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Fighting For Our Kids

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 12, 2021 11:16 pm

Fighting For Our Kids

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 12, 2021 11:16 pm

Fighting For Our Kids

Steve talks about protecting our kids. Protecting our kids from what? Covid? Because a lot of children die from Covid... Nope 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I write for you. I will write you a grand narrative of the future.

I have the rights I look think I've build right and you will listen you will do. Welcome back to the show this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble shell since it is Friday, plenty of snarkiness built up to unleash on you or share with you prefer and hello to everybody on Facebook live in you to buy things for being here in the studio with me kind of but so to talk about that lap talk about an entire shows a great reset which you don't know what that is. Just go look it up. Just Google or Or what are you like WTF world economic forum great reset and this is real. This is the next James Bond movie. This is real. This is going on these of the globalists which are the world elitists, governmental leaders, corporate leaders and just over wealthy.

Okay, those of the global elitists who are getting together with the world economic forum NL Joe Biden Joe Biden actually referenced the great reset the other day partnering with the great reset. What was the rate reset can I do well close Schwab is just finishing up two days of this little grand narrative for humankind is that nice of them to today's meeting there in Dabo Switzerland which is where these guys like to get together. You know they care about the environment, so they fly in on their Gulfstream's and just rock the carbon footprint and then they get together and decide really to fall in the end of the Lord's designs for everything.

The future of the world your future. My future, and so this is real. This is affluent.

This is happening.

Okay, this is not science fiction. This is not, as I said, a James Bond movie even though I close Schwab could definitely be a James Bond villain. He just got it all slip and his voice every once in a while to go to that story okay the great narrative for humankind.

So you might if you are urged to know what the future holds for you. I'll tell you via close Schwab in the world economic forum so will do that and then I got several stories I want to talk about just to come to continue to keep the fire built and raging when it comes to understanding what's going on in the public school system whether it's you and your children or your grandfather or grandmother. Do you know it's your grandchildren are being taught to your to their parents know what they're being taught in this. The big issue. It's all over the country and so I got a couple of the stories there, including an Arizona school board president who's keeping an actual dossier as opposed to the full dossier that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, which now were starting to see some actual activity out of the Jim Durham, a probe that's cool to see that right so there's some of that going on and I think was the New York Post I just saw the story earlier that the New York Post just came out and resend it a couple things over the last few years, which is a shocking thing to do and see with any mainstream media, but especially media like it's the Washington Post liberal paper forced to retract reporting based on debunked anti-trunk dossier right so that's out there that's good.

We should be happy about that. But then there's that the school board president Arizona keeping a dossier on people. This is an actual dossier. So we'll get to that. And by the way parents would you like to know what your kids are being taught in school. Well, that's not so easy to find out. So, a story about that actually written by written by Betsy DeVos was the former cabinet member for the Department of Education, which shouldn't even have because the federal government should have nothing to do with education.

That's not part of their constitutional mandate as part of their article and elastic clause necessary and proper that they would that we call the elastic clause they say oh yeah that's necessary. Property reprint, promote the general welfare, so therefore working to get involved in by lot grandson title IX and all kinds of money that were going to dangle out there that's how working to control the school system from Washington DC is that charming and that's going on over the countries that's on the keep sharing the stories and then this great Wall Street Journal opinion piece written to millennialism got George Barna coming back on the show. Soon he's got adjusted incredibly disturbing sad report about what millennial's believe in a million people between the ages of 18 and 30 some like that in this millennial report that George Burns put together like 30% of identify as LGBT Q plus in some way 30% actual number of homosexual same-sex attracted people across the country. 3% 4% 5% at the most. But you got this younger generation because it's I guess virtue signaling when somebody else is the I'm actually acting transgendered are not binary or in pansexual and all over the map yeah yeah me too, because that's the new enlightenment so so this article. This opinion piece Wall Street Journal finished with that today, millennial's put away childish political things by Mary Everest.who's written this this piece is written to millennial's okay some to get to that. That's fascinating. In the book. I deftly want to read to come out soon a plague upon our house by Dr. Scott Atlas who trunk brought in to the whole coronavirus team that was run pretty much by Pope Ouchi and Deborah Burks in this this some shocking stuff and it's not shocking. It's terribly disappointing, but is not shocking at all, so to talk about that but let's start with Clouse Schwab so you know what your future will hold. Okay so this is a just finished this world economic forum great reset just finished a two day party called the great narrative world economic forum founder Clouse Schwab launches the great narrative meeting in Dubai, which aims to create a story for the future that will be the great narrative for humankind. The world economic forum great reset is about to have a great narrative to further its agenda. This is real.

