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Grab Your Masks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 28, 2021 11:18 pm

Grab Your Masks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 28, 2021 11:18 pm

Grab Your Masks!

Steve Noble discusses masks today on his show. Should we wear masks and follow the government and state’s new rules? 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders.

Grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble Lord help me about math.

Math is about math is about math with the mat with the mass without the mass with commands without mass mass out.

Hey, welcome back at Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show looks like mask 2.0 yeah, right. Not yet, because I am so excited about that. I what are your Baxter not mask 2.0 this is me without a mask. This is me. What a mask and so that's the deal. So my question for you.

Baxter and faxed how you feel about masking 2.0 because this is back now apology is all of them at the map you don't need him you need him you need 36 would be fine if you get the vaccination and don't need to mass now. It's probably good that you wear a mask, even though your vaccinated, but if you're vaccinated.

Then you can limit free like go back to life as normal except no no no working out you need when mass now because the Delta bearing on the Delta variant of the echo variant and then the foxtrot variant and then the hotel variant and then the indigo variant and then need to make a parent or whatever and on and on and on it goes. Rumor, this is no longer put this up on Facebook yesterday. This is no longer about nor do I think it ever was. Very early on about following the science. This is now about hashtag followed the political science okay member that this is about following the science is about following the political science hashtag follow the poly sigh hashtag follow the political science and for some of you this is this going to come down to your job you do what we want you to do kickbacks or you can work your weekend can't go to school here in the and even the federal government has said all along were not to do vaccine passport when I can mandate that they don't need to because all of their lackeys and corporatism in the buck private public sector to do it for here in North Carolina you the UNC healthcare system. The Duke healthcare healthcare system just came out and said yeah you worker you gotta get the experiment. Vaccine. So I'm telling you friends you're going to have to lawyer up. You have to lawyer up to have to fight if you don't.

If you want to go down this road and at the fight and I don't care at the department of justice says they don't decide what's constitutional that they think so. This reminds me are you ready this reminds me of dealing with the factional backs especially mass.

No mass.

This reminds me of a classic comedy skit. Let's see if this remind you see this works.

I think this works dealing with masking non-masking here in United States under Pope LGN" Pres. Biden have ozone once on site and I don't know zone is what something I don't know yet you who's on first what's on site and I don't know zone. I don't know will will hose on get right.

It's so confusing you don't know what's up what's down what's right what's left what's right what's wrong, what's legal and illegal. What are your rights what you're not where not your rights so this is this is going to spin out of control fast.

So my question for you today and I really don't feel like talking a whole hour although I will because I'm certainly capable. God help me and probably cut help you do what what you do at this we got rid of the mass burn the mass now were back.

I never know my mass. Now they tell me that mass back in for some of you it's gonna be at the back so you lose your job, what at what point are you going to say no laws are laws in less than four so if you have a 500 kids in the school and hundred of them show up in September because they polluted with their parents and they said and they at the at noon. They'll take their mass off to Rome in the garbage. What you do because at that point you can go from 100 to 200 and the school and what are they going to do from all out through 200 and 500. They might, so what you do with the ever-changing mask mandate and even if you're vaccinated to get that you thought you were going to have some freedom friend. You are never going to be safe from coping and number two Juergen has some freedom ever to be able to get back to normal. Or as Joe Biden, the great reads that says build back normal build back better not normal. No normal that kicked him in the shins.

Okay, so let me just remind the gospel pause for a moment the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember friend if you're as frustrated as I am, his ears upset as I am appears close to losing it, mocking sometimes as I am just a rumor. Take a gospel breath gospel pause. It's all temporary all temporary matter how bad it gets done at how disgusting it gets. Doesn't matter how frustrating it doesn't matter how much of your liberty get sacrificed at the altar of political correctness and political science. None of it.

Ultimately matters because it's all temporary. Think you Jesus.

