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Miracle Babies & Idiots

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June 16, 2021 3:30 pm

Miracle Babies & Idiots

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 16, 2021 3:30 pm

Face Diapers, YUM!

Today Steve talks about the masks that schools are forcing on kids and the impact Covid is still having. 


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Everyone is time for the Steve Noble show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred down call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble are so gross so gross. What you can mine out of a phase diaper. I welcome back and Steve Noble to see no so great to be with you.

I love the story and there's something interesting up are doing well that it is amazing what you can share on Facebook these days as if something major had shifted in the air.

So all of a sudden you can question the Wu hand virology lab and you can put up questions about coalbed and you can question vaccines and you can question poked out to you get all kinds of crazy things on Facebook these days as if they are expecting some shoes to drop. And so they need to start changing the narrative a little bit sorta go through that and several other stories and some of these are pretty funny. If you have a bit of a sick twisted humor like I do so like Joe Biden who had his little face-off with Vladimir Putin and what that was like probably a lot of pauses and silent moments there but but before that he was asked a question about food and got into that and then there is this just totally bizarre.

Now I think more and more people now they won't they won't say this publicly, yet on the left until it's time to try to exalt, into this role, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that you know Joe is just common old guy got some old guy issues. So it was like about a six second pots.

Now there's my dad would call that a senior moment. You know when you're getting a little older and you're like me on the radio 55 LB rock 'n' roll and also not just lose that whatever thought was next. Whatever sentence was next is just gone.

But usually I'll acknowledge that go well and I just lost it's gone.

I'm whatever I was about century great and so forget it. I just had a senior moment, let's move on, but not the president. He just flat out just time travel, something. So you hear that, and then Jon Stewart hilarious exchange with Stephen Colbert. I mean late-night comedy is dad it's just late-night commentary from liberals, but I miss the days don't you when when comedians especially late-night comedians whether they were liberals or Democrats are not would literally rip everybody that that was the beauty of it. That's that's the beauty of comedy as though don't go after anybody. Nobody safe when you have good comedians. That's just the way they play the game. I'm not endorsing understatements weight is but the Jon Stewart thing with Stephen Colbert's hilarious. I will do that and trunk, along will go to the board of a trucks going back so there's that story and then up at the end of the show I'll get to the story. The moment of silence heard around the nation by a written by my friend Dr. Michael Brown shown up in a lot of places online but on the public from the stream. Reason number four and like 78 why I totally have a man crush on Rhonda Santos the governor Florida. But let's start with it.

So for those of you on Facebook live in YouTube like to see this.

This is one of those lovely blue mass that most of us are wearing anymore and I just kinda messed up the inside of it with a bunch of different colors and just, grossness to show you a little visual representation of this story, which I love and I share on Facebook still on Facebook is like I'm waiting for Gabriel to blow his horn. And Jesus come back. A group of parent center kids facemask to a lab for analysis is what they found. We been told for well over year. The widespread forced public masking. This is an should be implement it because even if only moderately to slightly to negligibly effective at curbing the spread of coping.

19. There are zero drawbacks. What farm they asked. It's only a minor inconvenience. They bleat it saves one life it's worth it. They implore meanwhile we on team reality and not continue to point to real-world data that shows masking to be entirely ineffective. Not only have we done that. We also maintain a forced public masking, especially long term is negative societal and even health ramifications that the powers to be are all too happy to ignore it only stands to reason Scott Moore feel the goes on to say that one of those health ramifications would be the fact that millions of people, particularly children forced to wear and carry around pieces of cloth. They continually breathe through for hours on end or as I affectionately call referred to as phase diaper me say that not what lurking pathogens might be found on these disgusting contraception's being incessantly handled stuck in pockets and mindlessly tossed on books, tables and vests. What a great question. Well, one group of Florida. Parents sent a batch of mass whereby their children to a lab to find out. Good job. Mom and dad via the press release, Arsenal, Gainesville, Florida, June 16, a group of parents in Gainesville Florida concerned about potential harm for mass submitted six facemask the lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five mass were contaminated with bacteria, parasites and fungi including free with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia, causing bacteria, no viruses were detected on the mass. Although the test is capable of detecting virus analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous engines on the master these are the kids wearing the little mass off at school. Whether it's the blue and you bind the store. The cloth ones you by name was right. So they tested all of here's the 11 things they found 11 wonderful beautiful. Make your day, things they find on a child's mass that the school systems in the blue states. Mostly are forcing them to where Streptococcus pneumonia. It's just pneumonia, tuberculosis, no problem there. Meningitis and sepsis is what they're finding on the inside of these mass that kids are wearing at school one day okay keratitis in granular modest amoebic encephalitis, pneumonia, bloodstream infections, meningitis, UTIs resistant to antibiotics. That's S&L Baxter ball money. The next one is Escherichia coli that's food poisoning than I soon as Borrelia Virgil's theory that causes Lyme disease.

