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NEW Theology Thursday!

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September 2, 2021 3:25 pm

NEW Theology Thursday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 2, 2021 3:25 pm

NEW Theology Thursday!

Steve Talks to Steve Pettit President of Bob Jones University for our NEW Theology Thursday! Bob Jones University is a great place!


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host mobile oh months ago when I took off and I spent a couple days down in Greenville South Carolina at the home about diversity which goes all the way back to 1927, which is mind-boggling. So that makes the Bob Bob Jones University slightly older than I am but spent two days down there and made some amazing friends and just some incredible men and women of God, and they have a very deep bench serious commitment to the word of God as well as listen if we got above we got our universities and we got our seminaries and we get really well-versed in the Scriptures and we can have great deep and lasting and theological accurate accurate conversations with one another. That's great right that's a great thing and then we we can iron sharpens iron and that's all great but sooner or later. This is a struggle for me. Sooner or later the question has to be, how is that incredible biblical prowess of yours affecting the world around you to actually get out and do anything in the world or do we just stay together and we buy a piece of land out Wyoming and we impress one another. No, that's not the deal in my life. That's not the deal on the show.

That's certainly not the deal at Bob Jones University business a Christian worldview is the foundation for every aspect of life by looking at your life and the world around you through the lens of God's word. You develop a biblical worldview.

It's like the lenses in your glasses right. It's how you choose what to pursue in life and how to approach life's challenges. Defend your faith by the authority of the Bible and effectively communicate the good news. And so, as I am so thrilled I talked about it a couple times this week and today as we launch our brand-new partnership with our friends at Bob Jones University and Bob Jones seminary I would Mr. C Pettit is the president of both Steve how are you I'm doing great today your day to Rebecca yes finally I'm dealing with somebody else when I'll remember your name so that's that's left. I'm glad we both at that lesson I I gotta tell you I I was in. I've known of Bob Jones University for years. Obviously, a lot of us do.

But to come down there and spend time with people in your staff and may the leaders down there and Alan and Bob and a bunch other people and meeting Randy and then doing the show with a couple people it was it was thrilling for me. I was so excited to be there and I and for me, I was just kind of a fact-finding thing and see what the Lord does, but we had such a camaraderie down there. I'm sorry that you and I didn't get to meet face-to-face.

I'm sure we well but it was really encouraging to me to find out more about Bob Jones University in the seminary to see all that God is doing there and a and to have that kind a kindred spirit like okay we can we can do well with one another, but we need to impact the world around us and certainly in our nation today. I don't think we've ever seen a time where a biblical worldview, a robust one that's out in the streets is more needed, but it's just so thrilling. I just want to thank you for partnering with me in this, and were as super excited to see what God does will thank you so much and we were thrilled to have you again I'm sorry we didn't connect what I have. I don't remember what was going on, but their five words we love to hear what people come. It is worthwhile.

I had no idea so good and that that that that that's that's just a blessing because it it is a truly a tremendously and you guys just started. What year is extra coming up on your 100th anniversary Bob Jones University which is just a media guy just kicked off the new year. Yet, this is your 95 for one of the one of the amazing things that make Bob Jones unique is when the school was founded 1927 by Dr. Bob Jones Senior, who at the time was a pretty nationally known figure when it came to the work of evangelism. He was a great evangelist and he was really concerned in night in the 1920s, the roaring 20s about the negative influence of the secular and the liberal education of the 1920s in the United States. So when he started the school there were three currents that were flowing. One was religious liberalism. The second was atheistic materialism of the teaching of evolution in the third was the rise of political socialism and Marxism of the United States because that was right in the of the overthrow of Russia and the rise of Marxism. So he Saul he Saul at that time there were forces that were reshaping the world as we knew it. And so what he did as he started the college and that's that's where we been for the last 95 years yeah and that was tough talk about being ahead of the curve and kind of seeing what was coming over the horizon and that was one of things that I experience myself when I was down there is is this understanding of what's going on around us, but oftentimes Stephen you know this and Bob Jones University knows this. Oftentimes, we can kinda look at what's happening in the culture. We can ago. Okay, that place is just going to hack in a handbasket and why bother.