Department of justice requires, 19 vaccine mandates legal is that illegal as they said the Star Wars world the apartment of justice concluded in an opinion on a tear to this in the second that federal law doesn't prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring coping 19 vaccines under the Food and Drug Administration's emergency use authorization on July 26, the US Department of veteran affairs California and New York City said they would require some other government workers to get the culvert shot or be tested weekly Veterans Affairs with the move became the first federal agency to manage vaccine adjust Department's office of legal counsel on July 26 wrote that because access coping 19 vaccines is more, please quote numerous educational institutions, employers, and other entities across United States have said they will require some individuals to be vaccinated against the virus. As a condition of employment participation benefit service or relationship. For instance, a wrote the DOJ which is pure as the wind driven snow. There's no nothing wrong. The DOJ of his friends since it wrote certain schools were require vaccination in order for students to attend class in person and certain employers will require vaccination as a condition of employment, the opinion which noted that some of question the legality of such matters concluded that federal law concerning the FDA's emergency use authorizations doesn't prohibit public or private entities from imposing vaccine requirements even when the only vaccines available are those who authorized the emergency use authorization.

So the Department of Justice said it's illegal. My question is, well, okay my question we come back back and see no one to speak normal show who lets these rational people on the Facebook I how to get through Facebook fact checkers. There's there's rational people invading the Facebook life. He today you need to do something about that. Okay can't I Scott.

Scott is way too rational.

What about people that are told Dr. not to vaccinate because of autoimmune diseases or disabilities because of side effects that's that's too good of a question Scott Facebook fact checkers get get rid of this guy. I don't how you got how to get in here.

You have no place on Facebook. That's way too logical. So that's where SOI was going to the story.

Look back at Steve Noble and the student will show.

So what how you handle it masking 2.0. It's coming back. The CDC is about to say what they have and are ready. We recommend all kids in all schools everywhere, where mass all day long what you do about that. If you if you through your massively burned her mascara my mass nothing to say. Well it we think you should go back to masks even though I'm perfectly willing, obviously, and enable to say no thank you I'm willing to risk because I do have a 99.5+ percent chance of surviving COBIT and I've had a very slight anybody's in T cell activity. I thank you Lord. That's my choice, what would you do that asked people if you've got the vaccination. God bless you. I hope that works great for you.

I have no problem with you getting the vaccine that's your choice. You made your decision. I'm good with that. Okay, that's your choice. But now they're telling you, and in indoor situations.

Juergen have to go back to wearing a mask fungus is what you guys call in fact unbacked mass unmask whatever how you how you reacting to this work. This is masking 2.0 this is coming back okay and you can't stop, and employers mandating the vaccine. You can't stop that either is going after the courts getting ugly before gets any better if it ever gets better.

So how are you handling this.

That's my question for you.

Please call in and share again when you call in 866-34-TRUTH 878848663 foray 7884. If you're expecting me to get all up in your face be mean to got the wrong show I'm not gonna do it. That's boring to me what was done in talk radio forever. It's bloodsport out of these very godly forget I may disagree with you. I may have to bite halfway through my finger based on what you're saying but I'm not to do anything to you on the unlikely routing like the beach up I might ask you a clarifying question but I'm not to be a jerk so you never have to be afraid to call in to the show because you think you're getting embarrassed or material you can suck a nap in the worst case scenario if you just gonna rent and I can't get a word in auditing up on.

That's the worst case scenario, so please call and tell me how you're feeling about this masking 2.0 and forcing vaccines on people. Otherwise you lose your job. Tell me how you're feeling.

Are you working through this because this is getting a very challenging time.

Now where people are going to have to just decide you're either going to bow down to be compliant your lips say no in your face and consequences are you dealing with this 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH, please: we need to have this conversation. I don't care what the FTC says I don't care what the department of justice says I don't care Facebook fact checker say when you have this conversation and they can't stop us from having it on the air lease not yet named you whatever they want Facebook and YouTube.

