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American Meltdown...

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August 30, 2021 11:13 pm

American Meltdown...

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 30, 2021 11:13 pm

American Meltdown...

Steve talks about US troops leaving afghanistan (24-hours ahead of schedule) and vaccine mandates for Children?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble man difficult not difficult getting more difficult. This is Steve Noble which I welcome back where your podcasting grab shall, whenever served by topics.

If you go to the website dusty, noble,, also on Facebook Liber back on YouTube like today but the probably abounds me out by the end of the show, you know, because I talk about things other than the talking points of the progressive left the federal government up about you at all. So when you do that on Facebook Facebook about her music that work but I need to man when we had the lawyer on a Christian lawyer talking about vaccine mandates and we got bouncing medical misinformation spewed about unbelievable but yeah American meltdown.

There so many different things going poorly, to say the least. And of course we had hurricane Ida which is still making a mess down in the South and just continue to pray to some should pray about and that's one of those things that for us as Christians and I hope you're a follower of Jesus Christ who knows him through the power the Holy Spirit and regeneration in your life being born again is a bunch of different biblical terms that we could use there that's confusing for you. Please send me an email if you're not sure if you died today that you would go to heaven and you want some help with that. Just email me blood that a conversation with you you ever want to send me an email that's easy way to do it. but an attitude of prayer. Pray without ceasing.

As Paul said, which doesn't mean sitting in your room and praying 24 seven just means having an open attitude and access to prayer, because if you're in Christ you have direct access to the Father through the son walk right up to the throne room throw the doors open. I got I've got like to talk about something that's access.

You have so whether were talking about hurricane Ida what's going on with the vaccines. The vaccine mandates children were talking about Afghanistan and the nightmare there yesterday watching live as those bodies came home our soldiers men and I believe one woman. The lady that took the viral picture holding an Afghan he baby and all that mess that's out there and so these things as you encounter them in your temperature goes up and your frustrated or you're struggling. Make sure you just pray doesn't have to be some long eloquent thing the Lord knows your heart. But that attitude prayer we need to have in these days that are getting a quickly darker remember the gospel. Okay, they really help really for America and is for Americans and for Americans it's the hope that's only found in the gospel of Jesus Christ to remember that. So here's a couple things I wanted you and I will dry when open up the phones as well so number one on the on the Afghanistan mess watching yesterday and then unfortunately for Pres. Biden.

He made that George Bush 41 mistake he looked at his watch is everybody's got their hands on their chest. He has his right hand on his heart. As these caskets go by and at the last one comes by there did a dignified name for what they call that the transfer they're not in their actual final coffins there transferring their remains and and he makes the colossal screwup that politicians should be well aware of and you don't you'll fumble around you sure look at your watch was watching that yesterday very quiet with my wife. We were both disgusted watching this was heartbreaking specially when you're remembering how young these people were 20 2122. We have a 16-year-old, a 20-year-old, a 23-year-old and 26-year-old in just about all of them were young were right in between her number two and number three is heartbreaking and I think it was on the last one was taken to these trucks. It was really somber but beautiful and deeply respectful and then Pres. Biden looks down at his watch is ear tone deaf or you're just losing it or you don't care not to think he doesn't care. I don't know what he's capable of at this point, but that's just not a mistake you make any did. So if you fed a personal view been personally affected by this train wreck in Afghanistan and tomorrow sometime in the afternoon but 12 midnight after any time when were officially get to be pulling everything out here all our people quote unquote military on the ground. But if you been personally affected by that. If you served in Afghanistan if you know somebody that's been there and struggling with this or will somehow tied to the people of the 13 that we lost last week to the suicide bomber and I just want to give you the room today. If you just want to call in and share what's on your heart and mind. You want to tear into the government whatever you want to do.

I want to give you that space today on the show. So if you been personally affected by this Afghanistan maybe serve there you have a family member that serve there somebody that's been there recently. Maybe somehow I I've friends here in Raleigh that no one of the families that lost their prep gives their son to that terrorist attack in his will he give you that the room if you want to take some your time today only give that to you not giving you anything that's mine anyway is all the Lord's. 866-348-7884 if you'd like to share because you have a personal attachment to what's been going on in Afghanistan via the military that I want to invite you to call in and share whatever is on your heart. 8663 foray 7884 if you have comments about the military, but you're not actually personally involved and I don't want you to call okay maybe another day. But today, if you're personally involved via the US military with Afghanistan, past or present, then I would humbly and invite you to call and share whatever you feel like sharing with the rest of us as we probably need to hear from people like you, 8663 foray 7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH but I also want open up the phones. If you have children in the public school system, or grandchildren in the public school system we do with this. Okay so found cheap hope Ouchi as I like to call him, is now backing Cove 19 vaccine mandates for all US schoolchildren okay. I believe that mandating vaccines for children to appear in schools. Good idea.

