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July 8, 2021 3:38 pm


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July 8, 2021 3:38 pm


Is it ok for pastors to preach the sermons other pastors prepared?  The new President of the SBC, Ed Litton, is caught up in this mess we are now calling sermongate.  Steve goes live to dig into this massive issue in the church. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host today so you're saying amen. Praise the Lord and brothers they know why no control over that already but hey, how are you nice to be here. God bless America and let let's hope that's possible these days.

Okay it is theology Thursday so we are going to get to others, things I want to go through at the beginning okay just want to go through them because they're important and then working to dive into what we are fact effectually calling will now it's being called this by other places that this was in the New York Times. Just when was this the thing just yesterday, July 6.

Need two days ago, New York Times, New York Times, sermon gait and air quotes surrogate prompts a comp quandary. Should pastors borrow words from one another.

Subtitle the new leader of the Southern Baptist convention. His name is Ed Litton by the way has delivered sermons containing passages from those of his predecessor, causing a furor predecessor being JD Greer is the pastor of the summit church network here in North Carolina. So where to get into that and that's where you spend most of our time today will you do it. That should add step down. Should the executive committee of the Southern Baptist convention of fire him should he have been fired already.

He ascended to this position by a narrow vote. Just last month because the Southern Baptist convention every two years basically switches out the president and that's a vote of all the delegates that come from various churches around the country and he one that okay he's he's known to become a moderate JD Greer was Youngblood new blood on previous presidents old blood that become the old older conservative over conservative culture warrior a bit-ish and then JD was was you know the younger half of the sun, the Southern Baptist convention much more nuanced and then we go to Ed Litton in the Southern Baptist convention redemption church in Mobile, Alabama is more moderate but now I got this whole situation where none of work to play the clip for in the second half or the second segment of the show and ended it will make you uncomfortable because it's just look at almost word for word, just rip it off and is not used in the pulpit and said he just died let you know little FYI that's just about everything you want to say today from the pulpit. I've pulled from another pastor even say that. Okay so working in so what you do with that and in people are going ballistic about evangelicals voting for trunk but what about this kind of thing sorted you with that but I put something up on on Facebook earlier today.

Didn't know it had been resolved and I praise the Lord that had been resolved. Originally this came out on June 20.

IRS rejected the tax-exempt status of Christian nonprofit group because Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party right you rascally Republicans so the Internal Revenue Service denied a Christian nonprofit group tax-exempt status of 501(c)(3) is what that is like a church that's what Mike radio ministry is a 501(c)(3).

Here's what the IRS agent sent back to them. Quote specifically you educate Christians on what the Bible says in areas where they can be instrumental, including areas of sanctity of life.

The definition of marriage, biblical justice, freedom of speech, defense, and borders and immigration US and Israel relations.

Read a letter from IRS exempt organizations director Stephen Martin to Christians engage nonprofit group seeking tax-exempt status quote back to his letter, the Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican party and candidates.

This disqualifies you from exemption under IRS IRC section 501(c)(3) so you guys really talk about these issues, which means your Republican which means you're taking a political stand for one party over another. One candidate over another. Which means you cannot be a Bible and street C3 your rejected okay so that this is execs if you're going to do that the IRS can institute this level of scrutiny and unlawfulness in a total disregard for the U.S. Constitution freedom the Bill of Rights gives us especially of religious expression, then I should be like first in line. First of many first of hundreds of not thousands of Christian organizations that should get the boot and lose their tax-exempt status. Clearly, so I when I put the story up on Facebook earlier today so first Liberty Institute got involved, so this was back. This came out June 20 okay so this came out and I was absolutely infuriated in the incense and here's the problem things can happen so quickly in this nation that things turn around. You just don't know. So I wrote this earlier today because I was really torqued off. Here's what I said. Based on this idiot's opinion, the tax-exempt status of based on the city's opinion that the taxes and status of nearly every Christian organization in America should be immediately revoked.

