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A Time for WAR!!!…

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 17, 2021 4:10 pm

A Time for WAR!!!…

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 17, 2021 4:10 pm

A Time for WAR!!!…

Today Steve is joined by Pastor Chad Harvey of Cross Assembly to talk about the church and the culture war and the need to fight. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace through no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your host Noble because what they want to hear it or not there is a time for war at Salomon Brothers cyber piece and the time for or the question is, and sometimes this requires a lot more wisdom than other times is a window fight and when not to window, lay down your arms and turn the other cheek and just let it happen until you get bold over knocked over imprisoned whatever and then when to step up to the plate and take up arms in one way or another, and then fight back Saturday on theology. Thursday we are going to explore that what I got from Chad Harvey from cross assembly church in Raleigh, North Carolina, and set the stage because I'm a recovering Chicagoan. So when I and and an active as I became an activist in 2004 I think Chad you and I met like maybe within two years 2005, 2000.

As long as long when I became an activist.

That's when Chad nicknamed me oh trouble or Israel because I guess it just works. Probably the right thing to call me.then I don't know as much now but certainly back then but coming from Chicago when you hear an opportunity or see an opportunity to engage to get into a fight. One of the things that comes to my mind is what we would effectually call the Chicago Way, which was made famous in the movie all not that all all that long ago which I want to play for you just going to set the stage. This was of course Sean Connery explaining to a very young Kevin Costner, the Chicago ahead document Al Capone and then what you prepared to do if you will, these people missed an issue must be prepared to go old, but we actually won't give up the fight until one is want to get Capone. He pulls a knife and 20 to the hospital which say that's the Chicago way he pulls a knife you pull a gun they put 20 years in the hospital you put one of theirs in the morgue. The answer, and Chicago has always been to escalate and so what do we do as Christians we can talk about the political realm. We can talk about the culture were coming at us. We can talk about.

We have bright spots like today, the US Supreme Court. Any 920 decision remarkable that was never do those but they haven't got done till in the last 30 days but 90 decision including Elena Kagan who is a lesbian said that the U.S. Constitution prohibits a state from telling a Catholic charity that is a adoption service that they said were not can adopt kids out to same-sex couples in the course. The state went after them and in the Supreme Court and 90 decision said that's unconstitutional.

They have a protection there because there for a right to exercise their religion, but it doesn't always go our way and it's going to go our way less and less as the days go by and so right now. Pastor Chad across assembly is working through a revelation and this is part of that process, persecution, and trouble and darkness. This is just the deal. It's tough now going to get worse, right, absolutely. You know I am a preacher got guy. I believe Jesus Christ is going to come back and take us before the tribulation. But that doesn't mean that were excluded from suffering persecution.

You know the seven years of tribulation. The trouble during those seven years come from God. That's God's wrath poured out on plain writers. Persecution comes from people and we live and operate as followers of Jesus Christ in a world that is dominated by the system.

The book the Bible calls the cosmos and hates Jesus takes the gospel takes the Bible we are operating in enemy territory and we can get some pushback around yet that's exactly right and were seeing that more and more now if you know the law will talk about Paul because Paul knew the law. He knew his rights as a Roman citizen and in most important. He took advantage of them will talk about that, but in this in this the current context. You know, everybody. I think a lot of Christians are feeling pretty good about things. When Donald Trump was the president and you pull Donald Trump out all summer. Talk about religious persecution again, but this is something that is real. It's been happening around the world. I think we make we make a mistake. Chad, when we go hey listen persecution in America. That's a cakewalk.

There they have real persecution in China in Saudi Arabia and places like that but in its context of the persecution here is real it is and it's alluding to viscosity of its increasing your board. Gone will sooner did a study on religious persecution or a Christian persecution. A few years ago and they found that from the beginning of Christianity until now about 70 million Christians have been killed for their faith.

While is it very interesting. In the 1900s alone 45 million Christians were killed for their faith, and 1/3 to those of 45 million 30 million was from the hands of atheists. You hear people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawson.

What would you got your dog one family feud when the other date is the talk of how dangerous Christians are dirt team million Christians killed by atheists in the in the 1900s alone, but it's coming to America and were start to see. I think some residual tremors of persecution right now yeah and so is this something you talk about this as much or as little as you want that at the cross assembly, which formerly known as RFA church.