Ouchi told CNN state union program we done this for decades and decades requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella hepatitis, it's like MMR vaccination except us are the big difference between polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis is those actually are significant killers of children, whereas COBIT 19 in its original strand and now in the Della Delta is not all get to those numbers are in second a brand-new study that just came out of Stanford to doctors at Stanford in the research wing there going back through something I've done it umpteen times in the last 14 months is looking at the actual survival rates for people in various age strata sewing vouch easier I think is a reasonable chance.

He said that there to do this because maternal and Pfizer are going to give get FDA clearance for kids under 12 before the upcoming holiday season. As we go into the flu season which apparently is dead now and then what you do if the federal government puts pressure on the state schools school system via grants, title IX, money they say when I can get the money to kill him when I can give you money unless you mandating vaccines for children, all children, all school will talk about that when you come back to Steve Noble to see the noble great to be with you.

Continue to pray for everything going on okay everything and we have hurricane item which is will have a cousin comes up part US New Orleans on the on the anniversary of Katrina, I mean is just horrific end of this one thing think God US airstrike.

It's a suicide bomber and vehicle going to cobble workable airport that was a scope that I was on the 29th of the truck on its way and they took it out and they know they killed somebody else. The other day.

Then I saw because of all the stuff we give that's been given over handed over to the Taliban and now there is footage today are minimal to confirm it a bit, then flying a Black Hawk helicopter over cobble with somebody they hung underneath our Black Hawk.

By the way I'll get to that but again I want to invite you if you have a personal tied to Afghanistan via the US military and would like to share something I want to open the phone to you today and give you that space up you want to talk about that. Maybe somebody that's currently involved. Maybe you were somehow connected to one of these 13 soldiers that pay that ultimate price and I would put that squarely in the in the care, custody or control of the commander-in-chief, and the heads of the Armed Forces and if you want to share about that.

You just want to call in, give you the opportunity to do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 back to Ouchi's apology.

I believe that mandating vaccines for children to appear in schools. Good idea after all. We done this for decades and decades requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis vaccinations, which is true right most of us that markets will go to school go to kindergarten go to preschool whatever they like all your kids could add the vaccinations it's those MMR polio like okay fine, whatever is been around forever and those I meet in those diseases. By the way when it first came out were actually a deadly, very dangerous, but for our children ages 0 to 19 newborns 19 years of age covers all kindergarten to 12th grade.

The actual survival rate you want to write this down. She can help people, not freak out 0 to 19 the actual survival rate starting counting all the way back to spring of last year 99.9973%. So if your 15-year-old go to high school and you get COBIT you have a 99.9973% chance of survival.

Actually, your odds of dying are worse from a lightning strike, a car accident or just falling a fall literally Look those numbers up to, but we don't and the flu. By the way is worse for 0 to 19 in terms of death numbers but you have a 99.9973% chance of of survival yet found cheap hope Ouchi is all right making the vaccine mandatory for kids to be able to go to school because he talked about the FDA.

By the time we get the holidays into the year there any of clearance for 12 kids 12 and under. To get the facts and then he's fine with mandating it. Now that how can the federal government do that. They just tie it to the money so the federal government gives a ton of money via a title IX is a lot a lot of different avenues that the federal government funds education, which is how you get federal education mindset implemented on state local level is by tying it to the money you want, the title IX money, you gotta jump through some hoops. That's how this game is played. And so they just they were not gonna find you anymore. Be part of the national health, a pandemic of COBIT 19 in your killing children and parents and parents and teachers. That's another to play this guy. And then there's plenty of school systems are to go right on this really dirty they've Artie proven, but if you have a kid. Newborns are 19 and they get COBIT there survival rate is 99.9973% in their 20s, 20 to 29, 99.986% 99.986% survival is to Stanford doctors is updated these numbers in their 30s, 30 to 39.

