I'm convinced that the that the not guilty verdict constitutes a great injustice.

Today the American legal system is rooted in racism and functions to uphold white supremacy based on what, in this case. Race had nothing to do with this. The white guy shot like ice.

How is that white supremacy and upholding white supremacy makes no sense. That's because the reality doesn't matter to these people, their feelings and their ideology trumps reality. Just river that California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the not following the not guilty verdict America today, you can break the law carry around weapons built for military shoot and kill people get away with it. That's the message we just sent armed vigilantes across the nation. That's the governor of California doesn't give a rip about constitutional rights doesn't give a rip about the loss thing, actually, of the right to defend yourself doesn't give a rip about the second minute, which is obvious, but that that's it. You can just break the law carry around weapons built for military shoot and kill bit by the military weapons are much more powerful and they're not that AR is a powerful and kill people get away with it. That's that's what you just kill people got away being seal you came out of the long thanks by Kyle Rittenhouse conscious decision to travel across state lines and injure one person to take the lives of two people protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake. Two of these guys so these guys that died. One of them was a pedophile convicted pedophile over and over again. You think he was out there because of Jacob. Blake wasn't he was that he was a violent messed up evil person and when there's craziness in the streets. We saw this all that summer, somebody delivers and then a lot of people that just were anarchists and hate life and hate people and hate justice and hate America and they just there just the tunic is the day is long and they just thrive on it. So they show up and go crazy because many cases the police and the National Guard were stopping on this had nothing to do a Jacob Blake those guys. There think those guys were black lives matter activist or not. They're just crazy, violent people as acquittal comes after investigation expose how Kenosha law enforcement use violence against protesters Bubba Bubba Bly got to keep the narrative going dangerous discussing unacceptable white supremacy.

Rittenhouse vertically sealed Marilyn Haddad that's their little sweet. Mayor de Blasio golly this verdict is discussing. It sends a horrible message this country. Where's the justice in this. That's the criminal justice systems are a jury of his peers. Sir the right to self-defense, or the right to keep and bear arms serve the law, the Constitution, which I know makes you sick. We can't let this go. Mayor de Blasio says we need stronger laws to stop violent extremism from within our own nation. I take a look around your own city.

Can you break Anthony humor and Joseph Rosenbaum are victims.

They should be alive today. He said the only reason they're not is because of violent, dangerous man chose to take a gun across state lines and start shooting people to call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement. These people, God help you sir, but that's disgusting.

That's so warped and disgusting, and there's this celebrities react Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict why we pay attention to anything that celebrities okay here some conservatives some talking heads people. Okay Buck Sexton justice is alive in America. Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

Joe Biden CNN Doc also said this tweeted this Joe Biden, CNN, MSNBC in the Democrat establishment should apologize for lying about Rittenhouse as a racist and a school shooter and a white supremacist for months, but they won't because they have no honor don't care about the destruction they constantly incite that's for sure. I'll get to the coven. He could examine what's Okay Ben Shapiro not guilty was the correct verdict. Anyone with a prefrontal cortex would watch the trial for more than 30 seconds knew this. Anyone who says differently is a lying hack a few more there the comings and kid Nick Sandman thinks Kyle Rittenhouse should sue for defamation. I agree with that and then on the on the upside, justice, rule of law, the process facts versus feeling self-defense will talk about that when we come back to the season was so great to be with you if you get a take away today from the old and just remember that little line. I keep repeating ideology trumps reality okay ideology trumps reality does not matter what's real does not matter.

The facts of the case, it does not matter the evidence. The video evidence of testimony, none of it matters.

The only thing matters ideology and when your God is your ideology you will serve that no matter what you'll serve your ideology okay and in the doesn't matter how ridiculous it gets.

It doesn't matter what the facts say I'm sharing a link right now on Facebook live for everybody.

I was mentioning during the commercial break ideology trumping reality.

Perfect example.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz a few years ago was asked by a young pro-life gal on camera found out that she had the twin daughters and she asked her weight before your daughters were born where they human, that's a pretty easy question right before your daughters were born where they human, and she wouldn't answer the question.

