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Christian Woman = Mom

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October 19, 2021 10:50 pm

Christian Woman = Mom

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 19, 2021 10:50 pm

Christian Woman = Mom

Steve talks to Rachel Lee Brady, a young homeschool mom, about Christian women and being a homeschool mom. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now there's your host Steve Noble okay listen up all you Christian women listen up, get yellow pad of yellow pad), and get 10 and get ready to take some notes. Maybe for you it's too late. But maybe it's for your daughter. Maybe it's for your granddaughter. I'm just starting off in a really snarky way.

All this can be really serious conversation but a fun conversation in the meaningful conversation I Rachel Lee Brady is 34 years of age, and she and her husband Winston have been married for how long that Rachel almost 10 years you go by Rachel Lee or just Rachel. I really love my made names. I use it in the middle a lot.

Some people always are like all if you just want to call me Rachel or what I'm like know what what do you actually prefer. So you like to hear Rachel Lee. I'm proud to have legal whether you go, so it's Rachel Lee for the rest the show, so we've known each other you guys been married for how long.

Only seniors. So while tenure okay so and then Rachel and her husband Winston have three sons five 2 1/2 and four months.

Yes, same age as my grandson, which means your way younger than me, but that's fine Rachel into Liberty University and worked at heritage were to talk about all the stuff you and I met each other went because we you been very involved in politics from a Christian perspective. Rachel more than anything for the sake of the show is my Christian sister but you been involved in politics for a long time and that's kinda how we met what goes back to what 2012. I believe it was during marriage amendment campaign was a first.

My first interaction with you here wanted great allies of the campaign and he took her message on the heirs allowed one plants and yard sign those out. Yes and replant them and you. And then I remember it was funny it was like the day or two before the votes of those of you North Carolina will remember when this ended up on the ballot so we were voting on whether we wanted to amend the north, the state constitution to codify marriages between one man and one man one woman which it was said that we had to go to that, but that's where the culture was and still is, but I did show with this important was in the studio and then Timmy Fitzgerald who is the founder of NC values coalition team is been on the show many times and I remember asking them on the air.

This is kind of a funny moment. This will shock you at all. I was like, so do you guys to me and and Bishop your you're both married do you have a gay marriage.

Bishop all of me knew what I was doing is taking back the language and he was likely a Steve is a matter fact I have a very gay marriage. I'm like okay great Tim yellow use. She was like well and really were really happily married just one thing is really funny. I just pulled up the definition of gay which is jovial and happy and joyous and I'm like so is your marriage that will yeah I just one call to get just a funny moment anyway Rachel was paying attention last week when we did the show did you hear that was kind of a two-part of theology Thursday.

He did not God's design. We talked about men, specifically men not being in the workplace. Those numbers been dwindling for years and you can find. Way too many men like 73% of them now between the ages of 24 and 34 are not even married. So there's that issue. Last week we talked, not God's design about women and what was it about that conversation, Rachel.

I kinda got you interested in being here today.

Well have a unique perspective on this whole topic just to him with my kids and I'm really thankful to have that chance yesterday. Having spent time with them in these early years also work load on the side and using topic and conversation is something that I talk a lot about with other female friends and is something that I think a lot of women struggle with nailing clear to my draw the line here just working family and especially Christian women struggle with this.

There's an innate desire and winning team. You want to be with their children and how that plays out me look differently for different people.

Yeah yeah yes I was using topic.

I deftly tend right hand and yet and I just wanted I thought to be interesting to have some more talk about it and absolutely without that was the point, because you had to Christian men talking about it definitely didn't like when I am in you may not know this but about 60% of Christian radio listeners are women so they make up the bulk of the audience and when you hear guys talk about this is this is the triggering subjects yes and conversation with one of my daughters is 23. The other daughter 16. We talk about these things in their generation.

The thought of Christian woman are not of the thought of getting get married when you're young, having children when you're young to them. That's so patriarchal right on being told what to do and what if I want to have a career and what if I want to build this and what if I want to achieve that which is unique to them at that the cultural thing.

