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Election Integrity

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 11, 2021 5:46 pm

Election Integrity

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 11, 2021 5:46 pm

Election Integrity

Steve talks to Hal Weatherman about election integrity. He also has Money Monday with David Fischer. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble fresh back from Facebook. They'll be back on Facebook. A second now, but nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see here move along.

You can trust the election County every list every mailing voting ballot every vote that's collected with the ballot harvesting you can trust at all. You don't need to worry about anything.

Quit freaking out last year was just an aberration.

There's really nothing to see here and so I don't even know I were talking about election integrity because I think the system is perfectly fine just the way it is welcome.

How other pro live in the dream you live in the dragger was Steve Noble and the myth alleged how much worse could it be electoral education foundation is an organization that how just recently started house got a long and storied career in politics. For those of you that have been a part of the show for a while. You know how because of his buddy Dan Forrest and before that Danforth mom Sue Myrick who served in Congress for it was 18 years 18 years. Even in politics right at 30 years and now you're with a young buck passing Hawthorne down the old man and the old man died in the in the office, out there in western North Carolina has excellent school great medicines warrior and he stands up for truth in and is has a big crosshair on his back just because he speaks truth in a dark world and but support amendments in Iraq are considerate when he hired me up more of a mentor's yet relationship he's young I'm older and he basically said in a during your time here for 30 years.

Your experience and to me what I thought was a very wise move that amendment and down so that's kind of what were doing and then he gave me for free guidance when he hired me.

I told him I still need to reconcile my pastor work for Dan Forrest, you know, for all those years as his Chief of Staff and ran all his campaigns as good ones, and unfortunately the one we lost and I just told Madison that you know as I move forward. I still have to reconcile my past and I want to do something for the next guy and so out came this nonprofit that we distorted that I'd like to talk about. I don't think I haven't seen it happen pretty politically active since about 2004. I have not seen as much attention placed on election integrity in my entire life by which that. I guess that's a good thing that came about as a as a as a result of last November's election, but have you ever seen this B is as much of a hot button issue and how bad is it on a scale from 1 to 10 not. I've never seen it this bad in terms of there's clearly a lack of trust in the system itself and some of that, you know, maybe came from this last election, but some of it came before in a good majority of people in the state voted for photo ID and and then the courts have ruled it so there's a lot of inherent distrust now in the system of why these decisions being made against the will of the people and so and then fast forward into the last election. And then there's all kinds of unit whether you're on one side or the other issue is it just come to the forefront. And so what were trying to do. That was something very, very simple in concept but very profound in implication. We just want to focus here in North Carolina and we want to target North Carolina voter file itself, and what they don't realize, but the voter file was were all registered voters reside right at that's where their information is stored. There's about 7.9 million rich voters and you're in there I'm in there in my 50s, so I'm proud I'm registered once, but I'm probably in their 10 time right for all the times for all the times I've voted in every time I vote you as well you generate about 60, 70 lines of code so think of the size of that hell on a 7.9 million times.

Maybe an average of 500 lines of codes and you're looking at a proverbial haystack. And if you're in an election where perhaps you're underwater at the end of the election and you want to contest it or you want to challenge certain things you've gotta go find let's just say 10,000 needles out of a file that 7.9 million×500 lines of code and therein lies the inherent problem. So what we want to do is focus on the file itself, and monitor all updates to the file that the state board of election does regular and consumer. We look at the frustration starting last November and everybody all this anecdotal evidence. Some of it looked actual some of it looked like is based on pathology in different studies and everybody's a pretty screaming luck, but there's so many things yet. Nothing could go anywhere in a court of law. So was it that word were looking at where we missed the forest for the trees, or what's the problem with the way we approach election integrity right now is where you want to look backwards, I got a change last November. Hey everybody, nothing is going to change from last year, so forget that we need to be forward looking up backwards. I think most people don't understand election process itself. They understand the activating, but they don't realize that the elections on November 3 right will really it's not because you have three weeks of early voting and really it's not right because of absentee balloting because back September 1 election doesn't end on November 3 ends 10 business days later, when what's called the campus takes place in all 100 counties and so if you want to challenge an election you want to challenge any component of the election you don't challenge it in aggregate statewide you have to drill it all the way down to the county level gift lawyer up deploy those lawyers into those 100 counties. When the canvas is taking place and if you missed that window right then there is no court of jurisdiction to hear you out.

