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The Theology of Critical Race Theory

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 15, 2021 3:04 pm

The Theology of Critical Race Theory

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 15, 2021 3:04 pm

The Theology of Critical Race Theory

Today on the Steve Noble Show we are talking about Theology versus Critical Race Theory. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets every day is like your home, at work, even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, let's shall we theology Thursday today with a little word nation on a and then you say back there in your house, your cubicle, your car wherever you happen to be right now while they are listening on radio with our great radio affiliates mostly across the state of North Carolina but also down South Carolina and Greenville which were thrilled to be down there on his talk radio now which is super cool and should be in Greenville next week meeting with people about BJ.

You press and things like that or you're watching here in the studio you're watching on Facebook live YouTube I just go to the Steve Noble show page in either one of those places and you can join us here in the studio word association okay I'm to say something then you allow wherever you're at, say, the first thing that comes your mind. Okay I say critical race theory, and you say what is I say critical race theory. What do you say I say CRT I say critical race theory. What do you say that I wanted everybody on Facebook live only answer the questions well I say critical race theory. What do you say one person is that all white people are oppressors and people of color of victims I say ways race that I say critical racer you say I know prisons is bunk. What you say garbage the tannic lies which it is that it I say critical race theory Facebook live says racism Facebook live says Marxism. Yeah.

Is it brainwashing. There's another one. What evil subversive dangerous. That's the assumption and so bogus. There's another one.

The new hip racism. There's another one so what is it isn't completely critical theory, critical race theory. Is there nothing redeemable about it at all. Throw 100% of it out.

Many of you are saying yeah darn right I would ask you have you studied it now your thinking.

Oh no, there goes Steve.

Now there's something you need to know about me. If you're newer to the show is that I'm gonna wait and everything I consider everything and I'm knocking to just take the company line because the company line because the company line is devised by people. People maybe much of God yes praise the Lord but also people that are fallible, we see through the glass dimly as we read in the New Testament, and so we need discernment we need wisdom so what's the deal.

Critical race theory as an example is you go black lives matter right in a meeting going on in this country, especially in the last two years.

This is from Fox News just breaking today NFL 2021 season will include black national anthem which is lift every voice and Sing that was played during week one games in the Super Bowl during the 2020 season so they're going to bring it back and bring it back big build back better write the great reset Joe by whatever social justice messages again coming back.

The black national anthem is report Lisette to return to end before NFL games for good starting at 2021. These guys are trying to destroy themselves. It would appear lift every voice and Sing was played before the start of week one yada yada planes to make it quote a prominent part of big-league events the NFL social justice phrases like an racism to be painted in the back of the teams and zones. Players are able to honor victims of systemic racism and police violence.

Last year, front office boards reported NFL plans on ratcheting up the messaging for the 2021 season. Now I have a friend that deals with people in the NFL and many of the but in the many the people he deals with as clients are African-American athletes in the NFL who say listen, I'm not down with all the BLM stuff and every thing but we don't have a choice. If you speak out about it.

If you push back against it. You could get out of a job they could get messed with your contract so if it's such a righteous thing and it's pure all the way through.

Do you really need to beat people down and get them to understand it to be part of it. What's up with that. Okay so critical race theory, critical theory itself, which is based in Marxist ideology, to take you through several articles that I have here. One is by Carl Truman brilliant brilliant Scotsman believer evangelical actually going to interview him next month for his most recent book which deals with human autonomy and in our putting our foot down to declare ourselves whatever the premise of the book essentially is how do we get to the point in our culture were a man can say hey I think of a woman trapped in a man's body and most of the scope model. Okay, how do we get to that point let's Carl Truman evangelicals and race theory, tickets are a lot of that article. This can be fixed up today but I wanted it. I want to help not only educate myself and educate you and get beyond the 32nd soundbite the 62nd soundbite the Fox News CNN whatever in and take it down this road. I'm going on this road myself to be informed fully informed as much as possible, which you can't do with a little story here and there. Okay so this is also an exercise in deploying a biblical worldview and discernment and wisdom.

Some also to talk about the unpacking critical race theory for Christians toward a better theology of race.