This is like cookie stuff. This is really no reason for yourself. You look at the promotional videos you can go look at all the information you're putting out there and these are efforts that they're taking to globalize everything okay this is real is something he said in order to shape the future you have first to imagine the future you have to designs it future and then you have to execute it. I think the next two days.

He goes on to say, we will look at how we imagine how we design how we execute the great narrative how we define the story of our world for the future. Well, who died in elected these guys the got a universe excuse me, but that's essentially what these globalists are doing. You're too stupid I'm too stupid were too wrapped up in our little book that was written 2000 years ago. Clean to our God and our guns and our money in art and our democratic ideals in our free-market capitalism in the red white and blue all that kind of stuff you guys are the scourge of the earth, and that's why everything is falling apart. What we really need is a great narrative that will lead us to a great reset which will save us all said Clouse Schwab or the antichrist made a safe really disturbing stuff when we come back right after this welcome back to the future.

This is Steve Noble trying to navigate here through your plans for your future. My future our children's future and that's the world economic forum, the great reset and now the great narrative which leads to the great reset so they just had a two day meeting in Dabo Switzerland in order to shape the future you have to first imagine the future you have to design the future and then you have to execute it to the silly people that believe their gods doesn't here. I think the next two days will look at how we met. Imagine how we design how we execute great narrative how we define story of our world for the future. How we lose we of that would just be the elites. Okay, that's the oughts who's playing around with the world economic forum and so that's the got a book coming out early next year. The great narrative that's going to explain their whole thing. This stuff is not in hiding, you can go look it up.

It's easy enough. According to Schwab there are three obstacles in the globalist way of shaping humanity's future number one people become much more self-centered and to a certain extent, egoistic in such a situation is much more difficult to create a compromise between shaping the future design, the future usually needs common will of the people so you guys are too individualistic. Out there that's problem number two we all become so much crisis focus with the pandemic but they love the pandemic is to them: 19 shows how the world needs a reset because we can't handle it effectively on a worldwide basis because nobody's playing up the same sheet of music so we need globalism number three, the world is become so complex simple solutions to complex problems do not suffice anymore on the complexity of the world. Schwab added you have today. Not anymore separation between social, political, technological, ecological, it's all interwoven is very difficult in such a situation really bring everybody together and to imagine and to design the future so they're taking it upon themselves to do it.

That's the deal. With respect to the first obstacle, Schwab mentions the world economic forms. Great reset itself is a polarizing agent which the more people find out about it the more there troubled and alarmed because you know you'll owe nothing and be happy about. That's part of the great reset. Secondly, Schwab complains that we will have all become to crisis focused on the pandemic. Yet the world economic forum publishes reports on the pandemic and the Paley daily basis.

They loved us they want to see it all, fall apart because the negative's will swoop in and play God in redesigning create and who does that. Who gets to play around the stuff the got it already maze in the reorders that Satan right. That's what's happening. That's exactly what is it in Schwab's third art article are obstacle of the complexity growing out of not having separation between government, business and science. That's exactly what world economic worm strives to accomplish to be the global organization for public and private stakeholder collaborations, which is a closer merger of corporation and state its corporatism. Okay, don't be afraid of socialism. What you need to be concerned with its corporatism. That's what's happening here the great narrative is a continuation of a great reset. A story that attempts to legitimize a technocratic makeover of society in the global economy while claiming to work for the benefit of mankind, according to whom, and that's these guys are so arrogant. This is the epicenter of the elitist globalist movement which makes me sound like a kook, doesn't it like four years ago I would've said the elitist globalist movement. Now you your kook.

You know let's like Glenn Beck or something. No Glenn Beck's right when he talks about the great reset I'm right when I share the stuff and if you study this for yourself. Your consider go you gather some problems or but then the other side of it.

