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NC Politics

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September 3, 2021 3:53 pm

NC Politics

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 3, 2021 3:53 pm

NC Politics

Steve talks to Mathew Winslow from the NC House 7. They talk about politics and things that are happening in NC.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay so here are well-versed in what's going on here paying attention Afghanistan you know it's going on access because of the abortion law that just want to go back there in the Supreme Court, which does not do anything which was really nothing short of a miracle occurs paying attention to Joe Biden. Occasionally you'll pay attention to. Maybe what's going on. Gov. Cooper but how much do you really know and I would also add how much do you really care about what's going on in cortical local politics, state-level politics, local politics and art. Do you think everything that matters is happening in DC. Actually, I would propose you that I think it's the reverse that if were really going to see some changes take place in this country have to start with your school board your county, your city, your state, and so today what a little lesson that Matthew Winslow's back in the house. Of course we were talking to Matthew and he was running for office. God saw fit to see that he attain that office working on house district 7 Matthew Winslow Howard is stupid. We are thinking so you want to go in and slamming persons is the first time you seen the new studio.

Let's just get that out of the way. You found the door to walk in the hall and around feeling the love of the late approaches assert you know you're going to know I don't know because I've never been to this case by my cortical air quotes friend. Anyway, it's great to have you here now that the studios all that much better builder and a custom builder that Matthew once custom homes you walk in here and immediately start looking around and questioning, decorating, and the placement of doors and do you think like a builder or do you not normally when you're outside of your content.

Mostly that's how you lose friends walking so much wrong with with with the house of that without absolutely not fantastic. I love it before we talk about Norcal and politics were to talk about something that you really wants to talk about today is you really going to get your business over Matthew wants talk about you, what are you doing to impact politics but Copen a crazy economy, the housing market snotty. How is that affected the new homes world because it's a world that you live in is a business, obviously with with Matthew Winslow custom home so so how is that been for you guys were struggles to yeah you right now me, with no one working so our industry assortment 24% down in the labor force's work talk across the country so you know we borrow windows and doors from Indiana, Kentucky, and we buy falsehoods from Georgia, North, and they don't have the resources to maintain were ripped and so is windows and doors is fiberglass is plastic.

It's lumber just across boards everything and so what happens is causing everything to just install yeah this insert you right now. I keep I keep trauma company and all the team members are my job right now is to break a logjam comes doing that probably never seen it like this before know is different.

This different different feeling, but you really know me a very positive look at it like this is a blessing. It's a blessing that we have sales. I remember we didn't have any so this is new challenge in the world whatever it is God's word and that's the walk that we have and that's the good thing you whether business is up or down.

I'll never leave you or forsake you. And this is all temporary pressure not to be worried about Matthew Winslow's custom homes when you're in heaven you're probably been building teamwork continue. I think it's good to be pretty awesome. But let's all remember even with COBIT in such this is all temporary and so make sure your house is built on the rock as opposed to being built on this in politics.

So how you been in for how long it was last November you wait months so eight months a month. You know what is it like on the side of eight months of being in the world of politics.

You know what nothing about the honoring of enjoyment really and you see opportunity and when people didn't when you start sharing it with who you are.

Yeah, they start bringing her struggle to you later share with you and people in your district say hey can you help her with this and sometimes we can somehow get but a lot of times we can point in the right direction.

The people that can help and there is something to be the legislator that you can walk in and say representative Matthew Winslow.

Can you help this person.

Sure will deftly help no help him up a plug-in for Michelle Kenny.

She's Melissa… And I get to face. I get the name reservation sure she's the one behind the scenes is pulling the strings and making things happen. She does every single day. So what happens is that nice lady that I talked to break up with Michelle really is the one that does all the hardware that's awesome so so after eight months of experience. What's your view. How is your view changed on politics as well as on politicians.

A politician has to be stopped only about well I have a tendency to do that but I will remind people make you think that will do this with my students like I just started teaching again two weeks ago 37 classes that hundred 15 students in my six classes. I like how many of you are just on the assumption that pretty much every politician is a scumbag like every hand goes up and I say the follow-up is always, do you know every politician know you don't so you cannot say that all politicians are this are all politicians that I think we have issues with most politicians, but there are plenty of politicians after their wonderful people that we can trust that I'll tell you this is I didn't have any preconceived notions going in the house octagon very open-minded, I will so you have some very good many women there that truly care in Trenton the right thing and this was a surprise mandate you know you would like to go when they're very divisive. They really are trying to do what they think is best for the people in the district table, so we are blessed of those people and so we have when there's a chapel there and have a prayer room and that we have a ring of chap we are praying he prays over and everybody's in the housewarming is different than what I thought was yeah and what's nice to be the state level.

