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Escaping Afghanistan!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 23, 2021 10:49 pm

Escaping Afghanistan!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 23, 2021 10:49 pm

Escaping Afghanistan!

Steve talks to Victor Marx about the Taliban and their checkpoints and how people are getting out of Kabul. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well contrary, the bite administration narrative things devolve there in Afghanistan and Kabul but all over the country and there are some at guineas pushing back. By the way, so don't think they'll just lay down a lot of interesting folks there in that country and that story is not over, but we will see what happens when the president is appearing to be led around by the Taliban is telling him you know you have to stick to your original date of August 31, and after that you need to be out here. You need to be done so does Job. I now take orders for suggestions.

Whatever you want to call them from the Taliban in Afghanistan. I mean who knows where in the land of bizarro world and in a very dark world and getting darker, so I've been talking to several friends that are directly doing things involved with what's going on over there trying to rescue Americans in America's allies over there without much help from the bite administration. There's issues between the State Department and department of defense and in that realm up in thinking through and reaching out to people that I know that have spent time over there in that section of the world doing the Lords work in one of those is the old friend of the program who's been just doing amazing things for the Lord. After coming through a very difficult childhood and edges that God has allowed him to build an incredible ministry and he's been on the streets out there in the Middle East and those nasty countries of the last time I one of the last times. Victor Marx was on the show. He and another friend of mine were about 30 minutes outside of I think most hole in Iraq and they had rescued a three-year-old girl off the street, probably under fire from Isys. So when we talk to Victor Marx somebody that spent plenty of time over there doing very difficult things, heroic things, but all in the name of the Lord Jesus. And so our good friend Victor Marx. Welcome back, buddy, how are you good to be absolutely a you as well.

It did you ever think that we would see what's going on in Afghanistan today Victor on asking that and then tell people just a little about as much as you can limit about your experience over there because I want to get your first hand impression of what's happening. Tell us about the Taliban and what Isys is like what these people are like and help us to think well and accurately and honestly as Christians. What form your credit narrative work just got home a big problem completely. You know we we are going to clean complaint on the ground week we've been working the week you will operate correctly and I'm so happy to see just a three morning figure greenlighted.

We cleared their place. That was a very mission because things easier to do work against emotional recovering people helping people than it is currently the Kabul area and others so it's completely out-of-control I love your leader where you said the State Department is talk right about what is the solution. The only solution to get all of the Mercantile and our allies noncombat of Dr. Leach and operation, and there done by trained military and plenty over the years both for choices like this and also for environmental I'm telling you that by the move the control and authority of the neo-State Department failing miserably and move it back to the Department of Defense, but guilty, and let them do their job.

We can listen our guys are sitting inside camp told old airport both like watching helicopters leave crossover the water and pick up there and bring back and left the French and the brick just an American guy. Believe me, the morale is so low because they're not allowed to do what they are trying to do and I'll tell your listeners the Taliban they don't want to write direct action with the biggest one was out of the country but every hour that passes every day that increases without taking action to get people out. I'm telling you it emboldens them in a worse Hurt Locker, you're already sake the White House Press Secretary. I just today or yesterday, Victor's ass."

I think it's irresponsible to say that Americans are stranded they are not what what world are you living in his completely I live by the American can travel from wherever they are airport checkpoint and the Taliban will let them through. Absolutely Mountain project pulled out the passport going to kill or kidnap but not happening. In order given shelter stop movement. People honk at the gates are closed and what people may not understand. I'm just giving your audience you want insight from the inside is about 8000 after you know RLI ID children inside the airport area, but the big held in the cage because they can't control when playing Plan B will rush right to get right. It's hysterical now that comparing them with the only thing the and you can't let any more people in the building or call.

It's all logjam work time even on the inside.