That's why Dr. Kelly Harmon is an assistant professor of English at Liberty University. Take some to go through those and in their extensive write a lot there that I'm to share with you, but I'll start with this one just to set the stage. This is got an overview critical race theory complex of Christian worldview by John Stonestreet is that breakpoint is been on the show before Francis Schaeffer described how ideas escape the ivory towers of universities and think tanks eventually to shape how ordinary people think, speak and view their world 2021 idea that made that journey in record time was you know what it is I critical race theory which was just a little while ago relegated to academic papers, classroom discussions and scholarly journal articles today dialogues about CRT can be found across social media incorporate better boardrooms and even in the church and I would add across a school, boardrooms and meetings with parents all over the nation. This is a big deal is everywhere.

It's been around for a while just you know as a theory. CRT descends from European and North American philosophical traditions, particularly Marxism and postmodernism like these worldviews of its intellectual ancestry.

CRT sees the world in terms of power dynamics in this way of thinking, social evil such as poverty, crime, or oppression result not from universal human frailties, otherwise known as sin but from Euro-Americans intent white people, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, mostly Euro-Americans intent on securing and increasing their economic and social power.

Based on this metanarrative or overarching story, equality and justice demand privileging the stories of those kept out of power. CRT sees members of the oppressed group is morally right and members of the oppressor group is morally wrong, I mean out of the gate so me as a obviously privileged white male, morally wrong. Okay, so again like I said, we have a lot to work through here on the show today and I want to take you through this paragraph by paragraph. It's pretty academic. It's understandable, but you have to pay attention and since so much of our world right now in the United States and around the globe circling around hovering around talking about implementing fighting back against CRT. I think it probably makes is that we delve into it little bit more than 1/32 story will be right back to back in Noblesville show just a little apology to fans of thinking through a lot of well-written pretty academically rigorous things here on the show today that I'm taking the throne because I can't turn around and but that's what I'm reading what I'm learning so I'm taking you into what I spent time reading and learning about on the issue of CRT critical race theory. Starting off of this article from John Stonestreet and I got to others that we get a worker waitressing a move quickly.

CRT, like any worldview framework should be evaluated. That, however, this is a John Stonestreet from breakpoint is easier said than done, even in the church advocates often point to common ground between critical race theory in the Christian worldview.

For example, the commitment to justice and human dignity right you should say amen to that.

The things you should I do a Christian should label any critiques of CRT is convenient ways to avoid confronting injustice and racism which may not be true. Sometimes it is many critics.

Many Christian critics, myself included, just on Stonestreet right specifically concerned with how CRT conflicts with a Christian worldview, particularly in areas of identity and morality, not everyone agrees recently on Twitter, a defender of CRT boldly tweeted quote whoever told you CRT is a worldview is either lying to you or didn't know what they are talking about unquote of course assuming malice or greed as a way of dodging the question, making an argument that a Christian worldview is to hold views that are consistent with the Bible. Not only have views that are actually in the Bible. The problem with critical race theory is not that it isn't found in the Bible. Some things about it is that it offers a very different explanation of humanity. Sin and redemption than the Bible does.

Which by the way friend makes it inaccurate and ineffective. It's just human tradition in human thinking saturated with human sin to avoid a spiritual truth. Although there are some true that you can find in within the pages of CRT that the Bible wasn't yet oppression yet powerful doing it to the week yet should have a problem with that, like postmodern that part postmodernism that birthday, critical race theory can be considered worldview does more than just offer a handful of specific ideas about race in society. It offers a complete framework of beliefs or universalizing story of the world. CRT describes who we are.

What's wrong with the world and prescribes how to fix it. And what better would look like. In other words, like Christianity, CRT answers the basic questions any worldview does except the answers CRT provides are very different from those Christianity offers even a both worldviews recognize the world is broken by evil, such as racism and injustice on that we can agree right now.

The reason behind that the cause behind it and especially the fix that's where there's almost no agreement between a biblical worldview and CRT at the same time, those who oppose critical race theory must do more than simply write off all its concerns like market, Marxism, critical race theory something of a Christian heresy taking the Christian themes of human dignity and justice in the world remain in reorienting these causes under new management.

Most pertinently, CRT is slipping in the space with the church belongs, but is too often absent in Stonestreet writes this because the best antidote to the feelings of critical race theory in its inadequate worldview is for the church to understand and live consistently with the Bible.

The PIP Ellie.