Let's not wait in there yet. The call of the evangelist like Bob Jones Senior was no you wait in their and you prided try to bring the good news you also try to be salt and light, but you have to be prepared to do that because you can be marinating in the culture and oftentimes that can turn a well-meaning Christian into somebody that abandons the faith and it's just amazing that he saw that so many years ago. Yeah, you had an amazing prophetic thinking. He was very principled and is living very powerful and is speaking his messages were very clear and I and he could see issues he he believe that she change culture one person at a time. That's why started school yellow to such an important reminder for all of us will spend a majority of the time today on theology Thursday unpacking some things about that thinking biblically and how do you then translate that into making an impact.

But oftentimes I say this a lot, Steve.

When I'm talking on the air. Want to talk with other people. I'm sure I shared it with a bunch people down there at Bob Jones that listen. Oftentimes, I think we care more about America and not so much about Americans and we talk about. We need to save America, but do it but America's not last forever, but Americans souls are and so do you care more about saving America receiving Americans saved and that's where I think because of the frustration of the culture war. We often lose sight of the gospel absolutely and in you know, I can agree hundred percent and in it. Jesus is not the center of our conversation in the long run. They were were going down the wrong path and I think that's such a powerful reminder again this is something that I got. Now you and I don't know each other well yet but we will and you can find out.

I would describe myself. Steve essentially is a recovering culture where so I've I've been down the road. I've been very politically involved. I fought all the good fights that were supposed to fight in terms of the culture, but in the process of the problem of the culture war is it can be. It can really make you self-righteous, it breeds self-righteousness. At least it did in my case and that Hannah shuts down sanctification and you kinda let loose of the gospel that we have to get all of that on the table. We need to be culture warriors yes, but we need to be lawyers for the gospel as well. Steve on foot John over talking to Steve Pettit, the president of Bob Jones University Bob Jones seminary.

What is it mean to live biblically in this world will go there next.

Looking back, it seems noble. This diesel show so excited to have you here with us and so theology Thursday back with a big bang and were excited to be partnering with our friends at Bob Jones University Bob Jones seminary and that's why I spent a couple days down there recently to go explore and meet people and I was just so excited and there such a kindred spirit there. How do we train how we learn to be good biblical Christians. But then what you do with that as you go out into the culture. And of course that's what the Bob Jones University is about as well as the seminary circuit to come in at it from two different perspectives. A lot of the students nursing business, whatever there down there, a feeder, even technical things at the University themselves then you go out in the world and in that doesn't mean you're super Christian. If you end up being a pastor or that you're in a pastorate or ministry somewhere know we need solid biblically thinking Christians in an and all the different industries across the culture we need to kind of invade and that's that's something that you do you get trained up. It's kinda like Daniel when you study that aunt Daniel and his buddies were trained in the ways of Babylon you think about that in terms of a business center, nursing or whatever but then they carried on their faith in God and live that out in the context of being in Babylon. And so that's obviously at the center, but the Bob Jones University does in the seminary and and that's really it. Steve I think were talking to Steve Pettit is the president of the University as well as the seminary and that's something I've been reminding like two weeks ago, Steve.

I started teaching my classes up here in the Raleigh area. I've seven classes I have about 115 students and I started off every one of them letting them know how you guys live in Babylon.

Bob George Barna did a study recently only 6% of Americans are actually living out of a biblical worldview which means 94% are not. That sounds like Babylon to me was that sound like to you yet, definitely in. I think of Jeremiah's commandment to the Jewish people when they were sent Babylon and what were they to do. You told me exactly what do you you would think that they were sent there to overthrow the Babylonian government, or to maybe isolate themselves away from the government, but Jeremiah's command tells them that they are to serve the welfare of the community and that word welfare is shalom, which means peace and peace is cold as well. This is kind of the whole. If the whole shindig is the whole thing is serving people the best way. The greatest way for believers to have impact is to serve in that service there.

Their life is shown at the same time, they can share the truth is, change your life and something when you when you have a freshman class coming in and in you Steve, your generation.

