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Boys to Men

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November 16, 2021 9:15 pm

Boys to Men

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 16, 2021 9:15 pm

Boys to Men

Steve brings Allen Hahan and Kristine Schrum, from Iron Academy, about boys turning into men. They need to step up


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your home work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and wants to three no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble to go on theology Thursday we did, back to back.

The presently at the question with her inability where are the men now is the question went through a lot of really does being stats about men grown men, but we can also look at that and just move down the line in terms of age, here's some more converting to talk about this from the perspective of virtue today with her friends in our Academy. Check this out major symptoms that we see so where the boys was going on young men in society.

Disenchantment with education, lack of motivation to work towards real life goals. Opting out of the workforce will look at a number there in a second self-imposed social isolation. Thank you, video games, etc. etc. and excessive videogame narratives and use since 1980, get this, there's been a 71% increase in the number of boys who say they don't like school for the first time in US history. Boys are getting less education than their fathers.

Moreover, girls are outperforming boys at every level what you talk about elementary school through high school and college. Colleges are very lopsided at this point between 1999, 2019.

This is something we talked about a couple weeks ago asking the question, where the men the percentage of 16 to 24-year-old males participating in the workforce fell 17%, which is going to continuing to go down 60% of failures in baseline education for Vincent's proficiency are now boys boys IQs are dropping boys suicide rates are three times worse than girls.

I didn't know that. And violent criminals at least 90% may also what can be done about this culture about the society when it comes to the man well before they become critical men, we refer to them as boys and often times we say boys will be boys and the more the other manhood when they get to be 18 or 20 or 21 and not the case with our friends at our Academy and never has been, and never but will be so back in the studio Alan Hahn are our favorite CEO not the CEO you think of the chief education officer in the Christian traumas also back. She's been on before the iron Academy English teacher there hey guys, how are you very well think to say that yes hey guys, how are you a trigger to somebody okay Kristin, you're okay, triggers okay Alan you're okay okay so this is a great topic opposite is the heart and soul of what you guys do it, iron Academy and we talk about. We look at him as boys, you guys look at them as young men and raise the bar from the get-go and then of course they were giving a focus on virgin training.

We have a lot to go through because I want to make sure we touch on all these things because there's the big question today is what can be done about all these nightmare scenarios and I don't know. Do you think I think a lot of us know anecdotally that men today are in bad shape, particularly younger men.

But is is it really as bad as is it appears to be by the stats what's what's been your viewpoint.

From what I've seen absolutely every everyone I was a kid out and look around and see too many boys that were four years old.

It wasn't about you people living in basements of your parents house forever. Those I'm sure there was similar going on, but it was more that men and women embraced.

That's what we call adult email. You have to have a three hour adult email is just you were an adult and you did adult things. But yes, I see a lot of boys and OCR are our society training boys to be boys and not to grow out in adolescence is kind of the perpetual thing in adolescence really was not around more than what about 100 years ago.

So we kind of invented this gap year applied to. I don't 05678 910 years of your life for you Kristin and Kristin's English teacher iron Academy as a godly young woman. What you see, what's your perspective what's happening to the male population in this country in particular. Well I and extremely surprised is the degradation of a lot of the virtues that seem to be nonexistent and men these days. I have a lot of friends who are still dating the stories they tell me about how the guys treat them or they way they are viewing their relationships and it all sounds. The reoccurring theme I hear is guys just don't want to see you take responsibility or be tied down is what they say to something they highly value the sense of freedom that really is almost in enslavement. Ironically yeah so it's really sad because again I have a lot of friends here you and they go on dates with two people who they think are men but really turn out to be boys.