Have you guys had to deal with this were to look out enough of this in the category of persecution, but we are doing with an issue now, it's interesting. We had a 20 year, million dollar relationship with wake County human services for the foster care ministry sway counties right here Raleigh area.

Those of you to deliver Steve you the things we did one was Royal family kids can't retake these foster care kids if they want to come don't have to grant we take them away for a week and the stories of some of these things these kids have gone through that gone through more in their eight years of living that you and I will ever go through their entire lives, we take away for a week with love on blessing I been there. It's incredible to see these kids come to life. We do that we do something called Teamworks.

There's a high incarceration rate of of foster care kids when they get 18 yeah and around their own out as we bring them in these older foster care kids, teach them life skills that type thing we let wake County human services use our facilities.

We encourage our people to be foster parents rated it to ramp up real family kids camp again and got a letter from wake County.

That said, because of the harmful messaging coming out of cross assembly. There's no more relationship was that the sermon when you're talking at how you hate the foster care system.

They hate children yeah exactly what websites it what what harmful messaging when they laid it out number one were not inclusive enough when it comes to the LGBT cute thing number two we allow a group called evangelicals for Trump to use our facilities.

Number three. We are pro-life antiabortion and because of that, there's no more relationship. Now that's not persecution right there setting a very dangerous precedent when the government says because we don't like your work you put in office forever cutting off this partnership and that's just do you call it persecution. I don't, but it certainly moving us in that direction right it's separate but equal is not even that you're relegated to the back of the bus every Christian American thinker, Christian apparently come back to go to war. I was like you have the best music of any Christian very much I appreciate that everything I do is just for that matter. And by the way, talk about Christian radio. Now Chad is like ADD so he's up is down is up is down on the radio is on the radio exonerating back on the radio right back as you do it out of my consulting you.

So I'm going to be on the quencher when it sometime in July. I don't know what time your own name.

The program I can sure hold slot back with a intend on any intent. There is also FM on a five-point bite on a five-point side of the now and we force on a 6.5 that's the truth radio Newburgh vascular segment would love to give you 40 5 o'clock every Monday, Friday, and I really think you got what you say I'll take it. I said I heard as a down slot. I'd like to see it.

Try that with out about time for war.

I would go to war over that with my brother Ted. So Chad is the senior pastor cross assembly church in Raleigh.

Congratulations on the new location. By the way, you have a satellite campus. That's pretty wild.

It took a little while Stephen while Clay happening. But what's going on. We found will could you imagine if maybe 300 people came up came to the campus be great, but what would 400 people strung together when everyone we now have almost 600 people going there already an amazing lysing and it's still happening down at the main campus. Still, it is Lord blessed the Lord's blessing to an end, despite the fact that Chad will talk about politics and abortion, and LGBT things and safe conservative things from the pulpit, even though you do all those things more people keep coming. People say basic jet if you keep doing that, you will lose people. I need to lose people trying to lose people and the more I tried the back of his finger (that's right well that's what happens, God blessed the bold preaching of it so I know the church appreciate you for that. I appreciate you for that and for those of you just listen. Since I know I'll find up for Chad when that this Alexis is preaching this in the show. They come before us is up to be on truth radio network here throughout the triangle. I'll let you guys know right here so you want to make sure you listen that if you don't currently attend cross assembly.

That doesn't mean you can't be blessed by that in the coming let me know you I will let you all the heights or talk about Jasmine preaching a book of Revelation talking up persecution, a time to fight and war and you are talking about what's going on here. Wake County where you have 20 year relationship.

The church does with reaching in the foster care system. Loving them them $1 million investment over the years taking care of these people in these children trying to reach him and that is voluntary. By the way you like your forcing them to come into the church and then the new person comes in is obviously very liberal and doesn't like the fact that your church is a conservative church and so all of a sudden she pulls the plug and you guys are out so you have to make a decision. I member you asked me about this couple months ago and I was like hey Chet if you want to go to war. I know how to do that. I'm very good at it. I know how to do it but that's the question what do we do without tough question for you in the leadership know it was Steve because I got a flesh problem. I get really angry you and Al want to make sure that when I make some stands on the doing of my flesh that it's a spirit driven spirit inspired and resources to do this and you are there to ironies in this whole situation will get back to the theology stuff but irony number one is in her emails to us.

She brags about how inclusive they are, while excluding and evangelical churches as worldview.

