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Spiritual Warfare Today

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 30, 2021 10:08 pm

Spiritual Warfare Today

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 30, 2021 10:08 pm

Spiritual Warfare Today

Steve has Dr. Sam Horn, from Bob Jones University, on his show for Theology Thursday to discuss spiritual warfare today. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay well for today on theology. Third day subject that is dear to my heart and it seems like out there that there's a trend developing here with our friends at Bob Jones.

Bob Jones University and the trend appears to be for week number three in a row on not theology Thursday week number three in a row as let's figure out a way to pick a subject that's going to make Steve really uncomfortable because we talk about the power of the tongue, and then we talked about technology last weekend and today were talking about spiritual warfare, but in the context of the culture war, which is something that I've been dealing with myself and one of our challenges and in this is not your to meet our guest today, Dr. Sam Horner, just a second.

One of the challenges and I know you struggle with that as well, especially in the age of COBIT is we tend to react politically. We engage politically. We look at the culture where we look at problems with her in our nation, whether it be cultural or political, and we think in terms of literal earthly activism.

We got a call this person.

We gotta show up at the school board we gotta fight back we get to post stories about this. We get to go against the narrative. We do all these things which are all valuable and all necessary but we tend to leave out.

At least I did for a long time kind of the other side of the story and it all yeah spiritual warfare fusion six all the good stuff and yet that's important. I need to pray, but there's a lot more to it and so often times we end up fighting with one hand. When our most powerful weapon and really the broadsword.

That's can affect the culture we leave it. She that's kind behind our back and we engage with other things that are important, but they're actually not the most potent weapons that we have so how do we deal with spiritual warfare in the context of what's going on in our culture today were going to come to work our way to put a link up here on Facebook live today that I want you to go check out it's a blog post from our guest today and the blog is entitled winning the spiritual warfare in today's broken culture, our peace through God's strength.

So the issue is important and if you say we you want to save America. Often times we cannot leave out seeing Americans saved but we do this, as Christians, and not just conservatives.

It's an important topic. And so Dr. Sam Horn is here with us today is teaching. Once again he is back kind of an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I'll be back mold here at Bob John seminary. Dr. Sam Horn back in the back in the Greenville South Carolina how are you sir, thanks for being here today.

Oh Steve, thanks for having me. It's a wonderful day here in South Carolina and enjoying just wonderful weather and just rejoicing in the good grace of God. So you've gone full-circle because you are at. You are at Bob Jones you are but in Greenville for how long and then you were gone for a while now you're back. But what what's than the length of this of related yeah that's a good question, so I actually started at Bob Jones University on staff in 1986 will and I was here for 10 years and I was instrumental in starting the distance-learning program here and I taught in the Bible department and I pastor. During that time and then I left into in 1996 and went to Northland International University in Dunbar Wisconsin and I was there for years now, as you have a temperature difference in January but Dunbar Wisconsin in Greenville, South Carolina.

Yet we joked about four days. Words above zero early in July. It was a wonderful time. II just really enjoyed my time there and I pastored a church in Wisconsin and Milwaukee want 2003 to 2011 and then I went to be the president Central Baptist theological seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota per Jan my number and my good friend Steve Pettit became the president Jones University loss and in 2015 and January 2015. He invited me back and I came here to serve with him and I was the Executive Vice President here over enrollment in ministry training and advancement, and those were just delightful years and then I left for a year and then the Lord brought us back here and I have the wonderful privilege of pastoring a small church in Pottersville Palmetto Baptist Church and I get to teach get to do the two things I like to do. I get preach God's word. After God's people, and then the other thing is I get to teach God's word to men and women who are training to serve the Lord with their lives. That's also what a great I would say you are blessed and highly favored in knowing you can't get a chance. Sam and I can I can I live this way myself. Now think God that you know you get to engage your gifting that the desires of your heart that God's will for your life you get in that sweet spot and minute feels feels like a spoiled kid like you know that's exactly right Steve, I mean the lines of fallen them to me and very pleasant places so one conversation when I have off my will do this later because you mentioned off the off the air. Everybody listen to trip radio network you guys are all familiar.