You have a 99.969% chance of survival if your 40 to 49.

You have a 99.918% chance of survival. I share this earlier my Facebook page and by the look 0 to 1999.9973% chance of survival 20 to 29, 99.986% chance of survival 30 to 39, 99.969% chance of survival 40 to 49, 99.918% chance of survival. You don't drop beneath 99% chance of survival until you hit 70, 70+ summer between 94.5% survival and 97.6% survival getting soaked about 5 1/2% mortality rate if you're over 70 and over okay and that is a serious deal yet 5% chance of dying. If you get COBIT in your seven year over that serious.

That's what I have said for since March of last year. Unfortunately, Ouchi and the federal government, including trumpet the time brought an atom bomb to a knife fight. Let's let's let's just carpet bomb the entire country with respect to COBIT and now vaccines as opposed to looking at the actual numbers and going okay why are we worried about kids wiry masking children again. It's not 100% survivability rate.

So unfortunately heartbreakingly as apparent any child they get severely ill or dies from COBIT is a tremendous tragedy right a tremendous tragedy. I said that from the start.

Anybody that dies from it. It's a tragedy was unexpected. Now when you get past 80 years of age.

That's not as tragic as you are already past the average age lifespan in America.

Okay, so it can be very serious. People can get really really ill.

There's terrible stories all over the place, but you have to be clear thinking and rational, and as a Christian to drive to the truth and not to promote fear which is not loving your neighbor very well for promoting fear. You have to deal rationally with the actual numbers in our kids 19 and under heaven.

99.9973% chance of survival. So why are we doing what were doing wise Ouchi doing this Summit and Facebook Libert reminded us that you know I think Pfizer this year's gonna make $35 billion is pretty good business.

When you control both the supply end in a man you control the demand by fear mongering and control the supply because it's your stuff right and there's only a couple different options Pfizer Madera now and in the J&J which is a different kind of mRNA Pfizer mentor while that's pretty good business right now. Again, do you know the average age of the public school teacher across America. The average age could talk about protecting teachers to write haptic teachers can just send your little Johnny kids in there with the COBIT which is going up there going to set this timebomb often is not the teachers that that you know what the servants of the average rate public school teachers across America is 42. That's the average age 42. That's go back to the numbers. So if you're 42 and you get COBIT you have a 99.918% chance of survival.

So let me ask you a question. If you're 42 and you're going to get on the plane were to fly you my expense from Raleigh to LA and I say okay before you get on the plane.

Couple things you might encounter turbulence you might have a bit of a bumpy ride that some point the ride you might be thinking that this plane is going down, but we know for a fact that you have a 99.918% chance of arriving safely in LA 99.918% chance the plane will make it to LA land safely. You'll arrive safely. You may have a bumpy ride. But you got a 99.918% chance of survival do you get on the plane. Of course you do unless your irrational refused to deal with reality or you just have the spirit of fear controlling you and all those are bad things but when you get on the plane. Of course, you will get there as soon going around in the double the normal show greatly with viewing talking about. Just let me open up the phone's address the shelves and if you have a beer directly related that everything is been going on in Afghanistan in the last 20 years. The military and you would like speak out about what you what we been witnessing to continue to witness and feel free to call and I would be to be honored to give me the time to share whatever you want to share 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's say, and it looks like they're going to go in this direction up hope Ouchi is all for mandating vaccines for kids 12 and under because the same FDA will approve that by the end of the year so let's save the second semester in January. They stayed for your child to come back to school public school private school where they go out they have to get vaccinated in the FDA's approve it so it's like measles, mumps, rubella, a polio, just like you need and put up a fight then so you should put up a fight. Now what would you do so. If you have kids or grandkids in the public school system or private school that you think would probably go down this road in the gutter and the federal government can put pressure on the school system via title IX and money located to say were knocking to find you and let you take care this public health crisis that they called COBIT.

19. What would you do if you have got milk really if you have kids in the school system right now in the public school system and they say you have to. They have to get vaccinated or they can't come back. What would you do that's my question. I really want to know.

But you have to have kids of your own schooling already. We arty know your answer so you don't need to: God bless you for homeschooling world school family, but if you have kids in public school, what would you do if all of a sudden they say in order to come back in January. They have to be vaccinated. The FDA gave approval. So you gotta do it just like you did with polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, even though those were all killers and what we been talking about with the reality of the numbers is that COBIT for kids high school and under is not a killer as a matter fact you have a 99.9973% chance of surviving and got a better chance of dying from a lightning strike, then you do from cold high school and under. So what would you do 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Again, if you have kids in the school system, what are you going to do, and that could be college to.

