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"The Tale of the Tongue...and Texts."

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September 16, 2021 11:21 pm

"The Tale of the Tongue...and Texts."

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 16, 2021 11:21 pm

"The Tale of the Tongue...and Texts."

Steve talks to Alan Benson, from Bob Jones University, about The Tale of Your Tongue (and Texts) How should you talk and text? 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay right out of the gate one James chapter 3. Let me know if this sounds familiar to you, so also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things and I've just like you. No kidding James how great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire in the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life and set on fire by hell itself. What a nice gentle soft seeker sensitive verse that is from the book of James.

The Proverbs of the New Testament. My favorite book in the Bible because I can relate to James and this is one of things that I really struggle with. So today on theology Thursday the tail of your tongue my tongue as well as our text so we've come from our friendship, Alan Benson, welcome back Michelle Executive Vice President for student development and ministry advancement.

Okay buddy.

Now you're just meddling. This is just a brutal subject, area. I think you what's great to have you on and finally everybody. Alan just it just brought a great message on this just recently. Earlier this month and so I'm in a post a couple things army post a blog post which is essentially the message in a blog format but also a link to take you right to the MP3s he can listen to it yourself.

So for me I Alan this a very difficult passage of Scripture and a great subject to deal with and a challenging one, because not only am I on the radio five days a week, but I post incessantly on Facebook and this is really really difficult to work through, but for you, Alan, and then particularly wanting to teach this and preach on it. Why was it such a big thing for you recently. Well, I am in a university setting and you know it is interesting if you want to get a glimpse of the culture in which you walk into a crowd of 18 to 22-year-old culture putting a magnifying glass on it and I agreed that you mention in a setting where I did not get about 850 college student and week we've been dealing with the impact of all things COBIT in every facet of our culture and again you take the magnifying glass of that of your 3000 college student and full narrative so significantly we're kicking off a school year and then okay what is going on and what are we facing and how do we win the question all of us are are wrestling with right now.


We went with what's going on in culture and and and I think what happens to a lot of us is we get this thought of. I just have that one better back. I don't have that one better talk track or I can win that one better than to jump into that conversation. I fixed it and I actually think we are playing in the distraction because were just driving the narrative further and here here's how I captured what were feeling were coming out of the period of hyper isolation more than any of us up at ever felt before and during that time. What we all do. We had hyper information. All of us jumped on the Internet.

We went virtual learning.

We went virtual work. We went blog here. We went you know online MBA we get information and now are starting to come back together refining is we got hyper polarization because everybody has a firmly held well informed opinion that the guy who share and ended like everybody I think the answer I was the convict you and we are writing wedges all over the place and our point is somehow the end of all that bring the gospel to the culture where actually make that.

That's why this is such a difficult subject for me, particularly in the season because you can be a cheerleader and get a lot of likes and a lot of down buttes allow downloads you get a lot of podcast activity bubble bubble bath. The more you wait and you and you and you have your facts and your figures on the numbers guy do that stuff all the time I did it twice this week on the air and I pound away because in the week for the last year and have almost 2 years now island is like hey listen I wish more people of truth writing. I tell the truth speak the truth in love, but I gotta tell the truth and we gotta be out there as if this works really challenging as if my number one responsibility as an ambassador of Jesus Christ is to correct the culture on this subject of that subject COBIT not: VAX don't back to mass don't mask and in the process and I've gotten very difficult emails and communications from people that I've been friends with for years to get massively disappointed with me and wonder what happened.

And of course my my first response is to get defensive and and I think we really have to bring up a pretty strong mirror and obviously James does that as we look at what is our main cause as Christians.

At this time. Very strategic time. Yeah, I think, underlying you know Jane you love it I love it I love the book I really do agree with you Robert in the New Testament and you will meet on the bones of the sermon on the mouth of the net gain together yeah yeah and James is driving one message. It is show me your faith right it couldn't in living color in Technicolor. For me, and he does that by failed to show me, and caring for the needy. Show me the way to the and and you really you walk through like show me your faith enters is really uncomfortable true that really posters in the book of James and and when you bring it to the time it's really uncomfortable. I captured it with my own little poem to this is the sort of thing that resonates the college so I'm no poet of the son of a poet that I wrote this little thing it does this tell the tale of adventure wild and bold.

