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Abusing Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 19, 2021 10:07 pm

Abusing Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 19, 2021 10:07 pm

Abusing Children!

Steve Noble talks about people who abuse their children, the transgender kids' movement, the Gay Men's choir, and Money Monday with David Fischer. Protect your children.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one size loses the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I gotta tell you, as a father of four, and now a grandfather and once filed our heaven so many stories just I'm just going to speak plainly or really ticked me off.

I get really mad. I get really upset and nothing new under the sun as our friend Solomon said in the past.

Whether it's the abuse of children back in a biblical days as they were clean up like basically a lot on the same lines, dogs, and then child sacrifice in the Old Testament and mold lack and we seen that throughout the ages.

Of course no small stranger here in America via abortion and then the at the Aztecs of the Mya's that is aspects just horrific abuse of children and they used to torture them actually because they felt they they believe that the gods were more pleased by the cries of anguish of children so they would torture them and then they'd eventually die. That was all done when the Spaniards found them in you and we get people get ticked off about the Spaniards basically eliminating as he got that Aztecs down there in Central America and South America and it was just brutal and so today isn't quite as obvious besides abortion well when it comes to the issue of transgender is him. It's starting to get.

I mean it's getting worse by the day. It seems so I've got several stories here that I want to take you through as a warning for parents and grandparents schools, public schools, private schools, even unfortunately the schools that are US military have to send their kids to on their overseas workers will follow-up in the game and Squire story that we ran last week when they could make it. They did that little tongue-in-cheek video were coming for your children, and some things that have been discovered since then and then some more effects on children. Not quite as brutal as trying to get them to change their gender. When you're young, but what happens to them when he pulled out of school and send them home and and put them online to do something that the school system is equipped to do in a couple of things before we get to a Monday Monday update at the end of the show which will be fascinating because stock markets are down about 750 points today. They were down closer to a thousand so a lot to go through but to keep ringing the bell on these stories because we all need to be sufficiently woke when it comes to the level of evil that is coming after our children and grandchildren. This was in the Federalist. The transgender industry is calling tomboys out of existence rights were to get rid of old notion of tomboys via the transgender movement. Okay this is in the Federalist, loud, and Virginia. Virginia's Loudoun County, which is been at Ground Zero for a lot of things anti-CRT and stuff there just rent a horrifying story, encouraging gender dysphoria and children. The piece focuses on seven-year-old Sophia now pretending to be a boy named Max and her mother Emily the other, the unnamed fathers and was entirely absent from the article it was meant to boost transgender ideology in an area that is become a battleground over transgender is in critical race theory schools talk about Loudoun County but is inadvertently revealed several ugly truth about the trans kids movement first. This story shows that the transgender movement and by the way is as enraged as we can get an as I can get. We need to remember to pray for these people pray for parents pray for children.

Pray for the transgender movement and of itself, so we were getting all exercise, something we always need to ask ourselves driver pray about this. First, the story shows that the transgender movement is coming from very young children starting in preschool just so sick. Transgender advocates insist that kindergartners and even toddlers are capable of committing to transition and then everyone else must affirm it.

Instead of waiting to see what shakes out. As children develop.

By the way, there is one study that says about 88% of kids that struggle with gender identity come out of it.

80% by the time he finished puberty. Imagine confusion puberty. Imagine that as as children develop trans advocates demand that children be immediately transition socially new names new close new pronouns in the bathrooms, etc., followed by medical transition beginning before puberty. Second, the loudmouth piece reveals that sexism is the basis for transitioning his little kids were told that as a toddler quotes if you showed a preference for boy toys and sports. Wow, that's a problem. She needs to transition right see where this is going though.

Emily continue to offer dresses and dolls her mom thinking Sophia would eventually show interest when Sophia was only five.

Emily gave up on her efforts to interest her tomboy daughter and girly girl stuff and decided that what what she really was, was a transgender boy, transgender son, that's what she decides, so I actually have a tomboy daughter which is I don't know what exactly is wrong with that. Some girls are just like tomboys to even say that anymore and they just don't like all the fluffy typical girly stuff. Okay, so we have to get as Christians, our understanding of typical man in a biblical womanhood need some work okay because we marginalize people and they don't act according to kind of the social construct about a boy or girl should look like correctly.