Stu Epperson, Junior, and Sam actually discipled the stew and his wife Julie so many years ago because you know I'm sure you gave it a great try and everything, but you know it's still so will talk about will talk about that later but that's a lot. He taught me some amazing things about the Australian good is a lot of fun know we've been friends for a long time so I really encouraged her that okay on something that's because right now you're preaching you been doing a series he got into it at Palmetto in talking about spiritual warfare and also in the context of our broken culture. The culture or whatever you want to call it. So what kind what was the impetus to get that going at Palmetto and then of course writing the blog and talk about today will see, that's a great question and it's sort of a funny answer because when I came and became the senior pastor Palmetto, the former pastor had been preaching through the book of Ephesians and he asked me sort of as a request on the way out pay when when you come would you mind finishing the book of Ephesians and that was like throwing just my favorite food on the table like absolutely.

So I got all the way up to the middle of chapter 5 talks about walking in the spirit so I started to preach through those sections and I began to realize as I was looking at the bigger context of what God was doing in Ephesians that this book is actually incredibly relevant for what our country and really what believers around the world are experiencing right now. So when I got to chapter 6, verse 10, and I began to realize this section chapter 6 verse 10 is the climax of the book pulses.

Finally, he's not saying okay I'm getting ready to close up here and so just a couple more verses and were done.

He's actually saying this is the point to which I've been driving for the entire book and it's all about spiritual warfare, and when you think about what's really going on in the culture around us. This is all being driven in chapter 2 by the prince of the power. The that's right energizing everything that's going on in the world around so we have to understand from us fearful perspective comes with our spiritual eyes laughed understand what's going on in the world going on in the natural. Otherwise we don't engage. We wish it will be right back to back his theology Thursday with a friend about John seminary and Bob Jones diversity down in the beautiful Greenville South Carolina were excited to be embarking on this partnership and I did this for years with our friends at Southeastern in the next seasons come and go right so when you're coming in the fall season. I'm particularly excited about that. I love the fall.

But guess what winter is coming and when winter gets here. I'm not can be shocked. I know it's coming. And then guess what, when winter gets long and cold. I know that springs around the corner and then guess what, summers coming next and then guess what fall so there's seasons in life, seasons and radio there's seasons on the show and I really enjoyed that season to season chains and then I did theology Thursday by myself for a while, which I didn't want to do what I had to do and waiting for. I was just talking to a doctor, Sam Horn about God's will for your life waiting for the Lord to show me where to go next and what to do. I did the best I could. In the meantime and then not Stu Epperson Junior actually were talking to Dr. Sam Horn today teaches at the seminary still is like hey can interview this summer somebody from PJ. You there doing some initiatives about trying to great raise raise up some pastors and that you quit pastors because were losing pastors from the field. I'm like yeah sure find stew I'm and I know you went there and in I know of a decent amount about Bob Jones.

I don't know everything, but that's fine with Alan Benson so Alan Benson comes on the show and we just hit it off and I said you know what I'm doing some things in the educational space. I don't have a partner right now. Theology Thursday hey can we have a conversation and Sam Allen and I spent almost an hour and 45 minutes on the phone and we did also been talk a whole lot about BJ you are about the radio show.

We talked about his family would talk about my family talk about the Lord in the me being the shy person I was.

I said hey can I just come down there for a couple days. I don't know a lot of guys but maybe the Lord's doing something here and I spent two days down there and that was about two months ago, the Bob Jones that I didn't know very well. I got to know well and then I was incredibly impressed.

The amount of wisdom and knowledge that's down there and and and I Michael this is a no-brainer guy just gonna drop us in my lap. So here we are. So it's just thrilling for me to and and now to meet you, and it's just like one great guest after another. So which is been awesome work, super excited to be doing this together. Well I'm glad you got to come down and visit. This is actually sort of a hidden gem and yeah I'm glad you got to see all the ways in which God is help this place to make appropriate changes without changing Jess important things yeah that's and that's a beautiful way of looking at it and it is funny is down there and talking about maestro's about it in and it was like he cracked a joke as we had several different meanings to different people. He's like, hey cancel culture we been dealing with that for almost 100 yes hello Bob. I got better but it's got that much energy is like an energizer bunny to give aspirin a day yet that's exactly right.

