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Rapid Fire Friday

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October 8, 2021 2:43 pm

Rapid Fire Friday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 8, 2021 2:43 pm

Rapid Fire Friday

Steve talks to Tony Billler, from Envisage Law, to talk about our tyrannical government and school systems of the present day. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble memorandum that Mayor Garland, the Atty. Gen. of the United States sent over to the FBI earlier this week to talk about threats of violence but also harassment and intimidation.

Who gets to define that and have a talk about it all week and have talked about it in my classes, my US history class as well as my civics class with my school-age homeschoolers here in town in Raleigh and this is serious business and we have to pay attention to this.

I first found out about it because my good friend Tony Piller is a partner at envisage law firm and sent me a text earlier this week and I went over and looked and I'd like to say Tony that I couldn't believe what I read, but it was perfectly consistent with what the government is continuing to do as it grows more powerful every day Tony how are you.

Welcome back. That's great to have you think you make sure I got you there. So what was your read when you first saw what was happening coming out of the Atty. Gen.'s office pointing the FBI at parents try what will work going on your work warrant the involvement purely local matter where the letter on currently 30 wording back to you in the context of what's going on. The letter you would think that the network of ordinary alignment, local school are better are you great parent called B on your right there with her altering that weather. Correct Street being worn out whether critical race theory.

The cost a lot of a lot of family in the public school are understandably very very backdrop of the letter you well know, very old town yesterday. So this is the national school Board Association. I don't know if you're in a speaker or something telling a little bit in a tough connection. National school Board Association sent a letter to the bite administration, asking it to investigate and determine whether the increasing number of confrontations between angry parents and school boards qualify as domestic terrorism under the patriot act and when they add that Steve Ducey from Fox news is trying to get Jen sake, the White House Press Secretary to address that. She skirted around that she probably set up to circle back around you on that. But should we be worried about this and in their use of the terms harassment and intimidation.

That's pretty much whoever has the gold makes the rules is not correct.

The public horrible group publicly got the Congress can't good morning, exactly. The expression of grief. You cannot enter public or in a democracy very concerning about what it is. The initiation think the federal ought to address them. Equally concerning that are currently there are those of the administration that want to live balance to leaflet the most part weekly on the news and almost entirely of not entirely exactly that very passionate quite often angry protests at public that impact market to define that domestic terrorism right in the going rate at the heart of member share this with my students all week. The first thing I thought I considered when I read it I printed it off and read it, my first question was what in the world is the Atty. Gen. and the FBI doing getting involved in local politics and local school boards and and you mention this in your text to me.

Tony will do they think that local sheriff and local police are not capable of handling. If you do this been very rare. It is been threats of violence. A couple incidences around the country, but that's opposite not the norm. Not even close. But the federal government just assuming that they're going to become the watchdog care to me is just tyrannical to make really the only way to make.

I think would be under the Ricoh concurred. Luckily, school production, school board, or patriot actors a coordinated issue of domestic terrorism. I think both of those opposition here. We felt absurd backtracking little.

That's a no-no were only talking about specific incidences of actual physical threats or if there's any violence that broke out. But if that were true, they would've had to use the words harassment and intimidation. Do you think they're actually going to follow through on this Tony 40 think this is just saber rattling by the bite administration might my personal take more coal. I tried to use the cork with future union of the lottery school board running on the teachers union and we teachers Association and wild and we believe that school board taking a lot of heat and often, not believe it is not an empirical study based on my anecdotal occupation, the school board are currently parroting what either gubernatorial, whatever the state health administration flame and more often or simply clarity sister associations at one really going on. Once again taking their orders. Groups that are out there trying to push around like the unions, Tony Piller, partner at envisage law firm envisage that law thinks place, and we appreciate you. I felt talk to you soon will be right back. After this, everybody knows going to sell green trees noble and my life is over. My guess is probably what you like. Monday we are video recording all the theology Thursday yesterday with our friends about on seminary the day before and today were videoing it.