I know several of you are dealing with the college and the colleges you can't come back unless you're vaccinated in the federal government site REIT.

We agree and that and it goes there. What are you going to do. I want to hear from you. If you have kids in public school system. I am curious to see how you're handling this. What you thinking 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH again. I would prefer to be actually have children in the school system or grandkids. So if you're worried about your grandkids. What would you tell their parents or if it's you. You yourself and you have kids in the public school system and they come back with vaccine mandates can can't come back school unless there vaccine vaccinated.

What would you do, how would you handle 8663 foray 7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH if they mandate vaccines and schools for COBIT, which I think they will do what you do with that day, jump under the callers here in a second try to make sure somebody is on hold so I can do that and I don't hear from you. How you handle that. Maybe you're thinking about it already.

Hadn't crossed her mind had been on your radar screen yet, but it is now because hope Ouchi's like all for an F Dr. Anthony for Ouchi is all for it. That has to happen right what unity 866-34-TRUTH is the number 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to John Cullinan from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

John, thanks so much for calling in head. I think whatever Leo will what are you going to have no choice and the radio they have to who will mandate it, just like I work in the hospital and basically it. Mark Markham mandate me to get a shot, but they won't like.

Are you surprised John that we've gotten to this point in America where we have so little control over such big decisions. Oh no I know going that way window about going to quote I got a call them form of Democrat but a boater about, you could write all and thank you. Oh no, when when they have to bribe you get something that you need and make absolutely no like they got from a basically may not go in the flick. When all is scared it is scary when they talk about people being vaccine hesitant I might know. I think I'm just a critical thinker.

That's not willing to trust the powers that be and in our Gov. Gov. Cooper's like, hey, let's have a lotto you got the backs you might win 1/2 a million or million dollars.

Or you might get up to hundred $50,000 scholarship to college and like what you to your point John. Why do they deprive us if this is the answer right after bribe people yeah I don't trust any of it either. It's really scary. John thanks much for calling appreciate my call welcome God bless you have a good afternoon.

Let's go to Vicki Cullinan from Winston-Salem as well. Vicki, thanks for calling your own Steve, go ahead and related route that we ongoing already started to research and formulate a ladder and that's the thing that's really important for everybody to understand this will claim a religious exemption. It has to be a deeply held religious beliefs. You actually have to be able to explain it yourself. Don't just grab some form off the Internet, throw your name on it. It has to be something that you feel yourself. That was the whole point is about personal conviction.

The thing that scares me about that. Vicki is working at what they do what these are all minors. So how do you get your 12-year-old to claim a religious exemption that they're claiming rather than their parent claiming because we see this now. They don't really care what we think is parents and that's Larry to you know where you going with that. But there are a minor yeah so and therefore the parent will have the right over that child and therefore you know I don't and research in reference to J&J when you board material and the other in the experiment. The development go exactly what that bad. It goes against our our religion and crying baby believe and you know in human life. And no, I do believe that we will be able to get. I certainly hope you're right Vicki, thanks much for Cullinan. I appreciate it. And one thing on that is not watch. I'm here to be your friend, but I can play devils advocate to make an deed you should be able to believe this. At this point what's going on in America that they say okay will let's talk about why have you never claimed a religious exemption previously for any of the other shots that you've gotten because we we can we can find out and do you have you gotten this one if you got not now you got your deal and hit him. In medical privacy but that's getting thrown out the window. Is it not so, you've gotten shots before that involved fetal tissue, not necessarily their manufacturer but in the development of you didn't say anything. Then, now all of a sudden you want to claim your religious exemption. Now that I hope you don't think that sounds far-fetched, because it isn't week will what we cannot have a pre-9/11 mindset in the post-9/11 world. We need to be more imaginative and more skeptical than that just means they blown the doors off any kind of government restraint in the last 16 months. We should all know that by now let's go to Kathy's Cullinan from High Point, North Carolina. He thinks are: go ahead for grandchildren part. I'm not able three-year-old. I'm thinking great grandpa. I don't like to backdated her children and don't you know that the powers that be know that to the vast majority people just can't pick up and go to homeschool the overwhelming majority people can afford private school so they know what you are doing that they can fight and fight for little while but sooner or later there to do what we don't do cousin on the choice right right earning are not yet my granddaughter. Not yet. Yet there now. Three-year-old and you know what I put that back pain-year-old terrified but she doesn't have a problem with it. Thanks so much for calling Kathy appreciate it. God bless you for helping with your grandkids like that and that's what you do.

