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4 Shocking Stories

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 24, 2021 1:45 pm

4 Shocking Stories

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 24, 2021 1:45 pm

4 Shocking Stories

Today Steve goes live to share four shocking stories from the weekend. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cow call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your house noble your on your move on. Write about their welcome back Steve. Noble, hope you had a great weekend. Great to be with you, great. That kind of you on Facebook live YouTube live. You can see me. I can see you. For those of you on the radio.

You can hear me I can't hear I can either hear University so in some ways that you have me at a disadvantage, but that's fine will deal with it. I we had a great weekend Memorial Day coming up a week from today. Usually I do a live show but that our friends on the other end of the Internet for some radial stopper taken Memorial Day off, which is great. I'm happy for them.

So I may do something on Friday or maybe something next Tuesday to focus on Memorial Day so will do that.

But today for shocking story. Two of them positive. I like I was like wow this is great. I'm really surprised but it's great and the two of them are what what I've mentioned before, for those of you on Facebook live on. We went live right for the radio show and live. You notice me in here the book up to my face and not in the name of the book I've mentioned a couple times in the show recently but haven't read it for you yet so it can be story time was Stephen the fourth segment of the show today. The KB see the ABCs that gay is in GA why the KB see story finished with that today for shocking stories to positive to negative. There's this one okay so just trying to I don't know about you but I do get a little tired of some of the regular stories that we hear all the time and methane are not important. They are, but I do a little worn down on its own to just to see Tina sidestep here today to look at a few other things.

But again, I'll be at a great week and welcome back could be with your California team what what you get out of that to restart their okay will just stop for second California team does something, what are you expecting positive or negative course expecting a negative right California team refurbishes what you think you can refurbish caliph and I and I assume that the heat right that's probably of micro-aggression California team refurbishes American flag in his local park for Eagle Scout project. Wow. And now I'm like did he get beat to the crowd come out and beat the tar out of them. No, sexy, great story Christian is Juve said he's proud to leave a mark on Fresno and honor veterans way to go. This is cool the flag is a replica of an original that was retired in 2003 and covered 5000 ft. in the months leading up to Memorial Day 17-year-old Christians. Juve decided to restore a massive concrete American flag in his local California Park for his Eagle Scout project for those of you that are not familiar with Boy Scouts what they used to be.

Anyway for the Eagle Scout. They've got to work their way through a whole bunch of merit badges and a lot of other things and then kind of the crowning achievement as they design their own project that's be good for the community and they have to come up with the money to pay for it and recruit other scouts of the people come helping basically legal thing on the room. That's what the Eagle Scout project Juve notice said he noticed that the concrete flag Memorial was" disarray had graffiti on it.

Skid marks all sorts of dirt and gunk on it. I did some research and found out the historic significance of it and that it was actually made during World War II to honor veterans.

He told Fox News Saturday. Once he found out how important a monument to veterans was, he knew he had to refurbish it so he and other scouts from troop 95 decided to go to work.

Quote that really motivated me to get back to the communities. Juve said what my project entailed was sailing down the flag and painting it to give it vibrant so that the community can hold onto it now. Just so you the visual of it. I share the story about my Facebook pages over the weekend.

This is huge concrete flag on like on a hill in a park and it'd gotten torn real old beat up and defaced all kinds of stuff. So that's what he went in there to do to refurbishes the area in Reading Park was originally planted with flowers, but the city of Fresno decided to install a more permanent concrete flag in 2007. According to the Fresno bee the local paper there quote just have this young man come along and only offered to do this for the city but frankly for the community standard filled box 26. We said absolutely. This is the somebody that works with the city so he got out there these young guys and did it and incomplete cleanup looks brand-new. And so the point of that story of the story is.