You must catch it real-time, so you're actually right in terms of forward thinking I wish in the in the election that I was in this last time on election night or during early voting that I had a tool like what are nonprofit is gonna put forward where in real time. We can make sure that the movements that we see in the election file, meet the state law and if you're not then we can use that as evidence to challenge during that 10 day.

What you're looking at now is no process in place and then the 10 day period runs out and people are wringing their hands and some people feel it was legitimate. Some people think it's not. But there is no court of jurisdiction election laws.

The purview of the state.

What we have 50 states. So when you come at a national election then then where do you get right where do you go and therein lies the problems were not to solve everything, not attempting to just one person, and we've got a really good, dedicated, small team of people, but were not archive every update that the North Carolina Board of elections does and then the next time they update it. We archive that and all and so on and so on.

All those archive files up to a supercomputer if you will SQL Server run algorithms through it and isolate the movements yeah it had the highest correlation of fraud and then publish our findings and all were really trying to really not looking for fraud were looking for movement with a correlation to fraud and embed publishing. It is where there's smoke there's usually fire. Well, think about what color prosecutor if I'm white-collar.

Maybe it will save this for the next thing yet, but will really do want to stick a white color prosecutor tactics into the election file itself and all that we gotta do something because it's obviously a problem is more of a problem in the right of the left, I think most of us know that. But how do you move forward and in how many of you are struggling right now to even trust the next election. Will that keep you home that's part of the problems while talking how weathermen electoral education foundation will be right that and almost fell back from Facebook Jill which affected my life almost nothing, zero, not little frustrating at first and I like what was interesting about it is you realize how much that's muscle memory now for somebody like me when I'm looking at. I jump on Facebook and I'm looking and and immediately I want to post right then I took several times a week and I put something like access denied okay so is probably good for me but were back so if you want to actually be in the studio and while you're listening to commercial breaks on the radio which we appreciate. We love all the radio partners were actually having additional conversation here in the studio so if you are only radio for you. The show is about 41 minutes long, but if you're on Facebook Liber YouTube live thing for you.

The shows about an hour long. Now for some of you are going positive on hot perfectly fine with 41 minutes of you. I don't need 60 but the smart ones are going to give me 61. The only way to get that is if you're in the studio via Facebook Liber YouTube okay so it where and how weathermen is got 30 years of experience there is that 30 or more now is just write a letter to Greg said to feed his cattle and slavery in federal and state, and in many ways would you say that you spent your political career is kind of the man behind the scenes. I mean I was Congresswoman Sue Marks, Chief of Staff, or the majority of her time in Congress and then ran all of her campaign. Yes, and then transferred over to her son Danforth did the exact same thing with his chief staff on the government side and then would would leave run campaign so it units part campaign management spark government service, and ebb and flow gift depending on the two euro for your cycle but it's a unique set of experience and is one of the things that I've met him again to kinda reconcile the past. Yet I feel very uniquely qualified to bring into the election integrity thing, because campaign managers were just a different breed yeah and there's in terms of state waterfront five statewide campaign to get there.

We live in the weeds yeah and if you understand day in and day out. The minutia of the campaign, you realize what I'm saying but there's only a handful is out there and so here we have a unique perspective right election integrity because we live in you lawyers are hanging in the balance right because of it. Also, you know, I just felt like while I was still engaged in the process. Let's do something good for the next guy in a less do something and create this tool that all sides.

Could you nonpartisan. I don't care I just want I want to restore trust in the right voting system for holding the system itself accountable and that's never really been done and so out to me that the voter file was the foundation of all of it and before the break were talking a little bit you just think about it sometimes gets hard to understand. Think about it, pretend like I'm a white color prosecutor and I've been tasked with cracking down on money laundering… Say there's a million corporations in America. One of the time.