That's the problem. So many people. You can't just pick up and homeschool a lot of people. I would challenge that assertion. Save your believer and you have the Holy Spirit.

I think you'd be shocked at what you're capable of doing. The problem here is algae FDA approval yeah okay all of that mRNA that that technology is been around a while, the bluebloods developed 10 years ago, but I understand that but the one thing you cannot disagree with me on is that we only at this point have about 16 months worth of data from the very first time they started injecting test subjects. All we have is about 16 months worth of data on long-term impact of all three vaccine and that ain't enough for me right back. Well, there it is, congratulations, Pres. Biden 24 hours early well ahead of schedule. Over and out. That's the breaking news sons on Fox news breaking news. Over and out last plane carrying US troops leave Afghanistan after 20 years, US officials say the removal of US troops ahead of schedule. He high-fived the Pentagon announced Monday that all US troops have departed Afghanistan, breaking last plane carrying American troops departed Kabul United States and presence in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years. The question is what they leave behind me for August 31 deadline by demonstration. Do you do you know that Pres. Biden originally wanted the deadline to be on September 11 for what like a photo up. That's good messaging 20 years to the jury after 9/11, we finally completed our mission that that you would set a date like that. It's sophomoric, it's irresponsible. It's heinous like like why are a bunch of these leaders in the Joint Chiefs of Staff and stuff still employed Wyman. Some of them just resigned in disgrace.

But, like the perp walk.

We always wanted to see happen with Clinton's and people like that which is never happened. So just in case you're wondering what the fate of those left behind remains a mystery. No kidding with White House press secretary Jen Saki confirming earlier Monday that a small number get some air quotes going everybody a small number of Americans who want to leave remain in the country who want to leave Celia. Sorry you didn't get past the tele-band checkpoints all this to bed. Sorry. So what we leave behind.

We just created the most sophisticated best armed army of Islamic jihadists in history the world is seen as the Telemann zoo arsenal. I said on that title the show today America American meltdown. That's what okay and now the Brits and everybody are worried NATO you can't trust America, which is true at this point.

Isn't it amazing what a difference eight or nine months makes is what we gave 22,174 Humvees, 634 and 117 those of the fighting armored vehicle hundred and 55 mine proof vehicles hundred and 60 9M1 13 armored personnel carriers 42,000 pickup trucks and SUVs 64,363 machine guns 64,000 8000 trucks hundred 62,000 radios this this is helpful. 16,000 nightvision goggles, which can even buy here 358,000 assault rifles. I don't hear Democrats say anything about assault rifles in the hands of the Taliban, 1100 26,000 pistols and this is no big deal hundred and 76 artillery pieces. You know like cantons right helicopters. So they left 33 UH 60 Blackhawks behind you. Saki saw that video earlier today that's out there.

I verified it, but it sure looks like it's a Blackhawk American Blackhawk flying over Kabul with a guy that was hung underneath it. They got 33 of those they got 33 M1 MI 17's which are bigger vision. Their 43 MD 530 helicopters is a little smaller ones that cruise around oh this is interesting they have for what we left them for a C-130 transport shield big C-130s prop 23 Embraer EMP super Chicanos is like a little fighter 28 Cessna 208's, you know, because the Taliban leaders like fly around in style and 10 Cessna AC 208 strike aircraft. 10 of those excellent about that and so now that's the headline last US troops have departed Afghanistan and ahead of schedule. So watch the White House try to spend okay here's CNN last US military planes have left Afghanistan. This marks the end of a fraught chaotic and bloodied exit from the lungs were in US history. So that's an interesting take on it. Let's go to MSNBC see how they handle it. They have inputted up yet Louisiana National Guard inputted up yet here it is like America's longest war ends as last plane leaves Afghanistan.