Now what age range are we talking about here. I'm trying out my age sells anywhere from probably 25 to 30 hour at least. The generation we are so lovingly known as millennial's yes diets, it seems to be progressing younger and younger and I have even seen women want to shirk familial responsibilities and order to uphold individualism right which seems to reign supreme and America is definitely a Western ideology to hold the individual above everything, and I almost like to tell my students it's scary near romantic in the sense that because in the romantic era. They began to break away from logic, enlightenment, neoclassicism in order to value, motion over reason and stress the imagination. Imagination is your reality, it didn't really matter what the objective reality was however you perceive it was what reality was and then yes individual over society didn't really matter what the collective experience was. Whatever your individually experience your lies was the truth and that was it and it's evident in even the poems that we study in the romantic era by Blake and Wordsworth then went men with his song to himself, which now is great in some areas that essentially as an anthem to I am awesome idea for culture.

I had a guy on earlier in the year Carl Truman who wrote a book, the rise and fall of the modern self, which really traces all this back and how do we get to the point where man can say it is not really a woman trapped in a man's body in the culture's reaction to that is okay whatever you say whatever you say goes. It's right it's the autonomy of personal idolatry were you become exactly you set all the rules that matter Alan to you guys and I'm Academy for us as we work through this list of things that we can do matter that we tried to really look back and figure out how we got here or is it more important focus on how do we move out of this so I think we could get caught in navelgazing. It's important for us to know those things in a local Carl Truman says about moving from the second world of Third World on how we define ourselves.

All that's important. But if we try to do the while raising our boys into men or our girls in the door and two women that does not important to them. Probably more the importance that is how do we combat this, the surge of cultural change that were swimming against how we combat that so difficult or more seamen in our educational system to government and nongovernment across the nation of the world will talk about our talking now I'm on and Kristin Trump from iron Academy.

How do we move forward.

What can be done will start with education will talk about dad's will talk about family been a lot of talk about will be right back to Steve Noble still hear their friends from iron Academy iron you have islands or grandsons, six grade and up need to be investing at least taking time to find out about iron Academy. It's really amazing what the Lord has been doing their and it was funny today Alan and Ellen's here with me, as well as questions from Kristin is now the department head of the humanities department, Kristin, and within 12 months is going to create the greatest communities in North Carolina. Is that correct Alan that would be terrific but more to article 24 okay will extend that out for you and Alan on the founder of iron Academy chief education officer CEO. If you want to go that direction. I watch that video today so that was a day in the life of an iron Academy student with Phoenix and make sure he doesn't know how good is is that you know is probably going to go try to do something because he's really phenomenal.

His parents love them too much with good and so it's that's up on my Facebook pages so you guys should go look at that what you look at my personal page or the radio show page understood the Steve Noble shall go watch that. Okay, that's four minutes and you go watch the six grade young man telling about his daily life at iron Academy and the new's interaction with other teachers and everything going on there. It's it's amazing how good he is at it.

But the thing about it is you watch it and you think this is that this is it really possible. This is just a marketing piece. No, it's actually happening but there's a way that you have to process and there's a way you have to teach which will go through so what you're talking about iron Academy here in the Triangle area of North Carolina education in general. At home, homeschooling parenting, all these things that were about to go through going to be good fodder for all of us to consider and implement okay so were to talk about this process of how do we fight back against what the culture is doing to our young men and we see it all the way up like Kristin said earlier in the 2530 35 years of age. Men not being men they staying point so education obviously is first and foremost, but you know your own education has to be moral so wise that such a big deal we've seen in previous decades, we seen our education go towards more vocational training and getting them ready for the future, but in recent years, I would say in the last 8 to 12 years. Much of our education has gone back to the moral we just wouldn't say it's it's it's a morality that we rivers not biblically consistent with the biblical worldview. Critical race theory for instance is a moral training but it's a wrong Walter and it's one that takes us away from how God created each person of equal value were all equally sinful wallet equal equally able to do imaginative things and create so a lot of our education as mobile as Christians we must have if you have educational partners or from a good home. The end goal.

One of the angles must be that we need to inculcate a biblical worldview for them to see the world through biblical laws and when you're teaching English Kristin. I mean, I added a US history to my teaching repertoire showcase on teaching through US history and it's been really enjoyable in its remarkably rich from a gospel typical worldview content because history is just about people and the Bible is quite a bit to say about people and understanding why people do what they do you find that in humanities that these things can be really pregnant with moral meaning and opportunities to teach it sit there right in front of us, but you have to do yet to teach that way. Absolutely. And this thing with characters in a buck right in history. You have people with ambitions that are ultimately selfish because were flawed. Same thing in literature right conflict is created by any struggle between any opposing forces and most Preet and the predominant struggle we see throughout literatures.

