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Bumbling Biden

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 22, 2021 9:15 pm

Bumbling Biden

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 22, 2021 9:15 pm

Bumbling Biden

Steve talks about Joe Biden and his speeches he has given recently on covid vaccines, border control, and gas prices. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay if they're pretty good. You did not watch Pres. Biden last night on his TNN at town hall and and believe me this is just where I'm I watch that stop in my flesh just wants to rip into the guy and laugh and make jokes is really nothing funny about the condition of our president and his lack of mental acuity and it's like watching somebody that's you know the family like watching somebody in your family that that they're just not there.

They're not all there just come starting to lose their marbles and which sounds terrible, I know, but that's what's going on, so he had to his town hall with Anderson Cooper last night and CNN CNN that's really got the last president that's going to help CNN is the current president, the last president is what CNN in the black for five years during the run up to the election during the Republican primary. Then of course during all four election years into impeachments and then the mess at the capital and the post election mass and all the other stuff Donald Trump was just a gift to CNN really that was there he was there lifesaver. He was there life-support system, and as soon as he was out of there. January 6 slow down. Then they just shield down down down down down down that discretion burn so last night they had from eight to 9:30 PM a whopping 1.2 million viewers, 1.2 million viewers on scene and watch the president Fox news channel at the same time the same period of time at 2.8 million viewers, and even MSNBC beat out scene and then 1.4 million viewers with another Fox or MB's MSNBC had the President of the United States in a town hall meeting and there's three clips I want to play for you and react to the first one is the most infuriating so I can just get it out of my system and we can move on several other things than one really good news story. One story out of the University North Carolina in Chapel Hill for all you white handed seed look at that.

That was hilarious. It's actually right handed privilege but were so conditioned now in this country.

That's why I said white handed privileges actually right handed privilege which I'm sure at some point it's all the same. So working to make victims outta you lefties out there, but what you represent 1/10 of the earth's population.

90% of us, us privileged folks are right-handed waiving my right hand in only 10% of us, you lefties are out Nicole. So in a class at University North, Chapel Hill, actually talking about right handed privilege and odds are the vast majority of the right handed privilege. People are also white privilege people. But I digress.

So so bunch of different stories. And then I saw Jun earlier today so I want to talk about that for finished the show but it's good to these Joe Biden clips are you ready Joshua.

Let's do this to the freedom my knee was talking to Anderson Cooper and CNN on the exciting town hall last night and it came up about the unvaccinated people you un-faxed murders out there and so that just listen to this and this is kind of roles into freedom, which is ridiculous, but let's play this from the president last night. The two things that concern me are those who just try to make this a political issue.

Freedom are the freedom to kill you.

Come on freedom meant freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my coven. This is the sitting president United States having a laugh about freedom in the freedom to kill you. I have the freedom to kill you.

So if your unvaccinated in the present United States mind not your Keller which I would assume probably he would not have a problem with Merrick Garland the current Atty. Gen. of the United States sending the letter, the FBI, which then of course went out to the DOJ about all these troublesome people who are threatening, intimidating, harassing our grades at school.

Members and teachers and school board members that stuff like that. Of course they seem right minded people or people that love freedom are people that just want to do what they want to do as the enemy.

Because freedom is the enemy of these leftists just this.

They have no interest in freedom they have interesting control and so that's what it's all for the president to say literally just set to all of you and me the unvaccinated that that what the way we look at freedom as we just had the freedom going kill people. Even though Sir 99.9% of everybody that gets COBIT survive scope so not a very effective killer apparently and now we know that getting the vaccine does not stop the spread. You can get vaccinated and carry a high viral load of COBIT and spread it so faxed un-faxed can both spread it now is. Is there a difference between well now are looking at numbers and statistics coming at Israel in Great Britain that says that the vaccinated people actually can carry a higher viral load in unvaccinated and then all you natural immunity people out there. Not me being one of them. I don't know why we must be murders of another color. But just so so the president states mocking and calling your murderers essentially if your unvaccinated the freedom to go out and kill people. This coming from a pro-choice person.

