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Coming for your kids!

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July 9, 2021 12:19 pm

Coming for your kids!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 9, 2021 12:19 pm

Coming for your kids!

"We’re coming for your kids! ...says the SF Gay Men's Choir in their new music video.  Today Steve dives into this threat. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of free no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, check this out. In case you haven't heard the song or seen the video you think that will corrupt your kids of our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once funny rights, funny rights to be lapping funny just this once you're correct, will convert your children happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it, you can keep them from disco warned about San Francisco Macon where pleated pants.

We don't care will convert your children will make them tolerant and fair. That is the message that was recently released by the San Francisco Gay men's choir another facing some backlash. Obviously, as one might expect, but this is out there.

This is happening. I actually appreciate when their this out with their said agenda. Now they came back because they face some backlash/talking about. It's just tongue-in-cheek. It's just a little humor and some is like the Babylon because satire just make a point. But there's a dark and insidious truth behind it that I think that probably most of them aren't even aware of it because when you're a child of the devil, because you're in one camp or the other right. You're either a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ, i.e., being a born-again Christian or you're not a net camp and the only other camp you can be in is as a child of the devil. So the thing that moves you from the devil's camp to God's actual As a actual child of God. He he gives the right to be called children of God, to those who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

That's what the Bible teaches us so it's the I don't think most of them are like active Satanists like they know they have us and I'm working for the devil and I'm coming for your kids to to devour him to get in on the devouring like the devil does comes to kill steel to destroy but nevertheless that's what they're doing and so I will walk you through that and a bunch other stories on to get through today that are just realities what's going on in America. How 10-year-old girl's mom saved her from going transgender. How is our culture actually manufacturing transgender kids and then a little post Fourth of July conversation Rubio and hobby lobby both got in trouble for something they did around Fourth of July.

I love this story. Diocese removes the priest. I love it when a priest gets removed for this. Okay, so we'll get to that one in the DC Washington DC our nations capital got spanked at $220,000 settlement regarding a church that's a good story and I want to finish today with something that might surprise you about, you know, we seen the rise of intellectual atheism with people like Christopher Hitchens, who died and Richard Dawkins and people like that but it's interesting that you're starting to see some and asked some honest intellectual atheists come out talking about the problem of removing a Christian worldview and that life just can't work because of morality, so will finish with that on an upswing, but okay.

The San Francisco game and Squire were coming for your children to play a little over two minutes of this I just want to get you sufficiently freaked out and disturbed so that you remain aware and prayerful and gospel centered about what's going on in our nation because all you know nobody's in the closet anymore about it. Pretty much anything right.

Same as dead and so things are really obvious, but that's good.

It's easier to see the darkness and it's not hiding it's not slithering around underneath the radar screen. This is right in your face. So the question is what you do about it so just for your tongue-in-cheek humor and enjoyment. Here's the San Francisco Gay men's choir singing about were coming for your children. Okay, hit Seth was right around your car and go funny. Is this one's correct convert your children and have been saying my family & only and you will barely know exists. No Macon where hands. We know where convert your children will make them tolerant and just like you don't change their friends and I when you finding sign like you will sail me all the holes in you okay choir and and they fill up the screen one little box at a time and so that's just reminds me of something here. I'm in that old book called the Bible. And I'm in Romans chapter 1 verse 32 though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die than only do them but give approval to those who practice them. So they give themselves a round of applause. Whether you're talking about homosexuality or any other sin but particularly those ones that the Romans chapter 1 deals with so you have the Cisco game and Squire facing some backlash to get agendas coming on the key agendas here, but you don't have to worry because is nothing wrong with standing by our side, so there's a lot of pushback other performance also received praise from some San Francisco headline read extremely funny San Francisco Gay men's chorus video funny extremely unleashes of right wing threats and vitriol S and S SF GMC did not immediately respond to Fox News request for comment, but the group posted a lengthy reaction on twitter.

Here's what some of the things I said, quote the far right conservative media found R" message. Video taken it as their cause. They have taken the lyrics out of context to support a narrative that suits their intolerant and maple needs.