I know for us old fogies on 55 that oftentimes we are tendency is just gonna write off the next generation. They don't know their history. They don't appreciate the country that are preaching the flag. They're all bunch of socialism millennial Genovese yada yada. I mentioned last week a story were to have George Barna on in a few weeks that about 45% of millennial's and Jen see either have no interest in don't believe in just don't care about God so that's terrible but that's that's 100% is 45% and it's easy to say those things when you're young and would like beat you up a little bit more you experience in strategy some tragedy and other things you will mature into a position. By the time you're 30, that you could not imagine happening padding for the most part, when you were 16. So let's not give up on our posterity speaking to my fellow old fogies out there. Okay, I know it's tempting to do and frustrating and in but like I can't expect a 20-year-old to be where I'm at just knowledge base and wisdom experience wise at 55 but yet here's the story out here and mostly if it bleeds it leads. But this was one of the most shared commented on and looked at things that I put on Facebook in the past couple months which tells you another thing that we are absolutely starving for some positive news because we spend so much time in the negative stuff and just get this phase were angry O's country find and some of you from whatever but know that there stories out there people doing great things.

So let's all go out of our way occasionally to find them and read them and share those because it bleeds it leads. But that doesn't not be the case for all of us as individuals.

Then there's this this was okay. I saw this article a friend sent it to me. The problem with" Western religions on campus.

The stream politic the strange politics of administrative anti-racism by a young woman named Anna Keating is out starts and not say a little bit about Anna and then her perspective coming from her perspective, the way she sees what's going on college campuses with respect to religion is what makes the story shocking I know I did quit my job in the chaplain's office. She set up a small liberal arts school where I work, but it took a long time to bring myself to do it. The workplace have become so toxic that it was affecting my well-being.

I also know that when I left my position as the coordinator of Catholic life.

It wouldn't be refill worried about myself I would be fine. I was worried about the students I left behind what would become of their thriving community. Now that's unfamiliar to the wing so you learn a little more about Anna and then you'll be shocked this is the noble will be right back.

No talking good California. Most the time you would take about going on California's certain parts California are still some pretty conservative folks out there, and the fact that it's a young person. This case young man that's awesome right but for a lot of people that would be a very surprising story to read about, but encouraging especially week out for Memorial Day. Here's another one that I teed up so this was all about what's going on college campuses with respect to religion as a result of critical race theory and some other things so this is by Anna Keating. The problem with Western religions on campus and she was she was going to quit her job at the chaplain's office. She was Catholic. Okay I she goes to a school that was found in the late 1800s by Congregationalists of the historical heirs of the Puritans had long ago thrown out its hymnals and removed across from us historic main building as most of the original universities, including Harvard, Princeton University, Pennsylvania. Places like that have in the past.

There was also a part-time coordinator of Jewish life and a dozen or so volunteers from various faith traditions. When I took the job. Anna writes I didn't see my presence on campus is a Catholic campus ministers controversial or political I get this assist her perspective okay. I am a liberal, a feminist and myself a product of an elite university. Okay so this is unlike Anna's like me she's not super conservative person. She's a liberal feminist who went to an elite university, both cultural and in terms of Mike's expertise.

I thought I'd be a good fit for a progressive institution committed to helping students explore their various identities, whether in terms of gender, race, sexuality or even religion.

So a very liberal young lady here trying to serve as a chaplain of sorts for a Catholic chaplain at a probably appropriate, probably a pretty well and she never mentions a pretty well-known pumping Ivy League school right so that's her perspective, but I was unaware sees me she writes of the massive ideological changes that had taken place on college campuses in the decade since I had graduated only been 10 years arriving as a chaplain at a progressive secular college with traditional views of what a liberal arts education in the humanities was about. I thought it meant exploring different ways of being and weighing different narratives by bringing them in the conversation with one another.

That's classic liberalism. By the way, take the pulp political idea. Okay, that's what it saw liberal arts degree is about critical thinking into an looking at different perspectives and worldviews. In such and studying them and positive, negative, how they affected history, things like that.

Okay, that's a liberal arts education.