By the way, and then just laughing at the notion of freedom in general, freedom free, come on man.

I mean this is I really can't overstate this at the present United States uses freedom as a punchline and then accuses unvaccinated people in your unvaccinated for whatever reason you have could be the fact that fetal cell tissue is used in the development of all three vaccines. It's not used in the production of the vaccines but was used in the development of it or perhaps you just feel like your steward of your body or you've got a medical condition.

Some of the things in your Dr. said no you shouldn't get the cup the vaccine got whatever the case, maybe he doesn't care if you don't get it. You're just you just want the freedom to kill your neighbor, so especially a Christian to talk about loving your neighbor is just so disgusting and again I think this is I read a long article last week I mentioned in a couple times in the air that set you know we said there state you know who's actually running the executive branch, who's actually the president who is actually in charge up there and off the bat. Most of us will say what deftly not Joe Biden already great article last week. That's like yeah you know what it's mostly Joe Biden because this is actually good Job. I knew it, but now he's got to the top of the heap and he can reveal exactly who is not. He got there any is this progressively is this radical plus he's obviously starting to lose his marbles, which is no laughing matter. The President of the United States are not couple more clips from the president only come back right after this back to Steve Noble to signal show special welcome to all you unvaccinated killers out there that according to the president and listen like I run around all day to try to figure out ways to rip into the president. I wish you were doing this poorly. I wish you were having problems personally with his mental acuity out I was you're doing a great job really do because it affects all 330+ million of us please not this is a train rack in so many different ways and it's sad to watch and am kinda pathetic and I mean it's just unbelievable.

When you watch this and then I'm playing three clips from his townhome thing on CNN last night and the personally played very like freedom of the freedom going kill people talking unvaccinated people so if you're in unvaccinated person when you talk about freedom.

You really just want the freedom of God kill people and he laughed about it for this president. Freedom is a punchline right. This isn't this is new Joe Biden by the way, this is just Joe Biden. Once he's ascended to the top of the heap and he no longer has to play a game to get there. Once you're there you can reveal who you are and this is who we is this liberal he's this radical so we pray for the guy right.

Let's pray for him right now. As a matter fact was put some fee to our faithlessness not talk about praying for the present. Let's actually do it together from the guy we come to you, Lord. There's thinking that your sovereign over everything, including the government, including the president, including every situation in our lives and I just want to lift up our president to you Lord for wisdom for your intervention in his life. I prefers health first mental health Lord I pray for you to get us some of your men and women into that room with him, Lord, to minister to him and care for him, Lord, I pray that he can hear the gospel, it doesn't appear that he's ever really been born again. So I pray for that over the president just pray that you would help and bless him and change his life. Lord and help him to to be a president that would be pleasing in your sight and we asked that Jesus name, amen. Okay, so that one reporter, one we got that one ready real Josh is ask about if you ever get to go down to the port right this is Anderson Cooper playing hardball okay is the president Biden last night seen in town. All let's go visit the southern border. I've been there before, I haven't.

I mean I know well I guess I should go down but the blood bought the whole point of it is I haven't had a whole have long time to get down and spend time going around looking at $900 billion worth of damage done by by hurricanes and floods in a couple of chair and traveled around the world by planning my wife Jill is been down. She's been on the line art is another that she's seeing the circumstances down there. So what, she's not the present at least start far as we know now that I know it well really you're from Scranton when you talk about you know it well and hear the other part.

This is where this gets really scary.

I suppose I should go down there as I going to want me to answer any questions a login troubled by stringent when the last time a president was that meandering in just kinda weak.

Now I suppose I should get down there and he doesn't even think of the fact that he just said that you have another before you. I know it well really Millie don't. I've been spending all my time visiting you Noble hurricane and flood damage that was two days that that took the flyover in a couple visits and photo ops in your out of their back to the White House or back up to Delaware 20 or three or four houses itself.

That's ridiculous, but the fact that he just said it.

I suppose I should write about this.