In this Emily followed fashionable opinion which he had shifted from insisting that it's fine, even good for girls like sports trucks and other stereotypical boy stuff to declaring that such girls really must be boys goodbye tomboy hello trans boy, the biggest sources of sex stereotypes and strict gender roles in America today are the trans movement and its allies. Many self-described feminists of knuckled under cheering as it is said that girl should stick to dresses and dolls and the girls would like boy things must actually be boys. The transgender movement is far more sexist than the most retrograde fundament was Christians I've ever known. This is the author and the new Blake Federalist, at least the latter still let their daughters enjoy basketball and PE third. This case demonstrates how it is often the dolts who are pushing for children to transition the reporter says quote. It never occurred to Sophia that she was anyone other than a boy, which makes it odd that the story does not relate any instances of Sophia saying that she was wanted to be a boy. No evidence is provided for the central claim of the story. Instead, the article tells about Sophia around five years of age, admiring Max from stranger things this show on Netflix to the point of wanting to be called Max. Hey listen we have is a 6 foot, 5 inch son who's 20 and very male stereotypical fishing sports big do right six 5 x 200 pounds to the big guy, but I can show you a picture of him. Sorry buddy, I can show you picture him when he was like for five or six of his older sister dressed him up in a two to all luck.

Our son went along with his older sister dressed him up in a two to he must be a girl.

Let's call a doctor right. That's how sick this so I'm in a pick it up there and then to move on because I and I'm just I'm in a keep saying these things only keep telling these stories so that people are aware, do not trust the public school system don't trust the private school system don't ultimately trust anything other than the Lord in his work. Everything else we should be skeptical about including ourselves. By the way, always be suspicious of your own motives. Steve Noble pick it up there and come back come back and Steve Noble to help us show the ceiling to ring the bell about how our children are being used society in which we live today in the subject. Transgender is him and this is all over the place and it's growing.

It's the spirit of the age in you live in a pagan nation.

I live in a pagan nation we live in a pagan nation and this is you have to be aware what's going on because you're probably okay. I'm mostly okay, but our children and grandchildren. No and I don't even know this is like a pre-9/11 mindset in a post-9/11 world in in September 2000. We didn't really have the imagination to see planes flying into the towers in the Pentagon and then going down Shanksville. We didn't really have the imagination for that now we do. And I think now this with the spirit of the age and the paganism of this nation that the stuff coming after our kids and what this country's gonna look like in 10 years or 20 years short of a major revival and an awakening that we have the imagination for door going through some of the stories to continue to ring the bell so that were paying attention. Look at indeed reading the story about some girl Sophia is a tomboy. But no, no, you must be a real boy so we need to transition you striking that no evidence of gender dysphoria is presented beyond a little girl been a tomboy. However, it does. If your Emily was distressed that her daughter being a tomboy instead of a girly girl were told that Emily can now get her little boy to cooperate in dressing up Albion bowties and button-down shirts rather than dresses forth going to points the problems here. This story illustrates the pernicious effects of the trans movement hostagetaking. Emily admits to concerns about the future medical transition of her daughter Lisa is thinking right there, but dismisses them by repeating word for word the transgender's mantra.

I'd rather have a trans son than a dead daughter, you're going to for yet the story presents no evidence that Sylvia ever considered, let alone threatened or attempted suicide. Emily spheres seem to be entirely installed from outside sources all allowed now story up in love Virginia was an attempt at pro trans propaganda and inadvertently let the truth out the readers left to fill in the gaps and some omissions, but it clearly shows that the trans movement is filling parents mind propaganda and fear to induce them to transition very young children based on crude sex stereotypes. In this case a seven-year-old girls now handful years away from permanent body mutilation sterility via puberty blockers cross sex hormones and surgery pay attention to what's going on out there. Okay pay attention parents and grandparents get involved don't trust any environment implicitly Defense Department schools what transitioning students gender behind parents backs.

This was in the daily signal the other day as parental outrage with progressive curriculums conference of sex and gender identity.