Each one is connected closer with her dispatch right. I know exactly who it is much more personal, just real quickly been a politician, my brothers and sisters love it. Now, okay really love it is a make jokes all the time they text me all all flows will be the politicians and they think it's the best thing ever. Just you know they'll help you look good to know what about politics the process itself may consult with brother Megan Celso Chumley appears to be just another process when you elected is that you two half days of training this get the work I do it and you have to figure it out as you go along.

It's a little frustrating at first, but the route with this is that it is not one linear path of multiple paths to success in his own due diligence. Keep your nose down, work hard, you can things and and bridal bit's. I introduced five bills okay file bills as a freshman is a big deal.

They told say 1 to 305 okay and then all five mom made of a crossover and had two of them already passed the House and Senate and Cooper's unlawful wow yeah for first and that's a big that's a big deal. You talk about that.

That's pretty good.

Freshman year.

We'll talk about that different things that Matt is working on never end up talking about you talk about something that Matt is excited about probably frustrated about it like I am, which is involvement how involved are you, you probably scream at the TV screen. You throw stuff on social media. Your gear exercised about it you actually do anything about it. That's the difference. All that's necessary for evil to triumph is nothing new one when I know I ran a good friend Matthew Winslow serving the great state of North Carolina house districts seven so you probably recognize the name because you hear me talking about his business on the air regularly so we're partners as brothers in crisis Carolinians in his business guys and his people to care about our state and our nation.

And so Matthew's been serving. After eight months now.

Get elected last year so the school of life that happen but now you're down in the nitty-gritty something to share just about your entrance into that world and what it's like to live politicians of politics. Finally, let me ask you this question real quick and then on to talk about some of these initiatives.

Matthew was sharing before the break house had five pieces of legislation as a freshman. They said yeah 1 to 3 and a couple of them of Artie gone all the way through, and that's exciting, so to talk about the things as are some really important stuff that Matt is working on. But what is it mean to you as somebody serving in this case Northcote house districts seven but in North Carolina when you find out that people are praying for you. What is that that means you gives me goosebumps. It essentially broke my heart to know me because I have fought just this morning to some of my good friends and guardians have breakfast with with one of the people work he will service its mass is appropriate every day coming. You know the power of prayer. When someone says that it is a blessing. It is one the best is you never get and also you like, back straight and fill strong encouragement and in this thing is that when you find that out the salute, praying for all the sudden you know, whatever you do with the life just goes away.

Gosling side right now. We share what a nice burden such as weight supposed to be Jesus. His yoke is light and easy. It's not having heart so something from us.

Okay let's start going through the here's the list so I get Matthew's email so that I know what's going on what is working on and some really important legislation here. So going. Whatever whatever order you want to just want people, especially North Carolina understand what's going on down there in Raleigh. What kind of things are being developed and pushed her so just so you know my wife rights. As for me okay I can I give her all the information she's the one who does a fantastic job but it says what a great job. They love the newsletters is because my wife is offending and I increase Billy's writing losing this, it is you with things common sense stuff yet because of last year, absolutely. And so what this does is it gives the power to a police officer to law and does things like which I never realized was increased. Some of the penalties and fines for it but also what it does. It punishes those letters that are so these people to write so Steve Noble is Matthew Winslow to go to Raleigh and go there just had a place down just what you held this response had a higher penalty so the thing that people plant what wise wise and apostles people because it they were the right orientation, and it works it works. And so what this does is actually punishes them for him which is what a great sport legislation so that was a focus on is like we are no longer will accept that you rely to come to downtown world responsive and I can I assume the reaction from people in the right imparted was good. What was the reaction from the left. All we are to have laws and books from and what if, if that was the case in our police offers were could be duly charge a lot of these things, you know why we still have an Associates and so the pot if there is no punishment there is no forced right that's exactly right. If you don't if you don't punish that what you have on the books are not relevant.