No problem there. Right corner bacterium dip theory.

I that's diphtheria. No problem there. Steve, a Legionella feel young legionnaires disease Staphylococcus Pio Gina serotype M3 that severe infections, high morbidity rates and Staphylococcus aureus meningitis once again and sepsis have a glass were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia, causing bacteria, one third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis, causing bacteria, one third were contaminated with dangerous antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified including pathogens that can cause fever ulcers, acne, yeast infection, strep throat. Donald disease Rocky Mount spotted fever and more facemask study were nearly her freshly laundered before wearing it have been worn for what 58 hours most during in person schooling by children's age 6 to 11 and that's what we've been doing to our kids for the last year and who's going to pay for that. Not to mention depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts of suicide will pick up their yeah no kidding you like America phase diaper on you for the last year. Besides reading that article from here's the things they found all these different really fancy names was Latin, but stuff that gives you the following pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, sepsis, food poisoning, keratitis or pneumonia, Lyme disease, diphtheria legionnaires disease, severe infections, and more so another one more meningitis and more sepsis so that's on these little kids like 6 to 12 years of age and some smart parents said hey let's grab these mass just one day to clean their new anywhere in for a day 5 to 8 hours bring mom sent them off the lab when you get you get this a petri dish that would probably make you throw up if you saw that's all you know in our kids but since we killed in the womb, and when they get old enough and worse that we stick them in a retirement center and they were worried about a coalbed and when we decide to bring in Anibal do a knife fight. Instead of focusing on the people that were actually really at risk with covert I we currently use politics to take control over everybody and everything in when the vast majority people dying covert are older people, especially in retirement homes.

Who cares. So if you're too young to scream or too old to scream, you can hire a lawyer pick up a gun. Then your disposable. God bless America luck with that. But this one vast majority Democrats support employers forcing workers to get the covert chap new poll finds mightily. Stories like this you can share pretty much freely and uninhibited on Facebook these days as if there waiting for another shoe to drop. Here in the near future.

Must mimic and challenge in fighting the buyers pandemic has been the political polarization on the public health measures yes because it's you stupid conservative Christians that won't get the backs because you obviously don't know to go to Rome don't care about your neighbor dog typical Christian right versus all the blue state.

People who care about their neighbors Lester in the womb and then you get back to a new CBS News you got poll released Sunday shows Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided.

No kidding on an employee's right to either choose or waive the right to be administered a vaccine. The new big poll asked 2300 adults in the US between June 8 and 10th a series of questions about today's environment and here's the one that's most fascinating quote.

Suppose a private business or employer wants to mandate that if workers get coronavirus vaccines in order to return to work allowed to mandate vaccines for its employees are not be allowed to band mandate vaccines for employees in an increasingly polarized world they write in this article from zero ads accelerated by the virus vaccines 79% of Democrats agreed that employers should be able to force their workers to get back in contrast, only 39% of Republicans approve of vaccine mandates at work. The overall response was 56 to 44% in support of force jabbed by employers. Most employers are encouraging employees to get the job all summer requiring legal risk of this mandate are quickly developing but employers continue to stay underground like we mentioned the other day.