I'm treating it just like a regular day on the program here in our lives. Still you to live so to go to YouTube because you hate Facebook which I certainly understand.

I just search the Steve Noble show on YouTube. They kick us off about every other day. This just normal welcome to the block. Welcome to the party this just the deal for you to be a conservative outspoken Christian in America. In America, which is you need to embrace the fact that this you're living in a pagan nation.

This is a pagan nation, even though we had George Barna on recently. The great researcher even though his most recent massive nationwide religious study which they release back in. Every March and April only releasing different parts as they going might have back on the show here in the near future.

6869% somewhere in their self-professed Christians a crown across country okay representative Paul and then you even had like 30 semi percent that self identify as born-again. But like half of those people that self identify as born-again believe that there's other ways and having other than going through Jesus Christ by placing your faith in him and being born again so what's up with that.

So Barna's research which I trusted and used for years.

He's likely, actually it's only 6% of Americans that are actually living out of convictional full-bodied biblical world, 6%, which means, don't you, Cormac. Because we have to finish the show by 594% do not. In the most people that exit qualify as born-again Christians when you take them down a different road to some find out what they actually believe then you're like 910% of the nation which means 90% are not. So when you drive around this afternoon we are out to dinner at the mall. Whatever you doing out in public, you can assume safely that at least three quarters of the people you see I don't care if you live in the south of the north for its higher percentage of the north. I don't know the Lord. That's why in Matthew and he's like Jesus like Kate prayed to the father to send out more workers into the harvest.

Why because the fields are ripened to harvest. Most people are lost so let's not forget that it's really important detail for all of us as we look at that school board things in politics and co-they do not talk about all that stuff the rest the show, but none of that last forever. The human soul does with two options heaven or hell. So let's make sure we don't forget the ultimate calls an ambassador of Christ is the great commission. So back to that. I mentioned this when Tony Piller, our attorney friend Tony Piller at envisage law firm

You need some help vast majority of incidents cited by school board group to justify federal intervention didn't involve threats and I was reading this cartoon that the notice comes after the gnash of the notice from Merrick Garland Atty. Gen. to the FBI after the national school Board Association think union sent a letter to the bite administration asking you to investigate and determine whether the increasing number of confrontations between angry parents that lawbreaking by the way, in school boards, qualifies, domestic terrorism and patriot quote threats and acts of violence have become more prevalent really acts of violence during public school board meetings via documented threats transmitted through the U.S. Postal Service through social media and other online platforms around personal properties. The organization claims, citing what it considers egregious episodes and 23 school districts over the last several months.

23 school districts. You have to look into what they claim is happening 23 school districts okay class, pop quiz, do you know how many school districts there are in America 14,000 they're talking about. This is like how they deal with covert numbers that talk about 23 school days is about 14,000 souls is a widespread problem called the feds man we need help from the FBI course as preposterous. However, the vast majority of incidents referenced by the in SBA don't qualify as threats of physical violence. According to local news reports cited in the groups letter out of 24 incidents cited by the in SBA 16 consisted of tense verbal exchanges which are protected free speech between parents and school board members that did not escalate to threats of physical violence.

Many of these cases, the aggravated parents disrupted school board meetings by angrily objecting to the districts mandatory masking policies it policies are critical race theory, stuff like that.

In other cases parents picketed outside school board meetings, chaos, wielding signs and chanting politically charged slogans was just going to sound like a PLM thing from last summer. In some instances the angry parent shouted over school board meetings or exceeded their allotted speaking time during the meetings public comment. Yeah get that we need the however there have been certain exceptions okay so you have to take these seriously. Okay, I'm not blowing this off if there's threats of violence like serious stuff like that. Okay I guess I'll video the other day of a parent couple parents out on the street outside of some school board members houses and in broad daylight in the evening on what time it was the guys got both parties out there in the neighborhood parking at the school board member from the street to their house. What's obnoxious and enters a good chance that that's probably disturbing the peace. Okay, call the cops. I've no problem that in Worthington.