That's right say anything negative again about LGBT Q plus and you are by definition intolerant and hateful and added that the video is obviously tongue-in-cheek humor. Obviously, claiming that the backlash is included. Threats of harm.

The group also defended itself, stating after decades of children being indoctrinated and taught intolerance for anyone who is other from using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy.

It's our turn will talk some more about what they plan to do with their turn in line with the comeback this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show don't go anywhere back Noble show will convert your children are just finishing up a conversation about that San Francisco game and wire mocking Christians who been worried about the effect of the gay agenda on children.

Ultimately, that there coming for your children will that's true some things that you study the homosexual lifestyle.

The homosexual movement that you'll find with a lot of homosexuals, especially former homosexuals that are willing to talk about it is often times it starts their troubled home lives. There's things that are out of order at home mom versus dad, things of that nature, but usually there's kind of an aggressive homosexual in the men's case, especially that well you know approach, we can move on. Whatever, I'm another person who's struggling or an outsider and maybe confuse a little about their identity and their sexual orientations, and so forth and so there is a very aggressive nature to part of there's a lot of you can find us at the CDC. If you believe the CDC but anything pre-COBIT. The CDC actually had a lot of good information, factual information about the results of the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle.

Okay it's not pretty. And one of the things that they have an increased amount of his domestic violence. There's a lot of darkness in their but now we don't talk like that you not to say that your intolerant and unfair and hateful and use the Bible as a weapon and so now they're just openly mocking, which is really Satan openly mocking they just don't know that there is sock puppets, but that's what they are and that sad thing is they don't know it. I didn't know it when I was outside of Christ. I wasn't living that lifestyle, but I was living a sinful lifestyle and didn't care and Satan could use me for pretty much anything, but I didn't think in those terms. Because that's a spiritual truth in the Bible teaches us that spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, so must the Holy Spirit working in your life and convicting you of your sin and bring you bring you to the knowledge of God and you encounter is kindness, which is what lead you to repentance.

All that stuff is just bunch of Christian sounded like wacky doodle so they they don't know but we live in a culture now that man. There's there's no shame there at all. So now they can just openly mock, which is what you're doing and that's why they can come up with that and then when you say anything about it, then that's just confirming what they are. He believed to be true about you.

Does that mean we should shut up and just be super nice and turn the other cheek all the time know you never you never get rid of truth for the sake of grace. You do both.

John chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus, full of grace and truth to get to do both. You can't control how the world responds to you. The gay choir in San Francisco. You can't control that you should love people well be care and be caring and kind towards them. Be compassionate patient towards them, but but shutting up on the truth is not loving. As a matter fact that's unloving so you don't do that, but it's really dark and getting darker so gird up your loins people because this is just the pagan nation that you live in okay which leaves me this one post Fourth of July Rubio and hobby lobby face criticism well what they do wrong.

This is from Tony Perkins.

What's wrong with good old-fashioned God and country patriotism and referencing the good book apparently is so offensive someone Stanford exhibit a freedom from religion foundation. Criticism of hobby lobby for something they've done since 1995, which is run a full-page ad in newspapers on Independence Day.

Now this is no prepare yourselves friends because this might really upset you send you into a tailspin. Here's what their ad was on Sunday lesson. Hobby lobby nationwide. It was titled one nation under God will and included something from that hateful book. Psalm 3212 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord which Abraham Lincoln referenced in his proclamation for National Day of prayer in the midst of the Civil War as well as other quotes of a religious nature from our founding fathers. Therein lies the problem for the freedom from religion foundation to claim that hobby lobby had altered their quotes without providing the full context of freedom from living religion foundation.

Use the allegations as cover for the anti-Christian bigotry as they called for a boycott of the faith friendly region. That's fine boycott away because there's more than enough Christians in this country about 45 million million of us who whose faith factors into how we shop where we shop, so go ahead stop shopping at Hobby lobby because will take care of right. That's what we do exhibit B. Senate Marco Ruth Sen. Marco Rubio, who continues to receive criticism for sharing Bible verses via his twitter account. Wait a minute is not a violation of church and state.

