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September 8, 2021 9:23 pm


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September 8, 2021 9:23 pm


ENEMIES and ALLIES by Author, Joel C. Rosenberg! You want to know what's been happening in the Middle East since 9/11? Read this book!


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders, grace, and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble was funny how the topic of the Middle East and what's going on over there. Connor comes in those what's happening there with happening in here and that of course with what's been going on in Afghanistan.

Obviously last 20 years, but the last couple weeks that throws a whole another wrench into the scenario what's happening between Israel and all of the Arab nations and of course Iran and Iraq. It's very very complicated very, very difficult to understand.

And of course for most of us as followers of Jesus Christ.

We know that were supposed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and so we struggle through that as well and so recently we had. Mitch was on from Dr. Mitch Glaser was on from chosen people ministries and he was talking about their credible ministry in reaching Jewish people as Dr. Glaser was raised himself with the gospel of Jesus Christ and then we talked about 9/11 and the new Middle East conference which is this Friday I'm flying up to New York City tomorrow night so I'll be there broadcasting Friday and then in the context of all of that would really get that started was finding out about Joel Rosenberg's brand-new block. Of course Joel is a bit near Times best-selling author, 15 novels, five non-fictions and this one just fascinating. And so, in this conversation back and forth in Joel's been on the show before and so this particular book, which is nonfiction really takes you. I'll call it rare air drill.

It's been amazing to see what God has allowed Joel Rosenberg to be a part of in the Middle East and having evangelical Christians in the rooms with people like the Saudi Crown Prince, Egypt's Pres. Jordan's King Abdullah United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Ziad, you got Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in there. Then of course you trumpet Mike pence in what do all those people have in common. Well it's in this case it's Joel C. Rosenberg, near Times best-selling author Joel how are you thanks for being here today. Steve, great to be with you where I am honored to talk to you the more I get to know you the more often you're on the show. The more I read, the more I'm just confounded by all the different all the different things that the Lord has allowed you to experience a working to go down this road because I really thoroughly enjoyed the books I've got several things that I've highlighted that we could talk about. Finally, friends this the pretty hefty read.

So it's not like you're going to be able to even scratch the surface today call this an appetizer at best, but there are there are things here that you and I just would never have access to. Because these were behind closed door meetings with really bad leaders throughout the Middle East, but you never step back. Joel and just kind of in amazement. Look at what the Lord has done with you and is allowed you to be a part of.


I mean, I am a Jewish kid in the corruption in New York State.

I am a failed political consultant I work for lost, you know so you know I was. I had dinner with a friend of mine. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. I meet him and he's in this book enemies and allies because chapter 1 because he was a reader of my political thrillers and and I didn't know him, and he was in Congress at that time and one of his assistants reached out to me today.

My boss defend your books never know when you back in the states.

He states, with great who know that he was a CIA director Secretary of State so we had dinner on Friday night and I interviewed him for as as I doffed his enemies. Now I say the I said that might yet that you've met with all these leaders right yeah of course.

Trumpet hasn't course course by Naz and blinking, but me. I actually describe the scene in the in the book Steve there yet, but in the Oval Office with the present state friend Donald Trump Kansas to my right Pompeo's to my left and then national security advisor John Bolton is over there and I've written so many scenes in my room. I never been there so when I sit down because I should be thinking though, the conversation on Iran and Israel and Islam honestly see what I was thinking of the old Sesame Street ditty one of these things is not like the other. That's exactly the Joel then saw well that's I was just going through my head, waiting. That's my life story that's my theme song just completely amazing. So enemies and allies. An unforgettable journey inside the fast-moving and immensely turbulent modern Middle East was there because you're going through all this and then all evangelicals and all the people that you met there in the Middle East, all which which God used and factored into the Abraham according to me just mind-boggling stuff, but it was there. How did you get to the point where you felt like you could do this, you could release this because obviously there are a lot of conversations here people that you met with that at the time, nobody could really know exactly what was going on will okay so incident in question. Steve led six delegations of evangelical Christians to meet with the top leaders as you say of the Middle East and most of those conversations were actually on the record, there were parts of those conversations that were off if it was tickly since it was a few cases where they'd want anything on the record at the time.