Okay so let's jump back on this. We're talking about spiritual warfare, how do we engage this is what I think all of us Sam are concerned about the nation were concerned about our culture you mentioned this in the blog and I put the link up to the blogger on the Facebook life. He today peace through strength. Reagan talked about that.

Some people say peace to spirit firepower. So we we can look at that is how we can affect America how are you" save America how you change the culture.

Yada yada yada. And I think we look at it like we gotta get we gotta assume the pillars of power in the American context and that can lead spiritual warfare out doesn't well so yeah that's a great question. Stephen maybe maybe the best way to kinda jump into what you're talking about is to realize that in any conflict between two nations or two realms. You really have to understand what the conflict is really about. Otherwise you can just run off and have your own little war and actually be really counterproductive to the big objectives that are going on on the side that you're fighting for. So I think before we even talk about what's going on in our own little culture here in America or any culture around the world. We gotta step back and ask the question what is this war really about and I think the answer to that. It is surprising because in Ephesians. The whole book centers around something that God has made and that he's been working on and it is a piece is a shalom. He starts off in chapter 1 verse two talking about the same piece you. He ends the book in chapter 5, verse 23 by saying peace be to the brothers and then in chapter 1 verses nine and 10 really, eight, nine, 10.

He reveals this stunning thing that God the father is doing through Jesus Christ and he is restoring everything on earth and everything in heaven through the ministry of Christ to what it was before the fall. So think about what the earth was like before the fall of Adam. You know in Genesis wanted to we read the six creative days and at the end of every day. The writer of Scripture tells us God saw that it was good, and at the end of the seventh day when he made image bearers. He saw that it was very good and then you stop and think about what all that entailed the fullness of blessing the fullness of fellowship. That's what's involved with shalom and then there was a time in heaven when all of that was true and there was a fallen heaven. Lucifer fell and then there was a fall on earth.

Adam fell in that plunge the entire universe into this cosmic conflict in God is about making peace. He is about creating establishing a piece through the obedience of his son Jesus Christ. The first perfect obedience of his life in the vicarious death that he died in our place and he made that piece and that piece has been extended to people who were in the realm that is being controlled by Satan, and we been called to live in peace to preserve the peace to display the piece in our families and our marriages in our employment with our neighbors. We are called to promote that piece and that's why there is a war. Satan is determined to come against that piece and disfigure it and shatter it and divide it and he's not coming at the world as much as he is coming at us. So when we are in this massive conflict what's really at stake is the shalom that God has established to Christ and is given to us. That's why said my piece I given to you, and it's not the peace of the world. It's the piece that comes from an entirely different realm. So I think if we miss that and we we set out to engage in the culture war around us in whatever ways that God puts in front of us. If we don't understand what's at stake and what the wars really about working to inadvertently shoot at the wrong target. Yet such a great point and and and I don't think most of us understand that you know your shalom and all that's it. That's a Jewish term and shall means peace meet you know have a good day, but that that our understanding is shalom. I think Anna and I want to ask you designate a break in a minute but I want to make sure we understand the fullness of this because it is your explaining it. Samson are going okay.

So part of our grumbling and moaning and groaning as believers on this earth is this longing for heaven longing for things to be the right way, which is really this explosion of shalom people outside the faith because the main the image of God. They have a similar longing they can't explain it because it's a spiritual truth and those are spiritually discerned and then Satan offers them a false way of getting there.

What change exactly this text with your sex life. Do this with money, sex and power. Whatever.

But everybody's ultimately, whether they understand or not there all all and after this piece they just define it differently, think absolute it in different means and that's why think it's important for us to understand this metanarrative, which is what your explaining otherwise fighting the culture war doesn't really make any sense. Ultimately, because were you fighting for what's that, with the result and I sleep that's exactly shalom is more than just the apps help highlight this gets the fullness of blessing that was there in the creative moment in the garden when God looked all of this is available fullness of joy. That's why the Christian life is about fullness and enjoyment. So how do we do that we pursue that we pursue that on other people's behalf that the gospel trying to get shalom will be right back to back and Steve Noble theology Thursday with her friends about in seminary Bob Jones University welcome to the world of applied theology.

