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The Theology of Media Technology

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 23, 2021 11:01 am

The Theology of Media Technology

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 23, 2021 11:01 am

The Theology of Media Technology

Steve talks to Dr. Gary Weier, from Bob Jones University, about the theology of media technology. Instagram/Facebook 


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Let's go. Let's spend some money, people, let's spend some stimulus monies shall be $1400 per individual per dependent so I can the noble house at 1400 for me. 1400 Regina hundred part Caroline and then 1400 player. I think probably for Amelia so that seven large $7000 in common our way from Joe Biden in the Democrat $450 billion coming your way. What trouble I will do it your stimulus money $450 billion.

That's 200 per individual and per independent Opera depended.

I mean, and if you make up your an individual makes 80 grand or more. You're not beautiful.

1400 and if you're a married couple filing as a married couple and you make over 160 K know you're going to get a reduced amount as well, but for the rest of us hundred 59 million households will get stimulus money hundred million checks. Joe Biden said will be out within the first 10 days starting March the over the weekend because we might wean us to be what I got young people that got the money in their bank account direct deposit baby Saturday morning you had $27 in your pink count when you went to bed Friday night after spending $20 on on Amazon prime and then boom the next morning you got for 1800 you got mail $1400 boom so I'm getting your business little better today and just curious what you gonna do with your stimulus money $1400 per individual plus $1400 per dependent. So if you have two kids in home you and and your spouse and two kids at home. That's $1400 times four. That's a lot of money right at 5600 bucks 5600. So what you do with your stimulus money. That's the deal. Let's what that's what I want to know now there is a I do have an ulterior motive here behind asking the question, which I'll get to before the end of the Schaumburg and it does not talk about this for three segments today and I want to take your call so please give me a call if you want to be anonymous. That's fine. I can make fun of anybody.

I'm just doing this is just a little just a little information gathering, and then all can wrap it up before we get to the fourth segment. The fourth thing to talk about something we need to continue to talk about which is the state of education in America specifically here in North Carolina with our reference loan rack letters with education first alliance North Carolina and they are fighting the good fight because there's so much garbage going into our schools and North Carolina Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson today earlier had a press conference at about 2 o'clock that he starting a special pulling a group together. Given what they call him special investigation, basically into the indoctrination in our schools and if you know anything about black lives matter and then critical race theory and intersection alley all that stuff being dumped into our school system right down the kindergarten level and so we need to keep an eye on that and especially now that Congress is controlled by leftists as well as the executive branch and so were to talk to Sloan in the fourth segment, but I'm curious what you do in your stimulus money. Okay, 866-348-7884 is the number I get if you want to call in and be anonymous. I will just ask you what city you live in will leave it at that and I cannot but I'm not to tease anybody you got a call and say I want to spend it on tattoos.

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Okay fine are you to spend it on a dental bill. Whatever. I'm just curious how you're going to spend your stimulus money is that a big deal's going to be a blessing to you meet maybe you're in a really bad spot in this is like an answer to prayer. I like to hear about that as well. 866-348-7884 is the phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH again no shame here on the show today. I'm not calling you and asking to call and so that I can tease you or shame your do anything.

I'm just curious how working to be using the stimulus money that were getting $1400 per individual plus $1400 per dependent, assuming in your household. You don't make more than hundred 60 K. The vast majority of us don't. There's 159 million households are getting stimulus money hundred million checks.

Pres. Biden said will will go out the first 10 days and that's based on adjusted gross income. By the way, so you didn't. You have your regular W-2 income 1099 income all that stuff that your gross income. Then you have your adjusted gross income.

After all, that as many deductions as you can find then you get your adjusted gross income. So like now the standardized deduction is what my 24 grand or something she make 100 standardized deduction 24.

Now you're down to 76 and in so you're clearly within the range of the stimulus money 1400 bucks per person. What you gonna do with your stimulus money.

Please give me a call and like to see how are all gonna be spending it in the noble house.