My Christian side. My theological side by biblical sidekicks and then I'm like oh you know what this is actually all setting up quite nicely and I'm really I'm becoming less impressed with the antichrist as the days and months and years go by, because this place is turning into such a train wreck.

It's actually not to be that difficult.

I don't think for a charismatic leader at some point imbued by the power of Satan himself to come in and interlace Christmas swoon will be ahead on tick-tock and raised in the throwdown right at his feet so not that impressed Satan with your schemes.

I still think it's going to be that difficult. Okay, what should we do next. Which we did next. Okay, let's do Dr. Scott at list member him. He's like the one seen person that was in the whole group working with Trump on coronavirus from White House coronavirus response team member Dr. Scott Atlas got a new book coming out.

That's can be so good a plague upon our house who talks about he blasts in the book file G Deborah Bergson former CDC director Robert Redfield in a new book saying that he was disgusted by the dismissal of what of science right they been click. Follow the signs: signs that you just recently said if you have a problem with me what you really have a problem with the science which all this omnipotence and omniscience from these elitists is really remarkable in the what they can't see that no there thoroughly convinced that there the answer we suppress the truth we replace it with a lie.

Romans one in a book, a plague upon our house. Atlas says he presented data and studies showing that schools were in line. The rest of the show talk about our kids should be reopened and the children are not significant spreaders of the coronavirus but was virtually ignored by pouch. He and others on the team. As I finished there was silence. He writes, no one offered any country data unspoken scientific studies. No one even mentioned the discredited Korea study zero comments from Burks nothing from bouncy and is always not a single mention by Burks are grouchy about the serious harms of school closures in my mind.

This was bizarre.

That's because their spiritual darkness. Or maybe that's why can see it.

Why was I the only one in the room with detailed knowledge of the literature. Why was I the only one considering the date on such an important topic with a critical eye or the other simply accepting bottom lines and conclusions without any analytical evaluation. Answer them yes.

Were they supposed to be expert medical scientist to know the politicians, the politicians there elitists they got drunk on their own power vouchers been drunk in his own power for decades really set that's the human condition. Atlas said that Burks told him his opinion was out of the mainstream city was a part of a fringe group of people who believe school should be open quote. Meanwhile, he writes, she insisted all experts agreed with her. I shook my head thinking of some of the world-class epidemiologist who agreed with me goes to this whole list and wondered if she or pouch you never read a single publication by the Alice wrote that explain the numbers that children did not have a significant risk of illness or death.

Statistically, zero from the virus and cited statistics from New York City California and elsewhere, documenting that while also noting data from Sweden showing zero deaths. Despite schools not closing and also not imposing mask mandates, but we just mask up the kids just mask them up in our cabin little kids five, six, seven, eight years of age. The icing on the cake. He writes of the evidence that almost all coronavirus transmission. The children come from adults, not the other way around.

That was not approved predicate for opening schools. Given the massive harms to kids if they were closed, but that evidence was already shown by contact tracing and other studies in Iceland, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland and elsewhere open schools and children's childcare centers did not show significant dangers to children's adults or teachers quote they found zero instances of a child passing the infection to an adult. Atlas said Redfield responded the data by saying the jury is still out. Isn't it just bizarre this whole thing is so Orwellian it's so bizarre, but they just great got on their kick they fixed their eyes on their narrative and on the in game and be as vague as they grew, power and control human condition.

Sin nature pride in the schemes of the devil himself. All mixed together to get us where we are today and now like your North Carolina just heard. It was like three or 4% of children between the ages of five and 11 in North Carolina are backs now to get the green light for faxing little kids were statistically statistically zero chance of death. 79. Out of about 24 million have died 79/24,000,000 lives much more dangerous riding in a car is much more dangerous getting burned in a fire bike accident even getting hit by lightning.

A bigger danger than kids dying of Cove yet they've done everything they've done, and the vast majority of Americans just gone along with it.