I find whatever but they can't stop me here on the radio. My little undercooked undisclosed studio look like a Star Wars Museum 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

Just tell me how you're feeling, higher thinking about masking 2.0 because it's coming back right so what unity how you feel about it, while there is a major issues that explains it is just us on Facebook live and YouTube lifeguards sums going on with the radio distribution having major issues there currently none nobody there can hear me on any of my stations while I reconnected and there on the comments box. You were doing all or part so I don't know what's going on there. So let's keep it between us and Shelley here on Facebook live YouTube like back to the story so the department of justice. So let's just go through this and then a White House press secretary Jen Saki who is given conflicting statements around whether the administration supports vaccine passports are dancing around this all the time, told reporters during a briefing last week that the administration isn't requiring officials to get vaccinated quote no, we have not mandated Saki and read in response to a question about whether the White House is makeover 19 shots mandatory.

She appeared to save the white out and let states. Meanwhile, pass laws that forbid the usage of vaccine passports and government agencies and offices. Florida want to step further in May after Gov. Rhonda Santos, a Republican, signed a law that prohibits all private businesses from using vaccine passports and estate so so the Department of Justice come out and say vaccine mandates or legal. But does that make it so there is something for all of my constitutional friends out there called the Constitution and the department of justice can say it's legal.

But if it's unconstitutional. Who cares what the DOJ says, and the only reason I knew it we were to get that is were going to have to go to court.

People are going out to lawyer up and have to go to court and fight and you have to find the right court.

The right part of the system to try to get some clear conservative thinking when I say conservative and talking constitutionally originalists who know that we got some violations are in the U.S. Constitution taken away people's rights not to dig into that somewhere so I can tell you there's some a brighter legal scholars out there but I'll get that information to ziggurats and proms there because the government doesn't have carte blanche to force Americans to do things to themselves. They do not okay Dorgan.

It see what happens. But this Juergen have to lawyer up or lose your job that's up to you. I don't know what's going on the radio, but I think we get Scott is gone from work on Scott. I don't know what's going on the radio but appreciates it's called through so I go right ahead. Oh, about why you and we were no will not get you. There's no better call.

I don't think we know where nowadays all and it is so Scott if you are if you are in an employment situation like you work somewhere and they said hey Scott are you and/or your wife if you want to come back to work you have to get vaccinated and then you tell them well on the advice of our doctor because we have autoimmune issues week we can't get the green light to do that. That can actually harm us here where yeah and so that at that point we are not Scott following as the government likes to say were not following the science that point were just following political science is about power and control and ultimately they they bite by doing what you're saying.

Her employer or whoever it is really doesn't care about her well-being.

They say they do. We want you to get the vaccine because we care about your health know they don't.

It's all about power and control. Scott, thank you so much for calling and ensuring that so important.

God bless you things that only thing you know so well said Rick Scott.

That's right a minimum against the break with thanks for calling Scott. God bless you and your wife will be right back. Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble showing us in the subject issues going out there so not sure what's going on radio station across the butt on Facebook live were good on YouTube live are good. I think I know live streaming on through the Internet were good doctor was going on radio stations but this happens every once in a while and you just keep rolling in and praise the Lord. We still rock 'n' roll in your Facebook live in YouTube lives and in streaming online as well.

So it happens. Rights like radio okay so there's that sort talk about masking 2.0 and just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in and then there's the Delta variant in this that and the other right. So we've got all these things going on, other dragging us back in the mask mandate that's coming for CDCs about the launch on that. Which means, states or to launch on it. Blue states red states will see to be very challenging and just dealing with some radio stuff and so as I'm going through a couple of the stories, but if you want to call it. Even if you're watching Facebook live YouTube love you can still call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Just how are you going to deal with this and by the way, if you're if you've got the vaccination they're going to tell their telling you you need to wear one to you. You thought you are number one protecting yourself number two getting your freedom back not to wear matching up the social distance all at stuff, not until you know you need to you need to mask the mask up because of the Delta variant right in that because the stories like the one I just read read this one from CNBC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday to fully vaccinated people begin wearing mass indoors again and places with high coping 19 transmission rates agencies also recommending can't wear mass in school this fall.

All kids where mass in school this fall.

That's worked out really well.