People dying in the cage, there very little water bathroom style of the shirt he and dehydration are suffering as well because there: what they can do everyone listening. We started the campaign called hashtag meal. Now hashtag meal. Now, you should make that and put it on your social media so that people started to what what is the new amount. Again, it creates this groundswell administration have to move very quickly over yeah held up against a break were talking to Victor Marx for Carolina put on hold. Talking to Victor Marx Victor to be supportive of his ministry because like you said there active bringing people out rescuing people why the government is doing almost nothing will be right back. No show, no messing around this week. We don't live in those days anymore. We can throw a lot of humor around the ring they go in and I were talking to Victor Marx I Victor is the website of Victor does all kinds of things the family affair incredible ministry really ministering to us all things possible ministries you can find it. Victor we exist, identify, interrupt and restore those affected by trauma and they'd seen a lot of it. They've engaged a lot of the rescued people and that's why were just thrilled to have Victor with us on the air for a couple of segments today again Victor thank you for all your work brother and for your time so it can remind us again down so I make sure everybody understands. Let's all start throwing up on our social media hashtag meal now so explain that. So we know exactly what that means meal for a noncombat of evacuation what the military is trying to do one of time like this and recover and get all American or people out of a certain something that can be done late in the gates will open convoys of rollup helicopters will go over the walls are airborne couple can follow them and start picking up Americans for which there are thousands of granted Freddie knowing that that date, benefit is coming up and also one of the coming there. People already being shot kill I can. I can with great clarity on a mission that was just accomplished covertly. One of our team members what the Taliban two people in front of them out of the water and I'm telling you it's getting worse in one bold and all what you can do two things I really recommend multiple Christians and people of faith. So pray it's not clich it actually saves lives. It pushed back before dark on this that we do words just like there's no way to God like the way so pray very specific and present whatever got even with Jeff at night because remember the time trying to wake up you like oh my God I can't believe three or two. Maybe God's prompting to say a prayer for Victor Marx, the Afghan military organizations. The coalition of favor allies or over the import of now if people really rise up with great force, even with a small part of the effort that black lives matter. We should be able to afford the president of the right thing, but at the impossibility that it creep into the church make some Christians go well you know God is sovereign and he's going to do whatever you want to listen.

I pray I have I have pretty like Lord everything I'm doing right now. The company, getting the girl out of multiple art.

Our people or whatever I could for shooting. Lord, please make a way is in everything but guess what the second part of that was my vehicle get on and off missionary go in and execute and comprise what action does and how it actually is a vehicle for God fulfill his plan so all I'm asking people be aggressive aggressive with Leo by contacting your congressman or senator's government or state putting on some of the media just just typing a lot and E.

O and OW and look at what's going on at the grand and Facebook. A lot of people in a big way and I'm just telling you this is the pressure the positive pressure. Everybody knows this can be done. It is what started you talking to Victor Marx all things possible. By the way, I just put the link up as well to save our save our allies were working on the same thing you're welcome and it's really not hearing a bunch of stories about what's at the French, the French are showing at the US military is not because the military lacks the abilities because our community life lacks the ability and and this is the department versus Department of Defense, but I'm not hearing stories Victor British Outlook missions and French missions going out to get their own people and by the way, I just saw daily wire story where they there was a Washington Post reporter rescued by the British troops as opposed our own jobs. I don't hear stories of the Taliban and ripping up these people as they go out because what's going to happen if a qualified American forces flying out into Kabul and the surrounding areas to go pick people about what's the Taliban going to do nothing, nothing, no honor upon one about quote yet we have the ability to provide a little everything they know. Just let American go so we can have our country back, but every hour and everything that the president will not execute the Leo. Your guaranteed that lives below and the Taliban grew stronger and emboldened for as bad as it is now. It's going to get worse yet stay very soon, especially for women and children, which is so heartbreaking and really at the center of so many things Victor and his bride, and in their their team have been doing for years. Victor I we got a couple minutes left with let's be aggressive in prayer.

Would you lead us in prayer for Afghanistan in these efforts. We got about two minutes left. Father week we put this in your throne.

We know that you love people.