Later they allowed me to take our notes and put some of it but I had many more meetings than the 60 present LCC with five meetings with them a king of dog Jordan five meetings with him and and so forth and so I did not intend to go into these meetings to write a book. Initially, all the meetings while on the record meeting we could take careful notes and we could talk about it that the first always leader said let's just meet. Let's just talk. Let's not do a big press release or photos, but in every single case they change their mind and then they went public in and we were on the front page of their newspapers on the lead of their TV network over time it became clear this was a story. Not only did we want to sell but that they wanted to hold out I'm not working for any world leaders. I know I I call the balls and strikes the way they are. I think this is the fairest book about any of them but some of these are very controversial leaders and I am critical of them in and in a number way yeah that's is the thing about it because you mentioned about it on only been on the show before and I've read things and seen things online. But to really pull it all into one book or you can go down all these various roads it's it's like you mentioned before, what he sings not like the other and it's really just shocking to see what all happened in the access that that was able to be opened up not only to you and your wife and your boys but also to other evangelical leaders in an environment where most people would think that oil and water. Pun intended. And those things are never going to mix why why Jewish American evangelical is greatly yes it Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is senior official all that sovereign up on a break told Evan a break, but the pause button very Ogoni reference business is to get deeper and more amazing as we dive into this enemies and allies with Joel Rosenberg this noble, very bad back at Steve noble to see noble shown here here since best-selling author Joel Rosenberg 15 novels, five nonfiction, the brand-new and I put just put the links up on Facebook live will continue to share this because if you have any interest in the Middle East and you actually should be on the minimum of praying for the peace of Jerusalem as a follower of Christ. What happens in the Middle East has reverberations and sent shockwaves around the world. That's why every president in the United States has to deal with it to one extent or another and of course with Afghanistan on the front burner. Now, literally and figuratively. Back in the news.

It's amazing in just one week how much the news is kinda turned its back on what's happening in Afghanistan.

But how do you factor Afghanistan into what's already been going on, especially in the last 20 years since 9/11 with the 20th anniversary coming up this Saturday so just amazing timing.

The book just went live so you can get it Amazon where you get your books by Josie Rosenberg, enemies and allies. An unforgettable journey inside and truly that's accurate inside the fast-moving and immensely turbulent modern Middle East because Joel has had access to all the biggest leaders in the Middle East, which is unusual, especially for something they grew up with a Jewish background and as a follower of Jesus Christ. Another evangelicals and an understanding of these leaders are in the movement and what's happened in the Middle East, especially since 9/11 such as fastening. I can't.

I recommend the book highly enough. Josie Rosenberg enemies and allies. So again Joel, thank you so much. I'm sure you're just slim busy wise.

By the way did you do your annual trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this year we get yes we do an annual discipleship retreat. There and I will be doing it for 20 years. Last is so special.

I yeah and we love we love love well the Outer Banks that will save North Carolina especially yeah just beautiful out there. So back to, that the timing and everything of the block sit did you kinda see because I want to fold Afghanistan and here is much as possible, than I wanted on a diving at some of the other aspects of enemies and allies. But did you kinda see this on the horizon or were you shocked like so many of us Joel with what the debacle that was the US exit from Afghanistan well I mean I was horrified, but I was in shock. Why in enemies and allies. I torched the last chapters I talk about the transition from present trauma and how he handled the Middle East the president bided and I had to put the book book to bed, as it were, like in in March so it's been a few months now till it released enemies and allies deal with the fact that some of my closest friends had been his biggest critics, you know, one Bob Gacy was the defense secretary during the Obama Biden administration Bob Gates said on the record in his own memoir look I love Joe Biden if there was if I needed somebody in a crisis. I called Joe I love this guy, but Joe is been wrong in every foreign policy and national security decisions. The last 40 years.