It could be should be more than 2800. It might be as much a 7000 $7000.07 large coming from the US government and the noble house. What do you do it to suggest some things before done. 866-34-TRUTH 878-8486 exercise physiology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University, and last week, if you recall, we were talking about the theology of the time in them in the story that you tell about yourself and about your faith with the way you communicate and that's not just verbally. That's also of course what we talk about social media. So for me that's a big tough spot that the blind spot sometimes for me because of what I do and so with Alan Benson was. Unless we can like to. This is like it's personal or something. Today I guess were still staying in the let's box the Nobles Lane because were talk about the theology of media, technology, and taking charge of it, for God's purposes. Last time I was down at BJ. You had the pleasure of spending an a show with Dr. Gary Weir is the Provost and Executive Vice President for academic affairs and the chief academic officer Bob Jones University. Gary welcome to a really smooth start. How are you my friend dear great Steve, it's, it's good to see you.

It's good to be with you that's great to have you on and I really looking forward to that. So we have about a minute and 1/2 before we hit the break also. So what why is this on your radar screen because I just shared and all share on Facebook live for all of you. Gary just wrote an incredible piece about this was like a blog post about technology, but why is this on your radar screen.

So my radar because I think a lot of people in our culture, and understandably so.

Think of technologies always being neutral.

In other words, it just depends on the purpose we use it for if we use it for a good purpose, then it's fine and if we use it for bad purpose.

Of course that's not that's not pleasing to our Lord.

But we don't think about how the technology many times is affecting us, regardless of the purpose for which were using it, so that's one of the key reasons it's on my on my radar. And of course technologies a part of our everyday life. I mean we love using technology in technologies a great gift from God, but we don't often take the time to think about the roles it plays in our lives right and the impact that it has on you.

Even if you're not using it for nefarious purposes still impact purpose is not that's wonderful how we process technology channel from an illogical life thing Today is Thursday technology. I have enjoyed it. We are in a theology Thursday today with Bentley might say providentially what is my say demonically were talking about the theology of technologies.

We had a really rough start and some connection issues lower back mouse were actually live. This is a prerecorded show is happening right now and by the way, if you want a little extra content in your listening on the radio, which is awesome. We love all our radio partners and that's that that's all this got started in the first place, but also were also on Facebook live and YouTube life. So if you go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook if you go on YouTube nearly right here in the studio not only here at the studio where I map it also down with our friends at Bob Jones University with Dr. Gary Weir today is a Provost down there Executive Vice President for academic affairs and the chief academic officer there Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. So we we have some sidebar conversations on the commercial break. Sometimes we go little bit deeper in the context of the show, so there's about 14 extra minutes of content between four 5 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday when were doing this. So when I have a guest now if it's just me, which is sump. Usually that was happening on the show.

Then I will have a sidebar conversation with you so I'm a different relationship with my Facebook and YouTube audience than I do with radio because that's a little more two-way as we actually can talk there on Facebook so make sure you take advantage of that and there's some more content there today talking about the theology of media, technology, and I Gary you were mentioning at that at the top of the show once we got stuck started that technology is we often think of it is it's good when I'm using it for good things is bad when I'm using it for bad things which are pretty obvious, but other than that is for the most part neutral, but you're taking a position and I shared the blog post that actually it isn't. So what you mean by that. It regardless of what purpose were using it for, it can affect us John Dyer who is is a professor at Dell spew theological seminary. He's written a letter good stuff about the support he has a call from the guard of the city uses a really simple clear example to help illustrate this shovels tool shovels or former technology, and I could use a tool for a good purpose, like to dig dig a hole for a foundation for building an orphanage or I can use it for evil purpose. I can dig a hole to bury some money that I've stolen tuk-tuk to hide clearly different purposes better. But regardless of the purpose of using it for, it can have the same effect on me. You can build certain muscles in my body marks, particularly if you give me calluses or blisters on my hand.

Even if I'm using it for a good thing that tool that technology is going to have an effect on me and that's if you're not careful. That's one of the things that we overlook in all the technology that we use jointly with media technology not only throw this in a conversation with respect to this point and will move on but in terms of okay technology is affecting me all the time.