So where is that when at this point house has passed Senate has passed the notes in the governor's office. Okay, okay. Prevent cousin Mark Robinson's been on the race. They are all yes this is an order to talk about this with Matthew. When we talk about all of you and me having a role in in what's happening in culture but prevent indoctrination in schools. HB 324.

Mark is been all over this is this is a big deal. This is why am teaching US history. Now, and in terms of citizen involvement.

I've never seen so many videos of parents at school board meetings, which is awesome absolutely sounds like a really really poised important piece of legislation. The central part of Estevez were not intrigued when I can teach that one race is better or worse than the other customers based on your sex rewrites dust. That is the central part of the legislation and can I can't believe the pushback were getting what that is not fair is not right you know I always look things and and you and you shake your head in an X or someone took a picture once and I was like this look on your yeah I keep forgetting Meridia has left my face like he knows that's the shocking part about being a politics because my brain doesn't go to that place my brain goes with us makes common sense, it is right and so and so had to readjust it. Don't be so shocked that this answer, and in this case that's worse. And if you say that this is part of the civil rights as everything has to do with all these years we have been fighting for his rank as the conservatives and so here we all were sent. We want to codify this and say this because here's the thing. Durham County other kinds of start adopting this into their curricula yes they were going to teach critical race theory that one race is better than the other other one race is an honor, and fear of the darker skin you have a shot. I mean it's really amazing what you guys and it just makes you either not believe in you lose your help or you have false guilt or you to start looking at the world through black yellow-white. Everything maybe segregate the contrast was so where is that when asked the house this past the house in the Senate just passed us and just as we passed Senate goes to Gov. Cooper's office. Yes these articles are playing taps okay this one is interesting, ensure nursing home visitation rights. I see that sounds like common sense to me like why are we even talking about that that should already be there.

But what's the deal during coated me know, and in all this time we restricted access to say we Executive Order restricted access to our homes and so we had no older men and women that were dying without their loved ones with them and so what this does or says you can no longer do that you have to allow access presets have access and so now were providing access to those that need us during those times. No longer can we say because of mercy mandate.

We can no longer have access to because and I'll get some personal friends and went to same thing and just absolutely just as reckoner lives in service not so simple.

What will we we could we could have done better for you and I we we don't drive covert into nursing homes and hundred percent agree that were into a hospital when there is no reason we could have a level with her. So just remarkable is that been bipartisan or not you actually considered by partial that's good to hear. I like this one kind of surprised me, especially tell me why improve care of pregnant inmates Steve liberal talk about is that one which looks like common sense doesn't write that is what shocks me up like I finally need a Lawford common humidity companies and in this just came out of this is bipartisan. Two ladies, one when the Democrats will own the Republican also came together, said lives of an issue and had a lady that had a child in in prison and had her handcuffed her, and the whole thing while she's giving birth was given birth and the situation.

I was a part of it or they just want to hear your were having to codify you know just common sense. In into losses so that you can no longer do this and is rough and so this you talk about the story is not the first time little things happen and you did break your heart thinking. Could you imagine what's going on so and I realize we don't know the you know what everyday and I don't want to harass him for what this does Elyse print files got exactly right. How often does the public involved in the Vista say that most people are don't really know what's going on.