Since you can align them with one party or the other based on certain biblical teachings. They promote or discuss Catholic Church busted Protestant church busted pregnancy resource centers busted Christian adoption agencies busted Christian homeless service shelters busted Christian disaster relief organizations busted because you guys teach things that normally align with the Republican Party. Therefore, your political organization your busted Christian hospital busted Christian radio like me totally busted Christian websites busted okay class thing for just a moment could possibly be behind a partisan quote unquote Democrat effort to silence every Christian voice or platform organization in America that would be saved. That church lady Satan himself. Of course, with some mindless Democrat bureaucrat as his sock puppet. You better fight back in. Let's go to the upside.

Somebody did praise the Lord. Gait. So here's the story that just came out yesterday July 7. This was in WorldNetDaily the title that hell just freeze over IRS repentance Nelsons Bible is not just Republican. You can't make this stuff up.

Officials at the Internal Revenue Service have backtracked on their claims that a Texas organization wasn't qualified for tax-exempt status because the Christian ideas it pursues are associated with the Republican Party. Several members of Congress instructed the Treasury Department's Inspector General to look into the decision when the controversy rose thank you one of those different. The program stay tuned first Liberty, which worked on behalf of Christian engages said the IRS is reversed itself and now is granted the requested status to the group while thanks focus is truly great news for our client, as well as religious organization the churches across America said Leah Leah Patterson, counsel for first Liberty Institute. The manipulation of IRS designations for various conservative Christian and tea party style group states back to member this the Obama administration when federal agents badgered faith organizations. They wanted to operate with unreasonable request for details.

It was delay delay delay to get the other side of the 2012 election.

So who got into it on behalf of I don't know the rule of law, the Constitution religious freedom that we represented Jim Jordan from Ohio and our good friend Representative Mike Johnson from Louisiana is been on the show many many times and been a friend for years. Praise the Lord for fighting back will be right back after this quote will flow easy there be another control crazy Australians. Welcome back. It noble and noble shelf a little punchy today little snarky.

What happens when you get the leftovers from hurricane what is a hurricane, else what a tropical storm outside.

Slick. Oh, that was a terrible joke.

Sorry could be back and God bless you. So we're talking about the story about religious freedom and an praise Lord sub the lesson there. If you didn't hear it is fight back, hit back like Paul knew his rights as a Roman citizen know your rights and we should we should be willing to exercise those in play form. Okay, so that's good and end. Let's set that aside and move on to today's focus on theology Thursday which is sermon gait 2021. Okay so we have the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist convention and the obvious case here.

Plagiarism Ed Litton facing calls for his resignation. He was elected last month they call him a moderate. He recently acknowledged borrowing some sermon material with permission from immediate past SBC president JD Greer the summit church in the Raleigh area and Greer confirm that statement. However, since that declaration. Litton's critics from the far right of the SBC have continued to dig through his sermon archives in charge that he repeatedly lifted sermons almost verbatim from Greer you you jails been created to highlight side-by-side video comparisons so Litton's church redemption church near Mobile, Alabama recently moved to hundred and 40 videos of Litton sermons from its website posted this explanation right that doesn't look good so here's what they're put their post was by the action of the leadership of redemption church. We have taken down sermon series. Prior to 2020. Because people were going through sermons in an attempt to discredit and malign our pastor is our highest priority to care for and shepherd our church. The situation dub sermon gait by Litton's critics has put a spotlight on the unspoken practice of sermon, cortical borrowing, often without citation by some pastors present case has become a controversy that it made the New York Times this week. That was the other story I mention, sermon gait, here's the New York Times story, sermon gait, prompts a quandary. Should pastors borrow words from another like strip you when you crank out a sermon should should that be copyrighted should be protected in a similar pastor grabs it and uses it without crediting you like it at Litton had got no will hold me to set the stage subtly ready to hear this is about two minutes.