I want the money under the legal standing to go after million of these corporations? Do anything wrong, but what I am adduced probably sit down at a database into a query search and isolate and pull out of that million corporations list all the ones that have maybe a small LLC with the five-man Board of Directors.

They have attached to the sister LLC with the same five Board of Directors. Maybe they even have a brother, LLC now there's nothing illegal about that but if the same people on all three belts, but that structure is new you talk any white color prosecutor they'll say listen.

It's not illegal, but that structure is needed if you were to move money from a to B.C with being unclear guy we want to do the same thing in the North Carolina voter file were not really going through the photo file were comparing yesterday's file to today's file and were isolating, not the file but the movements between God and then working to run algorithms through soca by attaching it to a supercomputer so we go through the entire database in real time and isolate the movements of the house correlation to fraud and get it to me it's it's not even to be the things that you think about is good to be and I'll give an example, I can ask about our talking to how weathermen electoral education foundation electoral education is the website okay to stop and it's live now and so we need to support this because the vast majority of you. If not, 90% of you are concerned about election integrity. We complain about it.

We throw stuff at the TV. We listen to people complain about it, but when you actually have a chance to encourage somebody in support somebody that's doing something about it.

That's when you move from knowledge to responsibility. You know about it. Now you have an opportunity to do something about it so I would suggest that we all do that. So if you go to electoral education you can be a part of that and donate help support it because if we can't trust our electoral system organ have an increasing number of people that don't bother to vote and then you live in an oligarchy. I think for the most part we might live in one right now but voting voting, election integrity is everything. If we lose this.

There is no lien on states of America in a very small group of people are controlling everything on a scale from 1 to 10 how how bad is this in North Carolina and just because were added. How bad is it national what would be more qualified on the north front and I have my suspicions nationwide because I think some of the same things are happening in other states are happening here. I give you one concrete example of what took place in this last election and I know it took place because it's been published another another's as well. So as you know we have melon balloting in the state of North Carolina, whether you like that or not. I'm not a huge fan but regardless it exists, but we know this is not how weathermen's theory. This was documented. Oreo putted out at news and Observer put it out so this was already published that there were torturers funded organizations. For instance, that were sending out pre-populated absentee ballot request forms upwards of 1.8 million. She statewide right populated pre-populated now state law is clear. State law journals and we passed a very common sense measure. That said, if you are in possession County Board of elections, yet few are in possession of a pre-populated absentee ballot request form you are to throw it away right yet the director of the State Board of elections. During that time. Sent out a memo to all 100 counties saying if you are in possession reminder that state law says to throw away. So, do so, then mail them a non-prepaid pre-populated absentee ballot understand the Genesis of that 1.8 million people was targeted by a group that had a partisan affiliation sure. So the second a government entity then says look we see what you are attempting to do so will just complete the process is problematic.

That's one example. That's one example of the type of activities that in this last election that oft I saw firsthand and it was very troublesome, but is one of many and we will talk about this earlier in a moral break whatever or not trying at it if you talk about voter fraud. We talk about.

It's not a monolith right are you talking about thing you send a letter registration intimate provisional balloting or termite ballot box stuffing come about harvesting voter impersonation. I could go on and on and so ever to investigate any one form of fraud takes amazing time amazing resources and amazing expertise to know what you look we said that earlier Debbie.

We watch that all last fall, you lawyer up all you want but there's so many are so many smoke signals coming out correctly. You can't chase them all down well and it's like a finger in the dam that I cannot pinpoint one and put my finger the damned and expect other holes to open up so were reverse the election integrity process.

Instead of looking for fraud working. Think about this. This is simple true statement. All fraud requires movement in the data file that's a true statement. So rather than looking for fraud. Look for the movement to same thing that white color prosecutor is doing when he isolates and says I'm to look for structures that fraud need to exist and so this is going to upset some people that are big in the election integrity limit. I'm actually not looking for fraud. What were trying to do is establish basically a forensic accounting phone that's going to analyze voting files and save these movements that we see have a high correlation to fraud.

For someone who wants to write with. Like I said would clean it up a crime.

