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September 15, 2021 9:24 am


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September 15, 2021 9:24 am


Steve talks about mandates after Biden makes a NEW vaccine mandate that will affect millions of Americans. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets every day is like in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show there's grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble okay good to be back back from the Big Apple, New York City had a great time up there daughters and then was there Friday for the 9/11 conference which is wonderful and so good to be back in so much going on in and get a couple things on the table here as we get going okay. Part of me struggles with continuing to talk this much about political situations about COBIT about Biden about mandates about this than you, but these are very real issues that are having very real and severe impact on people there having severe impacts on our neighbors on some of you personally, not so much on me personally, but like on our friend David Fisher with money Monday Lamb MacBook limb or gold right are our friend David Fisher's been a part of the show for several years and he and his wife have had a terrible bout with COBIT she's doing better. Praise the Lord. But he's not. He's really struggling. Now he's got COBIT pneumonia. They call it so you know, I know some other people have a friend on Facebook, whose husband just died out that's not people that I know personally just on Facebook so this is where you have to work and pray for David and his wife are just second but this where you have to remember this is the thing you need to really keep in the forefront of your mind is where if you're a person of the book, meaning a follower of Jesus Christ are born-again Christian. You know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then truth and clarity and wisdom and discernment is the name of the game. Fear is not, but you have to be levelheaded and sober minded. And so the thing about COBIT is are there.

There are people like our friend David Fisher who are really struggling.

It's really bad to other people that have ongoing problems as a result of COBIT and in this is that we live in the digital world now so it's Facebook, twitter Instagram, whatever, plus the vicious new cycle stuff gets highlighted and then tossed around and shared around and in magnified.

So, are there terrible stories about COBIT. Even amongst young people.

Yes, there are but the overwhelming majority of cases of COBIT do not end as the terrible story and so you do not make this public policy, which is one issue and then there specific individual cases, heartbreaking things literally life shattering family altering future destroying things. As a result of COBIT and those are real so we should.

I'm always struggling to. I never want to appear to be callous to the realities of what COBIT has actually done okay, but you don't set policy and you don't make nationwide directives based on a small a very small percentage of cases though while heartbreaking and tragic.

You do not set policy based on the overwhelming majority of people and because those people here in the American context for me as a Christian are my neighbors. I refuse to stop talking about this stuff.

And believe me I wish I would. I wish we were in a season where I could have more ministry leaders on and more testimonials in an idea I struggle with that balance. But these are very serious issues, and in it, and as Christians we don't operate out of fear we haven't been given a spirit of fear but of love sound mind right.

We were not fear driven and we have to remember that we operate from victory, not towards victory. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world so so not fear but love and a sound mind and wisdom and power the Holy Spirit. Yet these things are our there's huge implications here huge and because they affect neighbors. That's why I talk about politics because in the United States of America. The what happens from the federal level of state level and even the local level at some level, to some extent affects every neighbor you got.

They affect every neighbor I have, they affect every neighbor you have now and we have sleeping mandates like going on with the federal government right now men how it can get any more obvious. So today on the show I'm go through a lot of different things and so this is where I hear Ben Shapiro out there since no facts don't care about your feelings or look backs you deal with that and remember when we hear the terrible cases terrible stories about COBIT including young people.

Okay, those a lot of that's luck I'm assessing all of its real, it's all real. I don't doubt any of that. It's all heartbreaking as all tragic in and I'm not dismissing or minimizing any of that. But you don't make fruit for instance, with children 18 and under. You don't make policy for literally tens of millions of people 18 and under.

When 420 have died you do. Does that make sense or do you think I'm coldhearted.

I'm not. You don't make policy for tens of millions of kids. When 412 or 413 have died from COBIT since March of last year. That's just not wise.

That's draconian that's fear-based. It's political. It's more political science and actual signs that make sense so this is where it's it's difficult to get on this road. So I I look at this and we come back in the break were to pray for our friend David Fisher and his wife Mary is doing much better.