Now you got this increasing now. They're looking into it.

They got an emergency meeting this week, the CDC, the NIH about young people vertically young males developing these heart issues and that's only the information that's coming out. If we go back to this first story about these parents at some the stuff off the facemask to lab and Mike really did it take us a year have to do this. Probably not adjusted to take a year and 1/2 of the truth, in this environment that shouldn't surprise anybody.

So now you've got red state blue state red states are to say you were not so hot and mandatory vaccines. Blue states are all for it like your North Carolina were barely hitting 50% vaccinated up in New York they just opened up New York. They had 70%. Our son lives in San Francisco and there at like 90% plus back.

Blue versus red blue government. We look to the government for solutions.

Read leave it up to the individual that's generally the difference in liberalism in conservatives in general. Okay she got that going so you still have to fight and share.

When you see truth bombs like this put them out there put them out there be an agent of truth what people choose to do with the truth is there, deal but were called to share be salt and light so put the stuff out there and I know for some of us, it's cost us relationships in its disrupted households and small groups and Sunday school classes, neighborhoods, whatever.

But again, ultimately people cannot take care of themselves or their neighbors. If they don't know the truth so were supposed to be people in truth, let's do that. Okay, this was really weird to hear about this hot play on words to hear about this, so this is Joe Biden the other day there asking him at the G7 about bite about to his upcoming meeting with Putin which they just had so this is really disturbing. If this had happened to Donald Trump as president. I'm sure the media would've been saying. I think he just had a mini stroke because this is just not normal.

I call take a dramatic pause while I'm doing radio and Rush Limbaugh used to do that all the time like I was just doing in this case it's a little more bizarre we ready with this stuff. Okay, check this out now. Just watch list. If you're watching on Facebook Liber YouTube live, you'll see this video, but on radio your inherent so just listen for all of a sudden the president goes radio silence. Okay.

Let's play it when you said whatever special first question I'm laughing to actually will look on me and he is made clear that the answer is, I believe that almost 8 seconds. Essentially, let's go back out, he was back up thoughts go back.

That was almost 8 seconds I was timing right here my handy dandy. I thought I was timing almost 8 seconds on the first part they have to catch is now the they should probably get some kind of a copyright or patent something to be copyrighted.

The laugh when somebody asked a question you don't like and are prepared to answer his left, Harris got that done OT. You have been on the border know you, Lester Holt know you we we go to the border were go to the border were notable or typical politician speak, no, no, ma'am you you have a gun to the border as a whole. Laughing like a like a kid caught in the headlights and you know Sanusi had this really awkward laugh played again. So just listened assistance almost 8 seconds."

The most powerful man on the earth and whether he now all right so Deborah on Facebook like maybe was listening to an earpiece.


But when you present United States. All these things matter is you're the guy right allegedly now this would happen with Trump and he just went dead silent. I'm sure the left medial wood and scream and I think you just had a mini stroke that play wintertime of their life into action. Will look on me and he is made clear that the answer is okay so I believe she is trying to say something because it's on radio acknowledging uncut that on radio. If you go silent for 10 seconds that the computer systems can assume you got a big problem and they're going to just go to an old show via to say something but that that's going to the present Nazis and their asking and the question. It's all in English, so it's not like he needs in his listening ear set a G7's eyes talking to Vladimir Putin. Putin speaks a little but English probably speaks more than willing to but then they got the interpreters like the UN and stuff. So there's that, but not in this case that's all in English but it doesn't matter when your God bless him just losing he is losing it. So the man with the most powerful job visible job governmental job on the face of the planet B" leader of the free world is just freezing over and over and over again and that's where were at with the presidency in 2021. Okay, so maybe not so funny only come back your deafening a laugh, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be right okay what should we do first is that a little fun every once and I'm like okay Have a little fun. We go to the Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, video, which is about the will hand virus in the will him lab of the same name or the head of the world's biggest families died at age 76 and the details of that will how big was his family. You will you will believe it. I mean it's shocking right all hold onto that blister. This iso-Jon Stewart was on Stephen Colbert shows the Stephen Colbert make a big deal because another back in person. I guess at the theater where they do the show and in the issue of the Wu hand virus. The China virus Jnet viruses present a trumpet call it in the Wuhan lab. The virology lab there in Wuhan versus the wet market versus the bats that are like 600 miles away and and this is hilarious because I don't think Stephen Colbert is liking where Jon Stewart went but Jon Stewart was not to be stopped if Deming this is hilarious, logical and clear thinking and it's just beautiful. So I want to hug that experienced myself. I want us all to be able to join us.