The word itself requires a level that you so love the world to give your only begotten of the Lord. I pray you would move in the hearts of your people to be emboldened and empowered to do more to put faith in action by pressing Lord by not being passive, but rather pressing goals and political position to understand the importance of this noncombat of evacuation operation. God, I pray that they would understand that it is only solution for widespread safety and recovering of American citizens and our allies are asking. I like that or put their life on the line to fight evil Lord. Also pray God that you move on. Pres. Biden heart Lord in his mind.

I don't get it. We don't understand the lack of leadership in their approach to the people that surround them. But God I pray that you would move on. In the last hour. Do the right thing to adjust his course of action to take wise counsel and execute a plan that will work by train military men and women who are clamoring for this and get it done. Father Lord. I will pray for the Christian.

Those Muslims who turn the faith in you. While America was there and now were leaving them Lord my heartbreak know what they're going to go through and it's good it's going to be a complete squalor and persecution there already.

Now trying to stop Christian from buying food and water. Lord, please. I just now from organization and our Lord make a way for us to provide for water, medical/may we not forget what over there. Amen thank you my brother, Victor, thank you God bless you for your work will continue to pay attention. I'll reach out to you again. Just let me know anytime you want to come back on a given update will be happy to do it to palletizing and soon I was Victor Marx Victor will be right back. She'll appreciate our friend Victor Mark and he mentioned a lot of air in there is going around going around the US State Department as I talk about I just start sharing this and I'll remind you again hashtag Neo. Now that's in EO and OWI put up on Facebook live hashtag Neo now that's trying to put pressure on right now the State Department is in charge of this cluster and it needs to go back to the Department of Defense at the pictures talking about the other guy is getting intelligence from earlier days, and yet I totally agree. That's got a go for the State Department back to the Department of Defense so so that he sets of that.

So the thing the victors doing hashtag Neo now is is what needs to happen.

So that's noncombat of evacuation operation and remember what Victor said no victors dealt with ISIS and Al Qaeda personally.

Okay when I say personally, I got the streets of Falluja on the streets of Mosul, rescuing widows and children under fire and I'm a friend that was with and so these are people that are in the stuff okay doesn't like it's some twitter fool tweeting away from his mom's basement or whatever is not. Some media person that's highly educated and little experience.

These are people that have been on the ground in the middle east, in the name of Jesus rescuing widows and children and then feeding and educating and they led ISIS fighters to Christ that they had captured so they bad people. They were working with die right in front of these are people that I got your military folks that have been in the mess they've seen it. And these are the people that I reach out to when the stuff happens; K get tell me what's actually happening. I'm not getting it from Jen sake. I'm not getting up from Biden. Obviously I'm not getting it from the mainstream media. And there's only so much anybody else can know, and I shall then bench.

People like that intrepid good Intel there and they have good sources but I'm looking I'm I go to sources who are full of the Holy Spirit makes a big difference. So that's what's going on. Noncombat of evacuation operation in 20 Victor said if we start going flight. There are British and French French dear joke French joke members. This joke about the French rifle on eBay dropped once never fired that joke so French you don't exactly have a history of being at this military power. French helicopters and British helicopters are flying over the wire out of the Kabul airbase to go get their people in this was a story in the daily wire bench press website.

Washington Post reporter rescued by British troops. Washington Post reporter described how British troops helped her and her friends escape Afghanistan adding to further criticism of the by demonstration. Okay quote Susanna George told of how she and the papers Afghan staff were able to latch onto a separation separate evacuation led by UK troops after spotting them and asking for help to flee. That's all them hurriedly travel along the road to Kabul's Hamid Karzai hunted Karzai airport and armored cars driven by private security guards.

Those roads are being guarded from Taliban interference by UK service personnel before making it security gate at the airport itself, which is manned by American troops. The report continued. George did not offer further comment on the troops who had helped save her but the UK's elite special air service SAS have been drafted if drafted in to rescue Britain's Britons trapped in the war-torn country.

According to George security around couple Kabul airport is crumbling." Her Afghan coworker to Saul and his young daughter repeat by Taliban fighters as they waited on the civilian side of the airport for a flight that never arrived.