Please alert David is really got bad, really, really bad.

Couple weeks now of COBIT notes COBIT pneumonia.

This is serious and could kill people. Okay were talking about a dear friend of mine, so don't you don't you think for one second. Please that I don't care. But I'm just some anti-facts or I'm not. That's not my tried. I'm not an anti-backs person am I concerned about these yes merely because of speed, but more than that because we only have at this point, 15 or 16 months were the data as to long-term effects in menstrual cycles and one of the duty young women in terms of their ability to conceive later in life. We don't have those answers so that's why I'm I have no hesitation whatsoever raising yellow flag.

That's why I haven't gotten it. I'm not getting any time soon and in praise the Lord I'm not in a situation where the present United States can easily get to me and force me somehow to do it. I come into a studio with two rooms on the worry about that. I teach a mostly in my hometown for about that the other places I teach. They don't fall under that either. And so all that garbage you know your IM, but you to take a long time to get to somebody like me because I just operate in an independent entrepreneurial world, but these are serious things on unpack a lot of different angles here today as we walked down this road just looking at current information, like for example just before he had the break is little good news. I'm looking at the daily new cases which skyrocketed the highest number we ever had was back in January 8 where we had 304,000 new cases we got up pretty high. Recently hundred 86,000 but right now the numbers to grab it's going up to its peak and now it's pulling overseer on the other side of the roller coaster on the way down. But of course what's going on in the news. You think that it's going up and up and it's not will talk this week about back Steve Noble of the noble show so much to talk about so little time that let's pray for our good friend David Fisher LMR capital, of course, money Monday normally be here today but he he and his wife had coded for couple weeks.

He's got a really bad case in coded pneumonia. At this point so we need to pray for him.

If you listen to the show for any period of time. You know David you know his heart and always our brother in Christ. He's a good friend is a great supporter of the show and I we praise the Lord because somebody that listens to the show's become friends in a client of his was able to bring some additional medical assistance to bear, and that's a huge praise but let's pray for them now and it will keep going. Father got.

I just want to lift up our our brother David to you think you that Mary is doing so much better. His wife and Lord you know everything he sees face death before, not that long ago because of his heart and Lord. He was quick to give you all the glory for that and he shared that here in the air many times and we thank you for those answered prayers in the affirmative and how you intervene and Lord we ask again for David who's just been a great steward of his gifts and a great blessing the body of Christ, Lord, that you would heal.

Lord help that that the medications and the help he's getting will heal him, but we pray even aside from all that you just touch his body. Even this afternoon, out there in Arizona. Lord touches touch his body touch. This pneumonia not just heal them of this COBIT pneumonia that he hasn't get this COBIT nightmare out of his body and out of the system. We pray for continued healing for his wife and Lord, that you would just watch over his business and all the things that they have to deal with whilst being sick and leverages pray for them as we do for every other family that's really been hurt by this pandemic and we ask all that the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Okay, thanks. Okay.

So. Also, I got Biden out there okay so this all happened last Thursday and I'm like lose my mind. And that praise the Lord. I was out of town so this out that I've been reading so many things.

Ever since, by the tax opponents and speech on United nation to fight virus rights. I got all his stuff in here repeatedly demonized tens of millions of Americans have not yet been vaccinated. Saying that many of the country were frustrated with them you were running out of patience only because we are this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. He said his approval ratings are plunged into the 30s right because is just one train wreck after another Biden claim that a distinct minority of Americans are causing a lot of damage and are keeping us from turning the corner. Biden said it is mandate is not about people's freedom of personal choice really, and that he is enacting an emergency rule to require all employers of the hundred or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated, or show negative tests at least once a week. At times Biden seem to contradict himself bizarrely, claiming at one point that he was going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers, only to later claim that as the science makes clear. If you're fully vaccinated are highly protected from severe illness. Even if you get COBIT 19 my message unvaccinated Americans is this, he said, what more is there and wait for what more do you need to see we made vaccinations free, safe and convenient. Biden said we been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us has cost all of us is that so condescending in my humble opinion, remarkably condescending, remarkably arrogant, remarkable executive overreach and then date the workaround is through OSHA. So how do we do this really is OSHA occupational safety hazard administration to come in and come after you. If you have 100+ employees.