It felt good things from far and wide in those new and old baton, you have the power to tell both why true, but why would speak the other things it reveal the story of you and in which my knee in a unique way. And as much as we disconnect format verbally to people we didn't connect but not even more when we get the hike on a computer screen, social media, logged it, somehow. Yeah I said that that's not me and what James is saying is of no no no no no no that is that if you're calling is telling you right, not just what it saying, but what it says about you and that's what James is driving you contact at very uncomfortable.

Like I said, Allen's gone from just being a great friend.

Being a meddler, but we all need this. I especially need and myself. Unlike Paul, the chief of all centers Alan to put John all the talking. Alan Benson from Bob Jones University artificial theology, 30 Thursday. Part of this is a great topic will be right back.

Her face looking back at Steve Noble theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones seminary Bob Jones University and brother down there that's become just a great friend of his. The first person I had contact with at Bob Jones. We did the show about their ministry and pastoral efforts with the seminary and then had a great long conversation on the on the phone and and obviously had a lot in common, not just through the bond of Christ but to a lot of other things and then Alan Benson with Bob Jones University Executive Vice President for student development and ministry advancement.

I basically invited myself down there and they took care of me you had a great two days and here we are doing theology Thursday together and I Alan I couldn't be more thrilled for this. So thank you for that.

Thank you for your friendship. You're welcome. And that feeling is mutual. My friend is a joy to get to know you.

Amen. And in as we go through this. This is one of the more difficult topics for me to deal with because I speak for living and I teach and I do all these things all the time so as we talk about the tail of your tongue and your tax the notion that your tongue and your tax your social media posts are you on the break Alan I was talking our friends on Facebook live and I said hey listen, the Bible says, out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Is that a subtle none of the time is that be some of the time, or is that see all of the time and I think the correct answer would be. See, it's all of the time, so we really need to wrestle with this. Let's revisit that because I want to make sure we don't pass that over in terms of understanding that what you tweet what you text what you post it what you say actually are a good reflection of who you are. Yeah I 33 truth with regard to the heart and in the mouth that I call inconvenient truth until Robert 23 seven as a man thinks in his heart, so it so another words you you you may not be what you think you are, but you are what you think that that's the first inconvenient truth. The second, then this is what you mentioned Jesus and two point out of the abundance of your heart of the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks and and you don't wheat we think that we can undo the impact of what we said by saying something like, wow, I didn't really mean it. Well, you may not think that you mean what you say but you do say what you mean.

That's the second inconvenient truth and in the third is that her heart is deceitful and who can know it and and and here's the third.

The truth, you may not think that you are your mouth reveal you to be. But you'd be better off dealing with the center that your mouth reveal you to be then to be deceived by your heart and the thinking you were something much better. Three inconvenient truth but but were going to actually live a life of faith that demonstrates with our mouth. What we believe we can ruffle those inconvenient truth yeah and I was saying Alan on the break on Facebook live in YouTube live is bringing up the fact that right now.

I mean I was reading through because we got another documents. I shared the links to the blog I share the link so you can listen to the full message that Alan gave just recently and there's this other document I got your tale of the tongue challenge examine if necessary.

Let God transform you are and asking these various questions as you review your social media history for last month and honestly answer the following questions so I'm going to those questions. Alan and I meeting I feel my back tensing up, I feel my spirit going up and I'm so ready to be defensive in the thing I brought up on the break which I want to talk about here is are we saying then that we shouldn't really say anything about anything. We don't wait in the mass conversation. We don't say anything about vaccines. We just avoid all that's that we can be nice, loving, easy to get Christians. How we deal at that because there's so many Christians you know this. I know this we been doing it for a year and 1/2.

I it's my obligation to speak the truth and come against the lies in the spirit of the agents away only way than there and we baptized no matter how we say it yeah what a beautiful thing about having the authority of Scripture. What is Jane getting that bad that the things I think we need to ask James one nobody perfect and James the controller tongue so easy to walk away from that affected what James is saying to shut your mouth, not actually what James is saying to like what you and Jane and what he is saying is your tongue is how you you need Jesus to be transformed and so there's this, in which he is saying whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa think about what you think about so you can think about what you say and and and think gospel first before you speak and and and that sounds trite, but that's actually what James is saying is like you say no, wait a minute for you speak what you think about something you're about to say something about the gospel matter.

