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"White Cultured"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 27, 2021 10:46 am

"White Cultured"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 27, 2021 10:46 am

"White Cultured"

Steve talks about “White Culture” referring to a viral tik tok video of a “Mixed” girl calling boys racist for having PLM on their computer. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 36 or check them out noble family hello hi everybody how are you. Welcome back. I hope you had a good weekend. So if you're on a college campus during a college campus and you see you know a new building or maybe part of an old building that also looks like a library that's like someplace. My bill got studied is that a lot of students in their but it says the multiple multicultural center and your white, would you say oh that's not for me because of the multicultural center and there's no such thing as white culture so if at the multicultural Center multi-culture but doesn't include white culture because white culture apparently doesn't exist, then you don't go it so does this make sense high on high. Welcome back again.

Hope you had a great week and this is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, so maybe you seen the video or heard the audio from Arizona State University last week to well what's what we calling them to seek white system mailed blankety-blank guys since mail so let me just make sure you understand the terms of the game here. Peak white peak means I don't know if you think PIQ you eat or peak, like mega peak white to go with mega like very white since mailed which means you still identify with the sex and the gender of your birth so Audi boy. Any girl as far as I hopefully need to go so assists mail you, you peak white since mail people going to the multicultural Center at Arizona State University and that doesn't go where well for you your your sitting there at your computer and you and your friend in your and their studying and but on the back of your computer.

Unfortunately, to flag you as an incredibly racist person is a police lives matter sticker so you go to the multicultural Center as a white person with a police lives matter sticker on the back your computers on your computers open other people are forced to see it and then forced to deal with the fact that you're clearly a racist. Are you with me at this point Ari is making sense to you and then, especially for a white person every single part of the campus, that being Arizona State University centers. You all centers you, which I assume in today's ideology and language that means everything on campus is built for you as a white cis gendered person white cis gendered mail right so you still identify with the gender sex. I will house was to set these days of your birth, but everything on campus caters to you, but the multicultural Center doesn't my making sense. Okay, so here's what I want to do this actually happened last week. So these two white students were confronted by two people of color on campus and then I've got 11 point think of a couple of the stories I my I may not have time to get to take so much time to unpack this but I think there's a lot to learn here a lot to discuss some of Plato's whole clip for you. It's only to two minutes and 20 seconds the originals like almost 8 minutes long, but it just gets infuriating and maddening, some only going to a subject you to to out two minutes and 20 seconds of it in the original clip.

There's some bad language we use some duck quacks to cover that up so you won't hear the bad language, but I wouldn't play the whole clip for you okay and I've got 11 different points I want to go through that I think are very important to understand, whereas culture what's happening to our young people and if you ever are caught in a situation like this.

Are you ready to have a decent conversation. Can you have not only spiritually. Are you ready but mentally. Are you ready emotionally. Are you ready with all the kind of name-calling. Everything you can hear this is getting more more common. I think it's in a doubt this is all part of counsel, culture, and woke is him and stuff but still need to hear and I think it's a good lesson and so that's why would it take some time today and our good friend David Fisher will be back in the forcing when he's been literally deathly ill with COBIT. He and his wife he's got quite the story to tell about that because COBIT can be a killer. I've never said it isn't, but for the vast majority of it, isn't it. For us it doesn't praise the Lord for that and will talk to David but next we rented a full money money, so you really wants to share a lot about that. What he learned about treating COBIT in the lordships apparently not done with David Fisher yet because he's brought him through quite a bit the last couple years but let's go out to play this clip so just listen. I'm not missing anything.

I just want to listen and then will pick it apart one piece after another, ready to go on the latest clip is not to say anything I want to listen and they will pick up our is no you not being sent to you think that we think she can. Okay so working working playing over itself to take you through it okay so there's these two guys. The two white guys there. Arizona State University students entering the cortical multicultural center maybe seen this video okay you work on that because it was playing on top of itself, which is why you can heard the same thing over and over again sort of working that will that figured out, but then these two girls because the one guy has a police lives matter sticker on his laptop again as laptops open CC on the back and that's when they engaged him because his sticker is offensive to which I would say so what. There's all kinds of things that are offensive. Do you have limited assess a quick question. Do you have some kind of a constitutional right. Is there something in the student handbook that says you actually have a right to never be offended because I could say that I'm being offended by your caustic approach. Right now that's offensive to me. There's all kinds of things on campus that offend me. There's all kinds of things around town that offend me but you do you have a right to not be offended, so offensive. If you're offended now that's like become a criminal case you can't offend me. I can't of course I can. That's the result. That's one of the potential downsides of living in a free society where free speech. Well I guess used to be cherished is people can say things that offend you, and you can say things that offend other people, but so far that's not a punishable offense, but perhaps at Arizona State University.