It's a generational things, but for you like going to Liberty University. What was your plan, then so your 1819 20 right. What was your view of the world as a Christian woman in your place and what was your plan well yeah honestly I grew up in that small town school and start a small church and there really were not many people around my age that I couldn't even like have good friendships yes and there's a couple not a huge network and said thought of going to liberty where there is huge student body at fellow believers was really exciting to me be lying to say that I didn't have the back my mind will meet someone there. You know may place a my husband does not where I met my husband and I deftly graduated there. Just a single as can be and didn't really know what the company open at the time were you thinking I'm a have a career because you works you had some incredible opportunities that they got done.

Liberty want to work the heritage foundation.

Most the people listening to us right now familiar that you had a chance after Obama won she worked on the hill. I did, I did not have a career mindset. I went to school thinking you know this to be good when they need to be educated when you feel to support ourselves but ultimately I really want to have a family that was that with my heart desire and that's the way that I that's what I carried with me through my teenage years and going into young adulthood and send it to graduate liberty single and in going to Washington Washington DC where everyone else was single right.

It was honestly scary for me. I thought you know what can happen anybody. Nobody hears interest in having a family. This is really totally different culture in DC. What was it like it liberty with no liberties.

A question not everybody liberty is concerned about the large percentage of them are*with girlfriends and stuff.

Did you guys talk about this was in college in terms of wanting to get married. Yeah, a lot of women did get married right after graduation, I was one of the few didn't.

So we deftly got about marriage, family having children they go to college down deep and everyone we know we need to support ourselves that even even as a Christian one.

You know you need to be educated and to be honest with yourself.

Yes over to talk about that in the context Proverbs 31 having a family we do with your career was the Bible say will be right back and grandmothers and grandfathers. What are you to tell your daughters and granddaughters to others the world what the world says in the world says go get them tiger. I am woman hear me roar.

Go do whatever you want to do.

You don't need to answer to a man you don't need to get married when you're young you don't need to get married at all. If you don't want to.

You certainly don't owe anybody to have children and it's interesting. I've had some conversations about this just one recently and talk about all what wise God's design for marriage anyway.

Bulova lies well if you're going to propagate the human race and survive. You actually need to have more people in order to do that enough God commands us right there at the beginning to be fruitful and multiply you. Actually, there are numbers involved there.

So if you're having like in Europe right now, they're both note there beneath her own replenishment rate because they they are not having any to have about three kids per family to get a replenishment rate, so there actually shrinking themselves the same things happening here in America as we get more more selfish.

It's all about me my career, my desires, my money, my my my my my, and so marriages is faltering to getting pushed back further careers are taking over, which is not necessarily materialism but oftentimes that's what's driving it. I am woman hear me roar and so what you do about that. If your question what is God's word say about it. We talked about at the last to theology Thursdays with Neil Cushman from Bob Jones seminary looking at the role men in the role of women and that's why Rachel of the Brady is here today with me and her husband Winston. They been married from was 10 years have three sons five 2 1/2 and four months in a side to give a side gig you're still working a little bit and he said something on the break and thanks for being here today appreciate your having your welcome. Say something on the break about wanting to get married young and having children. Starting a family wasn't exactly something that you put on a T-shirt and ran around town and had what why was that because I think there's something there. We need to unpack.

There's a lot of societal pressure.

There is an inside the church as well. Yeah, the culture tells you pursue your dreams. You know, anything you can be. Don't limit your potential, especially for when we there's a huge cultural pressure to do more than just a have just a hand as if that something rice so easy or not enough for society. You know, and so what the other side of that is there's a cute yet for single children is a biblical calling and it's something that is a wonderful choice and it should be celebrated and supported especially within the church.

We need to be more vocal about that lanterns are tempted to take the cultural line on this insane unit is the same or doesn't really matter what you choose.