CRT stuff sweeps cross-country military parents have good reason to be up in arms. That's because Department of Defense education activity schools institutions that educate children from military families are helping children change their names and pronouns at school behind their parents backs. What a parent's right to oversee the care, education, and control of his child is guaranteed by the 14th amendment was affirmed by the Supreme Court 1923 in Meyer versus Nebraska, and as recently as 2000 and Troxel versus Granville examples are plentiful. What's going on up there.

Video evidence from department of defense education activities, equity and access Summit whatever year the word equity deeming the naming involved. Go find out become Sherlock Holmes for the sake of your children and grandchildren shows that one case at a school in Rota Spain, 1/7 grade language arts in high school humanities teacher is also gay straight line sponsor plenty of overlap there. By the way, told teachers that in some instances, they will need to protect children from parents who do not know about their child's gender transition. Another conference presenter who teaches English and drama at a high school in Stuttgart, Germany, and is also a gay straight line sponsor has gone the extra mile to assist children with their gender transitions at school. She noted that while some parents are fully on board with their child's gender transition plans.

Other parents are labeled as unsupported like the portals and have no idea that their children have transitioned at school Dakota quote out children to their parents said the teacher would be unsafe and will put them at risk at home sick for these children. She claims school might be the only safe place for them to be their authentic selves with their chosen safe adult. This is so Orwellian and sick just is.

I it's just evil.

I'm no other way to describe this activist gay straight line sponsor's are assuming the role as a medical professional and parent as they facilitate secret gender transitions at school. This wasn't discussed or debated much less approved by American parents before being implemented. She means one thing after another.

The tragic case of Keira Bell underscores how important it is for parents to dig deeper living in a broken home in the United Kingdom bell felt detached from her mother, who suffered from alcoholism and mental illness and from her father who was emotionally physically distant.

At the age of 14. She became severely depressed to begin questioning her to identity who would it Wear that broken Bell began seeing a psychologist who referred her to the Tavistock gender identity development service. The UK's national health service specialist gender clinic for pediatrics when she was 15. The clinic diagnosed her with gender dysphoria at 16 after only three one-hour appointments. The clinic prescribed puberty blockers. This is just child abuse to satisfy somebody's virtue, signaling, and you can hear the devil left with a bag of popcorn and a soda. Later, Bell progress to testosterone treatments were probably strongly opposed her transition to your inner underwent a double mastectomy at 20 enter Frankenstein. She is since D transition that 23 Sue Tavistock claiming she was too young to make such consequential decisions.

No kidding. In December Britain's High Court cited with Bell Tavistock appealed the ruling and the appeal was heard on June 23 21st judgment is pending. I hope they shut the place down. And that's going back in stuff is going on out there. Department of Defense education activity schools are flouting the very laws that military parents of sworn to defend activist educator should top the list of extremists quote unquote that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is committed to rooting out of the military. God help us follow up on the game and Squire song were coming for your children what that song. Steve will hear some lyrics you sale. You say we all lead lives you don't respect for your just frightened. You think that will corrupt your kids. If our agenda goes unchecked funny justice. Once you're correct, will convert your children happens bit by bit quietly and suddenly and you will barely notice it were coming for them are coming for your children were coming them comfy to live in that and that song is it because working to make them fair and tolerant are coming for your children to make them better people.

Unlike the close minded, bigoted, homophobic Christians, most likely that you are so that was their tongue-in-cheek effect. Okay, the tongue-in-cheek attempt at it.

So they got hammered by it and other Western generally use something on the way back machine, seeing the look at websites the way they were in the past it Western it a journal, obtain the apparently scrub list of chorus members and cross-reference those names with a database of registered sex offenders in California see Dick while the matches could be coincidental. Some offenders may just happen have the same name as members of the choir Western Journal on earth at least four credible matches David Wallace Lawrence Errol Friedberg Lewis Cuadra and Keith Pepper okay distinct names David Eugene Wallace was convicted of lewd and lascivious beat acts with a child under 14 years of age in 1985 there is a David Sean Wallace listed in the course roster. In 2001 Lawrence Earl Freeburg was similarly convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age. There is an Earl Friedberg listed on the roster. One of the offenders known aliases. According to the registry and looks like two for two to me. Lewis Cuadra was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age in 2018 and released in 2020.

