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U.S. Immigration = Dead Women & Children

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 29, 2021 3:27 pm

U.S. Immigration = Dead Women & Children

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 29, 2021 3:27 pm

U.S. Immigration = Dead Women & Children

Welcome to the U.S. Immigration Nightmare “e.g., Rape, Murder, and Abuse” all along the new Trail of Tears.  Misty Hedspeth of joins Steve to discuss this humanitarian crisis from a unique & personal perspective.


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Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God about his show. There's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble said on the news you're paying attention. We talk about this years in order to build a wall shut down the border and immigration crisis and it got, Harrison finally goes because, probably because Donald Trump there today. I was Sean Hannity and whole entourage people down on the southern border and so we think about the political cost and we think about what's happening to our nation and then people coming in over the border, let alone sex trafficking just trafficking in human beings in general. You've got to opiates and all the other garbage coming across the border chaos down there, Harris Joe Biden are Republicans, Democrats, but rarely do we get our own personal glimpse. Most of us have never gone down there. Most of us never will about some people do and sometimes those stories start in another country altogether where us just move the Lord, and you don't think you can end up in one arena. You start another one and then God just kind of pulls you into a different thing. I can certainly relate to that myself. But today a new friend Misty had step is in the studio with me. Hearts cry is just a part of the story but there's a lot to talk about for her and her husband and their family and what the Lord is called them to, which involves the southern border and all the way down to Panama and it's been going on up and down this part of the world in the real human toll that it's taken in the big question, of course, for all of us is what what I do about that. So we'll talk about that today as well. Misty, how are you thanks for coming.

Let's go. I'm great.

Thanks for your welcome and so I want people to understand your own personal journey. First, you and your husband and kinda how you got into that then were going up because you your storehouse of knowledge.

At this point in all the studying all the work you done it helps that you're a lawyer as well, but you get into all the naughty nuts and bolts and all the dirty details, but how did you end up in this arena.

In the first place because I know we go all the way back to 2008 right so in 2008 I was an attorney in Raleigh north Carolina practicing family law and my husband was a developer we were doing well financially with living the Christian American and we felt the Lord calling me to start a family and I realize I was a good be evident have my law firm grow and have a family the way I wanted to. So I started phasing back my law firm and during that time I was helping a local adoption agency pro bono to get accredited under the Hague to do international adoptions and throughout that process and I was able to help them get accredited and at the end of it.

We still didn't have a child so through a lot of prayer. We decided to seek some medical help to get children. However, the Lord stopped us from that and just made it super clear that he didn't want us to go that down that road. He wanted us to go down to the adoption road and through a lot of prayer. We ended up landing on hey let's adopt in Panama. We Artie got always going down there on Central America vacation.

Things like madam loved it.

Growing up I traveled a lot with my father had been to Haiti on mission stretch. I went around the world and and traveled a lot to nothing to jump on a plane and go and go and do that and so we we did.

We went down to Panama and we turn our dossier and we realize wait a minute, there's a massive problem in this country. Kids are not getting out of orphanages. They are growing up in orphanages. Panama was scared of turning into what at that time was a Guatemala scenario where Guatemala had gotten caught for child buying that year and allied countries had shut down their international adoption programs during that time because of it. And so, through some connections where friends with Ingram lots in her ministry had just been down there do a big women's revival in the country. She knew the first lady of the country and she connected us at the end of that week. The first lady had invited us to come down and actually assist with the process in the country so and what was your you have been down there before but now you're down there with kind of a different purpose for its R&R. Now it's this adoption and now you got children in the scenario. Now your would you say that's for some, your eyes are really open to that scenario.

That situation, it was the first time, my eyes were opening I was calling me to get directly involved with it. I had helped on the periphery in different ways, but this was the first time through our local church here.