I think there are some biblical just do it makes you happy attitude even within the church. We had bought into that little bit all absolutely and so so how old were you when you got married you were seven 2525 felt so old that I wasn't now did anybody. Did you have any friends in the coworkers that really while 25 that's awfully young. It's interesting on where you were to ask that question said from a liberty standpoint, where went undergrad this people got married when they were 21 right out of college son people he did not. But most people were getting married right out of college and unit to Washington DC, for no one's getting right everybody single everybody single yeah I was pretty church they are where it was really hard. Honestly, going to church and looking at these Mimi read all the single people and no one doing anything about it, young men and young women average is happily living the single life yeah you know they're making money either doing fun stuff. Yet no one, no one seems like the pressure to get married and honestly felt alone and I would sit there telling me I may be single forever happy being single except for me, but yeah, and that was just a reality and there was a stigma attached like you were mentioned as a stigma like your figure that out.

It's old-fashioned right it's biblical i.e. patriarchal right that's the church telling me what to do with my life. Are you guys try to tell me what to do with my body night trying to tell me what to do with career or singleness or marriage, I think, is that as the world gets older. Autonomy becomes an even bigger item were so autonomous now. We can change her gender with with no rational basis in science. This is based on feelings and to certain degree of mental illness. But then you just declare I am what I am and that's the end of it and I think the did so back to the church thing.

Do you remember growing up in a small town or being at liberty was the theology of womanhood, biblical womanhood, marriage, family, mothering was that ever taught was remember being pushed in any way, or educated in any way. In this context absolutely marriage motherhood were seen as wonderful, wonderful callings to take part in said absolutely yes. And I think that's kind of where I was feeling this this pool yet here I grant this way and I knew straight about and what was going God designed it and when and then, and in this huge unit city or there's other people who have different perspectives even in the church and yet just a lonely feeling and feeling like the world is very much against this core value that I have but it's interesting to do because I set out to have a career in politics or to work in politics.

I love always love politics but you know when I was kind of thrown into it and in a lot of ways is really good for almost 10 years really. Yesterday Georg within get values here and everything until yet married, had children right right have just done a couple different campaigns and things like that on guy. Yes, I mean politics I smell of mine, but I was working and it I kind of caught the bug to be honest church and it's like oh wow, I had like this desire in it have marriage to get married, have children, then, is like. I found this other side of myself through working. I really like this.

I like pushing myself hard. I did my thing up late in the office and getting things done this in a lot of ways it was tough because it is okay. I really would have children one day and also really enjoying working with these two things and unite Esther with that. When I first got to Washington I talked to someone at heritage about it. The supervisor of the young leaders program. There handle it.

I really want to push myself. I really would like to really strive to do great things for God's glory here, but I ain't caring this desire to have children you Angel Mary, now that these two things in place for Christian woman.

Sure seems like opposite ends of the spectrum.

Choose one again. She told me unit procedures that pursue you and push yourself as hard as she can hear why you're here. Always keep your hand open to having a family and I carry that with me is very great. Get advice from it here as a young guy was like 22 at the time and I would often tell employers even. I remember during my first interview. When I was working on the hill, my, the congressman asked me since it was your five-year plan and at the time I was very very single and I said well you know if I'm here in the list of things I'd like to be getting said, but honestly, I could also see myself having children in the next five years, getting married, and he nodded and told me it was a great worthwhile endeavor and unit he supported it. And of course I was encouraging to hear but have always tried to be honest in who I really am even to employers when interviewing as it comes up.