By the way there's 6 million businesses in America. 156,000 of those 6 million have 100+ employees how to came up with 80 million people in that eight in that range. I don't know about.

For those of you that have less than 100 employees of relax and in you run your business according to your decisions with your board whoever's involved, but that there less than 100 employees, which is the overwhelming majority of the 6 million bit milk businesses.

America only hundred 56,000 have 100 or more than just blowing off of. That's what you want to do which are not under that mandate, at least not yet. So he comes out with all that stuff and then several governors old blood red state governors and lawsuits all over the place. Don't don't be surprised if you see Hobby lobby back in the news telling the government take a flying leap and one of the things they can do through OSHA is like a $14,000 fine occurrence. So DeSantis comes out's of course, slams Biden for ignoring natural immunity, which I want to talk about because you can't talk about that because natural immunity while being a great science is not good political science, natural immunity removes any power any influence any money any anything from the halls of government and from Pfizer and from modernity and from Johnson & Johnson from a school board it natural immunity removes power from everybody because that originated not in Washington DC but in the mind of our creator. Praise Jesus right so so there's DeSantis talk about the natural immunity takes aim at Pres. Biden these mandates is not about science. He said during a press conference because it if it was about science, you would recognize the infection conferred immunity, meaning you've had it. So now your body kicks in. Thank you Lord and you have a certain amount of ability to fight off that same thing in the future.

How on that last. We don't know yet but let's go to the let's go to the videotape shall eat. This was found. She on CNN and CNN is the Lord asked him about natural immunity is the number one guy in the country, allegedly on the issue with natural immunity, which by the way, is in a 21st-century discovery and have you heard how he handled listen to slouchy number one guy bow, bow, GA number one guy in America on uncoated allegedly and this is how he talks about natural immunity hit so quickly steadily came out of Israel about natural headline was that natural immunity provides a lot of protection better than the vaccines alone to make of that. So so as an integral vaccine mandates to cause all the time. People say I had coded I'm protected in that a study says. Maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone should also get the vaccine had the case to them. That's a really good points RJ. I don't have a really firm answer for you on that. That's something that we have to discuss regarding the durability of the responsible one thing the paper from Israel didn't tell you is whether or not as high as the protection is with natural infection with the durability compared to the durability of the vaccine. So it is conceivable that you got infected your protected will not be protected from indefinite period of time.

So I think that is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously because you very promptly pointed out, it is an issue that could be an argument for saying what you said about where while we are weighing you out on an argument. This is the basis of vaccinations in the first place.

Inoculation goes all the way back to the 1700s and even before that, and so and so what he will have really thought about that. That's a really good question. When you look at 818 months later, okay, what that is utterly ridiculous.

It's utterly sophomoric. It's unintelligent unless this is an about science. If it's about political science, then of course you're knocking to talk about it because it doesn't do it doesn't give up algae the sense that he's like the giant Simon says and he says go to the right and three, and 30 million people go to the right and go to the left and three, and 30 million people go to the left which is good to get anybody Christian or not. Terms of your pride right to assure that powerful power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton said, and he was right to gotta get you got understand that right foot natural immunity. 18 months and yeah that's a good question. If the pulley when you look natural, but do you know how one is that last now is going to talk about 18 months later, which he didn't bring up CNN prodded all thing stinks just show, just trying like you I think a lot away just trying to come to work through the numbers here work through what were being pulled not dismissing the severity of COBIT and how it just has destroy people's lives in many different ways and screwed up your you taking care of your parents. Whatever the situation is that so real that been terrible things that happen in tragic stories like but you don't you don't take tragic stories here and there relative to three and 30 million people in this country and then turn that in the policy. So let's talk about our kids right now mass kids jab kids getting down to 12. Gotta get all the students vaccinated. We gotta vaccinate all the teachers doubted that it edited out okay that that's happening all over the country and that's certainly what pouching the federal government want the I guarantee you they want every student vaccinate every student kindergarten on know why, why, because since under 18 and under. Since March of last year. March 2020. Sadly, tragically, horrifically, the been Ford in 12 deaths from COBIT. Let's just assume that's all real, 412 deaths from COBIT 18 and under. Since March 2020, that's 412/643 almost 644,000.