It's kind of excruciating what you can hear is just as pastor JD Greer's comments from a sermon on I think it's Romans chapter 8 and then you're going to hear Ed Litton's comments from his."

His sermon on Romans chapter 8 believers gentry and just judge for yourself. If you haven't seen this or heard this a gird up your loins because it's a little difficult to pay her right we ready. There are two primary things that I believe you what I glean from this passage. If you're taking notes of your outline for today. The first is we can see the responses. Generally, Greer Ocean Gov. we should responsibilities of those who govern this is if you will. What kind of job description for the government want talk about two things this morning will talk about it the responsibility of government. The second thing you'll see in this of the most important part of the responsibility of those who were governed that's most of us and I want to talk about the responsibility of the govern.

You think that many of our leaders are batting for good cause. I might add, but Caligula who was Caesar around this time was a Roman Emperor by the name of Caligula, Caligula, was unfit to keep a pet, let alone one Empire now let me just say up front.

He wasn't he wasn't worthy of having a pet, much less being in Emperor is when you do a quick laundry list of Caligula's greatest accomplishments. First thing he does when he's in office. We become Caesar as his mom and brother killed to make sure that they don't challenge his right to the front.

He openly committed incest with three of his sisters.

He frequently would cross-dress and go out in public he installed his favorite horse into Titus as a senator and then later promoted to pro-counsel killed his mother and brother to gain his power. He openly lived in an incestuous relationship with his multi-sisters.

He was a cross-dresser he made.

He literally made his horse a Roman senator. I have to ask what the horse done a senator that earned him a promotion to pro-counsel right.

It was funny how you horse in the Senate on Versailles all those way for okay you get it right. Watch imagine that a horse comes together. The horse walking was your first course with a voter often drink lot of time that is not enough. That's enough expert. Now that video is how long set the total videos like 30 minutes 14 minutes. It's excruciating at this point I might rather go get up tooth removed. I without Novocain. It's it's just brutal.

So my question for you and I want I really want you calling does Ed Litton have a responsibility now to step down as he disqualified to be the president of the Southern Baptist convention and or should the executive committee of the Southern Baptist convention remove him. Now they replace him. I don't know that's not really the point, but what you think of this.

What a pastor essentially giving the same sermon now in JD's sermons. As we attended the summit church for a while is an excellent teacher. I don't always agree with them but is really a gifted teacher, but he what he would have at least use these in our small group, you can get the transcript of his sermon before that weekend.

The whole thing right there. I can get on the air and do a whole JD Greer sermon and not tell you it's JD Greer sermon, and you probably gait while Steve you got a whole another tear of teaching. I didn't know you were that amazing and might my reply would have to be far honest would be, well, that's because I'm not that actually isn't my material.

I didn't come up with the Mie joke Greer did not. I can tell you this is somebody that went to seminary.

Got my Masters degree. There that I was scared to death of turning in papers where I didn't cite any little thing, I grabbed from anybody because they would bounce you out fast man. They were very serious about that at a Southern Baptist seminary and Ed Litton went to the Southern Baptist summary. I assume, and so that this church pulls 140 videos down because there pastors being attacked well, shouldn't he be. Is that a problem or dealing with a one issue here biblically is laziness. Another issue here is lying in's and another issue here's stealing.

And then you've got to be above reproach as a leader. He's no longer idle things above reproach. So I think there's a biblical case that Ed needs to step down or they need to get rid of something needs to happen, but they haven't done anything yet.

Not that I'm aware of. So so you do what you think of this is it stealing is wrong or how can you possibly copyright and protect the teaching of God's word till we want that stuff to be out there do we have to play by the same literary rules that we played and in the world of academia. What you do with this sermon. Gait situation really interested to see what your thoughts are. 866-348-7884 or maybe we just forgive turn the other cheek forgive him and move on. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I'm sure that he hasn't stolen every single sermon he he's probably at the looks my age or older. 5560. Somewhere there been pastoring for a long time. Done a lot of wonderful things for the Lord. I'm sure I looked into his bio but I'm sure he has no doubt about that. But in this case. Does this disqualify him from leadership and doesn't disqualify them from being the pastor of a church if you found out your pastoring a church was essentially stealing sermons from other pastors.