A lot of times man versus South man versus his own ambitions, man versus his own desire. In addition to whatever external conflict is arising in the book, and so we try to deal as well. We look at those struggles.

Henry study how the character response to the struggles whether they do it in a virtuous way or whether they succumb to advice or tragic flaw that is airing them. I can think of one example. Now where we just finished studying hamlets and a unique angle that we check with Hamlet this year is a cable where does justice play a role is and we think of justice was an eye for an eye right right but that justice that need to avenge his father. One could argue was one of the reasons why Hamlet was beginning to succumb to madness and insanity because it was a weight so great for him. He was so aware of his own sinful nature as stated in the Act III soliloquy to be or not to be. He was deciding whether or not to end his life there because he didn't know if he could go through with avenging his his his father's death again because the world tells us will justice is an eye for an eye someone to something to you. You must do something to them will adjust it, or Hamlet being the source sensitive intellectual so that he is wrestled with this because he knew what am I I am nothing but – time nothing compared to Hercules, then why would I be able to take justice for something else and I'm just as bad and we will write and we see his sanity, actually returning to him at the end or at the beginning of act four, when he realizes Nice talking to Horatio, you know, maybe something bigger than us is what is divinely making all of these nations happen. Maybe I should leave it to some to the divine sovereignty of something above and then he not only gets his justice at a cost right. The cost of his life and the cost of everyone around him got a much but he is able to at least make peace with his rival Fortin brass said that or his would layer T's and all that basically makes peace with themselves.

Peace with his fellows before that justice comes around.

After letting go and ultimately he does return to a more sane states.

One could argue that it's just a unique way of looking at Hamlet through justice as opposed to you know some other literary criticism that is popular back ideally, the goal is virtually everything a drivetrain virtue than you're looking at everything through that lens and you teach that lens I was. I mentioned island is kind of the way. Virtuous taught all the way through the harmful iron Academy experience if that's a desire that's a goal to train these young men to be virtuous young men then you really inculcate it and everything.

Yes, it is easier in some places. For instance in literature is really easy. In fact, every literary selection do we focus on particular virtue or vice history.

The story of who we been so easy in his young it's wonderful when we teach the Constitution, overlooking a beautiful was the philosophy behind this was the worldview behind us. It can be more difficult in some places like Outlook your mouth, but it's easier Bible obviously in the sciences as long as we have that throughout the curriculum. And there's no separation of thinking biblically, especially from the teacher spent standpoint board. Teaching these guys and they can see were coming from and teach them to evaluate and think biblically, that's absolutely imperative for education.

So going back and will move on to dad snacks and going back. Remember, your children through public school. Whatever school system therein. They are being taught morals that are being taught virtue. The question is whose morals and whose virtue are they being taught, what about that we think what let's send our sons iron Academy you'll take care of it. But that's have to be able if it all possible.

Young men meet a powerful man whose a godly influence in her life. We do have single mothers and we love our single mothers and we want to help them and sometimes were without hope for them. Other times they fund men in their church or neighborhood or in their family to step in for for doubts were not there but dads are powerful influencers. In fact, one of the things we've seen in recent years is if that is influential in the young man's life and he's not on board with Biblical manhood. We don't win that battle and try to power one of our things as we try to work in and as an ally to the family and the church for not if it were not allies. When I tried to do that though there is usually important especially at this age you developmentally. Up until about the age of 11 or 12, it's mom and right nurturing love that only what that moms can give it a really great and then you have to switch over.

There's the data you hold that thought working to keep talking about that, what about that little physical movements of her talk about young men education being engaging with a lot to talk about will be right back to see how the show today sometime in the studio here with our friends.

Iron Academy iron if you have sons or grandsons starting the six grade all the way through high school near the Triangle area. Do yourself a favor, bless them, bless your family.