Imagine that.

Okay Dr. Kelly Cameron's assistant professor of English at Liberty University unpacking critical race theory for Christians toward a better theology of race okay so undertake it through this. Her main points.

What is CRT critical race theory CRT developed in the late 20th century as a way of processing race-based oppression principally in the United States develop first among legal scholars investigating the failure of certain court cases such as Brown versus Board of Education to deliver on their promise of greater racial equity in the US CRT theorist sought to understand the interplay of cultural forces which afforded attempts to rectify racial injustice while acknowledging that CRT is a diverse movement, Richard Delgado and Jen Stefon check have helpfully isolated five campuses. She's referencing some books and writings that she's used here in this article number one.

Racism is not the exception to the rule in American society. Racism is the rule.

That's why you get something like the 1619 project. America was founded on. Built on thrived on and still protects and in many ways, if not most, of racist ideology. Okay, that CRT just assumes that number to the oppressive majority will typically make concessions to the oppressed minority. Only when they themselves benefit interesting point number three race is the product of social construction, meaning it's baked in four people can participate in multiple categories of oppression phenomenon notice intersection Ellie quick intersection. Ellie, if I'm different ways that you can be marginalized black and Hispanic woman homosexual transgendered.

Those are all different silos and the more you have, the more marginalized you are, that's intersection. Ellie okay and the fifth point, people of color usually have more insight about racial oppression than white people do. Okay she was on of the sex part.

So CRT Marxists answer the short answer is yes.

CRT theorist drew heavily from Marxist assumptions and formulating their arguments, including the following number one inequalities built into the structures of society are the fundamental cause of oppression and suffering in the world see where they're looking at whether placing blame the structures of society will talk about sin. They don't talk about the human heart.

That's why it's woefully inadequate. Number two terms of its Marxism. The solution to suffering is therefore the revolutionary forces to re-create the world according to alternate structures which will eliminate oppression now from a Christian perspective. How does that happen. Well here in the now through the rebirth of loss dead souls who then through to syndication become more like Jesus and begin to love their neighbor as themselves. Follow the tenets of Scripture and have a positive impact on the world and will actually look out for the oppressed and the on in the downtrodden widows and orphans.

Minority, but not what CRT one key difference for an CRT classical Marxism is that the concept of a revolutionary forces often redefined as a cultural movement rather than a political party, although that's start to blend together in our context, write the revolution often takes place within the world of ideas and is generally achieved words, not with guns. However, it is undeniable that Marxism provide the foundation on which CRT was developed right. So Christians are responding to to CRT how and why she writes those who reject CRT and attempt to persuade others to do the same are generally motivated by recognition that Marxism is a false and dangerous worldview and that is an offshoot of Marxism. CRT offers false promises that can lead even believers astray, which is correct. On the other hand, those who are drawn to CRT are often motivated by biblically informed righteous anger as pastor Robert Cunningham says in his podcast every square inch quote a deal to hate what God hates and love what God loves and unjustifiable frustration with the church for failing to respond consistently or substantially to racial oppression. The lack of a well-developed theology of race within the evangelical world is a valid cause for concern. So it's understandable for believers to pay attention to and learn from conversations about race. Even those taking place in the second world so then she kinda goes on some through some dangers for skeptics as well as enthusiasts.

So for skeptics, which would probably be you and me. Certainly me.

She says this the seal to protect the integrity of the biblical worldview is valid and important. We are not called only to be as innocent as does, but also to be as wise as serpents exercising discernment keyword for all of us today in these confusing times discernment includes distinguishing truth from error and in a fallen world. Most ideologies will mix the two. We cannot afford to reject an important truth because those proclaiming a proclaim other things that are not true.

Essentially, either some assertions of CRT that are biblically factually true. There are okay as you go okay that's like hate to black lives matter, what are you talking to me about the notion of philosophy, the theology of black lives matter, all lowercase. Yes, if you're talking to me about BL MP you want me to thrust my fist in the air and write a check.