That's an Ohio school board member reportedly received a threatening letter, one in Beaverdam unified school District of Wisconsin, a school board member claims that people in cars of stopped at his house to photograph his address when they could be taxing on but it doesn't say that that's not violence in Loudoun County, Virginia, which is a hotbed of all this mess. School board members have reportedly received death threats. Okay, let's take that seriously check that out. I'm good that at a Birmingham public school board meeting, an audience member gave a Nazi salute during a public comment. Yeah so what, that's obnoxious. Yes there Christians they be doing that no and a few towns parents were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Okay, if you start breaking up a public meeting that okay fine, but you need the FBI to come in and say okay, Sheriff get out of here. Local police Raleigh PD Carrie Winston-Salem police Asheville police Greenville South, get out here. You guys can handle this. You need the feds here. It's ridiculous. And other cases cited by the in SBA parents aggressively asserted their parental rights without crossing the line in the physical intimidation or harassment.

We can't do that see what's happening here.

You're not allowed to push back.

That's the message that's being sent. Summit also commented in this article said it's like bringing 9/11 calling 911 for a paper cut on one for paper cut. So when Saki was asked about the ministration using the pager yet. I'd love Steve Ducey from Fox they just paid him up in DC because he just always push in and ask good questions. He continued asking about the in SBA's request. Talking to John Saki that the DOJ consider employing the patriot act. Another exit might have at their disposal. In response quote.

So would the administration be okay with the FBI using the patriot act to surveilled these parents that that's what they decide.

John Saki said I don't speak on behalf of the National school boards Association. I speak on behalf of this government. She said she continued that the AG will quote take actions they take and I will point you to them for more information will circle back around at the Dodge, which by the way, all this comes up is is a good reason to follow up on what were commanded to do in Scripture which is to pray for those in authority from the daily signal to come wrap up this I'll have to take this into the next segment that will move on. I warning from Australia about power of government is why I teach US history and particularly why I teach Constitution and civic studies going to homeschoolers in the Raleigh area going online. By the way next fall.

So if you're listening you know some other homeschoolers across North Carolina and some other state there to be able to start accessing my classes for civics and Constitution in US history next fall. That's a big move and distrust in the Lord with all of that but excited to do it is killing 19 cases in Australia increased over the past few months to the Delta variant.

We seen images of mass protests alongside police and military crackdowns. The Australian military has been unleashed in Sydney to enforce draconian lockdowns and extreme restrictions on travel. John fund at the national review laid out how absurd things have become Victoria Premier Dan Andrews his promise to lock out the unvaccinated from the economy. While New South Wales is made the shot mandatory for public-sector workers sorta look at what's going on in Australia has a warning to us here in America and getting the FBI and involved parents were mapped school board is pretty good man who turns the beauty Flicka good catch over their sale of my friends that live radio you play back and forth and look right on top of it helps me on Friday when I'm very frustrating thing parallel disco music. The hopefully up with a smile in your basement will need to relax okay. I warning from Australia about power of government limited. I did this the other night at the gateway benefit here in Raleigh, North Carolina incredible pro-life pregnancy resource centers. They opened up the third here in the Triangle area and at the beginning I was wondering because were all most of us pro-life people conservatives and evangelicals, I think we can really struggle, especially in the last two years with being joyful in the joy of the Lord because are so many things that are making us bad so many things that were concerned about government overreach mass, no mass vaccine no faxing public law and so a lot of us and myself included, can run around. I caught for space right you just got tense so I decided that the beginning of the banquet and when it is time to get going. I was like okay here's a pop quiz every if you're happy and you know it clap your hands just do that so the majority of I was expecting that the majority of of them would that I cited again. If you're happy and you know a guy. If you're happy and I don't have time for that so I said listen, if you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. You have you so much to be thrilled and happy about. Despite how dark this world can be and how disappointing it can be and how troubling it can be. Despite what kind of challenges and heartbreak. You might be dealing with personal if you have Christ you have everything and ultimately everything so this is just a little blip on the radar screen right and if you let you living in the nine states of America. Not a perfect country by a stretch, but I think overall the greatest country that's ever existed and plenty of sin national and individual obviously but still so don't sell your joy down the river for a bowl of stew like Esau did so these things are serious.