Bless the future of this country, quite frankly, and check out iron Academy.

This is not a normal school.

This is school for raising up young men don't look at them as boys don't ship them off to have somebody else take care of this. The team effort. I don't normally quote Hillary Clinton but all agree with her on this when there really does take a village. So if you're in a good concert a good body type of economic between yourself at home, your school, and even your church about primarily moms and dads it's on you, so don't find that out. We have to be the number one influence.

Most of us usually are in our and our young sons lives but you need to kind of help that you can get because that's between kindergarten 12 great if you listen to the show for any period of time. You've heard me say this for kindergarten to 12th grade is 16,000 hours butts in the seats. 16. That's a lot of time 16,000 hours in school, whether prime school homeschool public school same period of time kindergarten 12 grade to get another $16,000 of mostly godless, sometimes anti-Christian input. That's media television, Netflix gaming podcast whatever so it's 32,000 hours versus let's say Goldstar Christian family. They go to church on Sunday morning to go to Sunday school in the service to go back on Sunday night for another Bible study go back on Wednesday night for youth group or whatever four hours a week kindergarten struck grade 2400 hrs. 2400 hrs. versus 32,000. So you better believe that your sons are marinating all the time for $16,000 plus another 16,000 hours. The question is what we do about that reality, and iron Academy. That's were working for today, so this applies not just what's going on at iron Academy, but any school setting at home as parents particular dads are called to biblically shepherd our children but physical movement okay so iron Academy in your obviously a woman teaching and iron Academy were all bunch of spaz elites.

Right boys men whatever we come to spazzing how you deal at that because this is super important because Alan you and I talked about this before that the that the public education system. Most education system favors women pavers girls in the way that you learn so much for boys sunny deal to Crist, well it's actually an all we do is we do these things called brain breaks because the psychological standpoint there is only so much information. The human mind can take and one period of time and then it enters this phase called the bottlenecking phase.

Think of a hourglass and that's just all this in blockage now is venting from the sand getting in the bottom we have set their information's actually an educational psychology term called bottlenecking and so what we need to deal is okay. We need pain that young men need to get out and get some fresh air. Get some blood to get a pump and through their veins and sweetie that their brain breaks and those could be anything from you know you do a walk around the school you jogged a couple lab CD. Exercise is something I did. Even today, as we did stations where we would go to this ring gray hat we have by the school you would have one gripping box jumps one guys on the Atlas down others doing walking lunges and you they are there for 45 seconds and they switch and they got a different station so makes is that keeps them engaged and you know they actually have fun doing it. They enjoy going out to the brain breaks and stretching out how many of those a day.

So it's for every hour and 1/2 classes were a block schedule. We have one we have a brain break, generally right in the middle of that class, so whatever block schedule. Usually they have about three longer classes and said nothing about three to sometimes for brain breaks today because as a teacher, you just have to see where they're at. You can do what I am break and then you're like you guys are still a little slower sluggish here. Let's go.

We just we just took a test. So when we go out for one more and come back and reassess how you make education engaging for guys you know we can wander for now, everybody's ADHD, whatever that is real but you make and engage the movements important.

That's really great for guys from assumption that all the homeschoolers can do but do things that are fun for guys, so were not it were not a hands-on school everything on it. When a project-based school, but those are org are friendly so we do more projects we do more hands on dissections are always fun of the guards because they like to see those things like to touch. There are two to cut like blade yes the soup you for some clubs will build tributaries they act out Bible stories of one of the things we have to do is we have to stay away from some of the things the young ladies are often better and prefer which is to express things to say through diaries or self-expression or first-person narratives guys might like more of the fighting medieval medieval scantily to write their own sort of medieval romance scripts taking where you have a nights and damsel in distress.

They had to demonstrate one of the elements of chivalry, or they could make fun of one of the elements.

A shift because nothing social very back in the day in the Middle Ages is that it wasn't actually upheld by the knights who practice them.