Now my cool decent book, but in fairness to Biden I see that's not really true. And here's a list of things that Biden is done right.

But I point out why does Gates say this in one of the reasons is because in 2011, Biden boasted that he persuaded Pres. Obama to remove 100% of US forces out of African out of Iraq rather and that bite bite was put in charge of that awkward what happened will Gates and Leon Panetta of the CIA director for the Democrat. They Obama and Biden don't do that you're going to create a vacuum into which bad sources are going to surgeon – where prices emerged in that vacuum and this is where genocide emerged because of that and so you would think it would hold you and pray that Biden would learn the lesson of full military withdrawal prematurely could lead to genocide and yet he's going down the same Dangerous Catastrophic Rd. in Afghanistan so horrified but not surprised, yeah, yeah, I echo that exactly and it was just terrible to watch and ongoing. Obviously that's like all of us needed.

Just don't let Afghanistan follow your map. Don't let a popular prayer map everybody we need to continue to pray because there are Americans that are stuck over there there's allies that are stucco there. I have a couple of friends. One is been on show both on been on the show but you would know it because it will usernames and stuff are still dealing with in the State Department has is literally stop planes from leaving the area. So it's a big mess. But when you look at Afghanistan and you talk about this in part one. Talk about the threats and enemies and allies can look at. I ran a look at Russia and then Turkey and then how high we kind of in it say anything you want to about this.

I think were generally aware of them. But that is kind of an axis of evil. If you will. I ran Russia and Turkey in the now.

How does how does Afghanistan factor into what's going on there.

Specifically, with respect to our own national security interest in her insecurity as a country, but also Israel knows a lot there but that's kind of over talk out well will see the look I've been to Afghanistan. I spent time with tribal most leaders with Christians on the ground in Afghanistan.

I think the way to understand why this is so bad is that what Pres. Biden is done is just surrendered to the forces of radical Islamism on the E of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 when we had one check out it was messy.

Is Afghanistan is not Paris. You know it's not like we got the Nazis and now we got Paris and its friends in this beautiful troubled poverty-stricken country we get that. But remember, for the last four years and I'm not trying to party.

I'm just look at the analysis. The last four years. It was stable. No Americans were dying Afghan troops were dying in defending Dems themselves, but we only had 2500 troops out here in the end of 7500 NATO forces and together. That was enough to push just to kind of bolster the local forces to keep the Taliban out.

And yet, it's like it's like Biden pulled out the Genghis stick and the whole thing that that's back. But why is it, strategically significant because if Pres. Biden does know how to do with the Taliban how we can trust him to deal with Chevron right that the radicals want to sit back and they could project power and enforcement there eventually.

But the main thing is that the ranking regime is just two months away to Steve away from having enough enriched nuclear fuel to start building nuclear warheads, now Israel is preparing for possible airstrikes into Iran, and I described this in the book I Leaders in Israel, including the defense minister like to get the absolute latest on what's going on and what Biden is done is emboldened our enemies and terrified and unnerve our allies on the eve of 9/11 now. I'm sorry this is so dangerous and yet where the beginning of the Biden ministry.

We have 3 1/2 years to go.

Yeah it's it's it's just shocking the reverberations of that and how they did not they had the intelligence, I think we all agree Joel that they have been telling this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the threat of radical Islamism right Biden did this before in Iraq and led to genocide. He didn't get it. He didn't learn his lessons will different your truck with a novice, yet no foreign policy experience and yet he took out cost some money. The top Iranian terrorist. He took out I will block her all by Dottie the top like sisters. He dismantled the caliphate.