What would you do keep him forgive him or jump up so I'm just curious what your reaction to this and I'm not here to bash Ed Litton I'm not here to repent anybody else of the SBC is the situation we need to talk about is Christians. This is public, by the way sources of one person to another. This public issue with a major leader of one of the biggest denominations in America, 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth will be right back that the new president of Southern Baptist convention literally doing entire sermon that he pulled from JD Greer, former president of the Southern Baptist convention and so that's why were calling it sermon gait something announced in the New York Times bunch other places. Should he step down should he be fired to the just forgive him. Maybe want to comment on this. In general, with pastors in I was trying to remember the name of this online group is called the docent group DOC ENT docent docent research group partners with pastors to provide research assistance to lighten their load and help them serve their churches more effectively. We assist with both sermon and sociological research offering consultations with experienced ministry leaders in producing curriculum okay and JD Greer and some article said that he uses the service a bunch other big names do. I can see a bunch people in here and so it's okay I need I need some research on ending in a word search and word study on. I don't know baptism or heavenly or heart, and so instead of digging in and doing your own sermon prep you hire somebody else to do a bunch and there's that. But I want to keep this focused on Ed Litton, the new president of Southern Baptist convention. Should he resign should be fired or do we forgive and forget and move on. Turn the other cheek, as it were, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number I would love to hear from you and see what you think here on this one.

I'm not. There are websites and people out there that pretty much make a living. After going after the church one way or another I'm not one of them, but this is that this is a big issue without an enormous denomination and it's in the public so that's why think it's okay for us to talk about it and again I'm not pulling a Salem witch trials here by any stretch of imagination. But I'm curious what you think should he should he resign should be fired or do we just forgive and forget and move on.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Michelle: in here in Cary, North Carolina Michelle, thanks for calling a Red Hat.

I happily think that way that Garnica got tired and angry if he were piped with the vice president who I believe actually ran for the president went on and in the recent convention at a hat in here. If you conduct like the fact that it is plagiarism and it hearing a day and age, we desperately need a leader who will have a working relationship with the Holy Spirit and who are hearing directly from God and not only her bare life being conducted by a are hearing what they are hearing and I think when you just are trying to be an price tag or make people laugh or being at that rate, or a character filthy and you're not trying to train people in order to live in a very difficult time and in a spiritual battle that is intensifying by decay. I think what is the point of even having leader. If that's not what their goal is to be right and in and in and from that perspective, why not just start a church in all you do is pull some of the greatest sermons in history and have somebody read him or play him, but then you could do that online. That's not a church and I really appreciate your point Michelle about not relying on the Holy Spirit because of you know the Holy Spirit, maybe working with another pastor in that sermon, but you grabbing that sermon by definition you're not relying on the Holy Spirit for yourself.

You're relying on somebody else's relationship with the Holy Spirit and in you know, in the Western church.

I think a lot of people have a problem with even understanding the power the Holy Spirit, but it's a huge problem. I agree with you on all your points Greer. I'm not really firm on a lot of things that even under generic and after: enemy migrate when he did hit each about the fact that with Burke about homosexuality with Rick about the sexual immorality on.

I think that dangerous ground and and and and I recall Litton actually repeat it back where saying that they can't whisper it out if you did green about it and he screamed about you.

Now all that they need to repent.

Whatever is at work. Veteran with anybody that one standard is left in another. And don't worry about it. Got a turn a blind eye dangerous ground, leading people in out. That's right. How shall I got I think so much for calling great points.