This number one number two you for the you evangelicals only care about the unborn only care about a board right when all those other issues yet, so we step up and try to help with some of these other social issues and were told we don't want your help. So it's got a lose lose situation so that we are always going to be in a little lose lose situation with a lost world yeah and and that's how they'll try to degrade the church get a bunch of hypocrites or haters or does that thing. Listen we can all be the sweetest people on the planet. But there's still a good number of the people outside the church are still going to hate you, Brian.

They don't even necessarily under this part of the conversation or they don't necessarily understand why they hate you and use everything they can. I'm just telling you man to degrade your message and to degrade you personally. So the big metanarrative is this you have the kingdom of God and you have the kingdom of this world because Moss and they are at conflict of each other and that's why the Bible gives us and promises no you not to find this on your precious moments daily, calendar, second Timothy 312. Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted at the promise of God everyone everyone John 1518, Jesus, and they hated me they going to hate you as well. So we shouldn't be surprised when you will be to push back. And so the question is do we just come over and take it, or do we sent was less push back a little bit and work board has had me in the last couple weeks couple months is acts chapter 16 rebuttal passage, but it's interesting. Paul just had a fire beat out of you thrown into jail the next day they say hey you can leave and here's a pulses hey I'm a Roman Roman the citizen. It is illegal to do what you guys just did you beat a Roman citizen without a trial room in jail without a trial. And now the city magistrates wants to just leave and here's what he says no tell them come down here and escort us out themselves and they come down and not only do they escort in the ESV it says they apologized up to Paul, Paul, push back a little bit. It wasn't nasty heat and set off bombs even protesting Pickett but Paul did say no when I can just let this thing to push back and Paul took advantage of his citizenship right and you and now the thing there is. Paul understood he had rights as a Roman citizen and that's one of our challenges is to realize in America. Difficult as it is today, and as frustrating as it is that we still have rights. We still of the U.S. Constitution. It's fading but we still of the First Amendment. We still have the right to free speech. We have the right to assemble. There's all kinds of things. We have a right to, but we have to be willing to step up to the plate but the U.S. Constitution nor our rights as US citizens should should not trump God's will for how we handle this right think that's where the challenges when do we go to war or not necessarily the Chicago way. As I started with earlier and when do we just can't let it happen.

So Steve, here's I want to give you what I believe is the fundamental answer to that question. If you're going to war to get revenge for a personal insult or they hurt me personally and I want to fight them back. You don't if it's for the gospel or if it's like in our situation for these kids. If it's for something other than yourself. I think it's time to go to war, for example, Paul understood in Philippi that if I were to establish this church and the church has to have credibility. I think I got to stand up in the situation and as a result the church in Philippi. It thrived you through the book of Philippians. It's birthed out of that Paul did not do this for himself. I think he did for the advancement gospel we are not pushing back a little bit because you've been across assembly that I want to come after you know I have seen foster care kids whose lives have been changed by right ministries. I just forgot push back. Well that's that's the loving your neighbor as yourself.

So whether were talking about this affecting your kids. It's affecting others. People kids in this case, foster kids and their worth fighting for because their main image of God, have an estimable worth.

It's the same reason Augustana outside the abortion clinic this Saturday and intercede for these babies in the moms in the death by the way is because it's not my kid in there. It's not my son and my daughter and their and their pregnant, it's somebody else's. So is there problem know as a Christian it's my problem to you, and I think one of the things that and this was one of the things that was really impressed upon me in one of my classes out of the seminary when I was working my Masters degree in ethics. It was Dr. Chaim who used to serve in the Bush 41 White House and actually was. Wrote the guts of the speech that Bush gave when they went into Kuwait to use the just war theory does Dr. Chaim and he said listen, the gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem, so we live in a nation that is becoming more and more immoral. In fact, turning its back on the notion of morality. So if we don't step into these things and hold up the banner of God's righteous decree and morality you got a nation that looks at itself in the mirror like the guy in James and says I'm fine. I'm not really immoral, those Christians are crazy. And if you're not moral. You don't need a Savior. You don't need the gospel so alternately all the stuff coming back great memories of that already are talking fast jet hard across assembly. This is the noble director said no volume power you're talking at Harvey today a theology Thursday talk about the time for war, but conversely there's a time for peace. You were talking about that a few minutes ago Chad that if it were to hit back and go back to the culture the government or whatever your employer whatever because you are personally hurt your upset you want revenge you want to hit back. That's when you have to sit there, go okay hold on second and might, because vengeance is the Lords it's not mine. It's not yours.