This account contradicts the bite administration's rhetoric and the danger posed by the Taliban during evacuation. No kidding. Speaking on the subject of Americans attempting to reach the airport safely. Pres. Biden said we no indication that they that they haven't been able to get in Kabul through to the airport. We made an agreement with the Taliban to continue said this on Friday. Thus far, they've allowed them to get through really that's funny I'm laughing okay appear if you just listen on the radio and you have access to Facebook go to the Steve Noble show page right now, go to the state because were doing Facebook live put the graphic backup pleas of Kabul. So I got this sent to me earlier today from somebody in the know and I been talking to my friends on Facebook live.

For those of you on the radio. I have a graphic it's an interactive map and every, as I think this morning every zoom out of every Taliban checkpoint in Kabul is on this map and there's probably I don't know 50 and around the airport itself there's like 17 or 18. So imagine trying to go from South the city than the cities covered the blue dots of the Taliban checkpoint and they had to get up to the north of the city on assuming a source out these West and in then it's mayhem around the perimeter of the airport and I get to get in the gate, how you prove you are who's helping you by Joe Biden.

They're like oh yeah they just need to get to the airport. You know like going to argue hey Steve you want to get to Washington DC yes or not just get to the airport you airport there and or do you think what 13 minutes from your front door. Yes or okay just know over it's unbelievable. Okay can take that down. Thank you and in this department says don't try to get to the airport but who's out there flying helicopters over the line to go get people including in this case, Washington Post reporter, it's not the US military and that's what Victor marks the same US military is perfectly capable of doing this right now it's in the hands of the State Department. Stupid move it to the Department of Defense because they know how to do these media in EEO noncombat of evacuation operation. That's why victors challenging all of us sides praying aggressively hashtag Neo now in EEO NOW did begin to put pressure and call Congress, congressperson, call your senators and say hey listen this. This is to be in the hands of the Department of Defense at the State Department. That's just here to take 35 sixth-graders to Washington DC for week three.

Put in charge of the sixth-graders know I would probably want to use the Department of Defense on that one hashtag Neo now a look at this this is this is crazy. So somebody leaked to the New York Post that treasure trove of stuff they got when they killed bin Laden there in Islamabad and Paxton and they got all that stuff. So a letter taking for the massive cache of documents retrieved by American Navy SEALs from Osama bin Laden's compound is linked to the New York Post what it says might offer some insight in the Taliban's PR strategy as they reassume control of guest Afghanistan after 20 years, the letter reveals that Osama bin Laden thought so little of Biden's capabilities as a leader that he ordered Al Qaeda specifically not to target him for assassination asking instead that the focus be on Pres. Obama or Gen. David trace the letters dated May 2010.

In the letter, the mastermind wrote that he had no assessing that there should be no cessation plots against Biden because he deemed him totally unprepared to lead the United States. Instead, bin Laden urged his followers to be on the lookout for than Pres. Obama as well as David Pretorius and then this is this is now this was leaked to the New York Post that mean it's real know it does not, but is it consistent with what we know about Osama bin Laden. We look at American power.

Sure the reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as is the norm over there. He wrote Biden is old. Totally unprepared for that post which will lead the US into a crisis Osama bin Laden that 2010 as perpetrators he is the man of the house. In this last year of the war and killing him at all to the worst path so they know the Taliban. They know that they can mess with the US president. He's somewhat senile.

I think that's pretty obvious at this point I'm not trying to be ugly or rude or mocking. I think that's just the deal with. We all know that they'll be let's be honest with each other and like Victor said I said, what with the Taliban. Do false and we had heavily armed Americans going out into Kabul to get people, he said nothing because they know if they started to open up on American troops that we would respond with overwhelming force. American troops would just go bonkers right in the Taliban can't beat Mary know that especially just in open combat situations like that is just unbelievable. And so, like Victor said we need to pray and I appreciate what he said, praying aggressively we pray aggressively so I could head allowing us really wearing on me. Okay, when it wears on us pray when it wears on you pray when you're sitting there watching Netflix tonight really, and I can just hit the pause button. We can afford to do that. Can't wait for our brothers and sisters and people in Afghanistan can we do that the pause button and just pray 10 seconds five minutes 10 minutes. Whatever.

