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Inflation Nightmares?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 1, 2021 11:58 pm

Inflation Nightmares?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 1, 2021 11:58 pm

Inflation Nightmares?

Steve talks to David Fischer for the whole show today about inflation in the United States. How will it affect us.


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble had a great weekend can be used on a sugar high what's going on.

I bought white candy question is that I do that on purpose so by the time we ever did like it, by and I would like the kids were polite and I take one with his huge bowl rights probably forwarded piece the candy and then they take one might take another thing I want to know take a handful like 567 take more and so they did, but we start some left over, so I've been indulging on banana Laffey, Tempe since Saturday at about I don't know 70 but I'll bet a good weekend and it is the first Monday of the month you believe it. November 1, 2021, which means 2022.

Right around the corner, George Jetson, where's my flying car so cars on the first Monday of the month we have a chance to do it for money money with a good friend, David Fisher and we got a lot to cover today. I was a lot going on and why do we talk about this regularly on the show. What we do it on the shell because God did it in his word. What you're looking at the Old Testament of the New Testament that individual scriptures about money and possessions outnumber scriptures on faith and outnumber scriptures on prayer as God knew that we would struggle with this issue of money, possessions, which is why we make it a regular occurrence here on the show, David Fisher, our friend from La Marque M As always, David Howard under greater permit banana (well, or I will ship you some. I don't know if it'll be as helpful as I Burnett is and has been for you, but it will be speaking of fibronectin. Can I share a little story right click okay so last Thursday night. We had kind of our fall.

We would like for fundraising seasons for the ministry and last last Thursday night at a friends house beautiful home with a great crowd. We had incredible Texas barbecue for 40 which is great except for we had like 56 people show up so that was an interesting challenge but one of the things that I share with them that night. David was how God is use the ministry over the years and often because this is kind of a strange platform and radio and social media, and you don't always know what God is doing with what we put out there, but I was able to share with this crowd. Driver Bakhtin story, which was a huge blessing to them and and I really gave him an idea of what God can do and sometimes you sit there and go, what are we doing all this worry of these conversations every week, but God can work with our little stop and turn around and into things that turned huge blessing. So, people really love that story, they were encouraged by how that had touched your life in a touch their life. Consequently so that was really cool that was for Beale to share that last week at our event was great your norm get little bit poker room and I like to give your credit report on argument impact and not a posting on the river. My wife Marianne my work or work on side of things behind the scenes remind you to talk about it little bit on your show another radio shows, but I can confirm at least 25 people we help them avoid what you them in touch with Dr. Mark and there were at the same place that we were meant to clarify another doctrinal prescribed and I'm not showing it or anything like that. Somebody has scolded. We are getting government and is not as difficult as you think we should have opened your resources so if you have my voice you have coded all my company you want out of a gold or store like that. We will Marianne will help you get my remark to members a lot of resources for that and we triggered all the way around will block your fuchsia farmer puts in front of those because were all here about helping people and that's what the bottom line is, were no help report their wealth. But now the help them not are no part in our wheelhouse, but we gotta get the word out. You know, we're here to help people provide information and options just like you do with your regular business and it's up to individuals to decide fibronectin. Everybody needs to remember this is a fully FTA recognize an approved drug. It's been around for a while? Talking about the one that's used for horses, assistance and stupid mainstream media game going using horse medicine. No actually, you know this, as I remarked to me, for humans and and then it's up to us. Unfortunately, David, and these days that we have to kind of remember even something like this, it feels like you're were the remnant Internet to operate outside what the mainstream media and even our own government tells us, and there's more information out there and they're not always given it to us and are certainly not providing it in a way that's on an equal footing may decide what course they're going to push and that's the only one that they talk about if you go against that way get the platform and knocked up YouTube and all that good stuff. But praise the Lord that he here through your own sickness and near death experience and not just you, David, but your wife you're able to turn around and help other people what they do it, that's up to them, but boy, I think it's incumbent upon us as believers to love our neighbors as ourselves. That's not just saying that something we need to do under the reluctance.