No, it's evil, Marxist anti-biblical so you have to discern and work your way through the details, not just make a blanket statement will pick up there we come back and that's what it is. It is a worldview. Therefore, it is has its own theology and working our way through a couple of academically rigorous articles here. I'm adding some commentary here and there for both these articles, but I'm also putting links to the articles because I would encourage you, challenge you if you have a strong reaction to critical race theory what's going on at the media level the political level. The school level where it's particularly dangerous because the misapplication that there some things in CRT that are true, but there's the there's a whole lot about it is dangerous and Marxist and nonbiblical and is going to create more division of more pain and more harm in our country not adrift striving towards a more perfect union. It's gonna do the exact opposite. But it gives people a way to hit back or frustrated and angry and feel marginalized. I understand that but but there's a way that seems right to me. But in the end it leads to destruction.

So one article and I just put the links up unpacking critical race theory for Christians towards better theology of race by Dr. Kelly Hammer in his at Liberty University.

I put that link up and then a minute were to switch to evangelicals and race theory by Carl Truman is just just brilliant working our way through this and some some mornings some dangers here for skeptics where we tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We have to be willing to put some time into it because that would foster conversations and then and if I put something up on Facebook and is like there's some interesting things in here about CRT and in a steep youth arts are you a CRT personnel. What happened to you what's going on is the noble nothing. I'm reading I'm an independent critical thinker and should you do you have a problem with oppression.

You should do you have a problem with the rich taken advantage of what you should do you have a problem with retribution give a problem with vengeance. It's not the Lord, letting it out. You should consult as positives and negatives. I think most of CRT is dangerous, reckless, inaccurate, but there's some parts about it that because it deals with universal truths even though they don't know where that comes from their true okay you work through right so if you're a CRT enthusiasts or some warnings for you. The sense of justice is valid and important right I can agree with that, standing up for the oppressed of the biblical idea.

Amen. And it's true that the evangelical church is been woefully negligent in combating systemic injustice that is also true historically go look it up. I'm reading through your sister right now. Right now, brutal through three different textbooks. I'm in the Civil War and by the way, Abraham Lincoln originally before the Emancipation Proclamation. He's like, listen, I'm not telling the southern states that you have to get rid of slavery.

I'm to say were knocking expanded in the Western new state that was like the Missouri compromise for a while. You can keep a bull at the top of Missouri with a line is everything below that you can have slaves they knock yourself out.

Whatever, that's Abraham Lincoln. It wasn't a total abolitionist.

Then he did.

That meant commission, some reading through this. There's all kinds of nasty stuff in our history and if you think America is the purest wind driven snow. Your heads buried in the sand.

It isn't every better yes praise the Lord.

Amen is better now racially minute was 50 years ago hundred years ago 400 years ago. Of course the perfect note to strive towards that.

Yeah but you better be sober minded because any actually happening until Jesus does himself under reacting to the biblical aspects of CRT carries the risk of being merely absorbed into an imperfect movement rather than providing course correction when that movement finds itself hitting walls are wandering astray without the gospel it will indeed wander astray, that's for sure. Problems with CRT number. I hear some major problems this in the should ring true for you as a Christian number one utopianism, a belief that we can and should create a perfectly harmonious world. Through restructuring, social forces and frameworks.

Good luck with that. If we accept the biblical doctrine of original sin we can recognize that such a prospect is unrealistic, but that doesn't mean we should work towards friend, you can't create it. I number two CRT absolutize its categories in a way that fails to do justice to the complexities of individual identity as Mikael Bakhtin argued all people possess something that does not submit to an externalizing secondhand definition, meaning personal choice free will and personal initiative. Because if CRT were a 100% true. Every single black person is oppressed. Therefore, every single black person will be stuck. They can go nowhere, do nothing, accomplish nothing of value, nothing of great import. But that's not true. History bears that out.

There are people there are black people, people of color that grow up in a terrible circumstance and end up really successful compared to that standard or any other standard such absolutize and she writes not only fails to do justice to individual identities and relationships but also perpetuates fear, hostility and distrust number three affair to anticipate the abuse of power by revolutionary forces right as that the CRT people are going to turn around and abuse others. Now you're just switching roles.

The DO press to become the oppressor. That's what's happening to a certain degree right now. If you're a straight white male your what were starting to be the oppressed of these that's the dream of some people. Number four Marxist frameworks appeal. The proponents by offering a secular substitute for religion.

Pastor Robert Cunningham explains the way this works quote oppression with Marx's replacement to Original Sin.