Lewis Cuadra first appeared on the list of the groups board members in September.

Finally Keith Aaron Pepper was convicted of loose lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 1419 98. There is a key Pepper on the list of the groups board members that mean they're all guilty. I don't know but there is a red flag and of course, not all gay men and gay people are pedophiles, but some are in the realm of just sexual perversion and sin disliked heterosexual perversion, sin. It's all out there at the show to talk to David market hammered money Monday as of right now the Dow Jones just real down 725 points is either it was even worse. Earlier today, so we'll talk to David and see what's going on there with little money Monday update in the final segment of the show but walking through a bunch of stories that remind us as parents and grandparents, use the word paranoid be paranoid about your kids in public school, private school military stuff just there. There's so much going on so many things coming after our kids are talking about some of the transgender stuff and and just the ideology out that's out there. The spirit of the age is vigorous and and just going after younger and just like liquid vaccinations. Talk about faxing kids in the covert vaccine below the age of 12. They were getting it down the six graders and and and and I mean six-year-old and three-year-old and two-year-olds who are statistically zero chance of death really all the way up to about 24 statistically based on the 76 million people in America fall under that age range. Some have died and that's terrific be one of them's tragic and horrific but statistically speaking at a 76 million people to have about 2400 deaths and that he drew group from newborn to 24 is is statistically insignificant in terms of policy and how you approach the entire country and all that insanity's going on and I've often spoke, spoken in terms of dominoes do you like dominoes or play dominoes line them up, knocking over right at the game but all these dominoes lining up behind the covert virus itself hears proof of 141% of Baltimore high school students earn below a 1.0 GPA. A significant number of belt and who cares, right because we have an agenda here of a political agenda and worldview agendas.

Who cares what we do our kids in the meantime, a significant number Baltimore public high school students earn below a D grade point average during the first three quarters of 2020 and 2021 school year, according to an analysis which found that during that time. 41% earned a 1.0 grade point average or below that would mean more than 8400 of Baltimore city schools, 20,500 students are getting grades below a D overall, the school district in the statement of Fox News and other outlets appeared to blame the poor student performance on the covert, 19 pandemic. Yes, I agree consistent with the experience of many school districts across the country becoming 19 pandemic created significant disruptions to student learning is as early as the summer of 2020 city schools identified large number of students with decreases in their grade point averages in classroom performance when compared to past performances.

Baltimore city schools stated across United States, a number public schools struggle to implement online learning for students during coping 19 related lockdown. Some districts saw an increased rate of failures and an increase in absences from classes. I murmur reading last year about this time at the end of the second semester when he started sending kids home in droves, like LA County had. I don't know 20 or 30,000 students that hadn't shown up online in weeks nor they gonna do about it. Nothing really just fall between the cracks.

For example nearby in Arundel County and Maryland self failure rates, more than double to 7% from 3% according to data obtained by the Baltimore Sun, so more abuse of children for what allegedly for their own good, but that's where Pres. Trump had it right. He feared that our response to the COBIT virus would actually be more damaging than the virus itself. And these dominoes are to be falling for a while and about, but the vaccine but the vaccine yeah but this bit the jury I would say is out on the vaccine still is your average mass produced in mass distribute it.

Vaccine has about 7 to 10 years before they actually get to that point.

This had about eight or nine months.

Totally rushed out non-interesting question to all my Trump friends out there is Donald Trump had had one of Donald Trump are still in the White House and yet you refuse to get the vaccine. Now would you have refused it with Donald Trump in the White House and he's telling you he got a get back to get back to get a love your neighbor get out there. Would you come out say sorry, Mr. Pres., I agree with you most of time. Not this time, or does the person in the White House affect how you make a decision about the vaccine.

I hope it doesn't. I hope it helps you make a decision about the vaccine is critical thinking, research, prayer, counsel of wise people in the make a decision to sell you on Facebook like Larry Elder's talk radio guy running for governor out there is not on the list. Officially I don't think was talking about the kids and Alec today only 2% were grade level in math. Excellent just consumer money to be fine. I don't want to spend a couple minutes on this by Richard Landers on the Christian Post executive editor now is been involved in the culture war Christianity for years, decades actually proud to be American white grateful is a better word that really caught my attention because I struggle in my own life with what I would call political idolatry care more about America than you do about Americans were couple are more concerned with the culture than we are about the lost. You might not say that, but in our deeds. Perhaps it shows a different story. So he's talking about last week. He used the startling result of polling.