Most of those normal yeah and that's part of the problem is that things are going to happen what happened because we were too busy watching Netflix so working to get to that part back with three more pieces of legislation that are really important for law enforcement and enhance accountability in policing and support foster parents of children with those in the talk about your place in mind this whole notion politics trying to infect culture nobles Matthew Winslow and I will be sitting next Friday. Podcasting conference up there that Ingram lots and in the New York Times best selling author Joel Rosenberg are doing about 9/11 there can have people that were involved in 9/11 first responders and also look at how the Middle East is change since 9/11, last 20 or so I'll be up there for that top line up on Thursday, so I did the show live from New York City and Friday. Today I'm here with Matthew Winslow Monday I'll be off. I don't even know what show I plugged in for Monday so don't worry about it actually. If you're listening to me on Monday. You're totally doing the wrong thing with your Labor Day spend the day with your family. I think God for the fact that whatever blessings you have and if you listen to the radio show on Monday she might do better things. Okay, so take the day talking Matthew Winslow North on House District 7 and it's great to have a friend and a brother. That's down there and and somebody that you can cheer on and somebody can pray for, but you also have to engage as well talk about that the second three more pieces of legislation that is been a part of support law enforcement, mental health, and I think it's probably this is always been a big issue and if you start looking at the divorce rates for fire, police, first responders, military at 70% plus it's brutally and then you take everything that's happened since BLM and George Floyd and all of that mass and in the valid parts of it. The invalid parts of it man, what a bad season to be a police officer. What would've waited for evil to turn things bad and demonize those of the protecting lovableness yes itself is five years ago us and this is what's gonna happen. You'd probably slap me and submit the police and that tells you how how how good the evil one as he takes a small fall can twisted working in people's minds also make it a narrative and so what that legislation and also the in his account in policing windows to go sob us on this well-written us while they put through the same time and enforce accounting policing is like you. You're staying there with her brother, and you know he's doing something wrong what you thought you can do so, but what this does is empowers you to say that what you're doing is not okay. I'm oversimplifying yeah I'm not I'm not there will police officers around all the stuff to go through all this I can have some some infant for them because they're going through a lot of things there to make split-second decisions.

So what that does empowers them and also says I work you know as the state were with you, behind you and then the same thing the mental health you have to go through me said 70%. I'm startled everything plus that something from a legislative perspective that like went what would be the genesis of something like that. That observation will that by pop politicians inside the legislature near like okay, let's assume because it's accurate that our police are struggling something with the police might come to you guys and say hey we need some help on the state level, so this was actually something that was pretty cool thinker to study group and they put some politicians together, they put the sheriffs Association of police Association. Forget all the different groups are involved in it and they got together and they they help draw the legislation so was not Matthew Wenzel sat down and said I things, regret. I think they need that we we brought in people from all angles. Look at it.

So what can we do to help our people that are in the police, fire rescue and all the ones that are first responders. That's so good to hear and then there's no one here we are back to common sense to support foster parents and children, which is a very broad so what's what's his bill about so the state is moving and I agree with the state was to move more from an orphanage model to children in homes right and also homes like Steve Noble with his wife and you guys you carry little kids you help them get to adulthood and a lot of times is 16 to 17 years old is about time you schedule it will you know I'm reading off my and so it was as if they realize the value of having a father and a mother in your household and will put in a household and now we can do is go out and instead of the block scenario we put in the households and so you globally. Jeremy comparison and so they come out better that way versus yet so I just kind of pushed to more adoption model in homes exactly going to an orphanage sound like an old-fashioned term but that's still out there. Okay so let's step back a little bit. 30,000 foot how you feel. Just about the state of North Carolina. In general I think right now your boys nerves are raw with COBIT and everything is politicized everything you can say anything you say one thing someone snaps on it and the next thing you know, and so your boys nerves raw nest truth S. The country was going on and so when you're looking at stable. Also, this list of the company is our state is better off than the rest of the low tax rates.

We have plenty of cash on hand, so if something goes to South we have the castle had to take care of it were funding infrastructure like never been number four funding healthcare like some forward. A lot of things have never done that uncle Joe's money are we doing it with their own money.

We can do both. This was great about us.

We don't need this to federal money but not say we are right. We got there sending it or sending it to us and were doing with it and that's what's great about our budget as were using to invest in infrastructure nonprofit, not long-term expenses reveals like that. If the decedent is called us to fund the future. Reason infrastructure, water, sewer, the real interest in real infrastructure and so we've use will use that money wisely in the same time were doing all this on because even in a lower tax rate we brought in more Total tax dollars to reducing taxes were also putting money away reported this year's budget report about two point something billion dollars in operating fund several hurricane blows through the air we not worry about you dipping into something we don't have a bar you search his future. We have that money now on hand that go with the people on the other side of the when you're kind of being normal, like the rest of the way you have to run your business. We have to run my business where where it bottom line.

That's the deal you don't have it. Don't spend it how those conversations go with the Democrats on the other side. You know it is a different opinion were monies were spent elsewhere. But now all to the house budget we had none. Democrats cross her with what was which is great, yes, that's it.

Pretty amazing that this pretty amazing right and so on. Right now were in conference between the Senate and the house trying to budget approved but most of it comes down to was where the money is being spent. That's where conflict comes right and so that that's a much better work were really open something up to dig into this with you. What about COBIT vaccines.