What's also about you and and that's that's really what James is after we saying hey now show me your faith what you're saying is you are. You're about to speak on something but when you do that you're actually going to speak and say something about the gospel know what is that so it's not anything close mouth actually saying be the right way. Season with salt speak speak with gospel waiver yes speak on this topic, but in a way that that that makes the gospel tract is such a powerful point out talking Alan Benson to Bob Jones University budget 70 such a powerful point because I often think okay what was my number one goal. I got help people understand the truth of the little blah and then we kinda jump in and it's so easy to get going, but what's the message what kind of message of my sending with response to the gospel.

What am I saying about the gospel when I say things about the vaccine mandate.

So let me just full disclosure right on the table. I had a dear brother lovingly rebuke me for this the other day so six days ago is when Joe Biden came out and he was talking about their their sweeping vaccine mandates.

Another can use OSHA and all that stuff so this is right on the heels of that I was going out of town. I was on my way up to Manhattan to spend the weekend with my daughter and brought my other daughter with me and saw Mike Warnock to talk about this right now but here's what I did, and here's what my brother called me out. This was I'm looking at my Facebook feed. Okay this is what I said. I will post my first reaction to this massive crock of poop emoji. I was so mad I was so frustrated I was so upset and then skip a line but I will have plenty TO say when I'm back in the studio on Monday and about 32 angry red faces so so what is that if I'm supposed to be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen, I just did the exact opposite right I mean that's just the brutal reality of it.

Yeah let's just end this till now because now I just you know what would saying over and over and over again and we come most loudly that saying behind your key is declaring to your heart. You need Jesus put it, saying over and over and over, David himself. Psalm 1914 let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight oh Lord my rock and my Redeemer. Nancy potent prayer right there.

I think we started most conversations with that without prayer, all or most of our post with that prayer, we might go a different direction or no direction at all yet right because the power silence my my kids would tell you because they've heard this ad nausea Miller coming up on a breakout of my kids would say what what what is at say to you about talking well you know sometimes most Christ think like that my kids would all complete the sentence worse, sometimes the most Christlike thing you can do is in all for my kids in unison loudly would say shut up that sometimes I don't always need to voice your opinion because like you are saying you are. You think you are what you say in your heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all else who can know it bunch other things only come to work through this blog.

You can read the blog for yourself. You can listen to the sermon that Alan game recently I got those links up on Facebook. Life working to continue this conversation because we all needed Alan to put on hold will be right back noble sociology Thursday with several years and excited that we're doing this are friends of Bob Jones University budget on seminary theology Thursday every week as we take a deep dive into the Scriptures and unfortunately that's going to mean we have to bring the Scriptures to bear against our lives and today were doing that when it comes to the power of the tongue.

The tail of your tongue and mine of your text and mine of your social media posts and mine and that can be very difficult. This is about like we are talking Alan about will bring Alan back on just a second byway. He's got a awesome blog post about this, which is based on the message you gave recently, I got both those links up on Facebook live so go there once the shows over. I'll put them on the regular Facebook page as well so you can see it there because if you're not watching Facebook live in a be hard if you find it's all post them on the regular Steve Noble show Facebook page after the shows over. But these are things you need to work through and consider this as an about not saying things and soon about not telling the truth is about how and why they were not called to silence, although sometimes you are Jesus brought before Herod only. Only the Lord knows and the people that were there know what all is going on when Jesus was brought before Herod after pilots and mow their dear Lord Jesus said to Aaron and all of that member. Nothing. The Bible records nothing records, nothing that he set as is sometimes the right way is the sign away, but not always. So that's what were dealing with today on theology Thursday amid hyper isolation and hyper information leading to hyper polarization and discourse.

That's where were at.

Especially at the last 18 months. What story are your tongues and text telling about the real you, and ultimately, what are they saying about Jesus and about the gospel and about this Christian life, Alan.

Again, thank you so much for being with us today. The bigger great so again I go ahead what one of the things often about preaching that really bothers me make a point and stop short of hope. This those love you all walk away. I'm in despair and in the Bible doesn't do that. That you know you mentioned earlier when you're your Bible study is actually going to be on Colossians what what a beautiful book right. We know one side of the book of Colossians that you thought about heavenly treasure right but but most people don't realize in the process of that that book he actually deal a lot with helping talk or if you will, heavenly Hall, Colossians 35 with the death. Therefore, he talks about things that are the elements of your morality.