It if I worked at a retail store and the manager like that I do I be nervous if I were to the really big company Fortune 500 I be like this is incompetence. Where's the Board of Directors what would to the stockholders know anything about this, but the present states while that's crazy.

I one more.

It's all I can take. Let's go to the gas price one because were all get hammered at the gas pump in every single little stickers byways at the little picture Joe Biden of the little finger pointing and people sticking on the gas pump right by the prices that they I did that sound like that's gonna keep slots out there, so it's run this clip this in the gas prices clip and Anderson's trying to see if the presidents got answers for us on the gas price problem anyway so the server there but I don't. I must tell you I don't have a near-term answer to things I could do. I can go on the petroleum reserve and take out, and probably reduce reduce the price of gas. Maybe $0.18 or so ago still to be about three blocks and one of the things that I refuse to have happen because I don't want anybody made a commitment if you pass the stuff I'm talking about not not one single penny of tax would go against anybody make a motion for and so this is his time was very poor by going cut his answers are.

Let us produce that's that's the answer's are just get in the way back machine back 12 months. Look at the Trump administration. The Sgt. heads that would be. Look at the Trump administration. Look at what they were doing on the energy side and look at the fact that we were energy independent. For the first time in decades, and just do the same thing except I can't do that because you're part of the new green deal for Grogan to be flooded out in the next 10 years and the earth can handle it. And God can't handle it. Nothing can handle it. And so we need to shut everything down when everybody needs to be driving electric cars in the next 10 years, which by the way, when you plug your electric car and where you get that energy. Oh, that's right because okay by doing. He did that a bunch of times last night. We just spring I don't get that I don't understand what the point light it is just kinda strange and creepy. By the way on the coded vaccine thing to the president's point that you unvaccinated people just want freedom got there and kill people. Over 12,000 active duty Air Force personnel are poised not to meet an upcoming deadline to be fully vaccinated against the virus that causes Cova 19, according to newly released data from the military branch fully vaccinated means and airmen must get the second dose. The Pfizer modernity jabber the single shot, Johnson & Johnson vaccine no later than two weeks before the November 2 mandate deadline by going to gear recently that the efficacy of these as good as is plummeting down in the single digits.

After like six months but haven't heard that before you pay attention all the stuff okay all I tell you not to get the vaccine. Pray about it. Talk to Dr. about it, that's between you and the Lord in your doctor, your spouse, your family, whatever, I'm not telling you to do it or not to do it.

I'm just telling you consider more than one narrative. That's what I've been doing. I'm not vaccinated. Although I do anybody's think you God for your design some 92% are fully vaccinated 104 Naprosyn are partially vaccinated, a term that means it got one of the two shots but that leaves over 12,000 unvaccinated and at risk of being discharged for noncompliance with the order. If they don't secure religious or medical exemption lease they have that option. Personnel failed to comply with the order face disciplinary measures, including non-Jed judicial punishment and court-martial charge that is a government and a commander-in-chief that are totally out of control, totally out of control. It's just remarkable to me it happened so quickly, and, of course, you only have to go back, what, six months algae close the bite himself known in the veteran vaccine mandates.

No no no were not not then you start you start losing some of your power.

This all about power and control friends that always has been all about power and control for some power controlling cash was a lot of cash if you can create a demand and then you satisfy the demand of you can rig the demand anytime you want to sell more and satisfy more the demand. That's pretty good business model dream get me in on that Pfizer modernity stock. Perhaps so that's you just have to be skeptical and don't just take one narrative weathers from the writer to left. Both sides are selling both sides are manipulating both sides are moving their narrative and if you're Christian then your allegiance should be to the truth not ultimately to the right or the left but to the truth that's getting harder to discern and find discern if find it.

We must, as people that are of the way, the truth, so don't just take one narrative weathers coming from the White House for Fox news. We have to look at all of them use wisdom and discernment to find your wife will be right that and I didn't hear someone singing I did hear on the radio. Anything I heard it at a million ministry of men's event at first Baptist Woodstock outside of Atlanta.