Listen, this is brilliant oppression was Marx's replacement Original Sin liberation was Marx's replacement to salvation from sin and a utopian society without inequality was Marx's replacement to heaven without sin. Man-made ideas going towards a God designed and what man can't do it helplessly fought and we know the power so pretty interesting points.

There try to see what else she says before he moved on.

I love them. You still just go here you go from here. She writes, first, I would encourage believers to educate themselves about biblical principles regarding race and racism payment. Secondly, I would encourage believers to educate themselves about the history of race and racism in North America right that's what I'm doing right now preparing to teach US history. High school homeschoolers two semesters 600 years worth brutally honest and and by the way when you're telling the truth. It's going to cut all sides saying or doing right. Thirdly, we must be committed to listening to so important for white Christians, we have a responsibility to listen to our brothers and sisters of color for whom it is often painful and draining enough to share trauma without being dismissed playing the race card were terrible listeners. Most of us. And lastly, she writes, we must look for specific and active ways to address racism on both systemic and individual levels to get some details or avenues for action activism may differ depending on an individual's position in the world right but we should at least be good listeners. I think that shouldn't be a big stretch for any of us write a memo to this one again. I put these links up on Facebook. Life Steve Noble show Facebook page, as well as YouTube life Academy start this with Carl Truman brilliant guy evangelicals and raise three critical race theory like other critical theories, post-colonialism, or queer theory. For example, is self certifying. That's dangerous.

It's basic claims. For example, that racism is systemic or that being nonracist is impossible, are not conclusions drawn from arguments they are axioms and they cannot be challenged by those who don't do not agree with them.

Those who dissent or offer criticism are by definition part of the problem America is not a racist nation will of course you say that your race you can even see right. This pattern can be seen in the reactions of pundits to the fact that in the recent election Donald Trump increased his support among Latinos and African-Americans. Most of us to read these electoral results is indicating that perhaps supporting Trump was not as racist as many pundits of claim, but better, more telepathic minds have disagreed Charles blow columnist for the New York Times wrote quote.

This is so personally devastating to me. The black male vote for Trump increased from 13% in 2016 to 18% this year. The black female vote for Trump doubled from 4% in 2016 to 8% this year on quote rather than revises view of Trump. He said the results showed that quote some people listen so CRT some people who have historically been oppressed will stand with the oppressors and will aspire to power by proximity will sell themselves out will be the house slave. Just trying to get close to the Masters lingo, low power, right, it can't be anything other than that, that's the problem with CRT.

It's either or. Reader a racist or your racist Trump gains among minorities were thus not evidence that he was less racist than claimed they were merely evidence that the oppressed are so dim that they're frequent that they will freakishly vote for their oppressors, critical theory rights, whatever form it takes, relies on the concept of false consciousness. The notion that the oppressors control society so completely that the oppressed believe their own interests are served by the status quo. We plateful all you people, us white folks, this is a wonderful idea that allows every piece of evidence that might refute one's theory to be transformed into further evidence of how deep and comprehensive. The problem of oppression really is a factory workers buy houses in the suburbs and vote for Republicans.

That's a fact that requires rethinking Marxist theories.

It's a sign of how all powerful bourgeois ideology has become luck. They've even got some black folks leave in the inner city and voting for Republicans. Look how far their oppression has gone which reduces anybody that thinks for themselves to an idiot, you just been the new outmaneuvered by the white rulers so you go out and live in the suburbs and vote for a Republican because you can do. Not that you are freethinker. So really it's an amazing article. You keep working our way through it last segment will finish it up.

A lot of food for thought. The links on Facebook live page as well as the YouTube lipase the Steve Noble show a lot to work through a lot to consider. Do your homework.

Take the time to complain about it.

You better be willing to study will be right back on Thursday.

Looking at the geology and CRG race theory. Even the pool and I'm referencing is taking you through a couple of articles that I linked to on Facebook live in to live on their regular Facebook and YouTube's pages. So if you just go to the Steve Noble show on either platform. You'll find him, but also link them in there once were off Facebook live so if you come back you want to look in the Facebook live comments to find him. I just put them up on the page so were working our way to finish up through Carl Truman's article, evangelicals and race series brilliant Scotsman. I'm actually interviewing him next month so you'll hear from him from him yourself himself next month on the show please talk about critical racer Eric Fromm is somebody that's a one-day regional founders of critical theory, which began in the 1930s.