She talked I saw a religion is another identity to be explored and, therefore, essential to a student's experience and self-definition. I also considered the study of comparative religions in the presence of religion on campus is elements of true multiculturalism. Sorry Anna in at least for a while. At least it seemed as though we were filling a need for students interested in religious community at a typical Thursday night supper. There might be 15 students in a different native languages at the table in a school that was 65% white, and American. We had black, white, Latino, Asian, indigenous and mixed students, students from China, Poland, Kenya, France, Slovakia, Austria, the Philippines, Mexico and Bangladesh with first-generation college students and students whose parents were in the top 1%. We also had a diversity of perspectives and viewpoints is one student said of our community suppers quote this is the only place on campus where I have conversations with people who think differently than me unquote who see that's dangerous right can allow that the liberalism she writes we all grew up with with relegated religion to the private sphere, and though this was an overly restrictive way of thinking about religion at least tolerated religious minorities unless they broke laws are infringe on the rights of others. A small group of Catholic students, a liberal arts school meeting for mass on Sunday nights in an otherwise unused chapel wasn't a problem in a rights.

Such kids might be considered weird, but they weren't hurting anybody. The same went for gathering on Friday nights for Shabbat modern liberalism even tended to celebrate such displays of religion as reflections of an individual choice and freedom of religion and expression right so she's speaking logically here. Hey, what's the problem with religion. Just let them do their thing that they want to discuss it fine unless they're out there breaking the law. What's the problem, and she's an uber liberal IS her perspective. But she writes liberalism's commitment to that kind of pluralism has been eroded by what the writer Wesley Yang calls the successor ideology. Listen should sound familiar to you, rooted in the critical race theory of the E from X Candy and Robin D'Angelo school. She wrote white guilt.

Even X can be wrote how to be an antiracist of these were really out there pretty radical people. This ideology is far less tolerant of Jewish kids gathering Shabbat for Shabbat or Catholic kids for mass under the influence of this form of ideological thinking. This is pervasive. By the way friends okay that's why this story is important. Students were coming to view religious services or religious observances, as part of the structure of white supremacy. When I first began to encounter this pernicious form of intolerant groupthink.

I was a bit incredulous, a spiritual but not religious. Students sometimes came to Catholic communities events wearing her. I support Planned Parenthood Penn told me it's taboo to explore Western spirituality, especially liberal circles I'm careful who I tell it about she was not alone.

Other students didn't want to be outed as Catholic one said when I stop being a Catholic I made so many friends.

The notion that a person couldn't engage with a religious tradition without endorsing everyone of use was new to me, that's Anna writing this the drive to eliminate whiteness, masculinity and heteronormativity on college campuses has made entire religious traditions suspect, particularly those that are absurdly lump together as part of what they call Western spirituality despite the inconvenient fact that the majority of the world's 1 billion Catholics are neither white nor Western or that Judaism includes Africans and Arabs and other non-European people in his book how to be an antiracist which are college followed in formulating his antiracist plan can be explained that ideas are either racist or antiracist, bad or good for candy.

The disease of racism is not about individual bias or acts of discrimination, knowledge, personal responsibility can clear up what about systems that allow for disparate outcomes among groups. One goal, the integration project and is leveling group differences.

Most people this year this and think, yes, let's get rid of unequal funding for public school reform the criminal justice system or implement reparations for black Americans. But that's not where this goes. In practice, that's her point here in the hermetically sealed world of campus progressivism. She writes the fact that all of this sounds more than a little anti-Semitic is mostly ignored, so is the idea that religion may have something to offer that wellness programs for example cannot. That's precisely what the administration plan to replace the chaplaincy program with wellness education self-care is important, she says, of course, but they don't all do the same thing.

Religion offer something that self-care and wellness doesn't but wellness is deemed suitable religion.

A sub suitable substitute for religious practice because progressive administrators find it more manageable is how she finishes the cost of entry into America's elite spaces.