It is certainly in the multicultural center.

It is there so much more to go through here will do it right after the break. Don't go anywhere back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show I think you guys are probably hearing things okay but it was circling back through my headphones because I was hearing was going on Facebook live time zone on the radio versus Facebook for some of you on your on Facebook and some of your own radio sulfate, Facebook is delayed by about 10 or 11 or 12, sometimes 15 seconds. So what happens here in the studio if I'm watching Facebook at the same time on. 15 seconds later. So if I have Facebook audio going through my ear set.

You can imagine that we get a little confusing but I was just for me. I think that was my treat. I don't think that was anybody else's tree to let me go through some of these things and then don't worry about it right now not to play again right now. So here's what happened. Knowledge.

These two are people of color students at Arizona State University and then the two white guys. Okay, like I just sitting there studying in the multicultural Center. Some people said what the multicultural center will that's a great question. Multicultural center and then the girls gone in the extended clip there like you have no idea took us four years to get this done to have a multi-create a multicultural center which means were to focus on the non-dominant culture multicultural. If I said hey what's good is multicultural center. This multicultural library. What would you think you would think there's got to be some emphasis there on people of color, Asian, Hispanic, African-American, maybe Jewish, maybe something outside the Judeo-Christian worldview, multicultural right. Maybe there's something there that's Russian. Maybe there's something there that European maybe there's some South American flavor whatever so multicultural but would you read the multicultural sign in your head. Think no white people will that's what these young Arizona State girls. Obviously that was their position. These two white guys going to the multicultural sister center strike one end and one of them has a police lives matter sticker on their on their computer strike to. Which means, by definition, he's a racist. Strike three. Get out as is the multicultural center which we spent later in the clip along clip she goes three or four years, you have no idea how hard it was for us to get a multicultural center. What could they put a sign out front that says no whites allowed right to limit just go through these points and all plays clip again okay zero here will more time, but she say the stickers offensive to which I say so what we want to write to not be offended.

There's all kinds of things that offend me.

There's no law at night you can show me an Arizona State University where they have some kind of a rule that says no nothing offensive for anybody who gets to define what's offensive. See the problem there right so for somebody to say well it's offensive. I was am sorry Jacob I understand you take offense to it but you don't have a right to force me to shut up so that you're not offended. We all get offended by stuff every day such as part of living in a in a free-speech culture. Do you want free speech or exercising it right now. So apparently you like free speech does not want to something you want to want to hear or see well you live in America where we believe in free speech so I have a right to be offensive.

You have a right to be offended. You do not have a right to not be offended.

Okay, I is that this is our space a multicultural center.

Our space then I would just think so are you saying that whites are allowed here because one of these girls is definitely more belligerent than the other grows louder and stalking more than his mother grows much calmer. But this is our space multicultural center.

So I just say, oh, say oh okay I maybe I misunderstood something are our whites not allowed to come in here so this a non-white multicultural center because I hope you do realize that that's actually against the law is in you would be discriminating based on the see one of those things.

Age, sex, race, oh that's right race like Caucasian, so you can't do that.

That's illegal and I'm sure you probably not suggesting that whites are allowed in the building they say no to not whites, just not your kind because you have black up a police lives matter under you are making this space uncomfortable why why put he's like wow are you doing that is. She's like your white and that's when he was that's working that white is not a culture but your weight this is a multicultural center again. I home a second let me make sure I understand you're saying this is a multicultural center and because it's a multicultural center, whites aren't allowed is that so you're saying because again I would like to remind you that discriminating based on on race is illegal in this country.

Just like if we had us a place across the street. That said, no Blacks, no Hispanics, no Jews, no Asians which we would all we should all have a problem that's discrimination based on race. You can't do that she can open multicultural center and then say no whites case. Let's keep moving white is not a culture right, that's what she says white is not a culture. However, you live in a country that was dominated by white Europeans established from an American perspective.

There are obviously indigenous people here beforehand for a long time beforehand.

North America was, not originally discovered by Europeans and courts were glum as every step foot on it so okay, but you have the dominant culture is white Anglo-Saxon Protestant from Europe. So when people say if I say because I'm white guy went on the white culture. Ask other people that are not white or European.