I talked about this couple weeks ago that only about 1/3 of Americans age 18 to 24 were proud and very proud of being an American. Richard Lynn argued that one of the main reasons for this dramatic falloff in patriotism was the infiltration of critical race theory into the nation's public schools. However, he writes. I wanted to focus on a different aspect of the survey measuring how proud are you to be an American.

As I read the survey I found myself pondering the word proud is that an accurate definition of what other Americans and I feel about America. I don't think so. Richard writes, at least it was not the word I feel most comfortable using proud to note something I have done. I've done nothing. I have nothing to do with my being born in America, I can hear some you think Dr. Lynn your conservative Republican.

It's true that I am a conservative and Republican Richard writes those are not the most important words to use in describing me. I am a Christian and American a conservative and Republican in that order. As a Christian I believe that God needed me and embroidered me and my mother's womb and all my parts were written God's book before any one of them came to be. Psalm 139 for me.

Richard writes, and for millions of Christians being an American is a divinely bestowed blessing being born an American is like being born on third base in the great scheme of things and being proud of it like being born in third-base and thinking you had a triple bony pause there for second being born on third base in the great scheme of things to be born in America relative to a good chunk of the world. K not relative to perfection which nobodies can achieve no nations ever achieve Jesus while he comes back, it's heaven on earth, but until then, all of fallen short of the glory God right nations people corporations whatever radio shows, so I'd like that. Thinking when you say you're proud.

It's like you hit the triple but know this is you got placed on third base know we among all humanity are the most fortunate.

The peak of people to have been in the providence of God, born in America, the providence of God, having been born American makes me the recipient of a priceless inheritance in a cherished national heritage of commitment to individual human dignity dignity and the freedom to live according to the dictates of your own conscience without governmental interference. When I contemplate what it means to be an American.

Richard writes and filled with gratitude and awe not pride.

I agree if we allow our founding institutions to be undermined by metastasizing CRT critical race theory.

We will see an American vulcanized in America Balkanized and disintegrate no longer bear common allegiances to our founding documents and founding principles, then why should California and Texas remain in the same country. Why should Alabama and Vermont not separate that happens it will be a tragedy of unspeakable proportions for the people of the United States will also be a terrible tragedy for the citizens of the world.

As Winston Churchill reminded us, it is on the whole, that such things must be measured in America has been a positive and civilizing influence in the world is American by the bite. By the way has the said Richard here ever said that we been perfect. No has American purpose. He writes both here at home and abroad. Of course not, however, we been better than any other nation in standing up for freedom and human dignity for others as well as ourselves close out.

I take issue with that when it comes to abortion because were just like most of the other nations around the world. A million abortions a year worldwide close to a million a year in America. Close your eyes and think for a moment about what the world would look like without the United States of America, without America evil people in the world would've run rampant in the past and they would run rampant now and in the future. That's true without America. Germany would've one World War I. The Kaiser was not Hitler but 1/20 century dominated by Imperial Germany would've been no walk in the park. Then of course without America the Germans and the Japanese would've won World War II, which would've ushered in what Churchill called a dark new age without America the last half of the 20th century would been dominated by the evil empire the Soviet Union which were that would've had terrible repercussions for human freedom and dignity the world over.

As long as America's round evil people getting up getting up to evil things have have to ask themselves if we do this, will the Americans come of America disintegrates or is reorganized as an entirely different country. They will no longer have to ask the question people the world over will suffer terribly and the weaker and more vulnerable. They are the more the suffer so Richard Mann finishes in my quote unquote proud to be an American. No, he says, I am grateful beyond words, and I understand, to whom much is given much is required. Luke 1248 as the recipient of great blessings. I have a responsibility to work for human freedom and dignity, both here and around the world. America is a country but it is also a cause and the cause is human freedom. Now, that's really well set in its humble and because and I'm proud to be American. Okay.