That's .06% okay so why would you why would you create a national mandate a national policy and then is what they're going to do and use title IX money weight. It's common 30s title.

My nine money to just manipulate and say well if you don't do this for the good of the country, then we can't support you were to pull federal funding varies all that stuff is that the planes do right now so you don't make a national policy for 18 and under when they only represent .06% of all deaths in COBIT because it's not a horrendous problem. You've got bigger numbers that have died from the flu and a bad flu season amongst that age range then from COBIT. I didn't just make a comparison for everybody on the flu.

I'm just talking about 1800.

Let's keep going under 30, 30 and under since March of last year, 3455 everyone on tragic heartbreaking but that's only 5% of the total 5%. So do you make a huge national policy 5% of the total. That doesn't make sense.

Pay attention to it. Yes warning yes it tell the individual. You most likely you got a 99 9.9% chance of survival if you get it, but for a few, it can be deadly. How many 3455 at how many about 100 million okay so those numbers are really tiny but like I've started saying last year in April we brought an anti-bond when I fight. So if you look at deaths 65 and over on COBIT. This is just wrong numbers from the CDC Facebook fact checkers 65 and over 502,863 that represents a full 78% of all COBIT deaths in America since March 2020 have been in the 65 and over. Why are we not focusing just about all of our efforts are at least 78% of our efforts on them that would be something in as opposed to political science. Now back to natural immunity. Did you know in the in the United Kingdom 90 they believe 98% of their populations been exposed according to blood testing. They're not asking her because of their byway, 90% or have been exposed than the study I saw recently about 80% of Americans they think were being exposed and then they come out and now the Bidens doing the mandate right, except, of course, if your Congress. You have to December 2020. Last year, Joe Biden said the following quote no, I don't think it should be mandatory. I would and demanded to be mandatory, but I would do everything in my power just like I don't think mass have to be made mandatory nationwide everything in my power's present United States to encourage people to do the right thing and when they do it demonstrate that it matters. December 2020 last year by no not mandatory same timeframe, Nancy Pelosi, so here's the thing. Direct quote. We cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That's just not what we can do it as a matter of privacy to know who or who isn't. Now all of a sudden throw that out the door because were talking political science. Who else was against mandating vaccines, not just Joe Biden as VP, layers not just Nancy Pelosi but pouching to what so it's what's what's going on right now course, Congress is is exempted from Bidens over 19 vaccine mandate applies only to employees of the executive branch and does not apply to the legislative or judicial branch of the government, the White House confirmed in April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress could mandate the vaccine among members and that it was a matter privacy in early August, she signaled she would be open to mandating the vaccine with them was granted full approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

But she is not appear to have revisited the issue since Pfizer's vaccine was approved with late last month, so this is just Biden using OSHA. This is a workaround which one of his own people are like a list of the ultimate workaround I got retweeted groups appreciate the honesty. Okay, so what's actually going on out there and then you have the US Surgeon General.

This is all scary stuff to me. I'm not operating on a spirit of fear, love, power, sound mind, that's me. Hopefully that you Christian. This is just try to be honest.

Try nursing was going on here government overreach yes power.

Yes, drunk on power sure looks that way. Surgeon General US to monitor really whether vaccine exemptions are being used properly.

This is a direct quote.

Unfortunately, as a country. He said Murthy I we have asked. We have experience in dealing with exemptions, but we've got to be vigilant there and make sure that people are they using them. You know, in the spirit that their intended and not abusing them or asking for exemptions when they don't apply.