So I bought a bunch of plastic swords are. We got a bunch of plastic swords and we did chivalry scats and I can tell you that was quite the hit I get I am plastic so ardently. Atlanta plastic sword and he well definitely getting it right know about BC with Kristin being here in you being your Alan, what about the mix of men teaching versus women teaching is that that that's an interesting dynamic. So that's an issue across the nation. We have fewer and fewer male teachers. We need more of that for normal school open so you need the majority of male teachers but we do need men that they can look up to, educationally, and say the oldest is learning is attractive so they want that our mix right now.

We always envisioned a bigger part be like 6040 60% men 40% women reside without probably be a good mix. One of the mistakes we made is the first year was all-male teachers, all-male students, and we were worried we were to get into a Lord of the flies situations that I want you something to do need similar notes.

That's what we happen to be at a ratio of about 41 right now women love our staff. I wouldn't say it's because the 4 to 1 ratio but everywhere you need strong men teaching and most schools can't get to half-and-half. That's really difficult, but all of our staff were about 4 to 1 to love our female teachers are super what they do and the guys need to be around that also yeah exactly right in the night at sunset in teaching the seven classes I teach every week, turning boys and readers is that even possible Kristin because now it's everything's's digital everything short, everything's video how do you get young men to actually want to read because this is a huge problem in our culture. I think he just have to get them to see the value and at and to also see that they can alert reading is not just a waste of time they can learn from other people's mistakes vicariously by reading about characters who may even be similar to them. In some ways by fall short because of a vice or an ambition that clouded their vision if he well reading today I'll see have to make it accessible you have to know where the student is at given reading that's at their level and slowly build them right. I know I had a student who actually did not like to read at all. But I knew that he really liked horror and thriller mouse like well you can deftly radiate at ground puddle because you not only is he someone extremely difficult but he's right up your alley and genre and said next thing I know that he buys the student. He buys the whole tome of H.P. Lovecraft's short story and then he's see no continuing to expand on it.

Edgar Allan Poe collection as well as looking at authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne and that's kind of a stretch and he's on the edge of Gothic writing, you know, American Gothic writing. If he well but you do have to meet them where there as far as what they're interested in and as far as giving them reading that there actually understand it first and building it again.

You also we talked about this before you. You are signing really doing readings I'm working through the reading assignments, all with the purpose of inculcating them with the virtue ethics right a physical virtue ethics everything all become tools to get to the end result right I think that's another way you really get them to read his to connect the what they're reading to their actual life. Because when a student feels connected to a character just like in a movie. They're going to feel invested in feel like that text has value and so we really stress our I really try to choose books with interesting characters, because at the end time and again all reference Hamlet when Hamlet first enters the scene.

No one likes and they think he's set throwing himself a pity party and he's all well with me but by the end of it you actually feel for Hamlet because of the internal struggle he's going through and he's really funny right when he's calling all these people, fish mongers and acting crazy in front of the court. They think it's what he's hilarious and they see just different sides to him and they began to empathize with Pam and so suddenly they like and they get invested and so it is. It is really interesting and have you seen big changes in terms of reading comprehension and just getting them into it. Alan, in the years that I reckon he's been around yes so over the last 50 years we seen reading comprehension scores going down across from a strike and over the last 10 years, especially much, especially so for guys, probably because of digital devices of it all, but also because of the things we have to distract them to filter moments. There's no such thing as boredom, boredom may have ended in the 90s, quietness, none of that right is one of the things we did is we removed a foreign language from middle school and we were placed with an additional ELA class and 6/7 and eighth grade. So instead of just doing search radio I seventh-grade really really give to those per year in the middle school that's helped tremendously. But all I will say that well… It's right to left hour to finish down and talk about like letting guys been guys and something that's huge for all of us being mentors will talk about that when compact told iron is the website to check out here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area.

Iron Academy is located in Raleigh. 6 to 12 grade and if you and got at the psychos balance to give this to me years ago that the iron Academy honor code is sitting right here in the studio. You never see it if you watch because it's on that wall is not time, but it's a good reminder for me because I see it every day. I will always conduct myself as a gentleman with peers be true right wrong and follow the king and that's that kind of encapsulates the whole thing doesn't it. Of all the different things in the sayings and the phrases and in the great items you have an iron Academy for me that Connick encapsulates whole thing. When somebody young man graduated from iron Academy. That's the guy you're trying to send out a world that right yes everything therefore expect the Bible yeah if you didn't, that would be a problem. That would be a problem.