It's the Lord and so at that point we have to be very careful. It's up for me on this issue go to war.

Don't go to war.

There is a strategic question. So we talked about this with respect to wake County, which is now disassociating itself from across assembly and helping all these kids in foster care which is been 20 doing for 20 years and we talked about this before. If you go to war publicly with wake County then any other county that you might build a go servant and blessing care for his benefit or go do we really want get into bed with these guys because what if we do something wrong amount. Some public pressure campaign against us. And that's just not strategically smart noon up hurting the very people that you want to reach. So this is a difficult situation, but I think your point on. Motivation is super important and that they can look we we did talk to somebody who is higher than the lady that should have been down and she actually listen to us, which is a great this has nothing do with going to war around the sublimity some some across over here.

At least this lady listen to us. There's a Proverbs, Proverbs 18 sentences a full speech about here in the whole matter. At least this lady said listen to us and I think sometimes even if you disagree, and even if nothing comes of this. Just the fact that finally somebody set them listen to us really helps us think so were not going to cortical war with wake County evolution back, and in fact I think this ship has sailed and will find another group to partner with. But why would you say sometimes I don't do this as an evangelical Christian. I don't sit down and listen.

And so it's healthy to do that. Yeah.

Oh, I think in the midst of all this persecution are not in the midst of it when you're going to engage there's there's the need to engage the need to, in this case cortical go to war but there's also the way and in our ethics the world. We recall this just in bellow. How do you actually write in the war.

So all of a sudden you're engaging. We know that the spiritual darkness. We know that there's blindness. So when I'm out of the abortion clinic on Saturdays.

Believe me, there's a lot of hatred and anger that wells up inside of me, but how we treat those people in the midst of this really matters. It doesn't even look up what was going to the auction Augustinian view war. What I just said is there has to be a just calls you just ask them out when you go to war with just calls us August warfare than just bill.

How do you actually carry out that Augustine's and civilians are awful and right will bless in our Sally. YES, I will say this, one of one of the core convictions I have.

When you quote unquote good war pushback. I still think you have to have respect for authority gives an example that acts chapter 23 viewer this before Paul's on trial, the high priest is a beta notes I preached, and this man says to the soldier slap which is against Jewish law. He slaps Paul and Paul looks this means is you whitewashed tombs and they said was that you can't talk high priest like that in Europe also had Paul apologized.

He said I didn't realize that was the high priest. The Bible says you shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people bosses on the maintain respect for authority. Another example of this is Daniel Lyons, Danielle Daniel chapter 6 when Darius this is Amanda Freeman Weinstein. He comes the next day to check on Daniel and here's a Daniel says in Daniel six. Long live the king yeah you maintain that since respect June 1 work.

Michael is fighting with Satan the devil over the body of Moses and his Michael didn't even mouth off to St. he just got a rebuke you, so there's a principal here as were carrying out some these, we would still have to maintain a sense of project. Not now. Now this is going upset some people there's there's a lot of people in social media and otherwise, that will say some people didn't trump.

Trump is not my president player people in our side are doing a fight yet light is not my president. While I'm here to tell you yes yes yes get over it and guess who could guess who was sovereignly over November 3 for fit 67, January 6, January 20, and today guesses sovereignly over all of that in either making some things happen no less than allowing things to happen that would be the God of the Bible gets into this as you pushback. There's a verse in verse angle that we we totally get wrong we say rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft notices in the original Hebrew. The original Hebrew says rebellion the sin of witchcraft. In other words, the author first Samuel equates a rebellious spirit with a demonic spirit yet and so it's not like it.

It's like the spirit which present as it is a spirit, witchcraft, and so I do think that as we go forward, we still have to maintain the sense of respect for authority, Joe Biden is my president. I pray for Joe Biden yeah and so while you yeah I'm right there with you and that's where you have to and I think that's where we have to be careful because people are.