You've got this letter is a sentence that a sister, LLC and another sister, LLC and they all have the same five board members and that's one of those things and you rub your sanity.

Don't that's interesting because that has to exist in order for illegal activity to existing exec and existing only to worry about it, but it does now.

This is a matter of luck that lets be a predator drone and look for these areas that are causing or could be problematic.

Focus there instead of everywhere want to talk about America, the County can what happened out in Arizona select will be right back think you're both counted last November. Your vote count wasn't counted correctly to get any weird information.

The mail did anybody ever show up and they told you we voted already. Stuff like that so there's all kinds of issues out there with voter integrity. But the question is not that it's happening, of course, it's happening. I think it definitely happens far more in the blue area than it does in the red area. But the question is, can be trusted at all. In the second will affect whether you go vote next year next November got a huge election, you can switch the Senate, you can switch the house in North Carolina politics is a big deal and if we don't have about voter election integrity than the I fear that a lot of people just can say forget it. It's Riggs anyway and then people stop voting and it only gets worse. Right then it only gets worse. How weathermen so health and about politics for nearly 3 decades in Congress and also the state level. Sue Myrick was in Congress reaching years are Sunday and forest. Of course are a great lieutenant governor in and how it served in and helped alongside and in the weeds down there in the election process and now it started electoral education foundation that's electoral education I got the links up on Facebook life she can check that out for yourself. But really this is this and he said this is nonpartisan and because what your goal here is to get actual information out so that everybody can see because we need transparency going.

I don't think like you realize that so when the Northglenn Board of elections updates a file for Steve Noble will say Steve Noble I move you move last October. As a matter okay so the file that existed right that had your old address is superseded now by another file and that previous file goes away.

Now the state board will say they maintain a record of all the updates but it's in another database.

Right now the state board of elections master database is public record. I can go look at it anytime I want. I can run queries on I can attach it to a supercomputer I can run everything through it, but not the movements to me that in and of itself is a movement with a high correlation fraud. I'm not saying they're committing fraud, but I'm not in the second you take something off the books and deny me to the ability to look at right for bit of an issue I can think of all the different movements is not just that you move that you registered that the that you got your old or anything like that. It's not that it's that you applied for about is that you that that it was the request was received that it was mailed to you that it was that it was then correspondingly voted on within a deadline.

All these movements need to be monitored in real time and published in real time so that we know you voted when you said you voted or that you were denied the ability to buy because they didn't but to you and so that that's part of the process.

Adding transparency to the whole process. I actually think you know I think people can be made seminal work on project. Now don't really want to talk about it but will probably gonna release our first set of findings within a week where were going through some updates. Recent updates of the state board has done and were just using common sense and not pinging file against file and wish to publish funding let people draw their own conclusion.

Just so you know this information is there it will be there in about unit. People need to. People need to sign up right if they don't sign up. You won't see it because I don't think the just been on assaulting the media's got to give us a whole lot of the fair cover well course again even though we are nonpartisan, bipartisan, and I really up to the way I could care less which prime Republican I'm openly admit that people in my background shirt force.

We need to restore sovereignty, you know, sanctity, sovereignty, whatever the word you want to use back into the belts absolutely and so I could care less will track down fraud wherever we find it. The question for in a buddy of mine on Facebook alleges that a friend of mine in Idaho told me of the mother whose son lives in North Carolina here and had voted twice, North Carolina X elections said it was easy okay so in total. But as I can tell you that I could tell you hundreds a minute we run a statewide campaign. I could tell you hundreds of unit it will be asking this question.

If you're in a thrill a statewide election in North Carolina how to do it Millan balloting would be the first place I go without lot what explain how you do well, I don't. Well I'm not going to great detail on that right now but we don't perjure files we purge are filed after elections.