Actually, the Lord use the people speaking our lives in help us realize the calling God but God had on us and they encouraged us to go and actually our church sent us a Southbridge fellowship is where we attended a scholar exactly and so we ended up realizing it. Scott helped his name. The ministry heartrate children's ministry. In fact, and yeah so we we ended up going and within six months. We'd sold everything we owned and Raleigh jumped on a plane or gone, how many people thought you were crazy. Pretty much everyone yeah did you guys think you're crazy. Are you absolutely we don't know what you're doing her little or no, we were just taking one step at a time and obeying him and we had dear friends at the time that were been training for years and years and years to go to Africa on the mission field and they were actually the big ones that spoken our lives and on. They said Nina was a good thing for you to realize God's calling you to do this and I like but haven't been the years of schooling for mission Pita to be a missionary like you and they said yeah because Connie got a go.

So we did go tell that all the various missionaries in the last 2000 years just answered a call because God called him because he was going to equip you and actually in many cases, the lack of a cortical formal missionary formal theological education can actually be more effective. Not not that that's bad. I mean, I have one myself, but oftentimes that can get in the way so just a matter of being obedient to what God calls you to do in the watch what he's going to do so when you went down what was the plan. The plan was out to my dog be fixable. Maybe the most two years and will be done.

We just we've lived 11 years and we just knew back right for the pandemic and the problem is definitely not solved yet. So when you're down there so that it sounds like it didn't come to start more locally. Here's what's going on in Panama and then all of a sudden it kinda traces back home to the US is that the proposed well so we we ended up working in in Panama and through a move of God and a miracle. I was able to work with the government to help then rewrite the adoption.

The foster care system in the country. We started our own adoption and foster care agency there that we do for free to nationals who want to adopt first time ever in the country and then we realize there is a huge problem with special needs orphans and they were not can it make it out the system so we felt God calling us to start a special needs or for an orphanage and we provide daily therapy and care to 18 special needs kids right right now working at build up to 55 is a plant, but that is what that is what we've done for 1112 years in Panama. Just recently, there's a new development brewing that were to talk about today because he will look at that winter, doing just what's going on in Panama on all obviously worthy causes. But there's this magnet up north called the United States of America where people from all of the world want it you know it, especially it's interesting people of color, one in even though apparently were the most recent summation of planning still people that are not white wanting to come here but what you do about that. What's the problem what's this chain that goes all the way back down through Central America to South America and what possibly could any of us do about that.

Well, God calls, he equips and then there's things to find out about that will be right back. But I think crazy. Of course that Misty has Beth and her husband just that I would done Panama that was thousand and eight really just going down to originally explore adoption and then you see this meeting sees problems all over the place, and ended up God just replanted you down there and getting into adoption ministry and trying to help the country with all of that but at what point did did America talk is good, left America still family here and come back once or twice year.

But what pointed the situation in America, get on your radar screen in terms of people that were ministering in Panama. Well we came back right before the pandemic on furlough. What we thought was to be a year and then the pandemic hit and praise God we were here because the country Panama went into what I call military lockdown. We went through here was nothing compared to what they went through. It was horrific. Getting supplies start orphanage getting staff or orphanage and they if you went out of your house children could go out of their door frame of their apartments for like months on end and it was really bad. I don't think our family would've been able to get through it down here. I have one child with severe special needs and has to be outside all the time and he could and then I know what we would've done down there, but praise God we were here, we were able to run the ministry from here we have an amazing staff and team on the ground in Panama. They kept going so I was up here know that all the information for the ministry in Panama is that it hurts quite children strike hard to try so that particular aspect of this conversation is tugging on you heart's cry's website. I tell you, if you listen to the show pretty. John, you know what I'm about to say and I'm not here to be your best buddy with knowledge comes responsibility. So when you hear about something and then you know it's something that's worthy of your attention and you have a little tug in your heart. I think it's safe to assume, perhaps the Lord is a directing you in that direction in knowing there's a lot of things that since I get on the radar radar screen. Misty, you know this is a Christian action, up to pray about obedience. Just obey right okay but that sounds like a worthy cause okay with her ego that there's your call to action. Go do something about it and then sometimes God will open a bigger door or you'll feel bigger pole and it won't leave you alone and that's where you go okay that's there and in more ways than just one. But if you want to check out more about at that aspect of the story. Heart's cry is the website hearts cry start so we were finally they had closed the airport completely in the country couldn't get in. So we were finally able to go back to beginning this year and my husband went back the very end of last year and then we both went back to beginning this year because we are and check on everything. Our house was there. We saw two dogs they are. You know so so we went back to check on everything, and while I was they are taking on orphanage. We were able to work with the government on some some new laws related to children's rights and actually made it to the presidential palace during that trip. Believe it or not in the country on the Lord just opens amazing doors and I'm just walking through them and at the end of that trip I had.