He liberated 5 million people that were trapped under the ISIS caliphate. You strengthen Israel peak for Arab-Israeli peace treaties, known as a REMIC for never done it before. Is been doing this for 50 years now. Unbelievable incompetence fused with hubris, healing, Americans that are absolutely hold that thought talking to Josie Rosenberg here it says best-selling author enemies and allies will be right back.

I think that's right back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Rosenberg here tends wrestling another 15 novels, five nonfiction's enemies and allies brand-new and perfect timing just remarkable as taken.

It takes us into what's been going on in the Middle East last 20 years.

A lot of people but not all bad. There's been a lot of great things, especially the four years the Trump administration were to talk about that were to talk about Joel's interactions with other people as well because it was amazing how God allowed other evangelicals to be a part of this, the Saudi Crown Prince, Egypt's Pres. Jordan's King United Arab Emirates Crown Prince. Of course, Israel Prime Minister@Benjamin Netanyahu then you got a full Trump and Penson there when it gets all those, but right now are how to brief conversation about Afghanistan I'm I wanted to ask you Joel in terms of the of the different Arab leaders and Muslim leaders that you met with in the context of the book enemies and allies and you really take us and all those rooms, which is absolutely fascinating. Have you heard from any of them or what sure what your read on their reaction what's happening in Afghanistan because the Middle East is now just been thrown asunder again with this.

I don't even know how to describe it in terms of the impact it could have all these people that I really can be allies of ours and people that you met with yeah, I remain in close contact not in a regular basis, always sure the top people but with their inner circle in their senior advisor and I will tell you from multiple sources in the Arab world, and of course in Israel there horrified that there is thereafter similar to what I told you I'm horrified by what Biden did in surrendering to radical Islamism but not surprising, and in the challenge for these leaders in the Middle East is they have to try to build a good strong relationship with any president of any party right or not.

Republicans are not Democrats. There they have their own national interest. But what what Israeli and Arab leaders are thinking right now Steve, I can tell you this from the from deep inside their camps.

They they are observing Biden retreating from the Middle East and they are having to calculate now that they may be left all by themselves, not in rhetoric will be plenty of red rolled over standing with you.

But what if what if Iran is really two months away from having that nuclear fuel ready to build a bomb and maybe take a year until they do.

And then once they do it maybe takes longer to attach it to a high-speed missile, but the point is, if there are two months away from having the enriched fuel to build nuclear weapons. Israel is running out of time.

The Arabs are running out of time to take out those facilities and set the program back. You can't possibly imagine that Joe Biden having retreated from Afghanistan is launching air war against the Iranian nuclear ratio like so Israel is a small country and these Arab countries are fairly small but everybody thinking what to do this on our own and they are actively taking steps to compare for that right now. I can tell you that and that is that is that sound like one of my political thriller novels, not what you want to see in real life switch gears. Thank you for indulging me. I know that there's so much more that we can tire will have a chance to what I wrote enemies and allies as these are issues.

These are the issues and as you go into that and kinda look at the threats and do you think that that people properly understand the threat that Russia, Iran and Turkey play in terms of the Middle East will know but I hope people will read enemies and allies both to look at the threats that are where we where are we, 20 years after 9/11 was the lay of the land, but also what's going on. I hope about good with some really good things wrapping God of moving in the Middle East and some positive ways. But what I do describes to say very briefly is Iran has been thwarted over the last 20 years from getting nuclear weapons. Their nuclear scientist mysteriously died there knew their nuclear research plants mysteriously blow up their nuclear computer to run the program mysteriously get, you know, malware and and and and and and worms and crash. Why does that happen because intelligence operations are slowing giving staff were they doing their turning to nuclear powers like Russia, China and North Korea and to another emerging dark power Turkey which used to be an ally and technically still is, but under restive everyone is moving towards the Russian arranging orbit and moving to the dark side. That's what Iran is doing and that's why Iran is still being not just that they could get a bomb soon but that they're building this alliance with America's and Israel's absolute worst enemies and together they are even more dangerous than by themselves was not there's a story that that you tell in the book that actually happened with I think it was the Messiah that had guys go into Iran like in the middle of the night with blow torches whatever they doing on it all the saves I would like why am I never distorted the Israeli secret service called Mossad they figured out where you want All of their top-secret nuclear weapons research. They knew where it was. They snuck in in the middle the night they blow torches the essays and they took out many many times folders but of you. They stole the entire ride and they were able to get out of Iran undetected and back to Israel and then they they probably went over it.