That was like him of the pastors in a big big deal in the southern Baptist world is actually a part or fully Lumbee Indian Members name powerful preacher great preacher huge church like 7000 seats right so a good friend of mine, Dr. Bob record, who was president of the American mission board, fabulous pastor, great speaker, great men of God, and I got to know him pretty early on when I started to do stuff on the public 2005, 2006 and that we used to do so we used to speak a little together because he was, you know, 15, 20 years by 15 years older than me and had been a pastor and everything so we did him. He was like the view from the pulpit and I was the view from the pew older younger so we would come to go. Point counterpoint and we would speak and so we went down there at Johnny Hunt. That's his name first Baptist Woodstock then they did this men's weekend.

Two weekends in a row because it was so huge you get like 6000 guys there so Bob went to that church and so he got us on the platform so we spoke to weekends in a row we spoke at a breakout session but the breakout session we I'm like oh it's the most people left in stock 2000 people, which was excellent, somewhat intimidating, but that first night was the first time ever heard that song soap. So imagine being in there was 6000 guys an incredible band in your singing worthy is the Lamb. I will never forget that hell worthy is the worthy as it was just awesome.

So one day will do that with millions and millions and millions of people, if not hundreds of millions or maybe a billion, mostly when we get there.

Thank you Lord okay some good news for a change.

This was this is good for now Scotus that Supreme Court of the United States. In case you didn't catch that Scotus declines to halt Texas pro-life law sets date for review of two cases challenging the rule on Friday being today, the Supreme Court declined to halt a Texas pro-life but agreed to give to cases regarding challenges to the law expedited review with oral argument set for Monday, November 1. So this is all heating up quickly. We do not know. I have no idea what the current Supreme Court going to do with these abortion issues are some big cases that they're okay this one, the Texas one and Mississippi as well.

So the fact that they didn't stop, but not once but twice now is at least encouraging.

So this is a story that just came out earlier today is political previously reported Texas on Thursday yesterday urged the Supreme Court to turn away a bite administration effort to halt enforcement of the state six-week abortion ban, but broach the possibility that justice could also opt to use the matter to more broadly consider decades-old precedents affirming abortion rights. I wish they would pray about that as the daily wire reported earlier this week. The bite administration's Justice Department officially asked the Supreme Court to weigh in on Texas pro-life law yet again and temporarily halt the law while legal actions continue because were all in support of killing babies when God is no longer God and government becomes God. Everything it's flipped upside down and inside out and on the subject has been since 73 by the way, but abortion didn't start in America. The Romans were doing abortions way back when, as reported in the New York Times, the court signaled that it may, I quickly justice Samuel Alito, who oversees the federal appeals court responsible for Texas asked officials there to file the response to the Justice Department's application by Thursday at noon. The court ruled in the following days the Justice Department's brief stated that the law is clearly unconstitutional. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that was passed in 1973 like the Dred Scott decision. It was horrible, horrific and needs to be overturned.

The brief also requested that the hiker go around appeals court and take it on as a case this year Texas heartbeat act effectively outlaws abortion after the six week pregnancy when fetal cardiac activity can be detected as a daily letter previously reported, the Texas law allows citizens to sue abortion providers, and those who aid and abet legal procedures for financial reward if the lawsuit is successful. The buy demonstration is to block the locket. Of course, because that's her golden calf as her golden cow. They had their's there so tied to their allegiances unflappable they're not gonna stop. It is not here you go. I saw this on the other hand, my come on, this can't be true, but it is in its local University North, Chapel Hill, for all you Tar Heel fans and especially target parents anybody. This putting money in the Tar Heel system. Specifically, but in you and see University North, Chapel Hill, so there's this teacher and she's in from the big screen in the lecture hall and you look at the screen and up there and the screen it says right handed privilege not white handed but right are IG HT right handed privilege to all you righties out there, lift up your right your privileged right hand for most you it's probably white handed a side issue put up your privileged right hand and here's the list. It's easier and it makes life easier. You have a sense of belonging. You fit in the world is organized for right-handers you have more access. You have more opportunity and you have more advantage. All you right handed privilege people so again just to just to reiterate, if you're right-handed, it's easier, makes life easier, to which I say praise the Lord there's a sense of belonging to fit in.