I know there's no such thing.

In fact we had them on Washington watches Tony Perkins writing this from family research Council before Christmas last year and he told our audience that he reads the Bible first thing every morning. It speaks to me and I share with people on twitter. That's what he said but the latest yet.

MSNBC's Joy read boy who mock Rubio for his daily practice, trying to provide cannon fodder for his political rival represented about a Democrat from Florida who was vying for Rubio Senate seat read Snark quote people like Marco Rubio you're running against.

In the United States Senate who tweets Bible verses every day for random reasons. These people aren't saying to themselves. I don't to be associated with white supremacist well read the Bible share a Scripture you are, by definition, what springs right. That's the deal to his critics, Rubio has graciously replied, I always tell people notes follow me on Twitter. It's voluntary. You don't have to read the tweet. You'll have to follow me if it offends you apparently Tony writes, if you're a public official. The woke progressive left doesn't believe you have a right to free speech. They find offensive. I quoting the Bible. How ironic, especially in view of our founding fathers often quoted Scripture and the speeches and letters. Unfortunately, Tony writes both stories show the growing hostility towards Christianity and it's getting worse. For now, these blatant attacks ought to remind Christians how important it is to stand up for our freedoms, we can retreat or surrender us.

We face losing this ground forever. That's why we must continue to stand a little reminder to Mr. Perkins. We will not lose any ground forever. Don't don't forget who you are. If you're in Christ, we are more than conquerors. We operate from victory, not towards victory the end of this story is already written. It's already done nobody outside of the family of faith is going to hold ground forever including Satan himself.

Just remember that so we should never have this kind of defeatist attitude even faces this kind of stuff or when the San Francisco Gay men's choir mocks and says were coming for your children which is actually true in more ways than one. But what you expect friend are you a Christian. Are you a follower of Jesus Christ. I seem to recall reading somewhere that in this world you will have trouble. Now those that were trouble for us in the 21st century here in America. The country that was founded out of Christian principles that were trouble is now gone from lowercase trouble to a T trouble. Maybe in our lifetime and 55 probably in my lifetime. The T trouble will become in TROUBLE, but that's the way it's been for 2000 years, and then thinking to change the fact it will get worse until Jesus comes back and settles all the accounts. I don't relish that day.

At some spoiled brat Victor because there's got to be people that I know and love that don't come out of the judgment seat experience. Well that's not funny, heartbreaking, and that's the reality. So when you get disgusted by the San Francisco game and Squire watch that video and sees Satan all over it.

Just remember that guy singing at the big beginning of the video. Jesus died for him to as much as he died for you and he died for me and that gentleman on the video is offered a free gift of salvation, if the confesses and repents and puts his faith in Jesus, he would be just as much of a Christian as you are, hopefully, or as I just rumor that don't even know people are in Satan's camp. They aren't Satan got a murmur that okay will we come back.

I love this kind of story. When a priest gets removed, maybe not for the reason you're assuming this is a good. This is another one good when you come right out and speak a hard truth, especially in the political world wow the Catholic Church not too happy about that then will move on a couple of the things I'll try to finish on a high note with some EPS well-known atheist starting to see the light of day. This is the noblest ignoble shelf will be right back here and show you that children ever much every major podcast platform. You can do that you join us here in the studio we do Facebook live as well as you to live something radio show so you can do that and those stay on the Facebook show that stays on the Facebook page. The signal showed stays on the YouTube page, which is also under the Steve Noble chauffeur as long as they allow us to be on their the gods of this age right and so you cannot watch a show on and we have conversations while you're on the radio listening to commercials, which is important is that psychic radio station going.

We we are having continual conversations and interacting on the commercial breaks of you want a slightly deeper dive more conversation I with yours truly, just join us here in the studio literally be a video Facebook live or YouTube like the Steve Noble should okay diocese removes priest and normally thinking because they had some abuse of boys right but not in this case. This case I think it's a great reason. Well, it's a bad reason it's bad that they removed, but a great reason that it even became an issue.