I had met with several people who were involved with the migration policy problem in Panama now. There's always been a migration issue going through the country, but things like what is going on right now so I had my new friends were missionaries who had been working with the migrants throughout the years, but what is happened since the beginning of this year is is truly nothing I could've ever imagined in my entire life and it's something that I couldn't sleep want to start learning about it I couldn't. I could not get off my mind. I started researching it. Looking into it, trying to figure out how to help. And so what I started realizing is that the league illegals. The migrants are coming through the country of Panama at record numbers like nothing we have ever seen before. There was the minimize Minister of foreign affairs just last month, wrote an article where she said there's literally 1000 people coming from Columbia up into Panama day a day, headed to the US. Just think of that dear Matt, quite not that you were done about three or 65,000 people in one year and one what she knows about right.

That's the ones that they can count. And this is also keeping in mind the fact that Panama close the border with Columbia said that no one is legally coming back and forth right now so it's all it's it's all coming through this area called the daddy and gap in in Raleigh. We would say Darien in Spanish is the daddy and gap in and so is this area between Columbia and the US that is there's no roads that go through it.

There's actually an Inter-American highway that goes from the tip of Argentina up to Alaska but does this gap in the middle of it and is called the daddy and gap and they specifically made it that way because they didn't want a lot of the insects or whatever coming from South America heading up north and said they have kept that is an unpaved total jungle area and it's very very treacherous to make it through the air is deadly but just a little geography reminder look this up while you're talking like Panama, Panama Canal since he got South America video Panama right is little strip of land in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala up to Mexico and then the border so literally to go from South America to America you have to go through but you have no other way to do right so what is happening.

Our people are coming from the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Haiti, Cuba, Somalia, Bangladesh, a lot of these countries and their going into countries that have very little visa requirement such as Ecuador and then there coming up to Columbia and then there going to the dining gap and then there coming through Panama if they live through the daddy gap is 10%. One journalist I spoke with said 10% of people are dying on that John. That trail they go through there and said that that was happening. Starting in January February of this year and then what really got me was around that time they started noticing an increase in children and and pregnant women that were going through their and I and so I was trying to figure why is that happening. And so what out what I learned was that word had gotten down from the board heard that if you are pregnant or if you have a child with you and unaccompanied minor that you get through easier editing, but so everybody has gotten the word out back home. Wherever there from. If you have a kid with you.

You're going to get through. That's the Willy Wonka Golden ticket picture Golden ticket. Now keep in mind the trauma. These children are going through. I mean, they're making it through one of the deadliest areas to get you look at the map and look at the sheer mileage right and water literally walking through walking right to live.

I look at ago I could never do that to millionaires, but then I'm sitting here fat happy is American.

These are people that that are many of them are legitimately desperate. Yeah right you have to come to unpack.

Who's coming and why. Right now Freeman open our borders.

Everybody in the world of suffering economic injustice you just opened your borders to the entire world the most part and what what what country has survived that right when you allow that number I can call and you can't go to nobody survived exactly exact was it so are we tying this to a change in administration. I hate to admit it, but absolutely, this started the minute the election wrap and it was like us to what I have talked journalist have said is like a starting gun went off your home country donated that the elections were solidified and that's where you know people talk but he that the Democrat party liberals. They care about the smog right now you know the we care about the small guy in so far as the small guy allows them to maintain power to exercise power to increase their power. So even without them saying a whole lot just switching from Trump superstrong in the border. Probably the strongest ever to provide is is the starting gun I got a big flag that says cut were open for business. Come on up so again, this is the ramifications. It's not dissimilar from abortion will have a problem making that leap. Where there okay here's the here's the right you.