I don't really have any conversations with people you're right-handed to awesome put their pal the world is organized for right-handers than yellow.

Always do you have more access I guess toilet papers on the right side right more opportunity. I don't know left-handed ballplayers make a boatload of money and more advantages.

Okay, I'm with you there okay so why what kind of a heartless, cruel society.

Obvious you don't love your neighbor thanks Carla for the left-handed high-five for job and they had the left-handed power signal on the screen by the University North gone Chapel Hill and esteemed institution.

Aren't you glad that you sent your kids here to learn this important stuff. I here's the deal class little quiz pop quiz for everybody. If Steve you're awfully snarky well it's Friday. What percentage of the world's human race not seeing male and female because I don't offend anybody. What percentage of the human race is right-handed tell my friends on Facebook live go just guess what your guess what percent don't Google it. Anybody out there radio land Facebook live YouTube like what percentage of the human race is right-handed. Don't look it up. Don't cheat, just guess am waiting for my friends on Facebook live start throwing some answers up there. We guys think.

What percentage of the world is right-handed. Catherine, 85% 79% summaries and Starpointe prices right Carla says 60% dances 90%, 86%, 85%, 90%, 90% thinking, meaning meaning meaning. Give yourself a right-handed pat on the back friends. It's 90%, 90% of the world population is right-handed so if you're going to dip designing a world the physicality of the world, and 90% of your people are right-handed and only 10% are left-handed.

Just to be logical and efficient which way are you going to tell that that would be to the right exactly right now. If you are left-handed, left-handed people are interesting, our son, one of our sons left-handed. I think left-handed people are interesting. I feels I feel sorry for you because the world is just so cruel and in heartless and I'm sorry, I guess, and then left but left it people like redheads, redhead right where the smallest minority in the world so I think that's cool, but in this case right-handed privilege. What about two armed privilege. What about to leg at privilege 10 fingers privilege or 10 toes privilege.

What about two eyes privilege. What about that, why do they have to create all these subclasses of victims its victim apology. What's up with what spot what he thinks behind why do we have to create victims because the go all spiritual on you because human beings desire to be valued and if you don't feel valued and you don't want to bow the knee at your creator who created you in his image and improve how much he loved you when he died for you on across 2000 years ago. If you want to go there because with that truth comes a standard with God and his son Jesus Christ and the power the Holy Spirit comes a standard of perfect holiness and we just don't like that that's just too much baggage for me. So forget that I don't want that somata suppress that truth them to replace it with a lie so I want to feel good about myself.

I want everybody else to feel good about me. That's where I'm and establish my self-worth and so if I'm a victim then I'm in a get more attention and I can feel special and that really said part of this is you are special your special I'm special right-handed person a special left-handed person is special black brown Asian, Hispanic, Hawaiian, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant girl special smart not so smart, good looking not so good looking, tall, short, fat skinny, talented, not talented average incredible handicapped all have incredible eternal value. That's the sanctity of human life because they're all made in God's rumor that don't look for your value from the world is Johnson do not know you will show great to be with you.

By the way, you can join us, right here in my Star Wars theme studio on Facebook live when Facebook's not dialing us down or need to lie before they pull because they pull it like every other day so it's just unbelievable that you can jump right here in studio. Are you listening on the radio. That's awesome. A lot of us don't live by live schedules anymore.

So what's at what time the programs on becomes irrelevant. For the most part, listen to what you want to when you want to. So we have an answer for that as well. And that's the podcasts of the show every day is put up on podcasts Apple podcasts iTunes iHeartRadio spot of file. The biggies are all on their just look it up under the Steve Noble show no BLE or right here on Facebook live or YouTube live and you can check that out by the yesterday show needs to be shared by all of us forget that I'm the host my names on forget that not what matters. What matters is the content from yesterday's theology Thursday. That was Jim Berg is professor of biblical counseling at Bob Jones University with theology Thursday and it was the theology of addiction and the world is a many professionals in the secular world on that issue are starting to come around going yeah you know what this really comes back to matters of the heart and the way you're reacting to circumstances in your life and then your your brain is following your heart and your body follows after that and then you rewire your body and then all the other stuff that's true of addictive materials including pornography, all gets in play.