Okay, so you can be really brilliant. You can study show yourself approved to memorize entire books of the Bible and that's awesome, but if all you do is go hang out somewhere and hide from the culture and you don't take that light and out into a dark world you're not really your horny hero hoarder. Great for you. Not so good for anybody else. So on this show whether theology Thursday or any other day. It's always the struggle and in I'm very open and honest about all this stuff. I struggle with a lot of stuff, you know that if you been listening or watching for any period of time and so you try to. How do we drag our faith out into the culture.

How now shall we live. If you want to go that direction, and especially these days when it's getting darker and increasingly so it seems like things are speeding up. It seems like end times. The eschatological clock is speeding up and I don't know many Christians that don't kinda sense that or feel that the how do we engage in a way that's God honoring kingdom building or are we. We have dual citizenship on the citizenship of the United States of America, but my primary citizenship is in the kingdom of God and how do you kinda live both those things out you don't drop one if you are in the kingdom of heaven. I should care about my neighbor. I should care about the city in which I live right. Pray for the city. Pray for its prosperity. How do you do that and I think a lot of us are doing it very well. We tend to go all carnal when their spiritual aspects. But if you go on spiritual never engage the world around you. That doesn't work either, so that's what were trying to work today. Dr. Sam Horn as our special guest on theology Thursday out at Bob Jones seminary as well as now pastoring a Palmetto Baptist Church there in the beautiful Greenville area and Sam again thanks for your time today. Oh, senior welcome you know is really interested in the tree but what you just said because we are citizens of two realms and we have to live in both homes but one realm is more important than the other and we come into one realm as an ambassador of the other. In other words, our loyalties and our love is to the heavenly realm, Paul described himself as an ambassador in chains, and it was the change that actually open the doors for him to go actually to the very highest places of the earthly realm of his day, and Caesar's own household where eventually the peace that he proclaimed was embraced by members of Caesar's own house so I come into two realms, but I coming to one realm as an ambassador and it's very hard sometimes those of us who love our country and we appreciate the freedoms that we have that many are people around the world. Don't and we know the price that so many of our own family members paid for that we don't ever want to say or do anything to diminish that, but it's so easy to love that realm more than the other realm because we really don't think of that realm is something weren't happening right now. That's where were going to go when we die. That's way out in outer space. That little song we sang in church way out in outer space. God is prepared to place and then we don't think of that realm as being real, but Paul actually describes that realm in Ephesians as a very real realm and I'm an ambassador for that realm in this room so that's the idea of how do I do this all uses an image called walk in chapter 2, he says, used to walk this way used to walk according to your flesh used to used to walk in a way that was constantly stepping over God's boundaries as the idea of trespass, you were constantly missing God's mark, that's the idea of sin and the reason you are doing this is because you were dead you are absolutely lifeless. But God, who is rich in mercy, and full of grace out of his deep love for you quickens you and changed everything. Everything, and he saved you by grace through faith in his son Jesus Christ, and he prepared a different walk for you. So if you want to know how to impact the culture. Chapter 4 through chapter 6 talk about this walk in five different times in the second half the book pulses. Now this is how you walk is an ambassador of my realm in your realm, here's here's what it looks like in the church preserve the unity around a good common accurate understanding of the doctrine I gave the church and use that doctrine to grow up in the faith and and preserve the harmony and confess the truth together speak that truth in love, and then went when you walk out into the culture.

It's a walk of distinction don't walk like people who don't know the Lord walk put off.

These behaviors put on these behaviors, walk in love.

Paul says walk in the light walk in in the knowledge of the truth, and then walk in wisdom of wisdom that doesn't come from your own.

My promises don't lean to your own understanding will somewhere else toiling I got to go to the wisdom that comes from above the wisdom that James said we could ask if we weren't double minded and double show so that walk then takes place in our lives and our families intermarriages with our children.

We don't do what Paul talked about in Ephesians 5 so we can have a better marriage, or we can have a better home or we can have better kids are a better job we do what we do because that's the best way to display the piece on earth that is one becoming through Messiah and that the only way anybody on earth can actually experience.