They gave copies to the Americans under the Trump immigration and they released some of it for the world stunning a study, I describe it in enemies and allies. So now what you write about that and I think about that as of now, I don't think people will say right now Joe you could do that as it is a nonfiction is real and I and I tell the story now just unbelievable. So right, so let's talk about these leaders and met with in the last signature I deftly want to talk about what's positive because there's all a lot about at the top the latter part of the book.

Tell about what going on there. I think at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin some salmon you've got Egypt's president at Delphi. The LCC you got Jordan's King Abdullah UAE got Crown Prince Mohammed bin Ziad, what did it. Can I ask you if you have a favorite are you allowed to answer the question. It's just better for very different people.

I don't have a favorable let's just say the story of meeting the first one which was king of the Jordan I mentioned I was off camera is on the right that the first time I met him was because I'd written a novel in which I made in the character and Isis is trying to kill him and take over this country and advisor to him read it then brought the novel to the king, and said your master, you have to read this. He said why you consider it any looking at is a novel I know what your character to the king took two days to read it while in rather than banning me from the kingdom. He invited my wife and me to come to find when we had lunch with them at the main palace first first when we first arrived, Joe. I was thinking, where would it be fun to meet you for the first time and he said well you didn't blow up this palace and now I thought maybe I should bring you, you show it to you is hilarious.

And then he said you know I noticed you made me character.

But my advisor, my staff you you fictionalize them, but I can see who's who I have bought copies of your book and I give them to my staff I say here, you're on page 94.

You don't make the tears that I tell that story much more detail, but is areas tell you in enemies and allies and I just really like tonight he's a he's a moderate Muslim. He is the former Jordanian special forces.

He flies his own Blackhawk helicopters. He is an action character is an action figure, absolutely, and I literally couldn't make them up, so I put them in my novels and then who knew I met him, and by the way he read the second one of the series is steep, so I brought them copies of all the third target as it can I give you couple copies of the first one because you see it is only showing page 1 the first sentence of the series reads I had never met a king's class.

He pulled out a penny with what you have now decided that he signed a bug in some areas there. That's all thing.

I kept thinking as I was reading through your talk about and enemies and allies of Joel Rosenberg.

As I kept thinking this guy who wouldn't want to hang out.

The sky was just such a fascinating contagious sleep care and that's why settlement our final night to have our dinner is private palace makes it I'm Jewish, I'm evangelical Israeli American. I hope you saw from the novel that I don't want you to know target is stationary, but I've learned so much. I'm just wondering I think a lot of evangelical Christian leaders, people with enormous influence would benefit from knowing an air of most monarch was a moderately whoever meets these people right you ever like to meet them because Joel let's put together a delegation and bring them here to the palace and to the kingdom and that's what we set into motion to do and that set into motion. Six delegations throughout the region. Most of these countries had never invited Christians into their palaces before did you were there any overhead in a break whether any leaders and said no I don't want to do that know know that we were inviting ourselves they were inviting. Just amazing. Were talking to Joel Rosenberg, enemies and allies brand-new book just came out looking at everything is been going on in the middle is specifically, mentally, specifically since 9/11 the course 20th anniversary this Saturday to talk about the good things couple more things about these leaders, but will talk about the good things that God is doing over there will be right back with you today. I'll be on the road tomorrow so I recorded a theology earlier this week.