That's what we talked about on but you gotta be able to get a smile on your face because of Lord Jesus, and if you don't know him effect by sonic just a weirdo Bible thumper can guide you yeah I'm a Christian I help him to go to heaven. I try to do the right thing. You don't understand what God actually said in the Bible about who goes to heaven doesn't so I would be thrilled if you just listen to this and like I'm offending you just saved us, and you're not quite sure if you died today.

If you go to heaven like you I didn't do yourself a favor and go to my this can sound cheesy go to my website the Steve Noble The reason I'm sending you there is at the top of the page will see the word heaven like on that in a very easy to understand. With a little video and stuff. Very easy place to go and you might share that with somebody else that they need to hear the gospel that shows you exactly what the Bible says about who goes to heaven.

That way you can know that you know that you know back to this warning from Australia for us here in America Victoria Premier Dan Andrews has promised to lock out the unvaccinated from the economy. While New South Wales is made the shot mandatory for public-sector workers was that John fund the national review but politicians are exempted and bans on Austrians traveling in or out of their country are routinely way for athletes billionaires and celebrities all the countries in the west of the Western world Australia New Zealand seem to embrace culminating lockdowns the most coarser island nation so it makes a difference for a time. This method seem to pay off Australia has a much lower infection and death rate from the coronavirus than United States and many other countries, but the emergence of the Delta variant broke through that tight lockdown in the number of Cova 19 cases exploded, but something panicked and locked anymore. Okay some of the restrictions in Australia are most hard to believe when trying to lock people in their homes at the beginning of the pandemic. It was business as usual, nobody surprised by that. But how can Australia, a country with seemingly so many similarities to America seem so authoritarian so much like China. Although Australia has a federal system.

It's become increasingly more centralized lately.

Like much of Europe. So in your federalism, especially here in the American context. Our founding fathers meant a small contained federal government, expansive, pretty independent state government sets the definition of federalism, even though federalism back.

This article is envisioned by the framers of our Constitution increasingly is weekend in America over the past century, we still have a comparatively robust state-based system. Most policies here are set at the state level, even if the national government increasingly cuts into state authority i.e. send the FBI after school board disturbance. Of course many on the left to cry.

America's federalist system in the binder ministration is tried to undermine it. The president's national vaccine mandate being exhibit a day.

Federalism produces its California is in its Florida. Although it's unfortunate that state such as New York, for instance of Public schools closer and absurd length of time. Other states of reopen Australia's weaker system of federalism means that the whole country might not look like the government crackdowns in Sydney and Melbourne but it won't stave off tyranny of current trends continue Australia embrace national gun control. The 90s and implemented the widespread confiscation of firearms, Austrians chose to embrace government protection while sacrificing their liberty. That's what happened in that deal should be surprised that mere decades later, Austrians are even more willing to trade freedom for security appointments like a slippery slope more Austrians at least put more of those in power embrace of view of collective security in which rights are simply grants of privilege by state authorities bingo being being being the meaning meaning winner winner chicken dinner that ushers in tyranny. Australia is a warning to America. Again, I'm reading from this article in the daily signal on October 5. Australia is a warning.

Yes, in times of extreme duress.

Citizens can and must sacrifice some amount of liberty for security, but this contingency comes alongside the fundamental recognition that certain rights must be retained by the people and protected by the government. One of our founding fathers. Jefferson using John Locke call that an inalienable right.

Some people call state unalienable and Ali and inalienable unalienable you know what he means so that's what happened in Australia because they believe their back like the rights come from government. We understand our rights come from God.