Passion, evil, dark idolatry right back in verse eight he says, but now you must put them all away. What did he say anger, wrath, malice, slander, obscene talk from your mouth and he actually says HP got to go to and and then later on in verse 1670 Lord of Christ dwell in you richly how teaching and admonishing things speak to one another in wisdom and and then at the end of it he says, and then whatever you do in word or indeed all name Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God.

Your speech out before the always gracious season with salt, so that you may know how you ought answer each person calling Colossians is actually say what will I know what James said in your tongue is telling the tale about you, but Jesus can transform you, and thus transform your time there is hope right way to go about yeah I think we have to be careful to take things out of the Bible apply them to ourselves the people talk about Jesus was confrontational in many ways, he certainly was confrontational and very aggressive in his language towards the Pharisees and the Sadducees often asked people.

Alan, who did Jesus hammer and usually they'll talk about the Pharisees and the Sadducees. I'll say okay anybody else but him or anybody else.

He said something that were difficult with the rich young ruler. He said some very hard things for him to hear and and that happened time and time again, but he really only hammered the religious bigmouth of the day and so we look at data we look at Jesus cleansing the temple and so we take that as a license to be very aggressive in our own talk and that's why have come back to Galatians Colossians 46 let your speech always be gracious. Season with salt, which is up which is purifying as well as that that the light of truth so that you may know how you ought answer each person that doesn't mean don't answer and it doesn't mean don't tell hard truth. But there is a way through or you can tell hard truths and engage a top issue that you gotta do it in a way that's gospel like LI KE and I think that's where we struggle right you mention Jesus and be on trial in the beauty of the island right orchard didn't open his mouth and yet in the midst of all of that thing member. I would have this probing question, what is true. Jesus said one thing and that was, I am come bear witness the truth by my life and by my words, I bear witness to the truth what it gripping thought that it that if I speak I not just speak truth, but I speak well of current how I speak it actually gives the right opinion of the tree and and that's possible through Jesus.

Even in a culture like this so hyper polarize you because that you know just all you have to do to get everybody triggered.

All I have to say is coalbed masks and met and in vaccine mandates and everything gets triggered we seen a remarkable amount of division inside the church is like Satan is able to just gonna take a vacation for the last 18 months and grab a bowl of popcorn and put his feet up and watch us tear each other to shreds over these issues and these are important issues, but I would also help us think through this with talking to Alan Benson from Bob Jones University budget in seminary and theology Thursday. Help us to think think through the motivation even when were going to speak the truth and say things that are legitimate that we've researched that we know are are accurate, don't we have to question why were doing it correct that that that I think what James is driving at most, though interesting little passage on on the common James Perry for some reason we verse one out of it. Jane really really interesting thing he says don't be many masters.

Knowing that as such will receive a greater condemnation while writing that these little scattered communities of male Jewish Christian and same to them, hate, know what you think about whether or not you should be signing up to be a teacher and and there's a problem like that he's addressing obviously not think I should be teaching the Bible that that's not what he saying he's not think should be desiring to teach the truth saying think about it because he is actually driving at the motivation what was going on.

Why do they want to be in the position of teaching with authority. It was pride that that's what he's driving at. In the opening of this passage and I think that that's part of why we need to wrestle with the other friend of mine Kevin Valerie seminary crop up in Minneapolis would ask a question about another ministry is no part of and that he Kevin tells you about what's going on like, really.

He answered in an amazing way. The first thing he said was not everybody thinks they have a right to an opinion baloney like what what like what and then goes on to say, I want you to think about the essential driving opinions must address back to opinions must be correctly informed or the prejudices and one must that we must address an issue where we have a legitimate interest or battling an it's like, okay, we think, for sure. My opinion here are those three things true I can think of an awful lot of Facebook post that I've written is just trying to throw on what's motivating me as it is I is it just me thinking now I've got a right to be heard or or Emma and I actually revealing me my looking for some kind of response right now because it's okay to drive a wedge and get a response. Sometimes we just we just get a response that such an important point have a friend years ago are talking Alan Benson for Bob Jones University Bob John seminary on theology Thursday here in the Steve Noble side a friend several years ago.

Alan, as I was getting more involved in the public eye and and just getting out there and and at one point, for some reason because God probably nudged and said he goes hey Steve, just a little piece of advice. Always be suspicious of yourself and as I what you say to me always be suspicious of yourself.