She talked about a woman's right to choose. She talked about her defensible woman's right to choose in women's reproductive freedom and then at one point she finally buckles a little and says whether human now while Debbie so that the next question, of course, would be more than before they were born. What what were they genetically if they were human.

What what was what were those two things in your womb, dogs, cats, amoebas, Cabbage Patch kids what what were they butter ideology has to trump reality say just ignore it.

That's why, in the case of something like Kyle Rittenhouse today found innocent in all five charges think they just can't do that they can accept that they can't go there and that's why originally did matter what the facts of the matter are. He was white with a trump supporter and he was armed in all three things three strikes you're out especially on the progressive left. That's why the they didn't care what the facts of the case where they still don't. Which is why they're saying the things that they're saying let's see some other people rekey the media justice once today. The facts and the law necessitated acquittal from day one. Many people are afraid this case would be the death of justice, but it got a Pfizer approved booster shot today.

That's funny Candace Owens not guilty. A black woman, Candace Owens not guilty. Kyle Rittenhouse is free to criminal mob corporate enterprise that is masquerading as a movement concerned about black lives fails. Jen Ellis is a lawyer not guilty on all counts.

The jury was not intimidated good and they have every reason to be intimidated. That's why the think they goodness to my friends on Facebook live remind me of this. When the judge banned MSNBC because you dear this the MSNBC guy was following the bus, taking the jurors back. Not that were trying to intimidate them or anything taken the jurors back after their deliberations yesterday runs a red light because he is trying to take pictures of them now.

No intimidation. There Matt Walsh from works of Ben Shapiro. Praise God, he added. I hope Rittenhouse bankrupts all of you dirtbags and media who smeared him as a white supremacist.

I hope you ruined your life. I want you to suffer. It's what you deserve. It's justice. Here's another one. Kyle Packer US media try to gaslight America into another riot by lying about the actions of a 17-year-old kid in Kenosha not guilty Rittenhouse verdict is a rebuke to the fake news media radical agitators who tried to intimidate jurors and corrupt prosecutors in this case and if you watch the case at all. Watch the prosecutor operate. It was obvious that this this is what I think this would happen with COBIT this what's going on with a lot of things you decide what the outcome is you.

Did you write the end of the book and then you gotta fill the front of the book and in order to get to your desired outcome, and that's what that's what he was doing trying to paint him like the president did is just a whites premise was out there hunting black people.

And like I said earlier, there's a poll that came out recently that like 40% of people they pulled across the country thought Kyle Rittenhouse in fact killed black people, not white people. And then I watched the video of a few folks in there like 00 heat he killed white people only thought he killed black people because ideology trumps reality when your ideology drives everything which for most people's emotional they don't even bother to look you. You look at click bait and then you have confirmation bias.

So you just continue you get into an echo chamber all by yourself and by the way you and I do this to you share the stories that immediately make you feel good or reinforce what you believe about the world and so you see a headline that equates to that and you just go with you. Don't really investigate. You don't do any homework you don't question it. This I get caught on that. Every once in a while myself like cheese. Why did I share that you find out the stories like eight years old or something ridiculous. So some wins on this one. I think justice one justice system one today because it allowed for your innocent until proven guilty.

And if they can't prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You are declared and remain innocent. That's the justice system.

That's the rule of law so that you don't have people were not adjudicating things in the media or with people that have a platform or people that have masses with them instead intimidate people you can intimidate jurors you don't think these integers were intimidated. They see the mainstream media. They know what the president said during the election last year. Assuming his Kyle Rittenhouse is a whites premises.

So if you find them innocent. Your 12 and then you get the crowds from last year and the BLM stuff going crazy at night and those in the people and a lot of plain old dangerous and so I would fear for my life of miniature so justice one because these great people were willing to consider the facts follow the justice system and found him innocent and there were 16 of them that sat through the whole process and then they randomly pick 12. That's who came up with the decision.