My wife is really fearful from it all. With the bad rap on a shirt mainstream media and one for pet paramedics to them or how else could we call 911. I remarked and you feel incredibly better in 48 hours billed enough for her and Jim. The alternative was definitely on or going to law school and being on ventilator which only 26% of people survived from that with this type of coping and so should a remarkable turnaround and made a believer out of yeah really amazing surprise alerts to dad and let's all just continue to pray for each other. Look out for each other on this issue, as were just trying to seek information and alternatives. There isn't just one narrative on this and so we just I thank you Lord for blessing David this way and for giving us this information and helping us share one with another. So that's really cool. I know we got a lot to talk about today were doing a full money Monday still working to come up on a breaker pretty quickly talk about the Federal Reserve is meeting this Wednesday. Why is it David that when the Federal Reserve meets that never helps me sleep well at night either. You know what it's okay, these guys are good for our mental, financial and emotional health. Sorry talk about that some of the things going on just a general financial challenges will talk up the infrastructure bills.

What's the status of that they didn't get that done before the president took off and also by the way, and working at the break. Did you hear about Elon musk here about this little deal you yeah you is like you guys want to come after the rich is 700,000 of us here in America to solve your problems.

Tell you what I'll bill you all you want to solve world hunger.

With $6 billion. Elon's willing to do that. But there is there is a catch. There's a caveat which is what I think we would all agree it with. So talk about that was on what inflation will talk about gold and silver full money Monday with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque, M. R.

As always, it's his website even put you on hold. Praise the Lord for what God is doing to David and Marion's life and are helping other people's if you want to find out more information about fibronectin give McCall will be right back and will show to my brothers in Christ out there don't forget the lyrics of that song. The is the limit of the matter what's going on.

Ultimately, because worthy is the Lamb what you have coping you don't you a lot of money you don't have a lot of money, you have good health. You don't have good how things are going well with your kids. Things are going well. Things are going well there job.

They're not going well at your job worthy is the Lamb still. That's the rock that is the solid rock of our salvation.

If your house is built on that rock. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what comes at you in the here and the now that rock that rock will not ship there is no shifting shadow there with the Lord. So make sure if this at five and going on financially in the world.

Great reset covariate by then politics, whatever, whatever is rocking and rolling you if you just up and down and all over the map and you know Christ you need to revisit the rock that your salvation is built on. You need to revisit the character of God, knowing that you can trust with everything and if you're not if you don't know where you're at when it comes to the Lord with you don't know yet if you died today you don't know whether you go to heaven or not, then do me a favor to actually do yourself a person do me a favor and I'll do yourself a favor, we just put together a really easy page on my website.

Does Steve Noble and at the top of the website you'll see one word that you need to click on. That's the word heaven. Just click on that.

It's very simple page will take you through what the Bible says a very understandable language. Here's what the Bible says about how you go to heaven and there's a great little gospel video there. That's about five minutes. I will explain it.

You know me very simple downs down down down the level street level language all about the gospel. So if you're not sure if you died today from covert or whatever if you go to heaven then please go to that page does Steve Noble just click on heaven at the top of the page that's more important than anything else we can ever share in the air. The gospel above everything else. David Fisher is here with us for a full money Monday today is Monday, November 1, 2021 almost over, which is shocking gets weirder as the years go by. I suppose David so we get a little bolder but it's great to have you on as always, my friend. We appreciate you can correct your "current payment. So what are some some things in the news a lot financial challenges. Inflation is real and getting worse, but what are some things some topics in the news that we need to really well, let's talk with the Federal Reserve percent mentioned that's a let's get the real Las Vegas visit out of the way here what we think. That is when the Fed meeting will be a big meeting different one for two reasons.