Vaccine mandates the concern now that the Delta variance. This is a moving target all the time, nobody knows who to trust. Most people distrust most other people.

It's really a big mass. I think I think Cooper and that many going to been pretty draconian about these things. Do you hear from constituents often about the whole vaccine question every day. Every day nurses contact.

This was whole new world. Third, the hospitals and you gotta be vaccinated.

The work he also tells of her thinking website. I just work the past year and 1/2 through covert frontline overall nine euros and now you tell mom lose my job and so that we had a crime to all kinds of things with it, insert, and what I've been advising everybody is that all is far as when it comes to what should I do should I go back to his neck vaccinated no one thing go to Dr. don't listen to politics. Don't look at things, but nothing else.

People make decisions because it they say there be a person true through social media who have really present on the site you have a family doctor.

Go ask your family doctor. The person that knows and trusts lotions we care for you no matter what notable improvement it is a second vaccinated that your doctor does what you should do not listen to all the nonsense is going out there yet. So that's a common thing is that is that a common topic down in the halls of the legislature. Yes, absolutely. If there is there really anything. I don't know if is anything you guys can do in terms of the mandate is where Biden has had a pressing moment when he's pushing for private industry to do vaccine mandates is a set from the start federal government to do it. We only vaccine minutes when they don't have to think that the private sector this going to do it for you but is there really much that can be done.

They know DeSantis is tried in Florida, but he's the governor we want governors to do that.

The off week we brought a bill to a couple bills are passed through addressing vaccine passports, numbing here Sumitomo limits CR to the right and and and what's going on so this talk about the minority community minority community is the lease vaccinated group right overseas will have vaccine passports is that you can't go to grocery store the poor and impoverished words on the habit of vaccine and now you can't go to great storm and cut them off their mean just like 1950, absolute us this blissful storm shirt okay was walk around and say no you can't. You can't have this and we separated people were classified in week that is wrong and so we passed a bill to the House and Senate and says no to vaccine passports and that this would be United is unconstitutional under the mistaken battle and on the on the private sector. In this is a good topic to have a lot of people say why can they do this was the same reason why the cake maker can decide who you want to bake cakes for incisor private industry you know in your company or business.

We can't tell them the right insurance and service, exactly, but what you do is you walk, you go someplace. It provides a service insert and that's what we do in this nest of foundational values of freedom, America as we walked we talk with Google places that organ go according to what we believe you will hopefully will be interesting to watch. In New York City, so I'll be up there next weekend September 11 is that Saturday the 12th of Sunday Monday the 13th is when they're supposed to allegedly start enforcing the vaccine mandate to go into all these different places and it's good to be extinct. They have a growing number of small businesses that a team together in a class-action lawsuit to sue de Blasio saying you train wreck our business. Absolutely. And that's exactly what can happen is you look at the vaccination rates in Manhattan or in the boroughs we have a lot of minorities in the vaccination rates are much lower than the national average and also to start destroying business absolutely and that's all we need to see.

I keep encouraging people fight to sit there did nothing. I try to talk to a lawyer try to get some representation and plight you have to get involved with what to talk about the last shelf when Matthew wins represents how 367. Here is a great thing here. The sleep number so your involvement with representative people seven which you don't know where that is how he described that were tested to accept this is all for the County and southern Africa.