It's either positive or negative. I think after this many years. You know the iPhone iPhone 12 iPhone 13 they been around for 12 or 13 years at social media and stuff that's been around for over 10 years now. I think largely that the impact of the effect of that shovel if you will has been negative and I can kinda see that in the way I communicate with other people.

The way I react so so just dealing with the technologies had an effect on me but I never really stopped to think about it until I was reading this blog posted my assumption is most of the impact technologies had on a summer talking specifically. Media technology has been negative for my just being a curmudgeon.I think your your largely correct about that, but again we can broaden the perspective on this, and I would say that over the last five 600 years there have been some key media technologies that have been developed that that really effective society. We go back to the invention of the printing press, the invention of the printing press changed culture significantly. You created the demand for literacy, but it also were the effects it had a space. People no longer thought that ideas were within people ideas now shifted to workbooks and of course the Christian perspective, the printing press was key for the Reformation to put God's words and people chance you can fast-forward to the 19th century with telephone and telegraph that changed culture dramatically.

Photographs change culture dramatically shifted from ideas in written words to images than television and radio, which really impacted culture of prioritizing entertainment, leisure time to that and that you were just pointing out, you fast-forward to the digital era in which it impacted culture and how we relate to one another in very significant ways and were not careful it is on balance, more negative, that it is positive. So just throw it out right.

You can't just throw it out, and inasmuch as I was just talking.

It's on my history classes this week as well as in my civics courses tonight. By the way, I used a Bob Jones University press information for that is the textbooks, but just talking about the impact of what's going on in the world around you, and you could be like the Amish and he just completely disengage you go out in the middle of Pennsylvania. William Penny was all about religious tolerance and so were just to be in Pennsylvania to do our own thing the world can modernize, but we won't so they really took that dopey of the world seriously, but for us this is a part of our everyday lives in the sky goes on the second point were talking to Dr. Gary Weir from Bob Jones University in theology Thursday today about technology and in the theology of media technology. So the second point in the blog post which I shared on Facebook live for everybody, since technology is a part of our everyday lives.

Gary we should prioritize us what you wrote.

Prioritizing gauging our biblical worldview to understand technology, and particularly the theological underpinnings to using it.

What is that me. We will first of all I would start. Maybe I'm jumping ahead her little bit but first of all, I think recognizing it's a gift from God.

You technology is is not inherently evil. I think I think Scripture implies a certain kind of progress through technology. God didn't give us everything a meeting he didn't literally give us bread, he gave you grain exist, but we we figure out how to create bread. We figure how to maximize crops and so forth. So I think recognizing that yet Scripture starts in the garden it ends in the city. There is this idea of progress this one part.

I think another key part is exercising discernment. All right about that in Philippians 1 that it's not just a it's not an undiscerning love it were to have its it is a love that is growing in discernment and knowledge so that we can live these pure and blameless lives determining what is excellent what the effect is.

I think the FAFSA. That's a big part of it because in our fallen nature.

We are going to misuse things and misunderstand how things are affecting us and how they are to be used how's writes about it as well that no were to gird up the loins of her mind would work to prepare our minds for action, considering the culture that were part of the transport transformed by the renewing of your mind, so government which I think is particularly in the cultural content context as well as the political context in the last year and 1/2.

When people would ask me hayseed. How can I pray for you at the radio show and all that kind of stuff. My number one prayer request was for discernment that I was applying it in a in a kind of a cultural political context, but how to help astonish the unpack that a little bit Gary so we understand as Christians. When we use the word discernment. What are we talking about it it's making wise judgments.