The college degree should not mean leaving behind the traditions and metanarratives overarching story that have sustained your ancestors. Unless of course that's what you have freely chosen nor should it mean for seeking the ability to engage critically with ideas that form a critical part of Western liberal thought, but that is not what is increasingly being required to the impoverishment of all students, religious or not. Again, Anna Keating is a liberal feminist herself Catholic who's now crying foul based on what's going on liberal college campuses because she's somewhat level minded. She's a liberal arts kind of thinking. Let's leave it on the table and have a discussion, no, no, no, not more so. Critical race theory is either antiracist search racist good good or bad.

Not for discussion just up the examination. Glad you figured it out. Steve Noble will be right back somebody on Facebook like that is in college home going to college online is not college and those on the heels of our last shocking Dori because the perspective of the gal that road at the problem. Western religions on campus.

She's getting.

She's a liberal feminist getting bowled over by the anti-clinical antiracist movement and people like you from X, Candy, and how it's a lady wrote white fragility that now is making MONEY based on training people how to hate each other. Generally, what's her name several later then there's that's another shocking story. Now I I've got a friend that's been on the show many times Walt higher Walt higher. Eventually, transitions from man to woman transitions.

I put in air quotes because a man cannot become a woman or vice versa.

And then he had sex change, regret, which is actually his websites exchange and then he reversed as much as he could eat and he got saved and just an amazing story, but that is not a type of story that you hear very often, especially in the mainstream media, which is why this story shocked me. And remember, in the last segment of the shaman arrived. We can have a little reading time here in the Steve Noble Schonberg and read the Gabe sees together so you can see what kind of stuff is out there for our elementary school kids, so would you would you expect then D transitioning in that perspective on on what's going on with transgender is him as a social contagion and people who need counseling instead go under the knife in our bar pumped full of all kinds of drugs, testosterone hormone induced drugs coming just nightmare stop. Would you expect to see that on 60 minutes right.

This is a six minute clip here to see the video on Facebook live and on YouTube live radio.

You can hear but this this is shocking because it's the truth.

This is happening increasingly in 60 minutes. Put it out there which I was like this is awesome. Thank you because I guess at some level the realities hitting place even like 60 minutes and think of this court. So this is really important to hear this, which is why were you played at all. Six minutes okay we ready set right that's fired up. This is from 60 cases, patients are choosing to reverse the process. It's called D transitioning in her early 20s gracefully.

Dembski Smith was seriously depressed and develop gender dysphoria. She began searching for answers and transgender communities on the Internet and when I saw the ending so happy and excited about doing this wonderful transformative process to really like become their shoe styles. I was like, have I considered that this camping situation to did this to have any part of it. I sense that man had it easier in life. Women did that your road might be easier if you were male. Yes, I just condescends that if I can inhabit life as like a trans man is a man that I wouldn't feel so self-conscious as inking that it would make me feel very free grace said she found a gender therapist on the Internet and told her I'm thinking of transitioning. She thought all sounded pretty good that therapist not question you about how deep the feeling was and what it was stemming from student really go into what may. Gender dysphoria nine offense stemming from we only did a few sessions because she was over 18 and didn't need parental consent. She says she newly signed an informed consent form is crazy and got shots or if they asked me. So why do you want to contest after I said while being alumni just isn't working for me anymore and they said okay so that was that you got your prescription for testosterone. Yet just four months after she started testosterone. She says she was approved for a mastectomy what's called top surgery that she told us was traumatic. You know I'm kind of surprised because based on everything you set up to now I would've thought you have a great sense of relief. I started to have a really disturbing sense that like a part of my body was missing, almost a ghost to Lynn feeling about being like there's something that should be there, and the feeling really surprised me, but it was really hard to deny. And so she D transitioned by going off testosterone and then went back to the clinic and she says complained to the doctor that the process didn't follow the W path guidelines. I can't believe that I transitioning D transitioned including Parmesan century in the course of like less than one year. It's completely crazy. It greatly concerns me where the field has been going. I feel like what is happening is unethical and irresponsible in some places Laura Edwards Lee firm was the first psychologist at the first major use gender clinic in the US at Boston Children's Hospital.