But what starts. It what starts it. It's a matter of the heart and is just one of the most powerful conversations I've ever been involved in on the issue of addiction and I know lots of people need to hear it. Whether it's drugs, alcohol, pornography, whatever the case may be, so please share yesterday show I just put it up on Facebook live just link to it. You go to Facebook live or YouTube. Our YouTube channel and pull it from yesterday grab the podcasts and share it that way. But let's get that out there. There's some great resources there just a great biblical look at addiction, which is a much bigger problem than we care to admit.

So make sure you do that that would be a blessing to somebody I know for sure okay speaking a social media did you hear this, but I cannot. Nothing. Nothing on the quote of Rush Limbaugh trump announces social media platform launch plan. Former president Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will be launching his very own media network.

We kinda knew this was going to happen sooner or later, including a social media platform called truth.

Social in order to quote unquote stand up to the tyranny of big tech map appears to be the first project of the trump media and technology group which will list on the NASDAQ through a merger with digital world acquisition group.

According to an announcement tweeted out by spokes woman Liz Harrington. The transaction values TM TG up to about 1.7 billion. Harrington set policy company which list trumps private membership Martin club Mara Largo as its address will be chaired by the former president, who said that this group's mission is to create a rival to the liberal media Consortium quote. We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter yet. Your favorite American president has been silence unquote Trump claim classic trump your favorite American breath.

The move doesn't come as a total surprise. Trump and his team of advisors have dropped hints per month that he might launch his own social media apps to rival Facebook and Twitter. According to the press really truth. Social is currently available for preorder in that Apple App Store in a beta version will be available to invited guest. Starting in November nationwide rollout is expected in the first quarter 2022.

Yesterday, I read another article that got hacked yesterday, 71, and there put a pig face on something that you can have a hard time because I guarantee it. The social media ogres don't want him in their so maybe they'll have some people hacking weight is the PEOPLE hacking away try to stop that, for obvious reasons.

That's never going to change as long as Donald Trump is walking the face of the earth is an absent vehement opposition so that'll be inching see the company that he partnered with its interesting that their numbers kinda blew up their stock is way up there is over 300 up over 300% the first day went up to a high of $175. It started Thursday morning at 12 bucks and I went up to a high 175. I checked it a little while ago was just treating it like around 89, 90 bucks a share. So it's been a huge boom to them will see if it actually comes through that'll be interesting to watch ice. He thinks it's been really good for Donald Trump to not be on Twitter. I got to help them in it because people needed a break.

I actually I think if he runs for president in 2024 cards on the table. I think you lose. I think that we really bad for the conservative I want Rhonda Santos to run. I don't want Donald Trump very, so if you think I lost my salvation by saying that you've got bigger issues than the next president is going to be okay. Let me share this story. This is a great North Carolina story also in Afghanistan. Sorry.

By the way, in the hour and 1/2 last night on the CNN town hall with Pres. Biden in Anderson Cooper the one topic that didn't get not one second of coverage. I was Afghanistan.

How convenient. Okay, first and last out north going to community welcomes Afghan translator who served the 82nd airborne. This is so cool the 82nd airborne's motto is first and last out. They were the last soldiers to leave Afghanistan on the final military flight in this week one of their value translators is a bully are affectionately known by the troops as Johnny arrived with his family at his new home in rural North Carolina quote will do whatever we can to welcome them here and make them comfortable and make them feel like they are at home now, said Tracy Byrd, one of several hundred neighbors to line the roadway and welcome this Afghan family to wax County near Charlotte. This is the best of America going on right here right this. This is this is just this is the America I love and probably due to Johnny, who served with US infantry units for more than six years, was rescued at the end of August by a US Sen., a private veterans group and members of the 82nd airborne. One of the last combat translators to make it out before the wars in you notice is missing from Atlas anybody and in the Biden ministration as he exited the car, which drove him and his wife and three daughters from Fort Lee, Virginia, on the last part of his perilous journey that started in the chaos outside the Kabul airport. Johnny hug Sgt. Mike Veronica, with whom he served in southern Afghanistan a decade ago.