So let's do that. We ready to do the Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart comes in and takes over Stephen Colbert show like this is a chance of the strata labs investigation chance will I have is I love to hear either no novel laboratory coronavirus overtaking will land China. What we do owe you. We could ask the Wu hand novel respiratory coronavirus lab. The disease is the same name as the lab just a little true where was I just like this.

So wait a minute you work at the Wu and respiratory coronavirus lab. How did this happen, and the like kind Winchester turtle guard shall start work at the coronavirus lab will lose you when we wake up like she now there will be because I think he is legitimately shocked that Jon Stewart goes here and Jon Stewart just mocking everybody every institution, every media outlet. Every person that thinks a bat from 600 miles away somehow made it to the wet market linen somebody soup. They adjusted the next thing you know we got two or 3 million people dead around the world and the world economy destroyed all because of some crazy little bat flew 600 miles and landed in somebody soup and will in China and know that he's just being logical, which is almost illegal anymore. Just being logical. It's the Wuhan coronavirus lab virology lab grown where they do what. There's only three places to generalist one of those right here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

There's only two there's only three places on the earth that are doing gain of recent gain of function research and specific to coronavirus three. Two women are in America didn't come from here and the other one is in the coronavirus will hand epidemiology lab so that that's just hilarious and right on the money he were so funny that part with pangolin kiss deep turtle right okay that's what happened in the wet market and then got out in the next thing you know all judge a millionaire or just debt so just amazing and so the tide is turning, so be encouraged by stuff like this. The time is definitely turning so if you want to start posting back on social media about calling out things on the vaccine. Make sure you check your facts.

By the way are we talking about actual aborted baby parts or fetal cell lines, you need to make sure you're dealing with reality. Make sure your accurate but calling out what's going on with the vaccines and what's going on.

The vaccine complications and what's happening with the heart conditions of these young men that have gotten the backs and calling out Wuhan and now the world at the G7 hired to save the day. I haven't looked verify that the G7 good job lease on Facebook live in or stop good. Don't ever stop the G7. I think put a statement the other day going yeah were okay with an extensive investigation into the Wuhan coronavirus virology lab and of course you gotta say whole and second, but China is involved with the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization took the puppet of China would appear, which is why Trump defunded it from an American perspective and now now the G7, and I'm telling you there's all kinds of shoes or any drop in between now and the end of the year and are trying to get ahead of it, just like the file to emails so all that's going on.

Pay attention and be salt and light. Keep sharing the truth and do it with love, don't name it now everybody centered on you know what the difference between conspiracy theorists and unkempt conspiracy theorist haters is about 12 months. All I can stop work were not to, that you not to the end zone, yet everybody so those of you that are playing that game and now you just change the dates of Trump's gonna retake the White House, you know sometime in August. You need a little dose of reality as well. In many ways to be careful out there people okay okay the head of the world's biggest families died at age 76. How big is your family have to be to get that title is from CNN so*ahead of what may be the world's largest family has died in India just past Sunday. According to the director of the hospital where he was treated, the owner CIO NA who went only by his first name, died on Sunday at the age of 70 60. Had the biggest family the world how big is your family.

He had get this 38 children, wives he had 38 wives and 89 children. According to a tweet from Zora Muth something. Gotta the chief minister of Ms. a ram. The northeastern Indian state was Iona lift the patriarch along a Christian tribal sector promotes polygamy as God's will, we are talking about this.