So one of the things you mentioned this earlier here at iron Academy CEO which is Helen Hunt and the Christian traumas, the humanities department head Christian you mentioned earlier, when you bought some plastic swords and it's like we all kinda know what happens with poison in an young man, but we have to let him be guys going is not an important part of this absolutely now we have to we have to engage what a young man and young man's interest is right. We can expect them to be staying still in a classroom eight hours a day without some sort of movement or activity because the sun even just how young men were designed ready and so he needs to have academics that are engaging them and every sense you know if the brain breaks. It also lets just ask. It's to make things more alive today. Dissections like Alan was saying earlier and even I know when we were free plays. We reenact some of the scenes and go outside and we have fun with that and you know you some of the props in order so that they can see the visual as to where the characters are entering how their entering why they're entering whose they are, why, and in addition to them having fun and taking on roles and you know they have a great time with it.

Anything in school settings and we do this in Sunday school. We do it in our homes with a young man, Alan, I think oftentimes we turn we come to shut down that physicality of no roughhousing. Knock it off, calm down, and that's appropriate times.

Sometimes there's a separation between playful physical contact, which is healthy and good. And then there's aggressive, domineering behavior which is not good. When we think of that when we think of guys but the worst thing we can do to our guys is not allow them to figure out what the appropriate bounds of physical contact and mess around with each other is because then later in life there not to know what her instructor. No, what harms people's we need to let them do these things in the context of of us caring for them in modern them and controlling things, not women get out of control.

But if they don't do that they will be people who hurt people. Later, because they don't know but they have to learn the skills course all culture is telling them everything's toxic masculinity. Man can't be a man anymore minutes to be somewhat a version of what and which is garbage but yet there's restraint, obviously.

But God created men differently great women helping attention to these realities and have to cylinder that not try to squash what about our mutual friend Friday morning Bible studies Alan will man the center of his life now is all about mentorship and so you've got an iron Academy. I can the video that you can watch on my Facebook pages with young phoenixes in six grade, one thing we don't have iron Academy and then he had this beautiful pause as if he was professionally trained. He goes janitors and then he talks about how they clean everything but the mentor relationship is not just we have great godly women like Kristin godly men like Alan.

The students are mentoring as well. So talk about that because I think that something is a society were really missing out.

We have no its age-based apartheid all over the place.

Younger people do. So we start the school started for two reasons. The Biblical manhood and the education that was conducive to the where young men learn over time we started seeing how we were building leadership capacity. So we started developing that and eventually we got to Genesis chapter 3 we set our and King says this on the negative in my my brother's keeper, our answer has to be yes we have to teach them how to do that one of the things that we want to make sure happened is our first graduating class on the culture they knew what we were about the been there for seven years.

They want to pass it down how you pass it down. All you have to have those relationships between older guys and the younger guys and it can't be forced has to be natural so we do it we do it.

Sometimes informal situations where they have to head off some display issues. We do it when they they clean the school together. There him and him they do it refuel and thereafter playing basketball is the most wonderful thing to see a 12 greater passion to a sixth-grader or 1/10 grader in 1/8 grader Plano of ultimate together. But as these interactions between them that allow the culture of the older aggressive embodied and are now passing down for the younger guys because they're coming in from other school situations.

Their natural tendency is to say, hey, this is how we do school. That's how it might a hard says it will do what Mr. Hahn says when we're around them, but will do our own thing, cradling the older guys. John F. Kennedy said this, he said he was talking about economics. We set a rising tide raises all boats. There's nowhere to go but up on the older guys were embodying the community and meant what we mean by our culture and the younger guys you are absorbing that and then it becomes normal for them to do the right positive pressure got soap and port well. Alan IV and the old fuddy-duddies in the room person what what you seen with respect to this. You're young, godly woman in seeing this happen amongst these young men must be a pretty interesting. It is really fascinating, especially this culture of appreciation for each other. They really feel it were building.