That's why sometimes we do need to stand up for the unborn. That's why their times.

We do need to speak truth to power. That's why their times where there is appropriate engagement, and even necessary engagement. Paul said you reproved the works of darkness right there's there's an appropriate way to do that if we don't understand that the reason were doing. This is not to make the culture better.

It's to preserve the peace that God is establish this shalom, which is so much bigger than just having a good life.

A happy life and a better life.

It's the fullness of of what God's promise that we saw back and eat all of the blessing. All of the joy, the unmitigated fellowship unhindered fellowship between each other between image bearers and between God. All of that was broken by sin. That's why I don't look at it as a hostile culture. I see it as a broken code yet at such an important point Sam I'm so glad you said that because I mention this just just come in on the air. During the break, as I cannot, I'll steal a phrase from the culture as I transitioned my guy that was all truth and no grace to a guy trying to be full of both grace and truth. John 114 that I would before early on in the culture wars. When I was getting about 2004, and later I was fighting for righteous causes as engaging things that I knew were equivalent to the truth of God's word and were moral relative to God's character. I think that these things actually get to speak truth to power. But I really looked at the culture. The loss culture. The left culture. The progressive culture as my enemy so I use and I said this to you earlier.

I look at Jesus looks out at the masses and he weeps because he sees are like sheep without a shepherd, which is what you were just talking right. I look out at the exact same group living and by the way, when a what what kind of what kind of fruit falls off a lemon tree that would be a limit so absolutely I'm getting mad at lemons because they follow the lemon tree.

Of course, of course, the unbelieving cultures can act like the unbelieving culture, but I did look at them and see them like sheep without a shepherd. I just saw him as the enemy is like just a bunch of stinky liberals would expect there to get there. Do one day and I was totally fighting in the flesh and not really understanding the spiritual kingdom side of it and I think that's where we struggle the day I'm not that that you can you're talking Sam to masking and thinking this question that a lot of people might have which is what and what we fight for what we fighting forward in a fighting mood were Americans.

We fight right so so you fight for people you fight for people you fight for truth but but in that fight. It's really about people when when Jesus Christ the divine warrior enemy is so amazing.

The armor that's in chapter 6 is actually worn by Jesus in the Old Testament and and so Jesus so I use this illustration you member the story of David and Goliath me.

Here's here's the army of Israel and they're all gathered there and there intimidated of actually been to Israel on that battlefield up and and Goliath comes out there and he's marching around and he is doing everything he can to shame. God and intimidate God's people, and God sends out a champion one chosen appointed servant and remedy goes to get Saul's armor and can't where it done fit in so so he goes out but he does have an armor. The armor that David wears. Remember what he went out and bought Goliath with he went out in the name of the Lord God, the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel and was in the strength of that name that he defeated Goliath will here we are in this massive battle against all the forces of wickedness that are energizing everything that's going on. This broken culture and goddesses look, I have a champion and his name is Jesus, and he defeated this enemy and it is in his strength and into his armor, that you go out and you represent on the battlefield is peace and his truth you when you think about the broken culture around us. The symbol of all of that in Genesis 3 with thorns and thistles right okay the pain and the sorrow and the agony and the brokenness. What did Jesus have on his head on the day of the divisive or decisive victory that he won on the cross.

He wore the symbol of all of that we on his head and I mean when he came out of the two, when he said on the cross to tell us that it is finished.

All of that was broken and the piece was reestablished, and one day it's going to come that's on the earth with Jesus touch and were going to reign with him and in the meantime, what we should be doing is fighting for all these broken people who have been deceived and blinded just like we were guy. I fight because I want you to make the right decision about the vaccine and what to do in a mask.