We saw with the masks. Now let's talk about closing the church down. Yeah. So when Cooper comes out and says okay we got a shut down everything including churches, your church, most churches all set okay. We shut down and then you go along with that for a while, but I remember the day it happened because Esther Ron Beatty is over near Winston-Salem had the backbone and apparently little bit of cash in, took the took the state government to court over the First Amendment and they won and they didn't appeal that Cooper didn't appeal that and it came out that day that hate you know it it's a constitutional violation.

First Amendment the state cannot shutdown church yes and I remember I got a call. It is either done him into cooler pastor with himself and John and I think was reaching out to me because what does this mean, as were all like so worried in this crazy screwed up environment.

What is this mean I said, this means you can open the church are legally yeah I still think we like Rob McCoy came and spoke your church. I've known Rob for a couple years now. He told the government in California take a flying leap. So in a situation like that most churches shut down a few open open in contrary to what the government said what did you think of that that situation I think it's a really good test for all his people are going. Romans 13 submit to the governing authorities yeah yada yada yada Rob made the point, the governing authorities. Yeah right right yeah and only what John MacArthur did we come to the selling is likely let's let's do this for a week or two, but can we think this thing through. Before just automatically, arbitrarily shut everything down and I like what Doug Wilson said never in in common and in English common law has the government came in and isolated the healthy yeah this was unprecedented and I do think the government has the right thing to do this in Calvin's Geneva. There was a season when you know there's a play come through this little shut everything down and if this city has a plague outbreak.

We shut that she is also right but I so that we so you never seem to have) a happy childhood. This Steve Ludlum shift gears of your mind, because don't really have a great point. I need my fellow pastors out there to start pushing back a little bit you. Let me give you some examples. I want to get you in trouble.

But let me give you couple examples of how have asters have not help the situation when it comes to the Cold War there was a pastor loving great preacher great ministry, but the pastor of a mega mega mega church like a Charlie Kirk tweet nine months before the city where they done a lot of the sink. I think out of foster care ministry feeding the hungry, clothing, people, the city leader there found out that he is like a Charlie Kirk tweet from nine months before and she said this I think is a $25 million. She is over. You guys are done and the pastor cannot said, I apologize that tweet.

I was very insensitive he should not of the knowledge how absolutely not. Another pastor's name. I don't revisit his church one Sunday and he said the Bible says to pray for president. Let's pray for him.

He pray for him from his church members who didn't like Trump got angry and he goes the next week.

I apologize without hearing the side of I didn't say I didn't say I was the first pastor, but I wasn't the Saddleback was that of California. He noticed it was the first pastor was the first one I got in trouble because he liked a tweet from Trey saying that I yeah I don't know, but I believe is David Platt.

He should be exact thing that God commands us to do if July 3. Pray for those in authority over you if you voted for in that you didn't vote for me, especially liberals just condemned them to Helen Curcio. That's what you should know what it said in first Timothy chapter 2 is to pray for those of you. If Joe Biden could hear church leaders report their imprint on pray to get saved the Holy Ghost the initial evidence of speaking to all that I mistook but you you third example now.

Max located yet in 2004 preacher after pretty good sermon on the whole thing's expense think that I was invited a few months ago to preach at the national Cathedral said there was an outcry.

They said what about the sermon back in 2004 and he came out and said look, I'm really sorry. He said I'm very sorry.

I still have the same views on same-sex marriage that you have but I shouldn't say what I sit up. He should have a poncho. I need pastors to start pushing back just a little bit, thus saith the Lord and the Lord said it that that's the way I operate, the clearer it is in Scripture the boulder. I am in public. If it's something to Scripture like I don't know if I can exactly make the square peg fit the square hole on this particular issue at this particular time.

Then I pull back a little bit when I but if it's really clear I'm in town.

The desk and you can you can come after me you can take me off the air. You can splash my I'm knocking to back down from that because I know God set and I'm at a stand on that and guess what you learn this your home church is learned when you stand and what God says. Even when the world says no, God says yes yes is in charge of the blessed any of the world. The God of the Bible and could come back and bite us and we may lose everybody's just don't like her passion say hey if you do this your church growth. You may lose everything, but it's worth and what your employer, a fellow employee neighbor, or that the government itself that were talking today about a time for war. Solomon wrote this time for peace and the time for war. What's challenging is to know when is the time for each and for us as Christians in America.