One, the business and called dot plot which there basically are plotting out what things are going to happen and when it comes to the market there. Dot plot is more better than than we be seeing them long time. So, but the big announcement that's the first mouse but the second one is really the announcement and that is we could see for the first time a big change in policy been buying your hundred and $20 billion of mortgage-backed securities in treasuries among now start. Actually, they might amounts the paper which means instead of buying hundred 20 will be left with the projections order to reduce it down to about 105 billion 10 billion left in treasuries and 5 billion less of mortgage-backed securities. This is the first cut purchases coming and would start this mid November. There saying possibly last month central bank start cutting Australia, Canada, Bank of England, even the ECP talk about cutting they didn't really talk about it so the Fed might actually be finally listening to all the economies are saying your way behind the curve. You need to stop all the mortgage-backed securities and the treasury blind economy. Let it stand on its own 2 feet and you need to start raising interest rates to raise interest rates yet but looks like were going to start buying all this debt. So would you say this is how we hopeful that this is at least a lit a little bit of a sobering up for the Fed would think so.

Although your most with that is been saying that should've been the drone college thing. No, you know, reported liquidity in the market for 19 months, then you know in 2008 balance sheet which $1 trillion less than mammalogy .6 and half of that scum from last 19 months. So Walker menus a billionaire each of the pictured paper immediately and begin raising rates as soon as possible so there's a Franklin Templeton got you saying there's a direct link between the market going up there buying so that the caulking at the glove we went to the market to go sideways or possibly go down the reverse. This role so as they begin to taper what what what can we expect will happen to your average American not not people that have a lot of the bank of people that have a lot in the markets is just your average American. It's working and trying to get by.

What should have it depends on how reliant the economy on the stock market has been on the Fed I think that it can affect the market.

Not maybe the first time or first month or within the first six months of the market will pull back the time they talk about before.

What happened to the Fed is actually hiring the market to smash people back 10%. That was 2018 December when they talk about next week didn't do it so if you have a 401(k) portfolio it all might negatively affect that. It also might affect the economy in a negative way because not getting that support the free money flowing into it anymore so it shouldn't duck when I can have a positive effect from the market. It can be negative, but can have a positive effect from the standpoint of the market will span on his own 2 feet, live or die by and so would you call me and that's what should've been happy right right what a novel idea. So that's I'll be seeking to be an issue as we push later in the week Fed meeting on Wednesday where some other topics going on in the news right now that that we need to be concerned in terms of how they might affect us financially well speaking of dad last week to seven year auction waiver 10 year treasury we have a 30 year treasury with different years of terms of treasuries. The seven year treasury auction policy collapse, but it probably was represented by less than 50% of the volume compared to normality in this is, goes longhand what happened last February about 70% of the volume was not there huge seven year note auction notes are about $62 billion each to auctions one that happened in February that was not very well attended and the woman just happened last week tells us that foreigners are not wanted by her dad and that could cause a problem. That's a big headline. Also, speaking of data about deficit US deficit asked the highest level in history.

Last month the group by 9.2% and $96 billion it broke the previous record which was just a month before that August and $80 billion bill.

Nobody really cares about this. Traders don't care about deficit trade deficit but when it becomes an issue. Then they take take light of it, and a pretension in many believe that the stock market called Black Monday 1987 was triggered by bad news on the trade deficit so just be careful out there will put all your eggs in one basket specialist environment. All the we talk about this specifically in looking to get to the infrastructure bill.

What's going on there. On the other side of the brain thought about the whole deal is your supply chain problems because all you know what time I'll get a start Christmas shopping now because you don't know you can to be able to get stuff and hit the break David to think about that through the break and and how much is back in a factor in the what's going out the markets in our savings and our investments whole issue of supply chain stop and then we'll talk about the that they can't get this across the finish line is that I say praise the Lord infrastructure bills, which they wanted to be done with that before Biden got on the jet and they didn't so will get an update with David on that for Monday Monday with David Fisher from landmark M are Please write back is even over the Steve Miller show great to be with Bill Fulton running Monday with our good friend David Fisher from Weimar capital.