My generation were very different from the generation of students that are at Bob Jones University or any other university in the in the country right now, but to get them all at the thing I appreciate about that the younger generation.

Right now, as I think they kinda have this interest and in a life that matters. They want to make a difference there skeptical about big institutions. I appreciate a lot of that.

But how do you instill in them because that's the trick.

How do you have a biblical worldview, but then not to turn away from the world but actually to lean into the world and seek the benefit of the city in which you live or the country in this case, how do you do that well you know it yet again. First of all, to be frank, very challenging and yet it's very exhilarating to be able to do it and I would agree with you that the generation is different and I think was made. The difference is technology Elio today. If the student if a student needs information they really don't need to go to college that you go to Google and YouTube, and they can get most of what they need so you have to ask the question then what do I need why do I actually need to go to college. These kids are intelligent and these kids have a lot of information, but what they really need is they need wisdom, and wisdom is a whole different ballgame then then then the intelligence but also they have to be prepared for life and so doctors University. We focus on what we we we may we call the BG you premium it is.

If it's it's what you get when you come and those things are said I don't think three things. One is biblical thinking out of how to think scripturally what it was that mean a biblical worldview. Secondly, experiential learning that is, what is learning all about. What's the endgame of learning and then the necessity of them being code so we call life coaching. They really do need to have people who are invested in their life that could really make a difference in their life and let me let me start on that third one, because that's not my father passed away a couple years. He was 91. But in his 80s. Steve, my dad discovered mentor and he was mentoring kids. They were out in the mountains of North Carolina, and he was mentoring kids in middle school so you have this guy that was 85 who actually was it at the tail end of World War II ended up in Germany during the occupation and he was. He loved it, but I think we have a huge divide now where the young generation doesn't talk to the older generation. We don't do life together. We kinda separate but the talk about that because that's the call really for every Christian to be a disciple you got Paul ahead of you got a Timothy behind. Absolutely you can't say it more clear than what you said you know Jesus Christ at 12 disciples, he invested his life time and energy in them and they live with them. They walk with a big talk with invade with a Baywatch team. They slept beside them on the road wherever they were. They were staying in and they they were able first of all to see it in his life. And then he was able to invest it back in them and that investment in them and permit teaching it meant doing things together. It meant correction the greatest impact on anybody's life is based of the people you meet and what I've learned about the younger generation is it it was different than when I was growing up.

I felt bad if I could I if I could meet with somebody one time my whole life would be worth living by the well-known, but in this case is actually the reverse. I'm the one I'm the one that actually has to go after them, but I often think about Jesus. That's what he did. He called his disciples he went to them and so life coaching involves building relationships and forming connections with within the community here we are. We actually as leaders are actually investing in them meeting with them being with them and then helping them through through really the wisdom they need for life and I think that as setting up a pattern of life which certainly is been around for a couple thousand years, starting with our Savior on a college campus because normally you would think Steve okay I see my professor, three times a week. I'm in class for an hour and 1/2 or whatever and that's about the end of that. But that's not the culture. It at the University or the seminary. They actually spend significant time together and invest in one another and then I think the question for those of us outside of that academic environment is should I do the same.

And how do I do the same. I think obviously I think it needs to be done.

I mean, obviously you start with your family, but I think also eat.

This is done intentionally. You have to make this a priority. As you mentioned you wish your dad urine in his investment in young people. At some point he made a decision and he focused on the particular group of people. The average the average person cannot invest their lives, hardly more than 5 to 10 people but but choose those five or 10 to make the difference yeah and that's that that's where were going to have to and a lot of times now this is as you and I get to know each other you'll figure out that I'm I'm kind of a Brillo pad sometimes but I don't have time for that. It's funny Steve how we have time for exactly what we want to have time for so I have time to watch a movie all the time depends on Netflix or whatever you have the time. We just don't choose to take the time it's all about priority is all about what what it really comes down to what you value life. You know, there are three things that can last forever. God's old man in his word and if you're not investing your life. Those three things in your life can end up being somewhat shallow shout yeah I think I see that the younger generation Steve that they don't want to be shelled.

They want to live a life of significance.