We perjure files and by then it's too late after the election moves right in and remember when you perjure files no reason be removed from the voter files that you moved your dead you filled that in two consecutive elections or the board of elections can't verify you are who you are. You live where you say you live and so we routinely purge after about six weeks after the election have never understood that. Why don't we bump that system forward rights and purge the file in eligible voters prior to election because what that means is there's a huge repository of people that may not be eligible to find ready people for someone to come out and vote in the name of the MSA am I saying that's happened. No outlet in time will tell if that's happening right but I think that the more that we can put a spotlight on the process you write and force the policymakers to make common sense changes in state law to tighten up. There's requirements, it's only common sense than that. That'll be a benefit for the betting public in a restore trust in the sermon that would be an example of right off the bat you know but Millan balloting is problematic for multitude of reasons, and I hope that our nonprofit will spell some of that out and I think you'll see some of that hearing in the near future and there's a term that gets thrown around a lot in the last year. Ballot harvesting. I don't think most people understand how that works well, yeah, and again you know reactions have counter reactions and so there is ballot harvesting more so in other states and Northglenn. Is it well, it's when a person is chasing down an absentee ballot request form an absentee ballot request form is sent in an absentee ballot, therefore, is being sent to the person's house and a person tries to intercept that ballot, usually with an elderly person, someone who might think they need assistance. Yeah they got a knock on the door and say we help you with that. Let me help you with that. Some a lot of times they pose as a government official.

This report elections. I'm here to help you but at that point they got in on you know they can assist person fill it out.

They can put it in an envelope, not seal it. They can come back and change and do whatever they want with it. At that point it's an issue. It is an issue, North Carolina.

It is more of an issue in other states were it's actually legal.

And so that's that's very problematic so that's just one form right but unit the Gen. assembly came out this last time because it was an instance of ballot harvesting in a previous election, and they started messing with the witness requirement started tightening up the witness requirements to fight against that which I understand.

But then you solve that come full circle in this last election because a coven, then you saw once I come in and waive the witness rhyme course things and so seems right and so when you see both sides arguing over the same minutia just from different vantage points.

It tells you there's some strategic advantage from that minutia, absolute, and let's monitor the minutia right you right and little cut that out voter ID so that would with how much would that help here in North Carolina and do you think were exiting to get that done. I was a pastor or any but I'm in the majority of North Carolina's one I think the courts are being partisan in their opposition to it that already exist in other states. He looks fine. It passes constitutional muster.

There's nothing and constitute the constitutional about North Carolinians passing a constitutional memo exercising the right medicine. But with that said, I'm optimistic that at some point in the future we will get it. Will it solve voter ID vast majority of it. It's the gatekeeper right.

It literally is the gatekeeper you need getting an ID me think about this the United about beer to buy cigarettes to buy a car to rent a car to get Medicare to get ideas for secure security Medicaid to flounder planning to do anything all you do Ashley where where are the protesters write nowhere where the protesters are and I just didn't get on a plane doesn't change the result of an election. That's what write I just you know it's it's a great disservice. It really would establish trust with the betting public and how much power does the does the North County state legislature have over the situation.

Never tremendous amount of power that is then weighed against the power of the courts she's right and so obviously the general general assembly passes North Carolina election law. It's their purview. But in the hyper- partisan environment working on virtually everything they've done, many of which I agree with has been litigated in front of an equally partisan of the other side in court search system and so ended. This is what we have. But you know I with voter ID. In particular, I think that was an affront to every registered veteran said and we underline because you know an unelected judge not accountable superseded the wheel with 50% of all North Carolina vets right to exercise the right to vote and and so I just it's hard to believe but that's that's the environment were NJ.

That's why I don't have a problem using the free work oligarchy when you got a government run by very small group of people, and especially when it comes to the judicial branch what's happened there truly remarkable how do we get involved.

How we help get your website electoral education foundation. world all social media platforms as well, and sign up because we want to push out her findings, except to be transparent will be open if you want to finance your inner get them and and will do updates on regular basis to it. Now you'll see that what we really do right now is basically off election year performance audit were to go through an audit.

Certain activities that we can go back in time and look at and say this is a loophole needs to be fixed. As we move into the traditional election season, and by that I mean 2022 congressional races and a 2024, then you actually start to see the frequency of our reports coming out, sometimes daily monitoring real-time election decisions that are being made and I think a lot of them will be eye-opening to have a lot of people we can share that information, we can push that information we can hold our elected officials accountable and by the way, for all of you the name the name of Christ praying about this as well.