I appreciate it you Eric have a good night you two things. Let's jump over to Jimmy's. Connie from Gastonia, North Carolina Jimmy, thanks for calling your honesty go right ahead. Are you doing for good man, how are you are your brought character and never heard anything like group before if you still assert a reward else would you all, but you go in producing the believer in movement all court records are not that you need repaired. Focal goes for giving us here.

He's already there is no probable brother always thought out and preach mobile 40 years and never trouble feeling about it from there more depreciated by the farmer thinker preacher on a wall or wanted your floor directly from the Lord, you will be given to Paul. Are you sermon August here. Here is not an image in the Lord. So how can we leave the denominational people men definitely don't implant so you know you need to go and I spent some time with the Lord in the bucket what they call it dual refit and I love that gospel point Jimmy are actually right next Sgt. take care of and across all he has to do it is is confess and repent publicly. Whether it's a church which I think is his will that up at the level of the president of the largest Protestant denomination in America.

Holy cow that that's that sends a remarkable statement to a watching world that we really don't care about honesty or hard work or hearing from the Lord directly. That's a great point about the reporter with member of the gospel crucial renal regards were preferable, whatever should be more all aware of what we doing we should be people of once again all we know that God loves your work on your leadership vision man to go to Carol for a break if you will promote you to work more Lord are good and bad example for leader would ask him to keep on walking.

If you know right will think Jimmy appreciated.

Have a great afternoon. Let's jump down to Gary's Connie from Greenville, South Carolina Gary, thanks for calling Greta had a thanks for what you're doing.

I like to get on the column of the lift the go side certain. Here's a couple reasons. Here's a couple reasons. It will no several famous creatures started by memorizing sermons of other preachers and presenting them Word for Word and with great effect and eventually starting to write their own that may or may not really play into this book. Not a bad thing. The other thing is like that thing you played for us.

A lot of those little snippets were so short that they're just simply fax from history apart from the me joke and we all repeat other people's jokes, apart from the me joke goes were very short little things that could have easily been said by many people. Many times without really plagiarizing. I think longer sections should be to speak to that right quick because that's great point. I appreciate you saying at that the video comparison goes, it goes back and forth for about 15 minutes and if it's something that it's just a common factor, piece of history. I understand your point and I agree with that but when you have back and forth and back and forth for 15 minutes, then it becomes pretty obvious that okay this is essentially a change a little here, you change a little there but it's essentially the same wording were those like a like for all synchronized with those all synchronize time or were they taken from Davis they were synchronized and they were taken they were synchronized in terms of this is towards the beginning of the sermon.

This is the middle of the sermon this the end of the sermon, so the flow of the sermons got but I know you look great look great, but there is also heard you say that there is three dear JD Greer on record saying you will have his permission. I've given my permission slips.

Another thing to take into account, I'm afraid that there may be some political motivations and in making the attacks will strongly by the little folks would like to take this position sure so that there's there's a lot in here, complex. I just don't think it should be.

So quite cut and dry necessarily yeah I think that's a good word for all the scary and pretty much every topic that comes up in the new cycle these days because everything so polarized.

Everything is so politicized that we don't nuance anything we don't kinda we shoot first and we ask questions second and we can we get to the conference yeah oh Yes that is what a crazy young that is good. Thanks Gary got bless you and imagine that that we actually pray these moments come up every once in a while and really all you owe you that does the Bible whisper about pre-okay, bad joke. Sorry, but that that's think so working hit the break in about 30 seconds going to call back in the for the fourth segment that would be great. Your thoughts on this.

Should he step down should be fired. Something a bit stronger or do we forgive and forget. I Gary was just talking about but when we come back to pray over the situation will do that together.