They want authenticity. The question is will we come alongside and give that you want to put you on hold were talking to Steve Pettit, the president of Bob Jones University as well as Bob John seminary.

This is theology Thursday.

Our first day kicking off with our new friends at PG. You were so thrilled that Steve with us. We look forward to what got you in the future will pick it up for Steve Pettit to come back to this Michelle theology Thursday with our friends about the University about John seminary seven and Bob Jones Senior like okay we have some issues going on here.

We have theological liberalism with Marxism socialism only sings on the rise. The cultures going that direction.

The church part of the church is following it and we need to be corrected if we need to be salt and lights all the way back. Imagine that this is your 95 from as being established in 1927. Amazing.

So when I was down there a couple months ago just really just exploring. Let's go get to know my brothers and sisters at BJ you and at the seminary. I like okay this is a no-brainer. After two days. I really hope we can do this and God just moved in. So we have this brand-new partnership for that theology. Thursday, so this is every week and every week we get to dip into the well that's deep and wide down at BJ you to bring to some great thinkers some great theologians, great teachers to help us all grow in our faith and starting I got I don't know what to make you uncomfortable. I said were starting at the top where is the Pettit, the president of the University as well as the seminary again, Steve.

I just am really thrilled to have this partnership with you guys the remote data bill at the bottom. I appreciate whatever you know it it hopefully service that your demand we serve one another. Well, the only thing there was one creepy moment. I don't know if you heard about this so we have mute we have mutual friend so so I'm not started on radio and the truth radio network, which is Stu Epperson Junior Stu Epperson Senior's father course was the cofounder of Salem broadcasting so little Stu Epperson and I been friends since 2005. As a matter of fact, if it weren't for the Everson's Epperson's I would be on the radio and you and I probably wouldn't be talking but you guys allowed me to stay and in one of your apartments there on campus for a couple days so I had one apartment number that I was supposed to go to but the key that in an email, but the key was a different apartment number so I get over there and I get to the door. The correct door with the key that I have a son through my think I'm going to and I look in the door and guess who's name is on the door. The Apperson so I drew the Apperson room so I took a picture and I texted at the little stew and I said I'm not quite sure how I feel about this sleeping in the Apperson room. It was really funny was just one of those things. I was a little touch from the Lord. So the system is fun and great to be there and I look forward to coming back down and and hopefully you and I will get to sit down and see him every time together. Absolutely let's talk about a Christian worldview because I think it's a lot of things it's something that mature believers evangelicals and kinda know about that now. In all my classes. Steve and the last two weeks when I start talking about a biblical worldview company and these are kids that are homeschoolers growing up in church is the kind of kids that end up going to BJ you write but when you ask them do you note a biblical worldview is most of them actually don't. So I don't assume that everybody actually understands this because this is right at the core of what you are talking about the BJ you premium is a Christian worldview is the foundation of every aspect of life. So let's start with that question. What is a Christian worldview or a biblical worldview will I think probably the simplest way to put it is like when you put on a pair of glasses you look through Lynn in a biblical worldview is the land by which you look at the world.

How do I see the world in a biblical worldview is essentially looking at the world through the lens of Scripture when I say the word all I'll put it this way, Bob Jones Senior said the purpose of Bob Jones is not to teach her students just how to make a living. But we can teach them how to live so a biblical worldview is is is how it is that the word of God. The truth of God is actually projected on all of our life and everything that's really a biblical that's really biblical worldview. So whether however in it this way. It's not natural to think that way because God says my ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thought. So you have to go through a process of renovation of your thinking, like your remodeling an old hat right after we get to remodeled the way that you think so.

Paul says don't be pressured by the world's way of thinking.

Don't be conformed to this world.

Don't be squeezed into the way the world thinks, but you need to go through the process of renovation of your mind thinking the way God thinks that's a biblical in the thing that's interesting about that is, once you get into start studying and that building a biblical worldview. There's a lot of people Steve and the church that will find that they've actually adopted some things that are not the biblical worldview. We I had a conversation with Alan Vincent about this and a lot of people just find out.