Don't be so sure that your motivation is pure as the wind driven snow. Even if you're right, because that I can. I won't have time at all. Tell the story and the other side of the break and then let's let's switch gears because we been on the whipping post for a while so we come back in the last segment of the show will spend some time with the hope of the gospel and how do we come to correct ourselves on this issue and it is that their goal is to show doesn't apply to me, Steve, you're a liar. Okay, you're lying to yourself and you got deal that night. We all struggle with this one, but there's a story and there's been many a times Alan when I've done done things or engage things online to your point, because what I was really after, I wasn't after construction. I was after destruction and I was after attention because I have a big enough platform that I can do something and get some attention. I have to be suspicious. Did I do that just to get some attention.

Or as Richard Blackley would say my speaking words of life are my speaking words of death, and that's where your motivation matters are to continue talking to our good friend Alan Benson Bob Jones University and Bob John seminary on theology Thursday. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble shall finish up with some hope right after this back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall theology Thursday with our good friends of Bob Jones University Bob John seminary by way of got links for everything over talking to Alan Benson today is Executive Vice President for student development and ministry advancement at Bob Jones and his recent message on this a sermon on this. I put up a link for the MP3 as well as the blog, which is based on that, so that's all there as well and Facebook live and then I've got the links up for Bob Jones University undergraduate and graduate studies as well as a seminary and so if you want to check into that and check that up yourself.

Those are on Facebook live as well. Under the Steve Noble show so you can check those things out and investigate. This is a difficult subject and it's one that the people tend to get pretty defensive on and especially in this environment. Alan is were struggling with the need to speak the truth and there's misinformation and disinformation.

There's lies and so were engaged. I think were were were so the majority of our conversations these days. Alan I think as evangelicals, born-again Christians or the biblical worldview in America is far more about the things of this world important things but to me it seems like we've kinda lost our way a little bit. It seems like really the eternal prizes.

What you do with the vaccine or the coven as opposed to the gospel. But maybe I'm just being hard on myself. Mine the you know, I ask myself right over the conversation went. When people go to church and and it's actually not that formal time when the one guy gets up to speak you know there's a lot of other conversation. What what what is that conversation about it and I and I think that too often it it's not about the gospel. It's not about how the gospel transforms culture how gospel is Trent or make the how gospel can transform you. I think were off-topic III agree with you. Yeah I think that's the real challenge.

I'll tell the story real quickly. This was last year. It was a prominent church there was a public a post about it and so I did another post about that post and ending at the end of it is like okay 123 go and I knew I knew because the situation what I was talking about who I was talking about and who my own audiences.

I knew what I was doing. I knew I was about to unleash the hornets nest kicked the hornet's nest and that there'd be all the stuff that would that would come out and in hundreds and hundreds of comments, most of them were were pretty aggressive and in the lot of them.

You could justify the meet up okay but setting all that aside, eventually, is that more more people going to call me out on it and eventually my darling bride to question me on it and I finally admitted yeah you know what ultimately what I wanted to do. I wanted to hit back and that is not a motivation that's godly just isn't and and and and and I hope I'm the worst offender of everybody listening or watching today or listening to the podcast. I hope I'm the worst offender.

I don't think I probably am. But I know it's been a been a big problem for me. But the question is how do we kinda move forward and people talk about is it so hate look niceness gets you nowhere and we talk about that in this culture. While it doesn't pay to be nice and trying to capitulate and not trying to be seeker sensitive and all that stuff but help us understand Alan the way forward. How do we speak the truth with grace, with love. How do we check our motivation. How do we do this well because I think James has all the answers right there. If we bother to look yeah yeah you know actually I want to give people what I find most hope filled in all them and bring it up, particularly relationship go in the old writing to the rock quickly divided church when he writes church on and toward the end of that week we get caught up in this whole idea of the and whatever we do without income no less.

But really, Chapter 12, 13 and 14.

Look at 12 and 14 actually talking about our unity in the middle of it that we all know as of RIGHT and and we kinda we kinda read it and faithful boy I wish I could love like that are there we go that that message on on marriage again and how should my way but actually I think Paul is writing with hope because this is what love can do for you here.

We talk about our tongues revealing who we are and that's what our motivation, how I change my motivation. What should I be dry at an and you know the gospel is about were not saved with silver and gold broke things were saved according to his great love with wherewith he loved to write what Christ has done in our heart. Whenever the gospel comes and this is what needs to grow. Until all of a sudden, I say what can the gospel do for me what will love you my heart do all recall this patient kindness envy going out there popping up.