I talked about this yesterday.

You can't just take the Bible make it say whatever you want.

Does the Bible record things that are uncomfortable yes, but the Bible doesn't necessarily endorse a meeting it records. Take for example polygamy everywhere you find polygamy in the old testament. What else you find a train wreck wreckage. But in this case 38 wives and 89 children.

Like I don't I don't get my own for kids names right we do it 89 kids in your 76. By the way, who I mean I love my wife. We have our challenges and that's just one, but with 38 art. How do you live to 76 yet 38 wives and 89 kids having survived that long.

It doesn't seem his death.

That probably would help.

But that's just a 30 wives and children. Holy cow. Okay since were talking about funny stories of students will trump going the US Mexican border just cracks me up as, avoids going binds border crisis worsens from the daily wire. Just yesterday, June 15 former Pres. Donald Trump announced Tuesday that is traveling to the US-Mexico border. As president Joe Biden's border crisis has continued to worsen and vice president, Harris has repeatedly avoided traveling to the area.

Quote I have accepted the invitation of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to join him on an official visit visit to our nation's decimated southern border on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Trump said in a statement, quote the pie demonstration inherited from me, the strongest, safest and most secure border in US history, which probably true in mere weeks, they turned it into the single worst border crisis in US history. It's an unmitigated disaster zone. If this weren't bad enough, Biden Harris will tour the scenes of the wreckage they created or come down and visit with the border patrol nice heroes risking their lives to defend our nation at the time in the White House is doing everything it can to make their job totally impossible. Trump added what Biden and Harris have done and are continuing to do on our border is a graven willful dereliction of duty. My visit will hopefully shine a spotlight on these crimes against our nation and show the incredible people of ice and border patrol that they have our unshakable support.

Unless of course you the current president, vice president, but that's this is where Trump I think to be really helpful as is. He's just like a little bomb that goes off every once in a while you drop them over here. He dropped Wernicke's people's attention will see because he doesn't have twitter he doesn't have Facebook. He doesn't have Instagram so want to get it do you think CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and ABC are going to cover it. Maybe a little blurb but odds are they won't say a word, conservative media will probably cover it in the grade B down there so it's good to make some news but I I'm just I think is great. I think this is a great role for him is to be a spoiler and just show up every once in a while like where's Waldo and have little rallies can start those up again this summer and then this December.

I mentioned this before. He and O'Reilly are doing for stadium size events like indoor stadium size events and I looked at one in Florida and decent seats were 300 bucks apiece. The VIP seats down front or 7500 bucks apiece. I think the cheapest seats hundred bucks up following the back so it can be while here's some more stuff just more facts catcher wondering from the same article in the daily wire. The disasters border numbers for last month represented a staggering get this 674% increase versus May 2020, 21, 23,000 illegal aliens. Aliens were apprehended last month's numbers were the worst numbers in more than two decades because we stop the wall we stop enforcement and when you elect something like Joe Biden, Harrison, the left is put up a big sign up just wave your banner open for business. Come on up and what are they going to come up as they risk their lives get caught up in human trafficking. We throw kids over the wall and that's a human crisis right.

But liberals care they say they don't care about kids.

Brick family care about power up there only come back to more really important stories of Steve Noble. Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble children to be with you as always talking as fast as ever.

When my dad was alive he is with the Lord now. You still watch the show a lot which was which I appreciated because my dad was very much a liberal. I think he voted for Reagan. He was a Reagan Democrat 1980 only think about it for many for me. I mean that that reverse men voted against him and 80 motive form and 84 whatever wet at one point he was Reagan Democrat. It was funny ways to get these arguments they take on an independent and once I kinda started to get a woe to political things started to pay attention and start to get educated on this as I think, but this is I become an activist. By that point, 2004, but I was on the radio yet. I think I remember going wait a minute because I was thought when I was younger, high school, college, I thought my dad was a conservative Republican didn't know the word conservative back then but a Republican because I remembered him liking Reagan but Reagan had Reagan Democrats like a landslide of and then I'm ever talking about.