Americans should be relieved that things are not quite as bad here as Aaron Estrella. We should be deeply concerned the same mentality exist even among Americans who would certainly not only take the Austrian style like lockdowns, but foist them on fellow citizens, if they could American fear of tyranny and a healthy degree of federalism might be what really saves us a great article and makes a great point what what what could look for government every given us the lady in the street in Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin after they came in a constitutional convention, a Republic or monarchy to which he replied, Republic. If you can keep it right here you go. Some Cova news New York Times retracts massive exaggeration of children hospitalized by Cova 19, the New York Times, come on sadist, so an article published by the New York Times snarky Friday remember approve Amanda Bailey to name on Wednesday times.

Readers were told that nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized with Cova 19 since the pandemic began while 900,000 a correction issued on Thursday. Note that the correct number 63,000 between August 2, 2020 and October 2021 loops only missed it by 837,000 cases. Be very careful do not necessarily believe what's being told you by any source, because everybody's playing an angle be suspicious of everything to the point of overwhelming skepticism, but Pete we need to be deeply critical thinkers because everybody's playing games with all the stuff. Pfizer formally asked drug regulators to let kids as young as five gets Cova 19 vaccine, why, why would you vaccinate a five-year-old what's what's up with that you vaccinate a five-year-old book like why if were talking about you know something really dangerous. Okay, but in case facts matter. Do you know how many five-year-olds stick with the five-year-old kids trot out the five-year-old you know many five-year-olds are in America this is I get to be dangerous because I like numbers. How many five. Why does Steve only five-year-olds are there in America.

I'm so glad you asked 4,028,281 of which 11 have died all 11 every single one of them. Unbelievably, heartbreakingly tragic, absolutely. Now course. My cynical side says will CDC reports that they died with COBIT.

We don't know that they died of Cova but let's say they did. That's 11 all horrific all tragic but out of 4,028,002 and 81 which means .27 per 100,000. See happen you have to collect 500,000, five-year-olds give him all COBIT to get the one to die from so facsimile with a vaccine that we don't really know long-term effects beyond about 16 months.

At this point we certainly don't know long-term effects of the five euro will Stephen Phibro stupid let's let's let's do 12. That seems reasonable. Okay, do you know many 12 are in America.

I'm so glad you asked. 4,208,387 of which 21 of died with COBIT horrific in each and every case, heartbreaking. Can't imagine it myself, but 20 one out of four .2 million which is .5 children die of COBIT per 100,000 so you maximal try to make sense of that for me. You can't swing in Denmark because you some adjourn a vaccine for young people. Why recent data points to an increase in inflammation of the heart muscle, myocarditis and inflammation of the parent pericardium pericarditis swing. The pause affects people born 1991 or later in Denmark all people under 18 not get them adjourn a vaccine and the more dirty got one there not let you get the second. That's what turn on till you see these things go. It should at least make you feel pause yellow flag pasta that is the median anti-factor that we discussed will be right for Noble for feedback on why on Monday the 20 bread and water here in Facebook, you find the hospital with kidney transplant.

A woman over Cova 19 vaccine refused getting a bit out of hand for a while. This is getting worse, but people are starting to push back like where talk about the school board and the FBI and all that fun stuff so it's good we need to continue to do that and and I'm not an anti-Baxter. I'm a pro personal freedom, autonomy your body your choice person because in this case taking a vaccine, placing it in your body that actually is your body, your choice as opposed to the choice to hire somebody to eliminate the life of the body that's good to be inside your body for nine months. That's abortion that's not my body, my choice because that somebody else's body, my choice right in and out here in the end up in the post birth world. We call that murder in this case, my body, my choice is actually accurate. So the Colorado hospital hospital Colorado rejected a woman for kidney transplant after she refused to give the colored vaccine. Could you imagine how infuriating that would be if you hear her Leilani Lou Tolley received a letter in September 28 informing her that the transplant team at the University Colorado hospital decided to designate her enacted here designate her interactive on the waiting list for transplants quote will be inactivated on the list for noncompliance sound so Russian communist for noncompliance by not receiving the code vaccine. The letter states if Lou Tolley continues to refuse to get up vaccine she quote will be remote from the kidney transplant listed at it.