Gary thank you for bringing that up and will pray for these men for the leadership for all of art, for all of our pastors will, and ourselves, for that matter for you to be people of the book means for people of truth for people to truth that doesn't come and go with the wind or the day or the time. This must be truthful all the time and I know that all of us struggle with that included Mrs. E Noble get up there and become an elbow show the BLE the Steve Noble show.if you like what I like this right at it appreciate this, then you can grab the podcast I been at this for a while we started in November 2007 believe that on Saturdays spent three years on Saturdays and got off the air for a little while, head up Godfather part three. Just when I thought it was out. They pulled me back in and got back on the heirs doing daily radio starting in late February 2011 and have been a percent so I've been at it for a while. In the majority of the things that I say on the air are actually mine. It's just me in here reacting, talking and thinking about and then when I pull things then the show. All I should tell you that like this. I just found this this is on Carrie new half. I think that's probably how it's which the blog looks like a pastor about the issue. Not specific to Ed Lytton, the new president of the SBC who basically took all JD Greer sermon in and in one story it said that JD said yes.

Lytton recently acknowledged borrowing some sermon material with permission from immediate past SBC president JD Greer and Greer confirm that statement.

However, since that declaration, Lytton's critics from the far right of SBC have continued to dig through his sermon archives in charge that he repeatedly lifted sermons almost verbatim from Greer siding was Gary who called in earlier Sandwell is under some things out there that is like that's not copyrightable.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the West. Well, I heard I heard Pastor, but so-and-so say look right there some things that are just obvious facts public domain you don't need to quote anybody united states of America as a representative republic only to quote anybody on right so there's that. But then what you do when you're actually pulling an entire sermon.

So this from looking for an easy sermon. Five reasons not to do it. This is Carrie new I found this point number four had some really great things on this particular issue number four. You lose touch with God.

This is what the pastor called and said when you plagiarize. He writes you lose touch with God in at least two significant ways. First, the sins of lying and stealing are themselves a barrier confession stands between you and God. That's kind up so the more in sin, we are unrepentant unconfessed sin in your believer, then you're damaging your relationship.

It's like when your child sins against you are sent using your back and search out all the sudden you're not there.

Did you not.

It's not like you stopping there daddy stopping your son or daughter right that remains for me.

I remain a Christian, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, born again through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My faith in K so when I say that I don't confess it that that that relationship is not destroy, but the health of that real relationship is affected just like it is in real life. So we have a problem with your son or daughter, your wife, your husband and it's unreconciled it causes a problem right communication is damaged, all that stuff you avoid eye contact thinking happens in a relationship with the Lord. That's why first on one night, we confess right. And God will cleanse us of all in right sincerity does, then the relationship needs to be restored. Okay, so I simply force the sins of lying and stealing are themselves a beer second stealing ideas required zero reliance to the pastor's point on the Holy Spirit for inspiration, direction, courage or insight. Yes, you're relying on what the what the Holy Spirit didn't somebody else's life.

In this case it was. Ed Lytton is relying what the Holy Spirit did with pastor JD Greer and Petra G. Greer spent lots of time and prepare to serve and then Ed comes and goes.

While it's great to mind if I use some of it now.

I I don't know. I would imagine pastor Greer and would probably be a little shocked or disappointed. Whatever adjective you want to use when you find out well you some point okay.

I didn't know Juergen is like the whole thing to me that that's like okay stealing right that's a problem. So this writer new half second stealing ideas required zero reliance on the Holy Spirit for inspiration, direction, courage or insights in the pastor's not rely on the Holy Spirit so that pastor become the head of an entire denomination. Probably not. Ironically, in trying to make your content better. You made it worse is this blogger you've robbed it of its true power. The real power in preaching, comes not from our words but from what God does with our words do the hard work you and everyone around you would be better for it in the number five it creeps into other areas of your life. I don't know for sure but I think it's generally true that when you compromise in one area of your life. It doesn't take much to start compromising in other areas. Can I get an amen. This is from Carrie new sin is like a week.

This a great line.