Their website is always By the way out on Facebook live up at the phone number up. If you have questions about either make them because that was a life and death change for David as well as his wife, not that long ago just literally a few weeks ago and it was a listener here that became a client of David's and they reached out when they knew David was struggling with COBIT. He and his wife and I were meant and made all the difference in the world.

So if you want some information David's not a doctor not a doctor were just brothers in Christ, trying to help other brothers and sisters in Christ to share some information get educated. This is what David does with his business anyway. But in this case, if you want to check that out. Just give a call, I just I am not interested in gold or silver financial stuff. I just want to get some information about Iver Bakhtin be happy to talk to you about any I say that going we doing something illegal is not illegal is not an illegal drug. Okay when selling mushrooms over the radio or something crazy like that. This is a fully FDA approved drug. It's been around for a while, so their phone number there and just say I'm just going to get some information about Iver Bakhtin 844-604-2575 that's up to you. I'm not telling you what the Dems if you want to get some information talk somebody else's been down this road.

This give him a call and ask this lesson. I checked it's not against the law to seek information. 88446042575 and I'm just hope you don't mind me doing it David but that people want to find out information. They should be able to thank you for doing that. We want to help people in any way shape or form. People payment. Thank you for that. Okay so the infrastructure bill they were trying like the Dickens last week trying every different way. And then, by the way, Joe 70. If anybody listening it if it's free if it cost nothing.

Why are they jumping through so many different hoops of their own creation.

Last week David as a way to find that the weight of pay for it was paid for already.

Well, not according to the Congressional Budget Office Congressional Budget Office 1.25 structure bills is going to cost $256 billion deficit and the other one will pierce it down. The Congressional budget birth to entities saying this, the Congressional budget budget office.

That's 530 billion, cost. But there's another entity called the National taxpayers Union there saying because they're all out to lunch.

Cost $1.5 trillion between Bill over 10 years and that's a independent interview that washes the government on spending so they then buried there so much junk in this bills bill changes every week.

Let me limit you some good news for you. Compare that I like to tell good news and people. My industry would not normally say this but probably don't want to say it through member of the $600. The Irish causing banks to look in your bank account to report the Irish have more than $600 to move it out of here. That may change in the $10,000 that thing yet not got removed last Wednesday from this buildup yeah accordingly. Praise the Lord. Yes, we don't want to give the government anymore. Reason or ability to lick and look into our private lives but that's what they're doing, you move money and another was a copy it in there about if it's a payroll check. Okay fine, but what they're trying to do is fine and are you getting any money that were not aware of that. We should get them you part your money because are so desperate it's only going to get worse is that that's the total debt goes up and up and up, but that they are.

This is one good piece of news, but the infrastructure bill they keep changing it because it must be pretty interesting to be Kristin Cinema or Joe Manson these days because they're pretty much holding the whole world and their own two hands came under the seven minute video today publicly press conference any set the record straight. This quote nothing is happening on the reconciliation bill until a bipartisan infrastructure bill is passed the house and more clarity is provided in general goes on to say you are willing to know really what's in this bill yet.

I want to read the text and so he saying unfortunately not everybody in Congress has the billing and colleagues they want and all or nothing and he's not that way the Lord thank the Lord so that you guys want to pray for somebody an elected official, as we are supposed to according to Scripture, pray for those two because there literally in the Senate the only one standing in the way and Nancy Pelosi's co-opting a rock and hard place because she's got people trying to drive the price down while she's got the squad trying to drive the price back up just a big train wreck in the course.

Lastly, Kate. Let's come up with this tech tax to go after the riches, 702,000 billionaires out there and go after their wealth. Unrealized capital gains meaning if you bought a house at beginning of year for three and a grand today. It's worth born a grand this is that this of the federal government saying oh it's excellent at hundred really just me and you say hey hey I am sold out. I still live here that's unrealized capital gains. Yeah, whatever you will, is 10% by percent.