We talked about the truth project which is something that Focus on the Family did years ago and people that I got taught at seven or eight or nine times and take a bunch of Christians through it. These are mature Christian Steve, these are people in their 40s and 50s and 60s, and you'll find every once in a while with Oakville bill be surprised that they actually adopted the view of the world as opposed to a biblical worldview.

But you have to build it.

I love that notion of like a renovation yeah you know when my kids were growing up. I have four children and two dollars Tucson when my kids were little, I would like any other parent. You know I was concerned about the influence the world and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Sure, absolutely. But book but by the time they turned 16, 17, 18. I realize that wasn't even the issue. The issue was actually in the way that they solve the world and how do they think either they think about marriage, how do they think about life's purpose in the meaning of life. How do we think about these things and in the is the influence of the world is very powerful to a biblical worldview is action is actually for example wheat wheat we have BJ you press your week wheat we have our material that homeschoolers Christian school because the 70 countries well over a million students and we we have a couple key man who basically teach Google worldview and they teaches the people were Christian school and usually by the father. If there's people oftentimes are weeping because they just are well with the first of all what it means and that in many ways they had a secular worldview is just is just a reshaping of the way you yeah until you get in and start inspecting all these rooms in your mind, and the way that you look at things you not really sure what's going on there.

You can love Jesus, you can be a pretty good theologian, you can know the Bible you go to church twice, three times a week and still have some areas that maybe you weren't aware of that that that the Holy Spirit in the teaching of Scripture didn't quite permeate everything as I let you mention this, and this is on part of the BJ you premium is our aim captured by our founder's vision is not simply to teach people how to make a living, but how to live and I think that's where the challenges this is oftentimes I'll tell parents that Steve hey if your kid comes home one day and says you know what I want to grow up and be 1/4 grade clarinet teacher and the first thing I think is that doesn't pay very much. That's not necessarily good use. But you go okay.

Would you do you think God would want a Christian that loves him and knows his words full of the Holy Spirit to venture into the public school system through the means of teaching clarinet in order to be a light for him and maybe have opportunities to share the gospel he think I would be on board with that plan yet so tell parents will if you're thinking only about making a living. You may be thwarting what God actually wants to do in your kids life comes down to a student like your Bob Jones. Understanding their identity. Who are the cries. What is the calling of God on their life and how is it that God is gifted them and how is it that he's directing them and they seek the Lord in his wisdom and purpose to fulfill his will will in the world so it's a trip to tremendous opportunity to be able to do more than educate, but actually to see them go through transformative transformative experience. Can you do any of steep that at the present to Bob Jones University as well as the seminary. Can you do any of that.

Steve without a really robust student approach to the Bible itself. I'd I don't see how because you have to.

You have so might you have to be a learner. You have to sit it is we would.

Yet Jesus to be you.

You know now learning is obviously there's multiple different ways to learn.

We understand that pressure, but learning learning God's word must be primary in first place and so that's anything. When you look at Bob Jones University because you guys have a wide range of of of majors that people can do wide range of things all kinds of different career opportunities through that yet. You are obviously an institution that's completely committed to God's word. How do you kinda do that because that's back to that point of making a living versus how you live but how do you kinda build a robust biblical worldview into a student while their training to be a nurse.

For example yeah I think I think first of all, you have to have the right kind of instructors you have to have the right, teachers and professors who are who have been immersed in and trying to worldview and how it is that they can bring this out. For example, it Bob Jones.

We don't we don't really teach if I can say this way we don't teach creation find we don't have a class called creation science. We teach clients. What happens is it permeates so much.

Whatever we do, if they clearly walk away with belief in creation as of the world evolving so so all of our our nursing program is a first-class program but but but but what is the foundation for that. How do you guy I walked into her nursing class today with a couple of pastors and immediately the teacher was telling us what they were working on and they were dealing with some of the issues of abortion and in and they're going to go there going to come at it from a completely biblical worldview and so constantly yummy when we look at our government today. The issues that were facing our government so many of them are actually all those issues are are are high.

We look at it that is specifically one of our roles in this culture talking to Steve Senate President about Jones University as well as the seminary will become back. We obviously lived a very complex world.

America is not in good shape.

So what do we do that impact the culture how we walk that out.