Yeah even yeah this is call you is what is there to wonder. You can be gone in two or three or four years to get you out yet and as an employer. That's an issue. It money and time right training right ready unit may say they're not biased in how they make their distress on hiring, but yet a guy be a little bit. I just well I don't think that's bias of the gotchas good business. I guess that you spend a certain amount of money and time in developing somebody so I get you right where we want you to be in the new get married, I think flexibility comes in. So I slowly and then we'll talk about side gigs right now. What does Rachel leave Brady's friends what what about her peer groups is 34. What are they say about this marriage and family as a Christian woman with Steve Noble to Steve Noble cell phone up on our theology Thursday from last week was, not God's design talking about the biblical role of women, which is right so Goethe believes everybody primarily primarily for most Christian women. Not all some people to call the singleness we I don't think in the church we done a good job of talking about singleness and exalting that for the great worth it can't be if you're called to it. But for most of us singleness is not the calling, so most people move towards marriage and then family raising children, and the last week we were talking about that in the context of theology Thursday, not God's design because a lot of women and even in the church in our like what getting married, having children. That's just like the patriarchy slavery kind of thing and I'm I can do a lot more of my life than just push out some kids and raise a bunch of little brats and so that that's what the culture is largely done. You see that in the reproduction rates in marriage and the guys I think it was 73, 74% of men between the ages of 25 and 34 now aren't even married have all kinds of problems and that's why I ritually Brady is in here today.

She's a we've been friends for a long time and been very involved in politics from a Christian perspective. Of course, and but she's a mom and she's 34 husband, Winston 35 for three sons five 2 1/2 and four months. They been married for almost 10 years show last week and we just exchanged a couple messages because this is a big issue. I do think we do that we realize how much of an issue. This is, I think he talked to any Christian one. There is a lot of struggle here everywhere. Every Christian woman I talked to has some sort of thought on this. There is definitely a lot of struggle liking. If you say Hon mentioning enough and if you're working in any capacity, think on Mondello refill like oh man, I should be working at all is ethical is not. I don't know, and said I feel like this is an issue that needs to talk about and address and so things attached to you, Neil Cushman, Dr. Cushman brought this up last week on theology Thursday referencing Proverbs 31 right and I think a professorial okay godly woman in the godly wife and godly mother but there's things in Proverbs 31 that show you that that this Proverbs 31 woman is also a great business person absolute very industrious and I know you have some Proverbs 3100 yeah just walk you through what what grabbed their unit. For one thing, the whole gist of the passage talks on her household. Proverbs 31 woman is all about the ways of her household, and I can mean a lot of different things. I think sometimes you feel like like you said. Proverbs 31 you can only be taken here. Children are cooking our precious Jolene. You know what it what does traditional homemaking gas that we think of that she in this passage, she's unit she's considering fields she's she's she's looking at her merchandise that is profitable access or Lantus and got it night. She reaches out her hands in the media.

If it looks like she's going out her community doing things she's taking care of just every need her household. She's closing them at she's she's just all about household and I can look a lot of different ways for different when you know there isn't anything firm here that says says the opposite does not say women, you cannot earn an income unit and think this woman is earning an income. She is helping, but that difference here. I think that's different from the culture is.

She's about her.

She's not her household. That's what's first is not me, it's the household she's thinking about their needs first and second messaging to take away here and there's a lot of different context. Today, women facing one in rate may really need to provide for her family. Maybe her husband is he's walked out yet. Or maybe he's sick or maybe just they cannot make it work financially and she has to contribute something into only one I feel a need to be careful about is pointing fingers and saying what I'm doing this better than this other person and you know that that is anything to be very careful about and I think it can be very easy for a woman he states time to feel little self-righteous.

Sometimes Shirley will man I'm really like living at my little calling writer. Proverbs 31 I am.

I am her. I am she said so I think we need careful when you become we need very humble. We talk about the fact there's lots different context for women today and you know the wonderful thing today is this is in the 1980s and more. We don't have to leave our children right here and go to an office building in order to earn an income. We know we have laptops and sell things and we can do lots of damage so I think that working a little bit a little bit. Yes I am on the side, something that I enjoy doing it. It definitely is a blessing to our family. Something that we talk about often set as you contract work place and not an employee. And I really recommend that for other women. If you're needing to earn a little extra. It's wonderful to be a contractor in the sense that you're not having to report and shirt off and so you can do things at odd times. The day because her sleeping there sleeping yesterday of the ring around and your good multitasker said what are really great multitasker.