Okay, so you can reference Eric Fromm and company thought in terms of class and economics zebra Mex candy. He's like the number one guy in critical racer in America today okay zebra Mex candy and his allies think in terms of race and discourses the power, but the postmodern twist does not change the basic logic is a former colleague used to equip same horse different jockey critical race theory is the Marxist horse written by the jockey of identity politics rather than the jockey class and warfare. Compare the logic of critical race theory with Chairman Mao's infamous circular May 16, 1966. The foundational document of the Chinese cultural Revolution. Listen to this. This is shocking. Okay, this is Mao Chairman Mao 1966.

Listen, this is a direct quote. Just when we begin the counteroffensive against the wild attacks of the blue Schwab as the rich people privileged. The authors of the outline raised the slogan everyone is equal before the truth. This is a boo Joao slogan completely negating the class nature of truth.

They use the slogan to protect the boo Joao and oppose the proletariat, people oppose Marxism Leninism and oppose opposes Miles a tongues thought now is Carl writing substitute white for boo Joao and race for class precisely this logic allows CRT to assume the illegitimacy of anything that questions its account of reality right so if you question CRT you're a racist.

See you there you go, you will probably see her teeth. Therefore, your racist, I mean that violates every speech and debate rule.

There is, that would get bounced by a good judge in a court of law.

When the other adjourned attorney would object the judges that sustained you shut up you can't say that stop right this is terrible argument.

Critical race theory is American in its origin in content, the black lives matter is given at currency worldwide people in countries where Ray Sims is him is not a function of skin color or the history of slavery, have adopted slogans and actions.

In this we see the latest active American pop cultural imperialism emanating from elite university seminar rooms, rather than Disney World. The attraction is obvious critical race theory rests on simple therapeutic premises, it leaves no room for argument or doubt, for all its sophisticated language. CRT portrays life as a zero-sum game. Some people do not a power they struggle and do not flourish. This happens because somebody else's seized power from them and oppresses them in an ongoing and unrelenting way.

The oppression has solidified into a self-justifying system. There's a comprehensive exam explanation for all the evils we supper you know what's missing from all that personal responsibility yes you may be under oppression. You may have a or challenges in America because your skin color but what are you doing, what do you do what your work ethic like when are you gonna blame that on the system because that's not the Gospels knocking will give you that out the Bibles I can give you that out responsible for what you do, you can live in the inner-city and still work hard, be a good student. Those are choices you can make and many have made.

By the way, do you know what percentage of African-Americans live in the suburbs. 27% 27% of a map, African Americans nationwide live in the suburbs about another 23% or so live in the rural world to not every person of color, lives in the inner-city. But you have to actually studying dive into things to learn to stop those premises backed up his article speak powerfully to the moral imagination of our age. We harbor a belief that with enough goodwill, intelligence and resources our social problems can be solved in evils eradicated. This was the conceit behind the war and poverty in the 1960s, as well as other ambitious endeavors to transform society if we believe solutions are available by the ladies of the believer. If we believe solutions are available, then it follows that someone is to blame for persistent problems such as poverty or racial imbalances in achievement those in power must lack the will to find solutions or they are too selfish to allocate resources. Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy adds to this presumption that someone is to blame for social evils. Jeremy Bentham held that most social evils could be a Libby alleviated if rational people applied the principle of the greatest good for the greatest number that is that is utilitarianism just math that they do not do so can be explained only by their perfidious character in bondage to old-fashioned ways of thinking. Given these very modern approaches to the problem of evil, critical race theory is extremely seductive. Who wants to be guilty of standing on the side of the oppressors, rather than in solidarity with the victims of injustice into that which should be nobody right but there is likewise hard to oppose since it denies the legitimacy of arguments that called into question the he who is not with us is against us. Rhetoric ensures that even tentative reservations will sound well racist. How many of us want to identify self identify ourselves as not antiracist who wants to appear to deny the black lives matter, how is it has a come to pass that radical thinking of this sort now shakes American evangelical institutions such as the Southern Baptist convention to their foundations part of the answer can be found in Jamar Tisbury's book the color of compromise.