The Roman Catholic priest went viral for his fiery sermons is from the daily wire denouncing the godless platform of the Democratic Party.

Well, from the pulpit. He said, was removed from his position as pastors diocese announced Friday father James Altman of St. James the less Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, was removed from his role after gaining national attention for refusing Bishop William Patrick Callahan's order to resign in May as the Federalist reported Altman's homilies of gone viral. Over the past year, beginning with a fiery broadside against the modern Democrat parties, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-transgender platform got this about that right but zeroing in on failures in Catholic Church leadership to teach the catechism keep the faithful coming to church, police, sexual sins and abusers in the clergy positively affect the culture maintain a moral influence on politics most recently simply keep their doors open amidst coping 19 panics and secular leaders demands that worship and be severely curtailed. Now if every Catholic priest were like this, you know, I might go visit a Catholic Church from time to time in his first homily to go viral. Altman warned that self-professed Catholics who support the platform of the Democratic Party are in danger of damnation, especially because of the quote diabolical agenda of abortion quote.

You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. He said their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches to just quit pretending that you're Catholic and vote Democrat repent of your support of that party and its platform or face the fires of hell." Wow. I mean, this is not many pastors out there that would say that at all.

Altman also reviewed what he described as hypocrites in the church hierarchy who accused him of being too political, noting that such attacks always come from people in the lab who seemingly have no issue in the church embraces elements of the leftist political agenda is also offended some of this largely massless services.

All, father not rendering him to Caesar you're not submitting to the governing authorities are clearly not loving your neighbor as yourself as well as for opening his churches doors and Easter to hundred to receive the Eucharist on their tongue hope Lucy got this he hates everybody he also advises congregants to avoid experimental coping 19 vaccines.

They are still experiment.

You do realize that right. I described as diabolical. Any attempt to shame or compel people in the receiving crowd fun is raised nearly 40 grand a supportive good friend.

I appreciate them calling that out and by the way out when you think of the Democrat party is a godless platform and the Republican Party platform is not godless yet understand the diminishing orthodoxy north of prexy Academy, but might theology had on here for second orthodoxy versus ortho prexy orthodoxies what you say you believe what the prexy is how you live so I can't find any clear biblical problems with the Republican Party platform in its orthodoxy and ortho prexy what they do. I plenty of problems with that. But the orthodoxy to party platform. I don't come on the other side of that issue is the Democrat party platform which has massive problems in its orthodoxy in its ortho prexy in the Democrat party platform is clearly on the issues that the priest affirmation priest said is anti-biblical, anti-God. It just is your for abortion that's anti-God anti-biblical your for gay marriage that's anti-got anti-biblical your four transgender is anti-got anti-biblical right. There's no arguing that so I appreciate here's another good one. DC gets spanked. I always like that. DC to pay $220,000 settlement in church lockdown lawsuit.

See, this is we talked about this the other day with the IRS. They murmur the IRS refused to give tax-exempt status to an organization saying that because they teach biblical principles. Their teaching about the Republican Party and supporting public typical of Republican candidates because they teach biblical principles and that makes you political which means you can't be a 501(c)(3).

You can't get tax-exempt status that got turned around and the arts got spanked and that deal.

Think goodness but you gotta understand your rights are and you gotta fight back. Okay you have to and that's what happened here.

The District of Columbia Democrat district Mayor Muriel Bowser agreed to pay 220 grand. As part of a settlement with Capitol Hill Baptist Church, the prominent evangelical church that sued him last fall at church sued the local government. Yes, amen. In addition to paying 220 grand 210,000 of which will go to the see HBC's counsel and 10,000 of the legal nonprofit first Liberty Institute. The district also agreed never again to prohibit the church from gathering or quote to impose restrictions on see HBC that are more restrictive than the restrictions on comparable secular activities printscreen court. See HBC suit Bowser in her city government. In September, alleging the district strict lockdown orders were being unfairly applied to houses of worship and they were nationwide, and what it meant.