Conservative theologically, which also leads generally to conservative in terms of your politics, but predominantly theologically. We have to remember that the no matter how nice we are, and how many rainbow flags you wrap around your three crosses outside across assembling the world is never going to love you because of who you represent and that's the deal you if you're nice yeah you that there's a psychological term called the law of least interest, the person is the least interesting relationship holds all the power when it comes the church in the world you think has the least interest in this relationship is where you want to try to curry favor and suck up think they got all the power and so won't I just it's it's time for us to say look I serve one person serve an audience of one, and again there's something liberating about saying all just want to please the Lord Jesus Christ. The very first time I spoke to pastors was in late summer 2004 called action was born in April 2004 we had a pastors meeting at Providence Baptist Church.

About 90 pastors there and this is when we were going to do the stand for the family rally though Dr. Dobson everything that the arena okay where there was almost 14,000 people first time I've ever spoken to pastors like that. So I stood up there and I said okay hi my name Steve Noble: the guy behind all the stuff right now and let me just tell you guys something I'm not. I'm not pastor and I'm not a politician so I feel like I can say anything to anybody, and I don't particularly care what you think of me because I'm really only playing to an audience of one, and that being said, let me just share with you what's going on in and there were some people I didn't like that because was that unloving was it price it might've been prideful God can judge me on that.

But that's where we need to get to the point where were not worried about we don't have the fear man.

We fear you, and we also have to not be people please you write yet another two great resources of first Oz Guinness unity is God's Guinness audience of one. He's written a great great article on living to an audience of one in the there's another game in Wiltshire in called a when people are big and God is small and what Jesus tells in Luke 12. He said that look. Don't fear those who can bash on Facebook.

I don't fear those who can, you know, call their attorney on yeah Jesus says I tell you who you should fear, fear the one who has the power to cast people they hail Jesus says yes I tell you, fear him. That sounds a little unloving but think Jesus is saying is look at your will to come against persecution going to come against allotments. If you're afraid of people to eat your lunch. Just fear God is assigned you and you can fear God and love people and telling the truth all the same tabs as a matter of fact, if you love me you'll tell me the truth you if you don't tell me the truth.

I could go see a doctor and the doctor knows you have terminal cancer, but he doesn't tell you the truth, you is that a good doctor).

When using about the absurdity of what will the same to us. Steve because you and your fellow evangelicals say that it's wrong to let a baby have the back of his head split open and its brains sucked out because you say it's wrong for a baby to lie on a cold metal table until it dies. You guys are so unloving you think of the absurdity of that, what were standing for really is life and death, heaven and hell and I think the most unloving thing we could do shifty promotion. I really do honestly owe absolute. Sometimes I told my kids this for years they could finish this line for if there I think sometimes the most Christlike thing you can do is in all four of them in unison would say shut up exactly sometimes I think of Jesus when they brought before Herod not do this and I trick people all the time on purpose. Do you remember what silts of Pontius Pilate.

Since Jesus over to Herod. What Jesus said to Herod in there trying to remember and that I let him hang there for and I think actually didn't seem right.

Not a word. And who knows what Herod had going on in his palace in his room with all these people who knows what the women are doing what the men are doing who knows what they're saying and it was crazy. But Jesus didn't say work and so there's a time for us to just kind of take Jesus took it. You have to yeah you can call down 12 legions of angels, about 60,011 2000 of them take out two cities. One of them will kill hundred 20,000 guys overnight and 60,000 on the whole earth going, but he didn't. Yeah he did, and yet there are other times where he would okay yeah so I think that's our challenge. So what about on the interpersonal side because I know most of us have had problems with family when it comes to political issues.

Even with coven mask don't mass in our doing vaccine.

Don't ask how we handle that interpersonal relationships in terms of do we go to war with these people that we love and their family members and sometimes Chad you've seen this even in the church we were going to war with each other in the church with Jesus that don't know you. By the way you love one another were bashing each other side.

We handle that. Yeah yeah now I will say not good. You can contribute. You would not mask about the battery more about this. What about that name yet, so I would later provide Nebo different from what you Christian right. Obviously the Bible is our standard and so that's that's a sinner right and wrong even on right wrong standards yet to be wise you Jesus in Luke 12, the Holy Spirit and you the Holy Spirit to let you know what to say and when to say it.

And so that's why believe the spiritual life because there are times all have family gatherings and you have the right For homosexuals that come to my family dinners.