We really there's a lot of sarcasm and humor today. I now I came from a family where whoever was the most insulting was the funniest and when I got married that didn't quite bring her something that's exactly what it was like in my high when I got married, we I started not doing that's my husband he's like being 70 just kidding these like no it's totally true.

But it just was the Leo. My family we we bantered at the other and I realize they'll there's a time and place. Number one. Not everybody appreciates that not everybody finds that funny at the end of the day it's not really biblical.

It's not really godly and so we are trying to stamp that out to actually sing amazing progress where we had retreat with the eighth grade who are having issues tearing each other down and it's been amazing to see how careful they are now with their words and how they are trying to be uplifting. In addition to we do these things, but IDA's where we celebrate something that somebody's doing well and at convocation. There are so many odd IDA's today.

We had to stop.

The girls are going to go over well and I thought it was yourself funny it became. It's become something that's normal to do for all the students to praise each other for good things that they're saying and you just don't find that culture doesn't encourage goodness and beauty and virtue encourages all the wrong things again and they're all being taught moral issues are all being taught more lessons all being taught virtue.

The question is which moral which virtue is taught and encouragement generally is a currency with untreated much anyway. I mean is you get the much better laugh and riveted to people and we do that social media is made that worse because you get away with it in the net course and you in the winter and face-to-face relationships with people, but the same thing starts to happen so thanks for sharing that comes iron Academy wanted him to finish up the last few minutes. Alan really kinda painting a picture who's who's coming to iron Academy. How can people get involved will knowing your audience. I can answer this truthfully so one of the things we love the were seen out of our iron family this year is the radical move so that I don't mean politically I mean, we want to raise godly son. We will reject what society is doing to raise a godly son. We don't want them to be normal so that kind of radicalism in following Jesus. That's awesome. That's why it so we don't want angry people who are just angry with the school system the nervous church. We want people who want what we want and that's Biblical manhood.

So we have a lot of common ground there.

We have people from all kinds of different denominations, but it's very important that we want to build a godly man we know that our sons were designed by the creator of the universe to be godly young men and how do we do that, and most of our parents.

Many of them are part of first generation Christians like I was you, or in which we have to figure this out so what is this look well intentionality and understanding that the easier thing to do. Believe because I probably got a Masters degree and it sent the message. I do have is to just turn inward the cultures going to hell and handbasket all things flipping away and so we know the end of the book and in the book we win and sauna practice, abandonment, theology. Take care. Me, myself and ours in turn inward and take her to church and to worry about the culture, but the biblical mandate is anywhere near that and so the love your neighbor well. We need to raise our sons to go out and be world changers and I don't know they can't do that anymore. Those days are over, because this is a secular nation you live in Babylon, but no more than than ever in our lifetimes. We need young men to go out. The only answer. There is the God's design for men, manhood, and of course biblical woman as well. But you have to have families.

I like that you're saying that they have to be radical and so the were not to just settle for losing or settle for second place, or settle for sitting in the back no week we can change the course of this nation for the sake of our neighbors glorify God pretty radical. Yes, we can have generation after generation of milk drinkers to start handing down mediators of the things that the snake, it doesn't have to be rocking our states.

I don't want or not want to do that, but Americans that we do for God's church, if it were generation of genera after generation of meeting Christians people generally pursuing Christ everything what what you say to the mom's other Christian I just I believe that this should be a priority for young men, especially son. It is extremely prudent to be aware of the influence the world on their young man and it is also prudent for the mothers to know how they're going to combat and I just think it's gotta be wise to be aware Yep. You gotta be wise and go to be aware and even more so you gotta take action be radicalism on the same Al-Anon Christians from iron Academy iron, always great to have you guys and thanks for your time today is very welcome. I'll be back tomorrow. Everybody really talk about parenting tomorrow with one of the pastors here in town and that's an important topic as we can roll right off and talk about today.

This is Steve Noble to signal Michelle, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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