Again, I'm not impressed anymore by the antichrist. More on that and what we can do for kids only combat and all. What is the Lamb and all the stuff is driving you nuts not to look back. This showing on the stump is making you crazy and I know it probably makes you crazy, often makes me crazy. Often I get to read this stuff swim in it all the time, which I'm I'm you know I can complain about it every once in a while, but I counted is a privilege that tell one of the callings of my life is to come in here five days a week and and we do different kinds of shows just like yesterday were talking on the theology of leadership and we're looking at the life of know on theology Thursday we do different things will talk about the economy on Monday Mondays and will bring mission stories and testimonials talk about life. There's a lot of things will talk about anything and everything from a Christian perspective, but then as the days important because that's the world we live in, and we need to pay attention to that for the sake of our neighbors. If nothing else, which would include your own family so I have to read the stuff and paying attention, all to be with you to show prep on like I wake up and I pay attention. I'm doing show prep all the time and paying attention to stuff all the time and so the news of the day. In these things going on. Whether it's internationally coded Biden whatever the Rittenhouse trial. You know who's obviously a white supremacist. That's why he shot shot white people in defense of himself and I see that I can just do that I could just do the soft top of my head and just start going through all the stories that make you nuts. But then I hear that song worthy is the Lamb and it just like this morning I drove to a Bible study this early morning Bible study and Fridays is been going for about 40 years now and like I you know let's try something novel let let me just pray for my family and similar folks on the way there and then when he gets to naughty just push away from the table and spend some time in prayer, pick up the Bible or read it on your device or listen to some praise and worship music turn on Caleb turn on the message on Sirius satellite XM radio whatever and just push away from the table.

I know I dine on this stuff way too much. I know I do. But part of it is what what I need to do and come on here and kind of look at it through a biblical worldview and share that for the people that I find the show informative and a blessing and a challenge and an encouragement depends on the day and what were talking about but but don't don't neglect that part of your diet. Yet, we all have to get our foundation firm knowingly do that is the word of God, the Spirit of God and the son of God in our relationship with all of those things and then we'll get our boat rock so easily. And then we have the joy of the Lord which is awesome.

We need to remove that. Okay, one more thing on this Scott Atlas book coming out a plague upon her house where you just talk about the madness up there and that he was last month. He was a slam Dr. Burke's phone Orwellian attempt to rewrite history. She testified before Congress in the end. Pride is such a powerful force. None of these people are going to admit that they were not not not ever especially pouching hell never admit he was wrong. Pay our former president almost never admit she's wrong, the sound like this is a left finger right things, the human thing is pride in the bigger your position. The more you struggle with your pride and when you can play Simon says what the entire nation of three and 30 million people like about she's been able to that's going to get to your to get a little high on your own supply right definitely so the madness goes as far as this is a story from New Zealand.

This is a shooting victim everything tied and they found out they had coded 242. At that this is a new story at a New Zealand. We play this right click is this the new story at a New Zealand summary shot to death. We find out they had coded as well. So what you do with that from the World Health Organization perspective ready. It is himself since his state of health services site. He tested positive for his anointing the one use understands that several people are also your isolates and you have to kill someone who's assigning the sums of injuries and inside ends up as possible of Al Qaeda's anointing to establish the Ministry of health is. That's because the under the World Health Organization guidelines anyone who dies while also having an acute stress, anointing and fiction is recorded as console donations. Dick Kelly was over the coals of mine something about how this man resides will be subject to an ongoing police investigation as well as the others about Dr. Deming while three people had got awfully okay so you guys shot to death. That's the cause of death. Ranieri said shot to death.

Then they find out why do you test a cadaver when you tested what you test a dead body because there's a narrative right and you gotta feed the narrative because we have to justify all the draconian things we been doing since March 2020. So here's the deal, everybody follow, but make sure you tell Megan follow the science make sure that the science but here's the deal. Anybody that dies test done and if they have COBIT World Health Organization, which is to vouching Burke's were bowing down to the all-time test a minute that COBIT counted as a COBIT death. The guy was killed by gunshot.

He died of a gunshot wound. I don't know with one or three or whatever, but that's why he died. He didn't die because they had COBIT but they decide what they bring the body into the corner like on the way there I let's test get a little swab looksee would look at that covert positive.

We don't know if he was symptomatic or not. We don't know if it's a severe case or not but he's dead and he has COBIT. Therefore COBIT right out of the World Health Organization.