We want to help people allegedly come on up as another to be voters and then they set the trap. They put the cheese on the trap knowing it's a trap knowing that moms and unborn children, and children are to be abuse sold use etc. etc. and start flooding up there because we just set the trap simply by changing from Donald Trump to Job and everybody knew it.

So now we did. Sorry, I just don't offer tangible talking to Misty had fast by the way hearts crying children is the ministry hearts cry what's going on down to Panama. What is actually happening and ultimately what can we do a lot of talking to come back later for this show spending some time today Misty has to your husband back in made originally just dealing with an adoption issue and wanting to adopt them selves and the guy just opened several doors to do with that issue and others there in Panama, but especially of the last year when you move back here a little over a year ago right before COBIT hit and then to see with the change from the trumpet ministration to the Biden administration. The floodgates of thrown open, as you said earlier think it's a great a phrase to use.

This is the start base that set up a starter going to know all these people all the way from South America all the way through Panama on the Darien gap is you are managing 60 miles. This is from some notes she sent me 60 miles, a treacherous jungle only section through North and South America without any roads connecting that's the only break in the Pan-American highway from the tip of Argentina to Alaska and who controls the Darien gap drug traffickers and criminals and who's the who's the who's the toy in all of this people, and especially children. So let's talk about what's going on in terms of child trafficking and sex trafficking. That night because this is all increased as well simply because we moved from the trumpet ministration by the ministration that the political reality on the ground here is that was the started on wikis well I think a lot of what's happening is that the children are being used as a golden ticket again. They were the adults are being told.

If you have a kid whenever you reach the border at Texas and Mexico Texas border, then you'll make it through said then the people are innocently trying to get some kids from back maybe their nephew, who knows who it is to come with them on some are not innocent.

Don't let major make any doubt into the thousand people a day be on that track.

Yes, not all 1000 of them are absent or not, but some actually are and their families are pulling together $3500 to date. They believe that's what it's gonna take to get up here and then meanwhile they encounter the drug cartel and the border of Panama and Columbia and what happens is if you're a woman you're getting it raped whenever you go through. They are everywhere up every single person gets robbed and they come out of the other side, they literally look like they've been through a war zone. There feeder just images. It's horrendous the way they look. Once they make it out, and once they make it out. Then the question is who. Who are these people and we've been working on it. God did it miracle and the person who's in charge of the children in the country of Panama.

It's equipment of social services in the country. She actually worked for our ministry for 10 years as an attorney under me directly. And now she's the head of the entire children's Department of the country and so I've been working with with her and she is working every single day to try and help this problem because who are these children are they related the people that they're coming across with like what exactly is going on, and so were actually I have a friend who is an orphanage in Panama.

They had to open up another wing in their orphanage to try and take in kids that are coming across and they don't have any documentation we don't know who there was a clue.

Who are they and eat only the ones that she's finding out about times are making it through without her finding out about them and so I'm trying to assist however I can and ordered it to connect people with her to give her the resources she needs to help this nastily growing crisis in the country and keep in mind also, we moved down there in 2008 to help with the orphan crisis there still an orphan cry right there right now were having another orphan crisis to throw on top of it so you have a very taxed vagary on poorly working government system, the social services that now has a massive migration problem.

On top of it what what he supposed to do with that but didn't get the memo Misty that, went down to Guatemala, the organist and the $4 billion, and everything's gonna be fine. I would like to propose that she did not go down far enough she should've gone down to Panama to the border crisis. They are, and furthermore the $4 billion that is being sitting spent in Guatemala have no idea what that could help what the Guatemala officials will take the money do whatever exact what I imagine it's just a scam.

I imagine so it's it was very very upsetting to hear her speech the other day and Guatemala and the New Mexico in then and in Texas it was just so disappointed she wasn't to go anywhere were the backdrop was that right-leaning i.e. real right to go to sanitize situation so don't look so bad as the photo op. That's all it was probably a lot of pressure because drums there today. I asked you this question off the air, but they must be quite maddening and maybe even disillusioning to watch how the mainstream media covers, you have found a few journalists that are actually yes, in fact, there's two journalists in particular one is Michael Jan why oh any knees on Michael as well as Chuck Holton on HO LTO and he's in the hot zone I think is the name of his pie Cassidy does and they are both war combat journalists that have embedded themselves in the region and they been following it.