Why don't just over turkey say hey incidentally you do want, but I don't do that. The Holy Spirit gives me wisdom at that what to say when to say it. And so I you know lives even overarching principle just rely on the Holy Spirit and don't unnecessarily spark wars were.

You don't have to man you know a good soldier doesn't do that. A good soldier understands the wars to fight in a good soldier knows the worsted to take the trip away from and not not fight yet wisdom generally will arm you with a laser rather than a shock. Yeah exactly and in you and you don't die on every hill. I don't tie in every hill theologically as a couple things that you and I disagree with that we discussed on the air before where we where we don't have unison hills.

I'm dying on answer the go. Okay, what we see it differently and this is a salvific issue, so I'm not gonna die in that hill and all walk away and especially when were talking about interpersonal relationships.

There's two different kinds we got a black and white world right you you talked about this either the person you're talking to is in the body of the ring up there in the kingdom. Or they're not.

And if they are not, then I have to be thinking gospel above yes yes yes and I was Steve I think temper and anger is the most destructible interpersonal habit. I've had to get your listeners, you know, music pastor Jana stomach control your temper with nexus card to be going to talk to us about sexual purity. As I get it. I am not guided to let you got the stuff, but I will say that my anger has burned more bridges.

Looking back in my life. My anger your redhead held up as old Irish when you know they lie to me and so I'm just saying man that there's gotta be Petersons you answer with gentleness and respect.

And we've got to let that be our guide. Know that was my challenge. First Peter 350 always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have and I and II read that part and I said yeah yeah yeah I'm ready to give you an answer. And actually, I haven't imprinted here on the end of my shoe in my shoes can be up against your header and then but then you others, and there's another part of the first yeah actually. What is that say well at temperance or perseverance or compassion and patience whatever whatever version you're reading. But there is that other side to it and I think that's what we have to remember I don't thunder with an unbeliever. The way I do great point and decide to Burgess Berg so when I and I know in this affects me on the air because I know and you should know this about Christian radio, 25, 30% to Christian radio listeners are completely unchurched and this is a safe place, and always asking for money. They want to see anybody they can just come a step in. Listen and check it out. Step out to drive anywhere and sit next anywhere Christians. Nothing like that and so I know I've got unchurched people that tune in to listen to the show in my witness to them is more important than my ability to be will beat the tar out of somebody in a debate which I can usually do, but that's why I don't do a lot of debate type. I almost never have guessed on ramps to get into it yeah yes the world does that all the time and no what I stand for you. Listen to the show. One time you'll know what I but I don't need on the unnecessarily combative, yet you also did to move.

Instinctively he said in the Lord's servant must not, but must be kind everybody everything that tears me up. My take apart the servant must not quarrel. He must be kind ever by having some grime trying to growing this thing man. Isn't it amazing what actually leads people to repent. The kindest holiness of God is the kind so I so that's what happened to me in my selfish back in 1994, the Holy Spirit, make me realize I am an absolute piece of garbage and I'm crying to my car almost every day for months. Convicted by the Holy Spirit and then because I was raising a good American home where I'm like I understand the gospel I missed in my sin I understand what Jesus is offering me all the stuff I see it, just like my phone is in my I see it, except the Protestant work ethic says there's no such thing as a free lunch.

You don't take what you do, you don't deserve any. Gotta earn everything so Mike, I can't. I don't deserve it.

I can't. I can't can't accept this free offer of forgiveness. I can't do that and eventually I had to give up because it was the kindness of God.

Yeah I'm a piece of garbage I deserve hell I'm remarkably wicked. Yet while while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. What, that's the kindness of God that broke me. It wasn't fear of hell. It wasn't some preacher it was the kindness of God. Yeah, you and I live in the Lord couple weeks ago.

The smokes and drinks. Whatever I could've said some of their heart-wrenching yes, but not it's it's interesting with the same thing when he understood the kindness of the Lord Jesus did for him seems early welcome me just break down crying or something powerful about the kindness of you and we should represent that where ambassadors and I'm pretty sure it doesn't say in the Bible that God sent Chad Harvey to convict the world. The Holy Spirit does that we preach about it, but the conviction comes with power, the kindness of God, by the way, that's only thing ultimately that will change this country that Chad Harvey Ross simply like to me on stage luck will do it again. Friends will be back tomorrow. God willing, I'll be back. Not sure what happened in the next hours, but I can guarantee you all have said so, God willing, I'll talk you then like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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