Those are the rules.

That's the protocol that is so dark that is so deceptive that is so manipulative that's just a power grab and talk about misinformation and disinformation.

You can even go on twitter right now and defend Rittenhouse and say that you think is innocent and that he had a right to self defense. You can't do that listening then you put your Lebron James you gone there and mock him and lap Adam for having a nervous breakdown. At one point I was watching that lie when it happened the other day when he's trying to explain all the sudden we start head start shooting people in all these people just blasting in the present nine states Joe Biden last year during the election.

Obviously Rittenhouse is a white supremacist really, how did you come up with that because he killed people that appeal him a riot.

Whatever you want to call yeah but Sir Sen. Feist, Mr. VP, whatever. You know that the people Rittenhouse killed were white. Now there's a bunch of people online and social media sphere in the meta-verse. They're like oh I know the people he killed were white. I just assumed because anybody called them up of races. I just assumed he shot black people that you watch if he comes out next week.

The jury comes out. They find him innocent on the most severe charges because of self-defense. Then there's going to be more burning more writing and by the way, do you know anything about the people that he shot. I'm not justifying it, but these like one of these guys was a convicted pedophile.

These are some nasty white folks out there at appeal him like why are they there. Do you think because they're down what the cause for BLM, a black lives matter and antiracist. No other anarchists.

That's why they go away, etc. mix grout like it and teapot shows up. You think they're down for the struggle with their black neighbors. They aren't there anarchists so this kids out there trying to do the right thing, that he was stupid in a walk around with an AR 15 on your back when you think nothing's gonna happen, especially in that environment is foolish 17-year-old fool but then he is getting chased down and attacked and now some of the witnesses I get yeah put my gunand so then he shot me. Okay, but this is madness out madness of the New Zealand shooting dead custom COBIT that's COBIT so every time you hear the things we just passed 700,000 COBIT that's in America that 700,000 people dead with COBIT, not necessarily from COBIT, which is why need to pay attention everything that they're trying to do our kids, not just when it comes to the jab the vaccine. Whatever you want to call it. What's going on in schools. Which leads me to the story spend the rest of our time on this. Betsy DeVos wrote that wrote this article in Fox's next battle in the war for parents rights his education is a top is a line. Politicians dare not cross okay parents rights in education is what we just saw happen in Virginia.

There's the potential for new fault line in America's ever-growing debate about personal rights, a schism between policymakers who believe parents have a right to know what's being taught in public schools, and those who do not like you know Terry McAuliffe Wisconsin lawmakers listen to this recently passed overwhelmingly, the nation's first most powerful academic transparency law to pull back the curtains on the content of classroom instruction. The bill requires schools to post online. A list of the specific instructional materials being presented so that current and prospective parents can see for themselves whether the content awaiting their kids is academically rigorous or ideologically extreme.

It remains to be seen of Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers will take his veto pen that is common sense measure not leading up to his defeat. Betsy DeVos writing Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said parent should have no say over the curriculum talk to the kids.

Norman Allen, union bosses and their media allies have made clear parent should have no control over where, when, or how their kids learn why is that because there trying to program them. They been doing a good job like Fred Voncannon the other day is run from our current house said you send your kids off to Rome to be educated. Don't be surprised when they come back a Roman. That's what they're doing.

That's the public school systems been up to for decades now. You send your kid to Rome they send back a Roman. That's why they don't want you involved in the training they don't want you to know what they're teaching and that's the point of this article is on the go on there you will believe some things are happening in Wisconsin and some other things like one lady trying to find out where kids can whatever daughters can springs in kindergarten and when she got all the information they sent her a bill for 74th thousand dollars. Like Mary Ellen just said on Facebook and other recent homeschool will be right back right area right back is even a noble show. Praise the Lord for all our radio partners in for broadcasting in several pastors and on radio stations and the truth radio network Wilkins radio out national bunch of friends are friends down its Greenville, South Carolina Bob Jones University down there on the radio down there and weep. I just think that the Lord for that. That enabled me to get this going in the first place of me get it going is that okay Lord but then also viewing the radio you're listening to a show that starts at 406 and ends at 5 PM Eastern time and then we have commercial breaks right that has to happen. You gotta get a raise money to pay for all the stuff as I have commercial breaks between the commercial breaks for my friends here on Facebook live in YouTube live well we can have a sidebar conversation. I can go down a lot of different rabbit trails on verbal processor. So if you want to get a full hour of content as opposed to just the 40 minutes which is the radio show than just jump over and watch on Facebook live or YouTube live just for the Steve Noble page another place and you can join us here in the studio which is really kinda gives you a whole another level. Another feel for the show but praise the Lord for radio because that's how it all got started in the first place.