She says she has helped hundreds of teens and young adults transition successfully after a comprehensive assessment. Do you have conversations with your colleagues about this whole area of accepting what young people are saying to readily yes everyone is very scared to speak because were afraid of not being seen as being affirming are being supportive of these young people are doing serving beer cancel culture. Some of the providers are trans themselves and share these concerns. There's no confirm number of D transitioned years in the US though their percentage among the more than 1.4 million transgender Americans is assumed to be small.

They are becoming more public. We found a Reddit D transition support group with over 19,000 members worldwide, some saying they change their minds because of family pressure or discrimination in employment and other areas, or simply regret we also interviewed more than 30 D transition others who say they also have agreements regret including peaceful, heartbreaking, hadn't met before now how many of you feel that you were blindly affirmed how pushback owing transitioning.

I went for two appointments and after the second one I had like my letter to go get on cross sex hormones to visits that it all for tell us they learned about transitioning on the Internet where there are transformation videos on YouTube. Trans influencers and forums is never been able to be me, but I can now for Daisy and Chicago who says she started taking hormones at 18. Everything was great in the beginning there every step you take every milestone feels like a million bucks. When I got top surgery. I was elated when I change my name. I was elated, but when everything that I set out to do was done, I still felt incomplete.

Garrett from Baton Rouge, Louisiana went from taking hormones to getting his testicles removed.

He says in just three months, whereas the current guidelines call for continuous use for a year. He later got a breast augmentation but instead of feeling more himself.

He says he felt worse so more depressed after you transition than before.

I had never really been suicidal before until I had my breast augmentation and about a week afterwards. I wanted to like actually kill myself like I had a plan and I was going to do it but I just kept thinking about like my family.

I could stop myself right so there's a lot going on here. Okay. And for the people in that industry and I'm calling it an industry just like abortion is an industry there virtues that there there are people in their virtue signaling by giving out drugs in an setting people up after two visits for transition sex change therapy quote unquote could you cannot change your sex and in listen, I'm always uncomfortable when I use the word Frankenstein to describe what's going on here, but this is what's going on here instead of dealing with a deeply psychological issue, emotional, mental, psychological issue which requires therapy in helping counseling, they turn to a scalpel and drugs its virtue, signaling by turning people into just experiments like Dr. Frankenstein and then they get there because when you spend enough time studying this you find out oftentimes more often than not that a lot of people that are struggling with gender dysphoria are something's happened to them when they're younger and in instead of the way they deal with the trauma of that is the they seek to become a different person so I change genders become a different person.

I'm no longer that person that got abused or whatever happened and they need counseling and they need help, then only a scalpel and hormones and so that's why more more people you hear what they're saying they're afraid to come out and say anything because this onslaught of spiritual darkness and lies Roman ones. Romans one suppress the truth. Replace it with a line if you come out and say hey I went down the transgender road. It didn't work. I wanted to kill myself.

It didn't solve my problem.

Now you can't say that because then the whole culture which is going in this direction just comes after you tar and feather you so people suffer in silence and many of them killed himself so listen, if you know anybody in that world going down this road it transgender.

Please send me an email and I'll get you connectable wall tire and I'll get connected.

Walt can help got a great effect. Okay, I think Facebook is in dig in on me or any day for that matter. I I've never seen this happen before.

So now getting text from people like II can't get to your I can't. I can't get to it like they think they got readier thing.

Some people are saying. I can see it other people thing I can see one person sent me a picture since post has been removed most of the object that you are commenting on is been removed by the owner can no longer be counted.

I haven't removed anything.

I don't know, maybe they didn't like us playing that 60 minute spot talk about D transitioning and that there's a major problem in the transgender community that that there the social contagions taking over and it's just crazy. Who knows.