It's it's doing exactly what we read about in Proverbs and recognizing that we are to pursue wisdom which doesn't just fall into our laps is Proverbs 2 tells us were to search for it like we would search for hidden goldeneye. I love the way that that that chapter unfolds because in the middle of it talks about if you do pursue wisdom that way in humility. It will come into your heart. God will give it to you what our problem, for the most part is we tend to go toward easy simple but quick, rather than thinking things through and that that's out from God's perspective that's always was developed for exactly something to take that were going to for thoughts really that come right from God's word on tablets. It started down the road of taking charge of technology will be right back in exchange? You are more than your foundation back and see no one theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University Bob Jones Mary Dunn Greenville South Carolina and we got a Gary's bacchanal. Dr. Gary Weir who we did a show with when I was down in Greenville couple months ago when we started discussing maybe there's a partnership things that we can do here together and agree together that we would do theology Thursdays because they have a great bench of incredible build wisdom and knowledge down there and that's the whole point of theology Thursdays which I been doing theology Thursdays for gosh over five years now and so I use the my ability because I a platform to go after people and basically recruiting to go okay. I want to go find some people that I can partner what that have a deep bench theologically speaking and can bring a lot of people to the air once a week on Thursdays and we go to the deep end of the pool while oftentimes in the show are talking about cultural issues like the political issues all bring on different thought leaders.

We spent the whole hour yesterday with George Barna Barna research talking about the definition of Christian in America that you got 68% of Americans that will self identify as Christian, but only 6% of Americans are actually living out of a solid biblical worldview and you got understand that but on Thursdays we specifically set aside go to the deep end of the pool theological caps on and and talk about all of life from a theological perspective. So today with Gary Weir were talking about technology, the theology of media technology, not just hate spending time in the Bible app is good spending time on online porn is bad. Thanks for tuning know this is a lot deeper than that and understanding what technology does to you and your understanding of it. Even when you're doing non-nefarious things on their sore working through just an incredible blog post. The Gary Road. I shared that the links are up on Facebook live and by the way, if your pastor or you should share this with your pastor. There's also a copy of this, the theology of media technology on a website that strictly for pastors all in pastoral

They also have a member only page on Facebook so all in. This is specifically for pastors. So even with the theology of media technology. There's some other things there that you can use for your congregation to get a look at what you're doing technology so were trying to bring you a lot of tools either.

If you're in the pew. Like most of us, or if you're up on the podium, I would pastors we want to be with us or whole body of Christ which is what were doing so again Gary think so much for spending time with us today. Yeah thanks for having received your welcome and so we were kind of working our way through this blog which is awesome and run 1/3 point here for thoughts direct from God's word on that.

Get us started down the road to taking charge of technology, realizing what hat they can impact it has on us and how we should use its luscious work to those for those four points would be great. Number one being recognized that technology is in fact a gift from God. You were just talking about this and I love that I use any mention Gary hey the whole story.

The whole story of redemption. You get the Bible go to the front cover your garden go to the back cover you're in a city so progress as part of the deal and you mention hey we have bread but where does that come from others wheat and then who created all that to use my simplistic street-level language. I go okay.

God creates all the legal throws it in the box and is like okay you guys take the legal and go do something hopefully for my glory and for your good. So help us understand technology from that perspective. Yeah, absolutely.

That's a great illustration that you do she's right there but goes back to the creation mandate that were to rule this earth, under God's authority. So they're all kinds of latent or hidden possibilities and God's created order that he allows us to to use and discover. I mean who wants to work were blessed to live in this 21st century. Note electricity to indoor plumbing, transportation. These are all medicine that we have to.

Of course, were not to go into the panda. I was just about to go to but the point is this technology truly is a gift of our God. That's that's I think that's foundational to this, but when it comes to media technology in this lease into the second point, we have to recognize this could be a pretty pretty big distraction for us and a distraction from God's purpose for your life exactly such as like it's important use of time.

That's right pedis it's so easy to get caught up in the here and now, particularly through media technology.

We're talking earlier it. It is made to be addictive people smarter than me people more creative than me want to monetize my time, my attention I think was a AW toes or who said that the most important thing about the church about believers is what comes to their mind when they think about God and we get so caught up and what's on our social media feeds or maybe binge watching on you to or Netflix that that God is just is just so distant from us and we don't take time to think because this this is the only way to think of who we are, but in some ways you can think about it from this perspective we are largely what we pay attention to, and these these devices are intended to addict our attention to particular kinds of ways and I want to be really careful to say that doesn't mean that we are these helpless passive creatures that can't do anything about it. The right wing is we need to be more intentional about exactly you mentioned this in the blog in the blog post that I shared up on Facebook so you guys can check that up yourself and share that far and wide, because I think you for being honest and or the guy and James look in the mirror to see that we all the problem. This is one particularly in the second point this what Gary wrote during our micro-breaks.