Disney's account of American evangelicalism contains much that is true, there is undeniably a shameful story there to be told about white Protestant churches of America and their connection to slavery, segregation and racism History here okay George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards first great awakening when most important leaders of the great awakening in colonial America and they loomed large in the pantheon of evangelical heroes.

Tisbury highlights their roles as slave owners and cast them as advocates of slavery. These are not new revelations, and there are nuances Edwards, for example, argued against the slave trade, even as he deems slavery biblically authorized institution in a fallen world to which he should say what the great Jonathan Edwards okay not perfect. No kidding. The bill of indictment is not confined Edwards and Whitfield in his treatment of Presbyterian stalwarts James Henley Thorne well Robert Lewis Dabney Tisbury raises hard questions.

He then moves to the recent history the church's involvement segregation in its opposition to civil rights. These truths about evangelical complicity with slavery and later forms of racism have often been acknowledged by evangelical writers, but the acknowledgment usually functions as throat clearing and perceived arguments in favor of the traditions grand figures in the movements of accomplishments Tisbury forces evangelical readers to face the dark side of their heroes and engage in some soul-searching. He concludes with suggestions for how today's Christian should address the past, making Juneteenth a federal holiday reparations and the establishment of black only seminary that's his answer and agree with those new to this Carl in article the Gospel coalition titled why I hate August K Edward Copeland an African American pastor writes with a passion about the recent events in Kenosha triggered by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, culminating in Kyle Rittenhouse is killing a two people involved in the subsequent protests Copeland's passion is justified.

This approach is troubling. He insist that we must rule out from the start. Any thought of moral complexity. If your default impulse. Listen to this. This is exactly was happening. If your default impulse is to try to justify the seminary bullet holes in Jacob Blake's body by saying he's no angel was in his system is probably reaching for a weapon. He should have complied will have all the facts.

Just consider the facts which we do know about Kyle.

He took lives in front of physical and digital witnesses is alive. No bullet holes in his body. He will be charged and tried in court on the streets as it should be in a just society. Copeland is wrong to suggest that inquiring about the circumstance of the shooting of Blake must be an attempt to justifies or minimize it to ask questions about the context of an action is not in itself to excuse it or rationalize it. A Christian with a Pauline understanding St. Paul of the human condition should, of all people be aware of the moral complexity of human agency.

It is this awareness that leads us to distinguish between murder and manslaughter between intentional harms and those calls by culpable negligence, responsible moral judgment requires us to consider circumstances context and motives. CRT does not do that CRT only looks largely at the color of your skin and if your color is white you're in a press or anything else for the oppressed doesn't go into moral complexity whatsoever because it lacks a biblical worldview here is that the end of Carl's article.

This brings me to the most serious problem of the way today's conversation about race is happening. It's not.

That's not merely the result of the brickbats.

Each site hurls at each other. Cultural Marxism white privilege is no conversation being organ, such as Christianity today failed to promote respectful and thoughtful engagement are Albert McGraw, Albert Mohler is written again CRT but he did so for public discourse. Not one of evangelical organs. One would think, eager to publish his influential voice. We may be forgiven for wondering whether the editors of Christianity today would give Mohler any other critic of CRT the same access to column inches that they've accorded writers to make sweeping claims about white Christianity. Critical race theory's allure for evangelicals and other Christians as obvious Christians are supposed to speak up for the week and the voiceless Tisbury's narrative.

The book you talked about reminds us that when it comes to race too often American Christians have done the opposite sympathy for victims and guilt for the past are powerful motivators to those whose master dine with prostitutes and tax collectors while pronouncing woe on the rich and the powerful. Jesus is not surprising, therefore, that a theoretical framework that allows for easy identification and did not sick to enunciate creation of evil is appealing, but when that framework flattens our moral judgment and racist distinctions makes the system the culprit and guards its assertions with assertive self certifying account of what must be a firm. The scene is set not for Christian reconciliation, but for cultural him and intimidation as all dissent now as racist. So you even say some problems with CRT and of course you do white man tell easy it is in human beings without a biblical worldview and other power the Holy Spirit to take the easy way out, as opposed to true truth is what is needed here. So yes, you have a soft heart anyways call on the lines of the rest of our role as we people of truth which means repeat, this is Steve no one to see double show, God willing. I talked to always another program powered by the Truth Network

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