You know, so it isn't that I feel like the whole side income saying is very doable for a lot of women in the down minutes the day and on there that many bit carving them out and I can hear a blessing to your family. Send the wonderful thing we mentioned earlier, and I totally agree with this that a lot of the younger generations look at getting married, especially motherhood is unsettling for less than what I'm capable of right so would you think that feminism is probably the number one factor. There will absolutely just redefined her or just put a whole shroud over.

Oh yes, it is gotten worse in today were were completely just neutering the genders and so in a society saying there's no difference between men and women the right, you can if you want to your whatever you feel like today and said yes it's very confusing for a lot of Christian women to know how to handle that kind how to handle themselves in this environment, yet you think a lot of Christian women, younger women because your 34 so you much contact with with Christian women in their 20s so my sister is.

She's like her than I am. She's 10 years younger and I feel like she's she has a little different story than I do. So she got married young to a great guy that ice babies actually and she she's set her job aside when she had their first son, and I admire that a lot and I know that she finds a lot of the settlement and staying home with him and each year husband actually have a business lady on the side so she's definitely maxing it out every day.

Her pretty activities that I really I really admire that in her that yes I do see some young married women there making this choice and met that there are coming from the right angle there. There they understand where the emphasis should be the priority should be it should be on your family should be on your children.

That should be put in first and for some women that night mean working more than they really want to write you now and suggest a reality. But you know it sucks about thinking about what the family's needs are, I think, is the biblical call to call yourself a Christian, then you need to do that and I think a lot of younger Christians struggle with this. This is kind of the Lord issue so yet Jesus is my Savior, but is not necessarily the Lord of my life.

So what is the Bible call. Most of us to was occult most men to all that's leadership in the home and being a provider. The Bible is very strong on that issue and Amanda doesn't provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever. Some really strong language in their and for women. Most women from a typical perspective. At some point are called to motherhood in and really kind of running a home and supporting it's it's a great a partnership. I think marriage for a lot of younger Christian people and younger people especially is just like a dirty word always right and I think feminism is contributed to that because it's anybody that tells you to do anything other than what you wanted to or that really frees you up to maximize your potential is patriarchal animal in the just crushing right instead of going know this is actually a noble and important calling right and it's not like like like being a mom is a cakewalk like so were homeschooling family right we homeschool for 17 years now in MYSELF are also know you. We homeschool for 16 years or some tears on like will actually holistic me saying we've homeschooled is like incredibly inaccurate like somebody would object fire in a court of law. Gina homeschooled her fork.

I was like the headmaster from time to time pretty much. That's what she did. I've been self-employed since we two or three years into our marriage, which is just we just celebrated 29 years, so she's really operating the home in the in the budget and all that's the big job. It was not that long ago. If you're up pay a woman, a mom and a wife of breaks out in the in the marketplace. Based on the amount of work she does the nonresponsibility. She has the amount of time she puts in this like 100 and 2000 $30,000 your job which most women are making the right okay so is this really a you're selling yourself short. But the culture certainly tells you. Yes, they've exchange the trays for ally Romans one, but a being brought about. Yes, I know you some notes on feminism was everything else about feminism that because I want to make sure the last thing we encourage people and for us me as an older Christian, how do we speak to younger Christians, especially women, but any thing else about feminism that's got up, bugging you there's a question you know Phyllis Schlafly is my personal here as she stopped ERA for passage back in the 70s and early 80s. She read a book called, he will rock the cradle and that something that we need to consider as Christians is okay you're making choices about work. You're planning ahead, ask yourself that question who's going to take care of the kids get someone's got to write and save as your planning and making a decision about your future thinking about the children and puts in happened that working is a great question again. If you're Christian you say yeah I'm a Christian to follow the Lord will what is word say what the Lord says that children are a blessing and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them full of those arrows which actually are supposed to be shot out and directed will talk about that as well. We come back noble show, following up on our last two theology Thursdays friends about seminary talk about not God's design. We talked about men what's got time for men because men are leaving work marketplace living in our basements are far too often these days, but then we blessed week we talked about women. What's biblical role of women and some people are called singleness. Most of us are not so in that context, the number one thing that the Scriptures make pretty clear that a Christian woman was eventually his becomes a wife and mother to rear children and then we have those arrows in our quiver. Blessed is the man and woman. Of course, whose quiver is full of them.