Do you think there's white culture. Of course there is, of course, is a white culture.

And if you sell these two guys in the way they look the way they dress and the way they carry themselves out. So yeah, that's the boy culture. I'm just not aware of it because the white culture is the dominant culture in America, but there is one Chick-fil-A baseball apple pie Chevrolet in apparently please lives matter that's white culture. So for her to sit is assisting his way culture is just ridiculous. Then she says this is the violence. This is how far feelings have gone. This is the violence that ASU does meeting Arizona State University.

This is the violence that Arizona State University does the type of people that they protect what type of people deputy that would be white people that support the police. This is the violence that all of a sudden putting a bumper sticker on my so putting up skinny man can ask your question, please. Thanks so nonwhite.

I have a police lives matter sticker on my computer and you feel like that's violent toward you in some way. How does Arizona State violence against because she goes on to say that this whole place is centered every single part of the campus centers you meaning gives you a privilege position. I soon. I haven't had time to look this up and the urban dictionary.

What is it mean that the campus centers you understand that a white person. What that means everything else on campus is not multicultural just offer you white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Apparently you see where this is totally based on emotion, not based on logic. I'm not saying for one second that we shouldn't have a conversation about whites, Blacks, Hispanic people of color as the interaction now and in the past in this country because obviously there's a lot of racial conversations to happen. Not saying we don't have those, but she's gone. People like this and this is not sort terribly abnormal have gone so far and I think the problem is that we've raised a generation of pretty wimpy people who had mom and dad helping them complete if not plain old doing their fourth grade science project for the so that they can excel so they can feel great because we don't want him to fail. So were helicopter parents and one more parents and we created a generation that are used to just kinda getting things their way. Because we cater to them and in doing so. For those that had parents in the home because 42% of the kids growing up in America today don't even have a dad in the house so the whole thing is collapsed.

So what you end up with and I know a lot of people don't like beer. This were especially younger people is always entitled your Justin title.

I want to make sure your feelings are hurt.

I want to make sure you get what you want. I want to make sure that the world is exactly what you wanted to be except that doesn't happen for anybody not anybody and that's for this whole snowflakes thing comes in which I would never say call of a young person a snowflake to their face because you just went nowhere. So there's ways to do this in ways not there's a lot more to unpack will be right back.

Welcome back to the world as it is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall walk working our way through this serving video disturbing, frustrating, maddening, whatever you want to call it out Arizona State University last week, two white guys are in the multicultural center studying to women of color and engage them there offended because the one guy got up police lives matter sticker on which makes you a racist by definition, so I'm just working my way through some of the things that they said and what you deal with this. Okay, so you're talking about a multicultural space but because your whites in there that's a problem, so there's no such thing as white culture. Although that's what America for the most part has been as its base culture. It's majority culture is white culture. Why, because the majority people in America for years have been white.

That's the majority culture. That's why when African-Americans are doing church. It's a little differently than whites, or when Asians do church that's a little differently than a purely pretty much all white church right different styles, different cultures, but there is a white culture, which is why some people up, people of color, not obviously, not all but some get there bugs by that because America's been like pretty much the white country. Although we been a melting pot for years, but the dominant race in America. Since its founding as America not North America, not done talking of the indigenous people beforehand were talking about white Anglo-Saxon Protestants for the most part from Europe so that's your white culture. That's why other cultures seem different. Right there is a white culture. For the most part go to the mall. The most to be a little Bit Different Then Taylor St. in Chicago. The Italian areas. Of Chicago or the Ethiopian area or the Lithuanian area or the Polish area or the African-American area you know what I mean. Okay so that's why I met that's what I would ask him.

So in a multicultural center, whites are welcome because you do realize that's illegal to discriminate based on race. Every single part of the campus centers you. I guess that some kind of Numa took terminology, meaning that the whole Place caters to you.

So can we just have a nonwhite place at the multicultural center that's essentially what they're saying and she's really mad and says they're just a couple of peak white cysts mailed be blank blank. Okay, say move on as you because you are a racist by definition because he has a police lives matters for sticker on his computer. You are a racist. Your sticker is racist because please that's a job I didn't choose to be black.

I have no idea where she's going here. It's nonsensical.

Okay, I'm just a man that doesn't make any sense. I'm talking up police lives matter what I was you just have that because that's a reaction to black lives matter yes because let me just ask you a question. May I ask you a question, please. Yes, what percentage of the police across the country. Do you believe are hopelessly corrupt and racist. What percentage and if she says all of them when I say man seriously. I understand were in an argument right now.