They have the picture Biden when he was got got frustrated with Steve Ducey. He put his head down his hands over his book thing so got that there special coverage of the last US plane leaves Afghanistan and now, literally, quite literally, sorry if this offends you, all hell will be breaking loose because this is the tele-band Al Qaeda fundamentalist Islam is satanic to the core in your to see satanic activity completely unleashed and watch as is the bite administration tries to have a legitimate relationship with the Taliban. I mean, the Taliban said no you to stick your Dayton and our commander-in-chief said yeah working stick for a date. Any problem. Maybe somebody sent them a note already and said, hate, hate, look, we get extra credit. We got up 24 hours early.

I know I'm sounding really snarky and nasty right now but this is infuriating. So now allowed to be mad when your Christian that that the deal, it's just heartbreaking. Goodness gracious so and then Biden commander-in-chief. This was last week. August 23.

Back to the cold today and calling on more companies in the private sector to step up vaccine requirements that will reach millions more people if your business leader, nonprofit leader, a state or local leader has been waiting for full FDA approval to required vaccinations.

I calling you not to do that require it to what I did last month require your employees to get vaccinated or face strict requirements or loss of job, right that's common. What's the one thing in the covert conversation is like the ultimate sacred cow that you can't talk about will get that for second only to John is gone from Winston-Salem. Sorry Jon, I got little sidetracked their go-ahead going on when you are. I just have to pray about maybe some very drastic decisions. We were both working but we're supposed to get were supposed to get the vaccine that I mean excuse me the injection I requested a religious exemption and I hope that that everyone will be able to do that. Unfortunately, I am anticipating that that may be, like a yellow star in the future on your sleeve so I asked her back so I'm trying to figure ever take drastic action somehow both retired and somehow help our kids homeschool be eight grandchildren greatly. It is crazy in the spirit of the age and I think one of the challenges for a lot of people that are Christians.

John is that you know we we know little bit about end times.

We know little about eschatology was never really thought we'd get a taste of it, but were deftly get a taste of it now to have no control, and to be ordered about in and even down to the point where you can't buy and sell certain things because you don't have a vaccine mean it's it's it's five years got out all seem still can. Outlandish, but today is just the norm. Heartbreaking. I ran into today to look at this, the corporations you made all their money. Another rated cashier and I hope that there are still a few corporations that won't go along with you vaccine things I want to ask you legislature to do anything to keep us from having vaccine passports in this state was a challenge right now is date. They do not have a vetoproof majority so they they do not Matthew Wenzel and is a great Christian brother is in the house is going to be on Friday can have that conversation but anything they pass the governor Cooper can veto it and they don't have enough votes to override his veto. They have to get some Democrat that well I can we put enough pressure on the legislators to override any veto and get something done because this passports is is the one the last straw. That's right, and will be, that would come down to the people and what their will isn't because there's like a right Ronald Reagan you say either make and see the light remake and feel the heat so they're going to have to fear for their jobs and have to fear for the economy because what can happen when you see this in New York. You had a lot of small businesses in your banding together now to do a class-action lawsuit because when de Blasio and those guys start.

I think it's September 13 where you can't get into a restaurant, a theater, go see Broadway show unless you got proof of vaccination and if there only about 50% vaccinated. You just said to half the population there.

You can't frequent these restaurants there to destroy small businesses all over the place but I don't care they they never cared about that. But what people stand up and say okay enough is enough.

This far and no further will see, I'm not hopeful about that. But you're right, it's gonna take some drastic action by regular folks to get the attention of the people that we elected allegedly to do the job. John, thanks for calling and those are all great points welcome and not slick what what are you willing to do for a lot of people hate week we retire early.

We figure out a way to help homeschool Ari grandchildren will. Where do you think you live, what is this where are we the spirit of the age. Clearly, as we are. I think it it seems that an increasing rate.

Rocketing towards the day of the Lord getting an argument about Re: pre-trip mid-trip post trip dispensational Bob one day Jesus come back everybody and he comes back and he's gonna settle every score 100% absolute justice will be done every sin, every infringement will be paid for either by Jesus because somebody accepted them or the pay it themselves and then they will come, Lord Jesus, but in the meantime, things are spinning fast rapidly out of control and our faith doesn't cost as much in the descriptions that get the vaccine. That's fine. You do what you feel led to do what forcing people, forcing them to quit their jobs to lose their ability to provide for their families to put a 10-year-old on the chopping block for a vaccine that's only got 16 months worth of data that we know the long-term effects. This is not the United States of America anymore friends just as Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again soon. Like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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