They've gone from the Columbia side to the Panama side.

You know up all the way to Mexico, and in such and they are really on the hunt on this story and I would encourage everyone to follow them in order to get the true story behind it because they are they are very good at figuring out what's going on. It and again I'm keeping in touch with it from the side of the journalist as well as my missionary friends that are on the ground as well as now I feel about what is the head of the children's rights in the country and so it's just it's just interesting to see believe God is really orchestrating some exciting things to take care of these kids that are coming in that region is also exciting to me to see how on to Congressman went down to Panama to mention them. So who was so Tom Tiffany was was the one that I got in touch with before he went down and from he's from Wisconsin and he has a great website. If you ever wanted follow him as and he does a lot of newsletters that keeps track of these types of issues but he was down personally with a friend of mine who who helped take them in and protect him while he went down there and they were actually able to witness for themselves the horrific situation going on with the people coming out almost dying in the doubting gap with you. Note 300 people a day are coming to this one little tiny indigenous village on their just being overrun with migrants constantly and they were able to witness that and get them actually some people some medical help that needed it and and it's just exciting to me to see that some people are actually taking some skin and is it actually going down to trying get involved and stop it because of all you do is go to our southern border.

That's really the end of the road. That's like going to New Orleans and thinking understand the Mississippi River, you're not. You're just right bottom of your wall without a long way to get headwaters goes all the way down through Central America, down in the South America correct so this is overwhelming right. It's just it's it is, it is got you got all these different country so every country has a role to play because are all moving up to those countries coming their own people, leaving the country trying to get her than all the people coming from south of those countries trying to get here and so what did you begin to look at in terms of how you engage because I could use the stupid old adage of how to use an elephant one bite at a time. Of course, but how we approach this as people of faith as Christians as Americans, it's that literally is overwhelming. While I had that thought whenever I start looking into it and like Lord, what can I do because this is such a massive problem and it's affecting all these children and is pregnant when then the stories of the babies washing down the river and of pregnant women lying in the ground dying and no one stopping to help them because the. The journey is so treacherous to get through there. It was just too much for me to even take it. I just kept praying and praying and the Lord really has shown me over the years of my working with children and these terrible type situations that this is one of the closest things. His heart these children is what that's what he cares about so much and so whenever we care where close to his heart were feeling his heart beat and he's good to show us what to do for me it was just getting involved in connecting these different people as best as I could for you it might be getting involved with your local human trafficking organization that's that's right on the road. What really hit me that Tom Tiffany said in one of his articles that he wrote in after he went to Panama was election after he went to the border of Texas was that every single border is not every every single state in the United States is now a border state right to be only taxes you know every single city is now a border city.

We are not immune to this. We've heard the stories about the planes leaving Texas in the middle the night landing in Tennessee and in these other places. They are trying to get these kids out as quick as possible so that the news media can't really see the vast numbers that are going on you know it was it was a month ago they said hundred 80,000 came through the border in one month. I mean, what are we doing about Them. These numbers are so insane and so I called my friend who has the adoption agency, can be seen an increase in foster care cases that were these kids going what are we doing.

How can we get involved. I still don't have an answer that I'm still investigating, but but something's going on and we all need to put our in our intent is up and we got to get involved. For sure, but most importantly, to pray because whatever whoever you voted for. I could care less. You know whoever you voted for. The reality is is that this is a problem that is because of the foreign policy of the current president of the United States and his current policy is failing and so you have to engage uphold people's feet to the fire which we love to do and you can do that from afar and you can complain. You could throw things at your DB or shut your laptop or whatever but there's other ways to engage is well down on the level where you can actually ignore what's going on with the government level and engage a local level maybe in your locality. Maybe it's a far ways. Panama was talking to Misty when you come back to this [see Noble to Steve Noble shows good to be with you today such an important topic and one that requires not only our prayers but to ask the simple question of what can I do it such an enormous problem. As we look at what's going on in the southern border and then as a Misty Hudspeth was just saying of the breaker based live.