This truth is a big deal how Letterman electoral education thanks become an expert will be right back was so great to be back with you greatly back in faith life. Think Mark appreciated bro appreciate the help. So the idea was the James O'Keefe video I put up that was a whistleblower kind of video and that was just a bridge too far for our friends in Facebook, but it's good to be back on so you want to join us here in the studio. Just go to Steve Noble show page on Facebook.

You can also do that on YouTube and in about every other day on YouTube get kicked off and on Facebook is not that often surprisingly so happy about that but it's good to be back with you Dow Jones down 250 points today as of right now for cleaning things like that.

If you're paying attention is always an interesting ride. There's a lot going on out there and did you see this story.

Merck pharmaceutical company Merck I just came out and asked for emergency authorization. They actually have a new covert pill that they're trying to get out so a lot of things are going to affect the markets and affect what we do with the money that God has put us in charge of which is why every Monday we get a chance to talk to our good friend David Fisher from La Marque, M. Our and I praise the Lord. David again staring a death in the face and the Lord just says yeah now yeah David.

I still get stuff for you to do so. We praise the Lord. Paragraph for how you doing and how you're feeling so good to hear you sounded better and stronger every time. How are you my friend I'm doing so much better this week.

Good girl over to call Marion completely have a full recovery were presumably doing the Lord Jehovah and reckless things you do nothing for everybody and their prayers for family. Amen.

You're very welcome. Of course, and pleasure to labor alongside. As you guys go through what you went through so we praise the Lord for that. I will on Monday. Monday updates everybody and if you like a why do you do a financial thing once a week well because the Bible talks a lot about money and possessions, both old and new Testaments of its in there often and regularly working to cover it regularly here in the shell that we do on Monday Monday update.

Like last week we did a full show in David Sharon's whole testimony on the recent brush with Coban, but on the updates when I started the passage of Scripture. This is a great one today great reminder for all of us. Hebrews 11 one and I think anybody's can recognize this when David's let's start there were my favorites. No substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You know are turned out that creek to make necessary easier possible factor concurrently impossible into possible leaks from time to think about the negative you like Reggie Jackson famous people clerk struck out 26, 2600 times the most of any bespoke her history, yet he was known for his own brunch.

The crying of Thomas Edison failed a thousand experiments, but on 1001 experiment, you create a life goal so I've learned that diversity and that there is also not just a lesson but a blessing also was looking make we for both and have faith. The patient showed to learn what the lesson and the blessing will yes it's a great reminder for all of us, whether it's going to something with our health. A loved one's health, finances, your family, your kids, your marriage or business. Whatever the case may be, in such a great reminder.