So excited about them.

Think God for all of our radio partners out there.

So thank you very much. If you happen to be listening so this is a Betsy DeVos talking about parents rights to know what your kids are being taught. And remember, they don't. The powers that be. I'm not saying there are good teachers out there at this is like at nausea might do this disclaimer, I noticed good teachers out there I noticed Christian teachers out there, but the vast majority of the teachers are not that. And even if they were there not in charge. The systems and charge the unions are in charge. The national school Board Association's in charge and the federal government via block grants title IX, money and all that stuff is how they implement national educational priorities on the state local level by making you beg for the money and jumping through hoops to get the money federal money for most states is like their second or third highest source of revenue.

Federal money that's just manipulation puppeteer E and it's been going on since the passage of the 16th amendment and then when we got ourselves and the Great Depression. Eventually K we can help all awesome. Thank you so much. We got that we got the other new Deal great society we can do all this stuff, but of course if you want the money. You have a couple little things we'd like to do and there comes the control day. There's your civics lessons for the day. Now the actual content of the curriculum is again taking taking center stage. Betsy DeVos is writing in theory state laws across country already or from a parents right to access okay but after the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty revealed some Wisconsin school districts listen this were demanding as much is $5000 to respond to simple public records request about content in a handful of courses that a handful school so you're there hey I want to know is being taught because I school okay will get that information together for you but it's gonna take time and resources. So were going to need you to compensate us for that. The $75,000 only parenting about her at that point million of them right in the ultra-wealthy parents that don't care about fibrin their kids in school I so there's that gets worse. Similar tales are playing out across the nation consider Rhode Island so Rhode Island mother Nicholas Solis's attempt to glean basic curriculum. Information from her local school district before enrolling her incoming kindergarten daughter earned her a $74,000 bill, threats of litigation from her school board and a lawsuit from the nation's largest teachers union blocker access to related records. All of that so that she can't see what they're teaching in kindergarten like stay in the lines kindergarten ~block house kindergarten. There must be more going on than just that. And there is it's given over.

Remember that the progressives took over the school system a long time ago and so it's it's the fact that step 5000 cuts.

It's the frog in the pot so it's what starts and can degrade to kindergarten all the way through 12th grade really doesn't come to full fruition until the kids get out of your house and my house and go off to college or wherever. Now they don't have to live underneath your roof so it's easier for them to just come on out with the fact that they went to Rome to be educated and they became Romans. That's why so many parents in this country are like that would happen. My kit what happened to your kid is if you send her the public school system. They were marinating for $16,000 kindergarten to 12th grade butts in the seat $16,000. That's what happened $74,000 bill in response, states as diverse north: Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Wyoming have already filed our advanced academic transparency legislation this year and I texted my buddy Matthew Winslow serves the North Carolina house they put that in the budget will see what Cooper does with it, but they make it so difficult for you to go find out what's your kids are being taught so you can't trust the system don't trust the system. This needs to be a big rallying cry for conservative parents all across the country and when you stick and when you stand up they come after you. Which takes me to the story real quick. Arizona school Board President Sensitive personal information on protesting parents keeps an actual dossier court instead of the fake one that train wreck Elkind stuffer for years while trumpets present more than 600 parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, demanding the resignation school Board President why because he kept the dossier on 47. Parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings. I dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, the divorce paper mortgage documents, trade certain certifications and screenshots of Facebook posts that that we the minute Mayor Carl and the Atty. Gen. sent a letter to the FBI in the tech department of justice about intimidating, harassing the school. People this is a this is the school people, intimidating, harassing parents yeah that's that's happening. This is another one. This is a guy who was working for them who is out there about this. The dossier also includes video showing a man taking photographs of parents and children in the hours for school board meeting quote somewhere around here we have a private investigator whose writing down all of their plates. The man says in the video. They don't know it's me.