Neither Lou Tolley nor her designated donor Jamie Fogler have received the Cova 19 vaccine folder hasn't for religious reasons. While the Tolley believes there is enough known about the vaccine according to the Tolley Hospital officials previously said vaccination wasn't required to get a transplant quote here I am willing to be a direct donor to her. This is the donor of fog or it does not affect any other patient on the transplant list that's correct. How can I sit here and allow them to murder my friend when I got a perfectly good kidney and can save her life. That's a great question sir. State representative Tim Guyton Republican first true awareness to the situation said the Facebook live video that he spoke with the Tolley and that she is tested positive for anybody's against the virus. While which causes Cova 19 but the hospital refuses to make an exception. Quote that's demonstrated through documentation and still University Colorado health is refusing to render this type of care. This type of lifesaving care is just typical care. This is lifesaving care and that's incredibly frustrating incredibly sad incredibly disgusting that you see University Colorado health would make this type of decision and impact an individual in such a dramatic and profound way to followers while obviously go to a different hospital system, but you start running into that. I think more and more from the Federalist on October 5 vaccine mandates from private employers are destroying American livelihoods. It's a long article just want to share some of the examples for you in Massachusetts with dozens of state troopers have reportedly submitted their resignations a pet of Gov. Charlie Baker's vaccine mandate will that's good because we need to get rid of the police anyway right that works an attorney with the state police union told CBS News that about 20% of the state police employees are unvaccinated. All of them face dismissal.

They don't get the shot in Virginia. The Washington Post reports that hundreds of hospital employees have taken have been fired in recent weeks is vaccine mandates have taken effect.

In North Carolina here. I live most of you to a single hospital system 575 people failing to get the culminating shop because the country more than 1600 health workers have been fired to date for refusing to get the shot. According to one tally by journalist Cheryl Atkinson who'll wait a minute, holistic last year. We are blown or horns and making signs and lighting candles for these heroes now are firing United Airlines the first US carrier mandated Cova 19 vaccine back in August announced last week that and begin the process of firing 600 employees and here's one individual person. One woman I spoke with the author the article is the mother of six children in a foster parent of two all under the age of 11, some of whom have special needs. She's also a physicians assistant at a large hospital where she's worked for the past 14 years the hospitals refusing to even consider religious exemptions is reviewing request for medical exemptions on a case-by-case basis. That's tough luck for Jane this mom because she's refusing to get the shot on religious grounds.

God has called me to care for vulnerable children. She said that is my calling in life. So, more than anything, I can't be involved in something that harms the most vulnerable because all three so what you talk about is all three vaccines were originally developed using fetal cell tissue in the testing process against what they're not injecting you with people to sell to someone he tells you that that's is false. K but fetal cell tissue. As a result of an abortion was used to develop all three of the test in for some of us Christians really yeah want to benefit from that.

No, thank you. If it's benefit. I think it is just let me put this on the record.

From everything I've read, it looks like quite stringently that the vaccines you want to call him that they don't keep you from getting COBIT but they they seem to be very effective in keeping you from getting a really bad case of covert and dying.

Although there is increasing number of people that are dying that are vaccinated still get everything's got an asterisk by it. Nothing black-and-white every things great. That's why this is so frustrating and dangerous.

The federal judge temporally blocks Texas antiabortion law. This was bound to happen. Federal judge in Austin Texas course of judge Robert Pittman and Obama point. He opined that a person's right under the Constitution to choose to unobtainable on abortion prior to feral fetal viability is well-established, fully aware that for depriving its citizens of this right by direct state action would be flagrantly unconstitutional estate, contrived, unprecedented and transparent statutory scheme to do just that. Pittman wrote the judge denied that the state, the state's request to delay the enforcement so they have to go to a higher court which they have they filed an appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, listen to this in a sign of his ideological alignment.