The rule of law, not the rule of people, not the rule of the media not the role of the powerful, not the rule of the mobs, not the rule of threats or intimidation.

Rule of law one today. Praise the Lord.

The process is arrested.

He's charged.

He has a defense.

He has a fair hearing in court. The evidence is presented in the jury of his peers make the decision.

That's the process. The process one today fax over feelings. So you had people that some of these people are probably prejudice going in there in the first place. That's why appreciated and we played the video of the gal from young Turks and a kiss. Who came out and admitted I was wrong.

I thought Kyle was just running around shooting people, not realizing that he actually had a right to defend himself.

He wasn't the aggressor and she admitted she was wrong. That's probably the only video woman to be able to play anything like that on this case instead of prejudging facts one out in the I think God for that self-defense. One, that's the sanctity of human life by the way your life is valuable as well. So if your life is threatened in your intent is not to kill you watch Kyle wouldn't Rittenhouse you think Kyle Rittenhouse went there if you watched any of this proceeding to I don't think he went there to kill people and then a course Lebron James who cries over all of his spilt milk in NBA lambaste Kyle for crying when he's trying to recount in one of the moments during the case when he's had to shoot people. Your 17 and ninth killed a couple people I don't think it was wise that he was foolish. It was dumb in many ways that he was there doing what he did. That's my perspective.

But don't you think this is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Of course that wasn't bogus.

Lebron me a break from your ivory tower here right to defend himself and now he's gone through this you think is life is going to be nice, no ruin for a while. If not permanently, but self-defense one today. The Second Amendment won the talk about the second minimum minimum lot of them and a lot I believe in it. I'm a constitutional person on a strict constructionist. I believe in the second minute you have a right to keep and bear arms, precisely for the reason to defend yourself that one today and then the fight against lawlessness one today doesn't matter what the crowd was therefore doesn't matter what the protest was for the rule of law still has to trump all that the rule of law trumps feelings trumps ideology.

That's the nation we live in. We live in our Constitution a written Constitution the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution, supreme over everything were not a law were not a country of powerful people we should be a power work, work.

We should be a country of the rule of law we submit ourselves willingly to law when we not do that further away we get from a biblical ethic. The less the law matters. That's why founding father after founding fathers said our form of government so we can work for religious and moral people is not sufficient for anything else because there's too much freedom is too much liberty yelling at him to keep you from going ballistic is good to be an internal and internal clocks of the second minute, one fighting lawlessness. One immediate was judged, jury, executioner, and Nicholas Samet see what happens here. This was an Fox News Nicholas Sam and sports Kyle Rittenhouse suing to hold the media accountable in a new op-ed, former Covington Catholic high school student Nicholas Sandman thinks Kyle Rittenhouse should deftly sue to hold him accountable. The parallels between me and Kyle Rittenhouse. He wrote are impossible not to draw the way the media has treated you is terrible and you don't have to face alone. Kyle is almost immediately label the white supremacist in the domestic terrorists to many my red mega hat clearly meant that I was a racist sentiment continued in his op-ed, Kyle wasn't given his day in court by his critics, and neither was I the attacks and Kyle came from the national news media just as they came for me.

They came quickly without hesitation because Kyle was an easy target that they could paint in the way they wanted to write exactly why ain't trumps supporting gun owner murder, domestic terrorists, probably when Kyle gets a little older. He's going to show up at a school board meeting and let's hope to God that the FBI deals with right that's the world that were it's crazy so Sandman $250 million defamation suit and they settled out of court with a CNN MSNBC. I hope Kyle does same thing. I really do they need to be held, this is Steve Noble to see normal shoulder at the back is noble to see noble children to be with you today.

We are talking to the verdict. Obviously pipe counts are not killed Kyle Rittenhouse and in no just when the show ends up if you're in radio we on Facebook live in the shows over soon as we finish the radio show at 5 o'clock straight up Eastern time values pray together on Facebook live and YouTube live up to the shows over and when were done.