Are you proud of all the things America's done know of course not in my grateful to be an American.


So that's a good point.

I think that's a very healthy point for us as Christians to ponder words mean things and I can't judge your heart, obviously, but I certainly know that I've had my times of being a bit of a political idolatrous and that's not okay market seven a terrible day will talk to David Fisher about that when we come back to back his show markets are getting hammered today. Dow Jones industrial currently down seven and 25 points NASDAQ on to an S&P 500 down 60.67 so the S&P down about 1.6%.

The Dow down over 2%, the NASDAQ down just over 1% so lot going on there.

How do we look at that.

What does that mean tooth to us in a regular daily life. Since most of us are obviously billionaire or millionaire investors and so for that we always once a week. Bring up the subject because the Bible talks about it a lot money and possessions. We talk it about it on a regular basis as well with our good friend David Fisher who is an expert in this arena has been in there for 25 years as well as a brother in Christ, I would landmark David how are you I am doing good you favorably on your program very welcome.

Great to hear from you again so work in a dive and all this market. Concerns of market corrections and inflation before we do. We always diving in the Scriptures. First which is we need that more than one feed our finances so I Hebrews 13 five and a great one here again and adjusts and especially with them whenever I see the word content. I think most of us struggle with. That's let's do this one first. In the will dive into some of the news your life free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has, never will I leave you never will I forsake you show your lot of people are not a lot. A handful of people when the Bosler of splitter believers she heard this being said before that you norm. I'm just going to trust God, you know, with my money and correlate that if the stewardship over and there focused on you can be a steward good steward and focus on it because if you focus on something you can be good stewards better than me that you go up for money so there's a big difference. I want to make sure that there us all as believers, that we can strive for before Christ in every life, but that doesn't mean that were being idle within ourselves is me and we will of the Lord to be our God. In Houston, one that is who we serve. So there's a big difference between the love of money and being a good steward of the money of the Lord is entrusted with us more than we are good steward or not, were the real lot of money or not, will you be content with what he's entrusted us with to be a good steward yes is a great point in there right at the end of Hebrews 13 five because God said, never will I leave you never will I seek you.

That is a promise and that is currency and that is a stability that is in your account for all time that it doesn't matter what the NASDAQ's doing today with the stockmarkets doing today that's there forever. And then that makes it a lot easier to be content knowing that that God will never leave us or forsake us a great way to begin, especially of the topsy-turvy day so speaking about what what in the world is calling on the stock and its indexes are down significantly and and people are freaking out another's covert concerns but help us understand what's happening with these red numbers today whether down on Friday also impact the month of July is the worst month of the year so far for all the indexes on Friday. The consumer sentiment index came out from the University of Michigan to the report was released. The market started to fall.

That report, Steve shows the consumers believe prices are going to increase this picture significantly back so traders became concerned that consumers were concerned and traders start you will going towards the exit and showing your positions over the weekend leaving over today is also covert strain.

The Delta variant is causing concern but also this whole idea that the market is in a bubble, so there's three major things. Inflation the covert strain and the market in a bubble. Morgan Stanley chief quitters equity strategist. I'm referring to Mike Wilson. We talked about him before many times he came out on Friday and he, reiterated the same thing today I'll say what he said they should the market breath has been deteriorating for months and is just another confirmation of a midcycle transaction transition is me and all of you. It usually ends with the correction 10 to 20%. So get ready for correction because the market is in the Bible is not like bubble work was just picked up all 11 sectors were lower today of financials travel troubles really getting hit hard.

So the silver lining usual inflation. I guess the Social Security came out there and have a cost-of-living adjustment of .3641% adjustment upward.

The biggest adjustment since 1983.

So the government believes there is inflation, but the Fed doesn't swell like our friend TJ said before the feds both the arsonist in the firefighter and still running around like speaking a fire resident here on fire and trying to avoid the appearance of a nightmare. And so they been manipulating that could be economy for years and they're just addicted their stock and that cycle now so they have to keep playing that game, you mention the word bubble.

So how much of this bubble if if it all correlates to these trillions literally trillions of dollars of Fed stimulus that we see not only recently but really, over the last several years.

They been pumping money into the system like crazy is that part of the bubble.