And so that's God's design that you could take issue with that. That's what he said and it's pretty clear nothing you don't work and even with the Proverbs 31 woman she's very adjuster she's making money while she's running a household, but we've turned running household being a wife being a mother into like just like your flop. That's what losers do.

That's what people in Anemone Drive do.

That's a people that want to be controlled by men do and so we have a women as well.

Christian women that are really struggling with this issue. That's why Rachel Lee Brady is here today. She's 34, she and her husband Winston the been married for 10 years, three sons five 2 1/2 and four months while I house that going KI plotted a lot of dirt, a lot of darkness starts being shot only yes yes it is a lot of fun. You want to go like just a evened out girl would be great.

I love their auxiliary just great. So for for you and Winston when all of a sudden you're going to basically go to one income you're still working on the side, but was ever an issue for you guys to know when you got married or falling in love again to get ready. Talking about family planning the right way, not the Planned Parenthood Way, but how did you guys can work through the unit. It was a tough thing for sure because we neither one of us are making huge incomes and said the thought of me stopping my job to stay home with kids definitely like okay Harry make this work right so early on from the very beginning, we decided that we would always budget under his income and that if we are to buy house we are in a budget with his income in mind. And so we live like that and we saved his best we could swear I made and that definitely helped us once we had our kids we were not used in extravagant life well with always driven old cars yeah I shop at Aldi's exclusive shop over there. Hello it's me I'm there, that those are sacrifices yes that most people will be at my juries are in their 20s simply don't want to make right is really not glamorous is not something that you know the millennial mindset has in mind when you think about living at your 20s and 30s lot, especially people of my generation take a lot of stock in going out to eat a lot and you know you see like the Instagram coffee, don't go to everybody's got it in said yes. He had to make me do to make sacrifices that is about thinking about why you're doing it in your your investing in the next generation. And you have to have that mindset when you make choices you can't think about here now all the time. So do you do at this point you kind of openly or actively look for opportunities to have these types of conversations with younger Christian women I should do it more often on think that's a big problem. Yes, like other not to listen anyway right and you I get into some tough conversations with her two daughters about these things and I know this is a shocked everybody but all four of our kids are very independent minded and very strong. Well, they got there they got up about what just full disclosure, my wife is a time so that is a factor in the eye, which I probably just triggered some, but that's the end and there on a journey right we don't speak a biblical narrative and they will get will I know you struggle with this, or maybe don't like that. This is what the Bible teaches right and there's a reason why and so just sewing those season that's between them and their maker. At some point, but I think we need to be really active in having these conversations I don't know why marriage today for for young women in their 20s and teens has got it. It's like you said you suggest marriage to a lot of these young people in there like oh my gosh right you're so old-fashioned right to stigma all totally brutal. It's important to us Christians. If you see a hard-working young couple and their making sacrifices, and you recognize it. You did great job reminding them what they're doing like you're in it is so easy to lose sight of what to head down the road because you just try to get today are exhausted. Your unit you're dealing with children and fight all the messes and all the things and if you see a young person doing this well encourage him.

They need their tired and they're wondering if they made the right choice's office looks pretty attractive and right out right remind and encourage them to do you think we should be more bold in speaking up about difficult roles for men and women absolutely.

We did yes it can be scary. Such antithesis of the culture any to say and are to be protectors and providers at unit that is just completely for you. What happened to this woman. Soldiers yes yes get her wailing shut her mouth yeah she's not going to write a little doily backwards. Yeah, exactly. So I think we have sling need to be more vocal about it because the cultures so loud and so the church needs to be very loud on these topics in order to encourage and build upper body.