But do you really believe everything including the black officers including Hispanic officers, including Asian officers. The female officers you believe that every single police officer. By the way, do you know how many there are in this country because when I start spouting facts because then people know, I know what I'm talking about gay.

Do you know me. Police officers are in this country. Not too many. Okay fine for 750,000 so you're saying that you believe all 750,000 are racist pigs.

Yes you, but you bet there I had I had an African American gentleman calling her couple years ago because once a year, at least I'll say black callers only gently, in response to where something is happening. A white officer has taken the life of a young black man, a black man of any age. Whatever but you know the situation that's all they WANT to hear from my Afro-American friends how you're feeling and processing this market to debate you. I just want to hear what you think in this one gentleman called in and because they're all a bunch of racists. Nice insert.

You really believe every single police officer in America is a race is your blank right. I do what you do with that. At that point I think he's overtaken with grief and and rage is certainly not thinking because the follow-up question is what I do this to my students all the time. Do you know every single one of those 750,000 officers. No I don't. Then how can you possibly say honestly that all of them are racist. You believe every white person in America's racist, to a certain extent, how can you say that. Do you know every single white person. No I don't, then you can't say that okay all I'm trying to do is appeal to a little bit of logic here. Okay, this is the violence that ASU does the type of people that they protect so that's violent say they just change the definition of the word violent and we just call it violence doing violence to be really haven't touched you. I haven't even threatened the multicultural spaces then not for use by white people. Okay you are racist your sticker is racist because please that's a job and choose that unlike a black person can choose your skin kill people or the bad you are protecting that which means your racist so you see what's going on here. This is all emotive.

It's all just taking a clap track a a narrative that's been spoken out there that all police are racist and again I would just come back and say so you really believe that every single police option America also hundred 50,000 every single one of them is a racist. Yes, do you have any proof of that whatever you got all kinds of dead black people will have all kinds of dead black people, not the hands of police officers do not have any people police officers nationwide killed last year. You know how many of them were black. Do not many of them are young you know how many of them were allegedly on our about nine or 10. So there's just no not this point.

If she won't have a rational conversation for me as a Christian. If it is possible starts depends on you, live at peace with everyone on the get up and walk away, but I'm still going to try this the type of people that they protect you. You are racist killing people. The badger protecting that which means your racist so you believe every one of them's racist. These people kill people like me. So what you are promoting are murderers. Okay, so what you really believe that when I put do you really think this man, I put a police lives matter which yes was a reaction to black lives matter because a lot of people are saying all the police are racist pigs. I don't believe that there's actually no Apsley no data just to support that precious and salacious charge understand where it comes from out of frustration and anger in history. But if it's not accurate is not accurate to understand where that's coming from, but the only reason I put that on there is because I'm knocking to throw every police officer under the bus because I don't want to live in a country without police you think it's bad now, we remove the police which actually seen what happens in Portland. We see what happens to a certain extent Minneapolis. We know these things. You pull the police out. People are basically good people can be really bad. Now I could trigger them and say no for me as a Christian, do either of you happen to be a Christian. No blanketing. Okay fine for me as a Christian I I know that we all have a problem. We'll have a sin nature, and I know that were kinda bent in that direction. So if you take law and order out. If you take government out doesn't it's not pretty good look at Mogadishu go look at Somalia look at Portland Jazz and chop what happens are worse nature comes out, let's play this woman times I just want people to hear this and understand what's going on up there, but you have to know the facts and you got guilty just deliberate and debate and talk about the issues. Try not to over remote.

This is something to pray about and to care about and to be concerned about because this is all motion and almost no intellect okay plague, but this is something to pray about and to care about. This is something you are promoting are murderers and you will because the lease lives matter was a response to black lives. You will notice will be getting money you about art. Sorry everybody system issues here in the studio but just remember okay this is the reason I want. I want you to watch this and I've been talking about it because there is a way to go through this okay. You have to pay attention. You have to listen carefully you cannot think like Jesus. Jesus often time replied with a question asked some clarifying questions ask questions because that will generally slow down the encounter and you're trying to ask questions which is forcing them to stop at stop the emotion. Ask a decent question, which hopefully will engage their intellect and that will slow things down. As I said it's offensive okay the mass will let me ask a question right quick treatment of ask a question please okay hold on to say do you do do any of us have a right not to be offended. Otherwise we can run around and shut stuff down all over the place. Now let me explain this. I did this on the commercial break and were to come back with David Fisher, our dear friend has been fighting COBIT and praise the Lord is doing well his wife as well. So we'll talk to David in the next segment but just remember, here's what's happening on a spiritual level right back to Romans one suppress the truth. Replace it with a lie. We don't like God we don't like Jesus we don't like the Bible we don't like all that stuff. We don't like judgment. Okay, so we suppress that we replace it with what we replace it with a new moral standard. Here's our moral standard woke is him transgender is homosexuality's fine, whatever. Okay, fill in the blank so that becomes the new standard by which to judge because were all trying to be self-righteous. So now you if you're kind of a conservative Christian type you don't meet the new standard suppress the truth to get rid of it and replace it with a lie, so now I'll send you understands this gender do not understand this, you understand that. So that's the new standard of righteousness. And if you sin against that because is no biblical damnation. We have a cultural damnation. That's cancel culture.