Most churches do what most pastors do, they avoided conflict and they said we need to submit to the governing authorities really submit to the governing authorities when they tell you to forsake the gathering together of the saints which the Scriptures tells you not to do so. Just like John and Peter before the Sanhedrin when they said you guys gotta quit preaching in Jesus's name and they said we can't help speak about that which we have seen and heard. Essentially, you do what you gotta do working to do what we have to do work and will pay the higher law when a higher law, God's law contradicts the lower law man's law you disobey man's law they should do that with civil disobedience, but you should be disobedient.

All Capitol Hill Baptist Church Everest is for equal treatment on the laws that they could meet together safely as a church while you can't do that following support from the department of justice and 34 Republican senators zero Democrat senators Bowser eventually backed off her clampdown on outdoor services quote it is for the church, not the district of this court to define for itself the meaning of not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together. Thank you reaper ruled Trump appointed Judge Trevor McFadden read referencing a verse in the New Testament the commands Christians to gather together for worship. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington DC also filed a lawsuit against Bowser and the district in the lead up to Christmas when she attempted to restrain church attendance to 50 people, regardless of building size.

Now they're going to claim covert concern that there loving your neighbor and you Christians aren't. But that's not really what it is for anybody that's not in the family of faith. Why would they want to shut a church down to save lives to keep COBIT on the on the download. No, in the dark realm in the spiritual forces and powers which they don't understand because there's the spiritually true spiritual truths which are spiritually discerned. I mentioned that earlier what they want to do is shut down the gospel. I don't want to hear it because the gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem which means there's moral standing. There is a moral truth, there's a moral lawgiver can't go there. You can't give Christianity any credence. Because then all of a sudden you have a plumb line and that plumb line goes against everybody because there is none righteous, no not one. All is said and fallen short of the glory of God. We don't hear that sorry like the kids sticky fingers in your letters in the lead. I don't hear. Gotta shut that down and that's why Satan uses them to try to shut down the church and he may win a battle here and there, but the words are you over. Sorry liar.

Lucifer, you lost already. I mock you in the name of Jesus, talking to target wall tire back on the show, dear friend. He went down the road, started when he was four transgender sex reassignment surgery. All that wrote a great article the other day in the Federalist out 10-year-old girl's mom saved her from going transgender. There's a lot to that end, I meeting more more people and in my classes that I teach high school homeschoolers in my Christian ethics class and stuff that that most of them know somebody that's dealing with the transgender issue the family or or some son or daughter zoning about the time it deserves some of the ponds on that one and take you to this because I want to take you through most of this article which is going to take some time but there's some great lessons in here that we need a rigorous Christians.

Okay, the title of the article the turning tide of intellectual atheism just to set it up that will get through it. In the last segment. This is a remarkable conversation with the historian Niall Ferguson on the need for Christianity, along with some fascinating reflections on the journeys of other public intellectuals like Roger screwed us Groton Douglas Murray Tom Holland and Jordan Peterson.

I was struck Andrew Wilson, the author said by this line a particular check this out quote viewing Western civilization with its Christian soul cut out many are now willing to say we need Christ. What they are unable thus far to say is I need Christ. Have a look. So that's the intro to this article and working I read this together me to take you through this. Several prominent intellectual atheists. I mean praise the Lord that they're willing to be honest and say hey you know what if we take Christianity out of the world that moral standard. The only religion that really does that. Then the whole world to collapse in on itself will go there next we come back to back is noble to see you will show finishing just a fascinating article.

This is very encouraging to me because this is there are different ways to talk to. Like Paul said, I become all things to all men that by God's grace I might win some and so like in the Acropolis. Paul's scolding secular poets as you talking to these people. I see you guys have a good of God, for you have a statue very got out there. You even have one for the unknown God. Well, I happen to know that it so he was crafty man in and he would adapt his message for his audience, which we need to do that to. So in this case the turning tide of intellectual atheism is the name of this article from a blog called Fink you The link up on Facebook. Libel case and grab it there. I written by Andrew Wilson this is this is fascinating and there's a lot of lessons for all of us to learn and here I want to take it through this. I was brought up an atheist I didn't become one, Ferguson said I regard atheism as the religious faith. I happen to be brought up. It is of course as much of faith as Christianity or Islam, and I have the Calvinist brand because my parents left the church of Scotland. I was brought up essentially in a Calvinist ethical framework, but with no God.