That's what he told seen in state of the union.

That's an area that we continue to monitor in the days and weeks ahead. Really, dear. Are you comfortable with the federal government monitoring tens of millions of people's exemption reasons, especially if they're based on a deeply held religious conviction. Is that a problem is and it Texas Gov. Greg Abbott labeled the mandate and assault the private businesses quote I issued an executive order protecting Texans rights to choose where they get the code vaccine and added it to special session agenda. He tweeted Texas is already working to halt this paragraph Murthy back to the Surgeon General, said that he does." Respect that people quote have a variety of opinions on quote on some measures, including the vaccine mandate that the government has enacted to try and fight the buyers but insist that businesses have welcomed those measures.

Quote a lot of businesses are actually relieved that these are going in the place Murthy argued we heard a lot of feedback from the business Roundtable and others.

That's like the sign in the window that says best cheeseburgers in America right you seecheeseburger best copy best cherry pie best meatloaf I'm always like how you know that how can you make that claim. You can't write. You can't make that point that's impossible.

You can save right somebody mentioned earlier in Facebook live hospitalizations: second, there's good news. Okay let me go back sorry mull over the place. Just follow along if you can follow the bouncing ball. Ideally new cases this is world oh which pulls everything from the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Okay so I'm just giving them I'm say okay I'm just gonna choose to believe everything I get from the WHO and the CDC in this case.

Okay so you look at daily new cases. It was really bad late last year beginning of this year.

So if you look at January 7, for example of this year to an 80,000 new cases on January 8, 304,000 then came down plummeted right. We got down to like 10,000 and 12,000 back in June and July.

Then it starts spiking up because the Delta variant right so now they're still talking about the Delta variant and everything is going south, and the whole thing is collapsing.

That's why many mandates were all gonna die so the Delta thing comes in. So now we go spiking back up again and as of August 27. That was the highest new spike at hundred 96,000 here's the good news since August 27. The curve has been going back down here on the other side of the top of the roller coaster and it's coming back down. Okay, praise the Lord that's good. That's without the vaccine mandate and what's going on a lot of other places like New York OCC.

What about daily death. I'm glad you asked. If you look back in January and December they got way hi write one of the worst days I can find January 12 daily deaths, 4489. We peaked with the Delta variant on September 8, 1887 and it looks like that was near the top, and it looks like that curve is folding over right so your but that new cases death follows new cases by couple weeks right so what you see is you can arty see it start the flatten out towards the top right just like you know when you're going up up up up up and you're getting to the top of the roller coaster and you have the best view in the 90 and on the other side are to come down down down down down and that's what it looks like happening. So why are we flipping out why the mandate why the draconian stuff.

Could it be that it's all political science and not actual science and then hospitalizations a cam and hit the break here, but this just came out, literally 2:49 PM Eastern time today in a place I would not expect to see this in the Atlantic. Not exactly a bastion of concern anti-Biden thought okay our pandemic hospitalization numbers misleading us. Why a new study suggest that almost half of those hospitalized with COBIT 19 have mild or asymptomatic cases look look look so many people in the hospital.

COBIT yeah but half of those are serious matter matters if you're dealing with science and facts.

If you do a political science. It's not helpful.

So ignore Erica just trying to help you think that's it.

What you do with the information I share, that's your deal doesn't mind and you could blow me off of them. Just an anti-Baxter jerk, which I'm not. I'm not anti-vector. I'm a baby. Caution caution hello caution danger Will Robinson maybe is all we have is about 15 or 16 months of post vaccine data that's only have mRNAs been around for 10 years. I know that I got a get. I understand, but you cannot refute the fact that all we have is about 15 or 16 months of post vaccine date out when normally we have four, five, six, seven years before they go to this extent. Start vaccinating everybody so and then all the political stuff, the political science versus the real science. Nobody wants to talk about natural immunity. I played that clip earlier from Dr. Fauci and CNN and asked him about natural immunity actually go that's a novel idea. We need to look into that and some some stuff from Israel, yeah, but we don't know how long that lasts a doctor about Jiang's natural immunity been around sir, is probably the older Darwinian evolution is that been around sir, will you pretty much would you have to say like I don't know a few million years yes then how is this new information. It's not but natural immunity gives Biden vouching the NIH. The CDC, governors, mayors, school board members gives them no power.