Whatever the case, maybe that's why we both brought up that story of Elon musk, who was tweeting about that and then the UN was bugging him Sandy if we had $6 billion, with a B we could take care of world hunger this year, $6 billion big deal Elon because your work like 250 billion needs and he said I'll come out tomorrow. This is a great story.

I love this guy. All sell Tesla stock tomorrow and give you $6 billion in cash if you can show me how you're going to account for why would I waste the money because he was wasting money in countries waste money all the time. I thought that was a great move on his part. The head of the world food program comes in there and on Twitter, and use it as well.

Your monsters put out public response to the tweet so were all on the same page and there's no money will briefly come to Willow perforated perspective/every spent 8.3 cover world hunger. And you say you know. But if we had $6 billion more than would reach 115 million more people, and this would help us out so you never really clarified that you all so it is a lot of money, but it would help a lot of people. But the good news is, it shows your most hard also no-shows shows him that he's not going to be about politics and want to fix the problem but the problem is bigger than what you guys give me a good accounting of where the money is going to go what's going on there and be happy to do it. Of course for them their own privacy in their own shell game is worth more than world hunger and the proof is in the pudding. Listen if I could give you some accountability to get $6 billion in cash. I'll give you whatever you want that's inner save change world hunger this year. Why wouldn't they do it but of course they won't just really amazing.

So do you think this infrastructure bills and exiting to get past before the end of the year will bury you totally up to you over moderate group or completely upset still like saying will take something on this, even those was three and half trillion now a lot less which it should be a lot less. I think it will pass, but I don't think it's going to pass tomorrow which people say yes as you know, they were social transfer by October 31 do that so many to keep pushing New York. The goalposts further and further back. I think eventually will pass but there is some rhetoric out there saying this to my house. Now they don't blowdry yet. Nancy Cheney and the Little orphan Annie to settle come out tomorrow, quite frankly, hope it never dies out that the guys what about inflation because this I think we all know this is not transitory. It's not temporary inflation is here to stay and it's only getting worse public and the numbers look at information we have on inflation will there's regarding food inflation, energy, inflation, weight, inflation because that's what the Fed wants you to believe in realistic one kind of inflation is created by central banks, creating dollars out there for the last 18 months and that's the Fed's old Milton Friedman put it this way.

Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary amount so inflation and monetary inflation. That's all it is. This was caused food, energy, and we usually go up and manage docking trailers Thanksgiving dinners to be more expensive this year than last year and probably the most expensive in history of the report came out turkey trimmings for 4 to 5% a year ago and don't believe all what your fed officials say we have inflation is going to be here. It's not going away. Don't believe everything with the government is back on this distant report on who's the most and least trusted people in the world, doctors, and find the most teachers ordinary people in Armed Forces, but the least trusted people or government officials and politicians there at the top of the list and they represent 91% salt least trusted out of 100% of the people so don't believe everything that you read about the Fed and about the government there. There they have an agenda and their agenda is twisted in many ways it's always about spending more money than what they have in their causing more problems than good in this environment, saying it before the fire department in the arsonist's same category. Thank you TJ for UGG for that is watching a day early on he said something funny and trying to see what he's always got great one-liners, DJs, and the visit as well. A globally coordinated fire drill for my buddy up there in the Windy City hilarious. I got more inflation questions and we'll talk about gold silver when they come back right after this back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you to have the full money Monday with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M As always at the website as we're going through different news of the day with respective financial world and investments in the government and banks everything else going on, which is complicated and it always ends up rolling downhill to get the most of us can according what normal folks. If you don't have a ton of money and most people don't. But you have some and you spend money and that's why inflation is an issue David that I think I do think that the average consumer and America's paying enough attention to the inflation problem because I think were all noticing that were paying more for just about everything I'm seeing more. Have you seen the little Joe Biden sticker that people are put on pumps and it's Joe Biden pointing at us as I did that and they put it right next to the per gallon price and I would recommend on the yes no kidding. I don't know what do you think that the average consumer and America's aware of what's going on right underneath their noses.