Talk about that on theology Thursday and you finally put the links up on if you want to jump over there if you have the children or grandchildren. I think it would deftly be worth your time to check out Bob Jones University.

That's just BJ, as well as the seminary so that to get a seminary and I were to be bringing people on thought leaders from both were to be dipping into the pool of the University as well as the seminary so I'm just excited and thrilled to see what God's going to do as we bring that in every Thursday and in your benefit. I'm in a benefit.

Our friends a BJ you as we engage the culture around us. I think were all get to benefit from this and am excited to see what the Lord's can I do again see thanks for your being with us and it's great to have you on.

Thank you Steve, my privilege okay so so the big question we got done the last segment of the theology Thursday. Today is is listen I know I've never seen America in the condition that it's in right now. I know that we kinda sound like cold people and are like countries, but I think it's truly never been in this position. Like I mentioned that the George Barna research that only 6% of Americans are living a functional biblical worldview life, which means 94% of them are not.

I think the born-again population in America is probably somewhere between eight and 12%. The vast majority of people don't even know the Lord. Although we still Steve have about a recent study showed about 6768% of Americans will still self identify as Christians, but you look around the country what's going on what we talk about Afghanistan COBIT masking abortion, sexuality, homosexuality, transgender is you name it socialism. This is a big mess right now and I think the two questions is what we do for our children. Talk about mentoring and reaching in and teaching how do we train up these children of ours to engage this culture in a way that's deeply meaningful and gospel centered as well. What we do ourselves to huge questions while I think I think starting with yourself because I think out of that is the way you raise your children.

I think first of all, everybody has to as we used to say in the world that I lived in. If you pray for revival is the old preacher said take a piece of chalk draw circle on the wooden floor and then stand in the middle and say God revived everybody in the circle.

I really think it starts with personal revival. I think it needs to come back to full and complete surrender of one's life to the Lord and I really think it comes down to that that my life is his life and in my life is in his life.

Paul says I'm crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not the Christ lives in me. It is, it is a personal walk with God number one. First and foremost and then secondly I think with the combination of a commitment to raising a godly family and being committed to God's plan in the world today, which is the local church and raising my children to walk with God. Another church is not perfect.

There's lots of failures I get all that and then I think I think being committed to educating our children with a committed commitment to biblical worldview and that that has to be done either in a in a setting where where there's a homeschooler Christian school work or setting where there can be the teaching and the living out of the world worldview. I think that is always been the process.

Throughout history, yeah, and I would add to that as it is a fellow parentless for children with a 26 to 23 at 20 and a 16-year-old and an in.

I often times we think Steve if I do all these right things all the good Christian things homeschooling's church four hours a week yeah yeah yeah all that stuff that almost like that's a guarantee that our children are going to turn out to be these incredibly godly people, but that doesn't always go that way, but also that's an ongoing story so all remind people at the lady on the show years ago there was a great dinner own prodigal story, wrote an incredible block in and she said something that was very comforting to a lot of people, which was a really good godly parents can do their best and have children that still make bad decisions, and so I would add to that whole list as we raise them up in the way they should go.

They also are individuals who have to walk that out with the Lord. But the put the role of parents in prayer. My wife is been so faithful to pray for our children blows me away. In that regard, but, but we have to be patient and we have to pray, lead them, teach them, but then we gotta have some faith in what the Lord is going to do to and not not give up that you can have some bumpy years, some kids, not all, but gosh we we need to be people of prayer that as well. You are you yeah you got it on top of everything everything everything is undergirded by the by the grace of God and the intervention of God in the lives of our children and what God does in their hard as you've Artie mentioned that we we we have pray for and wept over our own children that God would be merciful and work in their heart.

Yeah I think that's something that so many parents, Steve, you know this and send several of the other folks I met a BJ file I go, hey we did everything right.

Are your kids perfect know are yours. No, but but who loves them more than we do.

The Lord does in their story is not over yet and so that's that. We have to be the long game we we have almost no patients anymore. In America, but we have to have the longing to come circuits and impacting the board about the culture around us because right now it looks like the dailies is so big.