There's no power is no opportunity there for mankind to manipulate people not which is why they're not talking about my ample okay our pandemic hospitalization numbers misleading us.

This is in the Atlantic just came out this afternoon at least 12,000 Americans of Artie died. COBIT 19 this month as the country interest through its latest surgeon cases but another worrying statistic is often cited to depict the dangers of this moment, the number of patients hospitalized with COBIT 19 in the United States right now is as high as it's been since the beginning of February is even worse in certain places, some states, including Arkansas and Oregon recently saw their COBIT hospitalizations rise to higher levels than at any stage prior in the pandemic, but I must of those letter figures really tell us okay so this year that all time rightly hospitalization going up there getting too crowded. We can't deliver babies here and work the COBIT things to earn and the assumption is that there full of people that have a really bad about scope right.

That's the assumption, otherwise there's no power, but the article new nationwide study hospitalization records released as a priest preprint today suggest that the meaning of his gauge can easily be misinterpreted and that it's been shifting over time you want to make sense of the number COBIT hospitalizations at any given time you need to know wait for it.

How sick each patient actually is. While thank you for your honesty. Until now that's been almost impossible to suss out the federal government requires hospitals to report every patient and test positive for COBIT. Yet the overall tallies a coat would hospitalizations. This is in the Atlantic today made available in various state and federal dashboards and widely reported by the media do not differentiate based on severity of illness.

Some patients need extensive medical intervention such as getting intubated. Others require supplemental oxygen or administration of the steroid dexamethasone, but there are many COBIT patients in the hospitals with fairly mild symptoms to who have been admitted for further observations on account of their patients.

In this comorbidities are because they reported feeling short of breath. Another portion of the patients and the seller in the hospital for something unrelated to COBIT and discovered that they were infected only because they were tested upon admission. The authors of the paper out this week took a different tack to answer similar question, this time for adults. They want to be a record so that's not completely us representative but it is important. The study found that from March 2020 through early January, 20, 21, the proportion of patients with mild or a summit and symptomatic disease was 36% even last year 36% of all covered patients in the hospital according this study had mild symptoms from mid January through the end of June, 20, 21, however, that number rose to 58%. In other words, the study suggest that roughly half of all the hospitalized patients showing up in COBIT best data dashboards in 2021 may have been amended for another reason entirely, or only had a mild present presentation of disease, imagine that. But the study also demonstrates that hospitalization rates for COBIT as cited by journalists and policymakers can be misleading if not considered carefully. Clearly, many patients right now are seriously ill.

We also know that overcrowding hospitals by COBIT patients with even mild illness can have negative implications for patients in need of other care at the same time. This is in the Atlantic today. This study suggest that covert hospitalization tallies can't be taken as a simple measure of the prevalence of severe, even moderate disease because they might inflate the true numbers by a factor of two. Quote as we look to shift from cases to hospitalizations as a metric to drive policy and assessed level of risk to a community or state or country door and told me the author we should refine the definition of hospitalization.

Those patients who are there with rather than from COBIT don't belong in the metric boom yet another problem in the puzzle right yet another one and so that's where you there's so many here. There's so many things. This is like a giant piece of Swiss cheese. And there's holes all over the place know some of that is due to the relative newness of this whole thing. Although we put the full strength of the federal government advisor modernity Johnson & Johnson behind this and blasted out and been remarkably vaccine literally in months never done before. Remarkable. So, don't you think we should have the same veracity when it comes to the amount of data let the data drive policy. No no no that's science so all this were just following the signs every time I hear that now I just throw up in my mouth. My know you know you not.