One of dressers that bobbed on seminary. Just an incredible conversation about sex. Quite frankly, in this in the sin of it. The theology behind it and why most churches don't talk about it. We don't teach it. We don't teach it well and so that's tomorrow's theology Thursday and Friday will be broadcasting live from New York City. I'll be at the 911 conference 9/11 the you can watch online for free just got register so 9/11 I'll be there on Friday. Dr. Mitch Glaser was on the show recently as the president of chosen people ministries so that's really a 2020 year look back and indicated some incredible guys said. Joel Rosenberg Artie taped a spot for that. So he's a part of that program and and my friend Ingram wants as part of the program, so I'll be there on Friday and got willing back in here in the chair and on Monday, but today talking to near Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg enemies and allies the brand-new book, a nonfiction book, just fascinating about really everything from a 30,000 foot level down to a in the building in the meeting with people like the Saudi Crown Prince or Egypt's Pres. Jordan's King, UAE, United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince, and in that information, which is fascinating and enlightening and you we were talking during the break Joel again, thanks for spending so much time with us today we are talking during the break about that. The media often times we don't hear about that was one of the things I loved about readings of the book is that you like wow that this is really encouraging this surprise me that the openness of these Arab leaders, most of whom are Muslim talking about Christianity and trying to be more open in and embracing of different religions in the context of their own countries and like wow that that was going to new information to me. As you look at what God's doing over there but often times we don't.

If it bleeds it leads.

So usually were just hearing about the negative stuff example of super exciting things like text link shift going on an air of motion, thinking towards Jews and Christians used to be that you were supposed to have any contact with Jews and Christians and courses and in all kinds of extremism was being taught in the mosques in the textbooks, but in many every country that I went to this is changing. They are changing the textbooks they are taking all that out there firing the clerics in the Moscow continue to teach extremism to change their teaching reform and and moving through reforms in their countries. There there embracing Israel for Arab-Israeli peace and normalization deals. The Abraham, of course, Justin last year.

Crazy, exciting story or one of them so I was getting to know prison LCC of Egypt. We were talking about him and he said to me, Joel. I am the process of finishing building the largest church building in the history of the Middle East. Okay and it was next January on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

They celebrate differently and in the Middle East and we celebrate in the West.

Christmas Eve I wouldn't give this church building to the Christians of my country as a Christmas present. Six and I would love it if you would bring the second delegation of Christian leaders to be there as we open and be with me as we celebrate and honor our Christians who live in Egypt. Unlike yeah and and I and he said, would you be try to encourage any top American official maybe to come and be part of it to. So I asked Sec. Mike Pompeo personal friend Joyce become and he came and and just amazing to think that a devout Muslim era of the largest air most country in the world hundred million Egyptians would honor the 17 million Christians all over Egypt largest Christian population in their Christmas eve like that just one example, but just this is never happened in history and you never, I guarantee you that your listeners and your peers have never heard that story you all what that that in the world. Horror shows going on Middle East. Should the media be telling some of the good things that are happening and that's what I'm doing, not only in the book enemies now last year and wants to website all Israel news and all Aramaeans to track the stories good, bad and ugly and we have three emails you sign up for and will just send you the news headlines we are tracking the latest stories exclusive coverage, exclusive interviews with the major newspapers and these are stories you're not married anywhere else. Why are these Arab leaders Muslim leaders in the Middle East change in their town because one of the things that was interesting as you were sharing in the book enemies and allies about these various meetings.

Is there their desire to see the the moderate version of Islam come to the forefront and I don't member who it was.

Which chapter was and they were talking about how they had gotten rid of.

Literally, I think. I think that fire tens of thousands of the month and leaders the mosque leaders and stuff because they were preaching a radical version of Islam and I know it's confusing for people. Joel could really the real Islam please stand up thoughts office understand just the lay of the land from an Islamic standpoint you talk a lot about Islam is only talk about fundamental but minimalist Islamic Islamic Jihad.