I circle that one. We pick up our phones to see what will capture our attention, reflecting how on a larger scale.

Technology can hint hinder us from setting our minds on things above. That's Colossians 32 which says the following, set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth, for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ.

When Christ was in your life, appears, and you will also appear with him in glory. Okay this is a much higher calling blitz that set your minds on things above micro-breaks.

To me, Gary is like every second that I'm not talking or doing something it's shocking to me. I can't hold my iPhone rear.

It's shocking to me and everybody can attest to this that that it's inflection, it's like a natural reflex. Now that I reach for my phone for what reason like really what what happened in the last three minutes.

That's can alter the course of my life and to your point. I mentioned this on the break I read a huge article last year, I can find it so I can share it.

Talking about social media giants, Facebook, twitter Instagram. They all have clinical psychologists and psychiatrists on staff to design the system for maximum grab and retention so were being manipulated. That's why we have to understand when we're allowing this to happen were not setting our minds on things above it completely wrapped up in the world it is it ironic if you called it that we we still call these devices or phones and that's probably the least that we use yeah actually you were using it for other purposes because again I mean this can sound sinister and I don't mean it to come that way. Maybe this is a little bit of a sideline, but people are many times concerned about what the government the data that the government has about us and I understand that concern in terms tell my students here, I would fear the government. I fear Google because Google has a profit motive ship, the government is proof that it does not have a profit motive and you want me to get into politics on debt and everything but but people are trying to monetize make money off of Sheriff who we are. There are smart, creative people that are doing that.

So again it's about being more intentional about this and that's why I think knowing that in going okay. We know how these things are built that to your third point. Confess that media technology can also become an idol. There's no doubt that it does have an idol effect in my life because you know what's an idol by what you give your time to us right in and we we look to these kinds of devices to find satisfaction in different kinds of ways. So for example again this goes back to how some of these tools are designed for those of their little older. Watching the show in remembering the original Facebook in the way it worked. It was literally your network and the post from your network in chronological order, but when these clinical psychologist as you put it figured out that there were different ways to get people to engage and stay with that they started creating more features like the like button, numbing the like button totally transformed social media and that we now use it not just to keep up with our friends family that may be away from us, which is again an excellent thing to do on me. My daughter lived in Uganda for two years. Praise the Lord for FaceTime yet we were able to keep up with her. But now, instead of just posting to keep up with people we post to get satisfaction in how many likes of Micah to get how many people can share the proceeds right again. There's there's nothing wrong with communicating something that people would want to share that they would affirm, but when that becomes our identity.

Your how much affirmation I Gary three legs, the likes that I get so forth. That's when the starts to become an idol. We need to examine ourselves yet there's an article that just came out in the last week Carrie are talking to Dr. Gary Weir of Provost and Executive Vice President for academic affairs at the Bob Jones University's theology Thursday artificial partnership now that they came out that they finally willing to confess a big tech is like yet. This is a problem, specifically in Instagram and the impact it's having on young girls. Teenage girls like more serious and backward. Talk about depression were talk about anxiety were talk about eating disorders. All of these things because they're comparing themselves to a norm are standard that's literally a lot it's literally like a green screen kind of movie affect and they came out and said yes this is actually what's happening in so that I idolatry in the 21st century is just as dangerous as it was when we melted down our jewelry and turn it into a calf is a same problem because things never change. The human heart were talking to Dr. Gary Weir, Provost and Executive Vice President for academic affairs at Bob Jones University's theology Thursday. One more thing.

The fourth point talking about being intentional in the what are some practical steps we can all employee taking charge of what we do with media technology so that we can use it for God's glory as well as our own good.