I don't think about whether you're going to heaven and hell and that maybe your fear is based on the fact that your boss what we fighting for, and how do we fight will wrap it up with that when we come back right after this Thursday with their friends about seminary and Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina Dr. Sam Horn, is that the seminary of former Dean in his back is also the pastor at Palmetto Baptist Church there in the area were talking today about spiritual warfare, specifically in the context of the culture war and I think this only talk about the cult culture were salmon. Again, thanks for your time today. I think one of the things that we really struggle at this keeps coming back to me as an thank you so much for being with us today because you just is bringing so much rich biblical knowledge and theology for us to consider and and by the way everybody if you're looking for the five easy steps to doing it the right way. Sorry that they deselect the rich young ruler just give me a list I'll take care the list and then I'll be fine. I wish it were that simple. It really isn't. So it's a journey and were all walking through this and so that's why we have conversations on the show as I'm chewing through at Sam's chewing through it and were all trying to learn together and walk together. And right now we've got it and I just trust the Holy Spirit were talking about the division that's existed in the church and the church is supposed to be this just like a marriage is supposed to be this this billboard for the kingdom of God. The body of Christ and in that shalom that Sam was talking about. And so what they see now is were divided over Trumper divided over by and were divided over politics were divided over the mass were divided over the vaccines. Not that those things don't matter, but is that really our number one job in this world. Sam as followers of Jesus Christ. Even here in America is to get America fixed or is our number one job to proclaim the gospel and see American saved and I think we really I think we really struggle with. Yeah I think so and I know that in my own heart is as an American.

As I said earlier, just appreciating the richness of the freedoms we have and how quickly those are evaporating and all of the injustice that we see going around and really into my own like just a fear of watching what's happening to our budget. What's going on is economy and what's happening in a worldwide it's very easy to to say okay I can't sit here any longer. I've got to do something because I got grandkids. I got kids and and I just got to do something and we can jump in and actually do damage in our hearts not to do damage to do good sir.

So what's the big if I have an opportunity. What's the best opportunity with my limited time and resources is an image bear in a falling apart world.

What's the best thing I can give myself to. And Paul says give yourself to the thing that changed it all for you. There was a word of truth that you believed that changed everything for you that brought you into our realm where you have every blessing that the spirit of God gives to people. That's Ephesians 1, three and four. So what was that word you don't, because that's the truth that were to be proclaiming and that word is the gospel, and I'm not just talk about the skinny gospel and talk about the full or nature just like shalom is in the skinny word itself full or amazing work. The gospel is in the skinny word itself full or restoration of the of the of the of the broken peace with God that is now been fully restored and I've been closed in somebody else's righteousness, and I have somebody else's obedience. I don't have to trust my own righteousness and not deduct take my little broken obedience together and presented to God. I have the obedience that Jesus offered for me. I have his righteousness.

I have the peace that he won for me that I get to where it shoes that that will give me stability in life. Why wouldn't I want to talk about that. Why wouldn't I give as much energy as much attention and as much effort and as much prayer to advancing that truth with my neighbor as I am about telling them my views on the masks on the vaccines or whatever else you mentioned in that list that you gave there is the truth of God.

And then there's my truth and is not that my truth isn't important because it is important to me your and I have to live by that truth in my own conscience, but there sometimes a difference between my truth and the unchanging truth of God's worship and I can often times get those two mixed up and I think often times, and I've been saying this for the last year and 1/2 since COBIT started and in everyone's sale in the show just at the pushback from the counter because we can be gluttonous in a lot of different ways and with gladness with the news of the day and in all this stuff and I say okay to let let's do a show today just call in and tell me something good that the Lord's done in the last seven days in your life and and because were just talking to talk about all this garbage all the time and I and I would often say Sam that he don't sell your joy down the river for a bolus to don't pull and Esau and Rocco.

So let's what are we showing the world don't do we engage these topics, yes. Do I want to talk about vaccines.

It better be because I can't care for my neighbor better be out of love for my neighbor but I think the bigger question to your point in the kingdom side of it in the in the gospel citing that the full throated, full orbit, as you said gospel side of it is MI engaging in these issues that are helpful to bring truth to bear MI engaging in a way that that that makes the gospel is it winsome from a gospel kingdom perspective or MI engaging in a way that people go well, if that's what the kingdoms like that that's what being a Christian is like no thank you. Even though you're bringing them a truth that can help on or not interested in the truth that can save and I think that's where we really have to be careful because all baptize all my bad behavior is gosh darn it. I'm standing for the truth but the whole time I'm not.

I'm not drawing anybody towards the kindness of God which leads people to repentance that make sense.