You talk about natural immunity.

You won't even talk about survivability rates. You won't even mention the fact that 78% of all COBIT just turned 65+65 and over age group and as weird messing with our kids over and over again, what yes I think is child abuse and yes if you serve in any capacity in school boards or whatever. Then I think you're complicit in that child abuse.

If you're voting for these things when 18 and under. Since March 2024 and 12 deaths all tragic but that's not a 643,858 that's total, which is .06% you don't make policy for 70 million kids when only .06% of all deaths even exist in their age range 412 out of about 70 million you make policy on so this stinks the whole thing stinks, why it stings how much of that is the spirit of the age. How much of that is somebody like bounty or Biden or whatever. Getting drunk with power, which is entirely possible if not eminently predictable because of human depravity and sin nature.

Just think about that. Honestly, per second if if I if I had Donald Trump's Twitter account when used to have one, and you could push a market you could sink Boeing stock you that kind of power.

You don't think you would be tempted to use it really I can say right now I would. I'm tempted to to push buttons on my social media on my Facebook radio page.

It's not massive there's like 105,000 people in there but like oh that look at that one that reached 24,000 people all well let me reach back and pat myself on the back and some little peon you'll think somebody without cheese amount of power and reach and impact is going to get drunk on that a little bit of course he is. Then there's the author of lies. Satan himself, there's the spirit of the age is fear of death, which is running rampant in people around the world because they don't know Jesus as Lord and Savior so they're afraid to die and you get this whole mess that were by the way, I did share something last week that got a lot of traction. Doug Wilson is I think is a pastor over conservative guy and I don't agree with everything he writes what I thought this was pretty important to consider. Okay. Is he looking at this whole thing, especially with the Biden mandate from last week for all businesses with 100+ employees that you have to get vaccinated.

Have to get tested net once a week or they're going to hit you with a $14,000 fine for each occurrence. So he thinking it's a big set up Douglas and here's what he said. So here's what I believe to be our situation. I believe that middle America is being deliberately exasperated in order to provoke an unseemly and gaudy reaction sometime prior to the midterms. In other words, I believe the ruling elites are picking a fight trying to provoke unrest and are doing so in order to be able to justify measures that are genuinely repressive repressive measures in the aftermath some big incident could be trumpeted as saving the Republic from her enemies, but if they do without such an incident the power grab would be just naked and kind about the if that reaction finally happened say right wing protested a federal building. Summer turns violent.

It will be used as an excuse for emergency measures member even push the other day for his 9/11 said you know White's primacy stuff like that's as big a threat as Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism will you get a white supremacist conference national conference and probably fit it in the 711. Are there out there. Yeah, but is a crazy militia type stuff like that.

They're not huge presence. Are they serious, yes. Should we pay attention to him. Of course, but I be a little more worried about Afghanistan, Mr. Pres., on top of that, the result emergency measures will need to be robust enough to alter or delay the results midterms was gone pretty far afield here, but at some things there don't take the bait. I think what he's is essentially saying is boy wouldn't another January 6 common handy right now for the powers that be. That's legitimate. That's a legitimate concern right it's if some people anti-factors. Republicans trump types whatever did something naughty.

Could that be used against them while is in January. Six being still used against trump people churches and I don't put anything off the table.

Nothing is off the table and these days were moving rapidly.

I think more rapidly than in my lifetime towards into the end of the game, whether that's in my lifetime or not. I've no idea.

But things are deftly speeding up and so is a Christian. I hope your Christian are you operating out of victory or towards victory. Are you operating out of a spirit of fear or love power and a sound mind almost people are gonna keep trying to bring a sound mind and the conversation consider the alternate views. Consider other information, fact-based information in order to try to make reasonable wise decision. I don't need to trumpet the vaccines and stuff. There's enough of that going on in the mainstream media from the government. I'm just trying to fight critical thinking efficiency don't want to see little Sheldon, God willing, I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always just never forward another program powered by the Truth Network


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