Quote Mike and Johnny last saw each other in southern Afghanistan before Mike was put on a medical helicopter to evacuate because of his life-threatening injuries. Sarah varietal. Mike's wife explained Sgt. Gerardo was with the 22508 and organ dab when he was blown up by an IED in April 2010 Johnny the Afghan was visibly moved when he saw the wounded paratrooper who also suffers from a traumatic brain injury and is had more than 100 surgeries at Walter Reed Medical Center quote he lost his leg. I'm so sorry for him. Johnny said as he and his family were shown the new home. He did a great job for my country for my people also for his country.

He came to Afghanistan to try to help the Afghan people their new home, get this, their new home was provided by a veteran and his wife bought a second home in North Carolina to be near her parents, who also served in the military.

We looked at each other and said you know we can do something.

Let's do it. Paul Cruz told Fox News. These people like Johnny have risked their lives with the American forces for many years. We felt that we owed it to them to be able to at least help and get them off on the right foot as they make their way.

The family also gave Johnny a car being a husband and a father, knowing that if it were me I would just fear for my life. I would hope that someone would be able to help said crews we just happen to be in a place in a time where we were able to do that server art of the CEO of the Independence fund help form, save our allies with the mighty Oaks foundation when the Taliban took Kabul to date they have rescued 12,500 Afghans using private charter flights quote we're going to weave these combat interpreters right into the fabric of the veterans community. Gerardo said now this 82nd airborne veterans, three young daughters will be neighbors with their fathers. Afghan translators three daughters on a farm in North Carolina where props to Sen. Tom Tillis Tom Tillis work nonstop to get the US government to rescue Johnny quote. It was late nights two or 3 o'clock in the morning. We're uncertain if we are going to be successful, and I told Mike I would rest until I heard wheels up Tom Tillis said as he welcomed Johnny and his family from Afghanistan as a band played God bless America.

In the background. We took a lot of scissors to the red tape. He said referring to the chaotic US government of actuation evacuation efforts. Tillis, like many others on Capitol Hill still has a list of get this 900 Afghan allies. He's trying to evacuate what a great story and that such an American story. By the way, this is something that I touch on often almost every week in my new US history classes that I'm teaching high school age homeschoolers. I teach three classes I teach seven classes total.

If you don't know about this aspect of my life, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, seven classes I three US history classes. I have two Constitution civics classes and I have two Christian ethics classes in the US history classes because it's deftly been hijacked from the left and turned around and changed, but the right does it to it. Tickets politicize and again, like I mentioned earlier for you to call yourself a Christian. If I call myself a Christian.

Our allegiance should be to the truth of a matter so that's the good the bad the ugly. There's some awesome things about American history there's some horrendous things about American history on the first day class.

I told all my students because of absence. First, on since high school and 55 is the first time since high school.

I've seriously study US history. And that's why started my very first class of the quote from Solomon is nothing new under the sun is nothing new under the sun. We been doing it to each other since we got kicked out of the garden and what you see in US history. The highs and lows you see in world history.

Why, because a human beings, human depravity, but we stop everyone slog a look at what these people accomplish look at the Independence or set aside the Indian think for a minute. Let's set aside slavery permanent because not all of them were killing Indians and not open that slaves but look at the resilience look at the Sackler self-sacrifice. Look at the desire to just survive and provide for their family and to do the right thing.

So when you hear a story like this, first in first out. This is what built America and this is a part of who we used to be in for some of us, and for some people in America still is.

Love your neighbor a Judeo-Christian ethic. Love your neighbor as yourself. Sacrifice help do something before you go to bed tonight asked the Lord what my doing my doing to love my neighbor as myself plenty of opportunity for all of us. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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