My back is noble to signal Michelle theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University and Bob Jones seminary are here today with Dr. Gary Weir who was on the show or when I was down in South Carolina some really excited to have you back on. Gary and I look forward to doing this again in the future. He's the Provost and Executive Vice President for academic affairs at the Bob Jones University as well as working down there around the seminary, but they were talking about the theology of technology, specifically media technology. Okay, so it really there's a lot to work through here were basing our conversation often excellent blog posts that Gary just wrote. I posted that in a couple places of your pastor, please follow the link that I put up that will take you to website at all pastor all in pastoral because there's all kinds of tools and things that BJ use in the seminary specifically is is developing and sharing to help you in your role as a pastor, so that's there as well as just the regular link to the BJ you University seminary viewpoints is as well as the seminary, but those are all there, so you can work through this yourself.

There's some questions at the end that working to get to that are very helpful very convicting that's all-purpose the theology Thursday since going to the deep end of the pool and see what God's word has to say about all these basic things in our lives. Like next week. I want Dr. Sam Horn is a new addition right back to BJ you that he's a brilliant guy, so he'll be on next week were going to talk about spiritual warfare in the culture that should sound familiar to everybody, so that'll be theology Thursday this week, but again Gary, thanks for walking us down this road today. It's really important. Good to be with you Steve. Okay, so we are finishing up this fourth point. With all this in mind, be intentional about employing media technology for God's purposes so how do we, intentionality is important, but using it for God's purposes. What we mean by that, I think it begins. This is simply with that statement and that is because there's such a tendency to be passive or not thoughtful about technology because it is such a part of our everyday life is an extension of who we are.

These tools just we literally carry carry them around with this.

It is taking that time to be intentional. It is I want to make some choices about this. So for example just given a personal example, when our kids got old enough to desire having social media accounts which we know is especially today's world is is fairly young. It was actually an easier decision for my wife and I to get them to start taking drivers get their drivers license but to have a social media account that's out, that's a whole other world think that even that example where we make them go through training to drive a car, but many times this will just have a social media account so we have them. We had them study Proverbs and say so. So how does technology affect your relationships, how does technology affect the way that you think about God I had the read chapter from from a really good book that you wouldn't think would be associated with this, but that she David Gordon his book why Johnny can't sing hymns is an excellent chapter in there about how we just tend to live in the present. The idea of contemporary unity being of value. Rather than valuing the past and rather than valuing charted so having them think through your how is how is this kind of technology going to cause me to live in the moment rather than thinking about eternity instead.

So that's a way of really being intentional about this so just hand over to to ourselves or to others that without giving it much thought, yeah and I and I mention the whole issue with Instagram and teen girls. I just pulled this out this is the Wall Street Journal here is that the headline Facebook knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls. Company documents show byline its own in-depth research its own its own in-depth research shows a significant teen mental health issue that Facebook plays down in public so I am that that's so deeply convicting for us as parents and that such a beautiful example Gary that you will treat would train our kids. We make do 60 hours of driving here in North Carolina before they can ask to get their license but on this hand digital media, social media, we just give them a phone off they go. No training, no understanding no discernment whatsoever, and obviously were seeing the effects so practical steps to taking charge. There's kind of a diagnostic tool here in the in the blog posts and assess some very serious questions that I haven't been enjoying it all.

Sorry actually I this media class I teach my students write are going through a media fast is a rather short when we talk about these kinds of issues you you know if you if you're very easily distracted and again a back to what you said earlier about clinical psychologist designing things to me that these notifications are designed that way the housing. The pinging your the little red circle with it with a number. The middle, a little like I got a task list Dragon to do something about it so if you're easily distracted by those kinds of things made you good ideas to turn off those notifications if you're constantly going to social media just your endlessly scrolling and recognize.

Okay, it's been an hour and I never intended that Jesus don't get off of social media, but maybe have social media only on your computer and on your phone so you have to intentionally login and do something that way. Instead, I think that's another practical thing that people can do this next question was difficult actually dealt with this and shared a story last week when Alan was on where talk about the theology of the tongue, and what kind of story are we telling about ourselves in the gospel in the way we communicate. Do you post out of pride or desire for reactions.