We need to be telling members of our churches reminding them what's what is treatise on these topics are important is affecting our daily lives. Thank you nice generation in eternity. Oh, absolutely. That's a huge problem and I think you you you start up on the string and you can find in Satan is not an idiot right so let's just destroy the institution of marriage absence destroy the family absolutely no government. Those are the three institutions that governing the church the family and marriage and government and so things can go after those absolutely defend him and speak loudly about it right the culture with absolutely.

We have to stand strong on these issues and I think there's a reason like he said that Satan attacks, marriage, family, gender roles unit there. It could be that it's because God's design for humanity. What a shock. Could it be that. For that reason like is that he's not.

So what, what's your word of encouragement because most the people listening and watching today are my so we have sons and daughters right and some of us have grandchildren right.

So how would you suggest that we approach the younger women in our lives as fathers and mothers. His grandfather's grin grandmothers on this particular subject.

What's a good way to communicate with people your age and younger and just be in their lives. Send a check say hey I saw the way your parenting at church on Sunday and you're just doing a great job actually to me that to me recently. It was a tough morning and you know we didn't know where trying to deal with our kids and it was just tough and we had somebody afterwards. Tell us just like you reminding us why we are doing what were doing and that weird student sit so well with our children and they like the way that we said to them in handling this particular situation just hear his words from people mean so much especially for older people, something that you respect you just mean so much to have so many older tell you that encouragement is is a currency that we don't trade much yes and the cultures throwing negative messages at us all the time.

Yet it's a Christian anti-biblical message right literally 24 seven right so when you hear something special from an older Christian couple just a little bit of encouragement. What a massive impact that I was heavily that you remember it all you river what do you say to the younger single Christian women about Satan just like that old boss of my heritage told me to keep your hand open to seeing maybe the Lord isn't to call you to marriage and family. Maybe. Maybe that will not be your story, but that's your heart's desire. You don't squelch it. Unit is a good thing. It's the way God designed men and women. He had these desires are not something weird or something you know that's old-fashioned, it's the design for humanity's. There's a reason that you may have a desire to have children. Maybe because natural what crazy thought that it right right is going so this again.

I'm always going to come back to. If you call yourself a Christian, then there is a plum. There is a source for truth right and what does it say and there's that and then realizing okay. It's like the old cartoons when I have a double on one corner. On one shoulder and I have an angel on the other shoulder right and there will talking to me.

Yes, trying to get me to go one direction and the Scripture talks about that you know this is the way walk in the right go to the left noticed the way walk in it and that such a funny thing. It sounds ridiculous but it rings true.

Could it be this actually God's design rise right if you don't do that you squelch it to the word that you used earlier than your denying yourself the blessings that God has for you. That's unique to marriage and family right absolutely can't find it anywhere else right in less. Let's be honest, think the guys are not being encouraged to step up and lead no and said if you're hand is close to marriage a whole lot of discouragement not to step forward, her hand open to the possibilities of what you think it's a great point and to to challenge both sides of the Quinault yes-men challenge to the step up and lead and and that's not what I think is a much bigger problem. Just looking at marriage for women than it is for. I think them the majority men want to get married. The challenge now is you have a lot of women that are getting well educated and that in the flock of men that are well educated and shrinking right like 65% of college students are female. Really something like how do you even find a good godly man to marry writer Christian woman right to these questions are even more important as you get for even more important, which is why we have to have these conversations speak out loudly, by the way, make sure moms and dads, grandparents that you're praying for your children's spouses get something that Rachel help you once were doing that already start praying for the spouses of your young boys are to marry one day I had a funny conversation with one of my daughters once I said hey do you pray about her to marry. She said no, I haven't really done that could have been praying about since you would like to God really only hearing from her when it comes to here to marry and I just floated that out. She was like okay I think I understand your point right now, so make sure were praying about it as well Rachel thank you so much for coming in today is really worthwhile having me your welcome will hopefully do it again so once and serve well think this is the noblest ignoble show, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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