I got a make a lot of sense. I think you said it really well in the pre-conversation we had that sometimes we can we can put so much truth out there which we need to do and there's no love you and the word I think you used is that makes us a bully and sometimes we can have so much grace is so much love, but no truth and not just that just makes us a partial army were were not were not standing in ways and it's interesting we have all these walk passages in Ephesians 45 when he gets Ephesians 65 times he says stand. You need to stand each stand for the truth you need to stand on the ground that God is giving you you need to stand you resist the devil and he will flee will how do I do that what Jesus did it in the temptation account right in Matthew chapter 4, he wore the armor he wore the righteousness he wore the obedience. He wore the gospel of peace.

He wore the helmet of the salvation he was going to offer to us, he took the shield of the truth of God the faith once delivered to the saints, and most of all, he took the word of God.

Three times he looked at the devil looked him right in the eyes and he says it is written, how many times have we made massive arguments against something we don't like in the culture and there's no scripture, no scripture or or if we do use Scripture we rent you completely out of context and there's no way God intended for that verse to carry the theological Frank just loaded up on what it happened to be a verse that had I mentioned this something that you were mad about. So now were getting used to.

And so what what do you do with that you you don't get to misuse the truth because you're concerned about the truth you don't get to misrepresent the truth. You don't get to to use the truth in ways the truth of God in ways to advance your little truth. Your little truth is important, but it has to be shaped by the adjusted to the big truth of God, and that's where you take some stance. For example, when it comes to the life of the unborn. There is a big stand. We should be taking for that and that comes right out of scripture right when it comes to the abuse of image bearers or the sexual exploitation of image bearers. God cares deeply about and so should we. So were not talking here about, you know, sort of sitting back and just saying you know I just cannot witness to people and I just cannot try to, you know, do right and a lot of people in the love God know there are times when you do need to stand up and stand in front of the school board for the sake of the purity of the next generation is right and say look this is offensive to God. This is actually offensive to God's will. If I said that we all get kicked out the rib, but that's really your message right yet is it it isn't that this is no morally inappropriate to culture because it's no longer true. It's it's effects is the reason we don't have same-sex bathrooms are. We don't accept that you know the gender identity ideas that are being, you know, foisted on society isn't because we don't like or we would prefer it be different for their offensive to us really have to go and say this is not how God designed human image bearers to work and this is right out of God's word and we've got to let God's word do the battle for us, but most of us are afraid to do that because boy I actually do that. I'm in a lose my hearing. I'm getting absolutely lose any standing. I have in front of the people I'm trying to so it's a whole lot better if I can just rally the troops and get loud and and make my own personal arguments. When Gus's I gave you a sword.

Go it's my word and just use that sort use it in love love the people you're talking to, because the ultimate answer to the big issue isn't just making sure we have the same bathroom signage that we have now that we like.

It's that those people who are pushing that agenda would see the beauty and the holiness of God in the face of Jesus and they would embrace the gospel and become free because the truth is what sets you free and went back truth set you free. It's true freedom right here.

Free indeed x-ray. Such a beautiful way of looking at it and again that I would always just I just challenge everybody ask yourself why you're doing you doing a friend said to me years ago Sammy said listen Steve and this is going to sound kinda weird but here's my advice to you, always pieces that suspicious of yourself.

What always be suspicious of yourself, why are you doing what you're doing, why are you saying what you're saying and how does that line up with your job as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. And if it doesn't. If you can't make the biblical case for it in at the desire or the end goal isn't love for neighbor love for God. The proclamation of the gospel and the semen saved like Paul was all about. Then what are you doing you should be doing it.

Are you doing it wrong thought such a great reminder for all of us. Dr. Sam Horn, thereby junk seminary on theology Thursday well what will this again okay Sam because I love you luckily finish in one session is just going but will deftly do it so they could so much for your time. By the way for pastors, this little worksheet about this that's available on the Facebook page I put a link up that's just for pastors all in for pastors at the private group on Facebook that Bob Jones loading up with resources so make sure you check out that link Sam, thanks for being here everybody out. God willing, I'll be back tomorrow and like my dad always is to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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