Yikes to get that is a tough one because we have to recognize you. We are we are sinners you know we we still live with the flesh and that makes us long for heaven.

We are not to reach a state of perfection, so living with mixed motives of your sometimes we do have good pure motives, but there mixed, sometimes with pride.

We just need to be aware of it and this is something that is definitely been on my mind lately is just the beauty of I believe it's first John were Scripture tells us if if we have before we sin because we are to send. We have an advocate I mean we have to deal with these things in our lives. But God has not left us hopeless and helpless. We do have an advocate so you have these kinds of questions can be rather convicting. But were never to reach that standard of perfection is what we do we recognize okay I blew it there or I need to rethink how using this this particular tool. Yes, really important yeah and so I just because I like to bludgeon myself on in public. You can go to your phone. I'm literally doing this right now you can go to your screen time under settings okay go to screen time daily average setting a daily average time seven hours, seven hours, that's totally pathetic when you look at that today said number 23rd today four hours and 35 minutes. So anytime I'm on the phone doing anything now granted, I'll make a little excuse.

I text a lot because I communicate with a lot of different people. Bob and I had problems University not be Bob Jones to Bob were going back and forth today, I do all my email stuff on here.

I'm always looking on websites and stuff because of the radio show, but still Lisa Dingle seven hours. That's that's really mind-boggling to me.

It tracks the number of pickups that we have together settings that we put on her phone number to remind us of these kinds of things That's a helpful tool right, here's a question down here is this is part of the blog post the Gary wrote that we put the links up for an Facebook live in a put in on the regular page when were done. Most important, we need to consider how social media affects loving relationships with God and others. Okay unpack that forest because I think that's so important. Yeah, you know technology media technology by its wise nature, by its very definition of medium is something that stands between right so technology can dehumanize the way the communicate so it's easy on social media we see something we disagree with. It makes us angry.

That makes us fearful returning to the same you know social media knows that's what keeps people engaged release emotions of fear anger. So you see something that you really despise, and you hate to just quickly respond to it and say something to another image bearer, even if it's not a believer were dehumanizing of that person and it's just a lot easier to do that on technology that it is to do it face-to-face yet because that's intercepting Gary have talked about this over and over for last year and 1/2 is coming out of the election and then COBIT in the masking and everything else is that I got keyboard courage that there's things that will post and say and react online that we would never do in person, at least most of us would so when you walk around your daily life. You go that you go to work you go to the store. Whatever.

Most of the time you're not in you don't experience face-to-face communication the same way you do online right online or just like then that's the point that you're making here that I think is so important as we literally will dehumanize each other online and digital media which I won't do it face-to-face because there's kind shame and guilt there because I have to actually look at you. That's right, there's this there's that tendency that we need to be aware of that we would communicate that way and that medium that we would do in person. Is there a way that we can use digital technology digital media to enhance our relationships as we are to talk about the negative side, but is there a positive absolutely every think of how the church is used it during the pandemic just to for people to stay connected because the isolation is is not the way God intended for us to live life now is is that form of technology replacement for gathering of the church.

No, but it's a tool in God's providence that we can use those kinds of ways keeping up with people who are close to you but physically distanced family members, friends or whatever, absolutely, there are ways to use this technology to to enhance relationships, but it will never replace that face-to-face. That being present with the people who are actually with you right this is so important to do right.

So help us wrap up on a positive note, we only got about 45 seconds by positive note encouragement because it can be a difficult subject, I think we all struggle with it. But how do we finish in a good I would just again come back to recognition that technology is a gift from our God. Let's be intentional not just about how we use it, but an understanding about how it's affecting our lives, yet so good. Dr. Gary Weir, Provost and Executive Vice President for academic affairs Bob Jones University and Bob Jones seminary. What a great topic.

Thank you so much Gary for walking us through this today and this blog post something we all need to wrestle with, and it was just awesome something so much Buddy for your time privilege to be with you against the Ogoni workers are to pray for you right when we finished and that I got those links up and by the way, share that with your pastor as well. There's great resource for them all share that to Steve Noble and Steve Noble shell, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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