I don't think people really understand that there's a couple of different flavors here superfast. I will try to get a sensor and then you need the book enemies you to unpack, but the short version is what obviously is followers of Jesus Christ we totally disagree with this is not true. Okay, that's one thing. The second thing is you know some people would say some Christians would say radical Islam is the true Islam and modern Islam is a vacant lot, but I don't think, for the purposes of what I'm doing with this book is my job to go parse out the theology of religion. I disagree with okay I'm happy. However, let me put it this if there are more more leaders who say let's be against terrorism and against and make peace with Israel.

Then I want them.

I want their team to win in terms of geopolitics out of the gospel. I want every Muslim and you and everybody in the world to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and Bella make their decision for themselves for or against Christ, the death, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ – the only thing that mattered at that at the end but for now we in a world of radical Islam. We want the moderates to win okay. It doesn't mean we don't want them to know Jesus personally, but we got multiple objectives okay so I divide those things that know what is radical Islamism. Let me tell you Steve that the vast, vast, vast majority most in the world. 1.8 billion are not violent they're not extremist or wrong theologically, but they're not crazy and they're not dangerous, but all studies is an extraordinary amount of research has been done in the last 30 or 40 years and about 90% of the Islamic world doesn't believe in radicalism is all what is radicalism that believes that you can and should use violence to achieve your political and religious objectives that you can asked that question and pulled from a thousand different angles and you keep finding that about 90% of Moses they know that's crazy. I don't believe in suicide bombings. I will find a plane into a capital city or whatever. There against it, but between seven and 10% of the Muslim world does support radical Islam use of violence.

Now that does me no Jewett but they supported.

So when people say the vast majority of his Muslims are nonviolent – true, but when you take 10% of 1.8 billion people hundred 80 million asked the pool from which the terrorists recruit right – people say I think that's okay.

It's a good thing to use violence to strap on a suicide vest built themselves. What might their children get pulled in right and like they encourage it. Yes, and that's the challenge we face. That's what is it we United States of America and all of NATO have been fighting radical Islam just in Afghanistan for 20 years. Why haven't we won because they keep recruiting from the hundred and 80 million in a deep bench deep bench and and and basically they outlasted the United States and that the Biden ministry displayed along writing to the point of exhaustion, and rather than say you know what this is not good, but it's manageable to keep the stability of our counterterror efforts in Biden just said I'm pulling out the agenda. Stick and I don't care.

He thought it would collapse. Everybody told Anna collector enough it's collapse so so would you say Joel and we got about a minute happened to stick around just for minute when radios over because I want to pray for you religious moderation and inclusion. Would you say of all the things you talk about a lot of different angles in part three of the book looking at the future in terms of what you're excited about short of when Jesus comes back and takes care of everything. What's most exciting deal about what God's doing the Middle East will most exciting thing by far is that more Muslims and more Jews are considering the claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ than ever before and more Muslims and Jews have left their background and come to true born-again faith in Jesus Christ than ever before in history. Over the last 2000 years combined is game changing. Now that's the most exciting thing as a believer now as an American as an Israeli I would say the other exciting thing are the peace treaties are the fact that devout Muslims they live in. Left Christ them… But I are making peace and they do want a better relationship with Jews and Christians. That's a good thing but I was afraid of these so we pray for me and is giving us a measure of some of the men, Josie Rosenberg here since best-selling author enemies and allies available now.

I put the links up for Amazon anywhere you get your books again, if you will get it.

I meant to get this in Proverbs 2229. Do you see someone skilled in their work, they will serve before keeps that's exactly what has happened until Rosenberg's life really really amazing is always great to have you think you so much for your time. I know how busy you are is always a great blessing. God bless you and thanks for that I hold. I just think about bravery after were done. I'll be in the air at some point tomorrow heading to New York City but you hear theology Thursday. Tomorrow I'll be back live on Friday. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shelf, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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