It really is a trail of tears and that trail of tears goes down through Mexico down through Central America over Panama down in the South America were talking a thousand people per day, at least, most of whom you got all kinds of moms got pregnant women you have kids that are just drug along because they become the Willy Wonka Golden ticket and so these nightmares are happening all up and down the street with tears from our southern border now in our*various states and cities were there point people around at night and and that's could have ramifications on our nation but we need to think a little bit more outside of just ourselves and look at what's happening to these people that are being used and abused all down this trail of tears and in and the one thing that the entire trail has in common Misty were just saying this and thanks for being there again was the cartel exactly not know this but cartels touches all of this is not an extreme statement hyperbole is that accurate note from what I have discovered from talking the journalists and different agents that have gone gotten to be a part of this is that you cannot make it through this trail without getting involved with the drug cartel because they own this area. Whether it's in Panama are up higher in Central America. You're going to hit somebody along the way that you have to somehow pay off only the problem is you've Artie gotten robbed right in the daddy and See all your money's gone. So what you have to offer, then either you get someone a family member to wire you money at a Western Union along the way alert you use what you have, which is your body or the body of someone who came with you and so on for men.

They carry drugs across. That's how they get used and if you have a woman with you. You're going to get raped or a young child just depends on whatever the person wants a 20 and the stories of the.

The rape and the the robbery through the doubting gap unit literally. There's hardly a woman that comes out of that hasn't been in some way abused and everyone is been raped and the babies washing down the rivers you know there's horrible storms that pop up and then it's flooded immediately and the kids are gone. But does that make it through the never uses a commodity because humans can be used over and over again.

Drugs are on these one time in humans can be repeatedly and so these children are going to be used if the person is run out of money and so it unit truly what what has gone on in what I was saying is that this should not be a left or right wing issue.

This should be a humanitarian crisis issue because that's truly what it is and we should be working together and everyone United States should care that our policy has meant children are being abused around the world, specifically along what I call the trail of tears through Panama up to the United States and so I just I just would really ask people to get involved. However, you can't also pray. It keeps me up at night knowing these kids are dying in the jungle and knowing that people are being hurt thinking that they're coming for a better life.

You and they're never making it their so it's the ones actually do make it up.

Some of them have been so hardened by the time they get up here. We don't know what kind of people were going and we don't know what promises they made to get into the country because in order to get through what did they have to sell or give up her promise in order to get here and these are the type of people you would necessarily want living right beside you. You mentioned a phrase that to study Scripture know if you find it in their study was history enough special early US history.

You'll find it there all around the world's indentured servitude right to talk about pepper yet so what what what I've learned is that some yelling company minor to hear that term and you hear that the border police are letting them through. So that's many when under the age of 18 and so a lot of these teenage boys are 16 and 17-year-old coming through at the people that I work with in Panama said that they a lot of these these young men that made it through the doubting gap. They Say I'm a teenager you have to take care of me and then she would have to take it and put it in an orphanage only come to find out they were 19, 20, they were just wanting to get in and get a night sleep and food for the night and then go on their journey in runoff. The next day and so you know are the first of all, really, 16, 17 but let's say that they are will then were taking them in and working to watch out for them for a year or whatever until they turn 18 and them from what I've heard they had promised the cartel in order to make it through that they are. Once they turn 18, that there indentured servitude to they're going to be involved in in gangs or you know moving drugs or watching so that they can get more people smuggled through right somehow. They're going to get involved because they oh somebody something to get it here. They kill you or your family. You both so this is the threat that makes them work for the people that help them get across the border and so again we have to be so careful how we help people you know there's that old book when helping hurts or whatever the lease to come down there orphanage and throw that book at me and I was just like I know what you're saying truly is one of the situations were like wheat we really have to be careful who were helping because sometimes and we help people. It can hurt the soil society shirt and going out and that's something I don't want to. We should shy away from it should be as there are negative impacts as we allow more more people in this country and I understand the heartfelt side of it and we want to extend hospitality as much as we can. There is a legal process that this work is not but this is the whole point.