Once I started figuring things out and Mike will you keep calling yourself an independent right yeah okays then I just started going back through presidential elections for a few decades and he had he had voted for a Republican wants.

So I said as much respect and love as I could which sometimes isn't much at all like that you not an independent you're a Democrat that maybe screwed up once, but you're not an independent lease guided all time is to bless his love. I miss him, but I'll see him again. I do not grieve as those who have no hope.

Okay this one this one really upsets me, especially heels up telling abortion clinic story from yesterday US appeals court ruled North Carolina's 20 week abortion ban is unconstitutional. Okay let me just be real, just graphically, brutally honest with you so you understand this need understand the trip when you get to a 20 week abortion 20 week so the baby is about the science of no half a loaf of bread at 20 weeks pretty much fit in your hand, but when they do a 20 week abortion.

That's not that's not the suction apparatus because the suction apparatus can't pull that baby out. That's for like 14 weeks, 12 weeks, 10 weeks okay the most, was about 10 weeks. They can do that with a little suction machine, but on the 20 weaker at 20 weeks, that's dismemberment. Okay, they have basically these big four steps in the printer part at the end has teeth on it and they literally are just pulling parts out okay.

Then they have to reassemble them in the in the POC room products of conception to make sure they got along is that they believe anything in their then that can cause infection which could kill them. Forget the child but now are now are you so that's really reassemble that's what you have to do a 20 weeks. Okay, so they say that's unconstitutional to ban that kind of barbarism is unconstitutional. What you think our founding fathers would think about hey the Constitution says you can dismember children in the womb life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which is your violating all three of and by the way, is that a human being. Yes, biologist don't even argue that anymore. Are you science denier set up for question. A unanimous three-judge panel in a federal appeals court piping Fourth Circuit upheld the lower court ruling, North Carolina's ban on abortion after 20 weeks is unconstitutional a Bloedel porch and abortion opponents of one of many such cases currently percolating through federal courts. Several pro-life organizations are more than a dozen Republican state-supported North Carolina in the effort courses, they should 20 weeks 20 weeks to ban abortion the 20 weeks which is absolutely not CS barbarism is unconstitutional. When did our Constitution become like a chapter in the Screwtape letters this. Towards the end I listen listen to the hiss of the snake's Planned Parenthood.

Today's ruling is an important victory for our patients across North Carolina plan. South Atlantic Pres. Jenny black said abortion remains inaccessible for many North Carolinians really how and we will continue to protect and expand access to this essential healthcare who calls dismemberment of a 20 week old child in the womb healthcare of Romans one person that's when people can make decisions about their pregnancies that are best for them. Thank you autonomy. It's all about me families thrive really and we build communities where each of us can participate fully and with dignity. Where's the dignity when you're dismembering a 20 week old baby in the womb. That is the vision that we are fighting for in the court's decision today brings us one step closer. God help us, and when this country eventually implodes and I believe it will learned. We arty have. What stays God's hand. I have no idea. Grace and mercy. Patients right reason number. I don't know, 480 something to love and have a man crush for me anyway on Rhonda Santos who we did a little straw poll quickly on Facebook live and I asked would you rather have Rhonda Santos or Donald Trump run for president be the next president and definitely need to Santos by probably 7030. By the looks of it, so check this out. The moments of silence heard around the nation. Our friend Dr. Michael Brown wrote this in the stream on Monday. Florida Gov. Rhonda Santos signed HB 529 and the law mandating between one and two minutes of silence to start each day in the states public schools said to Santos quote the idea that you can push got out of every institution to be successful. I'm sorry our founding fathers did not believe that unquote.

As for the purpose of the moment of silence he stated at a news briefing quote we think it's something that's important to be able to provide each student the ability every day to be able to reflect and to be able to pray as they see fit.

As for the involvement of teachers.