I want to pray for him to pray for the preferred Kyle Rittenhouse's family and pray for the other people involved will pray for Kenosha and just be people of prayer. Pray without ceasing. That just means it's things come up and in your spirit than pray it doesn't have to be some long elaborate prayer. Don't be like that. The Pharisee and the temple that just wants to be seen right, it doesn't.

Gunnery knows it's on your heart is just another act of obedience to get it out and pray speak the Lord intercede for people and Kyle Rittenhouse needs prayer. I don't know is that faith wise that our Norse families that faith wise guys like to be a train wreck and is life can be threatened now for a while in these Vatican have lawsuits. I hope against MSNBC and sent CNN maybe even the present United States for defamation and: the murder and white supremacist and domestic terrorist like and sooner. One of these days when he has kids. I'm sure he'll show up to school board meeting you get my drift on that. By the way on Sears. Here's if you've been following this in the news.

Here's what it looks like happened with all school board America Garland Atty. Gen. FBI Department of Justice, White House, and the national Association of school boards.

Here's what it looks like That the White House actually initiated a conversation with the national solution school boards brought the subject up, the school board then writes the letter to send to Biden that saying oh there's all this problems out there and people are being threatened and we got a deal at this, which then gave a Biden administration. The green light to have merit Garland write the letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice to put a shot across the bow of every conservative and logical parent in America that wants to engage the school system for all the garbage that most of them are trying to porn to their kids. That was just we need an excuse to threaten to intimidate, to harass, to use the language for merit Garland's letter. These parents letter to show up and try to get in our business of what were trying to do with their kids.

They needed a green light to do it. They wanted to do it. I believe that wholeheartedly they wanted to, but they needed a green light and they work with the national Association school board folks and they got what don't look there's people out there being threatened and it made they gave him like 26 examples and the vast majority of those were just aggressive verbal confrontation. The fixes and I don't trust any of that stuff like this one. Kyle Lee please, Lord Jesus, come back sooner than later. The FDA asked federal judge to grant it until the year 2076 to fully release Pfizer's Cove 19 backseat. This is crazy.

Aaron Syria runs a law firm is involved in this case, the FBI has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until you're 2676 to disclose all of the data and information.

It relied upon to license Pfizer's Cove 19 backseat.

That's not a typo once 55 years to produce this information to the public. What does that that concern you. It should is explained in a prior article, the FDA repeatedly promised full transparency with regard to Cove 19 vaccines including reaffirming the FDA's commitment to transparency when licensing Pfizer's Cove 19 backseat.

With that promise in mind in August immediately following approval of the vaccine. More than 30 academics, professors and scientists from this country's most prestigious universities requested that data okay.

The FDA's response.

It produced nothing so it's in September.

My firm this is that the writer of this article, Aaron Syria my firm filed a lawsuit against the FDA on behalf of this group to demand this information to date almost 3 months after license. Pfizer is vaccine the FBI still has not released a single page not one instead two days ago, the FDA asked a federal judge to give it until 2076 to only produce information. What the FDA asked the judge, listen, this to let it produced a 329,000+ pages of documents.

Pfizer provided the FDA to license its vaccine. I'm sure they read them all right, Nancy Pelosi, at the right of five at the rate of 500 pages per month okay so will will reap will will release this information publicly 500 pages per month three and 29,000+ pages total. Which means it's production would not be completed any earlier than 2076. The FDA's promise of transparency is to put it mildly.

A pile of illusions. Wow. And there's something on route I am getting more mad by the day as I'm listening to talk radio during the day when I can and have you noticed to be heard on your radio stations paid for by the federal government. These ads basically saying sis boom bah Pfizer is now been approved for kids 5 to 11 and so let's protect the future. Let's protect future farmers and engineers rocket scientists and lawyers. Let's protect them by giving them the Pfizer vaccine because it's been approved for children down to five and it's like helping music like were saving the future. Let's do it for the children who have a better chance of dying by a lightning strike in the 5 to 11 age range then they do of dying from Cove. This is so insidious it's so dark it's so evil that little kid sister little kids in the lab rats in order to complete the judge. The biggest purchase signal in the history of mankind.