I mean if it could be possible to Facebook status on Facebook live right now though things messed up. Who knows what's going on.

It's crazy but that's that's where her that if people are coming now can't find your live show somebody else that I can find other people say and I can't find the Duchess were ripped but a radio were still here. Hello everybody for being here, but that's what's happening as we go down the road of the platforming. Sooner or later it's can happen.

Everybody but for those of us that have a little bit of a platform and are out there talk about things like we are today.

Then there's going to be trouble and people are still sending me messages okay so I'll will. It's just double down Shelley so about a month ago. Looking back, this is Steve Noble. By the way of so about a month ago I read a story about the increase in kind of LGBT Q programming type books for little kids and one of him was called the KB season every year there's more more being produced in the shown up in elementary schools and in library public library stuff like that. So then I saw that when the KB season and I said okay I'll just get right so this is to read for you so you know it's out there and believe me one part of me might my flesh side empty some of my spiritual side gets enraged by this stuff because you see what's happening. They are indoctrinating teaching worldview to little kids who don't know any better. Okay. And what this is is anti-biblical teaching, and then they dress it up so it's all cute and pretty and just looks like your regular outlets learn the ABCs kind of book right but this was called the gay BC GA why gay BC read through it so you know it's going on out there and it if your parent or grandparent if kids just the young ones elementary school. Things like that you should be aware whale will be reading score they're being taught what's going on out there is a stumps on the increase.

Okay. Remember that soap was so important for us to remember that we live in the states of America 2021.

We let you live in a pagan nation for you.

Do the vast majority of Americans 85+ percent are not born-again Christians soap which means they're not Christians. Which means there pagan not pagan sounds ugly. I could say unbelievers lost people. Whatever phrase you want to use but that's the reality the overwhelming majority of Americans are lost. Okay, so what counterculture do you think that's going to produce politically and otherwise.

So here's what this is a is for Allie, a friend who is there to stand up for you with strength, love and care now as I read through this. I just want you to make sure you're listening for the hiss of the snake. Okay B is noticed for little kids being is for by you can shout it out loud.

I like boys and girls and that makes me proud. What's going on now temporarily restricted, it says on Facebook underway C is for coming out, you're ready to share what you feel deep inside it's okay to be scared. D is for direct, you can strut and dance and close that you love dresses heels or pants E is for equality were on the same team.

We all have the right to love, hope and dream F is for family related or found will stick by your side through your ups and downs. G is for gay.

It's a word that implies you're a girl who likes girls are a guy who likes guys see a minster so casual right big deal. H is for hope and dream up a life, you'll love the skies the limit shoot for the stars above eyes for intersex summer born with the parts of a boy of both a boy and girl bodies are works of art G is for joy. You can sing, dance, and play fine moments of sunshine in each and every day K is for Kiki when friends come together to catch up on news gossip and whether L is for lesbian. It's love and affection between two special girls who share a connection see coming. Just I hope this is pretty obvious to you and is for Mountain. The peaks that you'll move with courage and strength found deep inside you in is for non-binary. You don't identify as just being a girl or just being a guy owes for orientation at the balance between who you are who you love and how you want to be seen. P is for 10 you connect with a five no matter the gender it's about what's inside. Just whatever anything and everything Catholic sexual cues for queer and inclusive term. It's used to show pride unite and affirm PRR's for respect. It's the right decision to treat everyone fairly. Make it your mission. Except for you rascally Christians out there, we can treat you equally evil essence first sachet, a competent, fierce tried to show yourself off attitude and pride to use for transit. The brief step to take to live as the gender you know is innate. What we just heard that story right 60 minutes. Maybe that's why Facebook kicked me off today use for unique is no one like you embrace who you are and love what you do vias provoke time to strike a pose dance to the music and put on the show. W is for wonder was so much to know, always ask questions to think, learn and grow. X is for X. You can write it down when you don't prefer male or female as your noun while this is really sad and enraging. Why is for you brave, creative and strong.