Jerry doesn't it doesn't pop itself off of bond itself doesn't push itself out there. It doesn't behave itself and in an unfeeling, godly way. Not after its own cost is not easily provoked, it doesn't have long thought the motivations of others doesn't think evil it doesn't end in a rejoice in iniquity, but in the true it bears and believe in the hopes and endure all things and work always saying your life. You see it fractured and you see your tongue telling the tale about broken you are, it's time to turn around and say hey you know what I'm I'm a stomach on that that's not what he actually says embrace what the love of Christ through the gospel is supposed to be doing in your life and you will find that what flows out of our heart, speech actually is changed and and so I think that's what Paul is dry while with always different gifts all the motivation all the things that were after how the world you find unity. He actually says you know what time to look at the gospel in the love that is taken root in your heart and actually work on transforming the heart and will come out. He was transform speech yet. I think that such a powerful reminder and in James is very plain about that, that no man has the power to tame the tongue. Nobody and in and so that's where it is now your back to the gospel and that's the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the only hope that you have as you as you become more filled with the spirit as you become more like Christ as your sanctified and brought more into an accurate representation of his image, then that starts to affect Odyssey the heart and out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. And so it's not a matter of being quiet or being a nice, the matter being godly. Of course we have to be accurate because if you're a person of truth in your allegiances to accuracy.

That's why am teaching US history this year. I tell all my students. This can be an accurate look at US history is not to be a look from the right is not to be look from the lap as a Christian, your allegiances to truth and that's the good the bad and the ugly. And that's all we been doing which is great. We have to river that we have to ask for the help of from the Holy Spirit into sanctification because we can't do this on our right. James actually in that last section. Chapter 3 starts talking about when he said that wisdom from above and and that that wisdom that is purely peaceful and gentle and that is easy to approachable and it demonstrates mercy and love and good but it doesn't play favorites and it's not critical that that wisdom comes from above, and thus he says that that the expression of our righteousness of what the gospel is done for us is sown in peace of them make peace, and if so, I guess that there is a challenge that I would look and say okay I'm about to speak here. I'm about to write a blog comment on his Facebook close my about to make peace that the gospel check on on the tale of the con yeah and I think that in and again I know people are struggling with this whole show. This is what you're hearing is that so you're telling me that I should never talk about speak about a hard truth. I should never confront lies in the culture.

No, that's not what were saying over saying is there is a way to do that sometimes you shouldn't say anything. Also need to remember that I need to be slow to anger and ultimately if you go back is because there's this a document that you guys sent me that so helpful to tell your tongue and then kind of an examine and if necessary let God transform you wires kind of the tale of the tongue challenge is to go looking your social media posts from the past 30 days to step back and say okay Lord help me to be. I don't to be the guy. James looks in the mirror and forgets what I look like I want to be like David is said, search my heart, revealing the unclean and wicked thing and open yourself up to the Holy Spirit. Maybe confronting you on what was behind some of your social media posts and go look at it but we have to be able to do that. Honestly and openly because I think it's something ultimately should all admit we have a problem with. But there is hope, there is power there to the spirit and through God's word that we can do this and it came to saying the hard thing don't speak about your money. He does have something to say about it and it's the right thing. So there is hope there is a right way to speak about our thing is doing such a great way of looking at it if we were taught everywhere. If our message was shy away from hard truth in the book of James and got pretty much the rest of the Bible when exists in the first place. Real quick. I want to make sure we do this we got about a little over a minute left Allen but I just tell us meet your you're buried there at about a university buried in the student culture, just tell us how things are going up that a brand-new school year that down there. BJ you house it going so far, you know, we had a remarkable start really part of what we did our minor coming in was I thought okay the conversation, what, what's going to happen and we really turn our attention to.

Let's start talking about what does you what's going on gospel mission.

Talk about the world in an hour to help and we have had an incredible start. There is a gospel in the monarch that is remarkable essential.

Yeah, something false, and by the way if you you really enjoyed today's show.

This is just the tip of the iceberg were to be doing this every Thursday and what you're hearing from a man like Alan. His consumers love the word is understanding and command of the word in the way we approach this topic that's really indicative that was my experience for 48 hours. When I spent that time with my new friends Donna BJ you so if you're not noting a BJ you then that's what you can expect because that's the type of people that God has down there, which is really amazing. Things were super excited to do this. Alan thanks buddy for your time today. God bless you will talked again real soon I pal talk again, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Like my dad always used to say. Never forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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