So those are outside Raleigh and in mostly world there is a place outside Raleigh. Yes. Yes I fly over so it's mostly world and how would you describe life in those rural areas outside of Raleigh's a lot of people are coming out your way and you're getting invaded. So we are, which is these nights were split. We have suburban areas. We have housing subdivisions echo stuff and then you go north and across of the tar River is very rural. You know, we have farms and horse farms and cow forms and the growing tobacco and since it is now, all those Things and you got southern Nash County, which is again it's an area that's getting closer growing on McGinnis farming community in small towns which is conical. A little taste of everything to try things on the national level and in Texas on a national level talk about our involvement. Did you have constituents or people talking but I'm sure I'm sure was a discussion with with your fellow representatives about everything that happened in Afghanistan that something you guys are factoring. I'm not a factor north, other than we had a lot of soldiers from Fort Bragg. But how did you guys can a deal that is in North Carolina represented its state will is not what we do talk about it when we we passed a resolution or urgent Biden to stop doing the nonsense I was doing that. There was a better way to do what needs to protect the soldier protect his people. We we really left and left Americans over there and it was a conscious choice. It was not was like oh we didn't realize there was these people there. We went to the court when he said we we get 90s and the people that Nixon Americans out there wanted to get you just admitted sir, that you left 10% behind. And here's the thing, every Democrat, every Republican in the house, but if that resolution is really absolutely that's good to hear. Yes, and so we list, we realize what is going on where you Republican or Democrat makes a difference and that was always wrong that's so good here and about from a hardware here as I was listening to you want to talk shows their talk about their interviewing the dad of one, the son of God and he was one that was brought home and sit back and he was in the 13 that died in the bombing. And so you think with the most awesome happy that my son is home now. Yeah, whenever sending back for the short period time. Then he dies. This is a fun form and I will see him drive an upfront drought to stop what writings and it was it was tough.

Terrific. What about the Matthew don't know Matthew, he's been very involved, very supportive of the pro-life community for years.

The billing taxes which they passed with basically said as soon as you can detect the fetal heartbeat. Abortion is illegal usually contact the harpy by about six weeks. Most people most women don't even get abortions to lead to 10 weeks else, effectively banning abortion in Texas and not only that, if you do perform an abortion after six weeks as prosecutable so this is a major law it's it's it's a shocking law for most people in America often see people in the left and the pro-choice crowd is going absolutely providing an end and then report to say when I can attach was also shocking. You can partially think Donald Trump and that by the wake of three of his justices were the ones that said no thank you.

Leave it alone, but for somebody is that that that serves as an elected official is a follower of Christ in a very pro-life person.

Have you look at some like that in Texas call hello remember just to high-five thank you… Rachel about going to build and stuff like that and most people realize, like Roe versus Wade decision is made is that when life is viable.

That's when decision should be made right so that was decision based off in the 70s and 1973 yes and so we should have to have legislation that matches will be no abortion zero should really get but the further we can move that line that's happy it makes me in the fact that those politician said yes this what were going to do and we don't care was to happen, we want to protect babies from all over. Yellow is pretty awesome and we we did.

Bill here and it was it was protect the children with Down syndrome. Yet, we passed the house and pass the Senate and dropping precedent was vetoed. November all of you, but the Democrats vote against it didn't pass thinking what why why Eugene explained that this eugenics. I don't have a down syndrome so it's taken absolutely insert anything. I break your heart. Insert you know me I'm a pro-life. My mother's hem is 17 years old and in pure high school seniors.

We never abortion because why because you're an curtilage other young ladies doing so out for me. I behave myself. I was if I was involved. Pro-choice point.

Okay you want to talk about citizen of all, absolutely.

Why Steve number one thing I see right now that people contact me. So what should I do us that we get involved in lots house responses.

Don't know if that's what I want to welcome other and so in the thing is that politicians are weak need right in thinking with with the winds a lot of times and so and I don't talk about politicians. That's not really what is when they see that there that the shift is is change their move in that direction. You voices speak up and ease a bit local level. I appreciate people are upset about national politician and we should know but we should be involved in it, but it starts the local level minister quits the CRT stuff. I guarantee you that if a bunch of bunch of mothers showed up at the school board meeting us that were not okay with this, they would change it right along. These things will happen, but when only three or four show up there's not enough people to make a difference and so will you do lots of people say what I was saying because I don't when they were to be upset at me and I will lose your friends where you can be active and not lose friends you can be active as to love when your neighbor like you come earlier yet will you still have this concept in America we can actually agree to disagree absolutely hold your positions. Don't give up. I don't got compromise in Inchon truth.

I can have civil relationships with people and I still have a friend.

And even though we may not agree on politics and sleep. It goes like this something you and I we we have similar values and beliefs yeah okay word we walked salsa but you not talk about politics. We talk the same things we believe, and we're not doing any good except for driving each other what we have the will to do is you billable your neighbor and you get to know me say here is wobbly. What I believe is not because what I want to do is that I'm trying to just go in and I will make sure they understand how bleep is home to change the hearts and minds of people I would love on them. Love thy neighbor as a normal number to commend this will. If we go out there. We love our neighbor we share with them. This is wobbly.