It grows fast, and you never have to water it right. Can I get another treatment so it's one thing and up and in a church. It's another thing I'll send it somebody that's running the denomination ahead of the nomination, but what you think should fire him step down for forgive and forget and move on. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We still have about about six minutes so that's plenty of time if you want to call in and chime in on this. I would love that and appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and listen. We are does SBC's going through some challenges right now. Push hard to the right, push to the left did the younger leadership, the older leadership. Does Christianity have generally a a problem with our image to a watching world here in America sure some of that's deserve some of it just bogus. Remember that when unbelievers attacked the church.

Yeah, because their deeds are dark and they don't want to be exposed to light, so there's some spiritual things going on there but but there are occasionally not true. Things you guys are this geyser that you do this you do this. Okay, you're right in his other times wonder just there is anything they can to degrade the church because the church represents a plumb line moral plumb line and it is a salvific plumb line and when you're lost, you don't want that, unless Holy Spirit is moving in your life and your all for.

But that's up to the Lord. So, do we have a an image problem yeah SBC seven some challenges I think they should of Arctic amounts and yet not above reproach.

That's a problem you can't leave that kind of issue. God bless you brother for all years of service, but we need to do what this in set an example and we love you and pray for you and forgive you and we move on and will replace right Chris is calling in from Raleigh North Carolina christenings for: go ahead, I think I can relate to covered you an interesting cake I've been reading a lot of articles and it's all about about it later. I think, but is it possible that both Ed and JD are simply getting the same urban transit transcripts from the research group right and that you think about it if if if those minutes but now you know about the right you know all the pastors are just kind of filling in the blanks. Well, you know that that could look like plagiarism right if JD is covering the material first. I do we know that JD yes so the wormhole gets a little bit deeper in that case, and when you look at something with docent listen, if you're if you're if you're a pastor and you're too busy to be able to do your own sermon prep in your own work. Then I would just say you're too busy because number one job should be to prepare a message to feed the sheep to prepare them for the work of the ministry right arm. I often what you think about that. Well, I think we have a problem where we have yet. Nowadays, right know if any business.

The CEO make big big I leveled. And they're often not the one who dinner who are actually creating the PowerPoint. They may give the talking points they may present a PowerPoint but they're not the ones that are actually putting it together and I think at the very sad day for you know for the church in you know in general just, you know, how are you, you know, how are you confident that your pastor is preaching you know Holy Spirit led sites you know and the other thing. Just in general is no transparency in these mega-churches. I mean I've attended the summit for a number of years and am no longer a member there, but how much how much this pastor JD actually made. You know how much how much money it is this backbreaking end I think will give you high-level figure, but they won't give you position by position. Figure JD make a reasonable salary really make half $1 million a year note. No one knows that that's a great point in terms of transparency and listen if if you want to hire you forgot to hire somebody and give them a script and and give some things to say and we hire them because they look great.

They sound great and they perform well in front of the lights then are we Hollywood at that point do we just hire an actor as opposed to the person that's thinking and somebody that's walking with the Lord in seeking his face and yes using resource materials, absolutely. But you're doing the work you're creating the script with the power the Holy Spirit and then you come up and present where the let the Lord lead you. I think that's the way it should be done well with all the warrior you know activism going on all the critical race theory. They're claiming they're not pushing but there still pushing you know it just makes it even more interesting because are they just parroting other people's actual thoughts and belief are yeah and that's the challenge and then would then you know the main thing is no longer the main thing. At that point Chris I really appreciate your hungry points.

Man, thanks so much a problem they ground you're welcome bye-bye let's jump over to Deborah's, and for North Carolina. Deborah got about a minute and 1/2. Go ahead. Not I got to go ahead on court, will copy back right at all. I thought my favorite yeah I know why I that's a great point Deborah him up against the clock.

But those are great points.

I appreciate you calling in today. Thanks you too bye-bye Andrew I wish I could get yeah I'm just out of time, but it's a worthy subject will continue to talk about it. How deep does the rabbit hole go well with our sin go off the deep. We need to be praying about that, to pray with my Facebook life to live folks when were done here for these pastors to see note on the seasonal Michelle God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say. Never forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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