But if we are all aggressive about and aggressively praying and then look for opportunities to engage like I said earlier, this can be very interesting and Glenn Beck probably has a tiger by the tail.

Here is Ray's $26 million since last Tuesday Tuesday or Wednesday because their plan was working and going the Kabul airport and working up charter, full-size commercial passenger airliners, which is going to take $20 million to go get 5000 people out of their but he can't get 5000 people to the airport. He can't fly helicopters out there to pick them up so what's he going to do and he has $26 million in the bank to the Nazarene, so pray for them to that they can use that money for what it was intended for, which is to rescue Americans in our allies out of Afghanistan. The pause button there in Afghanistan is not working too little catch up with her friend David Fisher to a money market money Monday update will take it from there. So continue to talk to as many people full of the Holy Spirit that are dealing with underground things can stand in as I get that information I will share that with you here in the show Monday through Friday 4:56 PM Eastern time. Also, I do stuff on Facebook and I'm kind of reacting and editing as I go because I'm getting information that all which I can share so I'm just trying to pay attention the best of my ability and and share that with you as best as I can suggest continued attuning to grab the podcast podcast is available where you get your podcasts iTunes you know they still have that Apple modify whatever iHeartRadio all those places that the podcast is there. So you miss a day because most will live by live schedule hey that shows on from 40 5 PM Eastern time. That is, so what because I can listen whenever and wherever I want to get the podcast we can watch Facebook live, and everyone is well at the signal charges look at Steve Noble the Steve Noble show to be done say my name where your podcasts are a good friend David Fisher back for a money Monday update with the pause button and all that other stuff and reengage a subject that gets a lot of print in the Bible about the old and the New Testament which is like it's a regular parents are in the show with her good friend David Fisher from La Marque M David how are you and I like your name, so keep it.

Don't change God created you to be very much I appreciate that well where really the Holy Spirit really has us in sync lately because it seems like every time I grab your email for what were going to do a money Monday update and they will do anything for money Monday coming up in the next two weeks. It's always has something to do with what I was just talking about today in second Corinthians is so timely, so just take us through this David on a couple comments in the will dive into the news the day reading Scripture, it really shortly and I want to hear what the master you not the master of all. But you who write commentaries on our Bible verse on your your thoughts on the second Corinthians 12 nine my grace and my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me. You know there's some teaching out there that says you know we have enough space you know we won't have challenges in life will be no incredible all this wealth comes to prosperity message. I every book of the Bible that I read that talk about challenges every book in I don't think this Scripture is a different life is full of challenges, being a follower of Christ*hardship, even those who are the most faithful if you want to have a faithful meter and so but in our weaknesses.

Christ is made perfect and he is sufficient for us in our weaknesses, so that we may say I can testify to this get better because of my faith or are this incredible doctor. Although having an incredible one. I think it's due to the love of God and saying were not done with you yet. I was weak in that I was made strong John, that's the thing that is what we can do is only what God can do through us in and so you get to the end of yourself and that's really David story King David is as it is no this exceptional young man, but all the amazing things happen.

His behalf happen because of what God chose to do in and through David and so there's if you don't ever get to the end of yourself. If you fight from being a weak position you pray for.

I just smooth sailing all the time. You never really going to tap into all the power and the sufficiency that is made available for you to the power of the Holy Spirit in your relationship with Jesus. So he says is grace is sufficient in this meeting.

It's enough you need anything else.