Okay, so Merck getting into the covert game and they came out. I just saw the stories read about this earlier today. This new covert pill coming out for Merck's to tell us about that because everybody a bill on Facebook live as they came Merck Merck pill custom $17 to produce, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna charge hundreds of dollars. And he also mentioned that part of the development there was paid for with grant money. So is it just another company get in on the cash cow that's that's COBIT in terms of medicine or what's happening here and why does it matter more premier will appear of your good name of the drug. Your printers really close $17 and 74 sauce Merck produced appeal going to the government for $712 and the government-funded research on this for $29 million to two Merck I wrote hold on hold yeah yeah before I throw up here on the heirs to $17.74 to produce it. They got in part of the production process and the development processing at $29 million in grants from the government and how much do you see each pill is going to cost will total of 40 pill five days like today is 712 they actually go through two 712 days McCarthy only $17.74 to produce postal figure yeah 40 times bigger sheet. So what second to do financially, doesn't matter to us in terms of investments and savings, and what's happening with the market will want to buy Merck dark winter temperature with you Friday when he announced their thought to be make $7 billion by the year and because there signed a contract. $1.2 billion contract with the government, or 1.7 million courses of medication at $712 so why am I sharing this because it confirms what we talked about last week all about big money with pharmaceutical market Gorman on rent to severe the same boat bring to severe cost $9.32 you insurance companies are being charged 3120 always there to make $750 million this year and 1.1 billion next year. Yet the ironic thing about life pill to buy the way, is now the pushback is coming because what it does. It changes you'll the structure of the cell structure of color that's essential when you teach can't survive. That's all good in the petri dish but now scientists are saying what it's going to body it could cause cancer and birth defects will be careful on taking this pill is my advice yeah yeah and so we have to be aware of all this, and don't be mean, it's good to be skeptical. It's good to be a critical thinker. There's a lot of money being made here and you can't say that doesn't matter because it unfortunately we live in this broken fallen world. There's plenty of corruption. Nobody is is purest the wind driven snow except Jesus Christ himself, so we should all have a healthy dose of skepticism. And that's why we need prayer for wisdom and discernment. And boy do we need critical thinking. So what's what's going on recently with the market and economic news in general. David so while we talk about all the help and wealth go hand in hand. So I want to talk a little bit better. Well on all floor help but try to news came out that leak the communist Chinese party documents that there could be another COBIT 19 breakout on a large scale, Airpark Carnes, data there's some money things. The Bank of England is talking about tightening easy monetary policy also bank of Japan to stop money printing and or stop selling or buying government bombs are starting to sell it. Were seeing a formal central banker from the Bank of England in 2008 that he said last week that the US economy is already in a recession were seeing slow growth relatively high unemployment rising prices, which use calling stagflation in Goldman Sachs roosting orange moving into stagflation and 8/2021 and all next year economic forecast significantly that the economy is slowing and consumer spending is slowing a couple big things happening this week.

One big one. The key event is the CPI print in the consumer price index because last week jobs report came out very disappointed. We thought there and had 720,000 jobs really 235,000 jobs so there's there's all this talk on Wall Street about inflation now look at oil prices, food we have inflation. It is here and now their concern about what the CPI numbers come out this space will yes it's such a fascinating and and now I'd its existing mainstream media is now starting to embrace the fact that I inflation is real and it's not transitory and it's can appear for a while and I think were all starting to see that. I mean I just read. I heard the story of the weekend about natural gas is gone up like 116% in the last nine months under the bite ministration because they shut down all of the ways that people can get that in trying to expand the pipelines. These are very serious problems and a lot of people in this country use natural gas and a lot of people that don't have a lot of money and also in their heating bills in a double this is Christmas time and minutes.

Just brutal.

What about the debt ceiling can dart down the road here center boat trip you to 48. Last week, till December 3. Mitch McConnell wrote a big hate letter to Pres. Biden saying were not helping anymore basically want to inform you when I can provide any more assistance on raising the debt ceiling so come December 3 summer on that date, Congress is going to have to get together both the House and the Senate and raise the debt ceiling and you have others do a standalone bill or you'll put on the next your spending of spending package for 2022.

Still kick the can then ignore the problem and knowing that the infrastructure bill is the cost zero which I don't know.

I do still holding out. I was so ridiculous that so what what's it because we you gave a phone number Leslie David what's the concern with the way they want to fund the infrastructure bill that would that would miss that that necessitate us calling it an phone number up in DC agreement. Can anybody hear my voice be affected by this. They want to go in your bank account you're moving more than $600 a year, and if so they can pick you up for tax evasion. You have to prove your innocence and the beeping of the bill is beating up the IRS to do the used to be $10,000.

When I was 600 the other one is anybody hear my voice euros of IRA they could cost you your Ari possibly could be affected by pushing you out of the dose into a cell for distribution to generate a whole of your revenue to the government to pay for so this is why you you diversifying the goal folders a report saying you can go to $5500 by Jeffrey's long-term holding so call my company whereabouts and let's see how to get all of the unit. Call 844-6042 5 x 4 460-4575 or little landmark told to learn where to get her American. Call me for that awesome David, thank you so much. As always, we appreciate you and I will continue to pray for your full recovery.

Praise God for that and will talk to you next week okay buddy good. My brother, I meant what I just didn't think so much bill.

I'll find out this is over asked that question that you put on Facebook like this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shelf, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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