Federal health officials still believe fully vaccinated individuals represent a very small amount of transmission. They don't know what that amount is still listen some vaccinated people could be carrying higher levels of the virus than previously understood and potentially transmitted to others so we were like if you vaccinated your you're afraid you're not afraid of him vaccinated people, but now I'm vaccinated. People need to be afraid of some of the vaccinated people that that's that's what they're saying literally the updated guide comes ahead of the fall season with a highly contagious Delta variant is expected to cause another surge of new coronavirus cases in many large employers plan to bring workers back to the office mid May the CDCs at fully back to new people didn't need to wear mass in most settings, whether indoors or out in it."

And there is a substantial high transmission. CDC recommends fully vaccinated people where masks in public indoor settings to help prevent the spread of the Delta variant and protect others. This includes schools, including teachers, staff, students, visitors, regardless of vaccination status. No matter what your Baxter enough in terms of how you live your life.

But what about the Delta variant.

Okay well I'm looking ideally new cases okay since it spikes way back in January. Okay daily cases in America about 300,000 slot and then by April 10. We were down to 72,000 by June June 18 out that long ago 13,489 now weep up text to somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000. Okay, nowhere near the 300,000 back then so okay so you got an uptick is as I got to think logically.

Slow down and think through this you okay so we have more people getting COBIT but Scott Mr. Biden's talk .5% rate okay you still get a 99.5% survival rate is 94 1/2% 5% mortality rate 94.5% mortality rate over 80 over 80, you still have a 94.5% of surviving COBIT even though when you're over 80, you're past the average lifespan of Americans so guess what everybody it's appointed for men to die once and face the judgment wrong and it sure the Lord coming back okay that's a deal.

Speaking of death. So the Delta variant is out there.

We have an uptick in coronavirus cases.

But the vast majority of our a symptomatic and not serious. So is like saying oh no, we have more people got the flu. Okay, that's a bummer. I'm sorry that you have 7 to 10 days of feeling crappy but anybody but if you people do die from the flu and that's terrific but most people don't be overwhelming. In this case, but 99.5% of people survive COBIT. We all know it's there.

So you got it when we don't need to turn the world upside down thing people are getting open because the vast majority overwhelming majority COBIT doesn't kill you when you look at the daily death rate in America guide, go back to early January for small, with 4518 deaths on January 12. Fast-forward to July 7. Praise God only 282 Spike the other day, 406 July 24 okay four days ago 226 and then the next day I got hundred 71 and then three and 67 on July 27 yesterday three or 67 death so you have a spike in coronavirus cases because the Delta variant but you don't have any significant correlating spike in deaths so more people are getting sick.

Okay, we had a bad flu season. We have a bad cold season. Let's turn the world upside down. Know that doesn't make any sense. I'm making sense. But they're not 2.0 market conifer North: sorry to keep you holy house on a rant, go right ahead work on all plenty we are. Go ahead. Things are not much. You know why they were a big employer basically told him they had to get the right thing and she had this happen also to with the flu shot and she got a blue religious exemption. There is a form out there don't know what it is I couldn't give information. But that's what happened with her since she bothered to push back month Mike Hardy made a move in.

No, no, I'm not doing this in the next.

The challenges we have to learn what our rights are and then all of us are going to have to start figuring this out going okay.

There's a form what's the religious exemption form was the religious exemption angle is going to be a couple, and then we have to fight for that and then eventually Mark you know that soon. I've known each other for years.