And then, of course, so that Christ's power may rest on me as Alexei Paulson are going. Listen, I never knew how powerful or how faithful God was until ice really got into the deep weeds and so my guest. Earlier today David Victor marks Jess is working to get eight people at a Afghanistan of another friend that's working with different groups trying to get people out of there in in their week is not much that they can do but God is working through them in his grace is certainly sufficient for them and his power will be made perfect in their weakness and their there helping people get out of Afghanistan. You have to acknowledge and embrace your weakness, knowing that God will fill that end and that's an experience that you're not getting it otherwise. So we run around trying to make sure everything stays good and you're missing out on the real power of God. Not that you train wreck your life in order to experience it but don't run from it either because there's a special relationship and a special power waiting there for a week such a good word. I really appreciate your welcome and thanks for bringing that up okay so the US budget deficit is is looking like it's controlled by the tell bandage six.

It's just exploding. Taxes are going naughty gold and silver is an interesting situation right now. So what are some news reports that have come out since last week show what that what we need to be paying attention to the mortgage would really end up show an hour longer.

Last week you talk about bad reporting CPI member came in, which is the consumer price index, which tells us what inflation is him and ran a lot of 5.4% lots people, it should go higher another strategist Tom Horwich with the chief market strategy public trading strategy prepare for hyperinflation. You should interest rate should be with the 5.4% CPI should be around 45%, which is CPI and interest rates just about any environment we been in have pretty much been identical so the Fed is way under balanced on the snow report though came out the budget deficit came out and rose Jos Rosenblum, 73% in one month June June of this year, January to June, $2 trillion over budget deficit. We had a July $302 billion for overspending than we normally did so, and this is on the coattails of massive amounts of tax revenue coming in the season that when most taxes are being paid so. This is because gold and silver to shine more in the in the environment, then, as of all this came out last week last week. The Dow closed as a losing week and traders were concerned about the rise of the Delta variant inflation and also the Fed papering and so we've got some of the data. Huge shortfalls of the just continuing to find all this debt, but is buying like you are selling sex is fun this debt buying is buying the keep in mind, inflation is up 5.4%. The dead is the 10 year treasury mostly issued MF at 1.25% in the yield, what they're paying on entry of a guaranteed loss. They want to buy that show Japan along this for creditor to a paper-based shoulder that show up buying it. Just trying to the second largest dump treasures for the poor stream on limited by any this is, interesting fact US pensions money market funds, your insurance company euros into these US-based individuals always US entities reduce their holdings in treasuries. We know who bought the Fed spin the number one buyer but outside of that we cite some more about US commercial banks buying treasuries and here's a shocking fact US government pension fund for military personnel in federal civilian employees massive amounts of treasuries, children, the Social Security trust fund that's upside down and bankrupt and other federal government funds increase their holdings so I hate to say this way, what were eating our young loading are bridges and there were creating a big problem for us financially. When foreigners don't want to buyer that so don't don't have to go ballistic when it comes to raising taxes. The whole thing is so ridiculous I say this almost every week okay to government credit card. I will whose funding is all I am running up the debt and in your mind yet that's exactly right. Okay cool.

So, sign me up so raise taxes.

Don't they have to going to campaign uses no taxes on small business as they will go up and this week about that Nancy closely and is going to probably pass this bill to raise taxes in three areas.

The marginal top marginal income tax rate 39.6% of the grasses thing the corporate income tax rates from 21 to 28% and Biden's proposals illuminating that what you call the stepup basis. The second death on death tax on small businesses, which represents 99% of business is dissected 1.9 million businesses you cannot know this could you can't pass down your business to your son or daughter an area with no tax liability on them anymore so it's just insane and coming on the coattails of Nancy Pelosi wants to give their staff a 15% raise 8.1% rate is 15% on top of that, so I get my blood boiled. Sorry this is like walking into an insane asylum, and is a guy standing there with his hand happily in his shirt claiming to be a Napoleon Bonaparte and you get in an argument with him that is not Napoleon's people because their insane images crazy thoughts gold and silver doing and how we find out more about that K filing report buying gold world largest funds for massive inflation accompaniment about buying gold and that will help you with that to 5754 landmark David, always great to hear from you please the Lord, so that Scripture really start the right way and we appreciate you letting God bless you will talk to you soon. Thank you.

I found a great weekend. This is a mark I don't know the world to go in the opposite direction while doing family get to this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk to you real soon. My dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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