Because when you kill God you try to replace God.

Romans one. You come up with your own system of justification because you still know because you're made in the image of God that you need redemption, but we don't want that God Jesus version will come up with our own.

So now we have to figure out ways to make ourselves righteous so all of a sudden Cove it in the how we can make ourselves righteous working to come up with the answer and if we can get the kids were even more righteous doesn't matter that we don't know what's gonna happen to children after 14 or 18 months or 24 months at 36 months or four years of heaven mRNA stop in him we don't know what's going to happen.

Nobody knows, because nobody said that any testing that last longer than about the last 18 months. Nobody knows, but then the running ads to jab kids to have a better chance of dying from a car accident, fire, a fall or lightning literally do the math, you can go find it upset him team times on the show in the running ads for that. It disgusts me. It's disgusting and it's just so stinking wrong, evil and twisted and messed up. So what you do when you do with all this yet. Kyle Rittenhouse you got the liberal media then you know the house passes their $1.9 trillion thing today is going to go to the Senate Joe mansion and Kristin cinema will get him to chop it down by another for 500 billion they can pat themselves on the back. As they stood their ground. But there still going to pass a $1.5 trillion mass 40% of it which is going to go to do green deal stuff there.

Basically there's a quote I heard earlier today and talk radio and one guy said yeah you know what this program is an and Glenn Beck made his point this out so much about the money.

Although the monies a train wreck.

It's basically a new software system for the governance of this country and another commentator you can and economist said basically what they're doing is expanding the welfare state into the middle class. Now the noble family we do just fine financially. I got I teach. I got a get a bunch of different things that I do. I don't like one job that pays all the bills and then all of a sudden you know you're doing, hey, what did hey honey where the stream and $50 deposit in the bank account come from I don't know it's not mine where that come from Joe Biden means testing anybody.

We don't need the government to send to Serena bucks a month. You can even opt out, but they just send it and so they're going to create the welfare class in the middle class. So it's the it's the changing of the governments the governance of this country that's happening in these bills, and 40% of the monies going to the new green deal stuff and all your electric cars which have to be powered by pull coal powered plants in order to get electricity and so just echo what Sue just said on Facebook live what we do we pray, and you better remember friend.

I need to remember this as well that this ain't all there is the condition of the nation are budget what happens to Kyle Rittenhouse what's going on with PLM what's going on with Cove. It that's all temporary.

It's all temporary and none of it matters more then all thanks for that event is a little link on Facebook live looks like you can opt out good because I don't think I should be getting my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to add an extra 300 bucks a month to my bank account. Thanks in advance. That's on Facebook live, you guys want to have the backbone to go back out that extra Trina bucks a month just on borrowing it from our kids and grandkids and great grandkids so you pray and you realize that the stuff is all temporary, but ultimately the only thing the lasses human souls, and so we engage in this world we engage in politics we engage in these subjects not to try to save America, but to try to see American saved. I care about the country because the countries made up of 340 million people, all of whom are made in the image of God and all of whom are my neighbor and I'm commanded to love my neighbor as myself, and even though I know that's a command I actually do at this point in my walk with Christ actually do care about my neighbors were there, like me, agree with me not relevant to care about so I gave up on politics.

I talk about these things and I engage for the good of my neighbor but all this USA stuff. Rob Ross is been Bob Flack all, it's all gonna go all none of the last human souls last so we pray that's the most powerful tool in our arsenal and the one I think most of us use the leased truth be told, so we pray we agonize we lament over our nation.

We lament over injustice. We lament over a system that's popping experimental medications in our kids.

We lament and we pray and we take action to pray about everything but prayer is that the only thing you should do, which take action and fight for what's right what's good with noble wording.

What's ethical what's moral.

What's good for our neighbors, but if you leave the gospel out all that were putting a Band-Aid on a severed arm.

The gospel change is hard to change his mind and also changes eternal destiny. And that's only thing that last so let's make sure we keep our priorities straight friends, myself, especially Mrs. Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. I hope you have a great week and I like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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