There is a legal way to get into this country I live right down the road from the US Embassy for years and years. I saw every single day lines out the door all the way out the street of people trying to get into the US from Panama with a developing country of it was pretty stable. This is every single country all over the place.

Everyone would love to live the American dream. Sure, the numbers that want to come here are more than you and I can imagine it's beyond what people want to admit and we we have to think that something has to be done. We have to close our border and we have to make this a legal process were every single file can be looked at. We can make sure they're safe people. They're going to come across the border. They haven't promised someone something horrible in order to get here, you know they're not can commit acts of criminal acts or acts of terror in order to get in our country and so these are things that we really have to we have to revisit who we vote for sure and then hold those politicians accountable. We have to do the same thing with our local police we have to do the same thing with our local judges and prosecutors and there's a lot of things that we need to do to make sure that we stay safe here.

This is truly the land of the free and living here is so easy and you asked me earlier what was it like you are letting on their it is so hard to live in another country. At I think everyone should have to live abroad from here to see how you're going to vote and see how you can act in this society is a shame that people haven't done that because they be way more appreciative when they were here and they wouldn't do things like burn the American flag. I know I know I I knew when I left the US every time it would land in Panama. I was leaving my rights all my individual right United States. All my freedom and I was going to another country, but high God and he would protect me every single step of the way and that the only way I made it through, but I knew that there was no one down there that would protect my individual rights.

Rights, how was nobody right and so the police would never protect me down there. There was nothing down here that was going to help me other than God Almighty and he did he protect her whole family and he saved us from a lot of things juncture but truly it's a shame what is been happening in this country and I hope and I pray that people get more involved and they start to work with the police department and they start to they need to understand that the way to protect our entire society is to make sure our police are funded properly and that there trained properly and that's the best way I know in Panama errors many years, were there was no one on the police were very untrained and a new president got in and he started training them and paying them a little more and they were amazing. Suddenly I could trust them for the first time you're here and here SES wanting to revert backwards you Mike Nardi live through that I don't want to live through that right okay yeah we don't God bless Panama.

We want to help them but you don't wonder you want Panama to become more like America directs the better whales. They do not write any organizations you can point us to that would be a good place to start.

Obviously we talked about the ministry that you and your husband started hearts cry any others that that are close to your heart that you, nor effective in the house and get involved with their local foster care and adoption programs here.

There's amazing Grace adoptions.

They do great work in other other places.

But you know this is an issue that we have got to repent as a nation we gotta get on our knees and pray, and I believe the only way that this this is going to change is if revival happens and so I've just been praying for revival in our country, but in the meantime, I will tell anybody any day of the week. Anything I can distort you, and I think that's the challenge for us. We we tend to be American centric and are thinking which is not in and of itself bad, but it is incomplete and so when you talk about all this. What's happening on the southern border and build the wall open the wall lacks if at all. Security down the southern border and hundred 50,000 a month 200,000 a month coming into America. What that does our infrastructure cost basis and always other stuff, but I wouldn't ever challenge all of us to to back up their yeah it's it's going to affect us a little bit each person not monumentally but eventually what, but think about the trail of tears because, listen, I know how bad it can get for me as an American at 55 years of age but it ain't the trail of tears and it ain't Panama not Nicaragua is not the.impasse so we think of all the people that are being used and abused by the cartels enabled by our own nations, politics, or lack thereof, our heart should break more for them than it does for us.

But my taxes go up. What do you do that doesn't cause a woman to be ready for the child rape sold like a piece of meat so we need to make sure were not just thinking American about the whole picture specialist Misty thanks so much for being there today. It's been very enlightening and challenging original sin time will deftly do it again because it is so make sure think your husband for us as well. God bless you guys talk about this. I put links up on Facebook life by the way the two journalists that she mentioned as well as representative Tom Tiffany just a few people that are actually speaking the truth so there you go, go find out for yourself and get engage. This is Steve Noble and the signal will show God willing I'll talk to you real soon that always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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