You are special and loved and will always belong Z is processed to be bold and live free magic awaits you, whoever you will be in their ego, then they have a glossary in the back and the acknowledgments in this was written by M. L. Webb, here's what it says on the back, joyful off of it. Book of LGBT Q vocabulary a play date extravaganza transforms into a celebration of friendship, love and identity is for friends sachet out of all the closets dress up in a wardrobe fit for Kings and Queens and discover the wonder of imagination from a is for Allie to F is for family to cues for queer debut author illustrator ML webs bright illustrations and lively inclusive poems delight in the beauty of embracing one's true self ML webs and author illustrator graphic designer who spends his free time getting lost in Central Park. He was born and raised in McMinnville, Tennessee and now lives in New York City. So Gary got that and that's what's up.

So whether were talking about that or the 60 minutes piece that I said was shocking because they are exposing the fact that there's an increasing number of people willing to come out have been down the transgender road to say I regret my decision, and what some of these young people that they are interviewing Leslie Stahl was interviewing's saying and I went in twice and to two appointment and they're willing to start giving them cross gender hormone stuff and scheduling him for surgery at site one of them so that I went for two appointments at the second when I had like my letter to go get across cross sex hormones.

An individual named Garrett said get current one from taking hormones to getting his stuff removed in just three months later got a breast augmentation and felt significant worse afterwards as the young man at the end was talking about to kill himself, and that first girl was really confused and thought life would be easier as a guy instead of a girl. And because there's so much social contagion, especially online than they just go with it and then they say hey here's the solution pressure transgender and they go down always roads because they just don't know any better and they're looking for people that will affirm them, help them. They're not coming to the church not coming to us for whatever reason, and so this stuff just going on all around us, which is why yes it's enraging. Yes it's horrified yes it's heartbreaking but who's got the answer to all of this. Where do you find the solution who can help. It's God.

Ultimately, of course, through his spirit through his son through his people us in the church and so prayerfully engaging these things, yes, this internal fortitude. Some of that's gonna be righteous indignation and that's okay in your anger do not send the Bible doesn't tell us not to get angry. Just as in your anger do not sin, so we can't lash out because of our anger in and discussed. Quite frankly, and that's that's all truth and no grace. Okay, so I've said this for about a year now with COBIT in the BLM and all these things, unlike how often is our first reaction political rather than just lament and heartbreak. How often do we react in the flesh instead of in the spirit. And so when we go through stories like I've been sharing today.

I believe me I know it can be enraging struggle with it myself absolutely enraging in Iola.

What would we do with that what you do will be prayerful to be on the lookout and listen and be a Christian man or woman that is willing to listen and to reach out, but we have to be judicious with what we say when we say where we say it, how we say it, just like I got kicked off of Facebook right in the middle of the show babies guzzled that the 60 minute story out of mypostedrecently.I'mprettyawareofitwhenapostingstuffbutweregettingtothepointreview.Youcancontrolisnottomakeanysense,atleastnottousbutjustDplatformiftheylikewhatyousay.Ifyou'renotcarryingtheculturalnorm.Ifyou'renotcaringthatnarrativesoyouplaysomething60minutesisexposingthelieoftransgenderishelpingpeople.Itactuallyhurtsthemdevastatingpeopleisnotpeopleintherejusttoshutdown.Whybecauseyourepresentnoryourepresentastandardstandardthatthatwouldbethestandardofthecreatoroftheuniverse.Wellwecanputupwith.Youwantthatcanallowlikelittlekidsputtheirfingersandaswhyratherdark.Theydon'twanttobeanywherenearthelightaboutthelight,sothatourdarkness,butthat'soverhereforsaltandlightinthegospelonthetrip.WhathappensfromthatpointnoonetheSteveNobleshowsGodwillingwilltalkyoualwaysusedtosayeverforanotherprogrampoweredbytheTruthNetwork

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