The bill is explicit quote. A teacher may not make suggestions as to the nature of any reflection that a student may engage in during the moment of silence so the children will be told to remain silent for the designated period of time during which time within obvious parameters. They can do what they like, they can pray in whatever form the desire they can close her eyes and rest. I could think about what's coming. The rest of the day they can imagine whatever they want on it. There are no guidelines and no restrictions other than the fact that for at least one minute but not more than two they cannot talk. Praise the Lord or interact with each other in other ways or use their cell phones just silence. Love the quote. The bill actually says legislature finds that today's hectic society. Too few persons are able to experience even a moment of quiet reflection before plunging headlong into the activities of daily life. Young persons are particularly affected by the absence of an apt opportunity for a moment of quiet reflection.

The legislature finds that our youth in society as a whole would be well served if students in the public schools were afforded a moment of silence at beginning of each school day doing it what you will just be quiet minute. Two minutes. Whatever they decide. But no more than two then you get people on the opposition. This is funny. Of course, not everyone is happy with the bill with one disruptive protester claiming you're playing political games with our freedom of speech you're playing political games, but Michael Brown writes how, pray tell, is a moment of silence impact the students freedom of speech and isn't it ironic that in these days of compelled speech in our classrooms, but this protect protesters upset about compelled silence before the bill was signed in the law. Some Democratic legislators raised concerns.

HB 529 would violate the separation of church and state, which by the way, the wall of separation of church and state.

My offer stands. If you can find that the U.S. Constitution, the wall of separation of church and state. I'll give you $5000 cash okay to show me the Constitution where it says wall of separation between church and state Senate minor leader down in Florida. Gary farmer said it would be a good thing if we could all take a moment of silence every day and reflect the meditate a little bit on things that are important to us. However, the framers of our Constitution were very careful to separate church and state know they were only wanted to say and all they did say in the First Amendment.

For those of you want to know is that the state is not going to basically set up a state religion because they came from where where class word of the early colonists come from all that's right Europe where they had state sanction church England did and that's what created the Anglican church going back and forth between Protestantism and Catholicism in the state was the church with our founding fathers like nope when I do that and certain states in America. The colonies had state denominations. This was Anglican. This was Presbyterianism's Congregationalists and they didn't want.

Although state said this were Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists comes in when he told him there's a wall separation between you guys and the government. The government can't tell you in Massachusetts what your state.

Denominations can be. That's a state issue in our colonies states early on handles so that was saying the government is not to come tell the church what to do. That was nothing about the church speaking in the politics of a pastor talking politics or even politicians were talking about the upcoming election and nothing to do with.

That's all a pasteurization of the First Amendment won't establish a religion or what's the second part, oh that's right, prohibit the free exercise thereof, which is why all the church shutdowns in coping were all bogus. There all violation of the Constitution that matters.

So these are Democrats in there like my kids don't know the Constitution little Karen on Constitution and it's just like something that needs to be removed just like a skin condition is failure. Can someone please get this thing out some anybody anybody. What can somebody get this thing is really my way. What what what is, that's her man. What is nonsense.

The Constitution slick 200 some odd years old and outdated is like the Bible give me a break.

By the way, the truth has no expiration date.

So whether it was written in 2000 BC 6080 1618 1789. Whether it's in the Bible or in the Constitution if it's true, it's true. Doesn't matter when it was written as truth does not have an expiration date, but trinkets in the way, does it not come again.

I'll take you back for the sake of the show for years. When you talk about the culture and government politics. Whatever's going on in this country you want to study that the Bible you understand that you only need one book in one chapter book of Romans chapter 1 all you like the truth, so we reports are present we replace it with a lot women's healthcare as opposed to killing babies. As an example right will be back tomorrow. Pastor Chad Harvey cross assembly. When is the time to fight. He's been going through a series of Revelation when we as the church fight your government or city government, state government, federal government, and when we turn the other cheek when do we divest ourselves from earthly things to focus just on spiritual things was the time to fight geology Thursday. Tomorrow Pastor Chad Harvey, Mrs. Steve Noble, the signal show, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for

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