They certainly should be paying engine when they're checking out well. I think your people are becoming more aware of it. Report talk to your place there because of higher you know I'm interested. It's not a president thing the Army will relive the president you know when think back and Liked it. The Fed did all this and some government spending both mostly the Fed creation of wealth money. So this is why they come out of the woodwork. I'll tell you there's billionaires that are totally woken up to a sameness of Dr. Parker. You're like the arm after saying inflation is here, J.P. Morgan, Jamie diamond uses inflation.

Your gun lock largest bonking in the world John Paulson billionaires goal: parabolic arc inflation commerce bank, the second largest bank in Germany says higher inflation. David Einhorn is inflation is here to stay.

Jack Dorsey, twitter CEO says inflation is can be hyperinflation hyper inflation will write yeah alternator Joneses inflation is the number one issue and made it is the number one issue. Moving forward we will so if you remove read lock in a fixed rate for your mortgage. Do that every client do that. Do those things now pay down your credit card debt almost things will cost more like Staples that you can talk away for years, but I am now more expensive. John is really, I mean this is the Democrat party likes to claim that the party of the regular folk in the small guy but like natural gas prices are absolutely soaring and people are to be praying paying.

I think her twice as much. Maybe even three times as much to heat their houses this winter and I'm just afraid David. A lot of people don't even know that's coming and then once I start getting the bills there to be in trouble and I can feel the pain I at this stuff is really getting bad hundred and 10% six months earlier work.

Unfortunately the 70s all over again yeah and so your mentioning a take advantage and and get yourself defensive when it comes to your finances will yield high interest credit cards, loans, all that kind of stuff and Glenn Beck's talking about that a lot. Glenn Beck five years ago on Mikey's catastrophism.

I never listen to what he says I'm fascinated by them for a number reasons he sees at least one of the smartest guys on the Aries, but incredibly creative.

He's up he's a Mormon so you got an interesting thing going on there with his theology, but when he starts ringing the bell for the stuff. Now I pay more attention than I did, two, three, four years ago and I think it's that serious that we really need to look at getting our houses in order. So in terms of gold and silver which is really at the epicenter of what you been doing for more than a quarter-century now, how do we use gold and silver in our portfolios and in our investments as a way to kind ahead. We use that word a lot to act as is way to hedge against some of the bad things that we know are coming where you forgot your heart starts to go by Kathleen Mueller but it is the bingo like what you said before speeded the scales between scales your paper money on one fine paper and vessels on one side of your culture around the other side. Paper investors do well in the low inflationary low interest rate environment.

They don't do well in a high employee inflationary environment (moving to finally getting ready to scale and that's when gold silver does really well like the 70s, gold, silver went up 50 gold with a 500% silver almost double that the Dell lost 50% of its value limit during the same period of time it took eight years to recover. So now is the time to be looking at getting some education some wisdom because were tipping the scales now. We saw that happening about a month ago with the index of the consumer price index.

We inflation the next holders that now everything starting to change and all of a sudden everybody's coming out of the woodwork billionaires are saying. Delegates will gold or silver in your portfolio in gold and silver is getting ready for breakout out this not a get rich quick scheme, but it is well hedged portfolio will have some gold and silver in it.

It's very wise and prudent because it is the funny thing about all this.

The alarming thing for most people that that most of us aren't experts you just look at the last month and you're like oh, look at the stock market is as it was low a month ago and now it's gone up up up is over 36,000 but it was the other day. Now it's at 35,009 13 oh everything looks fine, but if you look at it over the last six months it looks like a great roller coaster ride means is an amusement park but all the signals are out there that we have some major corrections coming and people just need to understand what you have. When the kid jumps off the other end of the of the teeter totter and you end up landing flat in your rear end and doesn't exactly feel good so hot how we can up as we look at gold in terms of how you invest in it because a lot of it will go well do I invest in gold companies that are mining, dry buy-and-hold, it cannot use it. My IRAs is a lot of different uses for that you can do buying gold and the company is not really gold will buy Coca-Cola no Coca-Cola stock don't deliver Coca-Cola to your doorstep so we believe in physical gold to take care of the data one a few ways, either inflation, default or seizure money travail and buying gold stock will save you from that but having physical gold will you combine over-the-counter through using funds in your checking or savings account through your IRA rolling over and I married your qualified artery and you can buy gold and silver take possession and not have a tax liability.