You know this eventually is connected to the court and it's kind of fortune is going to have to go to the right court. You can't go to any court. Everybody's shopping the right judges the right and the left over to have to fight you have to push back in if the more you comply, the worst to get we learn about the call before God. Yes, Scott was in bed not even been approved and we don't know yet and we don't want to talk. I want to show their 300 people of God from the right thing and I don't but I don't talk about that either. Of course that's in the warning system are good to hear from you and thanks for calling. I will talk to you later. Thanks, let's jump to Allen is conifer Marilyn Allen your honesty. Thanks for: go right ahead. Glad to finally be able to talk to you truck driver also good to hear from you up while I felt real quick. Let me know you a run down my eye. I work for a trucking company that you know it really small but independent drivers for my bath doesn't require you know I back being sometimes I'll have to show up at a pickup and you know that company that I am picking up from payroll require a mask, no, but my left not be able to have to don't get a vaccine or get a wear map all the time. My wife works for company also for boxes pretty independent, you know, and so he doesn't require vaccine, he doesn't require math notes, so my wife and I were were pretty left and unable to work for companies that are not requiring that soak. Now that you know the math mandate is been reintroduced again. You know, again, the only time I'll have to wear map is that if I show up at a pickup or show better delivery, and they say what can't come in here or you can't pick up here and let you wear map. Other than that I'm not where you're not one of those folks I see out there on the road in their car. In your case and your truck is great to hear your voice.

By the way you're not one of those guys him to see on the highway driving on the highway all by your lonesome in a closed cab with the mascot all the time I'm driving down the highway, looked over at a car in a car in all by himself all by his lonesome. And I'm thinking, what are you doing since it's the spirit of the age in its fear and its and it's a lot of apathy and just unfortunately a lot of people are willing to be led around by the nose and they're not willing to do their own research on their own homework so they just want to buy into the lie that you know that everybody talking about on the news they only looking at the end and the knowing. So you know they're only going to listen to what is being told by the media that's exactly right. Alan, great to hear your voice.

Thanks for calling my friend got bless you I got what I will talk you later. That's Allen's faithful friend on Facebook like great to hear from you buddy thank you so much I Carol is talking about working at Duke and saw Marie that that's on Facebook lie. But what about you what to do if you especially if you're vaccinated don't hear from you if you're vaccinated. Got bless you not seen anything but your back your vaccinated, and they tell you wear a mask even though you're vaccinated how you react. 866-34-TRUTH will be right show but it'll it'll get back to be fine but we live here in the studio Facebook live YouTube live.

Just go to the Steve Noble show on either platform. Assuming Lord Zuckerberg is still allowed us to be on today or any other day we I think we are so were fine see what happens talking about masking 2.0. So if you like to call and we can still do that and if you want to call in because I am an anonymous caller to go to them. Next, if you want to call ended anonymously talk about was going on at your workplace. If your nurse or something like that you want to share some things. That's all we need to do.

You can get the word out here on the radio and Facebook like they could pull it down later but people listening why there to get it in on the radio there to get it and live streaming there to get in the podcast when it goes out tonight or tomorrow you're here at their so you're pretty much not yet cancel if you want to call in here and share what you're learning what you're experiencing, which would be great.

I'd appreciate that. So let's go to this callers got some more comments if you guys want to share about masking and being forced to get the vaccine in your context and what you especially if you are vaccinated. If you've received the vaccine.

Another telling you go back the mascot you feel about that. I would love to hear from you. Hey Steve, I'm vaccinated in another tell me how to put the mask back on. I would love to hear from you okay 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, especially if you're vaccinated and now they're telling your guests that were in a mask inside again you feel about 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I think for calling and I really appreciate appreciate your desire to be anonymous. That's no problem here, go right ahead. What would you like to share our so you work so you work when you work in healthcare and industry number two did you see Marty had called and I've Artie had and we Artie had okay so now they're telling you you in order to continue working here. You have to get the vaccine and in your main concern would you say is that you know enough at this point that you're just not willing to take the risk. Now fellow healthcare workers what what's being talked about. Inside those circles since you work in the healthcare industry.

Maybe in a hospital or whatever but what are other healthcare workers saying about the vaccine and the vaccine mandate itself.

What like what's the talk around the water found in that environment. Most yellow every work with at the back pressure I got people wearing masks over how we are not mandated yet.