I covered up my license plate so they got a private investigator out there taking pictures of people's license plate, especially the ones are to speak of the school board meeting and so we been putting our kids like frogs in the pot for years, kindergarten through 12th grade public school system, godless education heavily influenced by progressive policies and ideology, but it's the frog in the pot and its death by a thousand cuts was not like it's getting more obvious now so doesn't take a lot of work. Our buddy Chad slot is been on the show. It's a couple of times he's gone before the wake County school board showing him all this disgusting stuff going on the schools and it's taken them some time, but he and his wife found it.

You can find it to him telling you if you have kids in the public school system don't trust the system at all.

You just assume you're gonna find all kinds of bad stuff and get in there and start looking which leads to this I'll finish with this millennial's put away childish political things.

This is written to millennial's. This is the opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Mary Eberstadt just came out yesterday, according to some of today's loudest and most influential voices. The US is an irredeemable cesspool of racism and bigotry. This lies resulted in a wide patriotism gap in 2020, according to one pole under 1/4 Democrats surveyed said they were extremely proud to be American, as opposed almost 3/4 of Republicans, only 1/3 of Americans your age say the same. So she's writing to millennial's basically 3500 and under agencies like 20 and under.

Ask yourselves why most of us when trash talker families. Most of us when trash talker neighborhoods.

Think about that the next time someone trash talks your national home and neighborhood. Your country. One such figure impresario of the New York Times. 1619 project that's Nicole Hannah Jones, by the way, said she has never regarded herself as particularly patriotic. Another whose sulfurous racialism permeates elite education subsidies never felt free in the US, even as is even it is every grievance is celebrated and subsidized guy makes a ton of money. By the way's name zebra Mex candy is buying a lot of CRT stuff going on out that they have such a low opinion of America.

What makes you think they care about Americans, including you.

Many of today's young have been robbed to love another source of the material wealth. The consolations and joys of family life.

This theft is due in part to generational arithmetic. Today's younger adults help from smaller networks of kinship than earlier generations.

You're more likely to have lacked a father at home. By the way, 42% kids in America today are growing up with the father in house and had fewer siblings, cousins and uncles and aunts than your forebears. The family deficit is also a consequence of ideas, generations of thinkers have disparaged the family is the enemy of utopian schemes and their depictions so that we redefine marriage right home and hearth amount to a slaughterhouse of dreams and aspirations, especially for women, to the contrary unprecedented rates of abortion, fatherlessness and divorce far from liberating.

You have subtracted actual and potential loved ones from your lives order surveys show that young people of the loneliest Americans so meal been robbed of another rich inheritance organized religion. Men and women throughout the ages concluded that humanity exist within some form of a sacred order alongside that understanding of the divine flourished. The greatest art and science, architecture, music, and human creation at large that our species is ever devised as Western civilization. By the way permanent membership is none of the above secularism wrist relinquishing your own cultural inheritance Western civilization. There is this brings us to the political choice before you.

Today's neo-Marxism and identity politics seek to co-opt your youthful energies into a lifetime of performance rancor is that what you want she's writing to millennial's are the left tells you that your fellow citizens are racists, fascists, sexes, bigots and haters. This relentlessly negative. This relentless negativity obliterates youthful hopes, it shrivels the youthful imagination. Worst of all, it shrinks your heart.

Isn't that true. She goes on and on and on.

It's just brutal reading place in today's cynical exploitation of race conservatism, says Martin Luther King Jr. in place of identity politics that flies under rival banners and denies our common home.

This is only American flexion flyer for the US Embassy in place of ever more fastidiously define factions. It says one nation indivisible and in place of indifference to the sufferings incurred by family decline family subversion in postmodern cultural chaos. Conservatism seeks revival that my fellow Americans is the only hope for this nation and we hope that there's ever been listening for this nation's revival revival in the church, awakening the streets that drives a biblical worldview, which changes marked change of the mining correction site go and do likewise. Right to secede noble and noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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