We don't have to grill everything we can.

I was agrees not the right direction we want our school board to go our county commissioners are town Council are stateless things and then you start growing here were great disciples were supposed to know one thing and that's what others want to talk to people shows a get outside your summary get outside the echo chamber go talk to other people you know and that's going to change and grow and change in the way our country what what works is that you know people will have a rally downtown for a day. I say well you make yourself feel that you and I can make it different so what actually works what what can people do. We talked about prayer.

So prayer is the only thing you can do what he should do nothing without okay so if you're not praying for those in authority over you personally and soon, so repent and pray for those in authority.

That's why go to pray 110 I'll put it up on the Facebook likely right now. Then you'll get an email every day which will give you a list of people you can pray for one another. Federal level in the restaurant the state level in terms of the Senate and the house you'll see Matthew Wenzel show up every once in a while, so make sure you doing that, but what else can we do that actually matters.

Calling your politicians makes a big difference. Emails are great but you know me.

Most common everyday right and a lot of Mart your Palm Association, Association says contact… You hit the button to goes out in some form know what we respond like everyone this in our district member Goss was a former district outside of, but when someone called my office and that's a little pink slip that Steve Noble called to give my phone number and I knew talk about something. I will call back that's different than most legislative bill because it draws our attention to someone that cares enough to make that effort. You know you can walk right in the general assembly. Yeah, I know you literally walking the walk door and said can I get a meeting with Matthew Wenzel can get a meeting with some wisdom on district and you may not get it right then and there, but you can call you to meeting you soon.

Have a conversation while I have lots of Utah. How impactful is we some money on you, so you know, here's how I feel his well think. It doesn't have to be with someone that believes like you to write you go talk to the ones that don't believe what you do.

That's like an evangelistic thing in the political realm will within the is going to do no good if all you're doing is talking to believers talk to unbelievers, so you know when I used to know the stats is probably 1001 people that would send an email for some people call puncture so emails just get like we all did go look at your spam folder or your junk folder. Your your trash folder and you'll see what you do with emails and politicians largely do the same thing with literally somebody from their district phone calls have a huge impact.

We mail you something email you a letter we mail you a postcard. We stop in person that get on the radar screen even more than a phone call I would say even that even a typed letter with a signature and phone number makes a big difference in deaf Windows, but it you this test the state level at the local level you need to show the meetings and speak up and you need a little hold on to say I'm not a good public speaker doesn't matter what the Holy Spirit take over and you speak your mind and you say, here's have to look on and don't show by yourself.

Bring your friends and neighbors, friends and everybody else and they need to come along with you and any support you need understand why that's the movement needs to change this country we can no longer be scarf or founding fathers signed that document said we know what a loser for The Little Lies Not with the Lives Their Wives and Their Children. Everyone Else but What about the Circuit Is Not Successful and We Have Learned We Have Thought We Just Type in Full Social Media We Done Our Job. Social Media Keeps You in Your Submarine.

That's Okay… Do You Know What Matthew It's Because We Have Similar Interests. It Doesn't Doesn't Go into the Larynx for Boston 30,000 Feet House Is Getting Face-To-Face and That's Something Most People Don't Know What the Legislature Is Never Been down There and Don't Assume That Just Because You're Some Little Taxpayer That a Legislator Will Pay Attention to You If You Call and Ask for an Appointment. Get One. Absolutely If You Show up and Asked for an Appointment. I Get One, and That Has a Huge Impact. Listen, I We've Done Rallies. I've Had Three 4000 People down There outside the Legislature.

And That's Great. It Made Me Feel Good and I Got on the News but I Don't Think It Moved the Ball Much but Once You Start Engaging Face-To-Face. You Sit down with Somebody That's a Totally Different and That's What We Need to Do and by the Way, I Think You'll Find Your Legislator in the Senate and the House State Level Will Meet with Them. Talk about the Things That You're Concerned about and Then Do Something Really Radical and I Asked How You Can Pray for Them and Then Pray for Them before You Leave Their Tiny Little Thing Is What It Would Shock You You Is Always Great Love and Finally, Absolutely. Now You Know I Enjoy like Always I See No One to See Noblesville, God Willing, I'll Talk to My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program by the Truth Network

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