I just so ridiculous and it's in and now fear and shame you can't talk about it because the public pressure which is exactly what they wanted that this is been a public pressure campaign. The whole time and is just remarketed to see it happening. Thank you so much for calling and sharing. Thank you for your stand. I really respect you for doing that. Thank you you too. Let's jump over to Patty Connor from Durham, North Carolina Patty, thanks so much for calling the Red Hat air are no right at all 5 m anything for you only. When I went all I would know that after 20 anyway. Well, I don't think you buddy out there.

Patty is wearing their master more than 20 minutes. Do you know all I don't all all people are wearing their bell per our handling on your you transfer your body usually you will and there's no telling you to teach a whole almost 2 semesters with my students in a couple of classes wearing masks was a nightmare because like I I can't see their faces I no ideal what their facial reaction as you communicate a lot with your face and you can bless the isolation thing smiles all its brutal. It's been terrible for his hearing barrier people barrier around any literally well and I know I went there or whether it be I don't doubt you are you Patty thanks much for: I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much God bless you think you drink on from Winston-Salem tray good to hear from you. Go real quick buddy.

I get to get to them how Mark Zuckerberg's can help you with your faith long playing. The only you thought about it word for word there that worry not my doctors have been fighting this fight for over a year now, so they have now. Sounds like they have now come to put together kind of a legal team to help with all this mess is that correct you will find that online and I'll share it on my Facebook page. Thanks for calling tray. Always good to hear from you. Thanks man appreciate that's all look that up and will share that on Facebook.

I hear you, let me introduce you to Lord Mark Zuckerberg is going to help you with your faith. This is really awesome.

I mean I was having a bad morning, until I saw the story that Isaac wow, awesome Mark Zuckerberg wants churchgoers to connect with God on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg believes the coronavirus pandemic is created a new opportunity for Facebook to grow. This plan involves incentivizing churchgoers who have become familiar with virtual services over the past year did lockdowns to permanently move their religious worship, online worry about the fact checkers.

The company is intensifying its formal partnership with faith groups who would do that across the United States in shaping the future of churchgoing that's comforting as it entices users connect with God which line on Facebook rather than a place of worship, hell yeah we yeah don't don't go back to a place of worship. You don't do that.

For example, Facebook developers had reset reportedly met weekly with the hills on church and Alanna Georgia. Shame on you guys the church to explore what the church would look like if it were on Facebook instead as well as what apps they might create for financial giving video capability in my streaming quote together. We are discovering what the future of the church could be on Facebook, said Sam Collier Hill song pastor.

Shame on you. Are you an idiot really. My brother in Christ, if you are one. You're an idiot weakened.

Let's take all of our church services online through Facebook. That's fine. Facebook now seeks to become the virtual home for religious community reports the times, noting that the pandemic spark the strategy for drawing more and get an reviewed gate Bridge engage users of the social media platform as religious groups have already been pushed to explore alternative ways to operate in the wake of lockdowns.

You know what they ultimately want this. I need to know what they want.

No church shut down Christianity, but they want a partnership reveal how big tech and religion are converging businesses like is just like chapter 18 of Revelation was are converging far beyond simply moving services, the Internet, Facebook is shaping the future of religious experience itself as it has done for political and social life. The report adds that's awesome Facebook is going to shape the future of my religious experience. I don't need the Bible. I don't need Jesus and only the Holy Spirit will lead the congregation coming together of the of the brotherhood. I don't need any of that. I just need Facebook come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will make sure you get what are fact checkers here at Facebook know you really need. Additionally, Patterson sisters, we will call for your flock. By keeping we will care for your flock. By keeping misinformation from reaching your unenlightened non-woke minds finally, Patterson sisters, we will offer you the joy and hope of our new reality.

We will help you set aside old and hurtful notions of right and wrong to embrace a more inclusive and loving lifestyle. With warmest regards, Mark Zuckerberg digital Savior I had. I had it all that you should figure that out.

Can you hear the hiss of the snake. Mark Zuckerberg wants churchgoers to connect with God and Facebook so we can try to control it. Hey Mark memo from the Lord he is God you are not you are a puny little EarthLink that he loved and died for what you better repent and get right with your maker is all the money the world is going to save you from that Lord help us. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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