This is the judge federal judge Pittman used the term pregnant person to describe expectant mothers, noting that he quote recognizes that not all pregnant people identify as women, but I can guarantee you this because apparently I mean you're highly educated.

I guess every single person on the planet.

That's pregnant is a woman by definition, and I didn't get a lot agree used to be a house painter and I know that I here's an interesting story, which I approach with a little fear and trembling. This is in the Federalist by John West, Francis Collins, who is the head of the NIH isn't a national treasure is a national disgrace like whoa whoa, hold on a second that, from everything I've learned over the years. Francis Collins is a believer thoughts about this.

There's an interesting lesson. I'll get to a couple minutes were done this week. Francis Collins director the national Institute of health announced he will be stepping down from his post by the end of 20, 21 to me.

I saw that originally, Mike might be convenient Collins but I'm so cynical. Collins is probably the best known evangelical Christian and the federal science establishment and among many Christians he has had long held the status of a rockstar Collins announcement inspired a rush of accolades from his religious boosters evangelical political commentator David French called Collins a national treasure while theologian Russell Moore Christianity today used to run the ethics over the celebrity counsel for the Southern Baptist wanted Collins for his wisdom, expertise, and most of all Christian humility and grace. I don't question the sincerity of Collins faith. The author, this article writes but Collins is in a national treasure.

He's a national disgrace. What most faithful Christians are pro-life, not Collins. First of all, he doesn't seem to know when human life begins.

According to one media profile. He sees a human embryo is a potential life, though he thinks that that is not possible scientifically to settle precisely when life again.

It's developing multiplying on its own. That sure looks like life to be certain you're more highly educated and I besides, do you read the Bible before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

God knows you personally in the womb for athletic things like Collins NIH has funded macabre experiments that employ body parts collected from aborted fetuses to create quote humanize mouse and road mod models with full thickness human skin Collins NIH also provided nearly $3 million in tax dollars to support a fetal organ harvesting operation by the University of Pittsburgh in its quote quest to become a tissue hub for human fetal tissues ranging from 6 to 42 weeks gestation, how to get those by the way class. That's right, abortion. In addition, Collins champion the unrestricted funding of embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of human embryos. Collins is even the kind that condemn eugenic abortions of infants with down syndrome telling police that quote in our society people are in a circumstance of being able to take advantage of those technologies talk about abortions. We have decided as a society that that choice needs to be defended. What a PC pump political politician answer. Well, that's what we've decided in the course will I know it's got a job to do, but as a Christian, do you defend the that's where you can't serve two masters religious assembly loving your neighbor Collins is failed to. The author writes hope to attend church in person as late as December 2020 Collins was still urging that most churches should not mean person then there is Collins is increasingly shrill support for vaccine mandates on MSNBC.

Collins suggested that those who choose not to get coded vaccine or don't support vaccine mandates are failing to love their neighbor and are even responsible for killing people, including, I'm sad to say some children about 572 million, sir. 18 and under.

Is it the facts matter. Yet Collins says not a word on behalf of unvaccinated people who are losing their jobs being denied unemployment benefits even being denied organ transplants.

That's a story we talked about a minute ago. Does Collins think doing this is an example of loving your neighbor. In his book the language of God. He tied himself in knots trying to make peace between unguided evolution in the traditional belief of Christians and Jews that gotta not only directed the development of life, but that life displays clear evidence of his design. At one point Collins argued that perhaps God made evolution look like a random and undirected in 2019.

The journal science noted that when Collins originally was appointed at NIH Dir. by then Pres. Obama. Some are concerned that his outspoken Christian faith. What influences leadership signs went on to assure its readers that the critics need not worry what is religion never became an issue he followed Obama's order solution rules for stem cell research with some Christians pose that defendant fetal tissue research. Despite criticism from inside worship group. So let's Collins for more than 12 years ahead of NIH hiring in December and that's compelling to look into it all but that's compelling concerning just because somebody Christian real Christian, doesn't mean there to be excellent other job is important that the nobleness know, Michelle, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Always perform

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