This had it's benefits I was encouraged to think in a very critical way about religion and also about science but I've come to see as a historian that you can't base a society on that on what science indeed atheism, particularly in its militant forms is really a very dangerous metaphysical framework for a society. In other words, he saying it doesn't work. I know I can achieve religious faith. He went on, but I do think we should go to church. What we don't have. I don't think an evolved ethical system. I don't buy the idea that evolution alone gets us to be moral. It can modify behavior, but there's just too much evidence that in the raw when the constraints of civilization fall away.

We behave in the most savage way to one another. I wonder why that is just me talking on him right wonder why that it is none righteous, no not one. That's why back to the article, I'm a big believer that with the inherited wisdom of the two millennia old religion.

We got a pretty good framework to work with what religion would that be Sir. Oh that would be biblical Christianity for one of the most prominent historians in the world, himself an agnostic to say that we should go to church is rather startling.

Ferguson sentiments also appear to be part of a growing trend. The late philosopher Sir Roger scrubbed and began attending church himself despite struggling with belief regularly playing the organ at an at All Saints and Garst's secular friend say is faith remain cultural other friends were not so sure what we do know is that he thought Christianity was in many ways the sole of Western civilization applies.

Want to know why because it is without Christianity friend. There is no Western civilization go study up and you'll come to that conclusion. If you're not actually honest and that the only equipment uniquely Christian concept of forgiveness was utterly indispensable to its survival. Also true scrubs friend Douglas Murray, the conservative writer who was raised in the church before leaving it as an adult has occasionally referred to himself as a Christian atheist in a recent discussion with theologian NT Wright. He described himself as an uncomfortable agnostic who recognizes the virtues and the values the Christian faith has brought and noted that he is actually irritated by the way the church of England is fleeing from its inheritance, giving up its Jules, he said, such as the King James Bible in the book of common prayer in exchange for progressive piety while quote.

My fear is that the church is not doing what so many of us on the outside wanted to do, which is preaching its gospel asserting its truths and its claims.

He said when one sees it falling and all the latest tropes one thinks well that's another thing gone just like absolutely everything else in the era I'm a disappointed nonadherent unquote what what is this kindness agnostic/atheist want the church to do tell the truth preach the gospel. Why is why I really like this one is he thinking like this because I'll go let me use my Joe Biden voice because the image of God bears the mock Otay used to sign to know its creator. So we can't avoid it. See Romans chapter 1 Murray believes that Christianity is essential because secularists have thus far been totally incapable of creating an ethic of equality that matches the concept that all human beings are created in the image of God, did I just say that in the column in the spectator. He noted that post-Christian society has three options. Listen to this is what you get when you take Christianity out of the world okay.

The first is to abandon the idea that all human life is precious quote. Another is to work furiously to nail down an EPS version of the sanctity of the individual. Unquote that doesn't work, quote then there is only one other place to go, which is back to faith, whether we like it or not, he set on a recent podcast.

He was more blunt. Quote the sanctity of human life is the Judeo-Christian notion which might very easily not survived the disappearance of Judeo-Christian civilization and that should be pretty obvious for all of us the sanctity of human life, which is why set aside end-of-life set aside pre-born. Let's just talk about giving hormone blockers to attend your that completely devastates the safety of human life as well. Historian Tom Holland's magnificent dominion of the Christian revolution remade the world, published in 2019 makes a similar case for years, Holland and agnostic real compelling histories of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But he observed that their societies were rife with casual socially accepted cruelty towards the week rape and sexual abuse towards the massive slave class is unquestioned way of life in the mass extermination of enemies as a matter of course it was Christianity. Holland concluded that changed all that and a revolution so complete that even critique critics of Christianity must borrow precepts from Christianity to do so without Christianity.

He writes, no one would've gotten woke wow why why do people struggle being woke because they see inherent value in human beings. Gosh, where did that come from. He defended this thesis brilliantly in a debate on the subject to Christianity. Give us our human values with atheist philosopher AC greatly seemed actively irritated by the idea.