Sorry to cancel you will remove you will take you out of the culture out of society to what is effectively then at that point, kind of an earthbound hell. That's the suppression of the truth of God's way and replacing with the law. That's what's happening is always spiritual will be right back and back to normal show worthy is the Lamb who was slain Lord for that little reminder there as we talk about politics, culture, whatever. Just rumor that is as dark as difficult as the days can be and it's frustrating and it's raging and maddening as the days could be if you know Christ. That song you should build is pop in your head and your spirit at any given time, and I know that's certainly true for our good friend David Fisher. We been praying for David and his wife Marianne had just a nasty nasty literally life-threatening case of coalbed and I were just praising the Lord and so grateful to have David back on the air. David God bless you brother. I love you I miss you. How are you I love you too.

Thank you so much for your prayers and everybody hearing my voice your list.

Thank you think you thank you for praying for my wife and I and because of your prayers. I now have a miracle story to get into that. We, yes because it would take too long.

It will enroll her to talk about how there's a big cover-up going on with: it is a simple medical export where get into all that relates to the financial side of things, but I can't wait to tell that story. But thank you so much for your prayers, your friendship on your list. Your spring you're welcome of course. And that's part of the deal were on the same team to Christ so we can set all this other stuff aside, the price of gold what's going on the markets. None of that stuff last forever, but our camaraderie in our brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ does. So that's always the most important thing, but it sure is good to hear your voice and and great passage of Scripture is working to do a little money Monday update here you're really good at this that the gods always lead me in the right direction.

Let's start with that and will go on to some other things. Verse 20 you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done saving of many large so I could comment on the road over cows come home to relate to Kroger meant to harm my wife and I started ordered glory glory been able to minister to people of are you prayer at a funeral service, both with opening and closing prayer minister to people arming the story goes on and on.

They can be all about around money. It doesn't have to be. But you know what the pendant for us to harm and you can fill in the blank God intends to accomplish his glory in our lives so that many lives will be touched so that we have a story to tell you and you become a steward of your affliction and then it's how do I bring glory to God. How do I use this. What is allowed in my life to reach other people and be a secretary in stocks about them to bless others with a cup you comfort others with the comfort that you've received and God just in his sovereignty, David Eyman. I wish indeed had been his sovereignty twice now you been down some very, very difficult staring death in the face roads and will talk about that more next week with a dutiful money Monday with David, but we just praise the Lord for that. And that was of course Joseph talking about that what you intended for harm his brothers in that case, and that Satan is in there as well.

But God intended for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives and we know that's going to continue to happen more fruit off that tree, praise the Lord for that. So, so much going on and good for you.

You had a break. The world still messed up David in case you did know that right there at all infrastructure bills, which now were redefining everything we redefine race we redefine gender. We were so infrastructure Billy I know you guys are thinking the general fashion were talking about the planes, trains, automobiles, tracks, bridges, yada yada yada. But there's now were redefining that into all kinds other stuff so that an infrastructure bill David or Bill's plural. It's a little confusing $11.2 trillion, which is what you mention Bridges Road rural power grid broadband water infrastructure cybersecurity public transit report electric vehicles charging stations electric schoolbook $1.2 trillion. That got past the Senate back on August 10, August 11, past the other infrastructures of $3.5 trillion bill, which is a investment in human info structure like agriculture and nutrition for Street. The banking committee were and are about what's going on the banking shock to the energy, natural resources, small business foods, veterans, etc. open labor education. All that $0.5 trillion, neither of those bills have passed the house yet. The 1.2. On Thursday, and they're trying to pass through $3.5 trillion house bill, but it's getting a lot of pushback. Thank God it is, thank the Lord, because there's a lot of pork in it. Even some Democrats like you and Shannon is very concerned about it. Bernie Sanders one 6 trillion you think 3.5 is negotiated showing was on CBS face the nation last week but is riddled with major problems list Reform Party trillion dollars and this is on top of all that was spending silly crazy but the good news.