Roy absolutely right. There is a direct correlation Steve Hankey used a professor of applied it applied economics. He served with Reagan.

The Council of economic advisors.

So, pretty smart guy been around long time.

You should the US inflation is going to climb to 6 to 9% by years and any said that there is a direct correlation 100% Houston that number between the growth of inflation in the money supply so that's why were seeing the rise of inflation. So if there is a very strong correlation some sage 1 to 1 and some sage very close to 1 to 1. Yes, so you got inflation. Then of course that makes it harder for us to buy what were not used to buying because everything the cost of living goes up the cost rating within the dollar as well. Is that a factor here because as the dollar loses value. Then again, we have to shell out more of it to buy what we were buying normally a year or for inflation is just another form of attack against the dollar and you know something that you were your car about suitability nurses inflation is really up 10% every look or your wisdom tree analyst. They say it's going to go to 20% within the next five years. Here's a new one is probably the worst thing I've heard the law years, Jeffrey.

Good luck. We talked about him before billionaire hedge fund manager manages over hundred $35 billion on Thursday.

CNBC largest financial news network he said the dollar is so mature when I heard that I did get the article just to make sure I do have a right but yeah that's what he said. The dollar is doomed and you said in this. In the interim room if you dollar rise and then it's going to fall substantially. These referring to about next year so she knows I hope is wrong. You also on the roof of the fold on the dead six weeks ago he said yeah.

I mean, these are in the czar's's obviously some of the smartest, most intelligent money managers on the planet in an you got a listen when they say stuff like that in summer at 770 times in the last couple years. David on the show you'll mention one of these guys and something they said I'm always like what seriously is the same thing to me is just crazy with the institutional world is saying about some of these things on the ground that were not hearing much of because most of us are watching CNBC all day long and you don't you don't hear this stuff in the mainstream news and especially mainstream media, which is trying to cover for the government all the time so it just nightmare so on. In terms of the area of this whole picture. Were you really a focus for the last 25 years or so with gold and silver sod is that factor and that this whole conversation will obviously like your tribute view of computer daughter and by the way, Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan from going on the banking industry there holding all credit lines. Lines of credit, personal and corporate.

For some reason for last month, social going on. They read your predictor lock is altogether too quick. The only amateur coming out to have nothing to a gold peers regarding food gold getting a $4000 to the financial planner.

Ironically, I should finish you the biggest bubble you have been first ever happen over the next two years. Possibility the biggest bubble. He says ever ceases to be a bigger downturn than we've ever seen in history so you know you diversify not have all your eggs in one basket.

Don't put all your money in gold or silver. And don't put all your money in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Yeah that's like going to the grocery store nearly gone when I'll except through the analogy you feel that I can work very well at home. So what what what what's gold and silver been like this year because in the past several years and it was crazy to watch it relative to the market that what's at noon this year because were in released kind of strange economic times and exactly what it did in 1971, 72 and early 73 didn't do well. It actually went down and and and 73, the latter part of that after the bubble burst and the dowel in a corrected 50% gold, silver took off because inflation God impacted and actually got solidified so Sean told we start to see another bubble burst, but still we get a little bit further down the road. Your instructor see gold and silver probably move sideways a little and maybe move down a little bit. I would be surprised it doesn't bother me because you could see a big run.

Why because others who are same on the gold and silver company talk about gold and silver going to 3000, $4000 and even higher those other people I can quote will have time to do it but the psychology is an organ.

I have inflation it's going to be permanent non-transitory. That's where you get some gold silver while prices are low, get more information and try to understand that it took me a while to figure it out but once I did it made perfect sense to me in terms of versification.

What can people do.

Call 844425754: nice and simple, David. Always great to hear from you.

Thanks for your time today and expertise will talk again real soon. My brother, I found talk you later.

Thank you so much. The on the road tomorrow I'll be at Bob Jones University. Never been there before looking at doing some educational things within the wondrous works in the homeschool world and the school seminary a lot of things going on down there, so I'm going down for a visit so we can be broadcasting live from Greenville South Carolina the next two days assisting no one.

The signal will show God willing I talked again real soon. Always have her former another program powered by the Truth Network

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