Not so long ago unbelievers like the late Christopher Hitchens claimed that quote religion poisons everything. Unquote the sentiment that appears to be retreating. As we advance further into the post-Christian era. Want to know why because you're getting what you're asking for. And sometimes that's how God judges us find how your pitch is frequently claimed to not be an atheist, but an anti-theist even believe in God, and he was glad that he did not. The psychologist Jordan Peterson.

By the way, have you seen this video I'll play for you next week speaks about Christianity often is a good example of this disgusting the historicity of the Christian story with Jonathan Joe is a orthodox Catholic I think he said, fighting back tears.

I probably believe that but I'm amazed that my own belief and I don't understand that is so powerful to watch this clip of Jordan Peterson will do it next week. He went on quote in some sense, I believe it's undeniable you know we have a narrative sense of the world for me that's been the world of morality. That's the world that tells us how to act. It's real treat it like it's real is not the objective world, but the narrative in the objective world touch the ultimate example of that in principle is supposed to be Christ but I don't know what to do with that. Jordan Peterson says it seems to me to be oddly plausible meaning believable. But I still don't know what to make of it partly because it's too terrifying a reality to fully believe. I don't even know what would happen to you if you fully believed I can tell you Jordan you be set free. My friend you be born again and you be set free and you would see the truth in all of society, not so long ago the atheists retreated to their Darwinian towers and brick themselves up to fire arrows at the faithful wanted to be there. Their intellectual silos were a refuge from faith because they didn't want Christianity to be true forever friends that's always what it Frank Turek, a great apologist asked atheists about APS on campus college students. If Christianity were proven to be true by philosophy and science and all the other things proven to be true.

When you become an atheist, or would you become a Christian and he said the vast majority of them say no I would not something they can't believe it's true.

They don't want to. And only God can change that heart rate need to remember that doing Western civilization with its Christian soul cut out many are now willing to say we need Christ.

What they are unable thus far to say is I need Christ. But the political must become personal. Peterson appears to understand that and is awestruck by the reality of it for now, historians like Niall Ferguson recognize that Christianity is a fundamental bulwark of the fragile civilization we inhabit. Quote I think the notion that we can deal with the bees arrows of outrageous fortune without some kind of established and time-honored set of constellations is almost certainly wrong you told me the author I'm one of these people who didn't come to atheism by choice and I've almost come out of it on the basis of historical study. The biggest disasters listen that we likely face are actually related to totalitarianism, because that's the lesson of the 20th century pandemics killed a lot of people in the 20th century, but totalitarianism killed more by the way, if you want to know the number. It's north of 100 million the 20 century loan 1900 quote. It disturbs me that so many ways totalitarianism is gaining ground today, Ferguson said totalitarianism was bad for many reasons, one of the manifestations of its badness with its attack on religion. When I this is what's happening in America when I see totalitarianism gaining ground, not only in China but in subtle ways in our own society that seems to be just the disaster we really need to ward off why am I conservative and not just a classical liberal because classical liberalism won't stop woke is him and totalitarianism. It's not strong enough. Ultimately, we need the inherited ideas of civilization and defenses against that particular form of disaster is really amazing final paragraph the survival of Christianity is essential for the survival of the West dear that I'll repeat it. The survival of Christianity is essential for the survival of the West. The bad news is that this realization comes when the day is far spent the good news is simpler. Quote Christendom has had a series of revolutions in each of them. Christianity is Di GK Chesterton wrote the everlasting man. Christianity has died many times and risen again, for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave so on that note, fear not. If you're in Christ, if you're born again by the way I see born again a lot because a lot of people in America they call themselves Christians but don't understand what the born-again phrase means. If you don't know what it means to be born again is a very good chance friend that you're not a Christian can say you are. That doesn't make you want go look up John the gospel of John chapter 3 what it means to be born again, Michael click on the heaven button on my website.

The noble show. We'll see what the Bible actually said Mrs. C. Noble in the season will show God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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