Like I mentioned, 96, 94% of our neighbors are living with the biblical worldview almost looks impossible. So how do we kind of approach the United States of America well while what question you know I think I think if I could say this is encouraging way when the enemy comes about as a flood.

The Scripture says God raise up a standard and this is God working God's going to do work in the world and in I think that's happening right now. I think I I look at our student body and they came back this year and you know are our students have lived through COBIT for the last 18 months are our junior class started with COBIT are incoming freshmen live with COBIT for their junior and senior high school and so this is this is affecting a different for different if it's a different kind of a kid coming yet and they say they see me they say their smart kids they can read they can read the news and they know that there's an issue going on. So I think God is going to raise a generation of kids who are committed to the authority of Scripture. And they're gonna live that out.

So we have to have confidence in the sovereignty of God to to to accomplish his work in the hearts of people like you like you mentioned earlier Steve and I and I bring this up often as well. That week we come to do both, as the Sultan life is bringing truth to bear in whatever industry whatever situation you're in.

The point people to the truth of God's word. But there's the gospel as well as you started the show saying you know we need to remember about individuals the way you change a nation is to see individuals change. I was sharing on the break on Facebook live in an and folks just you know future theology Thursdays were to work. It worked out so that we can do video. While we do the show so that during the commercial breaks on Facebook live in YouTube libel will be will to go even deeper and have some sidebar conversations but I mentioned that steeple for my wife and I were safe we were married and 92. We were born again literally within weeks of one another and 94 before we were born again. I was indifferent to the obit. The abortion issue. She was pro-choice but literally within weeks of our salvation. She became adamantly pro-life and made a commitment then that one day I'm in it.

I'm to get involved with that world and serve. And now she's actually halfway through a getting her degree to become a sonographer to do ultrasounds and I got involved to but it took a change of heart through the gospel to get us to have a change of mind and I think we need to remember that Yep you you act. The new life you went from darkness to light in the power power of God and that transformation that new life is is the foundation for transformation and what a glorious thing and I was converted my freshman year of college at the Citadel in Charleston South Carolina and I became a different person and I did. I didn't know if I believe God created the world and after after I became a believer. It was a no-brainer to me. Yeah and and I'm totally committed to the creationist position because I'm a new creation in Christ. So I thank God for what is in your lap absolutely amen right back at you.

So as as we move forward. I would theology Thursday we get different professors in both from the University and in the seminary what what what your hope in your prayers Steven and our relationship for theology Thursdays every week in terms of the impact we can have on on the people that listen on the radio people that watch on Facebook live or YouTube live people that catch the podcast later as it's shared with people in the Bob Jones universe. What are, your hopes and dreams for what were doing here you know I would love to see that through through this wonderful partnership that there would be a greater thirst for God's truth upgraded group a greater thirst to grow in the knowledge of God, a greater desire for my life to be used in ending and that that usefulness is within alignment with God's truth. When I came to Bob Jones seminary after finishing college, I would. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to come, because I spent four years in the secular school and I wanted so much to be immersed in studying the word, so just a real thirst for truth and then to live that truth out. I think will be a tremendously yeah this can be exciting to come to get to know different professors and thought leaders there. As we continue to engage these things and working to talk very specifically in the future. Just so everybody understands that's working to do a lot of talking. The future of very specific subjects were going to visit like I think coming up maybe even next week or maybe talk about biblical sexuality, which is something that the church doesn't want to deal with because we have a lot of garbage in our own closets in the church with respect to that sort we gone down a bunch of roads together in looking at things specifically in an diving in the deep end of the pool theologically, but always with a with a look outside the window as to how we can Inc. encounter the world around us and bring the truth of God's word to bear as well as the gospel one last thing Stephen were done. How can we pray for you and all our friends down there.

BJ you pray that God give a great day for the hour we would make you amen great Steve Bennett, president of Bob Jones University and the seminary Bob Jones seminary. God bless you brother.

I'm super excited about getting our first show in the can and I look forward to seeing what the Lord does think my welcome welcome.

Will talk again real soon to get better from their friends to go deeper and wider and I'm super excited about every week theology Thursday with their friends about Jones University and Bob Jones seminary.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always is ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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