And if you do that, they flip the switch and played it. You'll do well.

Probably more than likely based upon history market cycles seizure money travail and they can access this money shortly thing to fall. I can imagine without be like really bad for the paper market soon so get some education on how should people look at the price of gold and silver just over time. Because of this year is very different than last year's help us understand and were looking at that to make sense of it in a way that we can apply to our own decisions. Low $20 bill or $20 gold coin were frame and they were interchangeable in the 1920s to buy a brand-new man's suit for $20 bill or $20 gold coin with trash work today $20 bill will I put a $20 gold coin is worth almost $2000.

So the moral of the story is paper money will continue devaluing told to do something about it like backing up our goal mission why you want to back your own currency by gold and diversify.

So you look for gold for the long haul. Not what it does next week or next month.

Look 5 to 10 years down the road and that's where you should be looking at its paternal in the race not grab you.

What a great point.

It's been interesting over the last year and 1/2 David when you're talking about.

Central banks are talking about. Governments are talking about some of the biggest hedge fund managers and investors out there and when they come in out and felt plainly openly talking about shoring up there gold positions because they're worried about stuff in the future. That's always an eye-opener me when you see that come out the driving force behind gold and 2018 remark multimodal gold that you're looking back 50 years 2019. Repeat that your 2020. They would've beat all the other years. Looking back 50 years for covert change.

In our back on track to being one of the top three years of all purchases of gold. Looking back 50 years of the skulls or something to get ready to happen because a bottle of gold in 2005, six and seven. Look what happened in 2008 so get ready to happen fall with the big money is doing their hedging against something, probably inflation, or maybe even a default. What's the best way people want to start getting educated.

This is newer than what should they do not pick up a phone call or company. There's no pressure there is no corrosion there is no any of that we believe people do make their own decisions are given the right fax number 84460425750 say again 84460425754 landmark I care to see the beginning the show I mentioned a lot of the time. If you have any questions about Iver Mac 10 in terms of just somebody that's been touched by that in and help David and his wife and just trying to get connected to other resources to understand more about that.

You call that number as well.

If you want to talk somebody else about Iver Mac 10 844-604-2575 David is always about at the end of the show, but thank you my brother always appreciate you. God bless you and is just so good to hear you up and running and now we praise the Lord for that. Thank you for your story with the picnic Iver Mac worker to help a lot of people out club apartment together absolutely got thanks David will talk to you next week buddy got bless you public you thanks will talk to him so and on the other monies we do money my money Monday reset okay and not reset. I was looking at the great reset so by the way looked at 1/2 weeks for money Monday update so I was that sharing some links on Facebook live about at a time just about the great reset and a great reset going on. That's the world like economic form they been working on this for a while Just listen.

There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the covert, 19 crisis to improve the state of the world, the world economic form is starting to great reset initiative okay, 19 crisis in the political, economic, social disruptions, it is because it's fun openly changing the traditional context for decision-making inconsistencies inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems from health and financial to energy and education are more exposed than ever missed a global context of concern for lives, livelihoods, and the planet. Leaders find themselves at historic crossroads managing short-term pressure against medium and long-term uncertainty. So what's their answer.

These are some world leaders, corporate leaders, financial leaders thought leaders all coming together and what's their answer. The great reset they want to change the way the entire world operates from the top to the bottom sounds a little bit like a one world government doesn't it Josh where I read that before I put the links up world economic form.

You can look there to great reset just Google it and you will learn for yourself. Gotta pay attention to these things. But praise the Lord one day when Jesus comes back know that stuff will matter. Do you know if this is the valve on the Steve Noble shell, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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