David, I don't know if you heard this Joe Biden let this slip out. The good news is that it's Artie paid for that is a zero-sum game. Joe said hey it's paid for. No worries, and another net so I don't know which all you budget hawks are worried about but so Joe says that it's paid for. But let's set Google president Joe Biden aside for second how do you actually fund since 1.2 trillion for actual infrastructure 3.5 trillion for a new definition of cortical human infrastructure that's you know are coming up on $5 trillion there which is not being that impressive anymore. But how is that supposed to get funded because we know that Joe's wrong what every other girl was from where we have a good qualm at 28 trillion so here's shocking and very disturbing news there changing the 1978 banking requirement of the Irish now can look in your bank.

If this bill passes that are looking to anybody's bank work $600 changing hands annually. Personal and business accounts used to be $10,000 cash notes 600. This is like the Obama health care bill try to put it in Mandela trying to put in this, the American bankers Association is finding it back with 40 businesses. Another financial group they sent a letter to Pelosi and also Kevin McCarthy objecting good thing. This would bring in $80 billion the first year $700 billion next year because they're saying people are avoiding taxes and hiding money, and all these kinds of things, but it really what it is is a take on losing your whole private one way of finding ways even more disturbing. They want to track IRA's, so I know that others on national talkshow host have been talking about this. Actually, in the provisions of the house in ways committee. If you have an IRA.

This is nothing doing gold call my company. There's a letter that we can have sent to you. You can send out your Congressman or Congresswoman to fight this thing because as they do with one IRA. They're all irate actually act out why there's $20 trillion in Monterey for the bill says they will force you to liquidate your higher rate within two years. That was in the writing of the Ways and Means committee by the house play doesn't get past it would provide significant tax revenue to the government. That alone will pay for this and that's what Joe Biden put in this bill cc up that's I mean that's another way of going instead of doing the bill and that we talked about for a couple years all of a sudden 20 trillion in IRAs. That's to sativa Turkey for them to sit there and do nothing. Of course I can go after that isn't funny though that at the same time to get ready that the shut down because the massive spending and the debt ceiling so we've got the budget showed the debt ceiling feeling you go down Washington was approaching the limit on Friday, October 1, the house passed the bill that would avert a shutdown so the house was approved the plan. Excuse me.

Although all Democrats voted for him. All Republicans opposed it, but is not fully passed the Senate majority leader mixed with caramels made it very clear the Republicans are knocking the vote to increase the federal borrowing limit if they did, though this was funded through the government through December 3 put off the bench of the debt ceiling in December of next year that more likely market to help them look like working on the government shutdown list.

The Democrats walk to raise the debt ceiling on their own, which they could. But if they don't then Morgan be in default and that will happen somewhere between October 15 and November 4 training on how much revenue comes to the Irish judges crazy.

So you mention gold and silver earlier but house gold and silver responding. This obviously there's an adverse reaction between the craziness in the market in the when you look at the problem with securities it was going out the government and people start getting nervous that's on gold and silver. On the other end of that to the teeter totter becomes more attractive. But what's happening there, how's it responding short gold floors up a little bit today massive government spending broker, the more important things are like your freak on lock the largest Bontrager in the world yesterday or shooting on August 24 that he is warning that the roadmap to losing US dollars global research that is now happening. He also said on the 23rd the price of gold is in hibernation right now but it's going to go all lot higher and John Paulson of the billionaire fund manager should gold is going to go parabolic because inflation is well above expectations. Morgan Stanley came out on September 27 and should silver might be a better hedge against inflation rate goal five reasons why another person named Keith Newmark was the CEO of a company called first, but just think silver said silver is going to going to triple business over hundred dollars. The company from education. Learn about personal flying roughly an hour spending bill that IRA stuff that's really scary in the information you mentioned about that. How do people get that information.

David had a you you want to get information on the irate bill for 4575 you'll have to call your boss 444575 I my brother were to printing again as soon as I get off the air with our friends on Facebook live go get some rest were excited to have you back.

We praise the Lord for that, and I look forward to doing the whole show with you next Monday.

Looking forward to. Thank you so much for your friendship and your prayers.

Absolutely. Of course, anybody, God willing, I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say never.

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